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New bill would permit Nazi Mossad to travel to Kurdish-controlled areas

New bill would permit Israelis to travel to Kurdish-controlled areas


Israel National News

A new bill proposed by MK Ksenia Svetlova (Zionist Union) would enable Israelis to travel to Kurdish-controlled areas. As the Kurds live in areas spread across Iran, Iraq, and Syria, Kurdish-controlled areas are defined as enemy territory and are off limits to Israelis.

Svetlova, who was an Arab affairs reporter before entering the Knesset, told the Times of Israel that she initiated the bill in order to strengthen the ties between Israel and the Kurds. “It’s important for Israeli citizens who are interested in pursuing ties with the Kurds to know that when they come back from Kurdistan they won’t be persecuted by a variety of security agencies, and this is unfortunately what happens now,” she said.

Kurdish affairs analyst Zach Daniel praised the move, telling Arutz Sheva that the Kurdish people were natural allies for Israel. “Time and again, the Kurds proved their dedication to defeat terrorism and promote human rights” he said.

“They’ve built semi-autonomous areas, safe for tourism, business — and with ethnic and religious pluralism,” he added. “Their reward begins with being treated differently from the arbitrarily-defined, failed states adjacent to them. It’s not only about Israel. Every country should revise their policies to reflect this reality. “

“MK Svetlova’s bill does just that, and all parties should back her common-sense efforts.”

The proposed bill came as the Knesset held a conference devoted to ties between the Kurdish people and Israel. Svetlova, who chairs the Lobby for Strengthening the Relationship between the State of Israel and the Kurdish People, repeatedly called on Israelis to increase their cooperation with the Kurds.

There are similarities in our destinies,” she told the conference.

Israel had been the only country to openly support Kurdish independence after the Kurdish declaration of independence in October, with Netanyahu backing “the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to attain a state of its own.”

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Lebanon’s Hariri says Damascus wants him killed



Prime minister says Syrian regime also responsible for 2005 assassination of his father, former premier Rafik Hariri

ed note–Prima facie evidence that Hariri is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The fact is, Syria probably does want him dead, but would never do it, as they know how it would be painted in the JMSM, resulting in a push for war against Syria not seen since what took lace in Libya and Iraq.

Him saying this, as well as blaming Damascus for the assassination of his father when it was actually Israel who did it, all but certifies that indeed he will be targeted by Mossad as a means of  ratcheting up tensions as a precursor to launching a new war against Hezbollah.

Former Mossad thug Raphael Eitan said it best–‘Once we Jews have taken over the land, all that the Arabs will be able to do is to scurry around like drugged cockroaches.’

Times of Israel

Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri charged that the Syrian regime which he blames for his father’s assassination also wants him killed, in an interview published Thursday in French magazine Paris Match.

Hariri assessed that the regime’s military successes against rebels in the Syrian conflict were victories for presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Iran’s Hassan Rouhani rather than their allied Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad.

“I have a lot of enemies, extremists and the Syrian regime. The latter has issued a death sentence against me. They accuse me of interference in their country,” said Hariri, who was interviewed at his Beirut residence.

Hariri, who has made the same accusation in the past, says the regime in Syria was behind the 2005 assassination of his father, former premier Rafik Hariri, in a car bombing on the Beirut seafront, a charge denied by Damascus.

At Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s request, Hariri has suspended his shock resignation announced from Riyadh on November 4 and returned to Beirut after a three-week absence.

He cited Iran’s “grip” on his country through Lebanon’s powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah and threats to his life as causes of his resignation, which he has suspended pending political negotiations in Beirut.

On the military victories of Assad’s regime, Hariri told Paris Match: “He has not won. It’s presidents Putin and Rouhani who have won” with the military forces they had committed to the conflict in Syria.

The premier, who has called for Hezbollah to “disassociate” itself from conflicts such as Syria where it has fought alongside Assad’s forces, said: “It is in Lebanon’s interest that these [Hezbollah’s] arms not be used elsewhere.”

Hariri flew Wednesday night to Paris for a family visit, a source close to the prime minister said.

After a lengthy stay in the Saudi capital, Hariri already stopped over in Paris at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron on his way back to Beirut last week.

Following charges that he had been detained in Riyadh, some analysts described his departure for France at the time as an “exfiltration” by Paris.

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Zionist Kushner He Did It For I$raHell


Jared Kushner Was Right To Collude With Russia — Because He Did It For Israel

ed note–the title says it all and as such, does not need a whole heck of a lotta deconstruction/dissection in better understanding the deeper implications associated with all of this, but, just for the sake of those who still don’t ‘get it’,  we’re going to do it anyway.

Firstly, we’re going to skip all the verbage which our esteemed Hebraic writer of the priestly (Cohanim) class utilizes in weaving his black magic and just skip right to the beating heart of the essay–

‘…if it was indeed Jared Kushner who instructed Flynn to speak to the Security Council countries to get them to postpone or cancel the 2334 vote so that the new Trump administration could halt it, then he was pursuing a moral agenda that would help Israel’s security, help the prospects for peace, and maintain long-standing US foreign policy.’

Firstly, let’s toss out the Judaic bullshit–

‘…Help the prospects for peace, and maintain long-standing US foreign policy’

The Jews don’t want ‘peace’ anymore than abortionists want monogamous marriages between men and women who want to have lots of children. As far as the vampire in the Levant (otherwise known as the Jewish state) is concerned, ‘peace’ is the equivalent of holy water, the crucifix, and sunlight all wrapped up into one. Without constant conflict, the Jewish state would simply cease to exist because conflict with ‘the other’ is so intrinsically bound up within the very fiber of Judaism, Zionism, and Judaic identity that to remove it would be the equal of depriving a 5-alarm fire of oxygen.

Next our Hebraic author’s feigned regard for maintaining ‘long-standing US foreign policy’.

Again, the Jews don’t give a rat’s fuzzy ass about maintaining ‘long-standing US foreign policy’. The United States–along with all the other Gentile nations of the world–is in effect an artificial and non-existing entity whose only purpose is to serve Jewish interests, as made unequivocally clear in many statements gushing forth from the mouths of various Judaic leaders over time, the most recently-notable being that of Israel’s former chief Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef who–shortly before he died and went to hell–equated Gentiles to ‘donkeys’ whose only reason for being created was to serve the Jews. All can rest assured that if and when Trump (or whoever) suddenly comes to their senses and declares that it is no longer in US foreign policy interests to continue its suicidal support of the vampire in the Levant, that our esteemed Hebraic author–along with all his cousins, both on the left and the right, including certain ‘anti-Zionist Jews’ operating as gatekeepers and confusers–will put aside whatever inconsequential issues differentiate amongst them and conjoin in a concerted screeching campaign so loud and ear splitting that Captain Kirk and his crew serving on board the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 will be able to pick it up in deep space simply by rolling down the windows and sticking their heads out.

The most notable thing however about this amazing piece is the blatant contempt in which our esteemed Hebraic author–as well as 99.9999% of his cousins–maintain for the rule of law in the US or elsewhere. Everything boils down to their own well being, and whatever laws have to be twisted, torqued, turned, abrogated, violated or whatever, in order for Jewish interests to benefit, then then as far as they are concerned, ‘bring it on baby’, a little factoid to remember the next time that the ADL, AIPAC or whatever other Judaic organization conceived in the bowels of Satan and ‘birthed’ into existence out of his nasty netherparts starts braying about the ‘canards’ and ‘tropes’ and ‘anti-Shemitic conspiracy theories’ involving Jews and ‘dual loyalties’, which, in this case, is indeed a misnomer and non-sequiter, as Jews have only one loyalty–to each other and to their infernal ‘Jewish state’.

Daniel Kohn, the Jewish Daily Forward

Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia took a surprising turn on Friday – to Israel. Anonymous White House sources claimed that Jared Kushner was the unnamed Trump transition member who sent former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to talk to the Russian ambassador and other foreign diplomats about a controversial U.N. resolution that would have certainly harmed Israel.

That resolution was Resolution 2334, which effectively declared any Israeli neighborhoods beyond the 1949 Armistice lines (the Green Line) to be illegal under international law. It also demanded that Israel “cease” all settlement activity, and it declared all the land beyond the 1967 lines to be Palestinian.

In the waning days of his presidency, President Obama chose not to use the critical US veto on the Security Council to stop the Resolution from being passed, and Flynn’s mission, allegedly put to him by Jared Kushner, was to influence the Russians and other governments on the Council to delay or defeat it.

The legality or illegality of Kushner’s alleged actions notwithstanding, it will be both ironic and unfair if battling 2334 brings down Kushner.

For starters, past presidents have also communicated with foreign governments during their transitional periods, sometimes in circumstances that challenged their predecessors’ foreign policy. Eisenhower’s transitional administration secretly organized a visit to Korea. Likewise, Henry Kissinger made a secret trip to North Vietnam during Nixon’s transition.

Kushner’s case may be more problematic if a “quid pro quo” was offered in exchange for delaying Resolution 2334, for example, a cessation of sanctions against Russia in exchange for Russian cooperation on Israel. But so far, there is no evidence of such a deal. In fact, it was reported that Netanyahu contacted Putin directly and successfully lobbied him to ask for postponement of the vote, a request rejected by the Council. So while Kushner and Flynn’s alleged lobbying efforts included Russia, it may not have been their focus.

Some claim that Kushner and Flynn violated the Logan Act, which prohibits citizens from contacting foreign governments to influence policy that affects US policy. But we can learn from an episode in 2015 why this claim doesn’t hold water. Back then, John Boehner and 47 Republican senators wrote a letter to Iran and were similarly accused of violating the Logan Act. The Volokh Conspiracy blog tackled the question, and if their convincing analysis is applied to Kushner in this situation, the Logan Act would likely not be a successful litigation path.

For starters, Kushner was already acting in an official capacity, similar to earlier transitional governments that engaged foreign governments. Furthermore, Obama did not tip his hand as to how the US would vote on 2334 until the final days, so Kushner could not be said to have been seeking to undermine US policy, since it was not publicly defined. And finally, nobody has ever been convicted under the Logan Act, and criminal statutes that have not been enforced tend to lapse.

But in addition to the Logan Act never having been enforced, there are others reasons it would be terrible for Kushner to be brought down over this.

Resolution 2334 gave the Palestinians not only more leverage in any negotiations; it gave them moral authority as well. It put Israel in the position of acceding to Palestinian demands — removing hundreds of thousands of Israelis, dismantling tens of billions of shekels worth of construction and infrastructure and leaving the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter to a people who have denied that Jews have a connection to these places – or become guilty of “flagrant violations of international law.”

In other words, this resolution rolls back the clock a few decades and encapsulates the Arab positions regarding Israel, only without demanding peace in exchange, undermining and possibly even retroactively rewriting 1967’s UNSC Resolution 242, which was purposely structured, with extensive diplomatic leadership by the US and Britain, to allow Israel to negotiate a peace that would not require it to give up all of the land it conquered.

Weeks before leaving office, and with virtually no public debate, Obama was gunning for significant change that undermined 50 years of US foreign policy. Worse, the status quo before Resolution 2334 consisted of policy structured with intentional ambiguity that Israel relied upon to retain the territory it controls until a peace deal would be struck, on the understanding that ultimately it would not give up all of this land.

Resolution 2334 represents the kiss of death for any potential peace deal, insofar as it takes away any incentive the Palestinians might have had to come to the negotiating table.

Furthermore, Israelis remember well that when Jordan controlled the West Bank, Jews were not permitted to enter. They could not go to the Temple Mount or pray at the Western Wall. This is what 2334 deems to be the correct outcome of this conflict.

Israelis also know how their total evacuation of Gaza gained them no goodwill, garnered thousands of rocket attacks and three costly wars, and left an implacable enemy that openly seeks Israel’s destruction in charge.

And if it was indeed Jared Kushner who instructed Flynn to speak to the Security Council countries to get them to postpone or cancel the 2334 vote so that the new Trump administration could halt it, then he was pursuing a moral agenda that would help Israel’s security, help the prospects for peace, and maintain long-standing US foreign policy. The Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller III, was assigned to identify criminal collusion between Russia and members of Trump’s campaign. It could well be that he may find criminal actions among members of the campaign, including Kushner and Trump. Certainly, it would seem that if Flynn was instructed to offer sanctions relief or recognition of Russia’s occupation of Crimea, then Mueller has his quid pro quo and perhaps could argue that a crime was committed.

However, this process began with claims of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign to win the last US presidential elections. Now the discussion has shifted to potential deal-making – or even diplomacy – of an incoming administration seeking to avoid a virtually irrevocable policy mistake that would harm a close ally while undermining the goals of several previous administrations to secure peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Is this what should bring Kushner down? No. Absolutely not.

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Zionist puppet Trump is expected to recognize Jerusalem as Nazi regime capital

Trump Set to Recognize Jerusalem – but No One Should Panic Just Yet
From the Zionist media


In December 1949, 68 years ago next week, when Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion decided to move the capital to Jerusalem, many of his colleagues opposed the idea. Finance Minister Eliezer Kaplan said it would be a “fatal mistake and unnecessary provocation of the United States,” which had just designated Jerusalem a “corpus separatum” and separate entity, under international jurisdiction. Knesset Speaker Yosef Shprintzak was more concerned about logistics of moving the parliament to the then-isolated city and the need to find places for the MKs to sleep overnight. “The arrangements for the move were accompanied by crying and difficulties kept appearing.” But Ben-Gurion was insistent that Israel must exercise its sovereignty over the western half of Jerusalem it controlled, to prevent any move “internationalizing” the city.

The fears of the opponents were not realized. War did not break out and sanctions were not announced against Israel. On the other hand, neither has the world recognized Israel’s sovereignty, over either half of Jerusalem. The foreign embassies remained in Tel Aviv. While world leaders make state visits to the western side of Jerusalem, they never actually acknowledge it as Israel’s capital. Sixty-eight years after Ben Gurion’s decision, U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. But despite all the furor his announcement is already causing, it will probably have little effect on the ground.

It is still not clear whether the recognition will remain an empty gesture – Trump will probably sign the six-month waiver postponing the actual transfer of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv. Even if he doesn’t, the embassy’s move will be manifested in a simple change of the sign outside the current West Jerusalem U.S. Consulate. Nearly all the embassy’s functions will remain, for a long while, in Tel Aviv. The U.S. State Department is still in disarray since Trump’s inauguration, and is drastically understaffed. A major logistical operation of building a new embassy in Jerusalem and moving hundreds of employees sixty kilometers westward is beyond their current capabilities. The remaining diplomats, who are against the move anyway, won’t be in any hurry to carry it out.

But beyond the movements on the ground, will Trump’s announcement have any real implications?

The Palestinians, Jordanians and Europeans have all warned that it will be a “blow to the peace process,” which would indeed be a terrible thing if there were any ‘peace process’ – or if you believe the Trump administration has a real chance of coming up with a peace plan that Israelis and Palestinians may ever accept. If you think this is a real option, then why is that same administration now throwing a massive wrench in the works? When an Israeli government and a Palestinian leadership are serious once again about making peace, the U.S. recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital won’t be an obstacle to resuming the process as the recognition doesn’t include the city’s eastern side that Palestinians demand for their own capital.

Trump’s main foreign policy overtures have so far been to the Saudis, who have objected to the embassy move in very muted tones and are almost certainly accepting it quietly. They are far more focused on challenging Iran’s growing influence in the region, and are not looking to jeopardize their relationship with the U.S. and quiet alliance with Israel on the Palestinians’ behalf. Egypt, another regional power currently focused on its own issues, particularly fighting ISIS in the Sinai, is not overly concerned about the Palestinians’ protest and is more interested in safeguarding its security cooperation with Israel in Sinai. The only major Muslim leader who has put his personal credibility on the line is Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who threatened repercussions against Israel that went as far as cutting off diplomatic relations. But it would be hard for him to justify such a move because of an American decision, especially as Turkey has only recently begun to rebuild its ties with Israel.

The only real implication could be a renewed wave of violence from the Palestinians. That certainly is a possibility and the Israeli security establishment has prepared for a variety of scenarios over the next few days. But although an uptick in violence will not be surprising, it is unlikely to become a prolonged wave.

The “stabbing intifada” which began in late 2015 petered out after a few months and remained a trend limited to the actions of individuals, never spreading to the wider Palestinian community. Another short wave of violence over security arrangements around the Temple Mount in July this year lasted just a week and didn’t spread beyond Jerusalem. There are no indications of an appetite in the West Bank or Gaza for another Intifada, so there is no reason to expect that this time will be any different. The Palestinian factions are still focused on trying to achieve the Fatah-Hamas rapprochement and to improve the beleaguered Gaza Strip’s economic situation. Any outbreak of violence is almost certain to be short-lived.

The U.S. Embassy in Israel may or may not move to Jerusalem by the time Trump leaves the White House, but even if it does, other countries are unlikely to emulate Trump and move their embassies to Jerusalem in the near future.

It won’t affect the lives of Jerusalemites, considering the only government that can improve life in the city is Israel’s – for example by moving the Defense Ministry with its thousands of jobs and soldiers from Tel Aviv. It probably won’t change the situation on the ground or make peace with the Palestinians any closer, or that much further for that matter. It is just another empty gesture by an impetuous president which in a few days will be forgotten.

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Watch: Jerusalem, “The Flower of Cities”

Fairuz, "The Flower of Cities"

Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, writes:

This beautiful song by Lebanese singer Fairuz encapsulates the beautiful city of Jerusalem, occupied by the Israelis, an occupation that has just been endorsed by Donald Trump.

Jerusalem is an Arab, Muslim-Christian city and will remain thus, whatever Trump and his like say.

Everything comes to an end, and one day the Israeli occupation will also collapse, despite the disaster sweeping the Arab world thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood and its offspring – Islamic State group, Al-Qaeda and their countless offishoots and clones.

The song is in Arabic but you should enjoy it even if you do not understand Arabic.

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US sets free thousands of Islamic State cutthroats in Syria in secret deal

Image result for TRUMP ISIS CARTOON


A high-level defector from Kurdish-led forces that captured the Syrian city of Raqqa from Islamic State has recanted his account of the city’s fall, saying thousands of Sausi Zio-Wahhabi IS fighters – many more than first reported – left under a secret, U.S.-approved deal.

Talal Silo, a former commander in the Syrian Democratic Forces, said the SDF arranged to bus all remaining Islamic State militants out of Raqqa even though it said at the time it was battling diehard foreign jihadists in the city.

U.S. officials described Silo’s comments as “false and contrived” but a security official in Turkey, where Silo defected three weeks ago, gave a similar account of Islamic State’s defeat in its Syrian stronghold. Turkey has been at odds with Washington over U.S. backing for the Kurdish forces who led the fight for Raqqa.

Silo was the SDF spokesman and one of the officials who told the media in mid-October – when the deal was reached – that fewer than 300 fighters left Raqqa with their families while others would fight on…

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The rise of fascism in I$raHell

The rise of fascism in Israel


Weimar in Jerusalem: the rise of fascism in Israel

By Uri Avnery

In Berlin, an exhibition entitled “Hitler and the Germans” has just opened. It examines the factors that caused the German people to bring Adolf Hitler to power and follow him to the very end…

[S]ince childhood, precisely this question has been troubling me. How did it happen that a civilized nation, which saw itself as the “people of poets and thinkers”, followed this man, much as the children of Hamelin followed the pied piper to their doom.

This troubles me not only as a historical phenomenon, but as a warning for the future. If this happened to the Germans, can it happen to any people? Can it happen here, in Israel?

As a nine-year old boy I was an eyewitness to the collapse of German democracy and the ascent of the Nazis to power. The pictures are engraved in my memory – the election campaigns following each other, the uniforms in the street, the debates around the table, the teacher who greeted us for the first time with “Heil Hitler”. I resurrected these memories in a book I wrote (in Hebrew) during the Eichmann trial, and which ended with a chapter entitled “Can it happen here?” I am returning to them these days, as I write my memoirs.

Fascism – no longer a taboo

I don’t know if the Berlin exhibition tries to answer these questions. Perhaps not. Even now, 77 years later, there is no final answer to the question: why did the German republic collapse?

This is an all-important question, because now people in Israel are asking, with growing concern: is the Israeli republic collapsing?

For the first time, this question is being asked in all seriousness. Throughout the years, we were careful not to mention the word fascism in public discourse. It raises memories which are too monstrous. Now this taboo has been broken.

Yitzhak Herzog, the minister of welfare in the Netanyahu government, a member of the Labour party, the grandson of a chief rabbi and the son of a president, said a few days ago that “fascism is touching the margins of our society”. He was wrong: fascism is not only touching the margins, it is touching the government in which he is serving, and the Knesset, of which he is a member.

Not a day – quite literally – passes without a group of Knesset members tabling a new racist bill. The country is still divided by the amendment to the law of citizenship, which will compel applicants to swear allegiance to “Israel as a Jewish and democratic state”. Now the ministers are discussing whether this will be demanded only of non-Jews (which doesn’t sound nice) or of Jews, too – as if this would change the racist content one bit.

… the genetic code of the Zionist movement is pushing towards the annexation of the whole of the historical country up to the Jordan River, and – directly or indirectly – the transfer of the Arab population.

This week, a new bill was tabled. It would prohibit non-citizens from acting as tourist guides in East Jerusalem. Non-citizens in this case means Arabs. Because, when East Jerusalem was annexed by force to Israel after the 1967 war, its Arab inhabitants were not granted citizenship. They were accorded only the status of “permanent residents”, as if they were recent newcomers and not scions of families that have lived in the city for centuries.

The bill is intended to deprive Arab Jerusalemites of the right to serve as tourist guides at their holy places in their city, since they are apt to deviate from the official propaganda line. Shocking? Incredible? Not in the eyes of the proponents, who include members of the Kadima Party. A Knesset member of the Meretz party also signed, but retracted, claiming that he was confused.

This proposal comes after dozens of bills of this kind have been tabled recently, and before dozens of others which are already on their way. The Knesset members act like sharks in a feeding frenzy. There is a wild competition between them to see who can devise the most racist bill.

It pays. After each such bill, the initiators are invited to TV studios to “explain” their purpose. Their pictures appear in the papers. For obscure MKs, whose names we have never heard of, that poses an irresistible temptation. The media are collaborating.

Israel’s place in the international club of fascists

This is not a uniquely Israeli phenomenon. All over Europe and America, overt fascists are raising their heads. The purveyors of hate, who until now have been spreading their poison at the margins of the political system, are now arriving at the centre.

In almost every country there are demagogues who build their careers on incitement against the weak and helpless, who advocate the expulsion of “foreigners” and the persecution of minorities. In the past they were easy to dismiss, as was Hitler at the beginning of his career. Now they must be taken seriously.

Only a few years ago, the world was shocked when Jörg Haider’s party was allowed Into the Austrian government coalition. Haider praised Hitler’s achievements. The Israeli government furiously recalled its ambassador to Vienna. Now the new Dutch government is dependent on the support of a declared racist, and fascist parties achieve impressive election gains in many countries. The “Tea Party” movement, which is blooming in the US, has some clearly fascist aspects. One of its candidates likes to go around wearing the uniform of the murderous Nazi Waffen-SS.

So we are in good company. We are no worse than the others. If they can do it, why not us?

But there is a big difference: Israel is not in the same situation as Holland or Sweden…

The German republic carried the name of Weimar, the town where the constituent assembly adopted its constitution after World War I. The Weimar of Bach and Goethe was one of the cradles of German culture.

It was a shiningly democratic constitution. Under its wings, Germany saw an unprecedented intellectual and artistic bloom. So why did the republic collapse?

Generally, two causes are identified: humiliation and unemployment. When the republic was still in its infancy, it was forced to sign the Versailles peace treaty with the victors of World War I, a treaty that was but a humiliating act of surrender. When the republic fell behind with the payment of the huge indemnities levied on it, the French army invaded the industrial heartland of Germany in 1923, precipitating a galloping inflation – a trauma Germany has not recovered from to this day.

When the world economic crisis broke out in 1929, the German economy broke down. Millions of despairing unemployed sank into abject poverty and cried out for salvation. Hitler promised to wipe out both the humiliation of defeat and the unemployment, and fulfilled both promises: he gave work to the unemployed in the new arms industry and in public works, like the new autobahns, in preparation for war.

And there was a third reason for the collapse of the republic: the growing apathy of the democratic public. The political system of the republic just became loathsome. While the people were sinking into misery, the politicians went on playing their games. The public was longing for a strong leader, to impose order. The Nazis did not overthrow the republic. The republic imploded, the Nazis only filled the void.

In Israel there is no economic crisis. On the contrary, the economy is flourishing. Israel did not sign any humiliating agreement, like the Treaty of Versailles. On the contrary, it won all its wars. True, our fascists speak about the “Oslo criminals”, much as Hitler ranted against the “November criminals”, but the Oslo agreement was the opposite of the Versailles treaty, which was signed in November 1919.

If so, what does the profound crisis of Israeli society stem from? What causes millions of citizens to regard with complete apathy the doings of their leaders, contenting themselves with shaking their heads in front of the TV set? What causes them to ignore what’s happening in the occupied territories, half an hour’s drive from their home? Why do so many declare that they do not listen to the news or read newspapers anymore? What is the origin of the depression and despair, which leave open the road to fascism?

The state has arrived at a crossroads: peace or eternal war. Peace means the foundation of a Palestinian state and the evacuation of the settlements. But the genetic code of the Zionist movement is pushing towards the annexation of the whole of the historical country up to the Jordan River, and – directly or indirectly – the transfer of the Arab population. The majority of the people is evading a decision by claiming that “we have no partner for peace” anyhow. We are condemned to eternal war.

Democracy is suffering from a growing paralysis, because the different sectors of the people live in different worlds. The secular, the national-religious and the Orthodox receive totally different educations. Common ground between them is shrinking. Other rifts are gaping between the old Ashkenazi community, the Oriental Jews, the immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, and the Arab citizens, whose separation from the rest is increasing all the time.

For the second time in my life, I may have to witness the collapse of a republic. But that is not predestined. Israel is not the goose-stepping Germany of those days, 2010 is not 1933. The Israeli society can yet sober up in time and mobilize the democratic forces within itself.

But for that to happen, it must awake from the coma, understand what is happening and where it is leading to, protest and struggle by all available means (as long as that is still possible), in order to arrest the fascist wave that is threatening to engulf us.

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War is peace: Trump’s move on occupied Jerusalem


War is peace: Trump's move on occupied Jerusalem

Gilad Atzmon writes:

No one has utilised the Orwellian dictate that “war is peace” better than Donald Trump. In Orwell’s 1984, the party maintains stability at home by waging constant war elsewhere.

Some contend that the American president is “illiterate” and “ignorant”. Others argue that his intellectual skills are limited. I have read some negative assessments of Trump’s mental condition. But no one can really dispute Trump’s achievements. Against all odds, he became president. Despite relentless efforts to evict him from office, he has managed to cling to the White House. He regularly makes unpredictable and unpopular decisions that make no sense to most reasonable, intelligent people. He communicates with the world by means of snippets and tweets. Yet, miraculously, he prevails.

North Korea is too dangerous for Trump. As a regional power, Iran is also not an ideal enemy. Trump needed to launch a new battle against a substantially weaker foe. The Palestinians made the perfect antagonists.

For a person who allegedly hasn’t read an entire book in his life, Trump has managed to achieve quite a lot. How does he do it? What goes in his mind? “War is peace” appears to be at the core of Trump’s survival strategy. War is Trump’s comfort zone.

From his first day in office, the American president has not missed an opportunity to threaten global conflict. He provoked Iran, he enraged North Korea and now he aims to upset the Palestinians. The ostensibly impoverished North Korea proved highly capable of countering American aggression. It took Kim Jong-un’s engineers only a few months to present a ballistic capability that could reduce American cities to dust. North Korea is too dangerous for Trump. As a regional power, Iran is also not an ideal enemy. Trump needed to launch a new battle against a substantially weaker foe. The Palestinians made the perfect antagonists.

War in Palestine is peace of mind in Washington. This seems to fit the Trump doctrine. But are the Palestinians really ideal for the role? Israeli commentators believe that Arab and Muslim leaders won’t side with Palestine. The risk is that the Arab and Muslim masses react very differently. The situation could quickly become volatile. And the crucial question that Americans must ask themselves tomorrow morning is how Trump’s “war is peace” makes “America great again”? It doesn’t. This is simply a survival tactic on Trump’s part. It benefits Trump and Trump alone.

As far as I can tell, Trump is doing a great job obliterating what is left of America’s world hegemony. Give Trump another year in office, assuming that the planet can take it, and American prestige and influence will shrink to none. Some may well argue that this alone makes Trump a positive force in contemporary world politics.

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Deir Yassin Remembered

Remember the days of poking fun at Pravda, the Russian government-owned press? We asked: how could anyone rely on the truthfulness of reports that were filtered by agenda-driven government agents? Aren’t we Americans lucky to live in a land where our news isn’t filtered, where we – unlike our Russian counterparts – enjoy a “free” press?

We have witnessed how Jewish Power persuaded at least a half dozen billboard companies to refuse our attempts to run billboards with the simple message: America First Not Israel (latest example here). Careful readers will remember how an Ann Arbor Jew convinced publisher Patricia Garcia to refuse our ad request in the Ann Arbor Observer last year.

Pressing on, WfP initiated contact with the local MLive Media Group, publisher of a resurrected
Ann Arbor News, to run a display ad with the text:
America First Not Israel
Paid for by Deir Yassin Remembered
Saturday Protests 9:30-10:45 AM at 2000 Washtenaw Ave
Ann Arbor
All Welcome ( for more info)
After MLive received the desired text, and after we received the print ad specs and discount page, marketing executive Hannah Gellis then inquired: “Thanks, Henry. After looking at the discount sheet, how many ads are you interested in running? “

We responded “We are looking at placing six ads, two per month if the marketing program allows. Sunday editions Eighth-page ads (6 @ $240/ad = $1440). We would then be looking at two ads in December, two in January and two in February.”

She then asked for “Name of advertiser’s business/group funding these ads (I see on the billboard creative that it states ‘paid for by Deir Yassin Remembered,’ but please confirm) Advertiser’s billing address”

We confirmed Deir Yassin Remembered and provided MLive Media Group with my local address for billing purposes. Five hours later, however, Hannah dropped the ax:

Henry, MLive has sole discretion to reject any ad, and after review, we will not be accepting this ad placement.
I’m sorry I could not assist you in your marketing needs. Please let me know if you need anything else.
Best wishes,
Hannah Gellis |MLive Media Group
Marketing Executive
We asked MLive how and by whom this decision was made? “Were there reasons given for the ad’s rejection? Could Mlive suggest another wording that would pass muster?”

Hannah’s terse response: “We won’t be answering these questions. It’s in MLive’s discretion to reject ads, and we do from time to time. Thank you for your inquiry…”

Seems like this is deja vu all over again, and we report these events not because we’re complaining, but to document evidence of Jewish Power and its corrosive impact on speech.

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Jerusalem: Letter from a Rabbi



From: Rabbi Alissa Wise, JVP []
Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2017 9:46 PM
To: Dorothy Naor <>
Subject: Jerusalem

Dear Dorothy,

President Trump just declared that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and will move forward with plans to move the U.S. embassy there.

I have faith that one day, we’ll be strong enough to bend U.S. foreign policy toward justice— but this is really going to test it.

Because this is a reckless, deeply irresponsible decision: for Palestinians, Israelis, and all of us. And it’s on us to stand up.

Click here to tell your Congressperson: recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is wrong.

In addition to the dangers this move poses for the region and geopolitical stability, it’s just flat out wrong. What we need is a U.S. policy that recognizes and addresses the root causes of the ongoing crisis in Israel/Palestine, not one that drastically inflames already existing inequities. Because what’s happening today is an expression of these larger truths:

  • That throughout the last 50 years of occupation, successive Israeli governments have stripped Palestinian Jerusalemites of residency rights, citizenship, and access to any type of democratic government. Just in 2016, Israeli authorities demolished or seized 1,093 Palestinian-owned structures1 in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and 2017 is on track to exceed that number.
  • That even for the state of Israel to be created in the first place, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were violently expelled from their homes.
  • And that for decades, the U.S. has been a one-sided champion for the Israeli government, never an impartial, honest, or productive peace broker.

Trump’s announcement today is especially an example of that final truth. It is a cynical— and ill-advised— chess move, one that overtly aligns the U.S. with an increasingly expansionist Israel, at the expense of Palestinian people’s lives and rights, and without any regard for diplomacy.

Click here to tell your Congressperson: recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is an attack on Palestinian rights, and dangerous for all the people of Jerusalem and Israel/Palestine. Please make a bold statement against it.

I don’t want to sound alarmist, but I’m alarmed.

No country in the world has an embassy in Jerusalem today, because the international community doesn’t recognize Israeli jurisdiction over the city. And there’s near-global consensus that moving the Embassy is a very bad idea — from Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and other countries in the region, and from Germany, France, and the European Union, not to mention many senior U.S. State Department officials.

There’s a reason the status of Jerusalem hasn’t been determined yet— it’s at the core of the struggle against permanent Israeli domination and Palestinian dispossession.

But the truth is, most Americans don’t have the same sinking feeling in their stomach today that I do, because so many people either don’t know this is happening, or aren’t involved in the conversation about why it matters so much. And we have to take the initiative and start conversations not just about what happened today, but what’s been happening for the last 70 years, and more.

If you agree, click here and tell your Congressperson to do everything in their power to reverse Trump’s decision.

This isn’t really about moving a building. It’s about U.S. policy moving from bad to worse. But Palestinians have been fighting for equality and justice for 70 years and longer without giving up, and we’re not going to give up now either.


Rabbi Alissa Wise
Deputy Director

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