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Syria ‘Broke The Equation’ by Firing at Israeli Jets: Analyst

Israeli warplane
Nazi warplane

Zionist analyst described as a ‘dramatic event’ the clash in which Syrian air defence system responded to Nazi strikes near Palmyra overnight on Thursday.

Noam Amir told Zionist channel 20 that the “incident which took place today between the Israeli air force and the Syrian army prompts our air force to draw a new track” in dealing with plans regarding any future war.

“A mission like the one which took place today was supposed to be reported by foreign reports circulated on Arab media outlets. And our army was supposed to respond to such reports by a brief statement that refuses to ‘comment on foreign reports’. However, the exceptional events forced the Israeli army to release an unprecedented statement in which it acknowledged it carried out strikes against Syrian targets and that it had intercepted missiles fired by the Syrian air defense system,” Amir said.

Zionist analyst said that the exceptional event in Thursday’s clash was that the Syrian radars discovered the Nazi jets as they were flying over the Syrian airspace, noting that one of the missiles which hit the Jordanian territories also embarrassed the Nazi army forcing it to confirm the clash.

On the other hand, Amir noted that the Syrian missiles were not advanced, wondering about the result of such clash if the Syrian army fired advance missiles.

“Syria made a dramatic shift today as it managed to discover the movements of the Israeli warplanes,”  Amir said, pointing out that Damascus has broken the equation with the Zio-Nazi entity.

“Following today’s clash, no doubt the challenge between Israel and Syria has risen,” Amir told the Zionist television.

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