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Syria: Bana Al-Abed’s Last Tweet

Inside Syria Media Center 

Hashtag #lasttweet began to appear in Twitter frequently after government troops engaged the final phase of Aleppo’s liberation in recent weeks.

Bana al-Abed, an alleged seven-year resident of the largest city in Syria, was the first who created an Internet hysterical fit designed to discredit the process of recapturing Aleppo. Her Twitter account was registered in September, 2016, amid intensified fighting in Aleppo. There are many details of the horrors of war on her page. And the girl blames not the terrorists but the Syrian government and its allies. Tweets are actively retweeted and not only by the Syrian opposition, but also by the mainstream Western media. For example, The Washington Post called Bana the Syrian Anne Frank (who wrote a diary in Nazi-occupied Netherlands).

At the same time, no one draws attention to the strange nuances. First, tweets appear very often. It seems that the little girl posts the information about the situation in the city 24/7. Aleppo is a city of constant fighting, with no constant energy source and water supply, and there is often lack of food and medicine. The more so, no one can easily access the Internet and cellular network due to damaged infrastructure. Second, her account looks perfect it terms of English language. Third, celebs, Western journalists and popular opposition bloggers contribute to the viral dissemination of Bana’s posts. It took just three hours to collect more than 3,700 likes and more than 5,000 retweets after the publication of one of the first tweets of Bana. According to Social Rank website, the request “Who was your first follower?” shows the first subscriber of Bana was an Al-Jazeera journalist Abdul Aziz Ahmed.


Social Rank website shows the results of the request

Moreover, J.K. Rowling promised to send the girl a Harry Potter book and by doing so the writer made a very good ad and emphasized the problem of Bana. Despite the fact that Syria has always been at a high level of literacy of the population (more than 90 percent in fact), Aleppo has been involved in the civil war for four years. At the same time we are forced to believe that the seven-year-old child has such a good command of a foreign language that she is ready to read a book of several hundred pages in the original language.

Speaking of the language it should be noted that a Syrian activist Maytham Al Ashkar who is originally from Al-Zahraa in northern Syria, currently in Beirut, but often travelling to Damascus and Aleppo contacted the 7-year-old Twitter star, Bana Alabed, on November 27, offering to evacuate her family from eastern Aleppo. After a month, someone who identified herself as Bana’s mother responded. When he got contacted by Bana’s account, he started to chat in Arabic since they are all Syrians and Arabic is their mother tongue. However, it was obvious that the person behind the account preferred English as a language of communication.

The more so, according to the media, Bana’s mother studied law. This means that she has studied the Syrian curriculum for 12 years, which is all in Arabic, plus 4 years at university, where all the subjects are taught in Arabic

The girl and her mother didn’t arrange the possibility of evacuation which could be provided by the journalist. So, Maytham Al Ashkar decided that the girl is just a face, a tool used by the British intelligence. (British – because of the strong relationship between the Bana’s account and the White Helmets funded and sponsored by the UK)

Twitter conversation between Maytham Al Ashkar and al-Abed’s account

It should be noted that Bana not only writes these tweets but also her mother Fatima al-Abed who is a teacher at a local school. It is she who helps her daughter to write so grammatically correct. Nevertheless, all this raises a number of questions: who is really writing on behalf of Bana and where from? There are a number of other controversial issues. Inside Syria Media Center will try to investigate the Bana project.

On November 27, Bana reported that her home had been destroyed after the shelling. The house is allegedly located in Joured Awaad quarter in the eastern part of Aleppo. Meanwhile, about 20 shellings performed by the anti-government forces were registered in the provinces of Aleppo on November 26. The armed groups of the Syrian Free Army fired multiple launch rocket systems against Bayada and Salah al-Din quarters of the Aleppo city. In addition, terrorists of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham and ISIS fired multiple launch rocket systems, tube artillery, mortars and small arms several times against Shurfa inhabited area, Binyamin, Dahiya al-Assad, Jamaiyah Fahat, Amri, Ashrafiyah, Art Sabah, Akyul, 1070, Hai Zahraa Awwad, Kastello trade center, al-Assad military academy, area of the former military school, and Higma school in the Aleppo city.

At the same time, the activity of the government troops was concentrated in the area to the south of the city of Hanano. So, the question arises: why does the girl insist on her house being fired upon and ruined while none of the parties opened fire near her house.

It is also unclear why the walls and the furniture in Bana’s room are not affected by the attacks, and always look new, despite the fact that the girl is constantly complaining that she frequently has to move into a new house. Moreover, the curtains on her photos are always tightly closed and the girl is always clean dressed.

On November 22, Bana published a video which showed her walking down the street in a terrorist-controlled district. Very few people are seen in the area. Getting into the shot, some of the occasional pedestrians are trying to get out of sight. They don’t really care for a little girl being shot. At 0.59, a head appears from a corner and immediately disappears. This looks really suspicious. The high quality of the footage, professional editing, and a tripod (the video is really smooth) – all these prove that the video was staged.

Bana’s tweets are written in English and the girl keeps alleging that Bashar al-Assad “kills children, bombs schools, shells neighborhoods and hurts Aleppo’s residents”. She constantly accuses the Syrian AF of aggressive actions. The little girl’s account is politically straight with messages including popular hashtags. However, in her interview to BBC, Fatima al-Abed stressed that Bana’s twitter wasn’t a propaganda campaign and wasn’t linked to terrorists.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of photos not connected to Bana. For instance, the photos of children allegedly killed in the airstrike at an Idlib school. It’s unknown how the footage got into the hands of Bana’s parents, and why the family doesn’t want to leave east Aleppo for government-controlled areas.

Everything becomes clear when you see the Facebook page of Ghassan, the girl’s father, with lots of his friends tied to various radical groups fighting in Syria.

Omar al-Amd, a Jabhat al-Nusra sniper, one of Bana father’s friends

Besides, some media reported that Bana’s tweets are written by the popular Syrian opposition blogger Abdel Kafi al-Hamdo ( Creating his account in October, 2016, a teacher and an activist gained as much as 17,000 followers.

The propaganda pouring from Bana’s Twitter was mentioned at a high political level. In his interview to the Danish channel TV2, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stressed that the terrorists and their allies promoted Bana’s tweets.

The Hollywood-stylish Bana’s “death” should also be mentioned. First, the girl’s Twitter became inactive just after the government offensive on east Aleppo started. But soon BBC reported that the girl and her mother were alive and that they had come to a safe place. The account was restored and a new Tweet appeared: “Under attack. Nowhere to go, every minute feels like death. Pray for us. Goodbye – Fatemah”.

The ban provoked mass hysteria in the social media, the hashtag #whereisBana quickly became trending. At the same time, Bana’s fake accounts started to post messages about her “death”, which were allegedly written by her mother.

As of today, it should be noted that the project is still active. “Last tweets” have been repeatedly appearing. Probably, the world will witness other news from Bana, whose messages remind us of the story of “Aleppo’s last hospital”.

Till now Bana remains a mystery. The city is completely under government control but no proof of Bana and her mother’s existence has emerged. It is possible that the girl left Aleppo for Idlib alongside the most radical militants (as pointed out by a NBC report) or headed to Turkey in the company of other armed groups. The latter suggestion is supported by the call for help directed at Turkish President Recep Erdogan and Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu that Bana published on Twitter.

Locating Bana and showing that she is safe and can start a new, more quiet life, should be of utmost interest for the Syrian authorities. On the other hand, the rumors could be disproved by finding the flat in the eastern quarter of Joured Awwad and proving that exploiting children’s death is nothing but another propaganda plot of the Western media, and that the Bana project is closed.

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The Berlin Truck Massacre: Here’s What You HAVEN’T Been Told


Police work at the site of an accident at a Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz square near the fashionable Kurfuerstendamm avenue in the west of Berlin, Germany, December 19, 2016. A truck ploughed into a crowd close to a Christmas market in the German capital Berlin on Monday evening, killing one person and injuring several others, the police said. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

So I’ve been digging around a bit, and I’m going to come at this from a different angle.

Not going to bother pouring over footage or images and talking about the credibility of the scenes, etc, as there are others who’ll probably be doing that already. I choose to assume/believe the attack really did happen as we’re told it did and that innocent people were hurt or killed.

Instead, as with the Nice attack earlier in the year, the best angle might be found if we direct our attention to a seemingly unrelated bit of information.

I noted an interesting fact about yesterday, which was largely unreported in most media; but I found it reported at Israel National News.

The headline was ‘Mossad chief gives secret intelligence briefing to Trump staff: Mossad chief makes clandestine trip to US to meet with incoming Trump administration.’

The article, obviously written some hours prior to the event in Berlin occurring, continued, ‘The head of Israel’s Mossad national intelligence agency made a secret visit to the United States to meet with members of President-elect Donald Trump staff and give them a security briefing. The security delegation was organized by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, according to Ynet, and was led by National Security Council head Yaakov Nagel…’

That may seem irrelevant, but I’m not sure it is.

This perhaps has some echoes of Netanyahu himself being in London on the morning of 7/7; it also is worth reminding ourselves that Richard Gutjahr, who – by extraordinary coincidence – happened to be present to film both the Nice Bastille Day attack and the attack in Munich a few months later (and was the media source for the footage), is married to Mossad agent and Knesset member Einat Wilf.

Wilf served in the IDF, specialising in signals intelligence and decryption and was a foreign policy adviser to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres. She is also a self-described ‘athiest Zionist’, belongs to several Israeli foreign policy organisations and has organisational links with people such as Richard Perle and Henry Kissinger.

Gutjahr, was a student of the German School of Journalism and has also had CNN training, is described as ‘a German moderator, creator of mainstream media and blogger’. Interestingly, he was also famously in Cairo at the start of the 2011 Arab Spring protests, where, apparently (and being without a job at the time) he had decided ‘spontaneously’ to travel from Israel (where he had been staying) to Cairo in Egypt.

Sorry, just a quick amendment: it wasn’t Gutjahr, but his daughter – Thamina Stoll – who filmed the footage of the Munich attack. Same difference though.

Also worth noting that Gutjhar later ‘deleted’ his photos of the Nice attack – probably around the same time that authorities in France began destroying the crime scene and removing ‘evidence’. Gutjahr, when broadcasting live to the BBC about the Nice attack, had adopted the name ‘Richard Goodyear’ instead.

The point, at any rate, is to illustrate the Mossad link to those attacks earlier this year.

A direct Mossad fingerprint on this Berlin truck attack is more difficult to pinpoint at this time: but the fact that Trump and his people had a secret meeting with Mossad just hours before the Berlin attack strikes me as suspicious.

The perpetrator/driver has been reported to be an Pakistani or Afghan male who may have been a refugee. The vehicle was supposed to have been being driven by a delivery driver from Poland, with the suggestion being the truck might’ve been hijacked by the ‘terrorist’. The company the truck belongs to is based in Poland and the original driver is reported to have been the cousin of the company over, a man named Ariel Zurawski: I’ve seen one or two people drawing attention to what is a Jewish name and suggesting this as a possible link to Israel – but it isn’t a crime to have a Jewish name and there are lots of Polish Jews (who have no necessary connection to Israeli intelligence), so I’m not considering this relevant.

The Mossad/Trump meeting is relevant though.

It might also be relevant that, in early reports yesterday, some witnesses described the driver of the lorry as “Eastern European” in appearance – the driver, not the passenger.

This incident in Berlin seems designed – either by the ‘ISIS’/refugee perpetrator or by the false-flag operators, depending on which you think is the reality of what happened – to mirror the Nice/Bastille Day attack.

The Bastille Day attack (pictured above) was a fairly obvious false-flag op and it was designed to allow the French state to extend its ‘State of Emergency’ and all emergency powers indefinitely, occurring at a time where the state was coming under pressure to end it. In fact, the Nice attack came on the same day that the French President had finally announced that the emergency powers were going to end – a point I covered here fully at the time.

Germany too is seeking emergency powers and changes, and it will be worth watching the situation in the days or weeks ahead to see if Germany seeks to enter into the same State of Emergency that France has been in ever since the Paris attacks over a year ago.

Of course, this ‘attack’ may have been a genuine lone-wolf terror attack by a lunatic of Muslim persuasion or Pakistani or Afghan descent. Maybe someone was ‘inspired’ by the Nice attack – even though the Nice attack was a false-flag. If it was a false-flag op, however, in this Berlin attack at least they learnt from Nice and switched to a black truck instead of a white one; as the white truck had been just too easy for people to visually analyse.

This is also, of course, designed to play as a ‘Muslim’ attack on Christmas itself. I mean, aside from an ‘ISIS’ sympathiser carrying out a massacre in Santa’s workshop and leaving a trail of dead or injured elves, I can’t think of anything more rich and blatant in propaganda terms than an attack on a Christmas market just days before Christmas.

We should remember, however, that even a real ‘migrant’ or ‘Muslim’ perpetrator at the wheel doesn’t negate it also being a staged/false-flag op.

Also, please note that when I say Mossad, I don’t mean Israel as a nation or society – any more than I would mean ‘America’ when I say ‘CIA’. And when I cite the right-wing Zionist/nationalist government in Israel, that is something as different/distinct from the Israeli population as a whole as the incoming Trump administration is from the American population/society as a whole. I’m being very conscious to not conflate peoples or societies with organisations or governments and to not make generalisations: it’s a shame, however, that much of the commentary or response to things like the Berlin truck attack won’t do the same, but will portray the attack as being representative of all ‘Muslims’ or all ‘refugees’, etc.

FYI, here’s Info-Wars white-supremacist propagandist Paul Joseph Watson’s predictable take on the attack (it’s the same after any attack), just to highlight the point.

Also, I am no defender of Islamist radicalism or terrorists: but we should also always keep our eyes on the bigger picture too and make sure we’re not trapped in false paradigms.

And, going back to the first point: I still would like to know why Trump had a secret meeting with Mossad yesterday, and why it received practically no coverage, despite being written about in Israel.

We can guess that most Breitbart or alt-right type platforms (Paul Joseph Watson and Info Wars included) will have ignored or missed that interesting story, as they wouldn’t want to risk alarming their largely anti-Semitic readerships, but it is curious that the head of Mossad needed to make a ‘secret visit’ to Trump and that, a few hours later, a major terrorist attack occurs in Berlin, giving President-Elect Trump – on the day the Electoral College vote confirmed him as president – the perfect opportunity to reinforce his position and re-justify some of his ultra anti-Muslim administration picks and the dangerous path we might be shortly to be taken down.

He also, crucially, got to play heavily on the idea of Islam and Christianity being in conflict.

“Innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday,” Trump said in his statement (hours after his Mossad meeting), going on to talk about Islamist terrorists who “slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad.”

The Israeli right-wing government’s connection to Trump’s administration is substantial, as is its connection with other Far-Right parties rising in Europe – a subject that I am putting together information on at the moment, but probably won’t publish until the New Year. For the moment, our focus is more specifically Mossad.

Why did Mossad – and not just a Mossad delegation, but the head of Mossad – need to have a secret meeting with Trump and his people, particularly as Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet?

And does this relate in any way to the fact that Trump’s team is full of supporters of the right-wing Israeli government (like the white nationalist Steve Bannon), Christian Zionists like Mike Pence and Trump himself, and people who fund and support illegal Zionist settlers in the Occupied Territories?

The Breitbart/Goldman-Sachs mastermind of the Trump campaign, Steve Bannon, is a supporter of – and supported by – illegal Israeli settler groups.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner – who played a huge role in the campaign and is still touted for a major role in the administration – has openly been funding extremist right-wing Jewish nationalists and illegal settlements.

And Trump, along with others in his administration, have openly supported an agenda to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

The anti-Islam agenda within the Trump movement is also blatant and undisguised.

For example, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, is a raging Islamophobe who has called Islam “a cancer” and has said “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL.”

What’s curious about Flynn’s anti-Muslim crusade is that, as a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he would presumably have some level of awareness of how illusory the Islamic Terror threat in the United States is and how much it – from 9/11 through to Orlando – has relied on false-flag operations and FBI-contrived plots: which means he doesn’t actually perceive any threat from American Muslims, but just hates them for other reasons. And, presumably, will happily carry on the work of pretending false-flag ops don’t happen.

We should also expect a big increase in false-flags and terrorism under a Trump government.

“We’re going to have to do things that we never did before,” Trump himself said in an interview with Yahoo News a year ago. “Some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule.”

When you look how common this major anti-Muslim rhetoric is in Trump’s movement, you do have to start worrying about those suggestions of compulsory ID badges, Muslim databases and mass detention and whether it was really just campaign sensationalism or not. Or is Trump’s election as President (in a rigged election) a dark day in history?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been looking a lot into the Far-Right parties in the West and their connection with the right-wing government in Israel – and I will post the article some time in January when I’ve finished compiling information. But I wasn’t looking, at first, for any connection between Israel and the contemporary rise of the Far Right – it is simply that the connections and information kept appearing.

It leaves me with the very troubling suspicion that we, in Europe, America and the West, are being stage-managed towards a very dark state of affairs involving a controlled collapse of the current order and liberal politics and a move into something very, very different. And every major ‘terror’ incident – real or manufactured – is helping us get there, a step at a time.

Concerning Mossad, we have to always remember that the agency is specifically one that deals in foreign intelligence operations and not domestic Israeli ops: and the way that Mossad has long been reported to operate, the actual governmental or law-enforcement agencies on the ground in a specific city or country don’t necessarily have any foreknowledge or clear information about what is happening until after the fact – if at all.

Which creates, in my mind at least, a suspicion that this attack is actually aimed at ensuring the downfall of Angela Merkel and paving the way for Germany to go down a very different path.

I had the same suspicion about the attacks in France and how they may impact France’s political and societal future – a suspicion that was particularly reinforced by the mysterious suicide of French Police-Commissioner Helric Fredou just as the Charlie Hebdo attack was unfolding and he was supposed to be investigating it.

Bear in mind too that the recent election defeat in Austria of the Far-Right Freedom Party was taken, in propaganda terms, as a morale boost for Merkel and German liberals in their imminent campaign to hold off the rising tide of Far Right nationalism in Germany: this attack in Berlin serves to undo that boost and push the momentum firmly back in the other direction. Berlin, by the way, has suffered false-flag terrorism before, including the 1986 disco bombing that was blamed by the US on Gaddafi and Libya despite several key figures in Berlin disputing that claim.

My condolences to anyone who lost someone or suffered in this attack in Berlin.

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British cluster bombs used in Saudi Arabia’s Yemen campaign, research finds

Image result for cluster bombs CARTOON

Despite strenuous denials, UK-made cluster bombs are indeed being used by Britain’s theocratic ally Saudi Arabia in its war on impoverished Yemen, according to the government’s own inquiries.

The new details have emerged through a leak to the Guardian from sources which claim that internal investigations support claims in the media that the outlawed munitions are in use.

The source said that the findings had been known by the government for up to a month.

However, the paper has also been told that Saudi Arabia – a major UK ally and one of its top arms customers – has not confirmed itself that the banned munitions are being used.

The revelations seem set to pile even more pressure on the UK to stop selling arms to the authoritarian regime.

The UK is a signatory to the 2010 treaty banning cluster munitions, which drop many tiny bomblets from the main device and can create what is in effect a minefield.

A senior defense source told the Guardian that the issue had been “raised at the highest possible levels and we have been trying to establish definitively for some time [if cluster bombs have been used].”

The “highest levels” are said in this case to include Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

In statement Monday after a spokesman for the military said: “The Government takes such allegations very seriously.

“We have analysed the case carefully using all available information, considering all possibilities, and raised the issue with the Saudi-led coalition.”

The UK has also been involved in training Saudi forces in air warfare skills and artillery, it emerged in 2016. Royal Air Force (RAF) personnel are also embedded in Saudi operations headquarters.

It was reported in April that courses were being run by RAF officers as recently as 2015 on ‘international targeting’ over three separate three-week blocks.

This included training on the Storm Shadow missile, which is launched from aircraft to destroy enemy bunkers.

Gunnery instruction on targeting and locating enemy gun batteries was also carried out by a seven-strong detachment of personnel from the Royal Artillery.

The artillery team delivered 52 hours of training to Saudi gunners and included a senior major, a captain, a sergeant major and a sergeant.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the course had been delivered to “a mixed group of soldiers and officers” from the Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF) field artillery.

The military said its personnel were not involved in “carrying out strikes, directing or conducting operations in Yemen or selecting targets, and are not involved in the Saudi targeting decision-making process.”

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Russia launched ‘cyberwar & propaganda campaign’ against UK 


Image result for cyberwar CARTOON


The UK is facing a cyberwarfare and a propaganda campaign from Russia, British newspaper The Times is claiming. The Russian embassy in the UK has demanded “proof” as critics label the allegations “psycho propaganda” and say the accusations are “a new low.”

Moscow is resorting to a campaign of “propaganda and unconventional warfare,” The Times , citing unnamed officials in Whitehall. “Moscow is behind a concerted drive to undermine the UK through espionage, misinformation, cyberattacks and fake news, senior Whitehall figures believe,” the newspaper writes.

According to the outlet, citing a source with a knowledge of the matter, the UK will now “assess and formulate options” on how to deal with the alleged threat. To address the issue, British Prime Minister Theresa May is also set to chair a national security meeting in the coming weeks.

“We will be happy to finally see some proof,” the Russian embassy said, responding via its official Twitter account.

An example of the suspected Russian “hybrid” warfare – as cited by The Times – is what UK’s intelligence services call “propaganda” by RT and Sputnik news agency to “influence” a British audience. Labour MP Ben Bradshaw recently said that Moscow “probably” influenced the UK referendum on leaving the EU (known as Brexit). Yet the allegations on alleged Russian hacking did not sit well with the vocal advocate of Brexit and a former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage.

“Ever since June 23 when we voted for Brexit, there have been all sorts of excuses that have been rolled out. But to now blame it on Russian cyber-hacking, I think they have reached a new low,” he recently .

In a bid to be prepared for potential Russian propaganda warfare, the UK even went as far as to stage drills covering a scenario where Moscow would spread “false information” in the Baltic states, harming British troops there, according to another Times .

However, the result of the drill was rather upsetting for the UK Ministry of Defense, as it acknowledged that lengthy bureaucratic procedures would prevent effective counteraction, the media revealed.

‘Ridiculous’ accusations

As Britain is joining the ranks of those claiming Russia is meddling in the internal affairs of Western states, the US has already made its point clear. Earlier this year, Washington officially accused Moscow of hacking servers and private computers of the Democratic Party, which Kremlin denied as “nonsense” and “myth making.”

As no evidence was ever presented to the public, whistleblowing website WikiLeaks suggested on Friday that the US should publish the proof on its platform to verify the serious accusations.

And on December 9, the Washington Post  unnamed CIA officials as claiming that Russia not only directed the hacking, but did it with the goal to secure Donald Trump’s election.

But in an  to Fox News, President-elect Trump blasted the information as “ridiculous” and yet “another excuse.” The US President-elect stressed that the accusations on Russia prove the Democrats were simply “embarrassed” since they “suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country.”

Speaking to RT, former US presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul said that Americans “should be worried about the influence of our CIA in other people’s elections, I mean probably hundreds. It’s constant.”

Talk Radio host and columnist John Gaunt called the British allegations on Russia’s cyberwarfare “psycho propaganda,” saying the EU is simply “unhappy” with the Brexit and Americans electing Donald Trump.

“So, they started off with these ridiculous stories that Vladimir Putin and the Russians tried to stir the American election,” Gaunt told RT.

“Next they are telling us that the Russians are going to come and eat our babies. It’s completely and utterly ridiculous.” Gaunt went on to say that the British public and those who he spoke to simply “see straight through this” since the allegations are “pure propaganda.”

“The European Union needs a new enemy. They’ve decided that new enemy is Vladimir Putin and so they are poking him with their biggest stick,” Gaunt said. Yet instead of portraying the Russian president as a “James Bond villain,” the West and UK should talk to Russia, since the British population does not believe the accusations, he added.

Read more:

WikiLeaks calls on Obama to submit proof of Russian hacking for verification

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‘If I write in line with Russian media, it’s because we both tell the truth’ – Eva Bartlett to RT



By Eva Bartlett | RT 

A Canadian journalist who blasted the mainstream media’s coverage of the Syria crisis at the latest UN event, told RT how her own reports have been accused of being biased on the side of the Russian and Syrian governments.

Eva Bartlett, a freelance journalist and human rights activist who has her own blog on recently sparked debate by giving an emotional speech at the UN. During a press conference arranged by the Syrian mission to the UN, she blasted the Western mainstream media’s coverage of the Syrian war as “compromised,” saying that their local sources are “not credible” and, in the case of Aleppo, not even real. The journalist, who has been covering events in Syria during the years since the civil war first broke out there, noted that while there are “certainly honest journalists among the very compromised establishment media,” many respected media agencies simply seem to avoid fact checking. The harsh response she has drawn for her unforgiving criticism of fellow members of the media is quite baseless, however, Bartlett told RT.

“Some people have taken issue with the things I said because I was basically criticizing much of the corporate media reporting on Syria, and instead of actually digesting what I said and criticizing the details of what I said, people have gone to the usual tactic of trying to smear who I am and imply that I am an agent of either or both Syria and Russia,” Bartlett said, adding that it’s been openly implied she is on the payroll of the Syrian and Russian governments. The fact that she is an active contributor to RT’s op-edge section has also been jumped all over.

“The fact that I do contribute to the RT op-edge section apparently, in some people’s eyes, makes me compromised. I began contributing to the RT op-edge section when I lived in Gaza, and this was not an issue for people who then appreciated my writing,” she stated. Bartlett also denied the notion that the Syrian government paid her to speak at the UN.

“It was not the Syrian government which arranged for me to speak at the UN. It was my request, and I requested this because… I thought this was actually a good opportunity to share with a wider audience what I’ve seen on my independent visits to Syria.

“The only thing it had to do with the Syrian government was the Syrian ambassador… to the UN agreeing to facilitate this [opportunity],” she said.

According to Bartlett’s UN speech, the corporate media is effectively reporting information that is the “opposite” of what is actually happening on the ground, whereas her reporting comes from personal interaction with the Syrian people during her now six trips to the war-torn state.

“What I am writing, and what I’m reporting, and who I am citing are Syrian civilians whom I’ve encountered in Syria.

“If people do not wish to hear the voices of Syrian civilians and if they want to maintain their narrative which is in line with the NATO narrative – which is in line with destabilizing Syria and vilifying the government of Syria and ignoring the overwhelming wishes of the people of Syria – then they do this by accusing me of spreading propaganda,” the journalist stressed.

As the West sees RT as a propaganda media outlet for the Russian government, Bartlett’s connection to RT has been used as a basis for accusing her of fake reporting because it differs from the picture of the Syrian crisis being presented by the Western mainstream media, the journalist claimed.

“The fact that I’m writing about what I see in Syria when I am on the ground in Syria, when I talk with Syrian civilians – and I sometimes contribute to Russia Today – suddenly this is an issue.

“I am a freelance journalist, I write for whomever I want. I submit an article to Russia Today’s op-edge section and they decide whether or not they are going to run it – that’s how it works,” she explains, noting that the reason that her reports are in line with those in the Russian media might be because both are accurate.

“The fact that my writing is in line with the Syrian people… in some respect aligns with Russian media reports, does not mean that I’m reporting Russian propaganda, and it does not mean that what Russian media is reporting is propaganda. It happened to be that I report the truth as I see it on the ground, and some Russian media happen to report the truth as they see it on the ground.

“Why do we not see these accusations when a BBC journalist goes to Syria and reports what I often believe to be not the full story? Why are they not accused of working for the State of England? Why are Al Jazeera journalists not accused of working for Qatar?” Bartlett asked, adding that all of these “loaded accusations” are slung at her in order to discredit what she has to tell.

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New York Times on “Aleppo’s Destroyers”: All the fake news that’s fit to print


Image result for New York Times CARTOON


By Kevin Barrett 

The New York Times has been leading the charge against “fake news.” Yet its own reporting and editorial positions are often as one-sided, distorted, or downright mendacious as the worst of the pseudo-alternative websites. The Times’ coverage of wars, especially those of strategic import for the US and/or Israel (not necessarily in that order) is a particularly fertile field of fake news flummery.

Most of America’s armed conflicts and interventions have been driven by New York Times war propaganda, and the current conflagration in Syria is no exception. An especially egregious, over-the-top example of “damn the facts, full speed ahead” warmongering, every bit as bad as the Judith Miller version of Iraqi WMD, is last Wednesday’s op-ed by the Editorial Board, Aleppo’s Destroyers: Assad, Putin, Iran.”

The headline, like the diatribe beneath it, conceals the identities of the worst of the “destroyers” of Aleppo and Syria: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, the US and Israel. These governments  have created, armed, financed, advised, and otherwise enabled the various militias, mercenaries, and terrorist groups that overran Aleppo and dismembered Syria.

Assad is the elected President of Syria, and Russia and Iran have intervened at the request of Syria’s legitimate government. Naming these three the “destroyers” of Aleppo, while ignoring the aggressors responsible for the proxy war on Syria, is practicing “fake news” at its worst.

The NY Times Editorial Board writes:

“Mr. Putin’s bloody actions — the bombing of civilian neighborhoods, the destruction of hospitals, the refusal to allow noncombatants to receive food, fuel and medical supplies — are all in violation of international law.”

International law?! What about the non-aggression principle and the doctrine of national sovereignty, the twin foundations of international law as it pertains to war and peace? Are not all nations sovereign entities whose borders are inviolable? Are not the Americans, Israelis, Saudis, Qataris, Emiratis and Turks committing aggression by attempting to overthrow the government of a sovereign nation? And is not such aggression “the supreme war crime” according to international law as enshrined in the Nuremberg precedent?

We know who is committing the supreme war crime, aggression. And we know who is fighting in defense of national sovereignty.

What about the lesser war crimes, all of which are the fruits of the supreme crime, aggression?

It is difficult to separate the facts from the propaganda regarding allegations of  particular war crimes in Syria, thanks in large part to the lies of the anti-Assad propaganda industry supported by the West and its regional proxies. We do know that the worst atrocity alleged to have been committed by Assad – the August 2013 chemical weapons massacre at al-Ghouta – has been exposed as a false flag whose real authors were Saudi and Turkish intelligence agents, aided and abetted by Americans and Israelis. (Veterans Today exposed how the sarin was manufactured in Georgia at a US-run factory and smuggled through Turkey into Syria, while Seymour Hersh had to find a non-US publisher to explain how the monumental false flag fail at al-Ghouta forced Obama to abort plans for a US aerial assault on Damascus.)

Wikipedia tells us that between 281 and 1,729 people died in the al-Ghouta sarin attack. Why is the New York Times not demanding war crimes trials for the American, Turkish, and Saudi perpetrators of this monstrous massacre, which was designed to be blamed on Assad in order to trigger a US bombing campaign? Why has al-Ghouta, the worst atrocity of the war, been consigned to the memory hole?

The New York Times falsely reported that Assad bombed his own people at al-Ghouta. No more outrageous, criminal example of “fake news” could possibly be imagined — except, perhaps, for the Times coverage of 9/11 … coverage whose monumental lies, concealments and coverups have directly led to the deaths of many millions of people worldwide, including those who have perished in the “civil war” in Syria as well as the violence in the other “seven countries in five years” whose destruction was the main purpose of the 9/11 false flag operation.

The New York Times is not just a purveyor of fake news, it is a purveyor of propaganda for the supreme war crime, aggression, and several lesser crimes including genocide. If we are going to start shutting down “fake news” outlets, perhaps we should begin with the Times and the other mainstream media war criminals.

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Listen to “How Manipulation of Casualty Statistics Help Form Public Opinion on Syria” on Spreaker.

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The FBI, Not “ISIS,” Radicalized the Orlando Shooter

By Tony Cartalucci 

As predicted, the FBI is revealed to have approached Orlando shooting suspect Omar Mateen in 2013 with informants posing as terrorists in an attempt to “lure” him into participating in a terrorist attack.

Image: As scary as any cartoon villain – and ironically – quite literally a manufactured villain. Marcus Robertson is not only a former US Marine, but also a long-time CIA and FBI asset. He runs an extremist website on American soil with absolute impunity and is likely one component of the FBI’s counterterror entrapment pipeline.

USA Today’s TC Palm reports in an article titled,Exclusive: PGA Village residents want answers from security firm,” that (emphasis added):

The FBI launched an investigation into Mateen after Sheriff’s Office officials reported the incident to the agency. As part of its investigation, the FBI examined Mateen’s travel history, phone records, acquaintances and even planted a confidential informant in the courthouse to “lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite,” Mascara said. The FBI concluded Mateen was not a threat after that, Mascara said.

This is in line with the FBI’s practice of approaching and entrapping potential terror suspects by posing as terrorists themselves and aiding and abetting them in the planning and preparations for high-profile attacks. These undercover operations include everything from “casing out” potential targets, to the obtaining and training with actual, live explosives, to the purchasing of small arsenals of firearms including the sort of semi-automatic rifles and pistols used by Mateen during the Orlando shooting.

In addition to the FBI’s undercover operation, it is now also revealed that Mateen frequented the website of another FBI/CIA informant, Marcus Dwayne Roberson, a former US Marine, turned bank robber, turned US government informant.

While US politicians, law enforcement officials, and media networks attempt to claim Robertson’s extremist website, the Timbuktu Seminary, was his own independent project, the extent of his association with the US government makes this difficult, if not impossible to believe. Instead, it appears to be the perfect mechanism to feed the FBI’s entrapment pipeline, attracting and identifying possible suspects for the FBI to then approach and “investigate.”

The National Review’s article, The Orlando Jihadist and the Blind Sheikh’s Bodyguard,” would report (emphasis added):

According to Fox News, Omar Mateen, the jihadist who carried out the mass-murder attack at a gay nightclub in Florida this weekend, was a student of Marcus Robertson, an Orlando-based radical Muslim who once served as a bodyguard to Omar Abdel Rahman — the notorious “Blind Sheikh” whom I prosecuted for terrorism crimes in the early to mid 1990s.

The National Review also reported that (emphasis added):

In Robertson’s case, it is reported that he agreed to work for the government, gathering intelligence both overseas and in the United States. According to Fox, however, he was expelled from the covert informant program in early 2007 after attacking his CIA handler in Africa.

But Robertson’s stint with the CIA was not the only time he would work for the US government after his service in the US Marine Corps. The National Review leaves out the fact that before his dismissal from the CIA, he was an informant for the FBI between 2004 and 2007.

The Daily Beast in its article,Was Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Inspired by This Bank-Robbing Ex-Marine?,” would report (emphasis added):

“Plaintiff worked as a covert operator for the FBI Terrorist Task Force from 2004 until 2007, performing operations in the United Sates and internationally with and against suspected and known terrorist organizations,” Robertson says in court papers.

Robertson remained in touch with American law enforcement and intelligence officials when he moved back to the United States, according to court papers filed by his attorney, “served as a confidential source in domestic terrorism investigations from Atlanta to Los Angeles.”

Is the American public expected to believe that a US government asset who received special training in the military and served as an informant and operative for both the FBI and the CIA would somehow, suddenly be allowed to drop off the US government’s radar and be allowed to run an extremist website in the United States?

Image: How far do undercover FBI investigations go? How about building a van-bomb for a suspect after taking him to a public park to detonate real explosives? The FBI’s own affidavit reveals that is precisely what FBI informants did while investigating Portland, Oregon terror suspect Mohamed Osman Mohamud. Did the FBI’s attempts to lure the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, into committing a terror attack contribute in his radicalization? The FBI must answer to this.  

Indeed, no American should believe this. Robertson was step one in Omar Mateen – the Orlando shooter’s – radicalization. The FBI’s attempt to pose as terrorists to lure Mateen into going along with a terrorist attack was step two. Though the FBI has so far failed to disclose the details of that investigation, comments made by FBI Director James Comey himself indicate that FBI informants may have worked on Mateen for up to 10 months.

Between exposure to Robertson’s extremist propaganda, honed after years of working as an informant and operative identifying and exposing terror suspects, and the FBI’s own informants over the course of months, if not years, it is clear that the US government and its “counterterrorism” measures radicalized Mateen – not “ISIS.”

The Guardian in its article,CIA has not found any link between Orlando killer and Isis, says agency chief,” further highlights this blatant truth by reporting (emphasis added):

The Central Intelligence Agency chief has not been “able to uncover any link” between Orlando killer Omar Mateen and the Islamic State, despite Mateen’s stated allegiance to the jihadist group during Sunday’s LGBT nightclub massacre.

If Omar Mateen was a “homegrown terrorist,” the FBI served as the gardeners.

The American public must now demand the details of the FBI’s undercover work regarding Omar Mateen, as well as the truth behind any enduring ties between Robertson and the US government. If Robertson has no connections with the US government, an explanation as to why he is allowed to operate an extremist website on American soil must be provided.

For political and ideological opportunists attempting to seize upon the Orlando tragedy to uphold an example of “Islamic extremism,” it is especially ironic that the facts indicate that the act of terrorism was entirely divorced from “Islam,” and instead the result of America’s ongoing view of terrorism as a convenient and versatile geopolitical tool, rather than a threat to genuinely combat.

That quite literally every aspect that contributed to Omar Mateen’s radicalization is directly connected to the US government itself, illustrates just who the real threat is that American’s should fear – the threat within the halls of its own government – not “terrorists” dwelling beyond them.

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After Aleppo: The US Needs a New Syria Policy

Image result for After Aleppo PHOTO
By Ron Paul 

Over the past week, eastern Aleppo was completely brought back under control of the Syrian government. The population began to return to its homes, many of which were abandoned when al-Qaeda-linked rebels took over in 2012. As far as I know, the western mainstream media did not have a single reporter on the ground in Aleppo, but relied on “activists” to inform us that the Syrian army was massacring the civilian population. It hardly makes sense for an army to fight and defeat armed rebels just so it can go in and murder unarmed civilians, but then again not much mainstream reporting on the tragedy in Syria has made sense.

I spoke to one western journalist last week who actually did report from Aleppo and she painted a very different picture of what was going on there. She conducted video interviews with dozens of local residents and they told of being held hostage and starved by the “rebels,” many of whom were using US-supplied weapons supposed to go to “moderates.”

We cannot be sure what exactly is happening in Aleppo, but we do know a few things about what happened in Syria over the past five years. This was no popular uprising to overthrow a dictator and bring in democracy. From the moment President Obama declared “Assad must go” and approved sending in weapons, it was obvious this was a foreign-sponsored regime change operation that used foreign fighters against Syrian government forces. If the Syrian people really opposed Assad, there is no way he could have survived five years of attack from foreigners and his own people.

Recently we heard that the CIA and Hillary Clinton believe that the Russians are behind leaked Democratic National Committee documents, and that the leaks were meant to influence the US presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor. These are the same people who for the past five years have been behind the violent overthrow of the Syrian government, which has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands. Isn’t supporting violent overthrow to influence who runs a country even worse than leaking documents? Is it OK when we do it? Why? Because we are the most powerful country?

We are a country sitting on $20 trillion in debt, living far beyond our means. Power can oftentimes be an illusion, and in any case it doesn’t last forever. We can be sure that the example we set while we are the most powerful country will be followed by those who may one day take our place. The hypocrisy of our political leaders who say one thing and do another does not go unnoticed.

We should end that hypocrisy starting with Syria. That government, along with its allies, seems to be on track to take their country back from ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups. The only sensible Syria policy is for the US to stop trying to overthrow their government, to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. It is a rule that is always good to remember, but perhaps especially important to recall at this time of year.

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New Files Reveal US Sold Argentina Military Aircraft to Dump Bodies in Ocean


The U.S. provided Argentina with army helicopters despite knowing they were used for death flights.


Declassified documents on Operation Condor reveal that the U.S. knew and assisted the Argentine dictatorship as it threw unconscious prisoners to their death in notorious “vuelos de la muerte,” or death flights.

Under the military dictatorship in Argentina, thousands of political opponents were drugged, tossed into aircraft and dumped in the Atlantic Ocean to drown.

According to Adolfo Scilingo, an Argentine naval officer during the dictatorship, the navy conducted death flights every Wednesday between 1977 and 1978, killing up to 2,000 people.

Newly released documents on Operation Condor, the 1970s covert efforts to topple and temper progressive governments outright in South America, show that the U.S. not only knew about the lethal flights — they provided military equipment.

An intelligence report, dated July 1978, states, “terrorists and subversives selected for elimination were now being administered injections of Ketalar.”

“Ketalar is administered in an intra-muscular injection to the prisoner as a preventive health measure, the subject rapidly loses consciousness and vital functions cease. Source alleges that subjects are then disposed of in rivers or the ocean.”

But despite being aware of the horrific death flights, the United States proceeded to sell Argentina army helicopters.

Two months after describing the “new drug” used to paralyze so-called terrorists, then-U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale met with Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla in Rome.

Included in his meeting checklist was a reaffirmation to “improve relations, and to take steps that will lead to such improvement.”

It continues, “As a token of our interest we have taken steps to release export licenses for ambulance aircraft, army helicopters, airport radar equipment and other items.”

Reports suggest Argentina’s death flights began in 1976 and continued until 1983, killing thousands of political opponents — likely with the help of U.S. aircraft.

In 2016, Francisco Bossi, the mastermind of the death flights, confessed to murdering 6,000 people.

The revelations of U.S. involvement and support of the brutal dictatorship come after the Obama administration declassified 500 pages on repression in Argentina during the military regime.

The declassified documents have revealed the U.S. supported torture, tried to “liquidate” human rights activists and destabilize Latin American leftist governments.


New Operation Condor Files Show Terror, Torture in Argentina

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