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Manchester Terror Attack: Some Important Notes Observations


Ariana Grande/Manchester Terror Attack: Some Important Notes/Observations

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Before the usual calls to either (a) give away all our remaining privacy and liberties for the sake of security, or (b) round up all those awful brown people and send them to a camp (an actual suggestion that was being made on social media again by multiple users), there’s a couple of things worth considering about yesterday, terrorism and even Ariana Grande herself.

First, what happened last night may well have been a straightforward terror attack (or act of mass murder) by an extremist, possibly linked to ‘ISIS’ or by some terrorist monster who identifies with the ‘ISIS’ cause or thinks innocent concert-goers, including children, are a suitable target.

The official narrative may be all true. I won’t raise the question of ‘crisis actors’ or a simulated event (although some have already raised those questions, based on the available footage and pictures), but I will assume that a large number of innocent people genuinely have been killed or injured.

All I’m presenting here are some other observations, all of which can be dismissed if you don’t like them; or if you prefer to simply follow the #PrayForManchester or #PrayForAriana hashtags instead.

The official story, at this time, is of a ‘suicide bomber’ targeting the foyer at the Manchester Arena.

Terror drills (involving crisis actors in the foyer) were carried out in Manchester not long ago, as was reported by RT before.

This attack occurred on the four year anniversary of the Lee Rigby killing (May 22nd 2013) – just as the Westminster attack (March 22nd) took place on the anniversary of the Brussels attack. I’ve been told by a couple of people that the number 22 has occult significance (I don’t really know about numerology myself); interestingly, I’ve just checked and the number of fatalities from the Manchester Arena is now reported as 22 (it was 19 when I started writing).

The November 2015 Paris attacks also – according to the official story – had ‘suicide bombers’ attacking the football stadium during an international fixture.

However, as I highlighted at the time, there was never any footage of an explosion in the stadium or any aftermath footage of the damage that the bombs had caused (despite the fact that it was reported there was major damage inside the part of the stadium where the bombs went off). There were also suggestions that the ‘bomb’ noise in the football stadium had sounded artificial, as if it might’ve been a noise simulated via the speaker system.

There appears to be very little footage of the Manchester stadium attack: the majority of the people there would not know or have seen exactly what happened, but would’ve been in a rush/panic to get to safety once they were told something had happened. Also broadcast was an American voice (not a British or Mancunian voice) speaking over the PA system and telling everyone there’s nothing to worry about.

Ariana Grande herself is an interesting figure, being one of those carefully manufactured pop stars and trend-setters who can be seen frequently doing the ‘one eye’ sign and the ‘vow of silence’s sign. A Disney/Nickelodeon child star, she seems to belong to the same school of bought/manufactured mega-star entertainers – along with Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, ‘Kesha’, Miley Cyrus/’Hanna Montana’ and others whose names I don’t know (because I’m not six years old) – who, for whatever obscured reason, keep making strange occult signs and using esoteric symbols in photos or in their videos and performances.

In fact, Ariana Grande is one of the people who crops up the most if you type in any combination of the words ‘Illuminati’ and ‘pop star’ into a search engine. She was also banging some dude called ‘Big Sean’, who also appears to belong to the same club.

I’ve never been sure if I entirely, 100% believe all of the ‘Illuminati’ stuff that flourishes online; a lot of is probably made up or exaggerated. But, at the basic level of perception, it is very difficult to dismiss the fact that all of these millionaire, mega pop stars or hip-hop icons keep making the same symbols (usually the one eye sign, the ‘vow of silence’ sign, or the ‘6’ sign), all of it suggesting membership of some kind of secret club or support for (or adherence to) some sort of veiled agenda.

The fact that this unfolded at her concert specifically leaves it open to speculation about a staged event.

Cast your mind back too to the November 13th (2015) Paris attacks, specifically the Bataclan Theater attack – and more specifically the fact that the attack was reported to have coincided with the Eagles of Death Metal performing a song called ‘Kiss the Devil’ (on the date Friday 13th – which was symbolically linked to the Knights Templar; seen by some as founders of Freemasonry and of modern banking).

Furthermore, the band’s singer (pictured below also doing the one eye sign) later hinted in an interview that the Batclan attack might’ve been an inside job: he talked about how odd it was that the club’s security all left the venue that night. It was curious, given the date, that the attack happened specifically during that song (Lyrics: ‘Who’ll love the devil/Who’ll song his song/Who will love the devil and his song/I’ll love the devil!/I’ll sing his song!’); as noted previously, the entire Bataclan incident was suggestive of a ritual sacrifice (either real or symbolic) on some level (while also being a false-flag terror attack on the surface level).

In such an instance, it wouldn’t be necessarily that the performer is ‘in on it’ in any way or has any knowledge about what’s going to happen: more that they might be seen as a platform via which a staged psy-op or ritual event can be carried out, in the same way that they’ve consented to be platforms or conduits for promoting or brandishing the aforementioned symbolism or imagery on behalf of an agenda or program.

There’s been a lot of speculation by bloggers for some time that Ariana Grande might be a subject of MK Ultra/Monarch programming, as well as so-called ‘Illuminati’ sponsorship or patronage. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but what’s noteworthy is that she appears to be an odd, apparently unpleasant, figure who has openly talked about encounters with ‘demons’ and who was once caught saying (about some of her fans), ‘I hope they all fucking die’”.

Ariana Grande was born into a very wealthy family and was apparently developed from a very young age to be a popular ‘teen idol’ in the same mold as Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber. Her mother, Joan Grande is, interestingly, the President and CEO of Hose-McCann Communications; a communications specialist used by the US Navy and military, Canadian coast guard and other nations.

Ariana Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun, also manages Justin Bieber and (apparently) Kanye West and has reportedly become the manager of David Beckham’s pop- star-wannabe kid (Cruz Beckham).

Interestingly, several months ago, when the EU, the UN (and former President Obama) all condemned Israel for its illegal settlement building and its demolition of Palestinian homes in illegally occupied territory, Scooter Braun went on a Twitter rant condemning the international community and tweeting ‘I stand with Israel’.

Donald Trump did the same, and so did Zionist agent Geert Wilders (see here), but they’re both political figures, so that makes a little more sense. Scooter Braun has in fact been known to run Justin Bieber’s Twitter account, tweeting as if he is Justin Bieber; he was also, apparently, dropped by Ariana Grande some time ago, but then recently became her manager again.

Away from the symbolism and odd connections, this attack may also (more simply) be timed to influence the UK General Election (June 8th), specifically to reinforce Theresa “security and stability” May’s position and make sure voters are too anxious about supporting Jeremy “friend of terrorists” Corbyn or any of the other “coalition of chaos” options.

That could suggest either a (UK) state-enabled terror attack or a false-flag op sponsored by Mossad or Mossad-aligned entities (like 7/7) to help ensure that pro-Zionist Theresa May (who wants to hold UK celebrations this year to mark the Balfour Declaration) stays in power and outspoken anti-Zionist Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t stand a chance of winning back lost voters.

Aside from domestic British politics, the reason this would be so significant is because the government in Israel (which has been in power since 2009 and which a former Israeli prime minister has openly called “the seeds of fascism”) needs a pro-Zionist British government in place and cannot afford for a Jeremy Corbyn-led party to be in government for the next few years. Read a couple of paragraphs down for more on why (or read the ‘Seeds of Fascism’ piece).

This incident also occurs the same day that President Trump arrived in Israel (and a day after Trump’s ‘Islam’ speech in Saudi Arabia).

When the Berlin Christmas market attack occurred, it was on the same day that the (incoming) Trump administration met “secretly” with the a Mossad delegation (including the head of Mossad – as reported in Israeli media a few hours before the Berlin attack).

As for the speech Trump made in Saudi Arabia, it was given to a selection of ‘Muslim leaders’ from multiple countries and was essentially calling on the Islamic world to work to stop the terrorism problem coming from radicalised extremists.

A big attack the day after serves to essentially spit all over his moderated, (somewhat) friendlier approach to the ‘Muslim world’ as presented in Saudi Arabia and to place things firmly back on the ‘us versus them’ footing.

‘With God’s help, this summit will mark the beginning of the end for those who practice terror and spread its vile creed,’ the president had said. ‘At the same time, we pray this special gathering may someday be remembered as the beginning of peace in the Middle East—and maybe, even all over the world. But this future can only be achieved through defeating terrorism and the ideology that drives it…’

In some respects, Trump’s speech was actually a very good one; in other respects, not so much (you can read the full speech online).

But the Manchester attack occurring while Trump is in Israel might be relevant. As previously laid out at length, extremist elements in Israel (including in the Israeli government) have been involved in a number of false-flag terrorist events in the West and have been trying to push for racial conflict between Europeans/Westerners and ‘Muslims’ in order to manipulate the backlash and create extreme nationalist and pro-Zionist states in the West.

I covered at length the reasons for this (and the supporting evidence) here: so I won’t rehash all of that same information, but part of the reason is to pave the way for a full annexation of Jerusalem, which would be supported by would-be Western agents like Geert “what we need is Zionism for Europe” Wilders, Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump (who previously said he supported the idea of Israel making Jerusalem its capital).

Trump has in fact stepped back from this earlier unquestioning loyalty to the Netanyahu government and has – on the surface, at least – started to take a more intelligent, considered and non-biased approach. But any moves he makes towards a more grown-up position regarding Israel might be undermined by terror attacks and other things designed to placate him back towards his original attitude.

The President was in fact at the Western Wall yesterday, the 22nd May (Solomon’s Temple – which, according to Christian/Jewish Zionists, has to be rebuilt in order for Messianic prophecy to be fulfilled; and can only be done after a full annexation of Jerusalem occurs, against international law).

For the record, I’m not suggesting Donald Trump is necessarily at fault: while I’m not his biggest fan, his public statements in both Saudi Arabia and Israel have been measured and even promising in some respects (regardless of whatever is going on behind the scenes). It isn’t really about him, but agencies and agendas operating around him – including Jared Kushner, who himself funds illegal Zionist settlement-building in occupied territory and once was a ‘bunk-mate’ of Netanyahu himself.

In terms of ‘ISIS’ claiming responsibility for the Manchester attack – it is possible (even likely) an ‘IS’ member did carry out an attack. However, ‘ISIS’ social media accounts can’t be used as evidence of anything, given that some of them have previously been traced to British government agencies.

And if a jihadist or a radicalised individual did simply go out and commit mass murder, it fits more into the ‘Gladio’ paradigm of controlled terrorism with sleeper cells being kept in place to be utilized for purposes other than just their own.

Interestingly, yesterday, when Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu faced the media, Trump made a gaffe about Israeli intelligence; this was to do with the fact that his alleged ‘leak’ to the Russians (which US media has been fussing so much about) ‘apparently undermined a crucial Israeli intelligence asset embedded in ISIS territory’ – something that Netanyahu and others in the Israeli government have been unhappy about.

All of that being said, I also entirely acknowledge that this Manchester Arena attack may have simply been either a lone-wolf jihadist/terrorist or an ISIS-related act of mass murder.

But even in that situation, you would also have to remind yourself of where ‘ISIS’ came from in the first place – which, when you do that, tends to render the entire ‘us versus them’ paradigm meaningless.

These are all just observations – not a thesis.


Here’s the last note for now – which has literally just been emailed to me by someone – and it’s a big one: it is being reported that the named suspect/perpetrator, ‘Salman Abedi’, fought in Libya in 2011 in the Western-backed overthrowing of the Gaddafi government.

If this is the case, he may well have been in Al-Qaeda or one of the other rebel militias that the British government, NATO and other allies worked with in 2011 to bring about the collapse of Libya (see ‘The Libya Conspiracy).

I have covered that subject here a number of times (see here, for example), specifically how the deliberate destabilisation of three previously stable, secular countries – Libya, Iraq and Syria – created vast terrorist playgrounds and training centers where wannabe jihadists and would-be terrorists have been able to develop their desensitisation and their experience and that some of them were going to come back and bring that experience (and desensitisation) with them.

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