Zionist university to be established on Palestinian land in Salfit


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Nazi forces have leveled Palestinian lands in Mesha village, to the west of Salfit province, in favor of illegal Nazi Jewish settlement expansion.

Speaking with PIC, head of Mesha village council, Sabah Amer, said Palestinian lands have been increasingly seized and leveled by the Nazi occupation forces and authorities as part of underway endeavors to expand the Qana and She’ari Tekva illegal outposts.

Researcher Khaled Maali also said Palestinian lands in the area have been confiscated to establish an Zionist university at the expense of Palestinian lands, referring to the establishment of an Zionist university in Ariel outpost, at which nearly 25,000 Nazi Jewish settlers have been enrolled, as another case in point.

According to Maali, such moves contravene international humanitarian law, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and the Hague Convention, which prohibit the establishment of government institutions on occupied land.

Maali added that the swift pace of illegal Nazi Jewish settlement construction led to the dismemberment of over 90% of Palestinian lands in Mesha village and the isolation of Palestinian communities behind the apartheid fence. Serious damage has also been wrought on olive trees grown by Palestinian farmers in the area.

Mesha is surrounded by three illegal Nazi Jewish settlement outposts, including Qana and She’ari Tekva.

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