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Fascism on the March in Latin America


In a few years Latin America, that struggled for 15 -20 years to become independent from the fascist masters of the north – has been reabsorbed into the northern elite’s, the empire’s backyard — yes, indeed, that’s what Latin America has become for the major part, a mere backyard of Washington.

And this despite the fact that 99.99% of the population want nothing to do with fascism – so where is the fraud? Why is nobody investigating the fraud – putting it up for everyone to see?

In the meantime we have learned about Cambridge / Oxford Analytica. How they operate and cheat the electorate. They themselves have finally admitted to the methods in which they influence voters with lies – and with buying from social media, mainly facebook, millions and millions of personal data to target electronically special groups of people – bombarding them with lies to promote or denigrate the one or the other candidate; they even admitted it…

And precisely this happened in Brazil. A week before the run-off election that took place yesterday, Fernando Haddad (PT), launched a criminal investigation precisely for that reason against Boslonaro’s campaign. Of course nothing happened. All the judges, courts are under control of the unelected corrupt right-wing Temer Government.

And now – there is nobody investigating what happened? The left is dead? Flabbergasted into oblivion — indeed?

How come? With all the lessons around the world, and not last in Argentina, the neighbor – why can the left be so blind, outright naive, as to not understand that following the criminally legalized system in their country is following the path to their own demise and eventually to shovel their own grave?
Wake up – LEFT!

Today, its the mainstream media which have learned the tricks and perfected the Cambridge and Oxford Analyticas; they are doing it non-stop. They have all the fake and fiat money in the world to pay for these false and deceit-campaigns – they are owned by the corporate military and financial elite, by the CIA, MI6, Mossad – they are owned and directed by the western all-overarching neoliberalism cum fascism – and the rich elite groups have free access to the fake money supply – its government supplied in the US as well as in Europe; debt is no problem for them, as long as they ‘behave’.

The first example for what was to happen throughout Latin America was the “fake election” of Macri, in 2015 in Argentina. A few of us saw it coming and wrote about it. We were ignored, even laughed at – we didn’t understand the democratic process….

There are only a few, very few exceptions left in Latin America.

And lets do whatever we can to safe them from fascism.

The solutions are not in weapons, but in the economy…


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