Nazi regime demolish Palestinian-owned building in East Jerusalem


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Nazi regime demolished a Palestinian-owned building on Monday morning in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Zaayyem, according to witnesses.

Bulldozers escorted by Nazi police forces and employees of Nazi Jerusalem municipality razed the home to the ground for lack of a building permit.

Last week, Nazi forces targeted Palestinian-owned buildings in occupied East Jerusalem for two consecutive days.

Construction licenses are very expensive and difficult to obtain for Palestinians, notably in the Jerusalem area, in a bid by Nazi regime to force Palestinians out and change the demographic balance of the city.

While Palestinians frequently take their cases to Nazi courts after Nazi land confiscation and home demolition notices are ordered, they seldom win their cases in court.

Thirty-three percent of all Palestinian homes in the occupied city lack Nazi-issued building permits, potentially placing at least 93,100 residents at risk of displacement, the United Nations reported in 2012.

Only 14 percent of East Jerusalem land is zoned for Palestinian residential construction, while one-third of Palestinian land has been confiscated since 1967 to build illegal Nazi Jewish-only settlements, according to the Association for Civil Rights (ACRI).

According to UNOCHA, Nazi regime demolished a record 1,093 structures in the occupied Palestinian territory in 2016, including 190 in East Jerusalem, displacing 1,601 Palestinians. They were the highest West Bank demolition and displacement figures recorded by OCHA since it started doing so in 2009.

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