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John Kerry: Syrian rebels/terrorists threaten civilians and “humanitarian assistance”


You just can’t trust New World Order agents when they start talking about serious matters. If they say that it is raining outside, you need to stick your head out and check to see if it is true.

"You know, I'm not making sense at all. How can the US support the Syrian rebels when they are terrorizing civilians?"

“You know, I’m not making sense at all. How can I support the Syrian rebels when they are terrorizing civilians?”


John Kerry didn’t help the New World Order agenda when he has recently conceded that third element of the opposition [Syrian rebels/terrorists] threatened people who were going to leave and have in some cases prevented humanitarian assistance from being delivered. That is a very serious offense also.”

This isn’t really new at all. But it is interesting to see that Kerry and others continue to blame Russia and Assad for the crisis in Syria when in fact Kerry and other NWO agents know very well that they are the main reason why civilians are being slaughtered and displaced in the region.

This is also why Asian leaders watching this debacle are appalled at how NWO agents have managed to get away with essentially diabolical plans in the Middle East.

As we have seen in the past, this is one reason why Rodrigo Duterte is basically saying goodbye to the New World Order. Duterte, according to Roland Simbulan of the University of the Philippines in Manila,

“is strongly critical of the Western imperialism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and of course in his country… He is outraged by how the West is treating refugees from the countries it destabilized in the Middle East. He is offering to accept them, to welcome them in the Philippines.”[1]

Simbulan supports Duterte because Duterte seems to have some political backbone. “I evaluate Duterte positively. Duterte’s anti-imperialist policy goes beyond rhetoric; it is real and persistent. Even as mayor of Davao, he banned all US–Philippine military exercises there. The US tried to negotiate; they offered plenty of money. They wanted to build a huge drone base in Mindanao, but Duterte refused, resolutely. His track record shows: if there are irreconcilable differences, he’ll always side with the left.” [2]

As soon as Duterte began to take drastic measures to stop the New World Order ideology in the Philippines, NWO agents, of course, vowed to kill him. “After Mayor Duterte announced in 2003 that no US military exercises would be allowed in his city, Davao was bombed twice: one bomb exploded at the airport, another at the pier.” [3]

Duterte is now putting the fear of God in the hearts of the criminal underground in the Philippines, and Filipinos like him. Eduardo Tadem, an academic, declared that “The crime rate used to be horrible: killings, kidnapping, petty crime. People are fed-up with the crime. They’d support any action to stop it.” [4]

New World Order agents blame Duterte for thousands upon thousands of killings over the past six months, but the evidence suggests that the crime rate has plummeted in the Philippines largely because the criminal minds cannot do whatever they want anymore. Moreover, some of the killings weren’t done by the Duterte government at all. Luzviminda Ilagan, a former member of Congress and country’s leading feminist, declared that

“If we talk about extra-judicial killings, then we have to prove that the authorities are really ordering them. Duterte came with the names: among them some top military and police generals! Now many are being killed.

“But the international HRs organizations are totally misinterpreting Duterte’s role in all this. Another thing is: the number of people killed in this country is actually decreasing.

“Before, under Aquino, those murdered were mainly poor farmers, indigenous people, and urban poor; people fighting for their basic human rights. Under Gloria Arroyo, the foreign mining companies were even given permission to kill protesters. All this is over now.” [5]

You just can’t trust New World Order agents when they start talking about serious matters. If they say that it is raining outside, you need to stick your head out and check to see if it is true. They lied about Iraq; they lied about Afghanistan; they lied about Libya; they lied about Syria; and now they think they can continue to lie about Duterte.

Obviously NWO agents  aren’t making any sense at all, and leaders in countries like Russia are laughing at them.

[1] Andre Vltchek, “Tough-talking Philippine President Duterte – fighting for his life & his country,” Russia Today, December 7, 2016.

[2] Ibid.

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Ukraine, Crimea coverage is example of ‘fake news’


Carter Page, a businessman who advised Donald Trump on foreign policy matters during his presidential campaign, has arrived in Moscow to discuss strengthening business ties and normalizing relations between Russia and the United States.

Page, who arrived in Moscow on Thursday, said he would be in the city until December 13 to meet with “business leaders and thought leaders.” In an interview with RIA Novosti, Page said he believes it is extremely important to address the narratives that led to the sanctions stemming from the Ukraine crisis, and normalize relations between Russia and the West.

“The recent history of Ukraine in general and Crimea in particular over the past several years may be among the most egregious examples of ‘fake news’ in recent memory,” he told RIA Novosti.

“The level of misinformation which has guided related decisions by outside actors and their impact on this country is tragic. I am confident that there will be new possibilities to resolve these misperceptions and the wrong direction it has created for Ukraine.”

“It is my firm belief that the opportunities for private sector cooperation in the Russian economy have never been as great as they will be in the coming years. Although the failures of many hostile western policies as well as the inevitable, logical responses from Moscow have constrained such possibilities throughout recent decades, the possibilities today are unparalleled.”

Page also said he was keen for the Russian market to reopen for American investors who had been stopped from doing business by sanctions.

“US and European companies are very interested in returning to the Russian market,” he said. “Their interest cuts across a vast array of sectors.”

“The hostile efforts to punish Rosneft and their senior management team through western sanctions have primarily hurt western companies, rather than their intended target.”

Page, who claimed that he was no longer“directly involved” in any transition activities, nevertheless told RIA that according to his contacts in Washington, the process to mend Russo-American relations was going “exceptionally well.”

As an outsider with little political experience, Page, who has worked in Russia before on a number of business projects, is very much in the mold of Donald Trump. However, his close ties to Russia raised suspicions in some circles about supposed links between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, as well as sanctioned individuals such as Igor Sechin. When the allegations surfaced, Page denied meeting with Russian officials but nevertheless took a leave of absence from the election campaign.

“This is in the best interests of the candidate,” he told Washington Post journalist Josh Rogin in September. When asked to comment on Page’s remarks, despite the apparent optimism Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov took a more measured approach.

“Moscow will continue to appreciate the official statements of Barack Obama and his administration until the end of January,”Peskov told RIA.

Carter Page is, most significantly, a businessman, who like Donald Trump, says there are “plenty of opportunities in Russia that should be pursued by Americans,” Daniel McAdams, the executive director at the Ron Paul Peace Institute told RT.

“On a pragmatic level, and I think Trump, if anything, is a pragmatic person. He understands that the people that are getting hurt are the American business people not allowed to do business with Russia,” McAdams said.

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Rolling Back the Empire: Washington’s Proxy-Army Faces Decisive Defeat in Aleppo


It appears that the battle of Aleppo is about to end and the Syrian Army is on the “verge of total victory.”


by Mike Whitney


Syrian Army helicopters dropped leaflets on parts of eastern Aleppo on Sunday warning anti-government fighters to surrender while they still had the chance. Hundreds of jihadists have already laid down their weapons and surrendered while a hardline corps of deadenders continue to fend off the  rapidly advancing army.

The situation is looking increasingly hopeless for the ragtag group of insurgents that have lost  more than half the territory they held in just the last week. Every attempt they’ve made to break through Syrian Army lines has been repelled leaving them to defend a few shrinking districts where they will either surrender or die.

On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov delivered an ultimatum to the remaining militants that clarified the position of the Syrian government and its allies. he said:

“Those groups which refuse to leave eastern Aleppo will be treated as terrorists.  By refusing to walk out from eastern Aleppo they will in fact go ahead with armed struggle. We will treat them accordingly, as terrorists and extremists, and support the Syrian army in its operation against such armed gangs.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry has made every effort to stop the fighting to protect US-backed jihadists that are trying to topple Syrian President Bashar al Assad. Unfortunately, a proposal that was accepted by both Kerry and Lavrov concerning the withdrawal of fighters in Aleppo, was rejected by higher-ups in the Obama Administration ending the prospects for a negotiated settlement. Lavrov expressed his frustration in comments to the media where he said:

“They have withdrawn their document and have a new one. Our initial impression is that this new document backtracks, and is an attempt to buy time for the militants, allow them to catch their breath and resupply. The same thing happened with our agreement of September 9. It’s difficult to understand who makes decisions there, but apparently there are plenty of those who want to undermine the authority and practical steps by John Kerry.”

According to Reuters, “the Syrian Foreign Ministry said it would now accept no truce in Aleppo, should any outside parties try to negotiate one.” Meanwhile,  “Russia and China vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution on Monday calling for a week-long ceasefire.” Simply put, this is the end of the line for the US-backed terrorists that have laid to waste much of the battered country and killed more than 400,000 people. And while Aleppo may not be the decisive turning point in the ongoing conflict, it does put all of the main population centers and industrial hubs back under regime control.

More important, the recapturing of Aleppo is a major setback for Washington and its jihadist-breeding allies. (US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar) US plans for redrawing the map of the Middle East to meet its economic and geopolitical objectives has been defeated by a courageous and determined coalition (Syria, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah) that has methodically routed or exterminated the foreign-backed opposition and reestablished both state security and the sovereign authority of the elected government to control its own affairs.

Mike-Whitney-21On Tuesday morning, AMN News reported that the Syrian Army had captured 85 percent of East Aleppo. Dozens of insurgents have been killed in sporadic fighting while hundreds more have surrendered.

It appears that the battle of Aleppo is about to end and the Syrian Army is on the “verge of total victory.”


Also see: Liberation Aleppo

With the liberation of Aleppo nearly complete, the Syrian proxy conflict enters a new stage. How are the political facts on the ground changing? Will Washington admit defeat and Russia be blamed? What’s next for Syria and its people?

CrossTalking with Charles Shoebridge, Ali Rizk, and Stephen Zunes.

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Cuba and Russia Sign New Defense Agreement


The deal is designed to help Cuba “respond to modern challenges” and extends the historical partnership between the two countries.


Cuba and Russia Sign New Defense Agreement

Cuba and Russia signed a new defense technology agreement Thursday evening which will increase cooperation and help modernize Cuba’s armed forces until 2020.

The deal signed in Havana further adds to Russia’s historical assistance of the socialist nation. The deal was signed at the Russian-Cuban intergovernmental commission in Havana by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Rogozin stressed that the agreement was squarely focused on “methodological assistance” and would not include arms sales.

“We have our own methodology, experts knowing how to ensure short-term and near-term planning. This kind of assistance will be provided,” he said.

Rogozin said that Cuba will be given “general guidelines” which will help modernize and refit its equipment “to ensure total security of Cuba and to respond to modern challenges.”

At the meeting, Rogozin and Vice President of Cuba’s Council of Ministers Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz also signed six more cooperation agreements spanning from transport, healthcare, construction and generating power.

Historically, the two countries have enjoyed close military, diplomatic, and cultural ties and the majority of Cuba’s military equipment has come from the former Soviet Union.

Even after the Soviet Union’s collapse, successive Russian governments have maintained close relations with the socialist island. In September, Russia offered Cuba 55 bilateral cooperation projects for infrastructure and economic development totaling almost US$4 billion.

In 2013, Cuba’s debt to Russia – around US$30 billion, was written off by the Kremlin. Russia has also been a strong critic of the U.S. blockade which has sucked US$753.7 billion over the last six decades from Cuba’s economy.

Up until 2002 Russia operated an intelligence center in Lourdes which was the largest base of its kind operated by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service outside of the Russian Federation.

The recent death of former president and revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and the incoming administration of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump ushers in a new era in Cuban politics and in particular a sense of uncertainty for its relations with Washington after the Obama administration has worked to renew and normalize diplomatic relations with Havana. Many in Cuba are worried that Trump’s incoming administration, aided by a Republican-controlled Congress, will unravel the recent progress made between the former Cold War rivals.

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Mila Kunis: Hollywood producers want actresses to be pimps


Mila Kunis: “I’m done compromising; even more so, I’m done with being compromised.”

Will she remain true to her moral principle?

Will she remain true to her moral principle?

…by Jonas E. Alexis

Actress Mila Kunis has spilled the beans last month and joined a chorus of other actresses by saying that Hollywood producers wanted her to be a slut in order to get to the top.[1] Like Sinéad O’Connor and DMX, Kunis has realized that the entertainment industry doesn’t give a flip about her as a human being. In fact, they could care less about her existence.

Producers, Kunis said, are just interested in making money, and they will do whatever it takes to get that money. What if making money means that Kunis has to become a prostitute? Well, that is a very small price to pay.

What if Kunis has to compromise her own principle? Producers would respond by saying that losing one’s principle is worth it. If people can compromise their own principle, say Hollywood producers, then they will succeed in the industry. If they cannot, then the producers will show them where the exit door is. In other words, the industry is built on Mammon.

Remember how the industry took Miley Cyrus and transformed her into a complete pimp?[2] And if you think that this is not the goal of the industry, listen to the admission of singer and actress Nicole Sherzinger:

“To be honest with you, I sometimes wish I were more slutty. I’d probably be a lot more successful if I were.”[3]

How did Sherzinger know that she would “probably be a lot more successful”? Well, look at how Madonna and others prostrate before the Powers That Be. They obviously made it big, but they forget that money can never be substituted for true love, joy, peace, wisdom, patience, sacrifice, and endurance in the midst of hardship. That is why many of those people quickly become miserable. Sometimes they even take their own life.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was a classic example. Throughout his entire life Cobain tried to find meaning through drugs and pleasure. Charles R. Cross, one of Cobain’s biographers, noted,

“Heroin became, in many ways, the hobby he’d never had as a child: He methodically organized his ‘works’ box the way a small boy might shuffle his baseball card collection. In this sacred box he stored his syringe, a cooker to melt the drugs, and spoons and cotton balls used in preparing the heroin for injecting. A seamy underworld of dealers and daily deliveries became commonplace.”[4]

Nearly all his associates knew that Cobain was on the path of death. One observer noted, “With him, it was this train wreck that was going down and everyone knew it, and everyone just wanted to get out of the way.”[5] Another biographer noted that Cobain had an “aggressive personality who struggled with demons that drove and tormented him.”[6]

Yet Cobain did not find the salvation which he had sought through drugs and through an existentially meaningless life. At the end of the day, he was miserable. He confessed in his journal:

“Isn’t there somebody out there? Somebody, anybody, please help me. I want to be accepted. I have to be accepted. I’ll wear any kind of clothes you want! I’m so tired of crying and dreaming, I’m soo soo alone. Isn’t there anyone out there? Please help me. HELP ME!”[7]

Did the industry really care about Cobain’s pain? Did they reach out to him? No. Cobain then began to contemplate suicide and became “a changed man and in a frenzy that showed no signs of abating. The drugs, combined with what many around him described as a lifelong undiagnosed depression, shrouded him in madness. Even heroin had betrayed him; he reported it wasn’t as effective as a painkiller anymore. ”[8] His famous note which was found throughout his journals and even his album was, “I hate myself and I want to die.” Cross writes,

“Kurt’s normal carelessness was replaced by a death wish that frightened even the most seasoned, cynical junkies. The last few months of his drug use, he had wantonly shared needles with other users, ignoring public health warnings about HIV and hepatitis.”[9]

After years of battling with drugs, alcohol and depression, the rock star blew his head off with a shotgun in 1994. Yet before he committed suicide, Kurt cited Shakespeare’s most famous character: ‘Dr. Baker says that, like Hamlet, I have to choose between life and death. I’m choosing death.”[10]

Did Kurt make a conscious decision to follow an essentially purposeless lifestyle? Yes. Is the industry an accomplice in his death? Yes. How? Perhaps we should summon DMX again:

“The industry don’t give a fuck about you! But the industry can’t make a dime without you…The industry wants new artists to sell their souls to survive.”

If new artists have “to sell their souls to survive,” then they have to compromise their principles, and if they have to do that, then they more than likely will violate the moral law and order, and when that happens, chaos ensues. This is actually what the industry is promoting, and Mila Kunis seems to realize that this isn’t a good thing. She said:

“A cliché to be sure, but also what a producer threatened when I refused to pose semi-naked on the cover of a men’s magazine to promote our film.

“I was no longer willing to subject myself to a naïve compromise that I had previously been willing to. ‘I will never work in this town again?’ I was livid, I felt objectified, and for the first time in my career I said ‘no.’”

Kunis blames much of the problem on gender inequality, but that is obviously false. The issue goes much deeper. She adds:

“The older I got and the longer I worked in this industry, the more I realized that it’s bullshit! And, worse, that I was complicit in allowing it to happen.”

Kunis remembered a producer who actually objectified her:

“In this email chain, this producer chose to email the following: ‘And Mila is a mega star. One of biggest actors in Hollywood and soon to be Ashton’s wife and baby momma!!!’”

In other words, if Kunis becomes a “baby momma,” then she will no longer bring the almighty dollar to Hollywood producers, and that is enough for the industry to dump Kunis altogether. Kunis responded by saying that the producer

“reduced my value to nothing more than my relationship to a successful man and my ability to bear children. It ignored my (and my team’s) significant creative and logistical contributions. We withdrew our involvement in the project.”

Kunis ended up by saying:

“I’m done compromising; even more so, I’m done with being compromised. So from this point forward, when I am confronted with one of these comments, subtle or overt, I will address them head on; I will stop in the moment and do my best to educate.

“If this is happening to me, it is happening more aggressively to women everywhere. I am fortunate that I have reached a place that I can stop compromising and stand my ground, without fearing how I will put food on my table.”

I hope that Kunis means business here. We should all appreciate her candor and her willingness to do something meaningful. Kunis obviously is learning very quickly that the people in the industry don’t care. They want to kill, steal, and destroy. As writer and film director Clive Barker himself put it some years ago:

“Because I make horror movies I have to offend people. That’s my responsibility, to kill as many people as possible…And some of that truth may not be palatable to anybody. My responsibility is not to give a fuck about that. My responsibility is not to care.”[11]

Barker himself admitted that he was influenced by none other than Aleister Crowley. Barker said:

“Yeats then led me to the Golden Dawn, and from the Golden Dawn to Aleister Crowley—and to a whole metaphysical system based on magic. Which I took terribly, terribly seriously. I was trying these experiments, putting things under my pillow in the belief they would influence my dreams in certain directions.”[12]

Kunis needs to understand that it is not a gender issue at all. The fundamental issue has always revolved around morality or practical reason. As human beings, it is our destiny to abide by the moral law. Failing to do so is a one-way ticket to spiritual and intellectual death.

Finally, if Kunis means business, then she needs to stop objectifying human beings and assaulting the family-friendly culture in movies like Bad Moms.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

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[2] See for example Hanna Flint and Georgia Hart, “Miley Cyrus encourages fans ‘to kiss members of the same sex’ and says she hopes they’re on drugs…as she wears Union Jack leotard during first London gig,” Daily Mail, May 6, 2014.

[3] Quoted in Nick Durden, “What’s new Pussycat? Nicole Sherzinger on being a global pop star and conquering an eating disorder,” Independent, March 10, 2013.

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Russia’s Churkin takes Samantha Power to the woodshed on ‘moderate opposition’ myth


“Illusive concept of Syrian ‘moderates’ failed despite financing & propaganda.” – Churkin

… from Russia Today,  Moscow

Samantha Power putting on a show berating Russia's Churkin

Samantha Power, putting on a show berating Russia’s Churkin

[ Editor’s Note: Once again the UN conducts an adult education class in fairy tales, with US ambassador Samantha as chief propagandress. But Russia’s Churkin was there to give us the other side of the story, which you will read below.

The outrageous lies routinely thrown out at the UN by Ms. Power are a national embarrassment, but she alone is not to be blamed for following State Department policy, which is the President’s.

A great power does not have to hide behind lies about what it is really doing, only a conniving one. It is also a shame that countless young people tour the place and I am sure are never told this seamy side of the UN’s work.

The damage done there is that the kids grow up to be good little “don’t rock the boat” sheep. They are having legacy freedoms provided for them via the Founding Fathers smothered in a blanket of lies and deception.

Shame on you Samantha Power, and all those who have done this in the name of the American peopleJim W. Dean]

Ancient Aleppo will soon be free from the US coalition terrorists

Ancient Aleppo might soon be free from the US coalition terrorists

– First published … Decemeber 09,  2016 –

Hijacked by armed extremists, the so-called moderate opposition has effectively ceased to exist in Syria, Russia’s UN ambassador told the General Assembly. The forum was passing a resolution calling for the cessation of hostilities in the war-torn country.

On Friday, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) voted 122 to 13 on a non-binding resolution demanding the cessation of hostilities in Syria. The document calls for a “complete end to all attacks on civilians” in addition to “rapid, safe, sustained, unhindered and unconditional humanitarian access” throughout Syria.

While the resolution only carries political weight, the US seized the opportunity to bash both Russia and Syria for the ongoing operation to get rid of extremists in Aleppo and save the lives of thousands of Syrians living under their control.

“This is a vote to stand up and tell Russia and Assad to stop the carnage,” US Ambassador Samantha Power told the assembly. “This is a vote to defend the bedrock principles of how states should act, even in war.”

Speaking to delegates at UNGA, the Russian ambassador to the UN explained that the Canadian resolution contained “serious flaws,” making it “impossible” for Russia to support it.

“The causes of the conflict’s genesis and evolution have been misidentified. The blame is mostly pinned on the authorities of the country. The terrorist threat and the role of foreign sponsors in perpetuating and augmenting it are outlined only in broad strokes,” Churkin said.

“Condemnations will not help to reach a specified goal,” in Syria, the Russian ambassador proclaimed, pinning the scale of destruction in Syria on an “aggressive form of colonialism” pursued by countries which supported the so-called moderate opposition.

“It is a result of the mindless foreign policy of several international and regional players who once decided to change the leadership in Damascus and to redraw drastically the political, ethnic, confessional, and economic map of the region,” Churkin said.

But despite having “extensive financial, logistical, and propaganda support” from the outside, “the elusive concept of ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ has effectively failed,” the Russian diplomat said.

Russia, according to Churkin, on the other hand poured “enormous efforts” – humanitarian, political and military – into helping stop the war and aiding with a transition to direct UN-sponsored settlement negotiations.

Churkin said that Russia, at the request of the legitimate Syrian government, is fighting terrorists who are “pouring into the country through all the cracks in order to fulfill their instructions to overthrow the legitimate authorities.”

Accusations that Russia impedes progress in the settlement of the Syrian conflict at the UN Security Council just “distort reality,” Churkin said.

“If consensus sometimes eludes us on a document – as you know, last time this happened on December 5 – it means that document was not balanced, inadequately drafted, and served goals far removed from the settlement. And noisy shows in front of the TV cameras are a sign of admission that the chosen confrontational policy is futile,” Churkin said.

The envoy told the world forum that Moscow has been working “tirelessly” with the US and other parties to come up with the most efficient solution to end the conflict, pointing to recent meetings between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry on December 2 and 7. Another Russia-US expert level meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday.

On Friday the Russian General Staff announced that the Syrian Army now controls 93 percent of the whole territory of Aleppo after Damasus secured 52 districts of eastern Aleppo from militants.

The Russian General Staff also cited Aleppo’s residents’ reports of torture, and public executions by the so-called “moderate opposition.”

Back at UNGA, Churkin, addressing what he termed the termed the “aggressive rhetoric” of the US Ambassador, said that Power’s focus on Aleppo should be shifted to addressing America’s shortcomings in mediating the settlement of the conflict.

Churkin stressed that it was the US delegation that repudiated Kerry’s offer on Aleppo, delivered to Lavrov on December 2. It was also the United States that canceled the subsequent expert meeting proposed by Kerry and Lavrov. Instead of moving forward with that initiative the American UN team engaged in a “useless propaganda show at the UN Security Council.”

“Rather than spreading propaganda cliches on Aleppo, the United States delegation should better address what is happening under the American leadership around Mosul, what happened under the leadership of the United States in Fallujah,” Churkin said, criticizing Washington’s “disastrous policies” in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

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Russian Reconciliation Center evacuated 50,000 civilians from E. Aleppo in past 2 days


“Over the past 48 hours, up to 50,000 people have been evacuated from eastern Aleppo, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov has reported.

“More than 20,000 residents left eastern Aleppo in the first part of Saturday, and 1,217 militants laid down their weapons,”Konashenkov said.

“The Russian Center for Reconciliation, through humanitarian corridors near Karim El-Hun and Mahayar, has organized the evacuation of civilians from the eastern parts of Aleppo to the safe areas of the city,” Konashenkov added.

“We warn terrorists and militants of the so-called ‘moderate opposition,’ and also their patrons: Do not attempt any provocations, especially attacks on civilians leaving through humanitarian corridors,” the Russian Defense Ministry statement says.

Konashenkov also addressed those who, over the past few months, have declared their readiness to send humanitarian aid to Aleppo.

“Representatives of the US, UK, France, Canada, the European Union, and international organizations: Over the past two days, nearly 50,000 civilians have been evacuated by the Russian Reconciliation Center from the eastern parts of Aleppo. They are in need of the humanitarian assistance you promised. It is time to check the validity of your intentions.”

The statement added that the Syrian government now controls 93 percent of Aleppo, and the civilians who exited eastern Aleppo have been placed in special humanitarian centers where they are provided with hot food and medical help.

The Russian Reconciliation Center is monitoring the evacuation of civilians from the blocked districts round-the-clock with the use of drones.

Earlier this week, Moscow slammed a statement by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who said the EU was the only party providing aid to Syria.

“It’s outrageous twisting of facts which ignores what Russia has been doing for a long time,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Thursday.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Russia, “unlike other international players, has been actively supplying thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to various regions across Syria, including the liberated areas in eastern Aleppo, at the risk of Russian military lives.

“If the high representative [Mogherini] means providing assistance to terrorists and extremists, then we don’t participate in this, indeed,”the statement added.

Last week, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokeswoman claimed that Russia was blocking aid intended for Aleppo’s civilian population.

“The Syrian regime and their influencers [Russia, among others] are preventing aid” from reaching the city, the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

It seems that the UK government has lost an objective view of what is happening in Syria, including Aleppo, due to Russophobia,” Konashenkov responded, noting that the UK has not sent “a single gram of flour, any medicine or blankets to help” civilians in Aleppo during the entire Syrian conflict.

“If the UK government really wants to send humanitarian aid to residents in the eastern n

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Virgin CEO Branson: Suffering A Sad Day With Injuries From Bike Accident

Virgin CEO Branson After Suffering A Sad Day With Injuries From Bike Accident We Can’t Believe He Is leaving the Virgin Company

“This country is going to go into recession. Two of the worst days ever – banks have been pounded means they are not going to lend money, we’re going to go into recession,” Branson said on “Good Morning Britain,” Reuters reported. “We are heading towards a disaster. I don’t believe the public realized what a mess their vote would cost.

In the wake of the referendum, the value of the pound tumbled to its lowest in at least three decades, sparking market chaos, but some financial leaders have said the vote won’t cause another financial crisis.

“When Brexiters told the public that people were exaggerating there would be a financial meltdown I think it’s been proven they were not exaggerating,” Branson said, advocating for a second referendum.


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Watch Canadian Journalist Completely Dismantle Mainstream Narrative on Syria


Syrian White Helmets celebrating with Al-Nusra. YouTube clip.

Freelance journalist Eva Bartlett is no stranger to the Syrian conflict, having visited the country repeatedly since the conflict began to get a sense of the realities on the ground. This week, confronted by a mainstream journalist regarding the lies presented in media coverage of Syria, Bartlett succinctly laid out exactly what the problem was.

On Friday, the Canadian journalist and human rights activist took part in a press conference organized by the Syrian mission to the United Nations. After delivering her remarks regarding the current situation in Aleppo and throughout the country, in which she pointed out Western media bias regarding the conflict, Bartlett was asked by a journalist from the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten what the incentive was for Western media to spin a false narrative.

The Norwegian journalist asked her about “the agenda from us in the Western media, and why we should lie –why the international organizations on the ground should lie?…How can you justify calling all of us liars?”

Pointing out that there are “certainly honest journalists among the very compromised establishment media,” Bartlett started off by challenging the assertion about the ‘international organizations’ on the ground in eastern Aleppo. The reality, she noted, is that “there are none.”

Must watch video of Eva Bartlett @EvaKBartlett at UN Syrian mission press conf. schooling Norwegian journalist on why MSM lies about #Syria

— Walid (@walid970721) 10 декабря 2016 г.

“These organizations are relying on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights [SOHR], which is based in Coventry, UK, which is one man. They’re relying on compromised groups like the White Helmets. Let’s talk about the White Helmets: They were founded in 2013 by a British ex-military officer, they have been funded to the tune of $100 million by the US, UK, Europe and other states.”

Bartlett also recalled that while the White Helmets “purport to be rescuing civilians in eastern Aleppo and Idlib…no one in eastern Aleppo has heard of them; and I say ‘no one’ bearing in mind that now 95% of these areas of eastern Aleppo are liberated.” At the same time, “The White Helmets purport to be neutral, and yet they can be found carrying guns and standing on the dead bodies of Syrian soldiers.”

Furthermore, she noted, “their video footage actually contains children that have been ‘recycled’ in different reports; so you can find a girl named Aya who turns up in a report in say August, and she turns up in the next month in two different locations.”

“So they [the White Helmets] are not credible. The SOHR are not credible. ‘Unnamed activists’ are not credible. Once or twice maybe, but every time? Not credible. So your sources on the ground – you don’t have them,” Bartlett said.

Bartlett then turned to the Norwegian journalist’s second question. “As for…the agenda of some corporate media: it is the agenda of regime change. How can the New York Times…[or] Democracy Now…maintain until this day that this is a civil war in Syria? How can they maintain until this day that the protests were unarmed and non-violent until say 2012? That is absolutely not true. How can they maintain that the Syrian government is attacking civilians in Aleppo, when every person that’s coming out of these areas occupied by terrorists is saying the opposite?”

A second journalist asked the panel about the disconnect between Western and Syrian/Russian media coverage of the situation in Aleppo in recent days, including the terrorists’ tendency to mine areas they have left, and the joint Syrian-Russian effort to evacuate civilians from militant-controlled areas.

“You ask why we aren’t seeing this,” Bartlett chimed in. “This relates to the other gentleman’s question about why most of the corporate media are telling lies about Syria. It’s because this is the agenda; if they had told the truth about Syria from the beginning, we wouldn’t be here now. We wouldn’t have seen so many people killed.”

“In fact,” she noted, “what the Russian media…is [showing] is exactly what the Syrian media is saying, and it shows what independent people in Syria are saying.”

With regard to other flaws in mainstream media coverage, including the sensitive topic of alleged Syrian and Russian air force attacks on hospitals, Bartlett offered another example of media manipulation. “They have manufactured stories, and I can give you a precise account,” she said.

“In April this year,” there was a story about “a hospital called the Al-Quds Hospital – which in a concerted effort all media said was attacked, targeted and badly damaged by either the Syrians or the Russians. In fact the Russians had satellite imagery showing that this hospital was in the shame shape that it was in in October 2015. No difference; it was not attacked.”

Continuing, Bartlett recalled that “months later, the Guardian, a prominent British newspaper, actually said that the Al-Quds hospital that it had alleged months prior to be attacked and destroyed, was treating victims of so-called chemical weapons attacks. So even the media that is lying is inconsistent in their lies.” In the meantime, she added, unfortunately, Western governments and the media have ignored real attacks on hospitals throughout Syria by anti-government rebels and terrorists.

The full press conference can be found below:

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