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Zionist Christian Bigot Farron Sacks former MP David Ward

Zionist Christian Bigot Farron Sacks former MP David Ward for Calling the Jewish Nazi regime an Apartheid State – The Truth is Anti-Semitic
Liberal-Democrats Demonstrate that they are neither Liberal nor Democratic

Tim Farron is probably the most lightweight leader that the Liberals/Lib Dems have ever had, despite pretty strong competition.  He is also the most right-wing and again the competition is pretty stiff.

Over 4 years ago David Ward, the then MP for Bradford East had the whip withdrawn for 3 months for asking “Am I wrong or are am I right? At long last the Zionists are losing the battle – how long can the apartheid State of Israel last?”  Lib Dems withdraw party whip from MP David Ward over Israel comments   


people wanting Farron to be honest

Since Israel rules over 4.5 million Palestinians on the West Bank and operates two sets of laws and legal systems it is difficult to know how else to describe Israel other than an apartheid state.  In Israel itself the Arab minority is largely segregated from the Jewish population, for example there is a Jewish and an Arab education sector.  48% of Jewish Israelis want, according to the most recent Pew Research Centre Poll Israel’s Religiously Divided Society to physically expel Israel’s Arabs from the country.  Israel is a state which in January demolished a Bedouin village in the Negev, Umm Al-Hiran to make way for a Jewish town.  Quite how else would one describe that other than as apartheid?

David Ward – former MP deselected by bigot

Ward’s other offence was to have said that he was:

“saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps, be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.”

There is nothing anti-Semitic in this.  Israel calls itself a Jewish state so it’s not surprising that many people therefore ascribe its actions to Jews per se.  Of course David Ward should have said Zionist or Israeli Jews but there was nothing anti-Semitic in what he said.  It is a fact that most people confuse the actions of Israel with Jews and ask why it is that Jews who were one the victims of anti-Semitism are now the perpetrators of racism.  Their confusion is due to Zionist propaganda.

My letter defending David Ward when controversy broke – Guardian refused to publish similar letter this time around

However for Christian bigot and leader of the Lib Dems that was too much.  When another racist bigot, Eric Pickles the Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Israel asked what is known as a planted question in the House of Commons about David Ward’s selection as a Lib-Dem candidate, Theresa May insinuated that David Ward was anti-Semitic.

Tim Farron immediately jumped when May barked and David Ward was peremptorily sacked as a candidate despite having been democratically elected by members of the Bradford East CLP.  I am pleased to hear that he is now standing as an Independent and I wish him the best of luck.  Tim Farron sacks Lib Dem candidate for ‘offensive and antisemitic’ remarks

This has nothing to do with anti-Semitism and everything to do with a patently false and distorted definition of anti-Semitism, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which conflates anti-Zionism and opposition to the Israeli state with anti-Semitism and is therefore itself anti-Semitic.

Sue Perkins of Bakeoff calling out Farron’s weasel words

For a good explanation of why the IHRA definition of is bogus see the article by Sir Stephen Sedley, a former Court of Appeal Judge, in this months London Review of Books.  Stephen Sedley, former Judge at the Court of Appeal Criticises the IHRA Definition of anti-Semitism

For a good explanation of why Farron, despite attacking David Ward for fake anti-Semitism, is a bigot see Lib Dems’ Tim Farron regrets abstaining in gay marriage vote.  Still the Tory Telegraph came to his defence when Farron refused to answer a question on whether gay sex was a sin! Lib Dems’ Tim Farron regrets abstaining in gay marriage vote

I therefore decided to write a letter to Tim Farron and Naomi Wimborne-Iddrissi has penned a good article below and on the Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods site.  The Orwellian defenestration of David Ward

One hypocrite calling out another hypocrite

Dear Mr Farron,
I write, as someone who is Jewish, to protest your recent decision to prevent David Ward from standing as a Lib Dem candidate for Bradford East. I must confess that I don’t and never have supported the Lib Dems as they have always appeared to me to be a party without any principle.  Your coalition with the Conservatives when you presided over the reorganisation of the NHS, whose only purpose was to hasten its privatisation, is a case in point.  Your breaking of the promise not to raise tuition fees is another as was your collaboration in the cutting of benefits. David Ward is one of the few people in the Lib Dems who has stood up against the tide and given his support to the real victims in the Middle East, the Palestinians.  When Israel rules, as it has done for 50 years, over millions of people and refuses to accord them the same rights as its own Jewish citizens, whilst claiming their land as part of the biblical ‘Land of Israel’, then that is apartheid.  To stand up against that is not anti-Semitic, it is basic anti-racist solidarity. David Ward asked ‘“Am I wrong or are am I right? At long last the Zionists are losing the battle – how long can the apartheid State of Israel last?”  There is nothing in the least anti-Semitic in what David Ward said.  Israel is an apartheid state, even for its own Arab citizens.  Everyday legislation is passed which is targetted at Israel’s minority Palestinian population, a population which is considered a fifth column by Israel’s rulers.  A population that is considered a demographic threat to the majority Jewish population, a majority of whom favour the physical expulsion of Israel’s Arab citizens. You said in your response to other people when attempting to defend your decision that ‘I have been clear that I believe in a politics that is open, tolerant and united.’  Leaving aside your Christian Evangelical views on abortion and gays, which are anything but open and tolerant, your removal of David Ward as a candidate proves that you are a nasty and vicious McCarthyite, an insubstantial pipsqueak unfit to lead any political party, even one as reduced in circumstances as the Lib Dems Yours sincerely, Tony Greenstein

The Orwellian defenestration of David Ward

The moral panic about antisemitism rumbles on, crushing pro-Palestinian voices such as that of Malia Bouattia, former President of the National Union of Students, and taking its first general election scalp with the dumping of prospective parliamentary candidate David Ward by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron. See below the full story originally published by Free Speech on Israel.

We would like to be able to share with you the refreshing viewpoint of Jewish Bath University politics student Joanna Phillips, but we have not yet managed to obtain her permission to republish her piece in full. Read it here on the Jewish News website.

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi

The Orwellian defenestration of David Ward

It was inevitable that antisemitism smears would be deployed against supporters of Palestine at some point during #GE17. Even so it was a surprise to hear Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat party leader, cornered by pro-Israel lobbyist Eric Pickles in the House of Commons on Wednesday, appeasing the witch hunters by declaring that one of his own parliamentary candidates would be banned from standing.

The language used to denounce David Ward, former Lib Dem MP for Bradford East, as in so many of the cases we have seen in the Labour Party, the National Union of Students and elsewhere, takes us deep into Orwellian territory.

While Ward could probably sue the Jewish News for calling him “the Israel-hating, Jew-baiting former MP David Ward”, other media have been less hysterical but equally dishonest.

The Guardian’s coverage referred back to 2013 when it called Ward the “Liberal Democrat MP suspended by the party after questioning the continuing existence of the state of Israel”.

What had Ward actually written on his Twitter feed in July that year?

“Am I wrong or are am I right? At long last the Zionists are losing the battle – how long can the apartheid State of Israel last?”

It must be clear to all but the most partisan that Ward is talking here about the continuation of apartheid, not of Israel itself. It may be controversial to refer to Israel as an apartheid state, and it makes some people very cross, but it is decidedly not an expression of hatred of Jews.

Further yet, taking into account the legal opinion of Hugh Tomlinson QC on the definition of antisemitism adopted last December by Theresa May’s government, if Ward had in fact questioned the “continuing existence” of the state of Israel, that in itself could not be used to prove his antisemitism, since he has expressed no hostility to Jews as Jews.

This view has received a ringing endorsement in the pages of the London Review of Books from former Lord Justice of Appeal Sir Stephen Sedley (who happens to be Jewish).  Sedley wrote that the inadequacies of the definition so ardently embraced by Pickles and May allow “perceptions of Jews which fall short of expressions of racial hostility to be stigmatised as anti-Semitic.”

Exactly so.

The Lib Dem’s Farron said at a rally in St Albans on Wednesday that he found comments David Ward has made in the past “deeply offensive, wrong and antisemitic.”

So what has Ward said, apart from talking about apartheid Israel, that Farron might think fits this description?

According to LBC, “Mr Ward also caused controversy in 2013 when he wrote on his blog accusing ‘the Jews’ of atrocities against Palestinians. He was condemned by politicians, Jewish groups and Shoah survivors when he equated Jewish suffering in the Holocaust with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.”

This is another example of Orwellian word games. What Ward actually said on his website – and credit is due to the Spectator for taking the trouble to quote him in full – was that he was “saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps, be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.”

This is not “equating” Jewish suffering with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, it is lamenting the fact that one has followed historically upon the other. It is not “accusing” the Jews of atrocities, it is regretting that those who have suffered injustice in the past are now inflicting it on others.

I have, in discussions about the Middle East where my Jewish heritage comes up, heard countless questions worded almost identically to David Ward’s statement. It is an almost constant refrain – “How is it possible that people who have suffered so much can cause so much suffering to others?”

I recognise these questions for what they are – expressions of sincere concern and bafflement at a seemingly inexplicable state of affairs. They are based on the understandable misapprehension that the Israeli state, which calls itself “the Jewish state”, represents all Jews. They usually lead to productive discussions about the history of Israel and Palestine, offering me the opportunity to explain that – despite the claims made by and on behalf of state of Israel – very many of us do not identify with Israel and resent the erroneous assumption that we all share its ideology.

Ward would have done better to avoid using the problematic pair of words “the” and “Jews”. As Oxford philosopher Brian Klug has explained, a negative stereotype of “the Jew” is at the heart of antisemitism, projecting an illusory malign and mysteriously powerful figure onto individual Jews and Jewish organisations.

Ward apologised as soon as he realised how his words might be misread. After being dumped by Farron, he offered a creditable account of himself on his Facebook page, indicating that he well understands what antisemitism truly is and realises that generalisations about all Jews are unacceptable.

But he is hardly alone in making unwarranted generalisations. They come most often from people claiming to speak for “the Jewish community” as if this was an undifferentiated mass with no individual opinions. Now that is antisemitic!

If people making comments like David Ward’s express any hostility to Jewish people or give any hint of harbouring hateful feelings against us, I have no hesitation in chastising them for their antisemitism. But there is nothing in Ward’s comments of themselves that even hints at hatred of Jews – and this, as Sir Stephen Sedley reminds us, is what antisemitism is.

I have written to Tim Farron asking him to explain why he has departed from Nick Clegg’s view in 2013 that what David Ward said then was neither racist or antisemitic.

Maybe part of the answer lies with the extreme Zionist Campaign Against Antisemitism,which claimed that it had “worked with outraged Liberal Democrats to raise the issue with Mr Farron when news of Mr Ward’s selection broke.”

The CAA continued gleefully:

“The knockout blow was delivered by Sir Eric Pickles and the Prime Minister during Prime Minister’s Questions. Sir Eric praised the Prime Minister for adopting the International Definition of Antisemitism on behalf of the government, and asked whether she felt that all parties should “not just pay lip service to it, but to actually do something about it”, before attacking Mr Ward’s views.”

Farron obligingly caved in.

I will await with interest the Lib Dem leader’s response to my personal letter, which concluded:

We are on dangerous ground when we allow proponents of a partisan political (in this case pro-Israeli) stance to determine what may and may not be spoken about. Freedom of expression is seriously at risk here and you, as a Liberal Democrat, should be defending it, not conniving in its demise.”

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French prisons: Secluded camps to hire and train new ISIL fighters



French prisons: Secluded camps to hire and train new ISIL fighters. 60471.jpeg

AP photo

One of the prime goals for new President of France Emmanuel Macron is to completely eradicate terrorism in the country. The killing of a policeman on the Champs-Elysees shortly before the first round of the presidential election has once again reminded the French: the level of the terrorist threat in their country is extremely high.

French news agencies regularly report about efforts to prevent terrorist attacks in various regions of  France. On April 18, two men were arrested in Marseilles on suspicion of working on a terrorist attack. According to various estimates, at least 2,000 people in France are somehow connected with terrorist cells in Iraq and Syria, the National Office of the Interior of France said. Needless to say that the real figure can be a lot larger.

In today’s France, special services are simply unable to monitor all radicals and predict their actions. For example, the terrorist, who killed the policeman on the Champs Elysees, radicalised  himself during a very short period of time. Special services paid attention to him in December 2016, when he tried to get in touch with an ISIL fighter and acquire weapons. When the police searched his apartment, the police did not find anything suspicious there. The police had not given the man the “S” status which is assigned to particularly dangerous radicals to track their movements.

Paradoxically, the weakening of terrorist forces in Iraq and Syria does not mean that the risk of terrorist attacks in France is declining. ISIL’s retreat only means that hundreds of militants with French passports will return to Europe. Since 2012, more than a thousand French people have taken the side of terrorists. Even if some of them have returned home, it does not mean that they have abandoned their ideas, French journalist David Thomson believes.

Radicals continue their subversive activities even in jail, where they propagate jihad and find new supporters. In late 2016, the French penitentiary service said that as many as 1,500 inmates were “in the process of radicalisation.” It is worth recollecting the Champs-Elysees terrorist here again. The man had spent 14 years of his life in prison. For the first time, he was jailed for an attempt to attack police officers. Four years ago, he found himself behind the bars again, for theft offence.

Many present-day jihadists are former criminals who served sentences in French prisons. The above-mentioned two men, who were arrested in Marseilles, met in a prison cell. According to David Thomson, radicalism attracts those who share aversion to the French political system and state institutions. Prison circles contribute to the dissemination of this ideology, the journalist says. This is what had happened to the Champs-Elysees attacker: the man was despising the French police long before he became a radical.

Emmanuel Macron will have to look for a solution to the problem of prisons that to not actually serve as penitentiary institutions, but virtually appear as camps, where new radicals are hired and trained. Macron will have to raise the efficiency of French special services and prevent the recruitment of people from poor levels of the French population. Those people are deeply dissatisfied with what the French society offers them today, so they prefer to turn to radical movements. One should bear in mind the fact that most French terrorists come from problem areas of the entire territory of France, and those people have no education at all. Yet, to eradicate terrorism, the French will need a lot more time than one presidential term.

France is losing ethnic integrity

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Mossadist philosopher and murderer Bernard Henry Levy gets pied in Serbia


Henry Bernard Levy once argued that Heinrich Himmler stood trial at Nuremberg!

Bernard Henry Levy, who goes by BHL, is an interesting character. He is a flaming Zionist.[1] Like the New York Jewish intellectuals of the 1920s and 30s, BHL ended up rejecting Communism on the one hand but upholding radical Zionist views on the other.

In the late 1960s, BHL himself declared that he was “aligned with the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist movement of the time, but in my own ways…”[2] BHL’s “genius” lies not in the work he has produced as a public intellectual but in summoning some of the stupidest or dumbest statements ever uttered by a public figure.

For example, he once argued that Heinrich Himmler stood trial at Nuremberg![3] This idea was quickly challenged by French Jewish historian Pierre Vidal-Nacquet.[4] Levy’s “intellectual dishonesty,” says Vidal-Nacquet,is properly unfathomable.

This is not the first time that BHL has summoned his own invention and coming up with crazy ideas.[5] (He studied philosophy under Jacques Derrida, a Jewish philosopher who played an influential role in bringing about postmodernism into the West, most particularly at places like Yale University.[6]) BHL denounced Immanuel Kant as a madman![7]

BHL then lays the cat out of the bag when he concludes that his conviction is “the moral and spiritual tradition in which I grew up. For me, it’s the definition of Judaism. Being Jewish means having more obligations than rights.”[8]

And then this: “The Talmud is democracy in practice. The Jewish Nation invented the notion that the truth lies in the most heated argument.”[9]

First of all, BHL does not really believe that truth lies in the most heated argument. If that were the case, then why is my good friend Dr. Fredrick Toben still being prosecuted for challenging the tenets of the Holocaust narrative? Why did they put him in prison for months? Toben has been putting the Holocaust establishment to the test and is asking that he be judged on the basis of evidence and arguments, not on the basis of an ideology. As he has recently told me:

“If you take away my freedom to think and to speak, then you take away my humanity, and you commit a crime against humanity because TRUTH is my defence.”

Will BHL defend Toben? Will he tell Europe to stop harassing the man on stupid charges? Will he meet Toben on the basis of truth? Will he ever try to understand what Toben is actually saying? Of course not.

Obviously BHL is not really a philosopher who is interested in the pursuing the truth. He is interested in spreading an essentially Talmudic ideology in the West and the Middle East. That is why he finds it comfortable to write books such as The Genius of Judaism.

More importantly, if BHL is right in saying that the Talmud is democracy in practice, then by deduction BHL deludes himself into believing that he has been producing democracy in Libya. In other words, what is viewed as chaos and mayhem by any serious thinker is democracy for BHL. In that sense, BHL is indirectly and ideologically anti-reason.

Furthermore, if the Talmud is democracy in practice, what does it actually teach? The Talmud for example permitted a woman to molest a young boy because “the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act.”[10] It also teaches that “a child less than nine years old cannot…be the object of sodomy” (BT Sanhedrin 54b).

But what about democracy itself? Does the Talmud teach it? Well, it depends on what you meant by democracy. For people like BHL, democracy means allowing The Chosen to kill, steal, and destroy whatever they do not like. The Jewish Encyclopedia, interpreting the Talmud, summarizes it best: “Only Israelites are men’ … Gentiles they classed not as men but as barbarians.”

“Judah ben Illai recommends the daily recital of the benediction: “Blessed be thou … who has not made me a goi [or Gentile].” It gets better: “He who smites an Israelite on the cheek is as though he has thus assaulted the divine presence…The Talmud outlawed the issue [or children] of a Gentile as that of a beast…The best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed.”[11]

If BHL wants to tell us that this is democracy, then we have a serious problem. One can say that this is one reason why BHL promoted the destruction of Libya. The same BHL also advocated that the West must invade Syria, obviously for Israel.

What was really risible was that BHL reproduced the categorical lie that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.[12] But there is more to this Mossadist philosopher than meets the eye and ear. BHL declared that Putin has never been interested in the truth and that the West should never let “a former KGB [strut] across the stage.”[13]

I just couldn’t hold my laughter here. BHL admitted that he was a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, and now he is condemning Putin for being a former KGB! I guess BHL has good reasons to say that Kant is a madman because Kant would have almost certainly argued that BHL should be placed behind padded cells. Gordon Duff was absolutely right when he said that BHL is actually a “Mossadist philosopher.” BHL “is heavily scrutinized for his role in pushing for and supporting NATO’s 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia…”[14]

BHL has recently given a lecture in Belgrade, Serbia, talking about democracy again, and he literally got splashed by a pie-wielding writer by the name of Noël Godin. Godin, we are told, has pied Levy at least seven times since 1985, the last time in 2015.” One observer tweeted:

“Pictures of Bernard Henri-levy getting pied in the face are some of the greatest moments of modern history.”[15]

Right after he was squashed, BHL said to a young man who was holding a banner: “Long live democracy in Belgrade.” This was actually a response to the banner the young man was holding which said: “Bernard Levy advocates imperialist murders.”

[1]  “Bernard-Henry Levy: I Have Never Seen an Army as Democratic as the IDF,” Haaretz, May 30, 2010; Attila Somfalvi, “Bernard-Henri Levy: Israel Secular Miracle,” Y-Net News, May 31, 2010.

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Vladimir Putin to US journalist: Don’t be an idiot


“Putin inherited a ransacked and bewildered country, with a poor and demoralized people. And he started to do what was possible — a slow and gradual restoration. These efforts were not noticed, nor appreciated, immediately.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn

“Do these people have any common sense at all?”

One doesn’t have to agree with everything that Putin does in order to give him some credit. You have to at least agree that he is way too smart for US journalists who do not want to play by the rules. You can say that he is intrepid when he is answering questions from journalists. If he has to scold you really bad, he will do it.

A CBS reporter has recently asked Putin: “How will the firing of James Comey affect US-Russia relations?” Putin responded:

There will be no effect. Your question seems ridiculous to me. Don’t be angry with me. We have nothing to do with that. President Trump is acting in accordance with his competence and in accordance with his law and Constitution. And what about us? Why us? You see I’m going to go play hockey. You’re invited.”

In other words, why is the journalist asking Putin a question that has everything to do with the US and Americans and virtually little to do with Russia? If Trump decides to fire James Comey, that’s his prerogative.

Furthermore, didn’t NWO agent relentlessly declare that Russia hacked the US election? Why do they really think that a smart man like Putin would answer a question that has nothing to do with him? Sadly, both the Time and the New York Daily News seemed to have insinuated that Putin’s answer to the reporter was weird,[1] which is another way of saying that Putin is probably in denial.

You see, you are welcome to say that Putin is part of the New World Order, but I would respectfully disagree with you. Putin has his own flaws, as we all do. But are we seriously looking for a perfect leader?

The fact that Putin has challenged the New World Order ideology in Syria should at least be a piece of evidence which indicates that Putin is not part of the essentially diabolical system that seeks to destroy much of the West and the Middle East.

[1] Aric Jenkins, “Vladimir Putin Says Russia Had ‘Nothing to Do With’ James Comey Firing,” Time, May 10, 2017; “SEE IT: Vladimir Putin grins, says ‘we have nothing to do with’ James Comey firing before ice hockey game,” NY Daily News, May 10, 2017.

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Zionist Propaganda Machine Targets Russia


12-minute Russian-language video, released on the day Russia celebrates the anniversary of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany, shows man dressed in a black jump suit kneeling in a desert scene.

[Editor’s note: Some may call this ‘Fake News’ or ‘Alternative Facts’ but I prefer to call it what it is – the same old, tired and worn out Zionist disinfo bullshit. It comes from the same discredited and exposed shills that have been publishing these fake ISIS beheading videos since day one – the SITE group run by American-Israeli Rita Katz, a Zionist Jew who has forged a career as a whining talking head on mainstream TV spewing the same old Israeli rhetoric about the evils of Islam and how we should all be afraid, very afraid….

This time SITE has chosen to target it’s ISIS terror video specifically at Russia, releasing it on the day Russia celebrates its victory in The Great Patriotic War, AKA World War Two. I expect this video has had precisely zero effect on the morale of Russian servicemen or the Russian population as a whole, in fact, I suspect that a majority of them will know it is fake because it comes from SITE as a lot of Russians are pretty well informed about the Zionists and their agenda.

Russia has been the mortal enemy of Zionism ever since the Varangian Rus crushed the Khazarian Empire over 12 centuries ago. In more recent times Russia has suffered tens of millions of dead due to the Zionists. Therefore, many Russians know who their enemy is and know that it hides today behind Israel and since Trump was installed, the US too.

Also, it is fair to say that the existence of this video should be taken by all Russians as a pat on the back for a job well done (thus far at least) as it is clear that it’s intent was to adversely affect the morale of Russian servicemen and the Russian population and that tells us that the people behind ISIS now see Russia as the greatest threat to them. Let us all hope that Russia continues to battle ISIS successfully, even if it does mean we are treated to more of these ISIS disinfo videos. Ian]

Jerusalem Post

Islamic State has issued a video showing the beheading of what it described as a Russian intelligence officer captured in Syria, the US-based SITE monitoring website reported on Tuesday.

The Russian Defense Ministry and the FSB security service were not immediately available for comment.

The 12-minute Russian-language video, released on the day Russia celebrates the anniversary of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany with military parades, showed the man dressed in a black jump suit kneeling in a desert scene and urging other Russian agents to surrender.

“This idiot believed the promises of his state not to abandon him if he was captured,”  he said before a bearded man beheaded him with a knife.

The authenticity of the recording and the identity of the man could not immediately be verified, nor was it clear when the killing occurred.

Russian forces are backing Syrian President Bashar Assad in his war with rebels and militants seeking to oust him. The video showed scenes of what it described as the aftermath of Russian bombing raids in Syria.

The Russian defense ministry says about 30 Russian servicemen have been killed since the start of the Kremlin’s operation there in September 2015.

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How 16 Russian Special Forces Took Out 300 Terrorists


A group of officers from the Russian Defense Ministry’s Special Operations Forces was decorated with medals for showing unprecedented courage in the fight against terrorists in Syria; the decree to this effect was earlier issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

May 10 saw four officers from the Russian Defense Ministry’s Special Operations Forces awarded medals for showing extraordinary courage combatting terrorists in Syria, according to Russia’s Rossiya-24 television channel.The relevant decree was earlier issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Rossiya-24 reported.

A group of officers from the Russian Defense Ministry's Special Operations Forces was awarded with medals for showing extraordinary courage combating terrorists in Syria

During an award ceremony, a commander of the group who was awarded a Gold Star and named a Hero of the Russian Federation said that they were part of a 16-strong Russian military unit which managed to successfully repulse attacks conducted by 300 jihadists.

“We avoided casualties due to good shelter and location. Besides, we had a good advantage in terms of armament and equipment, including thermal imaging sights. All this added to our success,” the commander said.

He also heaped praised on the courageous actions of each and every serviceman of the unit who was committed to fulfilling the tasks assigned to him.

The video shows the Russian Special Operation Forces’ actions in Syria.

Independent Russian security expert Igor Nikolaychuk told Sputnik that the terrorists were defeated also thanks to tactics employed in the preparation and use of Russian Special Forces’ groups.

“First and foremost, I would single out the strategies which have been in place since the Afghan war, when the problem of anti-terrorist activity was being resolved with the help of small-size, mobile and well-trained groups,” Nikolaychuk said, referring to the legendary Alfa anti-terrorist group.

“This is a very interesting story and much, as they say, remains behind the scenes. In any case, I think that glorious traditions will continue and we see that the work style of the Russian Special Forces was never scrapped,” he noted.

“Training is constantly being improved, and the current Special Operations Forces are touted as highly professional and elite troops,” Nikolaychyuk concluded.

Throughout the civil war in Syria, government troops have fought numerous opposition groups and terrorist organizations such as Daesh, which is outlawed in Russia; the conflict has lasted about six years.In March 2017, Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi, the chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate, said that Russia’s Aerospace Forces and Special Operations Forces played a key role in decimating Daesh terrorists in the battle for the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.

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Censorship outrage! Left Forum bans anti-Zionism, 9/11 truth – Muslim perspective not welcome, false flags are taboo


Pressured by Zionists, the Left Forum – America’s biggest gathering of leftists scheduled for June 2nd-4th in New York City – has canceled three events focusing on 9/11 truth and false flag terrorism. This act of censorship sends a clear message: Muslims, who have been mass-murdered by the millions in the pre-planned anti-Islam holocaust unleashed by the 9/11 operation and its follow-up false flags, must be prevented from conveying their analysis to the thousands of people at the Forum.

Full titles of the banned events:

9/11 Truth: Ground Zero for a Resistance Movement

False Flags: Staged, Scripted, Mass Psy-Op Event

“Terrorism”: Fake Enemies, Fraudulent Wars 

Polls show that the vast majority of the world’s Muslims believes that 9/11 was a false flag operation and the “war on terror” is a disguised war on Islam. Even the most liberal, pro-Western, anti-fundamentalist Muslim leaders like Khaled Abou El Fadl, America’s leading academic expert on Islamic legal traditions, now say that the official story of 9/11 is obviously bogus —and  that 9/11 triggered a disguised war on Islam.

Listen to Prof. Khaled Abou El Fadl apologize for his years of acquiescing to the official myth of 9/11

Leftists are normally sympathetic to persecuted groups, and want to “give them a voice.” So why is the Left Forum silencing Muslims?

The answer is that Zionist Jews have used their money and power to suppress the Muslim-majority viewpoint, not just at the Left Forum, but throughout the West. The main Zionist talking point – backed up by vast sums of money and outsized influence in media, politics, academia, and think tanks and foundations – is that the Muslim-majority viewpoint is “anti-Semitic.”

The Left Forum canceled the proposed panels under pressure from the notorious Zionist thought police group Political Research Associates. PRI attack dog Spencer Sunshine sent the Left Forum Board a long, libelous letter accusing me and others of various thoughtcrimes.

Read the full text of Spenser Sunshine’s letter demanding that 9/11 truth, anti-Zionism and the Muslim-majority viewpoint on these and other issues be suppressed from the Left Forum

Sunshine’s letter singled out yours truly, the only Muslim participant in the panels. The letter begins:

I am writing to you, on behalf of a group of NYC activists, to express our objection to a number of antisemitic conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers who appeared on the “Deep State” track” last year. The most well-known of these speakers, Kevin Barrett, bragged on the Far Right website Veterans Today that they had tricked the Left Forum into hosting their speakers…

A Left Forum Board source who was present at the Board meeting that canceled the panels stated to a journalist:

I understand they found Kevin Barrett screeds anti Semitic but to punish a whole panel & topic because of one person is very reactionary oppressive and authoritarian and counter to their educational mission. 

The expression “anti-Semitic” is a Zionist dog-whistle for “a Muslim who articulately states the Muslim-majority viewpoint on the ‘war on terror,’ thereby posing a threat to Zionism.”

Spencer Sunshine of Political Research Associates

Zionists – whether hard-line “right-wing” extremists like Bibi Netanyahu or squishy “leftists” like Spenser Sunshine – know that Palestine has been Muslim-administered holy land virtually ever since Islam existed, and that the genocidal Zionist invasion, occupation, and ethnic cleansing of Palestine is an existential war on Islam (as well as an offense to Christianity and Palestinian Christians). As aggressors and genocide perpetrators, the Zionists depend on their control of Western media, both mainstream and “alternative,” to suppress the viewpoint of their victims. And they depend on their control over institutions like the Left Forum to prevent the victims’ viewpoint from being heard by the very people who are most sympathetic to the plight of persecuted and oppressed people – namely leftists.

“Visas for al-Qaeda” whistleblower J. Michael Springmann – hardly a supporter of political Islam – expressed his outrage at the Left Forum’s act of censorship in a letter mailed to the Left Forum board last week:

I am alternately appalled, outraged, and infuriated at your support for the wild, irrational, and unsubstantiated charges Spencer Sunshine filed with your organization . Sunshine is a tin-hat wearing conspiracy theorist. He is also a Zionist dedicated to the overthrow of the 1st Amendment.

Springmann’s letter concludes:

Your website states:  The Left Forum brings together national and international politics, people, ideas, and activism for a just, equitable, free, sustainable world beyond capitalism.  If that is true, you appear to have three choices:  (1.) immediately re-instate the banned panels; (2) resign; (3.) deal with the consequences. You and Spencer Sunshine are bullies. And, as the Palestinian activist Maria LaHood said, “…[T]he tactic of a bully is to silence, malign, or intimidate the speaker.”

Frankly, you and Spencer Sunshine give Jews a bad name.

Personally, I had not known that Spencer Sunshine was Jewish until he told me so when I called him up a couple of weeks ago to ask why he was trying to prevent me from speaking at the Left Forum. (All I knew is that he is associated with PRI, formerly headed by Chip Berlet, leader of efforts to prevent the left from learning the truth about the Kennedy assassinations, 9/11, and other Deep State events.) Listen to Sunshine’s hostile, paranoid reaction to my inquiry:

Please contact the Left Forum Board Members below. Ask them to reinstate the panels they have censored. Tell them that the Left Forum needs to hear what Muslims really think about 9/11 and the “War on Terror.”


​Phone: (212)817-2001

is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at CUNY Graduate Center, where he is Director of The Center for the Study of Culture, Technology and Work. He has taught at Staten Island Community College, University of California-Irvine, University of Paris, Columbia University, and University of Wisconsin. After working in metalworking factories in New York and New Jersey, Aronowitz became a union organizer for the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers’ Union. He is Founding Editor of Social Text and Situations, was Book Review Editor of Social Policy, and serves on the Editorial Board of Ethnography; Cultural Critique. He has authored and edited 23 books, including False Promises (1973), Science as Power (1988), Roll Over Beethoven (1993), How Class Works (2003), Just Around the Corner: The Paradox of the Jobless Recovery (2005) and Left Turn: Forging a New Political Future (2006). He edited and wrote the introduction for a 4-volume critical reception of C.Wright Mills (2004), and is currently writing a biography of Mills.


​is the Director of Digital and Social Media for Democracy at Work, a non-profit organization in New York City that develops and disseminates resources to generate, inform, advise, and sustain democratically organized enterprises.  Maria obtained her Masters Degree in Management from The College of St. Elizabeth in New Jersey.  She has over 15 years of leadership experience working in Higher Education.  Maria has been attending the Left Forum for 20 years.  Her passion and enthusiasm for Leftism began in adolescence and continues to this day.  She currently lives in Woodland Park, NJ with her husband and two children..


is a long time Brooklyn-based organizer. A board member since January 2017, Samantha is the elected volunteer representative on the Left Forum board of directors. Samantha obtained her Masters Degree in Political Science with a concentration in Urban Policy and Public Administration from Brooklyn College. She is a passionate advocate and organizer and much of her community work has focused on issues affecting youth and children; as a mentor and educator, she has been an advocate of educational opportunity for over 15 years. Since 2010, she has helped to coordinate multiple local Haitian relief efforts, as well as, served as a volunteer with the National Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals. Though new to the board, Samantha has been a core left forum organizer for years. Having led efforts and initiatives in registration and volunteer coordination since 2013, she has been instrumental in the implementation of the recent artistic and operational developments of the LF conference


is Associate Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department at College of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx. Her first book, The American Surfer: Radical Culture and Capitalism, was published by Routledge in 2011 and examined the politics of American surf culture during the twentieth century. She is a member of the editorial collective of the journal Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination; her work has been published there as well as in several edited collections, Z Magazine, and the digital forum of the Social Science Research Council. Dr. Lawler received her Ph.D. from the CUNY Graduate Center and worked as a staff organizer for the PSC, the CUNY faculty union. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children. She is currently at work on her new book, Sabotage: A Political History.

ROB ROBINSON or 212-253-1710 ext. 319

is a Special Adviser to the Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights. He is  co-founder of the Take Back the Land National Movement and a member of the US Human Rights Network.  Rob spent two and a half years, homeless in Miami and ten months in a New York City homeless shelter. He eventually escaped his cycle of homelessness and has been in the housing movement in New York City since 2007. In the fall of 2009, Rob was chosen to be chairperson for the first ever official visit of a UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing. Rob has worked with homeless populations in Budapest Hungary and Berlin Germany. He is connected with housing movements in South Africa and Brazil. He is a member of a social justice media collective which produces and airs a monthly radio show over WBAI in New York City called Global Movements Urban Struggles.​​



is Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of the New School University in New York. Wolff has also taught economics at Yale University, the City University of New York, and the University of Paris I (Sorbonne). In 2010 he co-founded Democracy at Work and since 2011, he has hosted the weekly radio and TV program, “Economic Update,” now syndicated on 75 stations across the US and beyond. His publications, current research, and teaching concentrate on analyzing the global capitalist crisis. His most recent book (2016) isCapitalism’s Crisis Deepens. In 2009, he produced a documentary film entitled Capitalism Hits the Fan and a book entitled Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About It. Together with his frequent co-author, the late Stephen Resnick, he also published New Departures in Marxian Theory (2006) and Class Theory and History: Capitalism and Communism in the USSR (2002). Wolff’s work can be seen at and


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Al-Nusra denounces Syrian support for de-escalation Zones as ‘treachery’


… from  Sputnik News, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Well it looks like trouble has come to jihadi paradise. The al Qaeda/al Nusra crowd has issued a fatwa against any of the “moderate” Syrian opposition groups, such that they will be attacked for complying in any way with the deescalation zone program.

Damascus had anticipated this, and to a degree so has the US, as it has pushed training camp facilities over the border from Jordan to southern Syria to train and prepare the FSA to fight al Nusra. Of course, this is a ruse to Balkanize Syria by expanding territory under the control of the FSA, and by extension, the US coalition.

I can’t see the FSA fighting and dying in battles with al Nusra just to turn the territory over to Damascus prior to a final political settlement.

But that said, Damascus could look at this as a good trade off, the FSA and al Nusra killing each other, with the SAA concentrating on ISIS, and dealing with any offensive opposition groups later when they attack Syrian forces. There is a dangerous issue remaining with the US and Israel, as they support airstrike missions in southern Syrian that could put them in conflict with Syrian and Russian air defenses. 

Overall, any day the jihadis want to fight each other is a good day. More important, and less talked about, is what will be done to choke off replacement fighters and logistical support from flowing into Syria to keep the proxy fighting going endlessly, including an endless terror bombing campaign after a “settlement” is reached.

At the end of the day, if there is not stricter border controls, the Syrian people will endure endless carnageJim W. Dean ]

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Al Nusra declares war on opposition groups that comply with the safe zones

Tahrir al-Sham denounces Syrian support for de-escalation Zones as treachery

– First published  …  May 11,  2017 – 

A coalition of groups spearheaded by al-Qaeda’s former affiliate in Syria has issued a stern warning against the implementation of safe zones, saying those groups who adhere to the Astana accord would be deemed traitors of the Syrian revolution.

The fatwa essentially aims to warn moderate rebel groups against abiding by the Russian, Iranian and Turkish-sponsored ceasefire agreement.

The statement released by Tahrir al-Sham, led by al-Qaeda’s former arm in Syria, Jabhat Fateh al-sham, also known as the the Nusra Front, threatened to wage an unrelenting war on other Syrian rebel groups, such as the so-called Free Syrian Army, if those groups follow the terms of the agreements signed by Russia, Iran and Turkey recently.

The deal propounds the idea of dividing Syria into “de-escalation zones, areas in which fighting and bombing would be prohibited. Tahrir al-Sham dismissed the deal, arguing that it is a conspiracy theory by the powers against the Syrian revolution. Subsequently, the jihadi coalition argued it would begin launching attacks against any and all Syrian rebel groups that support the zones.

“Accepting the Astana agreement is a betrayal of god, his messenger and the believers, as it is the betrayal of the blood spilt in efforts attempting to liberate al-Sham [Syria] from the hands of the disbelievers,” said the group in a statement.

“For this reason, abolishing groups that are attempting to thwart our Jihad is Jihad in itself. It is a duty upon every Muslim. This ruling includes those groups as well as their collaborators or those who allow them to work under their banner. All of these are bad and should be killed,” the group added.

Tahrir al-Sham was born in February 2017 out of al-Qaeda’s former affiliate in Syria, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, as well as other groups, including the ultra-puritanical group, Ahrar al-sham. The coalition is concentrated in the city of Idlib in northwestern Syria, and its formation was seen by analysts as a way for the jihadi groups — with the exception of Daesh — to come together in order to dominate swathes of western Syria.

The Nusra Front is said to be the second strongest militant group in Syria after Daesh. Both however, metastasized out of al-Qaeda and seek to topple the Assad government and impose an ultra-puritanical Islamic state.

The Nusra Front has made rapid territorial acquisition since its establishment in 2011. By mid-2016, the group had vast territory in northern, western, and small pockets in southern Syria under its control, including most of the Idlib province.

Before it severed the ties with al-Qaeda, the Nusra Front had a long history of following the received diktat of Osama Bin Laden’s successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri. However, in July 2016, Zawahiri released an audio statement in which he conceded that the Nusra Front’s continued subservience to al-Qaeda Central was “conflicting with unity and working as one body.”

Following this, Nusra went its own way by declaring a formal divorce from al-Qaeda. Some analysts suggested that the separation from al-Qaeda was an attempt for the group to refashion itself in a more moderate suit, in the hope that this could attract more largesse from Gulf state financiers sympathetic to the jihad being waged in Syria.

The Nusra Front and its tacit allies, such as Ahrar al-Sham, adhere to a Salafist-jihadist ideology which has the aim of establishing a Caliphate — or Islamic state — in areas under its sway.

Back in 2012, the group released a video introducing itself to the Syrian maelstrom. In the video, a Nusra ideologue outlined the group’s primary objectives. He spoke of jihadists coming to Syria to “restore god’s rule” and to “avenge the Syrians’ violated honor and spilled blood.” Years later, when the group’s leader, Abu Muhammad al-Julani, announced Nusra’s separation from al-Qaeda, he exclaimed that this was not “compromising or sacrificing our [Nusra’s] solid beliefs or laxity in the necessity of the continuity of the Jihadi.”

It would however, be a mistake to assume that Syria is the Nusra Front’s exclusive sphere of operation. It also has cells in Lebanon, and stands accused of sponsoring some of the attacks seen in Europe since the Syrian civil war broke out in March 2011.

It is very likely that Nusra and its Tahrir al-Sham coalition see the establishment of the de-escalation zones in Syria as a direct threat to the contiguity of the territory they control.

The proposed “zone one” will be set up in the Idlib province, not far from the areas controlled by Nusra. As part of the Astana agreement, the ceasefire in these areas will be enforced by armed monitoring groups, which could spark clashes with Nusra. Moreover, potential increased support for the safe zones among the Syrian people and moderate opposition factions could lead to a decrease in support for Tahrir al-Sham, dealing a blow to the group’s ability to move cross-country without continuously running into opposition.

It must be considered that the opposition groups on the ground in Syria, many of which receive largesse from overseas patrons, will be steered toward supporting the Astana outcome to avoid risking the continuity of their weapons supplies.

Regional states, namely Turkey, have been frantically trying to forge a new umbrella group of moderate Syrian rebels to repel the tumorous Tahrir al-Sham coalition. However, not only is this effort moving slowly on the ground in Syria, it has also garnered little support for the US, who says that it only condones supporting factions that it has vetted.

Turkey can expect little sympathy from Washington after President Erdogan condemned the Trump administration’s decision to continue arming the Kurdish YPG in Syria.

President Erdogan said that any US failure to take into account Turkey’s concerns over Kurdish groups in Syria will, “surely have consequences and will yield a negative result for the US as well.” He also said that “we want to believe that our allies will prefer to side with us, not with a terrorist organization.”

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Jewish Nazi state – a curious national home


Israel – a curious national home

Israel – a curious national home

By Uri Avnery

The present Israeli government coalition consists of 67 (out of 120) members of the Knesset [parliament].

Each member wants to be elected again (and again and again).

In order to be re-elected, he or she must attract the attention of the public.

How? The simplest way is to propose a new law. A bill so outrageous, that the media cannot possibly ignore it.

This sets up a natural competition. To draw attention, each new bill must be a bit more outrageous than the last. The sky is the limit. Perhaps.

“Israel – the National State of the Jewish People”?

The last bill, concocted by a member who is an ex-secret service chief, is called “Israel – the National State of the Jewish People”.

In general parlance, the “Jewish people” consists of all the Jews in the world, more than half of whom live outside Israel and are citizens of other states. They are not asked if they want the state of Israel to represent them. It goes without asking!

Indeed, Israeli ambassadors everywhere are considered by many a kind of unofficial overlord of the local Jewish community.

What about the Arab citizens of Israel, who constitute slightly more than 20 per cent? Well, they remain citizens, but the state does not belong to them.

So what does the proposed bill say?

First of all, it abolishes the status of Arabic as an “official language”, a status it has enjoyed since Israel was founded. Hebrew will reign supreme – and alone.

Israel has no written constitution. The Supreme Court has created a kind of virtual constitution, resting on several “basic laws”. A Knesset majority can overturn any of these at any time.

… basically, there is no ideological opposition. There is, of course, an Arab faction… But most Jewish opposition members would rather be seen in the Knesset cafeteria in the company of a rabid fascist Jewish member than an Arab one.

The basic legal assumption until now has been that Israel is a “Jewish and democratic state”, both attributes of equal status. The new law will change that. Both attributes will remain intact, but “Jewish” will become more important than “democratic” and trump it if there is a contradiction, as there frequently is.

This week Binyamin Netanyahu announced that he has adopted this bill and will push it through the Knesset in two months time. No problem.

Why is there no problem?

Because, basically, there is no ideological opposition.

There is, of course, an Arab faction (split into three sub-factions: nationalist, religious and communist). But most Jewish opposition members would rather be seen in the Knesset cafeteria in the company of a rabid fascist Jewish member than an Arab one.

So if Netanyahu wants to ram the bill through, it will indeed become the law of the land.

What does “Jewish” mean? Is it a national or a religious designation?

A Jew, whether you want to be or not

The average Israeli will answer: both, of course. It can be used in the one sense or the other, as expedience demands.

Zionism was basically a process of attempting to transform an ancient ethno-religious community into a modern nation. When the bill says that Israel is the “Nation State of the Jewish People” it means all the Jews around the world. “Nation” and “people” (and religion) are considered synonyms. We are all Jews, aren’t we?

What about the US Jew who feels he belongs to the American nation? What about the Canadian Jew who is a complete atheist and treats his Jewishness as a quaint reminder of his grandparents? Or a hypothetical black South-African whose parents have been converted to Judaism by their white Jewish master? Or a Russian Jew, whose parents have adopted the Orthodox Christian faith?

They are Jews, all of them. Jewish religious law says that “a Jew, even if he commits a sin, is still a Jew.” Adopting the Christian – or any other – faith is certainly a sin, but the convert still remains a Jew, whether he wants it or not.

The “Nation State of the Jewish People” belongs to all of them. Or, rather, they all belong to the “Nation State of the Jewish People.

All the Jews who grew up in Israel are products of the Jewish educational system, based on the Bible. This produces in their mind a set of ideological certitudes that cannot be eradicated.

All this has very little to do with the original Zionist ideology.

Theodor Herzl, a thoroughly naïve person, believed that all the Jews in the world would come to the Jewish state. Those who did not would cease to be Jews.

Even to David Ben-Gurion, an early Zionist, the idea that an American Zionist leader could continue to live in the USA was an abomination. His colleagues had a hard time convincing him that it was bad policy to tell that to the American Jews when you need their money.

Ben-Gurion would certainly not have agreed to a definition that would have turned Israel – his Israel! – into the state of these Jews, and turned them into quasi-citizens of the Jewish national state. God (in whom he did not believe) forbid.

What about secular Jews in Israel?

Well, the first question is whether there really are “secular” Jews in Israel.

All the Jews who grew up in Israel are products of the Jewish educational system, based on the Bible. This produces in their mind a set of ideological certitudes that cannot be eradicated.

The reality of “secular” Israeli Jews

The people of Israel was born in a conversation between God and Abraham in a place located in today’s Iraq. This is, of course, a legend, like a large part of the Hebrew Bible, including the forefathers, the exodus and the kingdoms of David and Solomon. (Their existence is disproved by, among other things, their total absence from the voluminous correspondence of Egyptian rulers and spies in the Land of Canaan.)

But historical evidence is unimportant here. The fact is that every Jewish child in Israel carries the Bible deep in their consciousness. Meaning: Jews are special. Jews are unique. It’s “them” and “us”. The whole world against us.

My friend Reuven Wimmer has sent me a list of the basic beliefs of the average “secular” Israeli. It goes a follows:

  1. He does not observe the Shabbat. He uses his car, buys, travels and goes to the seashore on the Holy Day.
  2. But he believes in God.
  3. He does not eat kosher, but prefers kosher restaurants.
  4. He goes at least once a year – on Yom Kippur – to synagogue
  5. He marries and divorces at the Rabbinate.
  6. He does not like Arabs very much.
  7. He does not want to be identified as a leftist, but does not vote for the right.
  8. He is not in favour of separation between state and religion.
  9. He has served in the army, loves the army and is proud of the state.
  10. He is for two states for two peoples [the “sto-state solution], provided this does not harm the settlements.
  11. He does not take part in demonstrations or any other political activities.

Since that is so, no real protests against the bill can be expected. We will call ourselves “the Nation State of the Jewish People”. Hallelujah. (For those who do not know: Hallelujah is Hebrew for “Praise God”.)

What about the close to two million Arabs who are citizens of “the National State of the Jewish People”?

Up to now, no attention-hungry Member of the Knesset has yet concocted a bill to take away their citizenship.

So they will remain citizens of the state, which belongs to another people. For the time being.

We will have a “National State for the Jewish People” in which the majority of the world’s Jews are not citizens, and in which two million non-Jewish Arabs will be citizens, in whose “eternal capital”, Jerusalem, there live some hundreds of thousands of Arab inhabitants who are not citizens, which militarily occupies the West Bank with some 22.5 million Arabs, and which indirectly controls the lives of another two million Arabs in the Gaza Strip.

Altogether, there live now in historical Palestine some 7 million Jews and some 7 million Arabs.

A curious national home.

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FIFA boss rigs vote for the Nazi regime at last minute


FIFA boss rigs vote for Israel at last minute

Palestinian Football Association head Jibril Rajoub speaks, in a screenshot from the livestream of Thursday’s FIFA Congress in Bahrain. A motion on Palestinian football rights was abruptly withdrawn by FIFA bosses, a move the Palestinians denounced as illegal.

There were dramatic scenes at the FIFA Congress in Bahrain on Thursday as delegates prepared to vote on a motion on Palestinian rights violated by Israel.

At the last moment, FIFA boss Gianni Infantino intervened over objections from the Palestinian Football Association to replace the motion with a proposal to yet again delay action for almost another year.

The Palestinian Football Association has denounced the move as illegal.

Infantino’s heavy-handed move followed a personal phone call in recent days from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Earlier this week, the FIFA Council, the executive body of the world football organization, had already capitulated to Israeli pressure and ruled out a vote sanctioning Israel for allowing its league to include teams based in West Bank settlements.

All of Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank are illegal under international law.

Moving goal posts

But there remained on the agenda a motion calling for “official recognition of the Palestinian Football Association’s entitlements to all of its rights as described in the FIFA Statutes.”

FIFA rules bar national associations from holding matches on the territory of another member without permission – as Israel does in the West Bank without Palestinian permission – so this motion would still have highlighted the Israel Football Association’s complicity in the military occupation of the West Bank.

The heads of the Palestinian and Israeli football associations made speeches for and against the motion. Jibril Rajoub, the head of the Palestinian Football Association, at one point held up a photo he said showed Israeli soldiers preventing Palestinians from playing.

But after Rajoub spoke, Infantino surprised the Palestinians by substituting their motion with a new one calling for any decision to be delayed until “before end of March 2018”:

The Palestinian Football Association’s lawyer stood up and objected. He said that Infantino’s action violated FIFA rules and that if the council wanted to change the motion they would have to propose an amendment following normal parliamentary procedures.

But Infantino overruled the objection and called a vote on his substitute motion. He also promised verbally that action would be taken by October.

The motion to delay passed by 138-50.

Palestinian Football Association vice president Susan Shalabi told Al Jazeera that FIFA’s action was illegal.

“It illegally blocked the motion which was proposed in accordance with FIFA’s statutes,” Shalabi said. “It is an illegal act by the highest body in FIFA.”

“We’ve also seen clear intervention by the [Israeli] government in the business of the Congress,” Shalabi added. “FIFA has suspended member states in the past due to government interference and now it has allowed Israel to do exactly the same.”

Delays and excuses

Infantino had also claimed that action was not possible now because the report from a special monitoring committee on Israel and Palestine was not ready. But this is a gross mischaracterization.

Although the report of the two-year old committee headed by South African anti-apartheid struggle veteran Tokyo Sexwale had been repeatedly delayed, it was indeed presented to the Palestinian and Israeli football associations in March, and each had been given a month to respond.

The only reason it had not been finalized is because the Israelis adamantly rejected it.

In its response to the report, leaked to The Electronic Intifada earlier this week, the Israel Football Association outright denies the existence of an Israeli military occupation and accuses the Sexwale committee of anti-Israel bias.

On Wednesday, Palestinian Football Association head Rajoub wrote to FIFA bosses expressing dismay at the council’s decision to defer any vote on Israeli settlement teams and urging support for its motion.

“The Palestine FA has submitted a proposal about basic rights,” the letter states. “Why this proposal is under such vehement attack by non-football entities raises so many questions by what I am sure forms a majority of the FIFA members.”

Bahrain deports human rights defender

The term “non-football entities” certainly refers to the Israeli government and its intense efforts to pressure FIFA to block action on its violations.

While Israeli officials have been given a free hand to lobby FIFA directly – including the personal intervention with Infantino by Netanyahu – the scale has been weighted against those advocating for Palestinian rights.

Bahrain detained and deported Human Rights Watch staffer Omar Shakir who was traveling to the Gulf country to advocate for action on Israel’s violations at the FIFA Congress:

Human Rights Watch has detailed in a report how FIFA and the Israel Football Association jointly profit from Israel’s illegal colonization of the West Bank and the settlement teams that play there.

The Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz called the high-level maneuvers that resulted in Israel once again avoiding any accountability a “win for Israel.”

In a tweet, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel accused FIFA bosses of “working against Palestinian rights,” adding that the congress had been “hijacked by Israeli bullying tactics.”

It appears that at FIFA, as in so much of its campaign against Palestinian rights, Israel only wins when the referees are on its side.

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