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HOMS: The Russian Air Force flew 90 missions last week in support of the Syrian Army’s move to liberate Palmyra from the stench of Wahhabism. It is well known that President Putin is obsessed with preserving the antiquities at this laureled ancient city where the Romans built their monuments on the border of the Mesopotamia they could not conquer. The SAA has moved into the Bayaaraat area after having liberated 805 square kilometers of territory in Homs Province. Since February 7, 2017, the SAA and its allies have cleansed 20 square kms of land. The SAA has reportedly destroyed a total of 180 fixed terrorist positions, 60 of them heavily fortified. The SAA has also destroyed 15 weapons depots held by ISIS, 43 armored cars and scores of pickup trucks armed with 23mm cannons. It is estimated that the SAA and the RuAF killed over 200 rodents with many more wounded and needing veterinary care.

The Syrian Army is now 20kms from Palmyra where the ISIS cockroaches are preparing to threaten destruction to the ancient city in order to negotiate a way out of the mess in which they find themselves.




The battle in the cemeteries area of the city was such a disaster for the ISIS terrorists that an order came from Al-Raqqa to execute the commander in those battles. The number of ISIS terrorists killed is quite high, over 500 with many of them being elite members of the “Inghimaasiyyeen” Forces.

Dayr El-Zor City: At the Ghassaan ‘Abbood Roundabout, the SAA’s artillery units struck pay dirt when several rockets blasted an ISIS warehouse creating a firestorm that incinerated an entire terrorist unit. A pickup with 23mm cannon was also hit. Inside the area of the warehouse, no survivor was found by the scrambling rodents. This information was gleaned from terrorist communications.




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SAA fighters at the outskirts of Al-Baab. (Thanks, Latif)


GENEVA: Two “prominent” schools of opposition will lead the negotiations with the government at Geneva under the pinched nose of Stefan DeMistura, the U.N.’s Special Envoy. We have learned that there is a “Russian Platform” group and a “Cairo Platform” group. The first is led by the unctuous traitor, Qadri Jameel. The second is led by the former Foreign Ministry ingrate, Jihaad Maqdisi. Both these turkeys are doomed to live out their lives in a chicken coop. Along with the rodent, Qadri, we are expecting another Moscow Mule, ‘Alaa` ‘Arafaat to join the festivities.

Faylaq Al-Rahmaan has been invited and will attend. Liwaa` Al-Sultaan Muraad, a possible reference to any one of 6 Ottoman leaders, the last being a deposed imbecile, Muraad V. The name of the group, once again, indicates an origin in the MIT of Turkey.

The chief negotiator for the group of vultures is Nasr Al-Hareeri, a Der’ah born 40 year-old internist, who succeeds former Brig.Gen. As’ad Al-Zu’bi, another Der’ah denizen who defected from the opposition.

Notable for their absences are Jaysh Al-Islam headed by Muhamamad ‘Alloosh, Saudi stooge and child molester. In his stead, Muhammad Sabraa, has been appointed to lead another delegation. Ahraar Al-Shaam, too, has not been invited.

Ignorant hag and CIA agent, Basma Qudhmaani, who wrote a flagrantly idiotic editorial for the NYT, “Sometimes it Takes a Minority” about how Alawis should join her imaginary revolution, will attend in order to please the disgruntled terrorist supporters at the CIA. She is joined by notorious clown, Fu`aad ‘Ulayku.

Another 20, so-called legal, military and political experts will join the terrorists at Geneva. It’s going to be a ball.




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Eleonora Ilieva sends us this beautiful photo of citizens strolling the Sabeel Park area yesterday in Aleppo.



Patrick Henningsen sends this one about real Aleppans in the eastern part being prevented from leaving by Obama’s heroes:

EAST ALEPPO: ‘Terrorists Shot At Us To Stop Us Leaving’

From Latif Mohammed, terrorists rushing to escape SAA and HZB onslaught in Aleppo:

Waf Halabi sends this tirade against American hypocrisy calling Saudi Arabia the world’s biggest exporter of terrorism:

21st Century Wire crushes Amnesty International, the group of weasels who coordinate their propaganda with George Soros and the CIA:

FAKE NEWS WEEK: Amnesty International Targets Syria with Weaponized ‘Human Rights’ Propaganda

Pat will be interviewing a critic of the MSM as part of 21st Century Wire’s continuing probe of the lies and propaganda. Write this down in your calendars:

Episode #173 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Howard Beale’s Revenge’ with guest Kevork Almassian


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London is forced to concede that Syria is a democracy


The British Minister of Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, has indicated that his country should no longer oppose President Bashar al- Assad’s right to stand at the next Syrian elections.

He conceded that this new position resembled a complete reversal and followed the example set by the new US administration. He also emphasized that he was forced to address the issue with a clean slate.

In June 2014, the Syrian Arab Republic had organized a presidential election. The Western powers were opposed to it and — in violation of the Vienna Peace Agreement — had prohibited Syrian consulates from organizing ballots for immigrants in the territories they covered. The war had prevented several millions of voters from voting. [Shamless]: all States with diplomatic representations in Syria acknowledged that it was a genuine ballot. Bashar al-Assad had been re-elected president by 10, 319, 723 citizens, that is, by 88.7 % of the votes cast and 65 % of the voting-age population. The seven-year term of President al-Assad will end in June 2021. [1].

Since 2011, the accusation levelled by Western powers at the Syrian Arab Republic is that it is a dictatorship that engages systematically in torture. Without any shred of doubt, the Syrian people do not share this belief.

In September 2015, Mr Johnson’s predecessor, Philip Hammond, had [generously] conceded that President Bashar could stay in power for a three month transitional period. But he maintained that the Arab Syrian Republic was a dictatorship and that the mandate of Mr al-Assad was illegitimate.

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The Reorganization of Al-Qaeda in Syria


Following the meeting at Astana during which Turkey’s position became closer to the positions taken by Russia and Iran, and the meeting at Moscow during which pro-Turkish opposition engaged in discussions with the republican opposition, an internal war is unfolding among armed groups.

In this context, Al-Qaeda has reorganized its forces and announced that Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (the Assembly for the Liberation of the Levant) has been established.

This new denomination is an umbrella organization bringing together the following organizations: Jabhat Fath al Sham (formerly known as Front Al-Nusra), Harakat Nour Al-Din Al-Zanki (CIA), Liwa Al-Haqq, Ansar Al-Din and Jaysh Al-Sunnah (also associated with the CIA).

The operation has been supported by the MI6 which composed the logo of the new organization (photo).

The new entity includes several personalities from the Islamic Movement of the Free People of the Sham (“Ahrar al-Sham”). However at the time of writing, we do not know if this group has disbanded or if these personalities are announcing their forthcoming unity. These personalities are:

- the Saudi Sheikh Abdullah al-Muhaysini (the former head of the “moderates” of East Aleppo who was the Chair of the Tribunal of the Sharia);
- Abu Yusuf Muhajir (the former military spokesman); and
- Abou Saleh Tahan (the former no 2 of the organization).

Ahrar al-Cham is/was a terrorist group funded by Saudi Arabia and its relations are shaped by the United Kingdom. Its “Minister for Foreign Affairs”, Labib al-Nahhas, is a British member of the MI6. He moves about freely in Europe and published a year and a half ago an opinion page in the Washington Post.

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General İsmail Hakkı Pekin: the next war will take place in Turkey


In a series of editorials in the daily newspaper, Aydınlık, General İsmail Hakkı Pekin, the former director of Intelligence, has announced that Turkey’s survival [as a nation state] is under direct threat.

Those that engineer chaos in the Middle East are getting ready to kick-start [yet] another war in Turkey.

The General, who had been arrested in the Ergenekon affair, has asked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to forgo, in these circumstances, the referendum for Constitutional reform that he had announced.

In the General’s opinion, to ensure Turkey’s survival, national unity must be preserved by entering into an alliance with Russia, Iran and Syria.

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Trump winds up “the” organization of US imperialism


Donald Trump has just undertaken the most important reform of the administrative structures in the United States for more than 69 years. He has just put an end to the imperial project and is reshaping his country into a State like any other.

Update (31 January 2017): in light of the indignant reactions on the part of the US ruling class, Donald Trump has announced through his spokesperson that this Memorandum would be amended – probably to authorize the Director of the CIA to have a permanent seat on the Council.

JPEG - 37.9 kb
A meeting of the Council for National Security chaired by President Obama

With a view to reshaping the system of governance established in 1947, President Trump has published a Memorandum on the Organization of the National Security Council and the Council of Homeland Security) [1].

The principle that had been applied till now was to deal with “National Security” under the joint authority of the White House, the Chief of Joint Military Forces and the CIA which was established in 1947.

From 1947 to 2001, the National Security Council was right at the heart of the Executive. The President shared power over it with [two other officials]: the Director of the CIA, (appointed by the President) and the Chief of Joint Military Forces chosen by his peers. Since 11 September 2001, the Council was in fact placed under the supervision of the “Government of continuity” of Raven Rock Mountain.

Hereafter, it will not be the norm for the Chief of Joint Military Forces to be represented at meetings but only when an item on the agenda requires his input. In addition, the CIA loses its place on the Council where it will eventually be represented by the National Director of Intelligence.

So, the CIA, which was till now an arm the President could use to lead covert operations, finally becomes an Intelligence Agency in the proper sense of the term. This means, that its mandate is to study international actors, to anticipate their actions and to advise the president.

The annual report on its activities indicates that in 2015, the Council ordered political assassinations in 135 countries.

During the transitional period, President Trump had solemnly declared that the United States would no longer organize any more regime changes as it had done or tried to do since 1989 by using Gene Sharp techniques.

Furthermore, President Trump has assigned a permanent seat to his chief strategist as well as his chief of staff.

JPEG - 22.7 kb

The former Security Council Adviser, Susan Rice, has strongly reacted on her Tweeter account. Most of the former CIA directors have already entered the fray in protest.

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The Smiles of Mrs. May


Since the induction of Donald Trump has opened a new period in international relations, each state must now try to reposition itself. However, the British government, which has been forced by referendum to accept Brexit, is seeking to reconcile the interests of the ruling class with those of its people. In an attempt to do so, Prime Minister Theresa May is exploring contradictory options.

JPEG - 59.6 kb

Nothing is ever easy. The change of administration in Washington should lead to the eradication of the Muslim Brotherhood and all the jihadist groups it has formed. The new President waited no longer than a week before he published a Memorandum on the method of waging a genuine fight against Daesh. However, the allies of the United States have no wish to align themselves too easily with this 180° turn in a policy from which they have learned to benefit.

The United Kingdom is facing different options offered by Brexit – either to seek closer ties with the growing economic power, China, or to confirm the Anglo-Saxon alliance and form a world directorate with the United States. Problems – the Chinese have a very unpleasant memory of British colonisation, and are demonstrating in Hong Kong that they have no intention of pursuing the «One country, two systems» agreement, while the United States are hoping to replace their military imperialism with commercial influence.

Since Donald Trump has so far declined London’s invitation, Prime Minister Theresa May hurried across the Atlantic. During an astonishing speech given before the Republican representatives in Philadelphia, she spoke of the common History of the two states and the international influence of the Commonwealth – ending with the statement that she was ready to recreate with President Trump the Reagan-Thatcher couple which dominated the Western world during the 1980’s.

Meeting President Trump, the Prime Minister was all smiles. She expressed her delight at the announcement by her host of a bilateral commercial agreement, the first of his mandate. However, this agreement will only come into effect once the United Kingdom has left the European Union, which is to say only after a year or two.

Not certain that she had been convincing enough, Mrs. May continued her tour with a visit to Turkey. During her meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, she obviously announced a development in bilateral commerce, but this was not the object of her visit. Most of their discussions centred around the way in which London and Ankara could profit together from the European Union, from the outside.

But before anything else, she began by congratulating the dictator for having so brilliantly defended democracy during the abominable coup d’etat of 15 July last year – which, in reality, was an attempted assasssination on President Erdoğan organised by the CIA. At that time, already, the British ambassador had been the first to change sides and celebrate the victory of the «rule of law».

The latest idea of the Foreign Office is to solve the problem of Cyprus by obtaining special economic rights for Turkey. In this way, Ankara would be able to enjoy the European common market without joining the Union – and it would also enable London to use this privilege to continue to trade with the Union after Brexit. It’s a clever idea, but it does not seem to be based in good faith, and does not inspire the trust that the same Mrs. May demanded from Brussels for the Brexit negotiations.

Theresa May expressed her concern about the Russo-Turkish reconciliation, despite the secular antagonism between the two parties. Having understood that the Astana negotiations were not aimed at reconciling the Syrian points of view, but at allowing Turkey to make a first move towards Damascus, she sought to destabilise this growing alliance. In her eyes, the problem was not that Mr. Erdoğan was preparing to salute President el-Assad after having fought him for so long, but that he should do so under the influence of the grand Russian rival.

Concerning Syria, London could help with fighting the Kurds if Ankara would leave it in control of the jihadists – a proposition which is in total contradiction with the one she made to the «Americains». But no matter, it is a historical habit of «perfidious Albion» to vary their messages depending on who’s listening, and to wait and see what works and what doesn’t.

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Anti-Donald Trump: war propaganda


Our previous articles concerning President Trump have caused some fierce reactions from our readers. Some of them have been wondering about the naïvety apparently displayed by Thierry Meyssan despite the warnings issued by the international Press and the accumulation of negative signals. Here is his response, well-reasoned as always.

JPEG - 18.8 kb

Two weeks after his investiture, the Altantist Press continues with its work of disinformation and agitation against the new President of the United States of America. Trump and his new collaborators are multiplying declarations and gestures which are apparently contradictory, so that it is difficult to understand what is going on in Washington.

The anti-Trump campaign

The bad faith of the Atlantist Press can be verified for each of these four main themes.

- 1. Concerning the beginning of the dismantling of Obamacare (20 January), we are obliged to report that, contrary to what is being announced in the Atlantist Press, the underprivileged classes who should have benefited from this system have avoided it en masse. This form of «social security» turned out to be too expensive and too directive to attract them. Only the private companies who manage this system have been truly satisfied by it.

- 2. Concerning the prolongation of the Wall at the Mexican border (23 to 25 January), there is nothing xenophobic about it – the Secure Fence Act was signed by President George W. Bush, who began its construction. The work was continued by President Barack Obama with the support of the Mexican government of the time. Beyond the fashionable rhetoric about «walls» and «bridges», reinforced border systems only work when the authorities of both sides agree to make them operational. They always fail when one of the parties opposes them. The interest of the United States is to control the entry of migrants, while the interest of Mexico is to prevent the import of weapons. None of that has changed. However, with the application of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), transnational companies have delocalised, from the United States to Mexico, not only non-qualified jobs (in conformity with the Marxist rule of «the tendency of the rate of profit to fall (TRPF)», but also qualified jobs which are performed by under-paid workers («social dumping»). The appearance of these jobs has provoked a strong rural exodus, destructuring Mexican society, on the model of what happened in 19th century Europe. The transnational companies then lowered wages, plunging part of the Mexican population into poverty – which now only dreams of being correctly paid in the United States itself. Since Donald Trump has announced that he intends to remove the US signature from the NAFTA agreement, things should return to normal in the years to come, and satisfy both Mexico and the United States [1].

- 3. Concerning the abortion issue (23 January), President Trump has forbidden the payment of federal subsidies to specialised associations which receive funds from abroad. By doing so, he has warned those specific associations that they must choose between their social objective to help women in distress or being paid by George Soros to demonstrate against him – as was the case on 21 January. This decree therefore has nothing to do with abortion, but with the prevention of a «colour revolution».

- 4. Concerning the anti-immigration decrees (25 to 27 January), Donald Trump announced that he was going to apply the law – inherited from the Obama era – in other words, to expel the 11 million illegal foreigners. He has suspended federal aid to those cities which announced that they would refuse to apply the law – where will we get our cleaning ladies if we have to declare them? He specified that among these illegal immigrants, he would begin by expelling the 800,000 criminals who have been the object of criminal proceedings, in the United States, Mexico or elswhere. Besides this, in order to prevent the arrival of terrorists, he has suspended all the authorisations for immigration to the United States, and has placed a three-month ban on people from countries where it is impossible to verify their identity and their situation. He did not draw up the list of such countries himself, but referred to a previous text from President Obama. For example, here in Syria, there is no longer a US embassy or Consulate. From the point of view of the administrative police, it is therefore logical to put Syrians on this list. But this can only concern a minimal number of people. In 2015, only 145 Syrians managed to obtain the US «green card». Aware of the numerous special cases which might arise, the Presidential decree allows all liberty to the State Department and Homeland Security to issue dispensations. The fact that the application of these decrees was sabotaged by civil servants opposed to President Trump, who applied them with brutality, does not make the President either a racist or an Islamophobe.

The campaign led by the Atlantist Press against Donald Trump is therefore unfounded. To pretend that he has opened a war against Muslims, and to evoke publicly his possible destitution, even his assassination, is no longer simply bad faith – it’s war propaganda.

Donald Trump’s objective

Donald Trump was the first personality in the world to contest the official version of the attacks of 9/11, on television that very day. After having noted that the engineers who built the Twin Towers were now working for him, he declared on New York’s Channel 9 that it was impossible that Boeings could have burst through the steel structures of the towers. He continued by stating that it was also impossible that Boeings could have caused the towers to collapse. He concluded by affirming that there had to be other factors of which we were as yet unaware.

From that day on, Donald Trump has never ceased to resist the people who had committed those crimes. During his inaugural speech, he emphasised that this was not a passage of power between two administrations, but a restitution of power to United States citizens, who had been deprives of it [for sixteen years] [2].

During his electoral campaign, once again during the transitional period, and again since he took office, he has repeated that the imperial system of these last years has never benefited US citizens, but only a small clique of which Mrs. Clinton is the emblematic figure. He declared that the United States would no longer attempt to be the «first», but the «best». His slogans are – « Make America great again» and «America first»

This 180° political turn has shaken a system which has been implemented over the last 16 years, and has its roots in the Cold War, which, in 1947, only the United States wanted. This system has gangrened numerous international institutions, such as NATO (Jens Stoltenberg and General Curtis Scaparrotti), the European Union (Federica Mogherini), and the United Nations (Jeffrey Feltman) [3].

If Donald Trump is to reach his objective, it will take years.

Towards a peaceful dismantling of the United States Empire

In two weeks, many things have begun, often in the greatest discretion. The booming declarations of President Trump and his team deliberately spread confusion and enabled him to ensure that the nominations of his collaborators were confirmed by a partially hostile Congress.

We must understand that it’s a fight to the death between two systems that has just begun in Washington. Let’s leave the Atlantist Press to comment on the often contradictory and incoherent statements by this one or that, and look at the facts on their own.

Before anything else, Donald Trump made sure that he had control over the security apparatus. His first three nominations (National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly) are three Generals who have contested the «continuity of government» since 2003 [4]. Next, he reformed the National Security Council to exclude the inter-army Chief of Staff and the director of the CIA [5]

Even though the latter decree will probably be revised, it still has not been. Let us note in passing that we announced the intention of Donald Trump and General Flynn to eliminate the post of Director of National Intelligence [6]. However, this post has been maintained and Dan Coats has been nominated for it. It transpires that talk of its supression was a tactic to demonstrate that the presence of the Director of National Intelligence in the Council was enough to justify the exclusion of the Director of the CIA.

The substitution of the word «best» for «first» leads to the engagement of partnerships with Russia and China, rather than a tentative to crush them.

In order to hobble this policy, the friends of Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Nuland have relaunched the war against the Donbass. The important losses they have experienced since the beginning of the conflict have led the Ukrainian army to withdraw and put paramilitary Nazi militia in the front line. The combats have inflicted heavy civilian casualities on the inhabitants of the new popular Republic. Simultaneously, in the Near East, they have managed to deliver tanks to the Syrian Kurds, as planned by the Obama administration.

In order to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, Donald Trump is looking for a way to help to eject President Petro Porochenko. He therefore received at the White House the head of the opposition, Ioulia Tymochenko, even before he accepted a phone call from President Porochenko.

In Syria and Iraq, Donald Trump has already begun operations in common with Russia, even thought his spokesperson denies it.The Russian Minister for Defence, who had imprudently revealed it, has ceased to say anything on the subject.

Concerning Beijing, President Trump has put an end to US participation in the Trans-Pacific Treaty (TPP) – a treaty which had been conceived in order to inhibit China. During the period of transition, he received the second richest man in China, Jack Ma (the businessman who confirmed – «No-one has stolen your jobs, you spend too much on war»). We know that their discussions touched on the possible adhesion of Washington to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). If this were to be the case, the United States would agree to cooperate with China rather than hindering it. They would participate in the construction of two Silk Roads, which would make the wars in Donbass and Syria pointless.

In matters of finance, President Trump has begun the dismantling of the Dodd-Frank law which attempted to resolve the crisis of 2008 by averting the brutal collapse of the major banks («too big to fail»). Although this law has some positive aspects (it’s 2,300 pages long), it establishes a guardianship of the Treasury over the banks, which obviously hinders their development. Donald Trump is also apparently preparing to restore the distinction between deposit banks and investment banks (Glass-Steagall Act).

Finally, the clean-up of international institutions has also begun. The new ambassador to the UNO, Nikki Haley, has requested an audit of the 16 «peace-keeping» missions. She has made it known that she intends to put an end to those which seem to be inefficient. From the point of view of the United Nations Charter, all such missions will be audited without exception. Indeed, the founders of the Organisation had not foreseen this type of military deployment (today, more than 100,000 men and women). The UNO was created to avert or resolve conflicts between states (never intra-state conflict). When two parties conclude a cease-fire, the Organisation may deploy observers in order to verify the respect of the agreement. But on the contrary, these «peace-keeping» operations are aimed at enforcing the respect of a solution imposed by the Security Council and refused by one of the two parties involved in the conflict – in reality, it is the continuation of colonialism.

In practice, the presence of these forces only makes the conflict last longer, while their absence changes nothing. So the troops of the United Nations Interim Force (UNIFIL) deployed at the Israëlo-Lebanese border, but only on Lebanese territory, do not prevent either Israëli military operations or military operations by the Lebanese Resistance, as we have already seen many times. They serve only to spy on the Lebanese on behalf of the Israëlis, thus prolonging the conflict. In the same way, the troops of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, or UNDOF, deployed at the demarcation line in the Golan have been chased away by Al-Qaïda, without that changing anything at all in the Israëlo-Syrian conflict. Putting an end to this system means returning to the spirit and the letter of the Charter, renouncing colonial privileges, and pacifying the world.

Behind the media controversy, the street demonstrations, and the confrontation between politicians, President Trump is holding his course.

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Maqbool Bhat: The Initiator of the Kashmir’s Struggle


Image result for Kashmir’s Struggle CARTOON

By Sajjad Shaukat

In order to pay homage to the initiator of the Kashmir’s struggle, the 11th of February is being

celebrated as the martyrdom anniversary of Maqbool Bhat who was hanged by the then Indian

regime on February 11, 1984 in Tihar Jail as the reprisal expressed by New Delhi. He was

hanged to take the revenge of the killing of an Indian Diplomat by some unknown organization

claiming to be Kashmiri. It was an act of shame for a country called India, as even after his

death, his body was not handed over to his family and people, rather buried in Tihar Jail


People and civil society of Jammu and Kashmir do respect him for his legendary struggle for the

restoration of freedom in Kashmir. He is now a hero and pioneer of the Kashmiri nation.

So as to pay tribute to Maqbool Bhat, People of Srinagar have already built and reserve a grave

for him in Martyrs Grave Yard of Eidgah, Srinagar. However, his formal burial is still awaited.

Maqbool Bhat, also known as Maqbool Butt was a Kashmiri freedom fighter and co-founder of

the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. He was a leading voice of the struggle for freedom among

the Kashmiris. In the year of 1962, Maqbool Bhat formed a movement called Kashmir

Independence Committee (KIC). This group was later merged into the newly formed Jammu

Kashmir Mahaz-Rayee- Shumari (Plebiscite Front) in Azad Kashmir, which was a crusade for

complete independence from India. He was sentenced to death for murder by the Delhi High

Court and hanged on 11 February 1984.

Prior to the publication of ‘Shaoor e Farda’ (the vision of tomorrow) by Saeed Asad and Safeer e

Hurriyat ( the ambassador of liberation) by Khawaja Rafiq, there was little known about the

events which shaped Maqbool Bhat’s life, struggle and Political thoughts. It appears from his

letters written from various Pakistani and Indian prisons and interviews with various journalists

at different times that life became a struggle from the age when children needed to be carefree

and playing with their peers and toys.

His politics came into conflict with the state machinery of the Indian occupied Kashmir when he

led several agitations for the political rights of the people of Kashmir. Subsequently, as it appears

from his interviews and Rafiq’s narration confirmed by some his colleagues, he went

underground and then in 1958 crossed over to Pakistan along with his uncle.

Maqbool Bhat got admission in Peshawar University to do Urdu Literature and joined a local

newspaper ‘Anjaam’ to earn living. At Peshawar University, he met such people as Ahmed

Fraaz, one of the big legends of romantic and radical or commonly called progressive Urdu


However, Maqbool Bhat formed Jammu Kashmir National Liberation Front (JKNLF) on August

13, 1965. Maqbool Bhat, Aurangzeb, Major Amaan Ulla and Kala Khan crossed the division line

to the Indian-held Kashmr in June 1966. The purpose was to explore the feelings of Kashmiris

there with the possibilities of forming some ‘cells’ there. It appears from the writings of such

activists as F. Rehman who was among those contacted during the three-month tour of NLF

guerrillas in different towns and cities that they managed to convince some people for national

liberation type of armed struggle as the only way to liberate Kashmir.

Most of the Kashmiri record on the history of NLF and Maqbool Bhat shows that on their way

back, they were intercepted by the Indian intelligence agencies and in a clash with one of the

security teams Aurangzeb, who was from Gilgit, and the CID inspector Amar Chand was left

dead. Maqbool Bhat and Kala Khan were arrested on September 14, September 1966.

Two First Information Reports were registered against Maqbool Bhat. The first one lodged at

Police Station Sopore, Kashmir (F.I.R. 84/66) alleged that he crossed the ceasefire line without a

valid legal permit with an illegal purpose to overthrow the lawfully established government of

Jammu and Kashmir.

The second F.I.R. filed at Police Station Panzala, Kashmir (F.I.R. 38/66) charged Maqbool Bhat

with the murder of Amar Chand. It alleged that Bhat and accomplices first took cash; ornaments

and other documents from C.I.D. Inspector Amar Chand’s house then abducted and killed Amar.

He was also charged with the enemy agent.

In his defence Maqbool Bhat denied all charges except that he had without a valid legal permit

crossed the ceasefire line in June 1966. He said that he did not think it necessary to obtain a

permit for moving around in his own country.

The biased Indian court found him guilty and passed death sentenced on him, while others were

given the life sentence. It is also reported that upon announcement of the death sentence by

Judge Neil Kant Ganjo Maqbool Bhat said, “The Rope has not yet been made that can hang

Maqbool Bhat…if Indian authorities of occupation think that by hanging me, they can crush the

Kashmir struggle. They are mistaken. The struggle actually will start after my hanging.”

Nevertheless, Bhat’s execution further contributed to the sense of alienation among most

Kashmiris, and he continues to be a major source of inspiration for the Kahmiri freedom fighters.

Bhat, like Afzal, was buried inside Tihar Jail. Kashmiri activists continue to demand Maqbool

Bhat’s remains, and in fact, a grave is kept vacant in Srinagar’s martyrs’ graveyard for his mortal

remains. He was the first Kashmiri to be judicially murdered on Indian soil-making him the first

authentic martyr of the Kashmiri independence movement. His execution day is celebrated as

Martyr Day every year.

By sacrificing his life, Maqbool Bhat played a key role in the struggle of Kashmiris, which has

continued unabated, despite Indian state terrorism. He infused a new spirit into their movement.

His martyrdom anniversary provides an opportunity to ponder over the fact that various countries

of the world got independence by sacrificing their precious lives. On this vary day, the best way

to pay homage to the pioneer of Kashmir’s struggle, Maqbool Bhat is that all the Kashmiris must

renew their pledge to take the war of liberation to its logical end.

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Will the CIA Restart Its Torture Program?


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Days after Donald Trump took office, the New York Times and Washington Post obtained a copy of a draft executive order aimed at reopening CIA “black site” prisons and reauthorizing the set of torture techniques approved by the Bush administration in the aftermath of 9/11.

While the draft order doesn’t explicitly give the go-ahead for either new black sites or torture, it would order a “review” of detention and interrogation policy, with the potential of reversing some of the modest restrictions put in place by the Obama administration.

The order also contains language about keeping the prison at Guantánamo open, halting the transfer of any detainees out of the facility and possibly admitting new ones, and continuing military tribunals for prisoners sent there.

The order, which has not yet been signed, certainly fits with Trump’s militaristic campaign rhetoric and his assertion that “torture works…[and] if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway.”

Newly confirmed CIA director Mike Pompeo originally said he would be “open” to modifying existing laws to allow waterboarding and other forms of torture. But when asked again during his confirmation hearings whether he would reinstate the enhanced interrogation program, he replied, “Absolutely not.”

Meanwhile, the CIA’s new Deputy Director Gina Haspel actually ran a black site — a secret prison in Thailand where some of the most brutal torture from the early days of the “war on terror: took place. Haspel was also involved in the destruction of videotapes documenting CIA interrogations.


The appointments of Pompeo and Haspel are disturbing. But there are important reasons why the CIA might not be so keen to restart its torture program.

CIA documents obtained during the Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearing on Bush-era torture give a glimpse into how the program was actually run.

Although only a small portion of the report is declassified, it’s clear that detaining large numbers of prisoners proved to be a logistical nightmare for the CIA. This isn’t surprising given that the agency’s strategy for most of its existence was to outsource detention and torture to the local police or military of undemocratic regimes.

The declassified portions of the Torture Report reveal prison facilities with shoddy record-keeping or no prisoner records at all, detainees placed in stress positions and then forgotten about, and CIA officers routinely going beyond the list of approved interrogation techniques.

And while the torture program destroyed the lives and bodies of countless prisoners, it netted very little actionable intelligence and could not be shown to have stopped a single imminent terrorist attack on the US

While plenty of CIA officers may have been enthusiastic about the program in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the end result was a PR disaster with serious potential legal ramifications and no significant intelligence payoff.

During the Obama administration, the agency shifted tactics: instead of capturing and detaining suspected terrorists, it simply killed them with drone strikes and Special Forces operations. It’s not clear the agency or its military colleagues have any interest in changing this strategy.


There’s another reason some people in the intelligence community may be eager to distance themselves from Trump. His constant and enthusiastic use of the word “torture” threatens to blow a hole in the Orwellian legal logic that the CIA and the Bush administration used to justify torture in the first place.

Since torture is illegal under US and international law, Bush administration lawyers borrowed a strategy from a torture-happy ally Israel: They created a category called “enhanced interrogation techniques” and declared by fiat that these techniques weren’t torture. The US does not practice torture, the logic went, but these techniques are not-torture and therefore legal.

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden used exactly this twisted logic recently in an editorial criticizing Trump and arguing that the draft executive order was “political theater.”

There already seems to be significant dissatisfaction with Trump within the State Department, with over 900 career foreign service officers signing an informal dissent memo on Trump’s refugee ban.

Shortly after the draft order hit the press, White House press secretary Sean Spicer stepped in to insist it was “not a White House document” and that he had “no idea where it came from.” Given that the Trump administration is currently leaking like a sieve, it’s not clear if this was simply an attempt to save face.

It’s also not clear yet whether Trump’s wildest Jack Bauer fantasies will become national policy. But however the administration decides to continue the “war on terror,” it must be opposed

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Trump Administration To Supply Saudis, Kuwait With $1.85 Billion In Arms


By Brandon Turbeville

While candidate Trump was rather harsh on the terrorist-financing Neanderthal government of Saudi Arabia, President Trump doesn’t seem as if he is going to be as tough. This is because, on Monday, January 23, the U.S. State Department announced the first arm sales of the Trump administration. In this announcement, it was revealed that $1.85 billion worth of material will be sold to both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Approval of the arms deal must be approved by Congress before actually taking place.

As the Washington Post writes,

The sales, once finalized, will send $525 million in observation balloons to Saudi Arabia; $400 million in helicopter gunship parts and air-to-air missiles to Kuwait; and $400 million in maintenance support for Britain’s fleet of C-17 cargo jets. On Thursday, the day before Trump’s inauguration, the State Department notified Congress it was prepared to sell Kenya $418 million in propeller-driven close air support aircraft and their accompanying weapons but only publicly announced the deal Monday. The awkward-looking aircraft, known as the Air Tractor 802L, will likely be used by Kenyan forces to hunt the terrorist group al-Shabab.

This is despite the fact that the Saudis are launching a horrific war against Houthi rebels in Yemen where the Saudi aerial bombing campaign has killed a staggering number of civilians and has essentially destroyed most of the country. The Saudis have virtually reduced Yemen back to the Stone Age and created one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the world, even rivaling the crisis in Syria, which the Saudis have also been instrumental in creating.

To be clear, it appears this arms sale is a holdover from an agreement under the Obama administration which itself allowed for $40 billion in weapons transfers to take place. Still, it is worth noting that, while Trump routinely and rightly called out Saudi Arabia for supporting terrorism and generally acting as a leech on the money and military of the United States, President Trump appears to be continuing to supply the sustenance the feudal monarchy needs to survive.

We anxiously await the justifications provided for such a glaring contradiction in rhetoric versus actual policy from the Trump administration.


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