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Washington’s Pre-War Demonization Formula Is Targeting Iran, Again


U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s grandiose performance in front of the UN on December 15 should send shivers down the spines of those who remember Colin Powell’s equally disturbing performance in the months leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. This is just the beginning of the a new media campaign against Iran with regime change as the end goal.

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US Defense Secretary James Mattis Rejects War on Iran


Mexico's Defense Secretary Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda gestures as U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, center, listens during a reception ceremony in Mexico City, Sept. 15, 2017. Mattis was meeting with senior Mexican government officials in the capital on the eve of Mexico's national Independence Day. (AP/Rebecca Blackwell)

Mattis’ statement came after US Ambassador to the UN, Nikkie Haley led a bizarre press conference in which she stated that Iran has armed Houthi fighters in Yemen.

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US “Confronting” Iran Inside Syria: Spoiling for an Unlawful Fight?


An American soldier standing on an armored vehicle in the northern village of Darbasiyah, Syria. U.S. moved troops and armored vehicles through several Syrian cities and towns on in a show of force. April. 29, 2017. (AP Photo via APTV)

Beyond the obvious geopolitical implications, seeking out a military confrontation with Iran in Syria for the purpose of preventing it “from cementing its military presence in Syria” may skirt both domestic and international law.

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Nations of the World at UN Humiliate Trump with Massive Vote for Palestinians

The Arab and Muslim worlds exulted Thursday over their massive victory at the United Nations General Assembly, which passed a resolution condemning the Trump administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Despite his crude threats to cut off US aid to countries who bucked him only 9 countries actively backed Trump up here. And if you look hard, they are more Pacific postage stamp islands for the most part than what most people would think of as, like, you know, countries. Trump’s sycophants included Palau, Nauru, Micronesia (FS), and Togo.

128 countries voted a straight “no!” in Trump’s face, including France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Turkey etc. etc. In other words both the richest and the most populous countries in the world condemned Trump’s announcement.

In fact, of course, 14 members of the UN Security Council had already voted against Trump, but he stopped their resolution by exercising the US veto.

Was anybody afraid of the threats from the Bonnie and Clyde of international diplomacy, Trump and Nikki Haley? No. Afghanistan and Pakistan are both big US aid recipients and both voted “no!” Turkey voted no despite being NATO (like Britain, France, etc.)

Most of the 35 countries that abstained did so because of their own internal politics. Australia may have abstained to please Trump, but the fact is that its government is extremely pro-Israel, so actually an abstention is a kind of slap in the face to Trump and Netanyahu. The same could be said for the Czech Republic and Hungary.

To tell you the truth I have no idea why Mexico abstained, but I am confident that it was not because of fear of Trump or wanting to make nice with him.

Anyway, the bulk of the world, and as I said, both the wealthiest and the most populous nations, rebuked the US president.

Turkey’s president Tayyip Erdogan spoke for a lot of the world when he told Trump, “you cannot buy our will with dollars. Erdogan lamented that the US, the cradle of democracy, had stooped to buying international votes with its aid.

The foreign minister of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said that the world had rejected Trump’s hostile attempts at scaring people.

As I noted yesterday, the US only gives out $42 bn. in aid a year, about 1 percent of the Federal budget, and most of it goes to a handful of countries– Israel, Egypt, Afghanistan, etc. In fact if it weren’t for the Israel lobbies getting Congress to throw so much money at Israel and Egypt (a bribe to keep it in Camp David), the US would be giving out almost no civilian aid. Israel is a prosperous country that does not need US aid, and truly needy countries get peanuts from Washington.

So the threat of an aid cut-off just did not matter to most countries.

In fact, most of them voted on principle and in accordance with international law.

Trump’s move violated UN Security Council resolution 470 of 1980, which was passed without a US veto after the then Israeli government tried to grab all of Jerusalem. The divided city, with Jewish and Palestinian neighborhoods, was never awarded to Israel by any international body or law, and simply stealing your neighbor’s territory through aggressive warfare is forbidden by the UN Charter as of 1945, what with the world wanting to stop any further Axis-like behavior and all. Most Palestinians insist that East Jerusalem become the capital of the forthcoming Palestinian state. The point is that the status of Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations among the parties, not unilateral fiats of Trump’s rash sort.

The countries of the world would not like to be treated the way Israel is treating the Palestinians, and they don’t want a free-for-all over neighbors’ territory and they don’t want the US going around bullying people into acquiescing in severe human rights violations.

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Naziyahu’s Failed Project to Build “A Greater I$rael”

Netanyahu’s Failed Project to Build “A Greater Israel”

For five decades, the state of Israel has implemented an overt agenda of ethnic-cleansing in the Occupied Territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights where it has induced over 600,000 Israeli citizens to leave their homes in order to illegally settle on Palestinian land that had been in the continuous majority possession of the indigenous Muslim Arab for over a thousand years. All this in defiance of the will and resolution of the United Nations – the very Assembly that approved the establishment of a Jewish homeland in a part of the predominantly Muslim Arab land of Palestine, in 1947.

This agenda has been enthusiastically overseen by the leader of the hard-Right Likud Party, Binyamin Netanyahu. He is a Revisionist Zionist politician whose father was the right-hand man of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the former leader of the terrorist militia organisation, IZL, the Irgun Zvai Leumi, who fought British troops supervising the Mandate for Palestine in the 1940s. The Irgun was responsible for many bloody atrocities in those years, against both Britain and the local Arab population, including the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem that killed 91.

Netanyahu himself is currently under investigation on serious charges of corruption against the state by the alleged enriching of himself and his family. The investigation includes official allegations that he benefited from kickbacks during the subsidised delivery of a fleet of state-of-the-art, Dolphin Class, strike submarines from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that, at a stroke, has unilaterally altered the balance of global power in not only the Middle East but also in Europe. These undersea, secret war vessels have subsequently been retro-fitted and nuclear-armed with deadly, long-range cruise missiles.

During the past decade, Netanyahu has also overseen the inhuman blockade of essential medicines, foodstuffs, energy supplies and building materials to nearly two million civilians in Gaza, in a determined, but unsuccessful, effort to illegally effect regime change and to permanently damage the indigenous population.

All of the above political machinations of the hard-Right Likud Revisionist Zionist Party have tried but failed in the implementation of an agenda to build a Greater Israel by the simple expediency of forcibly dispossessing and disenfranchising millions of ethnic Palestinian Arabs in East Jerusalem and the other Occupied Territories in a blatant violation of international law and in contempt of the will of the United Nations.

Notwithstanding these illegalities and violations that have brought death and destruction to millions of ethnic Arabs and instability to the eastern Mediterranean, Netanyahu and his government are enthusiastically supported by the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Mrs Theresa May and her ruling Conservative Party.

Which begs the question: why would a British Prime Minister not only fête an allegedly corrupt politician who is guilty of the persecution of an indigenous people over more than a decade, but who also categorically asserts that any criticism of the Israeli government is thinly disguised antisemitism? Does PM Theresa May really not know the difference between a Jewish voter in London and an IDF soldier in the occupied West Bank?

The above is but just one of the political errors that will probably ensure the defeat of the current Conservative government by the resurgent British Labour Party that has a declared policy of radical change in Britain’s approach to aggressive Revisionist Zionism in the former ancient land of Palestine by pro-Israel activists who treat UN SC Resolution 2334 with contempt. That Resolution, demands the immediate and complete withdrawal of all Israeli settlers from the Occupied Territories.

The UK Labour Party, in contrast to Mrs Theresa May’s Conservatives, pledges, when in a future government, to support and implement the majority decision of the United Nations, to the very best of Britain’s international ability.

NOTE: A U.N. draft resolution, which was recently vetoed by Trump, affirmed:

“that any decisions and actions which purport to have altered the character, status or demographic composition of the Holy City of Jerusalem have no legal effect, are null and void and must be rescinded in compliance with relevant resolutions of the Security Council.”

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Amnesty Urges Nazi regime To End Lethal Violence Against Palestinian Protesters


Amnesty described Israeli forces’ use of live ammunition against protesters as “particularly alarming”, citing the killing on 15 December of Ibrahim Abu Thurraya, who it says was “shot in the head” by Nazi soldier from 15 metres away as he sat “with a group of young pr

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UN Human Rights Commissioner Points to Genocide of Rohingya in Myanmar


A Rohingya Muslim woman, who crossed over from Myanmar into Bangladesh, lies unconscious on the shore of the Bay of Bangal after the boat she was traveling in capsized at Shah Porir Dwip, Bangladesh, Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017. Nearly three weeks into a mass exodus of Rohingya fleeing violence in Myanmar, thousands were still flooding across the border Thursday in search of help and safety in teeming refugee settlements in Bangladesh. (AP Photo/Dar Yasin)

“You cannot rule out the possibility that acts of genocide have been committed,” says United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

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Jerusalem – The Straw that Breaks the Empire’s Back?


Posted by: John Phoenix

When President Trump on 6 December 2017 declared unilaterally Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to where the US Embassy shall relocate, he violated UN Resolutions, international law, common sense and went against all diplomatic efforts to eventually bring peace to the region, not to speak about 130 countries that have already voiced opposition to such a decision. And this, before the Peace Process is coming to an end, at which point the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords would play out. They are also called the Road Map for Peace, between Palestine and Israel, which foresees a two-state solution and accordingly a mutual decision on Jerusalem becoming the capital city for both Palestine and Israel. These Oslo Peace Accords are still valid today.

But Mr. Trump may not have a clue that such a Peace Accord even exists. And his handlers obviously had no interest of telling him. – And even if they did, it would make no difference, because the exceptional nation has no scruples demolishing any agreements of the past, regardless whether or not it – the US of A – were party to the shaping of them. – See also the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

By the same token, Washington does not give a hoot about international law and UN Resolutions. We are talking about the only and perfect rogue state the world has known in the past two centuries, by far surpassing, actually without any comparison with the western customarily accused villains, like Zimbabwe, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba — and all those that refuse to bend to the Chief-Rogue-State, the United States of America.

In fact, what Trump has done, was just confirming what previous US Administrations had already as an objective, namely following the so-called „Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995“, with which the US Congress already 20 years ago, requested and prepared this step by legislation that says, “Since 1950, Jerusalem is the Capital of the State of Israel…”. Never mind and, of course not reported by the mainstream media, that immediately after promising the US Embassy would be moved to Jerusalem, Trump signed a ‘waiver’ postponing the move indefinitely, or until the international situation becomes ‘clear(er)’. – Who does the US Congress think they are – God the Almighty? To decide over the “Holy City”, Jerusalem, the historic center of the three-religion monotheist culture of 5,000 years of Judo-Christianism, also incorporating Islam, is an act of arrogance without comparison.

This insensitive Trump decision or affirmation at this point in time – another one in his basket of disasters – brought everything else but peace to the region, and especially to Palestine. It caused unrest, angry demonstrations from people who are basically fighting with their bare hands; protests which were immediately oppressed with firepower and violence by the Israeli military and police force, killing people in the Israel imposed ghetto of Gaza and the West Bank – i.e. in Palestine, what should become an independent state.

Instead of bringing peace, Trump killed the aspiration of peace, he de facto killed the notion of a two-state solution – and he effectively isolated the US from literally the rest of the world. Was this a bold provocation inspired by Trump’s Zionist masters, a trial balloon to find out how much of impunity the world would tolerate?

At no time was even mentioned that Jerusalem, if anything, might also be the capital of Palestine. The Motherland of Israel, let’s not forget, Palestine, was ignored. Palestine was provoked into protests, just to be brutally suffocated by the Israeli defense Forces (IDF). They do this with sadistic pleasure, like killing helpless flies. All this prompted by the criminal and irresponsible behavior of the President of the United States, the exceptional Nation – or rather his invisible handlers behind the throne.

But the propaganda mantra must go on – the lie that declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel was good for the Middle East, was good for peace, was and still is repeated over and over again, like a mantra, tras-mantra, tras-mantra – by Trump and his mannequins, his foreign affair puppets, Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley, who is masquerading as Washington’s UN Ambassador, repeating over and over again, the same lie, the same lie, the same lie, in the hope, as the common saying goes after Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, if repeated enough, the lie becomes the truth. Do these clowns really believe that if a world renown repeat-liar keeps repeat-lying the globes populace believes that the repeat-lie becomes the truth?

The people at large have moved forward towards awakening since the horrendous murderous lies about Iraq with weapons of mass destruction that weren’t; about Gaddafi horrors committed to his people, which he didn’t, to the contrary, he provided them with free education, health services and cutting edge medical facilities, with free infrastructure and a broad social safety net; or UN-proven lies about Bashar Al-Assad’s poison gas used against his own people; the lies about Iran’s nuclear program that never was; the lies about Russia’s meddling in Ukraine, when it is now amply proven that the Maidan massacre was planned and carried out via the US Embassy in Kiev and through US and NATO military and paid mercenaries; the lies about the US and NATO fighting against ISIS which Washington created – and the list of lies go on – endlessly.

The entire vassal state of the European Union, country after country – led by the three “Ms”, Germany’s Merkel, France’s Macron, and the UK’s May – have said they would not go along with Trump’s decision and moving their Embassies to Jerusalem. Bravo! – Will this decision last, or will there be some high-power arm-twisting by Washington? – Is Washington still able to do arm-twisting, economic sanctions? Haven’t they noticed yet, that the west, even the hitherto puppet West, is gradually but surely moving away from the Atlantic Alliance towards the East. Probably for purely selfish economic and financial reasons, though some western politicians may look deeper and see the light, what I call, the Future is in the East.

What is also mazing though, is that nobody seems to even question the basics – the right of the self-styled emperor Trump, the typical emperor without cloths – intervening with the decision of another nation’s capital city. Of course, we know that Trump’s buddy and family friend, Bibi Netanyahu, holds and / or twists arms (smilingly) with the Donald on Jerusalem through the infamous family relations of the two warrying aggressors and through the seemingly unbeatable Zion-power the western world is being subjected to.

Trump, with this unwise decision, may have brought Jerusalem back to the 12th Century, the ages of the Crusades, when in 1187, on behalf of the Muslim Ayyubids Dynasty, Sultan Saladin, a Sunni Muslim, of Kurdish origins, besieged and eventually re-conquered the so-called Christian Kingdom of Heaven, invaded and stolen by the ‘Christian’ emperors of Rome two-hundred years earlier.

Perhaps Mr. Trump nilly-willy has started a new Arab Crusade against the artificially imposed Kingdom of Israel, artificially implanted in the land of Palestine, implanted by the Zionists who used the power of the British Empire which at that time was colonizing Palestine, to corrupt the freshly created UN system in 1948 to cut up and destroy Palestine – see the Balfour Declaration,

The British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, wrote on 2nd November 1917, hundred years ago, to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, suggesting the carving up of Palestine the creation of a State of Israel. The ‘proposal’ was to be transmitted to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. Lord Rothschild was co-drafter of the letter. The text of the declaration was made official by publication in the media on 9 November 1917.

The idea was eventually carried out by a UN Resolution in 1948, bringing about the State of Israel on 14 May 1948, the day Palestine became a non-country and enslaved to Israel.

Behind the Trump strategy lays a broader objective, the creation of a Greater Israel, that would stretch from the Euphrates to the Nile, cutting through Saudi Arabia, absorbing Jordan, a large portion of Syria and most of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. This is to make Israel a Middle Eastern super-power, sitting on a huge junk of the sub-continent’s energy wealth and on most of the Middle east’s fresh water reserves, on behalf of the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

It is yet to be seen whether this bold and aggressive move by Trump went a step too far; whether this impunity is the straw that may break the empire’s back.

What if nobody – not even the traditional allies – participates in this nefarious endeavor to move their embassies from Tel Avia to Jerusalem?

What if sanctions that Washington undoubtedly may dish out to those who do not obey its orders do no longer work?

What if this Trump lunacy opens the gates to the East even further for all those who have been fed-up with the empire’s financial-, fury-and-fire, and propaganda-crusades to conquer the world; and that this Washington insanity leads them to a new healthier, promising and honest economic system striving towards equality – of which we know already the fundamental bedrock – the multi-trillion New Silk Road, President Xi’s One Belt Initiative?

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Watch: CODEPINK Founder on Military Industrial Complex & Victims of U.S. Foreign Policy


Image result for US Military Industrial Complex CARTOON

Medea Benjamin, the co-founder of CODEPINK, talks about the military industrial complex – it’s history and the cultural role it plays in our society, and sheds light on the victims of U.S. foreign policy and how her organization assists them.



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Will Washington Attack North Korea?



North Korea threatens no one. Yet Trump’s rage for war makes the unthinkable increasingly possible. What’s ongoing in America is similar to what preceded US aggression on Iraq in 2003 – both nations and their leadership demonized, unfounded threats alleged.

Trump’s National Security Strategy said North Korea could use nuclear weapons against America. It also claimed it’s “pursuing chemical and biological weapons which could also be delivered by missile.”

These accusations are utter nonsense. Yet they continue, escalating tensions, maybe heading toward a point of no return.

Russia’s ambassador to China Andrei Denisov expressed concern, saying we’re “witnessing…negative escalation as (America and the DPRK) continue to descend the stair.”

Responding to each other in harsh terms “means taking another step down…the lowest point yet…(T)he situation is…alarming (and) unpredictable.”

The only solution is diplomacy, he stressed, not forthcoming because Trump rejects it. Can Russia and China save the region from catastrophic war, likely to be nuclear if launched?

Their best efforts so far failed. US rage for confrontation undermined them. The situation is extraordinarily dangerous. The threat of war between two nuclear powers should terrify everyone.

Chinese government advisor Shi Yinhong said

“(c)onditions on the peninsula now make for the biggest risk of a war in decades,” adding:

“North Korea is a time bomb. We can only delay the explosion, hoping that by delaying it, a time will come to remove the detonator.”

Former Nanjing Military Region deputy commander Wang Hongguang warned war could happen any time.

“Northeast China should mobilize (its) defenses,” he stressed.

Days earlier, the northern Chinese Jilin Daily published a full-page article on what to do in case of a nuclear attack – expressing concern about possible imminent war.

On Wednesday, London’s Telegraph headlined “Exclusive: US making plans for ‘bloody nose’ military attack on North Korea,” saying:

“The White House has ‘dramatically’ stepped up preparation for a military solution in recent months…”

Options include destroying DPRK launch sites and stockpiles of weapons. The Telegraph cited and quoted two former US officials “familiar with current thinking,” along with a current member of Trump’s administration.

“The Pentagon is trying to find options that would allow them to punch the North Koreans in the nose, get their attention and show that we’re serious,” a former unnamed US official said.

According to the Telegraph, US and UK officials believe the Trump administration is more willing to consider military options…than widely assumed.”

“(S)enior British diplomats fear America has already begun a ‘step by step’ military build-up in the region that could escalate,” the paper said.

After meeting with US National Security Advisor HR McMaster recently, one unnamed UK official left believing the Trump administration rejects diplomacy.

“(M)ilitary action is very much an option” on the table, he said.

Former GW Bush defense strategy director Kori Schake said

“(t)he (Trump) White House very strongly believes that either North Korea will agree to give up its nuclear weapons or we will launch a preventative attack to destroy them,” adding:

“I would put the odds of them actually carrying that out at three in 10. Other policy experts say it is four in ten.”

Trump and McMaster increasingly favor the military option, said the Telegraph. Defense Secretary Mattis and Secretary of State Tillerson argued against it.

Will the Trump administration attack North Korea? Things seem heading incrementally in this direction.

Waging war on the country would be madness, endangering the entire region.

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