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You are being watched, controlled and manipulated


Capital and Conflict

Dear Reader,
You may not have noticed…
But in November, Britain passed a new ‘extreme surveillence’ law.
Bear in mind… we already have more CCTV cameras than anywhere in the world. And GCHQ already read our emails and tap our phones.
But these new laws – passed under The Investigatory Powers Act, “legalises a whole range of tools for snooping and hacking by the security services unmatched by any other country in western Europe or even the US.”
And the law passed with barely a whimper.  No headlines. No protests.
Because we’re all used to just sitting down and taking it. The majority of people have become used to this ‘soft totalitarianism’.
As with our freedom, our money.  The authorities want you to spend everything you’ve got.
They punish you for saving with near-zero rates. If that doesn’t work, I’m sure they’re prepared to follow the lead of other nations and take rates negative.
And when you haven’t got any cash left… they’ll offer you credit… locking you in for life.
Low rates, QE… it’s all pitched to us as a way to combat the threats we face. But this isn’t a defensive policy. It’s an offensive one – against you.
You are being backed into a corner. Your financial rights are being stripped one by one. You are being punished for trying to save your money in an environement of extreme uncertainty.
You are being encouraged to fall into debt and relinquish the control you have over your financial life. So I have a question for you…
How much are you going to take?
Are you going to wait until the financial authroities start taxing your savings account?
Or build an expiry date into your deposits?
By then, it will be too late.
We are living in an increasingly authoritarian state. And only those who undersatand that – and take immediate evasive steps – will keep control of their money and liberty.
This is a major concern of ours here at Capital &  Conflict.
Because the open warfare of your savings and financial liberty undermines everything you are trying to do as an investor. But it goes deeper than that.
You have a responsibility to your family to provide them with money now and in the future. It weighs heavy. On everyone. You are doing your best. Probably everything you can.
But the financial authorities are intent on taking it all out of your hands.
And the worst of it is… it’s all based on delusion.
The central banks of the world believe they can hold back the immutable laws of finance forever.
They believe they can remedy the most gutted out and rotten financial system that’s ever been…
But they can’t.
All of their attempts to do so have done nothing but routed out the savings and finanical independence of millions.
With $230 trillion in government debt, a fragile banking sytem and millions of people with no savings, trapped in personal debt…
A financial calamity is a certainty.
But here’s the shocking part.
Maybe it’s all part of the plan.
The campaign of low rates and endless credit will make the next crisis insufferable for millions…
Because people simply won’t have the rainy day money to weather the storm.
And the governments don’t have the money to bail out the banks.
So who steps in? Who fills the void? Who grabs total power over high street lenders and even the government itself?
The central banks.
If this seems far-fetched to you, then you haven’t been paying attention. Over the last year alone we have seen banks charge investors for deposits. We have seen investors pressured into buying bonds that are guaranteed to lose them money.
And in India, in November, we have seen the government ban cash notes overnight – causing chaos and desperation.
It is only a matter of time before it’s your turn to suffer these financial depravities.
You cannot afford to just wait for it. You must defend yourself now against what’s happening.
Here’s what you must do to avoid financial enslavement
Your first step is to truly understand what is going on… and the disturbing threat it poses to your financial freedom.
And the next step is to take action to defend your wealth against this assault on your wealth.
I have enlisted one of the best investors in Britain to help you do both of these things… a man trusted to keep safe more than £100m by the richest individuals and families in the country. He is the man you need in times like these… perhaps the most capable defensive investor in the City.
He has dedicated the last ten years of his career to exposing the danger the financial authorities pose.
Together, we’d like to help you defend yourself against them.
I’ll speak as frankly as I can:
If you sit there and do nothing you could lose a grip on not only your money… but the right to decide a future for yourself and your family.
Do not let that happen.

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Leftist Leader Says ‘Political Genocide’ Looming in Colombia

  • Aida Avella, president of the Patriotic Union, leads a rally in Bogota, Colombia in a photo from Nov. 15, 2013.
    Aida Avella, president of the Patriotic Union, leads a rally in Bogota, Colombia in a photo from Nov. 15, 2013. | Photo: EFE
Recent attacks on leftist activists in Colombia is leading some to draw parallels with the systemic extermination of leftists in the ’80s and ’90s.

Left-wing politician Aida Avella warned that Colombia could be witness to the kind of targeted killings of political activists like those seen in the 1980s and 1990s that saw an entire political party be virtually wiped out.

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Avella is the president of the Patriotic Union, a party that saw no less than 5,000 of its supporters, including sitting politicians and presidential candidates, killed by the state and its paramilitary allies in what was deemed a political genocide.

“I don’t think another genocide is starting, rather it is a continuation of the genocide against opposition sectors. That’s because the paramilitary structures have not been dismantled, they are completely intact,” Avella told Contagio Radio.

Despite the much-heralded signing of a peace agreement between the state and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as the FARC, the country has been experiencing a wave of killings of left-wing activists and social movement leaders.

The political movement Marcha Patriotica has received death threats directed at a number of the organization’s members including student and campesino leaders, as well as prominent Senator Piedad Cordoba.

A slew of murders of rural and social activists in recent weeks has sparked alarm over systemic violence against human rights defenders, left-wing political activists, and supporters of the peace process. The FARC itself has not begun its demobilization process over concerns about the safety of the rebels.

Colombia Paramilitaries Threaten Leftist Leaders

Avella said the people behind the targeted assassinations of supporters of the Patriotic Union are also behind the recent wave of killings.

“There is a big plan against Marcha Patriotica – that is to say, there are intellectual authors and there are financiers – and since there are such things, the state can not relent from punishing this sort of thing,” said Avella.

The peace agreement includes a section that makes it incumbent on the Colombian state to guarantee the safety of political activists.

Rights defenders have drawn parallels between the barrage of attacks on the Marcha Patriotica and the systematic extermination of the Patriotic Union over the course of the last century. The attack on the party is seen as one of the reasons a previous effort to secure peace failed.

Leftists fear a repeat of the same scenario would mean peace would once again slip out of their hands.

“I think we are going to need to get used to the idea that the life of a campesino is as important as of a minister,” said Avella.

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FARC and Santos Disagree over When Peace Actually Begins

  • Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC Commander Pastor Alape appear in this composite photo.
    Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC Commander Pastor Alape appear in this composite photo. | Photo: Reuters
The FARC is ready and willing to demobilize its fighters but the leadership wants guarantees they won’t be arrested or killed first.

The Colombian Congress has ratified the peace agreement between the government of Juan Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, but demobilization of rebels has yet to begin over an ongoing disagreement over what the accord calls “D-Day,” which is when the combatants are to formally begin gathering in demobilization zones.

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Colombian President Santos remarked that Thursday marked “the first day of peace” and his government expected demobilization to begin soon. The accord specifies that five days after “D-Day,” the rebel combatants are expected to begin reporting to the “concentration zones” where the demobilization process will take place.

However, FARC leader and peace negotiator Pastor Alape said that the “D-Day” has not yet been determined and rebels won’t be moving to the concentration zones until security can be guaranteed. Colombia has recently experienced a spike in killings of leftist activists and the FARC leadership is concerned that their members will be assassinated.

The FARC is also concerned that they will face arrest for their activities, as an amnesty law has not yet been passed by Congress. The legislature must also approve a series of other laws that would allow for the concrete implementation of the historic peace agreement.

The rebels want these laws to be approved quickly through a “fast track” mechanism before they begin moving to the concentration zones.

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Colombia’s Constitutional Court is expected to rule Friday regarding the legality of the fast track process. This process, which would allowed for fewer rounds of voting, was originally tied to a successful plebiscite result but Colombian narrowly rejected the peace agreement in a vote. The updated peace agreement was not put to vote and was approved directly by Congress.

If the Constitutional Court says the fast track is not valid then the series of laws allowing for the implementation must go through the regular legislative process, which could take many months, further delaying the demobilization of combatants.

The urgency for demobilization stems from the fact that the bilateral cease-fire is fragile, as two FARC rebels were recently shot to death by state security forces.

According to a report by the Washington Office on Latin America, or WOLA, there is also concern that too much idle time may lead to desertions by FARC rebels. The FARC also controls or holds influence over many areas, and the cease-fire has meant a reduced presence by rebels creating a vacuum that may be filled by other armed actors.

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Sweden Calls for Obama to Release Oscar Lopez Rivera


Mural of Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar López Rivera.

  • Mural of Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar López Rivera. | Photo: File

The group asked Obama to “do what is right” before he ends his presidency.

A group of lawmakers and cultural personalities from Sweden have asked outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama to release Puerto Rican liberation fighter Oscar López Rivera, who has spent years in solitary confinement and is one of the United States’ longest-held political prisoners.

OPINION: Puerto Rico: Years After FBI Murder, Ojeda Rios’ Legacy Lives

In Friday’s joint letter from the Swedish Parliament, Obama was asked “to do what is right, to make the decision to release Oscar López Rivera.”

A leader of the Puerto Rican independence movement, López Rivera is currently serving his 35th year in prison on charges related to his independence activities with the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FARN), which fought to turn Puerto Rico into an independent communist state. He is the longest-held political prisoner from Latin America in U.S. history.

“Mr. President, throughout your presidential term, the people of Puerto Rico have united behind one common cause; the freedom of Oscar López Rivera. As your administration is winding down you and only you have the opportunity to allow Oscar López Rivera to live out the final part of his life in his homeland with his family.”

“He was convicted and imprisoned because he struggled for his homeland Puerto Rico’s right to self-determination,” read the statement from nine politicians. Signatories included Sweden’s former Justice and Defense Minister Thage G. Peterson and members of the Left Party and Green Party.

A number of other personalities, including actors, gave their support to López Rivera.


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Hundreds of Victims Report UK Soccer Child Sexual Abuse


Since opening, hundreds contacted the new hotline about child sex abuse within the sport.

  • Since opening, hundreds contacted the new hotline about child sex abuse within the sport. | Photo: AFP


A new helpline, supported by Britain’s Football Association, offers support to anyone sexually abused in football as a child.

Around 350 people have come forward to say they were sexually abused as children by youth football coaches in Britain, the National Police Chiefs’ Council, NPCC, said Thursday.

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The scale of the abuse began to emerge last week after a string of ex-footballers, including England internationals, told of the ordeals inflicted upon them by coaches.

“We are working closely with the Football Association to ensure that the response to this significant and growing number of victims, at all levels of football, is co-ordinated effectively,” said Chief Constable Simon Bailey, the NPCC’s lead for child protection.

The NPCC said a “significant” amount of calls had been made to police after the former players came forward to speak out about the abuse they suffered as children

The NSPCC said the helpline had received 860 calls in its first week, enabling it to refer 60 cases to police or social services within three days of the hotline launching.

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What Fidel Can Teach Us in the Age of the War on Terror


By: Naomi Cohen

Fidel Castro addressing the UN as president of the Non-Aligned Movement in 1979.

  • Fidel Castro addressing the UN as president of the Non-Aligned Movement in 1979. | Photo: Reuters.

The liberation fighter loyal to Fidel’s teachings can ultimately overcome and vanquish imperialism through weapons of ethics and morality.

The war on terror, at least in terms of the way it’s been framed, leaves no room for heroes. On one side are the imperial powers, fighting to preserve their self-proclaimed “modern” order. On the opposite side of the spectrum are “bloodthirsty” jihadists, anti-modern and against “our essential values.” In this false and violent dichotomy, liberation fighters wanting to maintain their integrity cannot afford to be positioned on this lose-lose spectrum.

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“So why not start with somebody who actually did it right?” asks Dayan Jayatilleka, a former Sri Lankan diplomat and academic who became involved in radical politics from a young age, in an interview with teleSUR. “Fidel proves that this can be done. You can fight without losing your soul. Even if you lose militarily, you win morally and eventually politically.”

Jayatilleka began studying Fidel Castro’s alternative philosophy of resistance in the 1980s. The lessons he discovered were such that he published his Ph.D thesis on the same topic in 2007, when support for the war in Iraq was largely winding down.

“Fidel has universal value wherever people and movements are struggling,” said Jayatilleka. “Not merely a Latin American phenomenon, still less a merely Cuban phenomenon, still less a 20th century phenomenon. Fidel has contributed to universal values.”

How to Win and Not Sell Your Soul

The gist of what Jayatilleka terms Fidel’s “Third Zone” is to apply non-negotiable humanistic values on the battlefield and eventually in office. A couple of fundamental don’ts: no torturing of prisoners and a conscious rejection of targeting non-combatants. In short, as Fidel once told a Cuban soldier, “the life of an unarmed man must be sacred for you.”

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This does not mean that violence is renounced altogether. Far from it. But according to Fidel’s logic, the liberation and revolutionary fighter must exercise “conscious restraint,” writes Jayatilleka in “Fidel’s Ethics of Violence” while simultaneously drawing on a moral philosophy that “does not rest on culturally specific and circumscribed notions (such as those that inform many jihadist groups) or claims of self-evident (actually, self-referential) systemic superiority,” as is the case of western imperialist states. Instead, Fidel calls for an ethics that “springs from the wellsprings of modernity and universalism but stands for an alternative modernity.”

Only by cultivating an ethical superiority, says Jayatilleka, can liberation fighters overcome their material disadvantage. Even with an hegemonic mainstream media against them, they will eventually win over hearts—or even, in the case of Vietnam, the “children of (the) bourgeoisie” that sent U.S. soldiers overseas.

Should they compromise their values, liberation fighters, movement’s and states play into the hands of Empire, which swiftly demonizes its enemies as soon as they target civilians—however hypocritical the logic.

Why Imperialism Can Never Occupy the Higher Moral Ground

“Imperialism which does not target civilians would not be imperialism,” says Jayatilleka. “A system that imposes exploitation, extraction of natural resources, of oil, and the destinies of people in all parts of the world” cannot possibly be one of peace. Because imperial powers operate based on what lies within their self-interest, they are blind to such alternatives as Fidel’s Third Zone. Cuba was, after all, listed as a state sponsor of terrorism until last year.

But just because they have a monopoly over terms like “terrorism,” however, doesn’t mean the definition of the term is absolute. States like the U.S. and Israel are “very selective” with their use of the term, says Jayatilleka. Those that oppose terrorism are not friends if they insist on asserting their autonomy—such as Libya—while “even fascism is not fascism if it is not threatening the U.S. or is somehow manipulable against Russia or China.”

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Liberation fighters must be selective, too, in how they treat imperialist countries.

“They’re very fluid and should never be regarded monolithically as enemies,” says Jayatilleka.

European social democrats, he points out, shift their platforms on foreign wars depending on the leader, the timing and whether they hold power or not. But at the same time they might have domestic policies in line with Fidel’s doctrine yet preach the opposite abroad.

Listening and Not Listening to Fidel

As much as anti-imperialists may want to challenge their opponent on every front, they shouldn’t do so blindly, says Jayatilleka. If they resist all systems of accountability, they are a step behind the “make-believe mechanisms of accountability” within, for example, the U.S. military. If they refuse to interact with the mainstream media, frowning at Fidel’s interview with Playboy—what Jayatilleka calls a “full-spectrum engagement with Western culture,” —they also miss an opportunity to reach people who do not share the politics of their country or movement.

“Imperialism always, always coordinates,” says Jayatilleka, “not only at the military level—at the political level, at the level of policy, at the level of education, cultural exchanges. At every possible level.”

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The biggest mistake of the international left, he adds, is its failure to focus on the building of truly long-term continental and South-South connections. This would entail organizing among leftist groups and movements even when they’re not in government. Fidel did this with the Tricontinental Conference with Asia and Africa in 1966 and the Latin American Solidarity Organization in 1967, which focused on building relationships and solidarity among leftist organizations and government delegations.

That was Fidel’s strength, says Jayatilleka: he seamlessly transferred his rigorous ethics in his country into his foreign policy. In times of war, he boasted a flawless record of fighting in Vietnam and Angola, and in times of peace he upheld an ethical standing that makes it no wonder that the Colombia peace talks with the FARC are based in Havana.

Latin America has been the most obvious inheritor of Fidel’s doctrine of violence, but Jayatilleka says that its leftist leaders should listen even more closely. Other states, and particularly those facing terrorist groups, should also borrow from his view that both poles share a “behavioural, moral and ethical symmetry.”

The liberation fighter loyal to Fidel’s teachings can ultimately overcome and vanquish imperialism through “an asymmetric war that is total, fought with weapons of ethics and morality”—nothing more and nothing less. “It’s not only a way of fighting, but a larger way of being.”



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Castro and Silvio Rodriguez: A Revolutionary Friendship

  • Silvio Rodriguez and Fidel Castro
    Silvio Rodriguez and Fidel Castro | Photo: Secunda Cita 
On his 70th birthday, teleSUR compiles some of the folk singer’s iconic hits dedicated to the Cuban Revolution.

Famed Cuban folk singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, who turns 70 today, has paid tribute to late revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, calling him “one of the most extraordinary human beings of all time.”

IN DEPTH: Fidel: A Revolutionary Life

“Eternal glory to Fidel. My deep condolences to his relatives, to the people of Cuba, to the world and to the whole universe for the loss of one of the most extraordinary human beings of all time,” said Rodriguez in a blog post upon hearing of Fidel’s death.

The prolific musician, who has released more than 20 albums, never denied support for Fidel and the Cuban Revolution and he recently condemned the blockade imposed by the United States.

Rodriguez formed part of Latin America’s socially conscious Nueva Trova songwriting movement in the 1960s.

In his hit “Cancion del Elegido” or “Song of the Chosen,” he refers to “an exceptional man” — which could easily be interpreted as either Fidel or Ernesto Che Guevara — who “found out there had been a coup … and understood that war was the peace of the future.”

“Fusil Contra Fusil” pays homage to Fidel’s comrade Che Guevara following his death in 1968: “The man of the century was lost, his name and last name are ‘gun against gun!'”

When Rodriguez wrote “El Necio” in 1992, he was thinking of Fidel but also, in part, himself, Rodriguez told La Tercera, “What drove me was the ideological atmosphere at the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, the collapse of the socialist side.”

He explained that the idea for the song came after Cuban workers at Miami airport broke his guitar because he was wearing a sticker of Fidel. Necio means “idiot” in Spanish.

“Todo el Mundo Tiene Su Moncada” refers to the 1953 assault of the Moncada Barracks, Fidel’s first battle against the Batista dictatorship and the first armed action of a process that would culminate many years later in the Cuban Revolution.

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North Korea Pays Tribute to Anti-Imperialist Friend Fidel

  • North Korean flags fly at half-mast Monday, mourning the death of Fidel Castro.
    North Korean flags fly at half-mast Monday, mourning the death of Fidel Castro. Photo: AFP
Both countries joined forces against U.S. imperialism and anti-communist attacks.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is observing a three-day mourning to honor late Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, who died on Friday at 90 years old.

GALLERY: Havana Says Goodbye to Fidel

Fidel “made distinguished contributions to accomplishing the cause of independence against imperialism,” DPRK leader Kim Jong-Un said in a message posted by the country’s official news agency.

He “established the socialist system where the people became the genuine masters for the first time in the Western Hemisphere.”

Authorities kept flags at half mast as a tribute to the leader, who inspired the anti-imperialist struggle of the socialist country during the Cuban Revolution and was awarded as a national hero for “fighting in the outposts of the anti-U.S., anti-imperialist struggle.”

One station of the capital’s subway displayed an obituary tribute to Fidel published by the state newspaper Rodong Sinmun, recalling Fidel’s visit to the DPRK in 1986.

This tribute to a foreign political figure was reportedly the first since the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in 2004.

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UK Labour Party Deputy Leader Zionist Watson: unconditional support of I$raHell

UK Labour Party Deputy Leader Tom Watson assures Zionist lobby of his unconditional support of Israel.

Image result for Tom Watson CARTOON

Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, writes:

Israel’s flunkies and flag wavers up and down the United Kingdom will be heartened to learn that the British Labour Party under veteran campaigner for Palestinian rights Jeremy Corbyn is no less Zionist than it was under the renowned stooges Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

In fact, judging by a report in today’s Israeli news website Ynet, the party is set to rival the ruling Conservatives as Israel’s principal echo chamber in the UK.

That is if Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson has his way.

Fresh from a trip to Israel, organised and paid for by the Israeli embassy in London, Mr Watson assured the Zionist lobbyists that he is their man at Labour’s top echelon, unmatched in his servility.

Addressing Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) on 29 November, he delivered “an impassioned pro-Israel speech” – so impassioned, in fact, that he burst into song, braying “The people of Israel live”, or Am Yisrael Chai in Hebrew.

He assured his audience that “The security of Israel and the safety of its people are non-negotiable.”

“We in the Labour Party,” he said, “stand by the people of Israel at this difficult time.”

But he had nothing to say about the oppressed Palestinians living in daily humiliation under illegal Israeli occupation in the West Bank or besieged from the land, air and sea in the Gaza Strip.

Perhaps sensing that his old fashioned support for apartheid and settler colonialism might be out of tune with the British public, especially the younger generation, Mr Watson turned his fangs on to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, in a kind of pre-emptive strike.

“Those in this country who campaign for boycotts, divestment and sanctions seek to demonise and delegitimise the world’s only Jewish State,” he barked. “The BDS movement is morally wrong. It is failing. And it does nothing to advance the cause of peace or advance a two-state solution,” he added. He stopped short of mentioning the Jewish settlements in the West Bank – illegal under international law – which have rendered the “two-state solution” a non-option.

As stated on its website, the BDS

is a Palestinian-led movement for freedom, justice and equality. BDS upholds the simple principle that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity.

Israel is occupying and colonising Palestinian land, discriminating against Palestinian citizens of Israel and denying Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes. Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, the BDS call urges action to pressure Israel to comply with international law.

Which part of the above does Mr Watson not understand? If anyone is demonising and delegitimising the self-proclaimed “Jewish State”, it is that state itself, through its illegal occupation, its racism, its apartheid policies and its ongoing violations of international law and contempt for world opinion.

Mr Watson assured his Zionist audience of his determination to rewrite history, in order to put Israel in the best possible light.

“I will not be a bystander when the perpetrators of hate suggest that the founding fathers of the Jewish State collaborated with those who murdered six million Jews,” he bleated.

However, as the Israel-born Jewish writer Ruth Tenner reminds us in her article, The truth behind the charge of anti-Semitism in Britain”, Zionist-Nazi collaboration in the 1930s and 1940s is an established fact which no amount of propaganda from a Zionist flunky such as Mr Watson can conceal.

Mr Watson’s slavish fawning over Israel was so complete and unconditional that the Ynet news site felt it necessary to remind us that he is not a Jew.

However, his lack of principle and his willingness to compromise himself should come as no surprise to Labour watchers.

During the attempted coup against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn earlier in the year, Mr Watson pretended to act as party peacemaker while simultaneously scheming against Mr Corbyn. Eventually, he came clean with an open admission of support for war crimes suspect Tony Blair and his neo-conservative vision, prompting prominent union leader Len McCluskey to launch a withering attack on him.







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Tell the Washington Post: “Smearing is not reporting.”









Please sign this petition:

To: Martin Baron, Executive Editor, The Washington Post

Smearing is not reporting. The Washington Post’s recent descent into McCarthyism — promoting anonymous and shoddy claims that a vast range of some 200 websites are all accomplices or tools of the Russian government — violates basic journalistic standards and does real harm to democratic discourse in our country. We urge The Washington Post to prominently retract the article and apologize for publishing it.


The Washington Post: Russian Propaganda Effort Helped Spread “Fake News” During Election, Experts Say

The New Yorker: The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda

The Intercept: Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group

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Common Dreams: Journalists Denounce WaPo Fake News as Red Scare Redux

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Consortium News: The Orwellian War on Skepticism

The Nation: The Washington Post Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist Why Are Media Outlets Still Citing Discredited “Fake News” Blacklist?

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