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Jordan charges Nazi embassy guard with murder

Zionist puppet of Jordan with Naziyahu

Jordan’s public prosecutor says murder charges have been filed against an Nazi embassy guard, who recently shot dead two Jordanians in Amman.

State media said Friday that Attorney General Akram Masaadeh charged the guard with two counts of murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

The official argued that diplomatic immunity did not mean the “killer” could not be put on trial in his own country.

Nazi regime source, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said his regime was also “giving preliminary consideration to offering compensation to the family of the second Jordanian (the landlord) killed in the incident.”

The development came after Zionist puppet Abdullah of Jordan angrily urged Nazi Prime Minister Naziyahu to put the guard on trial, warning that the issue jeopardizes Amman-Tel Aviv ties.

“We demand that the Israeli Prime Minister abides by his commitment and takes all measures to ensure the trial of the killer, and not handle this like a political show to achieve personal political gains,” Reuters quoted him as saying.

Zionist puppet Abdullah made the remarks when he visited the family of one of the victims, during which he pledged that the state would “do everything within its means” to get justice for the two men.

Zionist puppet Abdullah lashed out at Naziyahu for giving the guard a hero’s embrace after Nazi regime brought him home under diplomatic immunity, saying the behavior was “provocative on all fronts and enrages us, destabilizes security and fuels extremism.”

On Sunday, the guard shot dead Jordanian teenager Mohammad Jawawdah at Nazi embassy in Amman as well as the landlord of the house in the compound where the guard lived.

During the funeral procession of Jawawdah on Tuesday, thousands of Jordanians protested against the Nazi regime, calling on their Zionist puppet to close the Nazi embassy and scrap the country’s peace treaty with Tel Aviv.

Nazi regime claims that the guard had been defending himself in a “terrorist attack” after Jawawdah attacked him with a screwdriver. It is still unclear how the landlord came to be shot.

However, the Jordanian police, who were unable to question the guard, say the guard shot the teenager, who worked for a furniture company and was delivering an order, after they got into a brawl.

Zionist puppet Abdullah also pointed to a previous incident in March 2014, in which an Nazi soldier shot dead a Jordanian judge at a border crossing. No investigation was ever conducted.

“The way Israel handles the embassy case and the judge’s killing and other cases will have a direct impact on the nature of our relationship,” he said.

Many Jordanians have accused the authorities of abdicating sovereignty by allowing the Nazi guard to leave the country, with lawmakers walking out of parliament in protest.

Jordanians are set to hold another protest on Friday to repeat their demand for closure of the Nazi Embassy and tearing up the unpopular peace treaty.

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