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Billions of dollars’ worth of arms against Syria


Over the last seven years, several billion dollars’ worth of armament has been illegally introduced into Syria – a fact which in itself is enough to disprove the myth according to which this war is a democratic revolution. Numerous documents attest to the fact that the traffic was organised by General David Petraeus, first of all in public, via the CIA, of which he was the director, then privately, via the financial company KKR with the aid of certain senior civil servants. Thus the conflict, which was initially an imperialist operation by the United States and the United Kingdom, became a private capitalist operation, while in Washington, the authority of the White House was challenged by the deep state. New elements now show the secret rôle of Azerbaïdjan in the evolution of the war.

How were the jihadists of Aleppo supplied with Bulgarian weapons?

During the liberation of Aleppo and the capture of the Saudi military staff who were on site, Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva noted the presence of weapons from her country in nine warehouses abandoned by the jihadists. She carefully noted the information on the boxes, and once she returned home, she investigated the way in which the weapons had been delivered to Syria.

Since 2009 – with the short exception of the period between March 2013 to November 2014 – Bulgaria has been governed by Boïko Borissov, a highly colourful character from one of Europe’s main criminal organisations, the SIC. Let’s remember that Bulgaria is a member of both NATO and the European Union, and that neither of these two organisations offered the slightest criticism concerning the accession to power of a Mafia lord who had been identified as such a long time previously by the international police services.

It is therefore clearly at the risk of their lives that Dilyana Gaytandzhieva uncovered the organisation, and the editors of the Sofia daily, Trud, published her article [1]. While Bulgaria was one of the main arms exporters to Syria, it received help from Azerbaïdjan.

The gigantic CIA arms traffic against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and India

Since the beginning of the Arab Springs, a gigantic arms traffic was organised by the CIA and the Pentagon in violation of a number of resolutions by the UNO Security Council. All the operations that we will be mentioning here are illegal under international law, including those organised publicly by the Pentagon.

As far as arms traffic is concerned, even when individuals or private companies are used as shields, it is impossible to export sensitive equipment without the authorisation of the governments concerned.

All the weapons we will be mentioning, apart from the electronic intelligence systems, are ’Soviet-type’. By definition, even if we pretend that the armies supplied with NATO-type weapons are indeed the final recipients, this is an impossibility. These armies serve only to cover the traffic.

We already knew that the CIA had contacted the SIC, and that Boïko Borissov had been called upon to manufacture an emergency quantity of Captagon destined for the jihadists, first in Libya, then in Syria. Since Maria Petkova’s investigation, which was published in the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network(BIRN), we knew that between 2011 and 2014, the CIA and the SOCOM (Pentagon Special Operations Command) had bought 500 million dollars’ worth of weapons from Bulgaria on behalf of the jihadists. Then, later, we learned that other weapons were paid for by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and transported by Saudi Arabian Cargo and Etihad Cargo [2].

According to Krešimir Žabec, of the Zagreb daily Jutarnji list, at the end of 2012, Croatia delivered 230 tonnes of weapons to the Syrian jihadists for a value of 6,5 million dollars. The transfer to Turkey was handled by three Ilyushins from Jordan International Air Cargo, and the weapons were then parachuted by the Qatai Army [3]. According to Eric Schmitt of the New York Times, the whole system had been created by General David Petraeus, director of the CIA [4].

In 2012, when Hezbollah attempted to unearth the CIA / SOCOM network, an attack was perpetrated against a number of Israëli tourists at Burgas airport, the nerve centre of the traffic. Ignoring the Bulgarian police enquiry and the report of the medical examiner, the Borissov government blamed the crime on Hezbollah, and the European Union labelled the Lebanese Resistance as a « terrorist organisation » (sic). We had to wait for the provisional fall of Borissov before the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Vigenine, pointed out that this accusation is without foundation.

According to a source close to the PKK, in May and June 2014, the Turkish secret services chartered special trains to deliver Ukranian weapons to Rakka – which was then called the Islamic Emirate in Iraq and Syria, and is now known as Daesh. The weapons were paid for by Saudi Arabia, as were more than a thousand Hilux vehicles (double cabin pick-ups) specially altered to resist desert conditions. According to a Belgian source, the purchase of the vehicles had been negotiated with the Japanese firm Toyota by the Saudi company Abdul Latif Jameel.

According to Andrey Fomin of the Oriental Review, Qatar, which did not want to be left out, bought the most recent version of the Air Missile Defense Complex “Pechora-2D” from the Ukranian state company UkrOboronProm, for the jihadists. The delivery was made by the Cypriot company Blessway Ltd [5].

According to Jeremy Binnie and Neil Gibson of the professional arms magazine Jane’s, the US Navy Military Sealift Command launched two tenders in 2015 for the transport of arms from the Romanian port of Constanta to the Jordanian port of Aqaba. The contract was won by Transatlantic Lines [6]. It was implemented on 12 February 2016, just after the signature of the cease-fire by Washington, in violation of its engagement.

According to Pierre Balanian of Asia News, this system was extended in March 2017 with the opening of a regular maritime line by the US company Liberty Global Logistics, linking Livorno (Italy) / Aqaba (Jordan) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) [7]. According to geographer Manlio Dinucci, it was mainly used to deliver tanks to Syria and Yemen [8].

According to Turkish journalists Yörük Işık and Alper Beler, the last contracts of the Obama era were implemented by Orbital ATK, who organised, via Chemring and Danish H. Folmer & Co, a regular line between Burgas (Bulgaria) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). For the first time, we are now talking not only about weapons produced by Vazovski Machine Building Factory (VMZ) (Bulgaria), but also by Tatra Defense Industrial Ltd. (Czech Republic) [9].

Many other operations took place in secret, as demonstrated by the affairs of the cargo Lutfallah II, inspected by the Lebanese Navy on 27 April 2012, or the Togolese cargo the Trader, inspected by Greece on 1 May 2016.

The total of these operations represent hundreds of tonnes of weapons and ammunition, perhaps even thousands, mainly paid for by the absolute monarchies of the Gulf, allegedly to support a « democratic revolution ». In reality, these petro-dictatorships only intervened to dispense the Obama administration with having to explain themselves to the US Congress (Operation Timber Sycamore) and cement their belief that the moon is made of green cheese [10]. All of this traffic was under the personal control of General David Petraeus, first of all via the CIA, of which he was the director, then via the financial investment company KKR, for which he worked thereafter. He benefited from the assistance of senior civil servants, sometimes under the presidency of Barack Obama, and then – massively – under that of Donald Trump.

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The secret rôle – until now – of Azerbaïdjan

According to Sibel Edmonds – ex-FBI agent and founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition – Azerbaïdjan, under President Heydar Aliyev, from 1997 to 2001 hosted in Bakou the number 2 of Al-Qaïda, Ayman el-Zawahiri. This was done at the request of the CIA. Although officially wanted by the FBI, the man who was then the number 2 of the international jihadist network travelled regularly in NATO planes to Afghanistan, Albania, Egypt and Turkey. He also received frequent visits from Prince Bandar ben Sultan of Saudi Arabia [11].

To its security relations with Washington and Riyadh, Azerbaïdjan – whose population is nonetheless mainly Chiite – adds Sunni Ankara, which supports it in its conflict with Armenia concerning the secession of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

Heydar Aliyev died in the United States in 2003, and was succeeded by his son Ilham Aliyev. The USA-Azerbaïdjan Chamber of Commerce thus moved into Washington’s backyard, with, alongside President Aliyev, stood Richard Armitage, James Baker III, Zbigniew Brzeziński, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle, Brent Scowcroft and John Sununu.

According to Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, in 2015, Minister for Transport Ziya Mammadov placed the state company Silk Way Airlines at the disposition of the CIA , at the expense of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, minimally scrupulous Elmar Mammadyarov, sent requests for official recognition of « diplomatic flights » to several of his embassies, which protected the flights from being searchcd under the Vienna Convention. In less than three years, more than 350 flights benefited from this extraordinary privilege.

Although, according to the international treaties, neither civil nor diplomatic flights are authorised to carry military material, requests for recognition as « diplomatic flights » require the explicit detailing of the cargo transported. However, at the request of the US State Department, at least Afghanistan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Congo, the United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Israël, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey and United Kingdom closed their eyes to this violation of international law, just as they had ignored the CIA flights to and from their secret prisons.

In less than three years, Silk Way Airlines transported at least one billion dollars’ worth of armament.

One thing leading to another, journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva uncovered a vast system which also supplied the jihadists not only in Iraq and Syria, but also in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Congo – also paid for by the Saudis and the Emiratis. Some of the arms delivered in Arabia were redirected to South Africa.

The arms transported to Afghanistan were delivered to the Talibans, under the control of the US, which is pretending to fight them. Those delivered to Pakistan were probably destined to commit Islamist attacks in India. We do not know who were the final recipients of the arms delivered to the Republican Guard of President Sassou N’Guesso in the Congo, or those delivered to South Africa under President Jacob Zuma.

The main arms dealers were the US firms Chemring (already mentioned), Culmen International, Orbital ATK (also mentioned) and Purple Shovel.

Apart from the Soviet-type arms produced by Bulgaria, Azerbaïdjan, under the responsibility of Minister of the Defence Industry Yavar Jamalov, bought stocks in Serbia, the Czech Repûblic and also in other states, declaring each time that Azerbaïdjan was the final recipient of the merchandise. Concerning the electronic intelligence material, Israël placed at their disposition the firm Elbit Systems, which pretended to be the final recipient, since Azerbaïdjan does not have the right to buy this type of equipment. These exceptions attest to the fact that the Azerbaïdjani system, although requested by the United States and Saudi Arabia, was controlled from start to finish from Tel-Aviv.

The Hebrew state, which pretended to be neutral during the whole of the Syrian conflict, nonetheless bombed the Syrian Arab Army on many occasions. Each time Tel-Aviv recognised the facts, it pretended that it had destroyed the arms destined for the Lebanese Hezbollah. In reality, all these operations, with perhaps a single exception, were coordinated with the jihadists. So today we learn that Tel-Aviv supervised the deliveries of arms to these same jihadists, so that although Israël limited itself to the use of its air force to support them, it did in fact play a central rôle in the war.

According to the international conventions, the falsification of certificates of final delivery, and the supply of weapons to mercenary groups who overthrow legitimate governments, or destroy recognised states, are considered to be international crimes.

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With just 48 hours before parliament ends for summer


With just 48 hours before parliament ends for summer, Theresa May gets a depressing end-of-term gift

With just 48 hours before parliament ends for summer, Theresa May gets a depressing end-of-term gift

With under 48 hours left before parliament goes on its summer holidays, Theresa May perhaps thought that things couldn’t get any worse. But she was wrong. Because the beleaguered Prime Minister has just received a frustrating end-of-term present. From her own experts.

The Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB) – the body that sets the salaries for NHS managers, military officers, and top civil servants – has warned the government that the 1% public sector pay cap was causing staff to become “frustrated and demotivated”.

What’s the point?

The SSRB even went as far as questioning its own existence, given that the government seems to ignore its findings:

If the government continues to see value in having an independent body to advise on senior salaries, we believe that some serious reflection is required about how to make better use of it.

And it added that the continued cap would cause “recruitment and retention risks and fragile morale”.

And that’s at the top end

Meanwhile, it’s those at the other end of the spectrum that are really suffering under the cap. These include nurses and police officers forced to used food banks.

And it is also echoed in recruitment. There is such a shortfall of teachers in maths, physics and language jobs that the government is spending £10m to recruit and train teachers from overseas. And 12% of all NHS staff in England are non-UK nationals.

Give it some teeth

When MPs were awarded a 1.4% pay rise by the parliamentary pay watchdog, they claimed they were forced to take it. This is because MPs aren’t allowed to vote on their own salaries; they have a clause that links them directly to the Office for National Statistics’ calculation of average public sector pay.

But no other public sector workers have the same security. A simple solution would be to give the pay review bodies some teeth. Take the control away from parliament and have public sector pay set fairly and accountably.

A government in crisis

The Conservatives are in crisis; squabbling amongst themselves over the public sector pay cap, Brexit, and pretty much everything on the political agenda. And with less than 48 hours to go before the end of parliament, the SSRB has given Theresa May yet another frustrating issue to really chew over while she’s on holiday.

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Open letter to Rotschild’s Trevor Manuel

First post-apartheid finance minister denies existence of white monopoly capital

“Sir, you have served white monopoly capital with distinction. You have worked for them as an agent and a counter-revolutionary, selling out our right to have transformation of the apartheid economy. You have betrayed the values that define a disciplined cadre. Today you live large in arrogance and attempt to lecture us when we, as soldiers for our liberation, are dying as paupers.”

Dear Mr. Manuel

We read with interest your new conviction that our claim of white monopoly capital is a fallacy, invented by a public relations company named Bell Pottinger, as you recently did at the Nelson Mandela Foundation event you attended.

We as the leadership of the MK Inkuleleko Foundation pen this letter as representing 200+ former MK members aptly described by one of the departed gallant soldiers who took the liberty to refer to them as “Prisoners of Hope”. Hope then is the atmosphere in which our faith, unswerving commitment to see a better tomorrow, finds meaning and purpose.

You may forget that most of these members are in their fifties and majority still stay with their parents at home, not for lack of trying to be independent or because they so had determined by choice. These are the very same soldiers that you and your friends have opted to label as thugs, hooligans and all unwelcoming names.

Mr. Manuel, we choose to address you as Mr. Manuel. Sincere apologies for the length of this. It is only because you were the longest finance minister – a title you wear with pride. It is increasingly difficult to refer to you as a cadre. Permit us to prevail on you in briefly reflecting on that period prior to the dawn of our democracy, commonly known as the Talks about Talks and CODESA era.

We must then remind you that during the negotiations, these foot soldiers were held in high esteem. Negotiations simply were not possible and could not proceed until weapons were laid down. If we share today in any benefit of a negotiated settlement, it was against the confirmed backdrop of a need to have arms laid down. Therefore, to consider our freedom in democracy in denial of this important moment in history is to engage in cheapness of our current fruits of democracy.

There exists no doubt that some time in history, at some point in our chequered past, the nation’s cause for freedom was served by these soldiers – many of them willing to lay down their lives against a brutal and ruthless apartheid government that would kick pregnant women and torture the black masses as they rose in the proverbial winter of discontent.

These soldiers became the critical force that the Movement could unleash in the event of a deadlock. Mr. Manuel, these soldiers, despite extreme poverty and the everyday challenges of life, remained resolute and disciplined, resisting any temptation to use their military skills to plunge our beautiful country into turmoil and thus discourage investors.

Africa, the landmass of fifty-four countries that made Europe and its allies exceptionally wealthy, is replete with examples of former soldiers who ultimately formed rebel forces rendering their countries ungovernable through concerted efforts of insurrection thus creating havoc in their countries.

Today we know that the MK soldier was not just trained in execution of military discipline but also represents the finest of political school alumni, who have sat through political education without infrastructure immanent in colleges or schools.

Our soldiers remain disciplined regardless of the prevalence of an unjustifiable manifested adversity. The BEE [Black Economic Empowerment] deals you and the administration you served engineered produced a thin layer of the super rich. That BEE has come and is gone, rendering you and others like those of the para-structure ‘101 veterans’ to varying degrees, the ultimate signpost of our economic freedom.

At the earliest convenience that white monopoly capital offered you and those of you who today claim a moral high ground, you bowed and ate from that trough. This, when all of you in convenience chose to let self-interest count, therefore forgetting the foot soldiers – the very ones you were ready to unleash, the same foot soldiers like Ashley Kriel, Zuka Baloyi and others, who paid the highest price for our liberation. You could not hitherto have done anything for the Kriel family, let alone Johnny Issel who died a bitter cadre, because you chose to forget him and many others – like you forgot the foot soldiers, when you started flying the now retired Concorde.

Mr. Manuel, in your position as Minister of Finance, regardless of the fact that you were responsible for budgeting, you failed to allocate a budget for the repatriation of our fallen heroes and heroines, whose blood nourishes the freedom that you and your cohorts today enjoy and even abuse.

Sir, let it be known today – like Cadre Johnny Issel is the face of that foot soldier that you literally left in the gutters – we represent those who were never the beneficiaries of your failed BEE policy and we remain economically destitute yet disciplined.

You Mr. Trevor Manuel, in case you think we forgot, you threatened Dr. Rev. Allan A Boesak when he wanted to reveal in his book ‘Running with Horses’ that you have a case to answer, as the one who received assistance. You threatened him by claiming that you would show him who you are. Sir, you went gangster on a man of the cloth, because you, Mr. Manuel, have suffered a sense of entitlement as a ‘golden boy’ when you never remotely deserved to serve in Mandela’s cabinet.

You, like all of us, know that you only served in that government of National Unity thanks to the need for a racially inclusive cabinet. It was your false race of a Coloured identity that placed you in Mandela’s cabinet – you may protest it as much as you want to, but just like the Rev. Allan Hendrickse of the Apartheid Tricameral system, you owe your political and economic presence of whatever significance to that false identity of being a Coloured.

As I alluded earlier, the majority of our members are over fifty and others are already dying as paupers. We have vowed this time around we will never allow you and your white monopoly capital friends to derail that which rightly is aimed at correcting the ills of your actions.

Radical Economic Transformation (RET) is not a slogan; it is not an empty rhetoric; it is not radical looting as you would want our people to believe. It is the conclusive answer for the economic plight of the downtrodden still – yes those who still must benefit as the masses. The R500 billion in State Procurement spent, is not a pipe-dream but it is earmarked as a catalyst and will go a long way in addressing even our challenges as former soldiers.

We are compelled to enquire from you as to when did you come to the realization of your new doctrine that, in this season, denounces the existence of white monopoly capital? It is clear that you are being instructed as a hired gun by your white monopoly capital masters, to cause to delay and sidetrack the potential tsunami that has more than a mere potential to dislodge your master’s hand in our economy of inclusive growth.

You are today fulfilling the necessary role of a ruse as always to deflect our concerted efforts to feverishly work to realize economic freedom for more than yourself, your friends like Cheryl Carolus and Sipho Pityana who today count among the wealthiest in the country.

As OR Tambo reminded us, “To allow the existing economic forces to retain their interests intact is to feed the roots of racial supremacy and exploitation, and does not represent even the shadow of liberation”

Let it be known that you don’t represent us. You represent your masters and you are a mere puppet in the hands of the bastion of American Monopoly Capital, that Rothschild’s family of thugs. You are doing just enough today to obtain a loan from your handlers to buy the Barclay stake in ABSA.

Today you sing for your lunch, because Anton Rupert allegedly paid for your wedding to your second wife. Your wedding took place in the heart of white monopoly capital because the wine farms of SA are no different to the game farms owned by white monopoly. In case you have forgotten, from the warm pristine Indian Ocean coastline to the cold but ultra-scenic Atlantic Ocean front on the west of what defines a South African coastline, this confirms the presence of white monopoly capital.

You do know that every sector that makes up this economy is white controlled. You,sir, choose today to lecture us from the comfort of your pummeled oversupply of resources as you sing for your meal and do the slog work of your handlers in the ilk of a Judas Iscariot of the biblical narrative who betrayed those who loved him. You chose to be a part of a sophisticated network that has been plundering our resources/economy for many years and today you benefit handsomely.

You were long captured when you served as Finance Minister. You were wined and dined into submission by your masters when you were the Minister of Finance and head of Treasury.

Not dissimilar to so many like you who are captured, when you left the state after serving your masters with distinction, you were rewarded handsomely with a position in their abode.

Today you sit as Old Mutual Chairperson when you oversaw the demutualization process. Let me remind you of the COSATU press statement in 1998 which noted with dismay the decision of the NCOP to pass legislation allowing Old Mutual and Sanlam to go ahead with their demutualization plans. We regret this hasty action on the basis that we are currently engaged with both the ANC and the companies concerned on this issue. The bill was passed and demutualization continued with your influence, because you always acted as if you were a prime minister during your tenure. COSATU’s vital concern was the real transformation of the two mutual companies controlled by policyholders.

This, sir, presents a clear conflict of interest for your intervention back then. It set you up for your current position as Chairperson of Old Mutual. We will pursue a criminal case against you for this conflict of interest.

Clearly Sanlam and Old Mutual, seeking at the time respective listings on the London Stock Exchange, was not in alignment with South Africa’s economic transformation goals. As in the case of the Arms Deal you justified demutualization with the following statement, “Once demutualization is completed in the latter part of this year the Umsobomvu Fund is expected to have in order of R1bn of capital and will be in a position to start investing in training and development programmes for young people.”

You had no moral conscience of any degree to condemn the Arms Deal in its flawed reality as the clearest indication of our first mass scale corruption deal under the democratic government. You promised job creation and justified the debt we are still paying when any true prudent finance minister would have questioned the efficacy and necessity for this expenditure. When Andrew Feinstein shared the conviction of his mind on this corrupt deal, you had the nerve to tell him his claims would go nowhere.

You, Mr. Manuel, had no presence of mind to raise your so-called moral conscience when over 300,000 South Africans died in the HIV/AIDS denialist genocide. You today feel entitled, in between sipping on your favourite libations, to lecture us when you had no moral stand when it was needed most.

We will not entertain your type anymore. We will not respect you and be quiet, but we will call you who you are – a true sell-out and a counter revolutionary of note. One who despite being not remotely qualified to hold that office was given a responsibility to serve, and you became inebriated with your own toxic substance of a sense of enlarged self-importance. Today you sit as chancellor of the bastion of white Afrikaner oppression. You are comfortable in that space because it is a reward for your work for your masters.

Can we keep you directly accountable for this injustice? It should be that finance ministers, as accounting officers, are held personally accountable for the privatization of natural resources since this attests a grave assault on those who constitute the poor.

Sir, you have served white monopoly capital with distinction. You have worked for them as an agent and a counter revolutionary, selling out our right to have transformation of the apartheid economy. You have betrayed the values that define a disciplined cadre. Today you live large in arrogance and attempt to lecture us when we, as soldiers for our liberation, are dying as paupers.

You had plenty of time to serve your masters. In the words of Bishop Clyde N. S. Ramalaine who aptly captured you, ‘it is amazing what being associated with the Rothschild Family, the USA bastion of white monopoly capital, does to a former activist. They first render you a black diamond (the ultimate insult to a black identity) then they pummel you with resources and access. Finally you speak for them and repeat their claims in stark contrast to your upbringing and fight for the factory workers of the Cape Flats”.

Let it be known – we will not give you rest! Neither you, nor any of these new mlungus (township lingo for blacks who became wealthy) will be allowed to claim a moral high ground when you have long betrayed your own.

Yours sincerely,

Sparks Motseki
Convener of MK Foundation

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White, white, white: History repeats itself

The judgment has been handed down on Helen Zille, leader of South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance, muzzling her from any party related communications in future. She said that colonialism wasn’t all bad. Her tweet was insensitive but true, the backlash furious and nonsensical. Why? I blame black guilt, which I understand very well, because I’m white.
The old way
‘I grew up in Rhodesia,’ I said out loud recently, whilst taking a walk with my son (he’s 35, I’m 69).
His face soured.
‘Why do you have to say that? Why can’t you say Zimbabwe?’
‘Because they’re not the same thing. Rhodesia was different from Zimbabwe. I never lived in Zimbabwe. Rhodesia is where I grew up.’
There was a tense silence.
‘Why do I still identify with Rhodesia?’ I wondered. ‘Why do I hold onto some old imperialist identity? Is there really a difference, and is that difference important enough to insist on, out loud, in the face of all the damage colonialism has done?’
Rhodesia and colonialism were wrong. Agreed. But why not talk about them? In fact, in a country reeling from a poverty crisis that is only escalating, and will tear this nation apart if something meaningful is not done (and soon), how can we not talk about them?
Because colonialism is not over, not by a long shot. That ‘wrong’ history is repeating itself.
The new colonialism
Colonialism has been on the go since 1415. The nations of Europe, with their armies and the cross of Jesus at the fore, have conducted a vicious assault on ‘non-whites’ everywhere with the stated goal of promoting Christianity and Capitalism, while hauling back to Europe all of value. The various independencies of previous colonial territories would seem to have been the end of that process, but they were not.
Colonialism is still alive and well, except now we call it ‘globalisation’, ‘free trade’, etc.
Today, instead of the European nations of old, the drivers of colonialism are the massive corporations and bankers. There are new owners of the world’s capital. They define which currencies are worth what and they own the banking system, armies and armaments. They have taken over ownership of the government from the people and their goal is singular – maximum profit.
They are headquartered wherever the taxes are best but mainly in the US and Europe. In their operational areas, such as Africa, they employ through corruption and bribery a new class of manager – the local African who wields the power of the vote.
Mostly they’re Black Africans, men and women who substituted their socialism and people advancement dreams for wealth and cover-page status – exactly how we whites controlled the population in Rhodesia, until they rose up and bit us.
In 2007 there were 6,200 black millionaires in South Africa; 14,700 in 2014; and as late as 2015 over 17,000.[1] The new black middle class has more than trebled over the past 12 years to 5.81 million, completely overshadowing the fast declining white middle class, now estimated at about 2.5 million.[2]
How much the South African middle class earn is difficult to work out. Standard Bank reports the ‘low emerging middle’ class annual salaries start from R51,000, the ‘emerging middle’ starts at R111,000, and the ‘realised middle’ range from R240,000 to over R380,000.[3]
And there is the growth in government and city and municipal council employment of mostly non-whites. Government employment, as at 2014, has jumped to 2.7 million employees.[4] The assumption has to be made that the government (and compliant city and municipal councils) is committed to at least the minimum wage for every single one of those employees.
University of Cape Town marketing professor John Simpson is quoted as saying, ‘the black middle class is keeping the economy alive …’ Well, with those salaries it would be the driver, but it isn’t necessarily a mark of prosperity for South Africa. Most of South Africa’s big exports are raw resources sent overseas to have value added to them. It is a process that has been followed since Rhodes’s time. The little exports of finished goods South Africa does manage is of small consumer type items such as food stuff, and it all goes to her poor(er) neighbours.
This means South Africa’s new emerging middle class is not adding value. Instead, it’s buying and selling houses, cars, insurance, food, eating in franchised restaurants and generally creating debt, the mainstay of the corporacy and its banks.
In 2010, 16 years after the ANC adopted the White Nationalist Party’s Capitalist principles by which to run the country, the average income for South Africa’s black folk was R10,000 per year.[5] Some 60% of South Africans, 99% of them non-white, still live under poverty conditions, scratching away a living in informal settlements and the old homelands.
At the same time there has been a surge upwards as hundreds of men and women who twenty years ago promoted themselves as liberators have embraced the greed system and become rich beyond dreams – Ramaphosa, Gordhan, Sexale, Motsepe[6], Mbete[7], Trevor Manuel[8] and wife[8], billionaire Mbeki, Mboweni[10]… the list rolls on.
There doesn’t seem to be much trickle down to the ordinary folk. To me South Africa seems just like the old Rhodesia, with the few living off the backs of the many.
Through the looking glass
Surely it would be both logical and reasonable to argue South Africa’s horrible inequality world record is, in the main, now black driven? Aren’t the new elite treating their own kind as objects out of which to make money in exactly the same way as Imperial Britain treated South Africa?
Is it not logical to point a finger and say the ANC-led government are the new colonists by behaviour and employment of capitalism and religion?
Why didn’t the president forget all the colonial bull, cut out the mythological and announce he and his government are going to stop corruption? The talk is that corruption has cost South Africa R700 billion, and I’m guessing that does not include all the contracts to mates to do what they quite clearly cannot do.
What isn’t falling apart? Water is, electricity, health,[11] schooling, railways, harbours, airways are.
‘Why is Africa, a continent blessed abundantly with natural resources and excessive value of human capital, yet to find its rightful place in world politics? Africa is very rich with natural possessions such as fertile soil, enough rain and sunshine for cultivation, raw materials, oil, gas, gold and many other major resources, but corruption and bad governances are the major reasons for the visible miserable poverty, unmanageable sufferings and deaths on the continent’ is the statement of Front Page Africa.[12]
Africa is yet to find its rightful place because the old system of Colonialism is still active, now driven by the continent’s current leaders.
I see a mirror of the privileged society I grew up in. Capitalism is not freedom, but continued slavery, colonial style.
We must act
The 23-year-old ANC government can play a huge role in the growth and development of South Africa.
It has a by ‘no means insignificant role of state capital in the South African economy – owning and controlling approximately 30% of the economy in highly strategic sectors such as state banking, information technology, energy, transport, aerospace and the weapons industry, communication, among others. In addition the state owns about 25% of land, and has an array of regulatory and administrative apparatus to influence the behaviour of capital. There is also the question of pension funds and union investment funds, which currently play and could be geared to play an even more strategic role in the economy’, wrote Mcebisi Jonas just last week. [13]
And Jonas asks, ‘so what are the implications of this understanding for growth and transformation?’
Inequality has a lot to do with the failure, but to continue tagging the white 8% and the once white-only colonialism isn’t cutting any cheese anymore.
‘Africans make up 77% of public sector employment compared with 66% in the private sector … In terms of the skills profile, the public sector is more skills intensive. Almost 45% of all public sector employees fall into the top three occupational categories, compared to 26% in the private sector.’[14]
The ANC and its MPs are not representative of the nation or of the 80% blacks – it was voted in as a party and is a party having a party with an overpaid head of state. And worst of all, those who are meant to be really representing the workers, the major union bodies, are in it.[15]
‘We need a paradigm shift, underpinned by a new consensus,’ explains Jonas, ‘a new bargain around which the state, business, labour and civil society can cohere – to move us out of our low growth and high inequality trap. We must not be naïve and think this will be easy to achieve.’
Capitalism, far from going away, is going to become leaner and meaner. Unless we begin to act in a moral way that is inclusive of all, fewer and fewer families are going to become richer and more in control. As we have seen with the Gupta reveleations, those with power will manipulate those that want it.
There is no democracy in Western Capitalism, ‘Corporations now govern society.’[16]
A new way
And there is another way. How about the emergent Asian Capitalism of strong leadership inducing Shared Capitalism?[17]
The new China not only pulled hundreds of millions of peasants out of poverty but empowered them. Their railways and etc. work. Last week they launched the ‘one road one belt’ initiative, [18] a program that will possibly enable half of the world. And they are going to mine the moon.[19]
The system can be changed without taking away the good points of Capitalism, creating something along the lines of Asian Shared Capitalism which, by the way, has for a long time had significant Western investments. US and European banks and funds have taken major shareholder positions in almost all Chinese firms of reasonable size.
To borrow from Rian Malan: ‘We should rather follow the truly revolutionary path of Deng Tsaio Ping, who set forth in 1978 to “seek truth from facts” and deliver Communist China from its misery and backwardness.’
And with their brand of Capitalism they have and are doing it much better – to the anger of the quite unreformed colonists of Europe and the US.[20]
Desperately needed in South Africa is a new system led by leaders who can take the country forward beyond the legacy of Greed Capitalism.  The current system demands profit that comes at the expense of the national reserve. The current system has become so profit driven, so full of dogma and impossible promises, it is a religion. It has to go and along with it all those who manipulate it to their own end, all these new colonial masters.
History repeats itself
‘Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief,’ said Frantz Fanon.[21]
I grew up in Rhodesia. The British history I learnt from Grade 3 to university entrance level taught me emphatically blacks were savages tamed by Colonial Christian Capitalists – it was that simple. I believed all the memes of the time, memes that declared unless we white Rhodesians ran the show it would collapse.
Like South Africa, Rhodesia was a White Nationalist Socialist State which, as the title infers, meant I and roughly 200,000 other whites had all privilege while the non-whites suffered.  Most non-whites lived on starvation diets in Trust Lands, were deprived of a reasonable education and getting a job as a servant was to win a prize.
I knew nothing of the duplicity and theft of colonialism until I joined the government as a trainee administration officer. It took another 10 years of self-study to change my mindset, to begin to undo my biases and irrational ideas. I came to learn of alternates like the amazing community way – the support of the extended family – of the Bantu, a way us Europeans (now white South Africans) had dumped some 400 years before as we were forced from our bonded societies into the process of the Industrial Revolution.
I understand that Rhodesia was a flawed place, a place that should not be allowed to exist again. But it does, here.
President Robert Mugabe, his cabinet, generals, his inner circle and provincial land-lords have replaced Smith, his cabinet, generals, his inner circle and provincial land-lords. The only difference is numbers. Perhaps 10 or 20% of Mugabe’s 16 million Zimbabweans live the good life, where under Smith only 200,000 of us did.
History is repeating itself. Unless we get over public posturing, learn from the past, and demand real change. To forget the lesson of Rhodesia is foolish, and so it is to miss the real intent in Zille’s tweet, even if it was insensitive.
Her tweet was one in a series of reflections on her trip to Singapore where she saw a society taking the best of its past and building on it (I don’t agree though, I think Singapore is benefitting from the Chinese in the same old colonial way).
Zille herself is not a leader associated with corruption. She has no legal charges against her of any kind. No lying, no extortion, no bribery, rape, theft, duplicity. If anything her crime is she is too honest and too white, qualities that it seems do not benefit a politician.
South Africa should be talking about the continued failure of the government to uplift their people, to move on from Colonialism.
South Africa should be pulling the problem out at the root. Our problem is not racism, it’s the quest for personal profit and personal gain at the expense of the whole.
History repeats itself, until we learn from it.
* DOUGLAS SCHORR is a former soldier and district commissioner in then Rhodesia. He is today a committed critic of capitalism and colonial legacies, citing them as the source of poverty in Africa. His first book, The Myth of Smith, is available for sale on Amazon Kindle as are the short stories Mr Boomslang & 7 Other Rhodesian Fireside Tales. Schorr blogs at Follow him on Facebook for regular updates.
End notes
[6] ‘Motsepe initially built much of his fortune on his own and has never been directly involved in politics, but he does have senior contacts in the ANC.’ …
[7] ‘… Baleka Mbete, and many others in the leadership of the ANC are part of the rapacious mining elite that suck the blood and sweat of helpless, defenceless workers for self-gratification’ …
[8] Remember he ‘retired from active politics in 2014 and shortly thereafter made headlines when he became a senior adviser and deputy chairman to the Rothschild group of companies.’ ……
[9] ‘Maria Ramos is the Chief Executive Officer of Barclays Africa Group Limited. Prior to joining Absa as Group Chief Executive in March 2009, she was the Group Chief Executive of Transnet Ltd.’ Wikipedia. A British bank with mostly British shareholders drawing money from South Africa, Barclays Banks’ association goes back to 1902. Its philosophy was enable British manufacturers do business in the colonies (European Banks and the Rise of International Finance: The post-Bretton Woods era y Carlo Edoardo Altamura), there has been little change until very recently; ‘Barclays Group has made firm its intention to sell its 62.3% stake in Barclays Africa Group (formerly Absa).’ ……/barclays-makes-firm-intention-to-sell-absa
[10] … Mboweni Brothers Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a South African private company that provides investment services.
[11] Latest report … this week … ‘The biggest underachievers … in Africa  … it was Botswana, South Africa and Lesotho.’
[15] ‘Another feature of the public sector labour market is the relatively higher rate of unionisation, which is often associated with a wage premium. Union members made up almost 70% (1.4 million workers) of all public sector’s formal workers in 2014, up from 55% in 1997 (834,000 workers).’ See…
[16] The Corporation by Joel Bakan
[20] ‘What’s in a gold medal’ by Douglas Schorr
[21] ’Frantz Omar Fanon was a Martinique born Afro-Caribbean psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary, and writer whose works are influential in the fields of post-colonial studies, critical theory, and Marxism.’ Wikipedia

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The US flag covers Three Seas in Europe


While the European Union seems to be swamped with internal problems, the United States has launched a shake-up of Central Europe under the title, “The Three Seas Initiative”. This is a huge project, the brainchild of the Obama Administration and put in motion by the Trump Administration. The end-game? Creating an Anti-Russian bloc that will protect Western Europe.

JPEG - 41.7 kb

What a triumph it will be for President Trump, when he arrives on an official visit to Warsaw on 6 July! Poland, assures the White House, is a “loyal Nato ally, and one of the US’s closest friends”. As it happens, Poland is the launching pad for the US/Nato strategy that has dragged Europe yet again into a Cold War against Russia. It is to Poland, that the armoured US 3a Brigade has been transferred. This Brigade is one of the four groups of Nato battalions under US command “with advanced empowered presence” lined up in an anti-Russian function.

Poland is also credited with being one of the four European Nato countries that has achieved the target, set by the US in 2014, of spending more than 2% of the GDP on the military. To off-set this expenditure, Warsaw announces, Poland will not be contributing to the “Defence Fund” launched by 22 June 2017.

So, in Washington’s eyes, President Duda’s Poland is well resourced to take on board another onerous commitment: launching and driving “the Three Seas Initiative” a new project that brings together 12 countries situated between the Baltic, the Black Sea and the Adriatic: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia. As all of them are EU members, President Duda defines the Initiative “a new concept to promote European Unity”.

But with the exception of Austria, all these countries are at the same time, members of US-led Nato. And Washington exercises a stronger pull over these countries than does Brussels.

The “Three Seas Initiative” will be held at President Trump’s “inauguration”, i.e. the forthcoming conference to be held in Warsaw on 6 July; however, it is noteworthy that the initiative was conceived within the Obama Administration. This was announced on 25 August 2016 by the Joint Declaration of Dubrovnik, that presented it as an initiative aimed at “connecting the economies and infrastructures of Central and Eastern Europe from the North to the South, expanding cooperation in the sectors of energy, transport, digital communication and the economy generally”. The official reason: “to make Central and Eastern Europe more secure and competitive”. The US will think about this.

In his speech at the Conference on the Three Seas, announces the White House, President Trump “will focus on developing infrastructure and energy security, evidencing, among other things, the first deliveries of American NLG (natural liquid gas) to Poland shortly within four months”. A terminal in the Baltic port of Swinoujscie, costed around a billion dollars, will permit Poland to import US LNG, to the tune of 5 billion m3 per year, which can be increased to 7.5 billion m3 per year.

Through this and other terminals, including the one planned for Croatia, gas sourced from the US or from other countries through US companies, will be distributed by the relevant gas pipelines to the entire “Three Seas region”. The plan’s aim is clear:
• to blame Russia thus reducing its gas exports to Europe – this objective can only be achieved if the export of US gas (which is more expensive than Russian gas), will be encouraged by substantial state subsidies;
• to make Central and Eastern Europe, in competition with Germany and other European powers, gravitate even more closely to the US, not only militarily but also economically; and
• to create within Europe a macro-region with limited sovereignty, being directly under US influence: the Three Seas.

This would essentially fragment the European Union and enlarge Ukraine and others. While Europe’s political map is changing once again, the flag that flies there is still the Star Spangled Banner.

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The New UN Treaty on Nuclear Weapons

JPEG - 35.2 kb

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons(hereinafter, “The Treaty”), adopted by the vast majority of the United Nations, on 7 July, is a landmark event, clearing out of our minds any debris of denial that a nuclear war would have catastrophic consequences for the whole of humanity. On the basis of this knowledge, the 122 states that have voted for it, undertake to neither produce nor possess nuclear weapons, nor to use them nor threaten to use them nor to receive them directly or indirectly. This is the key selling point of the Treaty that aims to create “a legally binding instrument for prohibiting nuclear weapons, leading to their total elimination”.

The Treaty will enter into force on 20 September, once it has been signed and ratified by 50 states. While we fully back the urgent need for this treaty, we must not and cannot fail to acknowledge its limitations:
• First: the Treaty, which is only legally binding on states party to it, will not prohibit them from being part of military alliances with states possessing nuclear weapons.
• Second, each state party to the Treaty, “has the right to withdraw from this Treaty if it decides that extraordinary events related to the subject matter of the Treaty have jeopardized the supreme interests of its country ”. A vague formula that permits each state party at any time to tear up the agreement, shirk off the obligations imposed by it, and equip itself with nuclear weapons.
• The third and biggest limitation is the fact that not one State possessing nuclear weapons is party to the Treaty: the United States and the other two Nato nuclear powers (France and Great Britain) that hold an aggregate of around 8,000 nuclear heads; Russia which has even more; China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea, with minor arsenals but which are not for this reason alone, negligible.
• Fourth: the non-nuclear members of Nato have not signed up to the Treaty. Note in particular, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Turkey all of which host US nuclear bombs. Holland, after participating in the negotiations, expressed a contrary position when the time to vote came. A total of 73 UN member states are not party to the treaty, including the US/Nato’s principal partners: Ukraine, Japan and Australia.

This means that the treaty is not capable, in its current form of slowing down the race to nuclear weapons; a race that is becoming even more dangerous especially from the qualitative angle. At the head is the United States that using revolutionary technology has launched the modernization of its nuclear force: this is what Hans Kristensen of the Federation of American Scientists reports; for this “triples the destructive power of the existing US ballistic missiles”, as if the US is planning to have “the capacity to fight and win a nuclear war by disarming the enemies with a surprise first strike”. A capacity that also includes the “anti-missile shield” to neutralize enemy reprisal, such as that lined up by the United States in Europe, against Russia and in South Korea against China. Russia and China are also undertaking the modernization of their own nuclear arsenals. In 2018, Russia will line up a new inter-continental ballistic missile, the Sarmat, with a range up to 18,000 km, capable of transporting 10-15 nuclear heads that, by entering the atmosphere at hypersonic speed (more than ten times the speed of sound), manoeuvre to dodge the interceptor missiles piercing the “shield”.

Among the countries that are not party to the Treaty is Italy, tripping over itself to follow the United States. The reason is clear. If Italy signed up to the Treaty, it would then have an obligation under international law to divest itself of US nuclear bombs lined up on its territory. The Gentiloni government, while defining the Treaty “as strongly divisive instrument”, concedes that it is committed to “apply every aspect of the Non Proliferation Treaty”, which is the cornerstone of disarmament”. This NPT is a treaty that Italy ratified in 1975 but is constantly violating. For the NPT binds every state that is militarily non-nuclear “not to receive from anyone nuclear weapons, nor to control such weapons, directly or indirectly”. Instead, Italy has made its territory available to the United States to install at least 50 B-61 nuclear bombs at Aviano and 20 such bombs at Ghedi-Torre; the US has also trained up Italian pilots to use them. From 2020, the B61-12 will be stored in Italy: a new US arm for a nuclear first strike. In this way, Italy, formally a non-nuclear country, will be transformed into the front line for an increasingly dangerous nuclear confrontation between USA/Nato and Russia.

So that the Treaty adopted by the United Nations (but ignored by Italy) is not limited to paper, we are forced into claiming that Italy will observe the NPT defined by the government as the “cornerstone for disarmament”. By this declaration, we are calling for the complete de-nuclearization of our national territory.

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The UN fails to acknowledge the occupation of Cyprus


The United Nations (actually, the Director of Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman) organized a peace conference for Cyprus at Crans-Montana (Switzerland). On 6 July 2017, this conference came to an end, a clear failure as the Cypriot party rejected the “agreement”.

The two entities that took part in this conference, that was not open to the public, were:
- The Republic of Cyprus; and
- The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

But the following states, international organizations and supra-national organizations were present at the conference:
- The United Nations;
- The International Monetary Fund;
- The European Union;
- Greece;
- The United Kingdom; and
- Turkey

The aim of the conference was to reunify the island after Turkey invaded the North in 1974 and its army’s subsequently occupied the North [1].

The Republic of Cyprus, asserting its international right, insisted that the withdrawal of the occupation troops would be non-negotiable. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus for its part, declared the presence of Turkish troops as non-negotiable. Once these positions had been asserted, there was no way a deal could be reached.

The UN, the IMF, the EU, the United Kingdom, the EU and Turkey have not stopped blackmailing the Cypriot President, Níkos Anastasiádis, threatening character assassination. Their intention is that he accepts the agreement laid down by the Great Powers rather than the one agreed with his own citizens [2].

So Cyprus is a member of the European Union – “a peace-loving power” that has no problem with accommodating the military occupation of the North of the Island.

Turkey occupies illegally but with total impunity the North of Cyprus, Northern Syria and Northern Iraq.

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President Kadyrov wants to filter out the gay gene from the Chechen gene pool


In an interview with the US sports journalist Bryant Gumbel (HBO) on combat sports, the President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has declared:

“If there are gays [in Chechnya], take them to Canada. Please God take them, just so long as they are not here. It’s so we can purify our blood. If there are here, take them”.

Speaking of people who testified that they were tortured for homosexuality by the Chechen police, he continued: “They are the devil. We need to get rid of them, they are not men (…) Please punish them God so that they do not bring accusations against us. They will have to respond for this before the All-Mighty”.

In April, the Russian Daily, Novaïa Gazeta , had accused the Kadyrov administration of persecuting homosexuals. This was something that Russian gay associations had initially denied. However, according to Igor Kochetkov of the LGTB Network in Russia, during recent weeks, the Chechen police tried to organize false accusations ranging from burglary to terrorism against gays just to justify locking them up.

Chechnya has been Russian since the seventeenth century. The majority of its inhabitants are Sunni Muslims with a strong presence of the Sufi Brotherhood of the Naqchbandis. It provided a large number of professional soldiers to the Tsar, then to the Red Army. During the dissolution of the USSR, Chechen officers tried to carve a State for themselves. The CIA intervened in the conflict on the side of the Naqchbandis which created the Islamic Emirate of Itchkerie modelled on that set up by the Afghan Taliban. While not a local tradition, the Emirates killed homosexuals. The current president Kadyrov is the son of the Grand Mufti, Akhmad Kadyrov, who supported first the Emirates and then became close to Moscow and finally helped to conquer the Islamists.

Homosexuality was only repressed in Russia in the period 1936 – 1991. Never by the Tsar or the Bolsheviks. Kadyrov’s current Islamic policy comes at a time when some Russian parliamentarians consider homosexuality akin to a contagious disease for example and try to keep it out of sight.

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Peace in Syria for the benefit of I$raHëll and Turkey?

Peace in Syria for the benefit of Israël and Turkey?

As we approach the end of the war against Syria, none of the initial goals of the Anglo-Saxons have been clearly reached. Not only has the Muslim Brotherhood failed to triumph via the Arab Springs, but they seem to be losing all over the region, apart from in Qatar and Turkey. And although Syria is mostly destroyed, Syrian society and its multi-confessional model has resisted – the Silk Road should finally be re-opened. In any case, Israël and Turkey are close reaping the benefits and disengaging, in their own way becoming winners in this war.

JPEG - 32.6 kb

Everyone expected that the crisis opposing Saudi Arabia and Qatar would facilitate the resurgence of the Riyadh-Damascus-Cairo axis which had dominated the political life of the Arab world until the « Arab Spring ». Nothing of the sort occurred.

Perhaps Prince Mohammad ben Salmane still hopes to win in Yemen, and therefore sees no point in reaching out to Syria. Or else the Saudis, who once led the Arab revolt against the Ottomans, consider today that it would be too dangerous to take the side of Syria against Turkey. It is true that, during last week’s Crans-Montana negotiations, the UNO, the IMF and the European Union supported the occupation of Northern Cyprus by the Turkish army, regardless of the fact that it is illegal under international law. Evidently, although it has become fashionable in the West to vilify Erdoğan’s dictatorship, NATO offers unconditional support for the Turkish military deployment in Cyprus, Syria, Iraq and Qatar.

Since « Nature abhors a vacuum », it was Qatar who made contact with Damascus. For President Bachar el-Assad, this is a less meaningful catch than Saudi Arabia, but it’s a catch nonethless. It represents one less state engaged in the war against his country – and in fact, the only enemy states left, apart from the US multinationals, are the United Kingdom, Turkey and Israël.

The meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, during the G20 in Hamburg on 7 July 2017, seems to have turned the tables! The meeting was originally planned to last half an hour, but in fact lasted two hours, forcing other heads of state and foreign government to wait outside. Although we do not know what the two Presidents and their Ministers for Foreign Affairs actually decided, we do know what they negotiated.

Israël, Egypt and the Arab Emirates proposed an end to the war in Syria by implementing Tel-Aviv’s victory over the Palestinian Resistance, which is currently divided between Fatah, which governs Ramallah, and Hamas in Gaza.

However, Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah has progressively sunk into corruption, and now collaborates openly with Israël. Meanwhile Hamas, created by the Muslim Brotherhood under the auspices of the Israëli secret services in order to weaken Fatah, has discredited itself first of all by its terrorist attacks against civilians, then by its unbelievable behaviour during the war against Syria. As a result, only Turkey and Iran continue to support Hamas, which detests all the other states. Shamelessly, Hamas, which had already allied itself with Mossad and Al-Qaïda in order to massacre the leaders of the PFLP in the Syrian camp at Yarmouk in 2012, once again begged Tel-Aviv for forgiveness.

This is the source of the incredible plan to reunite the two major Palestinian factions, to oust old Mahmoud Abbas (82), to recognise a puppet Palestinian state, and to install as its leader … General Mohammed Dahlan.

Mohammed Dahlan is the leader of Fatah who secretly became an Israëli agent, fought violently against Hamas, and then poisoned Yasser Arafat. Unmasked, he was excluded from Fatah, fled to Montenegro, and was found guilty in absentia. For the last few years, he has been living in the United Arab Emirates, where he enjoys a fortune of 120 million dollars misappropriated from the Palestinian Authority. He will supposedly be welcomed in Gaza by his historical enemies from Hamas, including the new « Prime Minister » Yahya Sinwar, whom, it transpires, is one of his childhood friends. Forgetting the past, he will be tasked with fighting the Army of Islam, in other words, the Palestinian branch of Daesh.

This plan, if indeed it were to be implemented, would mark the definitive liquidation of the Palestinian Resistance, after 70 years of struggle.

It’s in this context that we should understand the announcement of a Putin-Trump agreement concerning three regions in Southern Syria. US troops would be authorised to deploy there, ostensibly to keep the peace, but in truth to create a demilitarised zone between the Syrian Golan and the rest of the country. Iranian troops would not be allowed to approach Israël. Consequently, the Golan, illegally occupied by Israël for forty years, would be considered de facto as annexed, even if the word would never be used. Local village councils would be elected in October 2018, in conformity with Israëli law. There would be no reaction from Russia, and the United States would turn a blind eye to its Crimean obsession.

Peace could be concluded in the rest of Syria with the exception of the zone taken from Daesh by the Kurds and the zone controlled by the Turks. Washington and Moscow would allow the latter to sort out their differences with the Kurds, in other words, to massacre them. Exactly the way in which Henry Kissinger supported the Iraqi Kurds against Saddam Hussein, before abandoning them overnight with their dream of a Kurdistan. Finally, the Turkish army would remain to occupy Al-Bab, as it already occupies North Cyprus and Bashiqa in Iraq.

The Palestinians and the Kurds will pay for their mistake of having fought for a country outside of their territory (in Jordan and Lebanon instead of Palestine for the former, in Iraq and Syria instead of Kurdistan for the latter).

Israël and Turkey will therefore be the only two states who will have benefited from six years of war against the Syrian People.

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Hafez al-Assad Speech Against Muslim Brotherhood 1982 ‘VIDEO’



Image result for Hafez al-Assad CARTOON

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