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SEEDS Of FASCISM: Exposing the Truth – International Zionists

SEEDS Of FASCISM: Exposing the Truth – International Zionists, the “New World” & the ‘Return to the 1930s’

This is probably the most important thing that will be posted on this site this year, so I would ask anyone here to read it all the way through and then draw your own conclusions.

The underlying theme that emerges from this article – which I have been putting together since December – is one of a possible international conspiracy behind the radical shifts in Western politics that may be occurring: that the perceived ‘rise of the Far Right’ across Western societies is not just a simple reactionary movement based on anti-immigration sentiment or refugee hysteria, but something more planned and with more obscured roots.

It is also a case of those simpler, more obvious things too, of course: there are multiple causes for the current wave of ‘populism’ and angry mobs. But it would fit this paradigm best to remember the quote by Dennis Healey about nothing in international politics happening by accident but being made to happen.

What follows in this article then is (1) what I conclude to be a demonstrable conspiracy, (2) some demonstration of what the connections are that support this conclusion, and (3) what the root of that conspiracy is and what its aim might be.

In a piece a couple of months ago on the Berlin truck massacre, I referred to the sinister connection between Zionist/nationalist extremists in Israel and the rise of Far-Right parties and figures in the Western world. That particular article was about how the head of Mossad led a delegation to a ‘secret meeting’ with the Trump team just hours before the ‘Islamist terror attack’ in Berlin happened. I had discovered this only via the Israel National News site, which reported this meeting on its website just hours before the Berlin attack (the original source is linked in the post).

No major media organisations covered it and even most alternative media seemed to ignore or miss it entirely.

At any rate, while that post was focused more on false-flag terrorism, I didn’t go properly into the reasons why I was linking the rise of the Far-Right in Europe (and nationalists in America) to the right-wing nationalist government in Israel.

So I will lay this out as comprehensively as I can here now; because, as I noted in the article about Michael Flynn’s ‘resignation’, shedding some light on this subject should prove of paramount importance to our understanding of the seismic political shifts that are presently being played out – and that will end up impacting on all of us.

The “seeds of fascism” quote in the title is not from me, but from a former Israeli Prime Minister I am quoting – and the context of that quote (and its importance) will become evident shortly.

Almost all mainstream media (and most of the alt-right media) is completely ignoring or deliberately omitting the reality of what I have laid out in the article below. But I believe – and have believed for some time – that the nature of Western civilisation itself could be in the balance, just as the Middle East has previously been in the balance since 9/11: and that, if the ‘race wars’ or ‘civil wars’ that various commentators keep predicting do materialise – and that, if we do get the ‘collapse of the liberal order’ that so many gullible people are now continuously calling for –  it is important that we have as much context and perspective as possible.

This is, by necessity, a very long, detailed article (covering everything from Trump, Geert Wilders, Marie Le Pen and even Brexit to the refugee crisis and the role of Biblical Prophecy in the agenda): but it needs to be, in order to make the case effectively – and to demonstrate that this isn’t some random speculation or theory I’m presenting here, but is the evidence-based argument for a conclusion that I have reluctantly come to, having spent over two months carefully checking and re-checking to make sure I’ve been seeing the picture correctly.

The original version of this was even longer and more detailed: but, because of the pressing nature of the subject and the impending elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands this year – as well as the societal conflicts already accompanying Brexit and the Trump administration – I have cut it down to the basics and didn’t want to delay posting this any longer.

The first section of this explores the current wave of nationalist or Far-Right politicians and parties – from Steve Bannon and co in the US to Geert Wilders, Marie Le Pen and others – and something interesting they all have in common.

The second deals with some of the curious historical record concerning the Zionist movement and 1930’s European fascism. 

The third explores what was going on in Israel itself prior to the emergence of Trump, Marie Le Pen, Geert Wilders and others.

The fourth explores Brexit in this context.

The fifth examines the potential collapse of the EU, the elimination of the ‘liberal’ order, and rise of a fascist super-state.

The sixth deals with Palestine, the Middle East and the long-sought ‘Armageddon’ conflict in Jerusalem – and how the current situation in the West relates to the Neo-Con/PNAC/Zionist activity in the Middle East since 9/11.


As I also noted in that post on the Berlin attack, I hadn’t deliberately gone looking for links between Israel and the rise of Far Right or nationalist parties in the West: I had simply been doing research on the various Far Right figures and networks, but had quickly noticed that the Israeli factor kept cropping up.

For starters, I already posted on the Zionist/Israel connections to the Trump administration in the US. While I don’t actually classify Trump as ‘Far Right’, his administration – particularly via the Zionist Breitbart/Goldman-Sachs Chief Strategist Steve Bannon (and now member of the National Security team) – is irrefutably tied to right-wing entities in the Israeli government.

As previously suggested, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation may have related not to Russian influence on the election but to the Trump administration’s possible plans to bring in an Israeli mercenary-firm owner to take control of US intelligence and security agencies and operations – what could, in essence, be classified as a takeover of American intelligence and security.

In short, given those Israeli/Trump connections (Bannon and Kushner both support and are supported by illegal settlement builders – see here and here – while Trump has made zealously over-the-top statements in support of Israel’s right-wing government), the notion of the right-wing/Zionist elements in Israel having installed the Trump administration into the White House for its own purposes doesn’t seem very far-fetched.

Not that it should’ve seemed far-fetched to begin with anyway. On the activities of AIPAC, the Jewish Labour MP Gerald Kaufman (who died this week) commented, “The odious pressure group, AIPAC — the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — can destroy any United States politician who makes the slightest criticism of Israel’.


The extent of Donald Trump’s loyalty to Israel is clear, as was covered in this post.

But read this next quote from President Trump on foreign policy and the impression isn’t just of loyalty but of total subservience. This is a real quote, by the way (source): he said, “I’d really call up Bibi [Netanyahu], who is a friend of mine and I’d call up some people and be very dependent on what Israel wants. You know if they really want certain things and they are deserving of certain things…”

As was previously noted, after a difficult Israel relationship with Barack Obama, Netanyahu now has his man in the White House – cue the immediate ‘unrestricted settlement construction’ (half of them probably funded by Trump’s son-in-law and Netanyahu’s bunk-mate, Jared Kushner) on illegally occupied land, as declared by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now, concerning Steve Bannon and Breitbart: you might’ve been previously given the impression in the media that Breitbart is very ‘anti-Semitic’ – but, as I have argued clearly before, there is a very big difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, and you can be anti-Semitic and pro-Zionist at the same time; which is an underlying theme that you will find the more you examine the dynamics of what appears to be going on – and which I will come back to in a moment.

Here is Trump’s puppet-master, Steve Bannon, on Israel. “Breitbart is the most pro-Israel site in the United States of America. I have Breitbart Jerusalem, which I have Aaron Klein run with about 10 reporters there. We’ve been leaders in stopping this BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) movement…”

Which, arguably, is fine; every platform has its own leanings and positions.

But it goes a little deeper. Israel’s agriculture minister, Uri Ariel, in fact wrote to Bannon to express personal “thanks for your friendship with Israel,” while also talking about how Bannon’s platform, Breitbart, should be used “in order to promote the Israeli point of view in the media.”


You should make note of that particular statement when you try to understand the role of the ‘alt-right’ in acting as a propaganda platform for the rise of Far Right politicians across the West.

Meanwhile Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Education Minister (of Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud Party), gladly cited Donald Trump’s election as the end of any possibility of a Palestinian state.

Yaron London, an Israeli journalist, wrote simply that ‘a worldview which supports white supremacy matches our government’s interests.’ He goes on to explain that if Trump’s America’s can be made to “hate Arabs more than they hate Jews”, it would be a “good deal”.

The Zionist connection/nature of the so-called ‘anti establishment’ Trump/Bannon Alt-Right/Goldman-Sachs presidential set-up is fairly clear at this point and hardly needs to be demonstrated further.

But, as previously said, the more you look at the contemporary rise of dangerous, racist Far-Right parties – which could, potentially, mean a radical shift in Western civilisation and what Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis rather ominously called a “reversion to the 1930s” (basically, a return to fascism) – the more you’re forced to confront an uncomfortable implication: specifically, that all roads seem to lead back to the right-wing nationalists in Israel and to Zionist-aligned lobbies.

That term – “reversion to the 1930s” – should startle any intelligent, reasonable person: but, given the events of the thirties and early forties in Europe, it should startle Jewish people more than anyone. And it does. But, again, Zionism as a political ideology doesn’t represent Jewish people or even all Israelis. To illustrate that point, we need only look at the late British MP Gerald Kaufman, as highlighted here.

When it comes to Trump, the current surge in Far-Right parties in Europe, and even Brexit, Israel is the elephant in the room that no mainstream media or ‘alt-right’ commentators seem to be willing to notice; preferring, as they do, to focus everyone’s attention on the idea of Russian ‘interference’ instead.

The Trump administration in the US is a lucid example of this; but it is also highly important in connection to the perceived ‘rise of the Far Right’ occurring in Europe. The more you look at the connections, the more inescapable it becomes that we are not looking merely at a series of isolated events in different countries, but a concerted, connected international movement with shared goals – and possibly shared sponsors and patrons.

On the surface of it, it is united by common features such as intense Islamophobia, anti-refugee rhetoric, anti EU aspirations, a desire to completely eliminate liberal politics and the often-referenced “liberal elite” (which is curious, as the ‘elites’ have always been right-wing and not left) and a general fixation on racial/identity politics; but beneath that more observable facade is a common interest in a radical reconfiguration of Western society.


We each may have our own view as to whether a radical reconfiguration of Western society would be a good thing or a bad thing: but it is important not to embrace such things blindly, but to have a clear understanding of the forces, players and connections involved.

Let’s talk about Geert Wilders, the rabidly anti-Muslim, Far-Right weirdo in Holland. Just a slightly over-the-top Dutch ‘patriot’ who hates Muslims and opposes immigration?

RT reported months ago that, ‘Dutch secret services conducted an investigation into ‘suspicions that Geert Wilders, head of the anti-Islam Party for Freedom, was strongly influenced by top Israeli military and political figures’.

His ‘Party for Freedom’ (PVV) has in fact been investigated by the country’s General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) over his “ties to Israel and their possible influence on his loyalty,” according to De Volkskrant newspaper.

We are told that, back in 2010, Wilders reportedly had close ties to influential people in Tel Aviv. At the time, he visited Major General Amos Gilad, former chief of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s intelligence division, and was also ‘frequently’ invited to meetings with the Israeli ambassador in the Netherlands.

Is is perhaps therefore unsurprising that Wilders, Trump and Bannon all sing from the same hymn-sheet when it comes to Israel, Muslims, immigration, and all the alt-right cliches.


It emerges that Wilders’ Israeli connections trace back to his youth, when he volunteered for a year at Moshav Tomer, a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, according to the Times of Israel.

He also repeatedly referred to Jews as role models for Europe and urged a complete Israeli seizure of the West Bank.

So, as it happens, Wilders is even more zealously Zionist than Trump – and presumably shares Trump’s support for Jerusalem being annexed by Israel and made into the Israeli capital: an agenda that is rooted in both Christian and Jewish Zionism and Biblical End-Times prophecy and one that – if pursued – could set off a final Middle East conflagration (more on that later).

Uncoincidentally, Wilders – just like Trump – passionately condemned Obama, Kerry, the EU and the UN for its resolutions against Israeli illegal settlements some weeks ago.

There can be very little doubt that Geert Wilders is, like Bannon, a Zionist agent who is – either wholly or in part – meant to service the interests of the right-wing government in Israel.

Like Trump and Bannon, if elected, Wilders would be intended to bolster (or fully restore) international and European obedience to Zionist interests – specifically at a time where the EU, the UN and other institutions have been pulling back from longstanding acceptance of Israeli activities in occupied territory.

And like Trump and Bannon, Wilders’ particularly vicious anti-Muslim rhetoric and rabble-rousing should therefore be examined in the context of his Zionist connections.

This is an actual tweet from Geert Wilders’ Twitter account. ‘Let us all support Israel. Always. Israel is fighting for all of us.’ You really should actually go see the tweet on his timeline to get the full effect: it appears with an image of the Israeli Star of David flag.

In terms of Marie Le Pen and the Front National in France, Le Pen is generally considered staunchly pro Zionist.


However, it is worth noting that Marion Maréchal Le Pen – a Front National member of the French parliament (and Marie Le Pen’s niece) – is the daughter of Roger Auque, who was a self-confessed agent of Mossad. Auque, a spy and journalist, openly revealed that he worked for Mossad in his book In the Secret Service. Which is no small connection.

Bizarrely, despite the party’s established Nazi sympathies in the past (including her father, the party’s founder, being a Holocaust denier), Marie Le Pen has reinvented the Front National as a pro-Israel, pro-Zionist party.

Weeks ago, the secretary general of the Front National visited Israel and met with military, government and political officials. Curiously, Israel’s Foreign Ministry insisted that Nicolas Bay was on a private visit and that – on account of the Front National’s history of Nazi sympathy and anti-Semitism – he would not meet with any Israeli officials. Yet Bay then tweeted photos of his meetings with Israeli ministers, including leading members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party and the leader of the Likud’s ‘youth organization’.

According to the Associated Press piece, Bay’s photo of his meeting with an army colonel and government official later ‘disappeared’ from his Twitter timeline.


What is clear is that all of these parties and organisations (in different countries) are not a separate body but are related, working together – and with the international ‘alt-right’ media as their propaganda arm. All of this suggests that we may be being stage-managed into what Marie Le Penn recently prophesied was “the new world” (or ‘new world order’?) coming into being.

After Trump’s inauguration speech, prominent leaders of the Far Right in Europe – including France’s Marie Le Penn and Geert Wilders – came together in celebration and a show of force, taking Trump’s victory as a symbolic indicator of how this year could see several major Far-Right victories in Europe that could drastically alter the fabric and nature of European civilisation in concert with the potentially drastic course-change that could be occurring in America.

Austria just months ago narrowly avoided its own Far-Right party winning the Austrian election.

And, lo and behold, The Freedom Party too has its Israeli connection. By 2010, under Heinz-Christian Strache’s leadership, Austria’s Freedom Party had become extremely friendly towards Israel. In December 2010, the FPÖ (accompanied by representatives of other right-wing parties) visited Israel, where they issued the “Jerusalem Declaration” in support of the State of Israel (so far, that’s Trump, Wilders and the FPÖ all expressing support for an annexation of Jeruslaem). At the FPÖ’s invitation, Israeli Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara (of the right-wing nationalist Likud party in Israel) subsequently visited Vienna.

This same FPÖ party, remember, was founded by Nazi officers after World War II.

And like Le Pen’s Front National, the Freedom Party has been in a cross-party alliance in the European parliament with its other European counterparts, particularly the anti-Muslim Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom and Italy’s Northern League.

In terms of the rising opposition in Germany and anti-immigrant movements, it is unclear to me whether there is any Israeli connection at the organisational level – just because that connection exists with other Far Right parties and movements doesn’t mean it does in Germany too.

However, as I recently speculated – particularly in regard to the Berlin Christmas market attack (which I firmly believe was linked to the Mossad/Trump “secret security briefing” of the same day) – it would seem very likely that orchestrated terror attacks in Germany are aimed at the downfall of Angela Merkel and turning popular opinion towards nationalist, anti-immigrant politicians.

Attacks in France – including the false-flag Charlie Hebdo, Nice and Paris attacks, the latter in particular having a clear Mossad fingerprint – have probably been designed to try to do the same thing (the Charlie Hebdo false-flag in particular – carried out by Special Forces that were either French or Israeli – was converted into a massive Israeli immigration-propaganda exercise urging ‘persecuted Jews’ in France to migrate to Israel where more illegal settlements would be built for them).

Which is something that may or may not work – we’ll find out this year, just as we will in Germany and the Netherlands.

But the Israel connection to the contemporary Far Right goes on further, manifesting even at the street level.

At PEGIDA and fascist/Neo-Nazi rallies and anti-refugee marches in Germany, Europe, Britain and even Australia, Israeli flags have been photographed on multiple occasions, even along with the usual neo-Nazi swastikas. The same was occurring with EDL rallies in England and with the ‘Britain First’organisation.

It has always struck me as distinctly odd: to see any Israeli flags at PEGIDA marches when senior figures in PEGIDA have been exposed dressing up as Hitler.



So, why would pro-Zionist groups or agencies debase themselves by fraternising with anti-semitic neo-Nazis and Far-Right parties in Europe? That is a question that Jewish people should be asking themselves – and one that I’m not comfortable trying to answer, as it would eventually lead back to old, controversial questions about the international Zionist movement, the 1930s Nazi government in Germany and Europe, and the attitude of both towards ordinary Jewish people (and the kind of thoughts that got poor old Ken Livingstone expelled from the Labour Party).

The frequent accusation that these parties and movements – the Front National included – are highly “anti-semitic” brings us back to the awkward, deceptive dynamics I hinted at in regard to Breitbart/Bannon. It’s a double-edged sword: they no doubt are anti-semitic on a basic level towards ordinary Jews, particularly Jews living in Europe – and those anti-semitic ideologies have always existed in the Far Right. But they also appear to be highly friendly with the right-wing government in Israel at the state-level. In other words, the real anti-Semitism (as in hatred or demonisation of ordinary Jews) is still very much there: sitting side-by-side with a passionate support for Zionism and Israeli expansionism.

This odd duality gets more and more curious the more you look at it. But it also starts to make more sense the more you examine the history of international Zionism.

Zionist agencies have, historically, found useful allies in extreme (and even ‘anti-Semitic’) nationalist movements.

A must-read 1993 piece by Mark Weber for The Journal of Historical Review thoroughly corroborates the historical reality of Nazi/Zionist collaboration in regard to Palestine.

Weber, who in 1988 had testified for five days in Toronto District Court as a respected ‘expert witness’ on Germany’s war-time Jewish policy and the Holocaust, proceeds in the article to lay out in entirely sober, historical terms, the substantial cooperation between international Zionists and Nazi Germany.

After offering a comprehensive historic account, he concludes, ‘During the 1930s no nation did more to substantively further Jewish-Zionist goals than Hitler’s Germany‘.

It might surprise most people to discover that after the horrendous Nuremberg Anti-Jewish Race Laws were enacted in September 1935, only two flags were permitted to be displayed in all of Nazi Germany – one being Hitler’s swastika, the other being the blue and white emblem of Zionism.

Lenni Brenner’s work, 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis, pretty much lays the matter to rest.

Among other remarkable finds unearthed in Brenner’s research, it emerges that Avraham Stern, the leader of the notorious terrorist ‘Stern Gang’ in Israel had, in late in 1940, writtern to Hitler (the text having been discovered in the German embassy in Turkey after World War II), proposing that the Jewish militias in Palestine would fight on “Germany’s side” in the war against England.

Stern had also openly boasted that the Zionists were “closely related to the totalitarian movements of Europe in [their] ideology and structure.”

The point I am grasping at here is not one of revisionist history or Holocaust denial (I don’t, for a moment, dispute the horrors of the Holocaust): rather, that there is highly disturbing implication in much of the historical record to suggest that the Zionist movement didn’t particularly care about the fate of those ‘assimilated Jews’ that were slaughtered in Europe – and were willing to ally with anyone who furthered the Zionist cause, regardless of what happened to non-Zionist Jewish people.


This notion that the fanatical Zionists may have had an astonishing lack of sympathy for or identification with the European Jews who were being liquidated in the Holocaust is reinforced by, of all people, David Ben-Gurion, who is quoted as having said (in 1938): “If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution.”

Ben-Gurion was the first Prime Minister of Israel.

And it therefore wouldn’t be entirely shocking now to learn that those who further that ideology are still willing to support or work with Far Right or ultra nationalist movements, even those that have anti-Semitic tendencies (or, as may be the case, even more willingly with those who have Islamophobic tendencies).

A peer-reviewed study published in the Routledge journal Israel Affairs found that anti-Muslim hate-propaganda is being used by Far Right extremists as a proxy for their longstanding racist and anti-Semitic ideologies.

In it, Professor Amikam Nachmani, chair of the Department of Political Science at Bar-Ilan University, writes that ‘Nazi-style rhetoric employed against the Jews is now targeted against Muslims’.

He continues, ‘Right-wing Europeans, among them Holocaust deniers and ardent anti-Semites, frequently decry Arab and Muslim migrants… But these very circles also consider it ‘natural’ to show sympathy for Israel, perceived by them as a staunch enemy of the Arab nation and Muslims… European right-wingers, nationalists and fascists are presently engaging in a freakish turn: they aim to gain legitimacy by courting Israel. They hope to brush aside their hatred of Jews and the anti-Semitic past of their countries, thanks to the support they grant to the Israeli cause in the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict…’

The professor also predicts (and this sentence should alarm everyone): ‘Armageddon will be fought out on European soil’.

Perversely, the same kind of ideology or agenda that was ambivalent about the mass murder of millions of ordinary Jews in the early 1940s – despite deriving enormous political power from that mass murder (by using it to power zealous Jewish nationalism in Palestine – as the Holocaust survivor and highly influential writer Hannah Arendt wrote extensively about) – will care even less about a second Holocaust in Europe involving Muslims; and may even be willing to support dangerous parties and movements that could bring it about.

It is important to note that, for every pro-Zionist Jewish person in Israel or Europe, there are other Jews who are very unhappy – even startled – by the Israeli nationalists’ unsavory alliances with Far Right entities.

While we’re on this subject, there is also a misconception – or misdirection – in a lot of (especially right-wing) commentary that Jewish people and Jewish ‘liberals’ are somehow part of a ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ based in liberal politics. This is complete nonsense – as are any false claims that ‘liberalism’ or progressivism (including, apparently, feminism and multi-culturalism) is somehow a ‘Zionist’ conspiracy.

A lot – possibly even the majority – of Jewish people, particularly those outside of Israel, do tend to lean towards left-leaning, progressive politics. They’re not Zionists – they’re just Jewish people.

The Zionists – both Jewish, Christian and atheist alike – are all on the hard-right: which is why they are aligning with others on the hard-right. Because left-leaning parties and governments and ‘liberal’ politicians (as well as liberal Jews), despite generally supporting the State of Israel, tend not to support demolition of Palestinian homes in illegally occupied territory, the expansion of illegal settlements, the normalisation of an Apartheid state, or the future annexation of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

If international Zionist agencies are now in the process of helping topple liberal-leaning governments or parties across the West, it is because those governments or parties have outlived their usefulness: Israel is no longer worried about an existential threat to the state itself, but is seeking to move on to the final process of the Zionist agenda that the Balfour Declaration enabled a century ago – the annexation of all remaining Palestinian territory and – crucially – the ‘Holy Land’ (we will get to the main reason for this shortly).

But the point for now is that, for all the unconditional support for Israel that ‘liberal’-leaning parties have shown – for example, in France, in Germany, in the US, and in the previous Labour Party Britain – the same politicians and parties would not have been conducive to the final push by Israeli right-wing nationalists to seize Jerusalem and the Temple Mount: as was recently evidenced by, as mentioned already, Obama, Kerry, the EU and the UN formally condemning the Israeli settlement expansions.

In other words, the Zionist nationalists need to ensure foreign governments and allies that will support or at least tolerate their plans – even if it is at the expense of parties or politicians that have otherwise been very kind to Israel.

In fact, the ideologies of the international and European Far Right nationalists are a perfect mirror for the same nationalist, right-wing trend in Israel; and, likewise, there are many, many Jews who are as alarmed by this surge in Zionist nationalism in Israel as they are by the Far Right in Europe.

But the warning signs have been there all along, and we have been warned about it long in advance – including by Jewish activists opposed to the Israeli government, and even by people formerly in the Israeli government.

The appointment, for example, of Avigdor Lieberman from the far-right Yisrael Beiteinu party to Israel’s Minister of Defense last year was said to have alarmed many Jewish people, including in Canada. Lieberman, who lives in an illegal settlement in occupied Palestinian territory (and who once said that Palestinians who do not swear allegiance to Israel “should have their heads chopped off by an ax”), was brought in to replace Likud party member Moshe Yaalon – and Yaalon had quit on account of his stated concerns that Israel was being taken over by “extremist and dangerous elements.”

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak had in fact said that the current Israeli government was infected by the “seeds of fascism” and warned of what he saw as “a hostile takeover of the Israeli government by dangerous elements. And it’s just the beginning.”

And, again, the late Gerald Kaufman was warning British parliament about this years ago. On Benjamin Netanyahu’s return to power in 2009, Kaufman presciently warned about “what is about to become the most extremist government in Israeli history.”


Avi Primor, a former Israeli ambassador to German is among those expressing alarm at the alliance between Zionists and the Far-Right, saying, “We should not abandon our heritage and cut deals with the devil… I am afraid we are losing our ideals more and more.”

Given all of the information presented here, should we be asking whether this “hostile takeover” by “dangerous elements” in fact began in Israel (just as Ehud Barak warned was happening) and has proceeded on to the United States, with France, the Netherlands and much of Europe soon to follow?

And all as part of the same, inter-connected agenda? Or, to rephrase the question – is the future a fascist one? 

So, what about Britain and ‘Brexit’?

The accusation that British politics is under the control of Israeli lobbies is hardly new – but, even by those standards, the recent controversy over the Israeli ambassador in London talking about the “hit-list” of British MPs who should be “taken down” was pretty remarkable. The ambassador’s most notable target was Foreign Office deputy minister Alan Duncan, who is perceived as being too sympathetic towards the Palestinians. Crispin Blunt, chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee in the House of Commons, was also identified as a target on account of his “pro-Arab” leanings.

Yet – even amid all the hysteria over alleged Russian influencing of Trump, Brexit, Le Pen and more – very little was made of this recorded and indisputable Israeli embassy talk of “taking down” British MPs. What it demonstrated is the extent to which some Israeli embassy officials believe they can make or break British politicians and parliamentarians and what some of them perceive as their right to interfere in sovereign British politics.

So, what of Brexit? It isn’t just the Murdoch press and the right-wing Daily Mail and Daily Express that have Zionist leanings and connections.

Most of the senior ‘Leave’ campaigners last year have some interesting things in common. The actor Boris Johnson described himself as “a passionate Zionist”. Chris Grayling belongs to a Zionist lobby group called British Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM). Theresa Villiers, the British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (and key Brexit campaigner) is an “officer” of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) – Ian Duncan Smith is also a member of the CFI. Liam Fox, a Neo-Con Brexiter, was previously forced to resign from his position when it was revealed that billionaire Israeli arms dealer, Poju Zabludowicz, was funding his lavish playboy lifestyle.


It is thus understandable that Zionist/Neo-Con Michael Gove (championed as preferred Prime Minister by Murdoch), was endorsed for PM by the son of the godfather of US neo-conservatism, William Kristol, who referred to him as “probably the most impressive member of the British Parliament”.

Brexit Prime Minister – the unelected Theresa May, who is mother of the Snooper’s Charter and also sought to bypass Parliament and act from ‘royal prerogative’ – is staunchly Zionist and said she was proud of changing British law to make it impossible to prosecute Israeli war criminals in the UK under Universal Jurisdiction: during what had been a controversial clash of opinion, with Holocaust survivor Gerald Kaufman being among the most vociferous opponents of the change.

Kaufman himself also recently outright complained about the extent to which the (pro Brexit) Conservative party in Britain is rolling in ‘Jewish money’.

Gilad Atzmon, citing Haaretz, notes that Britain was always ‘operating as Israel’s puppet in the EU’ anyway.

It’s departure from the union could have a negative effect on Israel’s relationship with Europe, particularly in regard to the Israel-Palestine conflict. This was already borne out by the EU leading the way in proposing sanctions against Israel over the illegal settlements in occupied territory – something that the British government hid away from (and that both the Trump administration and Geert Wilders, among others, outright condemned the EU and the UN for).

Instead Britain will seem set to seek a hardcore alignment away from the EU and back towards the US (and Israel) in all respects, including foreign policy: curious then that ‘Brexit’ and the exit from the EU has coincided with the election of the pro-Israel Donald Trump administration, and could – potentially – this year also see drastic changes in France and Germany.

This would in fact be in-keeping with precedents: while the US may be heavily under the control of AIPAC and Zionist lobbies, it was Britain that brought about the Zionist colonisation of Palestine precisely 100 years ago, with a British government of the time being entirely under the sway of international Zionists. Precisely a century later, we may be in the precise same situation.

Fittingly enough, Britain is, in fact, later this year holding special celebration events to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration that guaranteed Zionist colonisation of Palestine; and Theresa May said she wants British people to feel ‘pride’ in the Balfour Declaration.

As Robert Fisk writes in The Independent, ‘This was predictable. A British prime minister who would fawn to the head-chopping Arab autocrats of the Gulf in the hope of selling them more missiles – and then hold the hand of the insane new anti-Muslim president of the United States – was bound, I suppose, to feel “pride” in the most mendacious, deceitful and hypocritical document in modern British history.’

It is also a plain fact, as previously laid out, that the British government (along with several others) and the corporate media have deliberately established a strategy of conflating ‘anti-Zionism’ with ‘anti-Semitism’ and moreover conflating Zionism as a political ideology with ‘Jews’ – as a means to shut down debate and make criticism of Israeli government actions extremely difficult (hence, the entire ‘anti-Semitism’ ‘scandal’ around Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: which was manufactured largely by right-wing Israelis or Israel lobbyists  – see here – and which, in fact, largely targeted left-wing Jewish activists – see here).

I already posted about how this charge of anti-Semitism is being strategically used to suppress any criticism of Zionism or the government of Israel, and about how many Jewish people are among the most ardent critics of Zionism – including Holocaust survivors – and are themselves incapable of being ‘anti-Semites’. I, for my part, have always made it clear that when I use the term ‘Zionist’ I don’t mean ‘Jews’ or even ‘Israelis’, just as we don’t mean ‘Muslims’ when we say ‘Islamists’ and we wouldn’t mean ‘Germans’ when we said ‘Nazis’.

As I stated from the outset, I didn’t go looking for connections between Israel and the Far Right parties in the West – but those common connections kept cropping up every time I tried to look into current Far Right figures and populists like Geert Wilders and Steve Bannon, so consistently that I couldn’t ignore them anymore.


We are currently in a situation where the danger of a ‘Far Right Europe’, “a return to the 1930s” or even a fascist world order, could soon become palpable: and, from all appearances, it would absolutely suit the nationalist right-wing movement in Israel to see that happen. If you think I might be exaggerating, then take it from the Jerusalem Post, which published this article in 2015 with the headline ‘A FAR-RIGHT, PRO-ISRAEL FRANCE? EXPERT SAYS THIS IS WHERE ALL OF EUROPE IS HEADING…’

A collapse (or possible transformation and co-opting) of the EU via the support for all of these Far-Right, anti-EU parties may also be part of that agenda.

At the current rate of growth, Far-Right parties could win 37 per cent of seats in the European Parliament in the next election. As this analysis on Medium notes rather ominously, ‘This happens to be the same percentage of German votes that Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist party won in July 1932, precipitating the rise of the Nazi regime.’

None of this being said here is necessarily to be taken as a glowing endorsement of the EU or of anything the EU does: but is simply seeking to highlight some of the real dynamics of what may be going on. Likewise, this isn’t an anti-Brexit article and nor is it downplaying or minimizing the genuine, popular concerns that exist about immigration, integration, identity politics or refugees. And nor is it claiming that political figures like Trump or Le Pen don’t have any valid points or thoughts on domestic matters that don’t relate to Israel at all.

But the underlying connections are all there.

It is also very evident that Zionist lobbies, along with the Trump regime, probably do not want the EU to survive – and would, apparently, prefer right-wing nationalists (either to replace the EU or to hijack it from within in a neutralization of ‘liberal’ politics and parties).

This was typified by, for example, US Neo-Con Victoria Nuland’s support for neo-Nazi nationalists in Ukraine and her taped call (in 2014) – relating to that very subject – in which she was recorded saying “Fuck the EU”.

Here is the Leaked Phone Call of Victoria Nuland.

Nuland’s former boss is Iraq war criminal and architect Dick Cheney, and her husband is the Zionist/Neo-Con godfather Robert Kagan. Kagan was the co-founder of the 9/11-centered ‘Project For the New American Century‘ (PNAC), which openly called for the “New Pearl Harbour” (9/11) to enable the bloodsoaked Neo-Con agenda in the Middle East.

Nuland’s husband, Kagan, also belongs to the foreign-policy think-tank the Brookings Institution – the same institution that drew up the policy plans for the invasion of Iraq, the war in Syria and the plan to invade Iran (that is currently playing out precisely in accordance with that Brookings Institution paper).

A reversion to nationalism and self-interest across the West also would create governments more naturally sympathetic to a right-wing nationalist government in Israel (the same government that the former Israeli PM warned about during its rise, as did Gerald Kaufman) and its actions.

At the same time, a continued demonisation of Muslims (accompanied by continuing false-flag events, some of which will continue to involve Mossad – and some of which may occur under Dyncorp control of US intelligence agencies if this recent claim is true) will continue to enhance sympathy for Israel and hostility towards the rest of the Middle East, perhaps increasing support for Zionist expansionism (based on the ‘Yinon Plan‘ – which Israeli dissident, Israel Shahak, translated in a booklet titled ‘The Zionist Plan for the Middle East’) and continued Neo-Con activity in the Middle East (centering now on a war with Iran).

Geert Wilders has already called for complete Israeli annexation of the West Bank, while Trump has previously expressed support for the Zionist claim to seize Jerusalem and make it the Israeli state capital and Jewish national capital – in keeping with Biblical Prophecy and evangelical Jewish/Christian ‘End Times’ agenda.

The underlying reason for the longstanding Zionist/nationalist agenda for occupying Jerusalem is to seize the Temple Mount and rebuild Solomon’s Temple – an event that relates to the coming of the Jewish Messiah (and for Christian Zionists, to the Second Coming of Christ).

For a good understanding of the true nature of this Zionist/Jewish/American agenda for the ‘Holy Land’, see Grace Halsell’s article here, or seek out his book “Forcing God’s Hand” which exposes the strange alliance between millions of American Christians who long for the ‘Rapture’ and ‘Armageddon’ and believe it all hinges on the land of Israel.

This is a whole other subject, which I will avoid here – but the main problem with this idea of rebuilding Solomon’s Temple is of course that it will require the demolition of the Al-Aqsa mosque – an act that will quite certainly set off a religious/sectarian conflict like nothing seen in recent centuries (quite literally ‘Armageddon’).


Victoria Clark’s 2007 book, Allies for Armageddon: The Rise of Christian Zionism, is also a good resource for understanding the apocalyptic/religious dynamics of the Zionist/US alliance in regard to the Holy Land. Again, in this context, we should remind ourselves that President Trump (backed by the Zionist propagandist Steve Bannon) did express his support for Jerusalem being seized and made the Israeli capital, while Geert Wilders has, as mentioned before, called for Israel to do the same and to completely annex the West Bank.

Interestingly, the right-wing nationalists in Israel have sought annexation of Jerusalem for a long time – along with seizure of the Temple Mount; but have never been in a position to do so, due to international opposition (as well as domestic opposition within Israel) and the political make-up of (1) a Western world-order mostly dominated by liberal political parties that, despite their general support for Israel as a state, would not support forceful annexation of Jerusalem, and (2) an Arab world dominated by strong, independent states and leaders who (until relatively recently) generally supported the Palestinians and were a threat to Israeli military ambitions.

More interestingly, Neo-Con-led geopolitics from the PNAC-orchestrated 9/11 onward have already ensured that, of the key regional states that might’ve intervened militarily against Israel in the event of full annexation of the Holy Land (or whose military power and strong, independent nature might’ve acted as a deterrent) – specifically Baathist Syria, Baathist Iraq, Gaddafi-era Libya, and Lebanon and Iran – are no longer in a position to do so. Libya, Iraq and Syria, for obvious reasons: but Lebanon is now too weak and unstable to act, which leaves only Iran (as Jordan is too loyal an ally to the US for reasons of simple self-preservation); but Iran is clearly being targeted by ongoing Neo-Con policy being taken up by the Trump administration.

The accusation also persists from many that agencies in Israel have been among those covertly supporting ‘Islamic State’ militants (for the purposes of weakening and Balkanising Syria, Iraq and surrounding nations) and overtly supporting anti-government jihadists in Syria – the former claim being made also by the same former Pentagon official who leaked the Rumsfeld/Neo-Con ‘hit-list’ of seven countries that the US would topple after 9/11.


Verifiable information concerning Israeli involvement in ‘ISIS’ (or the widespread claim that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a Mossad agent) is tricky: and so I’m not going to state here that Israeli agencies have been involved in ISIS.

However, it is known that Israel has logistically and medically given support to Al-Qaeda-aligned jihadists in Syria. And it is always very curious when stories emerge like this one, indicating that ‘ISIS’ fighters have been executing Palestinian refugees and threatening death to anyone seen raising the Palestinian flag in a Syrian refugee camp.

*It is quite possible that the agenda that has been played out in the Middle East is part of the same agenda being sought now in Europe and the West* – or is at least related to it, including the creation of the refugee crisis via the Neo-Con/Zionist wars in the Mid-East being utilised to inflame Far-Right populism in the West via rising anti-immigrant sentiment. It’s a perfect circle.

And, having helped reconfigure the Middle East (via US-led Neo-Con/PNAC activity) to weaken or remove pro-Palestinian governments or Israel’s regional rivals (with only Iran remaining), is the plan now to remove or weaken Western and European governments or states that have expressed positions deemed to be not in Israel’s best interests by the Zionist nationalists?

This could all be seen either as deliberate design or alternatively as a perfect storm that just happens to have proven extremely useful and timely. What clearly is by design, however, is that the same “extremists” in Israel that Gerald Kaufman warned about in 2009 have been grooming operatives like Geert Wilders, Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon to service their agendas abroad.

There is only one suitable term for what this therefore amounts to – it is International Zionism.

Indeed, if the extreme right-wing government in Israel is in deep alliance with extreme-right parties and figures across the Western world, the fact that most of those parties are thought of as being ‘anti-Semitic’ (and some of them are) makes it a stroke of genius –  because it throws even those few observers who would be willing to criticise Israel completely off the scent. “No, surely not,” they say, “Israel would never support anti-Semitic, Far-Right organisations…”

But that’s the trick: let everyone obsess over alleged Russian support for Le Pen, Trump or other nationalist parties in the West and no one will talk about Israel.

A reminder then of the Jerusalem Post article from 2015: ‘A FAR-RIGHT, PRO-ISRAEL FRANCE? EXPERT SAYS THIS IS WHERE ALL OF EUROPE IS HEADING…’

A reminder too of Yaron London, an Israeli journalist, who wrote simply that ‘a worldview which supports white supremacy matches our government’s interests.’

And a reminder of what former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak said about the “seeds of fascism” in the “hostile takeover of the Israeli government by dangerous elements.” And a reminder that he also said, “And it’s just the beginning.”

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