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Going After the “Russian Bots”: British News Team Promote Fake News About Fake News


This story should make all our readers pretty angry. It’s about how the government picked on two Twitter accounts to help prove the story that automated Putin-bots are wrecking the Skripal/Novichok/Douma gas attack story, about how the Guardian newspaper is helping with this narrative and how Sky News then attack British citizens as Assadapologists and Russian sympathisers for questioning this narrative. They are all linked and it’s all rather pathetic to witness. It goes like this:

On the 19th of April, The Guardian (International Edition) published an article making the assertion that two Twitter accounts were Russian propaganda operations or as they like to put it ‘trolls and bots’ to unleash disinformation on to social media in the wake of the Salisbury poisoning.

The article is written by a rather unsuspecting and maybe, let’s be charitable here, nieve Heather Stewart, who went along with the government operative who fed this nonsense to her in the first place. Either that or she and The Guardian is deliberately distributing stories that are fake.

Stewart says

according to fresh Whitehall analysis – Government sources said experts had uncovered an increase of up to 4,000% in the spread of propaganda from Russia-based accounts since the attack,– many of which were identifiable as automated bots. But civil servants identified a sharp increase in the flow of fake news after the Salisbury poisoning, which continued in the runup to the airstrikes on Syria.

One bot, @Ian56789, was sending 100 posts a day during a 12-day period from 7 April, and reached 23 million users, before the account was suspended. It focused on claims that the chemical weapons attack on Douma had been falsified, using the hashtag #falseflag. Another, @Partisangirl, reached 61 million users with 2,300 posts over the same 12-day period.”

The article went on to promote how “Theresa May highlighted the cyber-threat from Russia in her Mansion House speech earlier this year, telling the Kremlin: “I have a very simple message for Russia. We know what you are doing. And you will not succeed.”

But there’s a problem with this.

The owners of both these Twitter accounts quickly stepped forward and on video too, demonstrating in no uncertain terms that they were, indeed are, in fact, real humans – and weren’t even Russian. They have defended themselves to prove they are definitely not software programs.

The Guardian should have taken this story down – its fake news, but they haven’t.

Ian of @Ian56789 even went on national TV, Sky News to be precise and he was quite definitely miffed about being called an automated Russian bot.

How miffed –

Government lies are very transparent and very easy to see and anyone who applies a smattering of critical thinking can see that the government story completely collapses,” says Ian.

Ian’s bio reads: “Advocate of Common Sense & Bill of Rights. Stock Mkt trader. Politics Analyst. Disseminating info. Calling out disinfo in the media. Stay curious!”

Sky News didn’t do their homework when it came to interviewing Ian. Ian took centre stage, went into peak livid mode and lambasted the government citing a Sky News report that confirmed Assad was no nutter and wouldn’t have brought this upon himself just at the point of winning the war. 7 minutes and 37 seconds later, Ian had reeled out more facts and figures about the Syrian war than anyone at Sky News.

The Sky News presenter then went on the attack and got Defence Correspondent Alistair Bunkell to snarl the accusation that @Ian56789 was being anti-British. What is interesting here is that SkyNews then confirmed it was the British government who had pinpointed Ian’s account as a fake ‘Putin-bot’.

Ian went ashen, was beside himself and was in no way going to let some spotty nosed so-called expert representing the lying spies from the establishment get one over on him. Bunkell consistently interrupted our Ian and then brought up a tweet from 2012 – that is one tweet from the 157,000 tweets our Ian has spurted out since 2011.

Ian, clearly suffering from a bit of high blood pressure by now has turned red and is still consistently being attacked and interrupted by both SkyNews presenters.

Ian is rediculously forced to confirm he is not Russian or connected to Russian spies and proudly states

I am an ordinary British citizen

Our Ian has been sharpening the knives and pulls out sabre number one –

my research is based on credible journalists – now, there aren’t any of them on Sky News.

@Ian56789 is locked and loaded, out comes sabre number two –

the only people, journalists that is, that knows whats going on and reporting honestly are Peter Hitchins and Tucker Carlson in the US.”

Sky News presenters now on the backfoot interrupt our Ian again and then try to put the seed of doubt in his story by asking if there was any possibility that Russian propagandists had seeped into his tweet fan base, that frankly, to everyone’s surprise, Ian included, has now suddenly risen to 37,500. Ian whips out his sabre once again, wipes the mainstream media blood still dripping off its deadly edges and goes for one final fatal blow –

What does it mean by being pro-British – does it mean being interested in the 60 million British people or the interests of the clique in the UK government, the cabinet – who are doing things for their own personal benefit and the benefit of their cronies. Theresa May’s husband runs a large hedge fund who has profited heavily from bombing Syria – I speak on behalf on 59.9 million people – I do  not speak for the UK government who do not work for the British people

@Ian56789 – THREE, Sky News presenters NIL.

Sky News ends the interview whilst our Ian continues to complain about Theresa May – before he’s turned off and they switch to the all-important news that a foreigner called – Arsène Wenger has retired from a game called football somewhere in the capital.

What is evident here is that the government have clearly, mistakenly, tried to create a cover story for their disastrous Skripal story as the pretext for bombing Syria. Yet again, they had not done their homework.

The Guardian article was published on the 19th, was called out as 100 percent wrong the following day and 8 days later is still being promoted. It’s fake news.

Then, national television attempts to discredit a member of the general public – who is not a trained professional, who is put up as bait to be discredited in the eyes of the general public, family and friends.

Well done Ian. Not afraid to stand up for himself and his beliefs as a British citizen, not afraid that his own government and the mainstream media would attack him live on air in front of millions – and not afraid to air his critical views.

There aren’t enough people like Ian.

These are the false claims of The Guardian Newspaper, the false claims of the government and false claims of Sky News – shame on them. The only one thing that one can say in Sky News’ defence is that they aired it at all. But then again, it was live, they weren’t expecting Ian, because they too, had not done their homework.

Watch fearless Ian56789 take a stand. It might not be pretty but it is real.

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Nazi Defense Minister Threatens Iran: “The Iranian Regime Is in Its Final Days”

Israel Defense Minister Threatens Iran: “The Iranian Regime Is in Its Final Days”

“They know that the Iranian regime is in its final days and will soon collapse,” Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Elaph, an Arab-language publication, in an interview covered by Israeli media on April 26.

Lieberman further threatened that if Iranian forces attack Israel, the country’s military will respond “and destroy every Iranian military outpost in Syria threatening Israel.” The defense minister also said that while Tel Aviv did not seek war with anyone, it will not tolerate an Iranian presence in Syria – “whatever the cost may be.”

“We haven’t intervened in the war in Syria since it began seven years ago. The Iranians, Hezbollah, other militias, Russia and ISIS are there. Everyone is fighting each other and I wish them all success there,” Lieberman said. “We are not intervening, but Iran is trying to establish bases in Syria and arm them with advanced weapons,” he said

From there it wants to attack us. I cannot sit idly by while I watch Iran do that close to the Golan Heights, while it supports Hezbollah, Syria and Lebanon.

SF recalls on April 9, the Israeli Air Force carried out a missile strike on the T4 airbase in Syria where Iranian forces were located. At least 7 Iranian servicemembers, including an officer, were killed in the attack. According to reports, Iran uses the T4 airbase to operate UAVs across Syria.

Following the T4 strike, Iranian officials have repeatedly threatened Israel with a response to punish the move. However, no direct military actions have been taken by Iran so far. Most likely, Teheran will focus on strengthening its positions in Syria instead of attacking Israel directly. The growing Iranian influence poses much more threat to Tel Aviv in a long term than some limited retaliatory attack.

Israel has repeatedly contacted Russia asking it to help to limit the Iranian influence in Syria. However, it looks Tel Aviv has failed to achieve this goal. Moreover, Russia continues its efforts to strengthen the Syrian Air Defese Forces limiting Israeli capabilities to strike Iranian targets in Syria.

On April 26, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that the US is not going to withdraw its forces from Syria soon and that the US-led coalition has to expand its efforts against radical elements (ISIS) in the country.

“Right now we are not withdrawing [troops],” Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “We are continuing the fight, we are going to expand it and bring in more regional support.”

The US is another hope of Israel to limit the Russian and Iranian influence in Syria.

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Asia Shutting Down US-Turkish Ugyhur Terror Pipeline


The US government and organizations it funds posing as “human rights advocates” have decried Malaysia’s recent decision to deport 11 Uyghurs suspected of links to terrorism back to China.

The US State Department’s Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in its article titled, “U.S. Voices Concern Over 11 Uyghurs Beijing Wants Malaysia To Deport,” would report:

The United States on February 9 voiced concern over Malaysia’s possible deportation of 11 Uyghur Muslims to China. 

The Reuters news agency reported on February 8 that the 11 ethnic Uyghurs from China, who were among 20 that escaped from a jail in Thailand last year, have been detained in Malaysia, and that Beijing was in talks with Malaysia over their deportation.

Human Rights Watch, also decried Malaysia’s decision.

In a statement titled, “Malaysia: Don’t Send 11 Detainees to China – Group Members Face Possible Torture, Ill-Treatment,” HRW would claim (emphasis added):

The government of Malaysia should ensure that 11 detained migrants are not forcibly deported to China, Human Rights Watch said today. The migrants should have urgent access to refugee status determination proceedings by the United Nations refugee agency. 

The detainees appear to be among a group of 20 people who escaped from immigration detention in Thailand in November 2017. China claims that they are Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim, Turkic minority that originates from western China. After group members were initially detained in Thailand, they identified themselves as Turkish citizens and asked to be sent to Turkey.

It is important to note Turkey as the suspected terrorists’ alleged destination. They are part of a pipeline run by US-Turkish intelligence agencies to funnel foreign fighters into Syria. They, along with foreign fighters from around the globe, stage in Turkey, where they are armed, trained, and eventually sent into Syrian territory.

The HRW statement would even concede that (emphasis added):

Malaysia is one of several countries that in recent years has forcibly returned Uyghurs to China in violation of international law. In September 2017, Malaysia’s deputy prime minister, Zahid Hamidi, said Malaysia had arrested 29 Uyghur “militants” involved with the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) since it began sharing biometric data with China in 2011. 

The US government – which itself routinely detains, tortures, and extrajudicially executes what it considers “terror suspects” globally – has attempted to impede Malaysian-Chinese joint security in dealing with the threat of Chinese-based terrorists transiting the region, moving onward to Syria.

By doing so, the US is attempting to strain Malaysian-Chinese ties as well as jeopardize the security of the entire region.

In 2015, when the Thai government deported 100 suspected terrorists back to China, the United States government and its “human rights” fronts similarly decried the move. Months later, Ugyhur terrorists detonated a bomb in downtown Bangkok, killing 20 – mostly Chinese tourists.

The New York Times in an article titled, “Thailand Blames Uighur Militants for Bombing at Bangkok Shrine,” would admit:

Nearly a month after the deadliest bombing in recent Thai history, Thailand’s national police chief made his most explicit comments on Tuesday about who carried out the attack here and why. 

The perpetrators, he said, were linked to Uighur militants, radical members of an aggrieved ethnic minority in western China, who struck to avenge Thailand’s forced repatriation of Uighurs to China and Thailand’s dismantling of a human smuggling ring.

The attack was professionally planned and executed with the target picked to maximize tensions between Bangkok and Beijing – suggesting that it was designed to serve high-level US strategic objectives.

US State Media Admits Uyghurs are Fighting in Syria 

In a December 2017 Associate Press article titled, “AP Exclusive: Anger with China Drives Uighurs to Syria Fight,” it would admit (emphasis added):

Since 2013, thousands of Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking Muslim minority from western China, have traveled to Syria to train with the Uighur militant group Turkistan Islamic Party and fight alongside al-Qaida, playing key roles in several battles. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops are now clashing with Uighur fighters as the six-year conflict nears its endgame. 

AP would also admit that Ugyhur terrorists traveled specifically through Southeast Asia on their way to Turkey and then onward to Syria, stating (emphasis added):

As Uighur refugees traveled along an underground railroad in Southeast Asia, they said, they were greeted by a network of Uighur militants who offered food and shelter — and their extremist ideology. And when the refugees touched down in Turkey, they were again wooed by recruiters who openly roamed the streets of Istanbul in gritty immigrant neighborhoods like Zeytinburnu and Sefakoy, looking for fresh fighters to shuttle to Syria.

With the Western media admitting thousands of Uyghur terrorists are travelling through Southeast Asia on their way to Syria to fight alongside Al Qaeda and assumably its affiliates including the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS),  it is obvious that attempts to decry Malaysian and Thai cooperation with China in closing down this “underground railroad” are meant to perpetuate not only the threat to Syria, but also the threat to China and the rest of Asia when these battle-hardened militants return home.

AP would explain:

…the end of Syria’s war may be the beginning of China’s worst fears.

“We didn’t care how the fighting went or who Assad was,” said Ali, who would only give his first name out of a fear of reprisals against his family back home. “We just wanted to learn how to use the weapons and then go back to China.”

Other groups, funded directly by the US government and based in Washington D.C. – such as the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) – have also attempted to impede Asia’s collective efforts to stem the tide of terrorism flowing through their territory and onward to Syria. Organizations like WUC have been key in advocating separatism driving terrorism inside China’s Xinjiang province.

The US Protecting Terror Pipeline Behind Faux-Rights Groups 

And in both Malaysia and Thailand – two nations taking the forefront in disrupting the terror network in Southeast Asia – the United States government is also funding fronts to condemn local government efforts to work with China . These organizations are also attempting to impede local security operations under the pretext of defending “human rights.”

In Thailand, organizations funded by the US State Department via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) including iLaw, Prachatai, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, Fortify Rights, and others have conducted corridinated campaigns aimed at pressuring the Thai government to allow terrorists to travel onward to Turkey where they will link up with Al Qaeda in Syria.

In Malaysia, “Lawyers for Liberty” headed by Eric Paulsen is also funded by the US NED. It too has attacked local government efforts to stem the flow of Uyghur terrorists through its territory and onward to Syria.

In one post on social media, Paulsen would exclaim:

Hundreds of other Uighurs who were previously deported from Thailand & Malaysia were imprisoned or not seen again, their whereabouts unknown & unaccounted for. [Malaysia] must resist China’s demands, as these men have not committed any genuine crimes in Malaysia.

Paulsen’s qualifier, “as these men have not committed any genuine crimes in Malaysia,” comes to full light when understanding their presence in Malaysia is merely to transit onward to Syria where they will be engaged in a multitude of crimes including terrorism within the ranks of Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Additionally, as the Associated Press pointed out – these same men fully intend to take their training and experience in Syria – and return to China where they will continue carrying out criminal behavior, including terrorism. And as seen in Bangkok in 2015, should this network of terror be disrupted, these terrorists will carry out attacks on other nations when and where they desire.

While the United States attempts to divide China and Southeast Asia over the Uyghur terror issue, it appears to be having the opposite effect. As US influence wanes in the region and its activities become more overtly disruptive and dangerous, cooperation between Thailand, Malaysia, and China only increases as all three nations, along with the rest of Southeast Asia remain targets of US subversion in Washington’s bid to maintain primacy over the region.

The US also runs the risk of overplaying its “humanitarian” ploys in defense of its networks of terror and subversion worldwide. With the Western media openly admitting Ugyhurs being caught in Thailand and Malaysia are recruits for Al Qaeda and ISIS fighting in Syria, while simultaneously demanding they be allowed to travel onward to Syria under the pretext of “human rights,” the US has once again exposed its use of “human rights” advocacy as a smokescreen for trampling both genuine human rights, and international law.

Southeast Asia by allowing an army of terrorists to pass through its territory today, further compromises Syria’s security today. Tomorrow, Asia’s collective security will be endangered when this army of terrorists returns home. Asia’s only choice is to collectively resist, expose, and dismantle not only this Western-sponsored terror pipeline, but also the faux-rights groups the US is using to protect it.

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Douma Eyewitnesses Debunk Fake Chemical Weapons Incident Narrative


Featured image: Alexander Shulgin (Source: OPCW)


(Home – Stephen Lendman). 

Contact at

On Wednesday, Russia and Syria brought 17 Douma false flag CW incident eyewitnesses to OPCW headquarters in The Hague.

Their testimonies proved no CW incident occurred. No forensic evidence corroborates one.

Russia’s envoy to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin issued a statement, saying:

“Taking part in the news briefing (were) eyewitnesses of shooting of the footage that featured the fake pseudo-humanitarian action staged by the White Helmets and that provided grounds for the US/UK/French missile strikes at Syria on April 14,” adding:

“In all, there (were testimonies from 17 witnesses), including physicians who were right at the scene on that day. They recount(ed) the true story of the (false flag) incident.”

“(D)elegations (of OPCW member states got) first-hand evidence on the forged footage that misled the world community.”

“The briefing (was) organized in support of the OPCW fact-finding” Douma mission to investigate the alleged incident and report on its findings.

“(W)e had no doubt that the allegations of chemical use in Douma are a fabricated and provocative play staged by the so called White Helmets and Western media outlets.”

“We can prove that the video of the White Helmets is fabricated, and therefore there is no basis or validity to the signals of Western countries that this material is evidence of a chemical attack in the city of Douma.”

Facts on the ground don’t preclude new provocations.

“(T)he Americans are (again) threatening to use force again against Syria, but we will not allow it.”

As previous articles explained, Russian forensic experts visiting Douma, its residents, and doctors treating alleged CW victims reported no one affected by chemical toxins, just respiratory problems from smoke and dust inhalation following detonations of explosives.

Soil samples taken by Russian experts found no CW residues. Douma resident Hassan Diab, aged-11, one of the 17 witnesses in the Hague, explained the following:

“We were (in) the basement, and we heard people shouting that we needed to go to a hospital. We went through a tunnel. At the hospital they started pouring cold water on me” – referring to al-Qaeda-connected White Helmets involved in staging the fake incident.

Douma hospital emergency ward administrator Ahmad Kashoi explained

“(t)here were people unknown to us who were filming the emergency care.”

“They were filming the chaos taking place inside, and were filming people being doused with water. The instruments they used to douse them with water were originally used to clean the floors…”

“That happened for about an hour. We provided help to (the alleged victims) and sent them home. No one has died. No one suffered from chemical exposure.”

Hospital medical provider Halil al-Jaish said patients treated only suffered from respiratory problems because of smoke and dust inhalation, not CW exposure.

Other witnesses confirmed the same thing, including hospital doctors. The alleged CW incident was staged, not real, blaming Assad for what didn’t happened, used as a pretext for US, UK and French warplanes to terror-bomb Syrian sites.

The OPCW separately interviewed six of the 17 witnesses. It’s unknown what questions were asked or answers received.

The OPCW’s report on the alleged incident remains to be released. As explained in a previous article, if the organization supports the official falsified narrative, it’ll lose more credibility than already.

If it debunks the fake narrative, Syria and Russia will be falsely accused of sabotaging site evidence.

A Final Comment

As expected, Western media scoundrels ridiculed testimonies by 17 Douma eyewitness. Here’s a sampling of reports:

The NYT featured a Reuters report calling bona fide witness testimonies a “stunt.”

The Qatar dictatorship-controlled Al Jazeera reported the same falsified characterization, condemning legitimate testimonies as an “obscene masquerade.”

London’s Guardian used the same falsified language, claiming nonexistent evidence that other “victims (sic) exhibited symptoms consistent with a toxic gas attack” – a despicable Big Lie.

AP News said US, UK and French representatives “boycotted” Hague testimonies, calling them “nothing more than a crude propaganda exercise.”

Funded by billionaire Pierre Omidyar, complicit with CIA efforts to topple independent governments, The Intercept’s credibility is sorely lacking.

Reporting on Hague testimonies, it called genuine evidence presented an “underwhelming case.”

It disgracefully accused Russia of “undermining the credibility of (staged White Helmets’) video…”

It lied claiming witnesses brought to the Hague were under “extreme intimidation,” including “threats to harm their families if they made any mention of chemical weapons” – citing the disreputable London Guardian as its source.

It called public testimonies of 17 eyewitnesses “bizarre.” It turned truth on its head claiming “piles of dead bodies, some with foam on their lips…” There were none!

Other media scoundrel reports were just as disgraceful – repeating the falsified narrative, debunking hard truths.

It’s just a matter of time before another staged false flag CW incident occurs, more US-led terror-bombing to follow.

In the Hague, Kremlin envoy to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin said Russia “will not allow” further US-led terror-bombing on Syrian sites.

Will Russian actions back up his words? Much depends on it.

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On a Korean Peace Plan, The Role of the CIA. The Kim-Trump Summit, Will it Take Place? ‘Video’

What happened in the days leading up to the historic Kim-Moon summit on April 27th on the South side of at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)? 

A future meeting between Kim and Trump had been envisaged. But Trump now seems to have hesitations: 

President Donald Trump on Thursday morning suggested that some of the elements of his potential summit later this year with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un are up in the air.

“It could be that I walk out quickly, with respect, but it could be. It could be that maybe the meeting doesn’t even take place. Who knows?”
The President said in the past, North Korea-US relations were “very, very nasty you know with little Rocket Man and with the buttons.” But now, he said, “they want to meet.” (CNN, April 26, 2018)

The CIA played a major role in the inter-Korean peace negotiations. The latter were conducive to CIA’s Mike Pompeo‘s secret visit to Pyongyang for talks with Kim Jong-un on the Easter weekend.

The Pompeo-Kim secret meeting was the result of a series of bilateral meetings between North and South Korea intelligence officials, which led to setting an agenda for future Kim-Trump summit. While a draft agreement has already been formulated, the Kim-Trump meeting is up in the air.

The CIA has a close and overlapping working relationship with its ROK counterpart The Korea Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) (now referred to as The National Intelligence Service). The KCIA created in 1961 during the US sponsored military regime of President Park Chung-hee, has consistently acted as a de facto subsidiary of the CIA, largely acting on behalf of US intelligence.

In turn, in consultation with and on behalf of the CIA, the KCIA has developed over the years an “unofficial” bilateral “working relationship” with its North Korean intelligence counterparts.

Prior and in the course of the Winter Olympics, several key bilateral meetings were held between key national security and intelligence officials of North and South Korea.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s National security adviser Chung Eui-yong was put in charge of the negotiations in Pyongyang, officially acting on behalf of South Korea, but also (indirectly) on behalf of the United States.

On March 6, (local time), Chung Eui-yong, together with four other senior ROK officials met up with the DPRK leadership in Pyongyang. The delegation was also received at a State dinner with Kim Jong-un.

The ROK delegation also included  Suh Hoon, head of the ROK’s National Intelligence Service (KCIA), who was appointed by President Moon in May 2017. His appointment had been approved by Washington.

While KCIA Chief Suh Hoon had previously worked on a mandate geared towards dialogue and peace on behalf of the Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun administrations, and now on behalf of President Moon, he nonetheless has routine consultations with CIA director Mike Pompeo. In relation to the Pyongyang talks, it is highly unlikely that Suh Hoon and Chung Eui-yong would have acted without consulting their counterparts in Washington, namely CIA Director Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser General H. R. McMaster.

(Michel  Chossudovsky, Global Research, March 10 2018)

These bilateral meetings between the KCIA and its DPRK counterparts set the stage for the secret Kim-Pompeo Easter meetings. Pompeo in the meantime has acceded to the position of Secretary of State.


In the video below, Professor Michel Chossudovsky breaks down the options for the Republic of Korea (ROK) and makes reference to a talk he presented at a venue hosted by the country’s National Assembly on the 21st of February. Specifically  Michel Chossudovsky presents the structure of a North-South Peace proposal which requires the annulment of the US-ROK Joint Forces Command which puts all South Korean forces under U.S. Command. 

In this 30 minute interview Professor Chossudovsky critiques the Trump Administration’s ‘bloody nose’ strategy, relays his impressions of the ROK political climate and the ROK President, and outlines where Japan fits into the overall dynamic unraveling in North East Asia.


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Syria Supports Hungary’s Policies on Migration, Middle East


Image result for SYRIA Migration CARTOON



Hungary’s decision to fund the construction of a hospital in Syria and its calls for the European Union (EU) to rebuild the war-torn country instead of encouraging migration have been met with support from the Syrian government, according to a governmental source in Damascus.

The Syrian government backs Budapest’s approach to handling and ending the migrant crisis, a source in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) told Sputnik reporter and columnist Suliman Mulhem on Thursday.

“We fully support Hungary’s efforts and approach to helping Syrian migrants return home, instead of destabilizing Syria with sanctions and encouraging Syrians to flee to Europe, as the EU has done,” the source told Sputnik on the condition of anonymity.

He also called on the EU and the US to lift economic sanctions against Syria, which have exacerbated the economic turmoil the Arab state is facing and worsened living conditions in government-held territory.

When asked for his thoughts on Hungary’s anti-immigrant stance, he said they should be allowed to choose who can enter and settle in their country.

“Who they [the Hungarian government] let into Hungary is a domestic matter for them to independently decide on, as any other nation is entitled to do. Even in Syria, although we are continuing to house and allow some migrants to enter, from Sudan for example, we have rules and regulations, not a lawless border.”

Hungary’s pledge of US$5 million to finance the construction of a hospital in Syria was made by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó on Wednesday, at a Syria donor conference in Brussels.

He suggested such financial aid offers a long-term solution to the migrant crisis.

“The situation in Syria and its resolution cannot be separated from the migration crisis that is affecting Europe in view of the fact that the conflicts in the region are one of the main causes of it,” he said during a press conference on April 25.

“European Union migration policy needs a fundamental change of direction. Instead of encouraging people to come to Europe, the EU should be concentrating on stopping the causes of migration and on taking assistance to where it is needed to enable people to remain at home or in the vicinity of their homes,” the minister insisted.

As the Syrian Army continues to dislodge terrorists from cities and towns across the country, the Syrian government is examining the herculean task of nationwide post-war reconstruction and creating the necessary conditions to allow Syrians to return home from Europe and countries neighboring Syria, particularly Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

The US and a number of EU member states have suggested that they would only lift economic sanctions and provide Syria with financial aid if President Bashar al-Assad leaves office.

President Assad has refused to allow external forces to dictate or influence Syrian politics, and said his future can only be decided by the “ballot box.”


Syrian Army’s Progress Against Militants Boosts Investment Across Syria

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Russia ‘won’t allow’ another US military action in Syria based on false flag


Image result for SYRIA false flag CARTOON

Russia’s envoy to the OPCW said it was crucial to avoid new false-flag attacks in Syria and that Moscow “won’t allow” US military action there, as he described details of Russian findings on the site of the alleged Douma incident.

New false-flag operations against Damascus are “possible, since our American partners are once again threatening to take military action against Syria, but we will not allow that,” Russia’s permanent representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Aleksandr Shulgin, said during a press conference in The Hague on Thursday.

The meeting was called by Russia’s OPCW mission and featured witnesses of the April 7 alleged chemical incident in the city of Douma. It highlighted the findings of Russian military experts, who were among the first to reach the site of the purported attack and locate the “munitions” that supposedly hit the residential buildings.

“Russian experts performed a detailed analysis of the information on the ground,” Major-General Igor Kirillov, the head of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection (RKhBZ) Troops, said. “Two gas cylinders, allegedly dropped by the government forces from helicopters, were found in two apartments.”

The cylinders and the damage they supposedly caused did not fit the tale of an airstrike entirely, Kirillov said. One of the cylinders lacked any makeshift upgrades, such as fins, to make it usable as an aerial munition, and, surprisingly, it was not even deformed.

“An empty gas cylinder found at the top floor. The apartment was partially destroyed earlier by an aerial bomb explosion, parts of roof and outer wall were missing,” Kirillov stated. “Other walls were sprayed with shrapnel. It’s quite peculiar that the cylinder was not deformed, which doesn’t fit its purported fall from a big altitude on concrete floor.”

The other cylinder, while fitted with some crude fins, also remained in nearly pristine condition despite its “fall.” The device miraculously did little to no damage to the room it supposedly hit, besides a large hole in the ceiling, which, however, was unlikely made by the object, according to military specialists.

“The cylinder has partially retained impermeability and is almost undamaged, which is impossible after a fall from some 2,000 meters, the usual altitude used by the Syrian army helicopters,” Kirillov said. “A tail part of an unguided rocket has been uncovered on the roof near the gap in the ceiling. The munition was likely to make the hole, but we cannot rule out an artificial nature of the damage made to the roof, since we discovered a pinch bar at the stairwell of the building.”

The cylinder was likely hauled by the “authors of the staged video” from outside, the official stated, as “multiple chips and dragging marks at the stairwell” indicated. An apartment below was being used by its owner to breed chickens, and all the livestock miraculously “made through the so-called chemical attack alive,” according to Kirillov.

“Moreover, the RKhBZ troops have uncovered a booby-trapped chemical laboratory and chemical stockpile in the city of Douma, which was liberated from the militants. They’ve been presumably used by the terrorists to manufacture toxic substances,” the official said, adding that a chlorine-filled canister that was very similar to the purported munitions used during the Douma incident was recovered from the militant-run warehouse. OPCW-controlled substances, which can be used to produce mustard gas, have been also found there.

The Douma incident was featured in videos released by the controversial White Helmets group and spread through militant-linked social media accounts. It was seemingly taken at face value by the US and its allies, who promptly pinned the blame on Damascus and launched a massive missile strike on the country in “retaliation” on April 14. The attack came hours before the OPCW experts were set to embark on their fact-finding mission in Douma.

The experts have already visited the site of the purported incident. Shulgin, meanwhile, called on the OPCW to visit the chemical laboratories left behind by the militants to see for themselves who is actually behind the use of chemical arms in Syria.

“We urge the OPCW technical secretariat and experts to make use of their time in Syria and examine the undercover underground chemical laboratories of the militants, the terrorists, who used them, as we believe, to produce chemical munitions, including those used for all kinds of false flag attacks,” Shulgin stressed.

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Syrian Military Facilities Terror-Bombed Overnight



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According to Syrian and Lebanese media, multiple military sites were struck Sunday night.

Hezbollah’s Al Ahbar accused Israel for the attacks. A Syrian military statement said

“Syria is being exposed to a new aggression with some military bases in rural Hama and Aleppo hit with enemy rockets.”

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said

“(a) number of military sites in the countryside of Hama and Aleppo provinces were exposed to a new aggression at around 10:30 PM on Sunday.”

“This aggression came at a time when the news confirmed the conclusion of agreements to take terrorists out of Yalda, Babila, Beit Sahm and al-Yarmouk camp and after the terrorist organizations’ setbacks and defeats especially in the countryside of Damascus.”

Sites targeted included the Syrian army’s 47th brigade ammunition depot near Hama, one or more facilities at Aleppo’s airport, and a western Hama Fire Fighters Center.

Iranian military advisors use these facilities, some of their personnel reported killed in the strikes, perhaps dozens of other casualties as well.

It’s unclear who carried out the attacks, Syrian sources saying either the US, UK, Israel, or perhaps all three countries. One report said bunker buster bombs were used.

The Syrian Arabic language Tishreen broadsheet reported the attack coming from Jordanian-located US and UK military bases – unconfirmed so far.

Nothing was reported about Syrian missile defense system attempts to intercept incoming missiles.

Hours before the strikes, Trump and Netanyahu spoke by phone. Earlier on Sunday, new Secretary of State Pompeo met with Netanyahu in Israel – following his visits to NATO headquarters in Brussels and Saudi Arabia, likely while he was in Jordan, the final stop on his first foreign trip.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli war minister Lieberman said Israel maintains freedom of operation in Syria – no matter how flagrantly in violation of international law.

Last week, he said Israel may strike Russian S-300 air defense systems if installed in Syria. On Sunday, he menacingly said Israel has three problems: “Iran, Iran, Iran.”

A previous article suggested possible full-scale US-led war on Syria coming.

Washington partnered with NATO, Israel and other regional rogue states in waging naked aggression on Syria, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, supported by US-led terror-bombing.

Sunday attacks on Syrian military facilities were the latest attempts to weaken its ability to continue liberating areas occupied by US-supported terrorists – more of the same clearly coming, things escalating dangerously toward possible full-scale war.

Syria’s military needs S-300 air defense systems installed as soon as possible. Russia needs to step up its offensive against terrorist positions.

The Kremlin should warn Washington, other NATO countries and Israel that it won’t tolerate escalated attacks on Syrian military positions launched to weaken its ability to combat ISIS and other terrorists – ultimately aiming for regime change.

Syria is the world’s most dangerous hotspot, a flashpoint for potential direct East/West confrontation – no matter how hard Russia tries to avoid it.

Escalating conflict in Syria risks possible global war. What’s unthinkable could be coming.

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Young Hive Bees Poisoned by Insecticides


Gathered by Addled Forager Bees


New research in both Europe and the United States has demonstrated yet another disturbing link between insecticides known as neonicotinoids and their adverse effects on honey bees. Prior to the research, which was conducted at the University of Buenos Aires by Carolina Gonalons and Walter M. Farina, it was already widely known that chemicals like Glyphosate, the most widespread weedkiller in history, is at least partly responsible for the decline in the bee population.

The new research decided to examine the effects of “field-realistic concentrations” of common farm chemicals on young worker bees.

As Sustainable Pulse writes,

The role of worker bees is related to age. Young worker bees perform vital tasks such nest maintenance and care of the eggs and pupae. Later in life they become field or forager bees, and gather nectar and pollen for the colony. These skills involve behavioural plasticity, memory and discernment, so the Goñalons and Farina believe the young bees serve as important bioindicators to study the effects of these chemicals on colony health.

The researchers measured the effect of glyphosate and neonicotinoids on bees by exposing them to a variety of concentrations of the chemicals.

Since the concentration of the chemicals were too low to kill the bees immediately, the testing method was to train the bees to carry out a variety of tasks, administer the chemical, and test the bees’ performance after various levels of the chemicals had been administered. The responses were assessed at 5, 9, and 14 days old.

The bees were given outfitted with “tiny bee-sized harnesses” and trained to respond to various levels of smells and sucrose solution. These responses were measured by a number of different methods, but most antennae movement and extension of mouth parts.

Both of the chemicals had a negative effect on the bees’ olfactory learning and reduced sense of taste.

Ultimately, the paper demonstrated that the neonicotinoids and glyphosate negatively affect memory, smell, and taste in young bees. This is concerning due to the fact that the bees require these senses and skills for foraging. Thus, when young bees become brain damaged, the damage to the colony as a whole does not stop there but extends to the period of time when they are expected to take over the reins of foraging. Clearly, this double-tap poisoning of bees in mass agriculture could be contributing to colony collapse.

Indeed, the authors of the study are also concerned that the damages sustained to the ability to forage could threaten the survival of the bee colony as a whole, particularly at the end of summer.

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Full-Scale US War in Syria Coming?


Since Obama launched war on Syria in March 2011, Washington’s goal was and remains regime change, pro-Western governance installed, partitioning the country, looting its resources, exploiting its people, and isolating Iran – ahead of targeting the Islamic Republic the same way.

Washington is allied with NATO, Israel, and other regional states in pursuing these aims, the human cost of no consequence.

Syria is the world’s most dangerous hotspot, a tinderbox ready to explode. It’s just a matter of time before the next CW false flag pretext for escalated war occurs – perhaps full-scale US-led aggression to follow, pitting the two dominant nuclear powers against each other.

The stakes are huge, including the fate of the Middle East and world peace.

In Moscow on Saturday, Sergey Lavrov said

“attempts (are being made) split Syria on ethnic and religious grounds,” calling what’s going on “totally unacceptable,” adding:

“(W)e will seek to overcome this situation, particularly by strengthening trust among the parties ‘on the ground.’ “

Given clear US aims in country, it’s hard imagining he believes this is possible. Russia’s failure to confront US aggression in Syria more forcefully encourages escalated war, undermining efforts to resolve it.

Lavrov saying “developments (in) recent weeks show that not everyone wants peace to be restored in Syria” is the height of understatement.

Washington, NATO, Israel and their rogue allies are going all out to undermine conflict resolution efforts. No Geneva, Astana or Sochi breakthroughs were achieved, despite Lavrov suggesting otherwise.

In congressional testimony last week, war secretary Mattis said conflict between Israel and Iran in Syria is “very likely…because (Tehran) continues to do its proxy work there through Hezbollah,” adding:

“I can see how it might start, but I am not sure when or where.” He vowed to “re-energize” US military operations in Syria. “We are not withdrawing,” he stressed.

In Washington, Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman met with Mattis and John Bolton – three rogue actors plotting their next moves.

In Brussels on his first foreign trip as Trump’s undiplomatic top diplomat, Mike Pompeo made hawkish remarks to his counterparts at NATO headquarters – discussed in a same-day article.

In Saudi Arabia before heading to Israel and Jordan, senior State Department policy advisor Brian Hook accompanying him called for “sanction(ing) individuals and entities associated with Iran’s missile program…”

He falsely accused Tehran of supplying missiles to Yemeni Houthis – ignoring US-orchestrated Saudi terror-bombing.

He turned truth on its head claiming

“Iran’s missiles prolong war and suffering in the Middle East. They threaten our security and economic interests, and they especially threaten Saudi Arabia and Israel.”

Iran threatens no one. Washington and its rogue partners threaten world peace.

Iranian missile development and production are entirely legitimate. Its military advisors are in Syria at the request of Damascus, aiding Assad combat US-supported terrorists – operating legally. Washington’s presence in the country flagrantly violates international law.

On or before May 12, the Iran nuclear deal is up for grabs. It’s highly unlikely to be saved in its current form. Changes Trump wants are unacceptable.

He must decide whether to reimpose nuclear-related sanctions on Iran or waive them like earlier. Reimposition will likely kill the deal.

It would curb foreign investment in the country because of US-threatened sanctions, a major economic blow if things play out this way.

Financial war can be as devastating as conflict between standing armies, the dirty game Washington plays time and again – likely to escalate against Iran if the nuclear deal collapses.

Conflict resolution in Syria is unattainable as long as Washington and its rogue allies want endless war and regime change, not peace and stability restored to the country.

US rage for dominance risks global war. Full-scale war in Syria could launch it. What no one wants could happen because of things spinning out-of-control.

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