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The Movie Producer and the Zionist Nuclear Smuggling Ring


[Editor’s note: Arnon Milchan was and probably still is, a Mossad asset. One of his tasks as a Hollywood producer was to hide the truth about Israeli involvement in the assassination of JFK. As the producer of Oliver Stone’ JFK, he ensured that Stone did not get to the heart of the matter. Yes, Stone correctly identified Permindex as a key element and Clay Shaw as a key figure, but the movie alludes to them being CIA when in reality, they were Mossad. Permindex was de facto the Mossad inside the USA, setup by Roy Cohn, Louis M Bloomfield and Tibor Rosenbaum, all of them Mossad, in fact, they also helped found the Mossad in the first place. Ian]

The Movie Producer and the Israeli Nuclear Smuggling Ring

Arnon Milchan is the Hollywood mogul behind films as diverse as JFK, Pretty Woman, Brazil, Fight Club, LA Confidential and Alvin and the Chipmunks. He was also an Israeli spy involved in smuggling equipment for the development of nuclear weapons. Milchan has spoken publicly about his role in this scandal, defying a request from Benjamin Netanyahu, though somewhat predictably this has involved telling a few porkies. What else would you expect from a spy and a Hollywood bigshot?

The Arnon Milchan Front Companies

According to the book CONFIDENTIAL: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan, Arnon was recruited into Israeli intelligence in his 20s, and put to work by LAKAM, the economic espionage division. Milchan then recruited a California engineer Richard Kelly Smyth who set up MILCO International Inc. in 1972, a front company that linked up with Heli Trading in Israel (Heli was also known as Milchan Brothers Trading Company). Between 1979 and 1983 MILCO purchased 800 krytrons and secretly exported them to Heli. Krytrons are gas tubes that are used a high-speed switches, and can function as nuclear triggers.

The export of krytrons was strictly regulated precisely because of their use in nuclear weapons and efforts by the Israeli government to import them legally had failed. So the Ministry of Defence provided Heli with the money to buy them via MILCO, who got them from EG&G, a US defense contractor. This went on happily for several years until it was interrupted by a potentially even more suspicious event.

As Milchan’s heavily-redacted FBI file details, in January 1983 there was a break-in at MILCO’s offices in Huntingdon Beach and someone (likely Smyth) filed a report with the FBI. Presumably the burglars stole some of the krytrons because when the Bureau interviewed the person who filed the report he mentioned ‘tubes’, which Customs quickly figured out were krytrons.

The FBI then leant on Smyth to try to get him to roll over on his superiors (including Milchan, which the FBI almost certainly knew was involved). He refused, so they indicted him for exporting Arms illegally and for making false statements. Despite being a consultant to the Air Force and to NATO, Smyth then fled the country, hiding out in Spain until 2001. He accidentally revealed himself when he started claiming social security benefits, and Interpol swooped in, arrested him and extradited him back to the US.

This is one place where Grant Smith (whose FOIA requests obtained these documents) is missing something. Smith sees the Milchan story as another example of unprosecuted Israeli spying against the US. But who broke into MILCO’s offices? That is what set off the chain of events, and it seems they stole some of the gas tubes otherwise why would anyone have contacted the FBI? Was this a way to shut down the Israeli smuggling operation without making a big fuss and prosecuting everyone? Likewise, the FBI did try to press Smyth into giving up his handlers in Israeli intelligence, but he resisted. Once they had someone in custody, the authorities did try to follow the thread. The notion that this was hands off because of the special relationship with Israel is not born out by the facts.

The life of a Hollywood Spy

In 1992, while Smyth was still on the run, Arnon Milchan was the subject of a classified FBI teletype where an asset appears to have told the FBI all about Milchan, Smyth and the Israeli smuggling ring. It details how Milchan was an extremely successful producer who was friends with Oliver Stone, Sidney Pollack, Barbara Streisand, Tom Cruise, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert De Niro (some of which have intelligence connections of their own). The teletype goes on to mention MILCO and arms dealing, though it is very heavily redacted.

In early 2002, a few months after Smyth pleaded guilty, the FBI spoke to him at the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. Smyth revealed how his involvement with Milchan saw him meeting with high officials, including Ariel Sharon, at the time a general in the Israeli military. He also met Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, where they would dine in restaurants. Meanwhile, back in California, Milchan got Smyth into Hollywood parties where he was introduced to celebrities.

Smyth also described how the operation by which Israeli Ministry of Defence money paid for the nuclear triggers via MILCO and Heli Trading was codenamed Project Pinto. He says the last time he saw Milchan was in 1985. This begs an interesting question, because when this story surfaced a few years ago Milchan refused to comment, saying he had been asked not to by Netanyahu and other high ranking officials. In 2016, when he was in California picking up an Oscar for The Revenant, he was the subject of a rare interview. Asked about the book CONFIDENTIAL, he said:

In the beginning it was like, “Oh, James Bond is coming!” You’re James Bond coming to town, so it’s more fun. Then when you start to be too successful, you go from James Bond to being “an arms dealer,” which I never was. That happened 35 or 40 years ago. But I definitely helped Israel, and I still will. Listen, I’m an 11th generation [Israeli] — 400 years, mother, father, all the way to King David.

Let me say the following: Two guys knock on my door one day and introduce themselves and give me in galleys a book about myself. I said, “Did I authorize it?” They said, “No, but we’re going to publish it.” So I said, “Let me look at this.” So I look at it and say, “You got so many facts wrong. I’ll correct some. I met [Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu not in 1977 but 1997, and he never worked for me.” I said, “Listen, you’ve got to understand something. When you’re a kid and your father comes home from the war shivering from malaria, just before the independence, and this little country called Israel becomes a test ground for the Anglo-Saxon countries to try their missiles and planes against the Russians during the Cold War, of course you help.” I was in agriculture and pharmaceuticals. That’s not spying — that’s helping Israel to survive. I don’t know what a spy is, but that’s not what I was. If I was a spy, I wouldn’t have time to talk to you.

However, in his 2002 discussions with the FBI, Smyth said that Netanyahu worked for Heli Trading a.k.a. Milchan Brothers Trading, in Tel Aviv and that he was part of the smuggling ring. How we reconcile this with Milchan’s claim that he didn’t meet Netanyahu until years later, implying that Netanyahu was not engaged in nuclear espionage against the US, is obvious. Milchan is almost certainly lying, even in this rare public interview about the issue.

Whatever the truth (I believe Smyth), Milchan continues to produce a surprisingly broad range of movies and continues to operate unencumbered by the repercussions of his past international arms smuggling crimes, though he is rarely seen in Hollywood these days.

FBI file on MILCO and the Arnon Milchan nuclear smuggling ring

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Breaking/Treason: Nuclear First Strike on America, It will be I$raHell


US Finances “Jewish only” protection from nuclear radiation, builds massive “Jewish only” bunkers in Israel….to protect from US retaliatory strike

[Editor’s note: This is one of the most disturbing pieces of news I have read in quite some time. Here we have a technological development, funded by the US government, that allows the crazy Israeli leadership to believe that, in the event of a nuclear war, the population of Israel could be saved. This is disturbing because it makes more likely the possibility of Israel starting a nuclear war.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has spent billions of dollars of US taxpayers money to build a vast network of underground nuclear-proof shelters for the exclusive use of Israel’s Jewish population, including a command bunker for Netanyahu and his staff.

Israel has at least 10 ICBMs (that they had help from India to build) in silos again constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, equipped with MIRVs and an 11,000km range, specifically and only for use against North America. Pakistan’s ISI obtained documents on this programme and turned them over to the CIA in 2009.

Bottom line: The US is financing the inoculation of the Israeli population against retaliation in the event of a nuclear first strike against the United States.]

Jerusalem Post

Sitting on stage at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York on Sunday, innovator Yaky Yanay pulled a small glass vial out of his pocket – promising a solution to Iranian nuclear threats.

“I have the solution in my pocket,” said Yanay, CEO and president of Pluristem Therapeutics.

The Haifa-based company, which aims to create “the next generation of biological therapeutic products,” specializes in harnessing placental cells to treat a variety of diseases using a three-dimensional platform. For one such ailment that Pluristem is targeting, Acute Radiation Syndrome, the company is currently conducting dose evaluation studies with the US National Institutes of Health’s NIAID PLX-R18 cells – the same cells in Yanay’s glass vial.

“If we can inject these cells after exposure to radiation, we will be able to keep the entire population alive,” he said.

As Pluristem continues to delve into cell therapy research, the company is focusing on increasing longevity in the face of illnesses that today have no viable treatments. In addition, the company expressed hopes that the introduction of cell therapies could cut government healthcare costs significantly while improving care – offering accessible, safe and effective treatments.

“The world is aging dramatically,” Yanay said. “We’ve doubled life expectancy in past 150 years and we need new technologies.”

From the UK Independent 2012

US to build mysterious ‘Site 911’ in Israel

 The US Army Corps of Engineers plans to supervise construction of a five-story underground facility for an Israel Defense Forces complex, oddly named “Site 911,” at an Israeli Air Force base near Tel Aviv.

Expected to take more than two years to build, at a cost of up to $100 million, the facility is to have classrooms on Level 1, an auditorium on Level 3, a laboratory, shock-resistant doors, protection from nonionizing radiation and very tight security. Clearances will be required for all construction workers, guards will be at the fence and barriers will separate it from the rest of the base.

Only U.S. construction firms are being allowed to bid on the contract, and proposals are due Dec. 3, according to the latest Corps of Engineers notice.

Site 911 is the latest in a long history of military construction projects the United States has undertaken for the IDF under the U.S. Foreign Military Sales program. The 1998 Wye River Memorandum between Israel and the Palestinian Authority has led to about $500 million in U.S. construction of military facilities for the Israelis, most of them initially in an undeveloped part of the Negev Desert. It was done to ensure there were bases to which IDF forces stationed in the West Bank could be redeployed.

As recorded in the Corps’ European District magazine, called Engineering in Europe, three bases were built to support 20,000 troops, and eventually the Israeli air force moved into the same area, creating Nevatim air base. A new runway, 2.5 miles long, was built there by the Corps along with about 100 new buildings and 10 miles of roads.

Over the years, the Corps has built underground hangars for Israeli fighter-bombers, facilities for handling nuclear weapons (though Israel does not admit having such weapons), command centers, training bases, intelligence facilities and simulators, according to Corps publications.

Within the past two years the Corps, which has three offices in Israel, completed a $30 million set of hangars at Nevatim, which the magazine describes as a “former small desert outpost that has grown to be one of the largest and most modern air bases in the country.” It has also supervised a $20 million project to build maintenance shops, hangars and headquarters to support Israel’s large Eitan unmanned aerial vehicle.

Site 911, which will be built at another base, appears to be one of the largest projects. Each of the first three underground floors is to be roughly 41,000 square feet, according to the Corps notice. The lower two floors are much smaller and hold equipment.

Security concerns are so great that non-Israeli employees hired by the builder can come only from “the U.S., Canada, Western Europe countries, Poland, Moldavia, Thailand, Philippines, Venezuela, Romania and China,” according to the Corps notice. “The employment of Palestinians is also forbidden,” it says.

Among other security rules: The site “shall have one gate only for both entering and exiting the site” and “no exit or entrance to the site shall be allowed during work hours except for supply trucks.” Guards will be Israeli citizens with experience in the Israeli air force. Also, “the collection of information of any type whatsoever related to base activities is prohibited.”

The well-known Israeli architectural firm listed on the plans, Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects, has paid attention to the aesthetics of the site design as well as the sensibilities of future employees. The site, for example, will be decorated with rocks chosen by the architect but purchased by the contractor. Three picnic tables are planned, according to the solicitation.

The Corps offered a lengthy description of the mezuzas the contractor is to provide “for each door or opening exclusive of toilets or shower rooms” in the Site 911 building. A mezuza (also spelled mezuzah) is a parchment that has been inscribed with Hebrew verses from the Torah, placed in a case and attached to a door frame of a Jewish family’s house as a sign of faith. Some interpret Jewish law as requiring — as in this case — that a mezuza be attached to every door in a house.

These mezuzas, notes the Corps, “shall be written in inerasable ink, on . . . uncoated leather parchment” and be handwritten by a scribe “holding a written authorization according to Jewish law.” The writing may be “Ashkenazik or Sepharadik” but “not a mixture” and “must be uniform.”

Also, “The Mezuzahs shall be proof-read by a computer at an authorized institution for Mezuzah inspection, as well as manually proof-read for the form of the letters by a proof-reader authorized by the Chief Rabbinate.” The mezuza shall be supplied with an aluminum housing with holes so it can be connected to the door frame or opening. Finally, “All Mezuzahs for the facility shall be affixed by the Base’s Rabbi or his appointed representative and not by the contractor staff.”

What’s the purpose of Site 911? I asked the Pentagon on Tuesday, and the Corps on Wednesday said that only an Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman could provide an answer.

This might be a trend-starter. The Corps is also seeking a contractor for another secret construction project in Israel in the $100 million range to awarded next summer. This one will involve “a complex facility with site development challenges” requiring services that include “electrical, communication, mechanical/HVAC [heating, ventilation, air conditioning] and plumbing.” The U.S. contractor must have a U.S. secret or equivalent Israeli security clearance for the project, which is expected to take almost 2 1/2 years to complete.

That sounds like a secure command center.

The purpose of Site 911 is far less clear.

America’s ‘911’ Deep Secret Bunker in Tel Aviv to Have Mezuzahs

American media has just discovered its government is helping Israel build a “secret” underground bunker – with aluminum-encased mezuzot.

Giant mezuzah at Ben Gurion Int'l Airport

Giant mezuzah at Ben Gurion Int’l Airport

American media has just discovered its government is helping Israel build a “secret” underground bunker. “Site 911” will be equipped with aluminum-encased mezuzot.

The tender for the construction project – a “Request for Proposals” in U.S. parlance – is worth about $100 million, according to the article written by venerated, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist Walter Pincus.

Only workers from approved countries can participate in building the complex, which is estimated to take about two years to complete. The project is apparently to be funded with U.S. foreign aid.

But as with every other building in the Jewish State, even this “deep secret” underground bunker and the complex above will bear a proper mezuzah on every door in the facility, in accordance with Jewish law, as seen in the plans detailed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The small scrolls “shall be written in inerasable ink, on… uncoated leather parchment’ according to the USACE description. They must be handwritten by a scribe “holding a written authorization according to Jewish law.” The writing, the Corps continues, may be “Ashkenazik or Sephardik” but “not a mixture” and “must be uniform.” In addition, the well-informed Corps continues, “The Mezuzahs shall be proofread by a computer at an authorized institution for Mezuzah inspection, as well as manually proofread for the form of the letters by a proofreader authorized by the Chief Rabbinate.” The mezuzah shall be supplied with an aluminum housing with holes so it can be connected to the doorpost, and “All Mezuzahs for the facility shall be affixed by the Base’s Rabbi or his appointed representative and not by the contractor staff.”

For obvious reasons, tight controls are being exercised over who is accepted to work at the site.

Upon its completion, the 127,000-square-foot bunker, equipped with shock-resistant doors and fortified against radiation, is planned to contain five underground levels.

The compound will also include six buildings on the surface and comes complete with three outdoor picnic tables and various landscaping rocks, designed by Ada Karmi Melamede Architects.

In the underground facility, classrooms, a laboratory and an auditorium will be placed on the first three floors, under which will be two other, smaller floors.

A second, higher-security site is also being planned, at a similar cost but with greater technical complexities, to be called 911 Phase 2.

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IsraHell’s Counterinsurgency Apologist: Colonel Richard Kemp


Israel’s Counterinsurgency Apologist: Colonel Richard Kemp

Richard Kemp starts with the premise that Israel doesn’t commit war crimes and misinterprets international law accordingly.

[Editor’s note: We became suspicious of Col. Kemp some time ago, due to his pro-Israel bias. Now, we are certain, Kemp is an Israeli asset, we expect him to be used at some point to provide cover for Israeli terror activities. 

We are also deeply suspicious of any British officer who worked with India or Israel while serving in Afghanistan as they were the people who brought ISIS into Afghanistan.

We have no evidence that Kemp was involved, but we know that certain British officers worked directly with terrorist organisations and have been using Afghanistan to stage attacks on Pakistan, such as occurred last week.]

Foreign Policy Journal
Israel’s Counterinsurgency Apologist: Colonel Richard Kemp

By Richard Falk

Retired British colonel, Richard Kemp, has been an ardent supporter of Israel’s three major military operations in Gaza conducted over the last six years. He has collaborated on several occasions with the two notoriously pro-Israeli NGOs, UN Watch and NGO Monitor, serving on the Advisory Board of the latter and appearing as star witness under such auspices at the UN, most recently at a two-day side event at UN Headquarters in Geneva devoted to condemning the UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) Report on the Gaza War of 2014.

There is no doubt that Col. Kemp has the credentials to speak as a counterinsurgency specialist, having served as commander of British forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere, where he acknowledges close cooperation with Mossad and the influence of Israeli tactics. In fairness, Kemp writes from such a militarist view with little effort to assess the relevance of international humanitarian law, treating ‘military effectiveness’ as determined by military commanders as the defining criterion of legality for a challenged battlefield practice.

In his own words, “It’s the dispassionate military perspective that I bring.” Of course, such an outlook ignores the relevance of international criminal law, which is to superimpose accountability as a constraining framework on this ‘military perspective.’ Actually, Kemp doesn’t so much ignore international criminal law as to (mis)interpret its rules so as to vindicate the tactics of the counterinsurgent side while condemning those of the insurgent.

On June 25, 2015 the New York Times published an opinion piece by Kemp assessing the UN Report. What I find scandalous and perverse on the part of this self-claiming authoritative media source is to have published such a harsh and partisan dismissal of a prudent and overly balanced report without any kind of offsetting piece.

I can only imagine the furor that would have been provoked if the Times had published a piece by an expert in international criminal law, say William Schabas or John Dugard, calling for the indictment and prosecution of Israel’s political and military leaders on the basis of the Report. At least, if such a piece had been published alongside the Kemp article, Times readers could have been exposed to the realities of controversy flowing from these UN allegations that Israel (and to a far lesser extent, Hamas) was guilty of war crimes.

Kemp begins his article with the claim that “it pains me greatly to see words and actions from the UN that can only provoke further violence and loss of life.” As if ‘law’ imposed on the powerful—and not their weaponry—is responsible for violence and the loss of life in Gaza. We are not told exactly how he reaches this perverse conclusion, but presumably Kemp believes that the condemnation of Israel’s use of indiscriminate and disproportionate force would embolden Hamas, and Palestinians generally, to continue to claim a right of resistance.

What Kemp (and Israel) obviously seek is a circumstance in which whatever the dominant military forces do is validated by its effectiveness, and what a population under domination does in opposition is condemned with the implication that resistance to Israel’s prolonged occupation is inherently unlawful.

Kemp’s puff piece is filled with bland endorsements of Israel’s most blatant propaganda. For instance, Kemp asserts, in complete disregard of the evidence, that Israel imposed the blockade on Gaza “only in response to attacks by Hamas.” Yet it is common knowledge, even in Israel, that the blockade has been maintained since 2007 as a ‘collective punishment’ imposed on the civilian population of Gaza, having little to do with security, and mainly sustained by way of rigorous monitoring of all crossings to and from Gaza and with Egypt’s cooperation at Rafah during the Mubarak era and since Sisi’s ascent.

Kemp has nothing to say about Israel’s frequent lethal incursions into Gaza that have accompanied the occupation since it started in 1967, and he uncritically supports Israel’s distorted one-sided timeline that claims Israel only attacks in retaliation for missiles and mortar fire from Hamas, and never initiates violent interactions by on its own.

Kemp also never refers to the ceasefires broken by Israel, as in the leadup to Operation Cast Lead at the end of 2008. Instead, as Kemp has written elsewhere of this earlier brutal attack on a vulnerable, caged population, “I can only say this: during Operation Cast Lead, the IDF did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in the combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.”

Most disturbingly, Kemp writes in a condescending manner as follows: “The report is characterized by a lack of understanding of warfare,” as revealed by its failure to compare what Israel is doing with what the U.S. and Britain have done in Afghanistan, Iraq. In Kemp’s words, “Israeli tactics are no different than those used extensively by American and British forces in similar circumstances.”

What is most dangerous about this counterinsurgency worldview is its implicit reasoning that allows such conclusions to be set forth in good faith by professional soldiers. To begin with, Kemp is essentially correct that the counterinsurgency wars waged by the U.S. and Britain have relied on similar tactics, but does that make Israel’s pattern consistent with international law and morality? Most international law assessments of these uses of modern weaponry against densely populated civilian areas consider such tactics to be severe war crimes, not models to be invoked as validation.

Kemp’s state of play is revealed here: converting past crimes into authoritative precedents to justify present crimes, or to transform crimes into legitimate counterinsurgency tactics.

Beyond this, Israel’s tactics are worse in some instances than those of its predecessors. Whereas in Vietnam, the United States used its far less precise air power to inflict heavy casualties on the Vietnamese civilian population, it refrained from attacking urban population centers as Israel did in the Gaza attack of 2014, as well as the earlier ones.

Even in Falluja, the worst instance of American firepower directed at a city believed to be a center of insurgent opposition in Iraq to American occupation, the population was given ample time to vacate the city after warnings of impending attack. In contrast, except for the 800 Palestinians that held foreign passports who were allowed to leave Gaza, the remainder of the civilian population in Gaza was locked into the combat zone, losing even the desperate option of fleeing to safety by becoming a refugee. Col. Kemp, invoking his counterinsurgency experience and knowledge, never sees fit to mention such a damning ‘detail.’

Nor does he bother to point out that the whole of Gaza was a combat zone, and that civilians, including women and children, had no place of sanctuary and safety, other than to seek refuge in UN facilities and mosques, which then were turned into targets because of Israeli claims that weapons were stored in these places.

Parroting the worst elements of Israeli hasbara, Kemp sets forth this grotesque characterization of Hamas tactics: “Unable to inflict existential harm on Israel by military means, Hamas sought to cause large numbers of casualties among its own people in order to bring condemnation and unbearable diplomatic pressure against Israel.” To make such an extreme allegation without bothering to cite evidence is to portray Hamas as seeking the genocidal annihilation of its own people.

This is an odd accusation in view of the evidence that Hamas gained more popular support from the Gazan population after this Israeli attack than before, presumably because of its steadfastness under the most severe of pressures. Also, Kemp withholds comments on the repeated and strenuous efforts of Hamas to seek the renewal of the ceasefire prior to the initiation of the Israel onslaught in early July of 2014.

In effect, Kemp is appraising Israel’s behavior on the basis of the ‘new normal’ prevailing among counterinsurgency hawks that have led the West into war after war in its futile effort to defer the death of European colonialism, and its American sequel. What is done by the West is justified by military effectiveness (although without noticing that these wars have all been eventually lost), what is done by the forces of national resistance is criminalized if not demonized as ‘barbarism.’

It is not surprising that UN Watch and NGO Monitor organized an elaborate side event at the Palais des Nations in Geneva last week that featured Richard Kemp as its lead speakers, but included an array of other counterinsurgency specialists, with no attempt whatsoever to bring to bear the perspectives of international humanitarian law except in the spirit of Israeli apologetics.

It is notable that, unlike the response to the Goldstone Report in 2009 that featured denunciations of bias and personal attacks, the orchestrated reaction to the COI report is more sophisticated, relying on a variety of substantive reports that set forth Israel’s claims of justification, a media blitz, along with major advocacy efforts by Israel’s well-trained NGO poodles.

A welcome contrasting vision, closer to law, morality, and reality is offered by Max Blumenthal in his new book, The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza (2015). David Swanson, the noted anti-war activist, titles his review of Blumenthal’s book, “the 51-day Genocide”. As Swanson puts it, “I can think of a few other words that characterized the 2014 assault on Gaza in addition to ‘war,’ among them, occupation, murder-spree, and genocide. Each serves a valuable purpose. Each is correct.”

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It Wasn’t Russia, How Erdogan Bought Trump and His Neocon Gangsters, the Kosher Nostra


Learn who Mike Flynn and Rudy Giuliani really work for and why they are stabbing America in the back while Trump smiles

Reza Zarrab and President Erdogan – the doo doo hits the fan and might splatter a lot of people


Mr. 9-11 himself is in the middle of this one

[ Editor’s Note: This case could turn out to be the “Gone with the Wind” movie of high-level corruption, in that Americans will have a front-row seat to watch how politically rotten and corrupt their government and society are.

This case could reveal like no other that it not only goes all the way to the highest levels of political leadership, but into the highest ranks of our judiciary.

The Intel community is intimately aware of this long-running problem, as such people, whether they are ex-attorneys general or not, have national security-risk profiles based not only on what they have done in the past that is now widely known publicly, but what they are capable of doing if certain entities were to request it, including foreign ones.

Legal representation in mega cases can often be based not on attorneys’ legal prowess, but their ability to get a case fixed. And that is often based on their past reputation of being “untouchable” from holding past top government positions and their ability to get a fix in with the highest possible current sitting officials, meaning the White House, where a case gets killed for “national security” issues.

This could turn out to be the mother of all corruption cases; and before it is over, the indictment list might grow to include some people who felt they were beyond the reach of the law for being charged with obstruction of justiceJim W. Dean ]


Special for the Armenian Weekly and Veterans Today

In a small courtroom in Manhattan, New York, there is a legal drama playing out, which may have serious consequences for the U.S., Turkey and Iran, but more critically for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This court case is a ticking time bomb, which may explode in President Erdogan’s face, despite all his clandestine efforts to diffuse it.

Reza Zarrab, a 33-year-old Turkish citizen of Iranian descent, was arrested in Miami on March 17, 2016, as soon as he got off a plane. He stated that he had come to the U.S. with his wife and daughter to see Disney World.

But the three charges against him were serious—conspiring to evade U.S. sanctions against Iran, money laundering and bank fraud. He was promptly transferred to a New York jail, where he currently sits. And the connection to President Erdogan? Read on, as this is an international thriller in the making.

For several years, the U.S. had slapped sanctions on Iran to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The U.S. had imposed strict controls on all international banks and corporations, banning them from doing any business with Iran. Therefore, Iran faced great difficulty getting paid for its oil exports. A couple of Iranian businessmen, Babek Zenjani in Tehran and Reza Zarrab in Istanbul, stepped up to circumvent the sanctions.

Oil payments would be made to companies and banks in Turkey, huge amounts of gold would be bought with those funds, and then the gold would be exported from Turkey to Iran, directly or perhaps with a few stops in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and other places in between. This scheme, although very simple, required huge amounts of money and gold transferred on a daily basis, which would undoubtedly attract the unwanted attention of government officials.

That problem would be addressed by generous bribes, commissions, and police protection. When you are moving billions of dollars daily, a few hundred million dollars to government officials is just the cost of doing business.

So, with the system set up in Iran and Turkey, Reza Zarrab quickly became a “gold trading” tycoon in Turkey, making headlines with large donations to religious charities linked to Erdogan as a philanthropist, marrying a popular pop star singer, and buying several mansions along the Bosphorus.

Erdogan’s government also bestowed Turkish citizenship on him with a special decree. There were a few mishaps in the scheme, such as 1.5 metric tons of gold seized in the cargo of an airplane in Istanbul by a “misguided” or “uninformed” customs official, who was promptly suspended and sent to “exile” to the interior part of Turkey.

But the scheme blew up and came out in the open on Dec. 17, 2013, when Turkish police, or rather, a certain section of Turkish police not loyal to Erdogan, arrested Reza Zarrab and the sons of three cabinet ministers, along with a few bank leaders.

They had indisputable evidence including wiretaps, videos, telephone conversations, and documents proving the large amounts of bribes passed on from Zarrab to the ministers and bank officials. The evidence also included money counting machines in living rooms, several million dollars in shoeboxes, expensive gifts, and money being delivered to the ministers’ homes in suit bags. All the dirty laundry came out.

One of the most interesting telephone conversations released by the investigators and reported by several media outlets was between Erdogan and his son, when Erdogan instructs his son to get rid of all cash in the house, after he hears about the raids to his ministers’ houses. His son’s response after several hours of frantic work reveals that despite all his attempts to distribute the cash at home to colleagues, relatives, or associates, there is still some 30 million euros left at home.

Despite the evidence, Erdogan did manage to escape the investigation unscathed, fired the three ministers, and also fired all the police officials and prosecutors involved in this operation, claiming that this was a conspiracy and coup attempt by the followers of Fethullah Gulen, the Muslem fundamentalist preacher living in exile in Pennsylvania. Most of the police officials and prosecutors are now in jail, and a few lucky ones have fled the country.

Reza Zarrab was released from prison in two months, in Feb. 2014. His defense was very simple: “If you don’t release me immediately, I start talking.”

It is not known why Zarrab chose to come to the U.S. Perhaps he decided to seek protection there, albeit in jail, instead of facing attempts to silence him in Turkey. Meanwhile, his partner in Iran, Babek Zenjani, was arrested and sentenced to death for defrauding the Iranian Oil Ministry for four billion dollars.

The Zarrab affair gets even more interesting in the U.S. The man who brought the charges against Zarrab was Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York—a star attorney who made his name as a fearless prosecutor of Wall Street wrongdoers.  Erdogan’s concern about the Zarrab case was evident when he asked former Vice President Joe Biden to intervene. But luckily for him, just as the case against Zarrab started moving, the new president Trump fired Bharara, along with hundreds of other Obama appointees.

Zarrab has hired nearly 20 elite white-collar criminal lawyers to defend him. The last two hired lawyers are especially noteworthy, Rudi Giuliani, former New York Mayor and U.S. Attorney, and Michael B. Mukasey, the former U.S. Attorney General, who have promptly met top Turkish government officials. The presiding U.S. District Judge Richard Berman has asked defense lawyers to explain Giuliani and Mukasey’s role in the case, and to disclose if the government of Turkey is paying their fees.

Prosecutors claimed that the hiring of Giuliani and Mukasey might present a conflict of interest because their firms also represent some of the banks alleged to be victims in Zarrab’s case. Prosecutors also said that Giuliani and Mukasey were hired to try to reach a political settlement in the case.

In another twist, Mukasey’s son, Marc, has been widely speculated as a candidate to become the New York U.S. Attorney under Trump, to replace Preet Bharara. The Zarrab case will be one of the agenda items when Erdogan meets Trump in the next few weeks.

This thriller involving power, bribery, corruption, oil, and gold will come to an end soon, but it is highly doubtful that justice will be served…

From the UK Daily Mail:

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have accused former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and ex-Attorney General Michael Mukasey of going above their heads in order to get charges tossed against a Turkey-based business mogul. Giuliani and Mukasey were hired to defend Reza Zarrab, who was arrested last year in Miami, for allegedly laundering money for Iran.

In their effort to get Zarrab’s case tossed, Giuliani and Mukasey want to meet with President Donald Trump’s officials, instead of speaking with prosecutors on the case directly. Zarrab’s attorneys sent a letter to the judge on the case saying that what Giuliani and Mukasey are up to ‘quite frankly is none of the government’s business’.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (right) and former Attorney General Michael Mukasey (left) were hired by Turkey-based business mogul Reza Zarrab's defense

Zarrab, a 33-year-old gold-trader, was arrested in Florida last year for allegedly laundering money for Iran. In the year since Zarrab was arrested, his case has grown ever more complex and far-reaching.

As Turkey presses the Trump administration to get the charges tossed, an increasingly messy web of connections has come into view, prompting questions about conflicts of interest, Turkish corruption and pro-Turkey lobbying by individuals near the center of Trump’s orbit.

On Friday, federal prosecutors raised fresh concerns about a recent trip that Giuliani and Mukasey made to Turkey to consult with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the case.

Zarrab, a 33-year-old gold-trader married to a Turkish pop star, and several others are accused of conspiring to evade US sanctions against Iran, using a network of companies to mask the true nature of transactions and defraud multiple banks.

Prosecutors say they processed hundreds of millions of dollars for Iran and claim to have thousands of pages of bank, email and phone records to prove it. Zarrab pleaded not guilty.

It’s not surprising the involvement of Giuliani and Mukasey would raise red flags. Giuliani, one of candidate Trump’s staunchest supporters, advises the president, in an unofficial capacity, on cybersecurity. Both his and Mukasey’s law firms have represented bank victims in Zarrab’s case, which prosecutors say may be a conflict of interest.

Trump fired Preet Bharara (pictured), the US attorney who launched the case against Zarrab. Giuliani’s company has also registered as a foreign agent for Turkey, a trait shared with another of Trump’s advisers: Michael Flynn.

The former Trump national security adviser had to register retroactively for work he performed in 2016 that could have benefited Turkey’s government. At the time, Flynn was a Trump campaign adviser. There have been no indications Flynn ever lobbied on Zarrab’s case.

Flynn’s foreign agent filing says his intelligence firm was hired by a company owned by a Turkish businessman close to Erdogan, and conducted research into a Muslim cleric and Erdogan foe who also emerges in Zarrab’s case.

If there’s intrigue about the defense team, it extends to the prosecution. Last month Trump fired Preet Bharara, the US attorney who launched the case against Zarrab, as part of a purge of Obama-era prosecutors.

Bharara was dismissed even though Trump made a point during the presidential transition of asking him to stay. Bharara’s possible replacement: Mukasey’s son, Marc Mukasey, who is frequently mentioned as a contender. That could put the younger Mukasey in charge of prosecuting the man his father has been trying to set free.

Bharara's possible replacement could be Mukasey's son, Marc Mukasey (pictured), who would be put in charge of prosecuting Zarrab, the man his father has been trying to set free

Bharara’s possible replacement could be Mukasey’s son, Marc Mukasey (pictured), who would be put in charge of prosecuting Zarrab, the man his father has been trying to set free

For Turkey, the saga is bigger than Zarrab’s case. It has its origins in a massive 2013 corruption scandal in Turkey involving allegations of bribery, fraud and smuggling. Zarrab and Turkish state-owned bank Halkbank were at the center of the storm. Homes linked to several top Erdogan lieutenants were raided and three sons of Turkish ministers detained.

Erdogan dismissed the allegations as a conspiracy by Fetullah Gulen, the Muslim cleric who lives in Pennsylvania and leads a global movement of schools and charities. The corruption scandal eventually subsided. Yet it contributed to a dramatic falling out between Erdogan – then Turkey’s prime minister – and Gulen, whose movement had long been allied with Erdogan’s party.

The rivalry has only grown worse. Turkey has been feverishly seeking Gulen’s extradition from the US after blaming him for a failed coup attempt last July that killed more than 270 people.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, had to register retroactively for work he performed in 2016 that could have benefited Turkey’s government. Gulen denies involvement in the coup, and the US has said Turkey’s evidence is unconvincing.

Although the Turkish charges against Zarrab were ultimately dropped, his subsequent arrest in the US has brought fresh attention to concerns about corruption in Turkey. Worsening matters for Erdogan, the deputy CEO of Halkbank, Mehmet Hakan Atilla, was arrested in New York this week on charges of conspiring with Zarrab. Turkey’s response has been forceful. Erdogan’s government has argued that Atilla’s prosecution is politically motivated.

And at a meeting this week with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu offered another explanation: Bharara, the former Manhattan prosecutor, is loyal to Gulen. ‘He retweets or likes everything that is anti-Turkey,’ Cavusoglu said.

Rudy Giuliani and ex-Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s attempts to throw out case of Turkish-American ‘money launderer’ raise questions about conflicts of interest after the pair met with the President Erdogan

  • Reza Zarrab, a Turkey-based business mogul, was arrested in Florida last year for allegedly laundering money for Iran
  • Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Attorney General Michael Mukasey are among those helping Zarrab
  • Turkey is pressing the Trump administration to get Zarrab’s case tossed

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What Will Happen to France Now that Macron is Elected?


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French Presidential Election 2017: Nothing Succeeds Like Success. Macron “Selected”. Billionaires and Bankers Rejoice

By Diana Johnstone

The list is long of billionaires, bankers and establishment figures who have a right to rejoice at the extraordinary success of a candidate who got elected President of the French Republic on the claim to be “an outsider”, whereas nobody in history has ever been so unanimously supported by all the insiders you can name.

France Chooses Banker Macron as President

By Jack Rasmus

Today France elected Emmanuel Macron, the former banker, as its next president. The voting result was 65% for Macron, a newcomer in the election cycle who didn’t even have a political party, but who did have the massive business backing and traditional political elites united behind him, providing unlimited media and financial assistance to his campaign.

Macron and Le Pen: Two Faces of the Same Con

By Gilbert Mercier

Macron’s trajectory is similar to that of Trump in the sense of pretending to be anti-establishment and not to belong to the conventional political class. Like Trump, Macron’s recipe for success is the made-up charm of the fake political outsider. Of course Macron is purely an establishment tool, a company man just like Trump, and he will be France’s next president, handpicked by the Rothschild family.

France: A Nation’s Conscience and the Question of Terror

By Adeyinka Makinde

One constant in these episodes of national meditation has been the matter of re-asserting pride in La Grande Nation. The restoration of national pride as well as the reassertion of national independence formed the backdrop to President de Gaulle’s resistance to the irresistible rise of the American empire which saw de Gaulle evicting Nato from its original headquarters in Paris, removing France from the military command hierarchy of the United States dominated Nato and maintaining a nuclear deterrence capability independent of America.

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Google’s Dominance in America’s Primary and Secondary Schools


Revealed in EdWeek Market Brief Special Report: National survey of K-12 teachers and administrators from Education Week finds Google is beating Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft in the battle for the classroom


EdWeek Market Brief today released an exclusive report that takes stock of educator perceptions of four giants in the technology world, and how they stack up against each other and versus four major education-focused companies. The report—Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft: How 4 Tech Titans Are Reshaping the Ed-Tech Landscape—finds that Google consistently earns top marks from K-12 teachers and administrators asked to rate the companies’ devices, productivity tools, and ability to improve student achievement.

Source: EdWeek Market Brief

Across nearly every category, the nationally-representative survey of 1,000 K-12 teachers and district administrators identifies Google (GOOGL) as the clear winner.

Google beat out fellow tech titans Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), and Microsoft (MSFT) and also eclipsed four large education industry players examined in the study, Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt (HMHC), McGraw-Hill, Pearson (PSO), and Scholastic (SCHL).

Even though Google is a large, multi-national corporation with interests that extend well beyond K-12 schools, survey results suggest that educators view it as a bona fide education company.

“Educators and industry analysts say Google has gained major ground in the market by meeting schools’ demand for simple, easy-to-integrate products,” says EdWeek Market Brief Senior Editor Sean Cavanagh. “Apple and Microsoft, meanwhile, are convinced that their products meet the needs of teachers and students in richer ways than Google does, and that their products will eventually win out.”

Key report findings include:

  • More than half of educators (52 percent) said they would hire Google, when asked which of the eight companies they would choose to improve student achievement in their school districts. Just 13 percent favored the next most popular option, Apple Education. Scholastic finished third with 9 percent and was the top choice among the four education-focused companies included in the survey.
  • Google’s low-cost Chromebooks are the school-provided devices used most often for instructional purposes in U.S. schools. Forty-two percent of educators identified Chromebooks as the most-used device in their districts and classrooms.
  • And G-Suite/Google Classroom is the hands-down favorite when it comes to productivity tools. More than two-thirds of educators (68 percent) said these Google products are their most-used productivity solutions for school-related purposes. By comparison, 17 percent of educators said the same of Microsoft’s Office 365 and Classroom products, while Apple’s iWork and Classroom reached just 1 percent.
  • Google’s dominance shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. More than three-quarters of educators predict that that they will use Chromebooks and Google tools “more” or “a lot more” for instructional purposes over the next five years. Fewer than 5 percent predict usage will decrease during that period.

To help tell the story behind these exclusive survey results, EdWeek Market Brief produced in-depth reporting and analysis examining just how Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are providing schools with operating systems, devices, tools, and platforms that educators believe are having a powerful influence on student learning.

The original reporting behind the project is available at the EdWeek Market Brief website here.

A detailed report with analyses from the national survey of teachers and district leaders is available to download here.

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Naziyahu Government Debates Evicting United Nations from Jerusalem in Wake of Scathing UNESCO Resolution

Netanyahu Government Debates Evicting United Nations from Jerusalem in Wake of Scathing UNESCO Resolution

The Israeli government held a debate on Sunday, vowing to kick out UN and affiliated agencies from its longstanding offices in East Jerusalem, as proposed by a minister of culture, after UNESCO passed a strongly-worded resolution, labeling Israel “the occupying power.”

While no information on the outcome of the meeting is yet available, there is only a slight chance that such an idea could be actually translated into action with the Israeli Foreign Ministry reportedly warning of repercussions.

“The professional opinion that will be presented is that Israel is signatory to an agreement with the UN and other international conventions under which the UN headquarters is granted diplomatic immunity,” a senior Foreign ministry source said ahead of the meeting, as cited by Haaretz.

The unnamed official added that the Foreign Ministry would remind Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev, who has been a driving force behind the initiative, and the like-minded ministerial officials, of the necessity to heed international treaties.

The adverse consequences can be avoided in only one case, he said, which, however, appears to be highly unlikely.

“The only way to expel the UN headquarters from the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood is if the UN decides to vacate it on its own accord,” the ministry was expected to warn, according to the official.

The controversial proposal from within Israel’s power circles was triggered by an Arab-sponsored resolution passed by the UN culture body, the UNESCO, last week, provoking massive backlash in Israel.

The resolution, introduced by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan and passed by UNESCO on Tuesday saw 22 countries casting their votes for the motion versus 10 against. Three countries did not attend the vote while a majority, 23 representatives, declared their abstention.

The document chastised Israel for its rampant construction activity in East Jerusalem, in particular, calling out

“Israeli occupying authorities” for their failure to “cease the persistent excavations, tunneling, works and projects in East Jerusalem, particularly in the Old City of Jerusalem, which are illegal under international law.”

It went on to stress that all steps by the Israeli authorities that

“have altered or purport to alter the character and status” Jerusalem should be deemed “null and void and must be rescinded forthwith.”

The resolution and its wording immediately drew ire from the Israeli officials, with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu blasting it as a “delusional resolution” and a “harassment” which “has a price.” 

Following up his menacing words with a deed, Netanyahu announced that he had tasked the Foreign Ministry to cut $1 million form the Israeli funds bound to the UN.

Israel is no stranger to such penalties in response to what it perceives as hostile actions on the part of the UN. Back in March, the Israeli government already employed a similar measure, slashing $2 million from its annual UN contribution, citing “hostile resolutions” by UN’s Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Regev then went even further, saying that there is no point of harboring a UN compound in East Jerusalem, claiming that Israeli authorities

“have been sovereign in the city for 50 years, so there is no need for UN monitors.”

“They were given use of the compound to oversee the ceasefire agreement from the Six-Day War. It’s an agreement that is no longer relevant. This saga has to end,” the minister said last week in an interview to Israel’s Channel 2, as cited by The Jerusalem Post.

Contrary to the outrage voiced by Tel Aviv, Palestine hailed the resolution. In a statement, following the vote, Palestine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs commended the organization for not caving in to “the campaign of intimidation, political bullying, and misinformation” it said Israel was waging to undermine the discussion and deflect attention “from the real and important issues addressed in the resolution.”

The UN headquarters is in Armon Hanatzv, a neighborhood in southern East Jerusalem, hosting officers of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO), those of UNESCO and the UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process.

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Confirmed by OPCW: Terrorists Used Illegal Chemical Weapons in Aleppo–Organisation Refuses to Investigate Alleged False Flag Attack in Idlib


Russia blasted the international community’s refusal to investigate the apparent false flag chemical attack said to have happened on 4 April of this year.


A report from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has concluded that terrorists who formerly operated in Aleppo prior to its liberation by Russian and Syrian troops, had used illegal chemical weapons on civilian populations. 

The terrorists, referred to as ‘moderate rebels’ by western mainstream media were found to have used sulphur mustard gas during their criminal occupation of East Aleppo.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that it is satisfied with the OPCW’s findings.

While the Russian Foreign Ministry praised the OPCW for its exhaustive investigation in Aleppo, Russia blasted the same organisation for refusing to even visit the site of the infamous alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib Governorate, said to have occurred on the 4th of April, 2017.

In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated,

“So-called investigations into the Khan-Shaykhun (attack) and the above-mentioned Human Rights Watch do not stand up to any criticism. All relevant conclusions are mostly made on witnesses’ testimonies, with practically all of them given online. What is more, the witnesses are exclusively members of Syrian opposition”.

The statement continued,

“We insist that experts of the OPCW-UN Joint Mission (on the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons) should be immediately dispatched to Khan-Shaykhun and Shayrat air base, where bombs with sarin nerve agent were allegedly stored, to carry out a professional and impartial investigation at the scene.

The goal could be reached given all the procedures stipulated in the Chemical Weapons Convention are observed”.

The United States appears to have no interest in investigating an incident that is widely believed to be a false flag.

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Fukushima: Japanese Government Guilty of Destroying Pacific Ocean

The Japanese Government has been ordered to pay tens of millions in compensation after it was found guilty of negligence causing the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Reports also claim that the ruling could also include other pacific nations like the US who could also be eligible for compensation from the Japanese government who has effectively poisoned the entire Pacific Ocean and damaged the world’s food chain beyond repair. YNW reports: The nuclear plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings, was also found guilty of negligence that led to the disaster that nuclear experts say will likely continue affecting wildlife and humans for the next 250,000 years.

Friday’s stunning ruling by the Maebashi District Court was the first to recognize negligence by the state and Tepco. Previously the Japanese government and Tepco, a subsidiary of General Electric, had strongly denied any wrongdoing, arguing they were the victims of bad luck. The judge called the massive tsunami “predictable” and said the major nuclear disaster, which is responsible for 300 tons of radioactive water entering the Pacific Ocean every single day, could have been avoided. According to Japan Times:

The district court ordered the two to pay damages totaling ¥38.55 million to 62 of 137 plaintiffs from 45 households located near the plant, which suffered a triple meltdown caused by the tsunami, awarding ¥70,000 to ¥3.5 million in compensation to each plaintiff. The plaintiffs had demanded the state and Tepco pay compensation of ¥11 million each — a total of about ¥1.5 billion — over the loss of local infrastructure and psychological stress they were subjected to after being forced to relocate to unfamiliar surroundings.

Citing a government estimate released in July 2002, the court said in the ruling that

“Tepco was capable of foreseeing several months after (the estimate) that a large tsunami posed a risk to the facility and could possibly flood its premises and damage safety equipment, such as the backup power generators.”

Image result for Japanese Tepco

It pointed out that the state should have ordered Tepco to take bolstered preventive measures, and criticized the utility for prioritizing costs over safety. Fukushima radiation has contaminated the entire Pacific Ocean. The nuclear disaster has contaminated the world’s largest ocean in only five years and it’s still leaking 300 tons of radioactive waste every day. According to a True Activist report:

Radioactive Debris from Fukushima approaching North America’s western coast.

If that weren’t bad enough, Fukushima continues to leak an astounding 300 tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean every day. It will continue do so indefinitely as the source of the leak cannot be sealed as it is inaccessible to both humans and robots due to extremely high temperatures. It should come as no surprise, then, that Fukushima has contaminated the entire Pacific Ocean in just five years. This could easily be the worst environmental disaster in human history and it is almost never talked about by politicians, establishment scientists, or the news. It is interesting to note that TEPCO is a subsidiary partner with General Electric (also known as GE), one of the largest companies in the world, which has considerable control over numerous news corporations and politicians alike. Could this possibly explain the lack of news coverage Fukushima has received in the last five years? There is also evidence that GE knew about the poor condition of the Fukushima reactors for decades and did nothing. This led 1,400 Japanese citizens to sue GE for their role in the Fukushima nuclear disaster – and now have been found guilty.

Even if we can’t see the radiation itself, some parts of North America’s western coast have been feeling the effects for years. Not long after Fukushima, fish in Canada began bleeding from their gills, mouths, and eyeballs. This “disease” has been ignored by the government and has decimated native fish populations, including the North Pacific herring. Elsewhere in Western Canada, independent scientists have measured a 300% increase in the level of radiation. According to them, the amount of radiation in the Pacific Ocean is increasing every year. Why is this being ignored by the mainstream media? It might have something to do with the fact that the US and Canadian governments have banned their citizens from talking about Fukushima so “people don’t panic.”

Further south in Oregon, USA, starfish began losing legs and then disintegrating entirely when Fukushima radiation arrived there in 2013. Now, they are dying in record amounts, putting the entire oceanic ecosystem in that area at risk. However, government officials say Fukushima is not to blame even though radiation in Oregon tuna tripled after Fukushima. In 2014, radiation on California beaches increased by 500 percent. In response, government officials said that the radiation was coming from a mysterious “unknown” source and was nothing to worry about. However, Fukushima is having a bigger impact than just the West coast of North America. Scientists are now saying that the Pacific Ocean is already radioactive and is currently at least 5-10 times more radioactive than when the US government dropped numerous nuclear bombs in the Pacific during and after World War II. If we don’t start talking about Fukushima soon, we could all be in for a very unpleasant surprise.

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Trump: Cancel Your Saudi Trip, Play More Golf


President Trump is about to embark on his first foreign trip, where he will stop in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican, before attending a NATO meeting in Brussels and the G-7 summit in Sicily. The media and pundits have loudly wondered why hasn’t he gone on a foreign trip sooner. I wonder why go at all?

What does the president hope to achieve with these meetings? This is a president who came into office with promises that we would finally start to mind our own business overseas. In December, he said that the policy of US “intervention and chaos” overseas must come to an end. Instead, he is jumping into a region – the Middle East – that has consumed the presidencies of numerous of his predecessors.

On Saudi Arabia, President Trump has shifted his position from criticism of the Saudi regime to a seemingly warm friendship with Saudi deputy crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. He has approved weapons sales to Saudi Arabia that President Obama had halted due to Saudi human rights abuses, particularly in its horrific war on Yemen.

Image result for trump and bin salman

President Donald Trump and Prince Mohammad bin Salman

While visiting Saudi Arabia, one of the most extreme theocracies on earth – where conversion to Christianity can bring the death penalty – President Trump will attend a meeting of Muslim leaders to discuss the threats of terrorism and religious extremism. No, not in Saudi Arabia, but in Iran, where Christianity is legal and thriving!

Perhaps President Trump’s flip-flop on Saudi Arabia was inspired by the ten separate Washington, D.C. public relations firms the Kingdom keeps on the payroll, at a cost of $1.3 million per month. That kind of money can really grease the policy wheels in Washington.

From there, the US President will travel to Israel. Does he believe he will finally be able to solve the 70 year old Israel-Palestine conflict by negotiating a good deal? If so, he’s in for a surprise.

The problem persists partly because we have been meddling in the region for so long. Doing more of the same is pretty unlikely to bring about a different result. How many billions have we spent propping up “allies” and bribing others, and we’re no closer to peace now than when we started. Maybe it’s time for a new approach. Maybe it’s time for the countries in the Middle East to solve their own problems. They have much more incentive to reach some kind of deal in their own neighborhood.

Likewise his attendance at the NATO meeting is not very encouraging to those of us who were pleased to hear candidate Trump speak the truth about the outdated military alliance. We don’t need to strong-arm NATO members to spend more money on their own defense. We need to worry about our own defense. Our military empire – of which NATO is an arm – makes us weaker and more vulnerable. Minding our own business and rejecting militarism would make us safer.

Many pundits complain that President Trump spends too much time golfing. I would rather he spend a lot more time golfing and less time trying to solve the rest of the world’s problems. We cannot afford to be the policeman or nursemaid to the rest of the world, particularly when we have such a lousy record of success.

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