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Devastation by Fire: DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS Being Used in Plain Sight…?


The burning up of so much of California over a short period of time (in 2017 and now in 2018) has amounted to what has been called the most destructive ‘wildfire’ event in the state’s history.

The scale of the damage has been enormous, as well as the disruption to people’s lives, the loss of homes and property, and what will amount to drastic alterations to infrastructure and demographics.

The raging fires and the destruction left in their wake have also been met with conspiracy theories and accusations of the true nature of the catastrophe being covered up.

I’m not in the habit of always assuming or thinking everything that goes on is a conspiracy with some hidden agenda. I’m still of the school that, sometimes, Shit Just Happens. Certainly, when seemingly natural disasters unfold, I’m not really looking for any kind of hidden truth or cover-up – although, of course, sometimes some ‘natural disasters’ probably aren’t as natural as they first appear.

In the case of the California fires, I saw a lot of conspiracy theories coming up on my radar from when the fires were raging last year. I was ignoring most of it at first (it didn’t help that several of the sources I was being recommended were self-declared flat-earthers: which is never a good start). But the more I started looking through some of the claims (and some of the evidence), the more I started to realise the conspiracy accusations were not misplaced: because they’re not (at least the ones I’ve been convinced by) actually ‘conspiracy theories’ at all, but observations accompanied by questions.

One example is the YouTube channel, which has been consistently covering this subject from a year ago: talking about particle beam weapons and directed energy weapons in relation to the fires. See one of his videos here, for example.

What at first sounds like reflexive or paranoid assumptions of conspiracy becomes something more serious when you actually do examine the arguments: and, importantly, the visual evidence.

It’s the visual evidence – more than anything else – that is convincing.

In last year’s and this year’s ‘firestorms’, multiple major fires all started at once, in the middle of the night, apparently without a storm or a logical trigger. Footage filmed by witnesses appeared to show spontaneous and unconnected eruptions of fire. Some footage captured alleged flashes of blue light, some even claimed to witness beams of light.

As with all things, it’s not always easy to know what footage is genuine and what footage may have either been doctored or mis-attributed. But some of the recorded footage is difficult to argue with (see here, as one of the best examples).

Claims and images from last year (I’m not aware if any from this year have been the same) purported to show areas where only houses and properties were destroyed by fire, but adjacent trees and natural features remained unscathed.Images also showed unnaturally perfect-looking demarcations between burnt-up areas and unscathed areas – literally almost as if perfectly straight lines were highlighting where the fire raged and where the fire didn’t touch.

This leads most critical-thinking obsevers to ask what kind of raging fire is so discerning about its movements.

Various alleged eyewitnesses and residents claim to have witnessed ‘blue flashes’, blue lightning or blue beams. Again, fires started instantaneously in mulitple locations, independently of each other. Trees being burned from the inside out, with glowing sap bursting out through fissures in the bark (as opposed to trees simply catching fire).

neverlosetruth’s YouTube channel shows what looks like fires burning up from the inside of houses. Hers is probably the most convincing video I’ve managed to look at: and it’s difficult to argue with her conclusions. It certainly doesn’t look like the effects of wild fire.

Some of these videos are dealing with the devastation of 2017, and some (such as the neverlosetruth upload) with the current 2018 destruction: although, in essence, it’s the same thing anyway, with the same anomalies and prompting the same questions.

Before we talk more about Directed Energy Weapons or laser weapons, what is considered officially to blame for the burning of California?

There’s talk of climate-change issues and causes and of mismanagement of both environment and infrastructure.

There’s also general blame being levelled at PG&E.

Pacific Gas & Energy (PG&E) has been blamed for culpability in the fires in both 2017 and 2018. Most MSM coverage focuses on the claims that PG&E’s faulty or downed power lines were a causal factor. Others have claimed (and have been claiming for years prior to the 2017 ‘firestorm’) that PG&E ‘smart meters’ installed into homes are to blame.

Another dot-connecting theory I’ve encountered has it that the PG&E smart meters in the houses were specifically targeted by Directed Energy Weapons or beams to create the destructive reactions.

There seems to have been evidence that the smart meters can cause fires and explosions (though this is denied by PG&E). EMF Safety Network quotes a former PG&E meter reader having told a Public Utilities Commission judge that he was fired because he was not wiling to be quiet about the smart meter problems he saw: he is quoted as saying “These meters catch fire. They know it, and they are covering it up.”

PG&E has been engaged in a long back-and-forth battle in California to forcibly install the smart meters in people’s homes: in spite of all the concerns raised about the negative health effects and radiation issues, as well as fire issues. The smart meter saga also seems to be a precursor to the big 5G roll-out that’s on the horizon (and which will, we must assume, go live with or without public consent).

Curiously, one of the areas in California hit by fire last year was Sebastopol: it was known three years ago that PG&E was planning to beam RF waves at a location in Sebastopol.

The implication at present seems to be that the victims may have to cover the costs of the damage, with PG&E (assuming it isn’t being used now as a scapegoat to cover up the real cause of the fires) possibly being bailed out. It’s not clear from the various MSM sources I’ve looked at what the situation is in this respect.

What’s going to happen to all these people who’ve lost their homes? And what exactly is FEMA‘s involvement?

On PG&E, it is worth digressing for a moment and mentioning that Roger H Kimmel – the independent director of PG&E – is also Vice Chairman of Rothschild Inc. (international investment banking firm) and has held that position since January 2001.

Rothschild Inc is an iteration of ‘N M Rothschild & Sons Limited’ or the ‘Rothschild Group’, which was founded by Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Rothschild Inc in the US is described as ‘a boutique investment banking firm that provides financial advisory services. It offers mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, initial public offerings, privatization, corporate restructuring, private placements, and financial planning advisory services.’

A further, brief digression here: but when this Rothschild/PG&E link was pointed out to me, I was trying to remember why I thought there was also some link between Rothschild Inc and President Trump.

And then I remembered it was an article I’d read some time prior to Trump’s presidential election victory. JC Collins, writing for Philosophy of Metrics in June 2016, shed light on the likelihood of Donald Trump being the Rothschild elites’ chosen candidate for the US Presidency. The article was titled ‘How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump‘ (the sub-header: ‘A Multi-Decade Strategy to Transform America‘).

He informs us, ‘In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a CIA and Mossad front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities…

The same article highlights that, in 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International included David Rockerfeller and Baron Edmund de Rothschild. It also quotes a 1992 Bloombergarticle, saying ‘The connection between Baron Edmond de Rothschild, being one of the original principle investors of Resorts International, and Rothschild Inc. allowing Donald Trump to retain “ownership” over the Atlantic City casinos, which saved him from bankruptcy, should not be considered a coincidence…’

We were also informed that Wilbur L. Ross Jr spent 24 years at the New York office of Rothschild Inc. ‘In the late 1990’s he started a $200 million fund at Rothschild Inc. to invest in distressed assets… So it’s of course no surprise that billionaire investor Wilbur L. Ross Jr. would support the nomination of Donald Trump for presidentIt would appear,‘ the 2016 article continues, ‘that Rothschild supported front men like Ross and Trump do extremely well in the worlds of finance and politics…’

If nothing else, the Rothschild link allowed Collins to assume Trump would win the presidency later that year. The main takeway from this should be to note that Trump is indebted to the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers – and this will become more important in a moment.

Interesting now then that PG&E is widely cited as the villain in the tragedy of the California fires – and its director is also Vice Chairman of the same Rothschild Inc.

Could mean nothing. Could mean everything.

But note that last year, just prior to the ‘firestorms’ in California, a lot of questions were asked about Donald Trump’s ambiguous statement about “the coming storm” – a statement that still hasn’t really been explained.

Again, could be nothing. Could be everything.

Conspiracy literature can be found all over the place talking about the ‘Rothschild plan to restructure North America’ and such. Some of this, at the basic level, appears to be based in fact: though is open to some degree of interpretation.

One of the prominent voices in the conspiracy theories and accusations in this area is activist Deborah Tavares who, among many other things, talks about the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers trying to tear down and rebuild areas in America using various tools (which, again, is why I mentioned the Rothschild/Rockerfeller connection to Donald Trump before – he owes them), including weather manipulation and natural disasters (presented as effects of Climate Change) and things like the smart meter system and future 5G. Tavares, who runs the Stop the Crime website, was predicting attacks on California with Directed Energy Weapons.

The few times I’ve comes across Tavares’s videos, my impulse had been to dismiss her as a crackpot or attention seeker. However, even though I struggle with her general demeanour and presentation, she does seem to support most of what she says with seemingly credible sources and arguments.

She also predicted this current wave of Desolation By Fire in California as far back as February – and specified exactly who andwhat she thought was going to be behind it. See the video here.

Here, she also lays out some of her view of what the conspiracy is: ‘Not just the directed-energy weapons and likely the smart meters were involved in the fires as well because we know that they blow up, we know that they send pulsed frequencies. You can go online and you can look at all the homes that have been burned up from the deployment… A few years ago happened to have a proxy for the PG&E annual shareholders meeting and while we were down there sitting in the audience they were introducing some of the higher-ups in the first few rows and I heard the name Rothschild… so I went back and I did some research. Rothschild is in charge of all of the utilities across the country…’

She continues, ‘And it is a nefarious plan and we face many many things: not only the deployment of the smart meters for causing directed-energy weapon attacks in our homes from the frequencies and all of the dirty electricity that’s coming in on our house lines really literally traveling through through the walls going into underwire bras, wire box, spring mattresses money in your pocket, belt buckles, you name it…’

A powerful Directed Energy Beam directed at such targets could, we should suppose, interact with any such substances or variety of substances in the home – and with general electrical wiring and appliances.

It’s up to you whether you’re convinced by her or not, but it has to be said that what’s been recorded and observed by people in California seems to match pretty well with her claims.

It also seems pretty clear the MSM has only presented a very selective, sanitised version of the situation.

I’m not going to attempt to go very far in to the science of DEWs or wildfires (or the comparison of effects), as I’d just be reiterating analyses and arguments that others have already put out.

Instead I’ll refer you again to neverlosetruth’s sharp analysis here.

Coming back to the subject of Directed Energy Weapons in general. What is the likelihood of Directed Energy Weapons, lasers or particle beams having been used?

It may sound like science-fiction (or like the Palpatine’s Galactic Empire deploying the Death Star), but it really isn’t.

I’ve been perusing various publications and sites for recent references to the subject of such weapons: and it is very revealing.

For example, Military Aereospace, in a November 2018 article, informs us The Pentagon wants more money for directed-energy weapons for drone-swarm and missile defense’.

The same article links to other articles with headlines like ‘Worldwide directed-energy weapons market to reach $24.31 billion over next five years…’

National Defense magazine article from last month (titled ‘Directed Energy Weapons: Can the Pentagon and Industry Deliver?‘) informs us that the ‘Defense Department is looking to industry to help make lasers and other directed energy weapons a major part of the warfighter’s toolkit…’ The article goes on to talk, in dry terms, about lasers, microwave weapons and particle beams.

The article also goes on to suggest that the Pentagon isn’t necessarily pursuing the DEW developments in any substantial way yet, due to costs: but, of course, a publication like this tends only to deal with official statements and disclosed information – and is not in the habit of probing too deeply into what’s going on behind closed doors (or, say, in that ginormous military budget or Black Budget).

China and Russia are believed to possess this kind of weapons technology too – and presumably so do some other countries.

A lot of people, when talking about energy weapons, call them ‘Star Wars’ weapons – both in reference to the Star Warsmovies and to the defense programme initiated under Ronald Reagan.

In keeping with the Star Wars reference, the fictional Death Star’s existence wasn’t a widely known or official fact yet in the first Star Wars film, but the Empire was testing out its destructive capabilities on unsuspecting planets before ‘going live’, so to speak. Likewise, in the more recent Rogue One movie (2016), the Death Star (pictured above) is again shown being tested on an unsuspecting city/population to ascertain its effectiveness.

One tends to wonder if – in addition to the various above-stated motives and theories – they also want to just test out the DEW capabilities and effects in real time.

Certainly, if the DEW theory holds true, they wouldn’t have targeted California for only that reason: most sceptics are pointing to the UN Agenda 21 as a motivation for the targeted destruction. I don’t want to get into that here right now: but there’s always the possibility that two birds are being killed with one stone. Most big-scale conspiracies or false-flags are arranged in a way so as to serve multiple purposes at once (take 9/11 as the prime example).

The National Interest, in an article from July this year (‘Here Come the Lasers: The Dawn of Energy Weapons Is Here’), tells us ‘Directed-energy weapons — or “lasers,” as they are commonly known — present the possibility of transforming warfare due to numerous operational advantages, such as incredible speed and range, light-weight, improved accuracy, and limited collateral damage… In some respects, this innovation is already on the brink of implementation…’

The reference to ‘limited collateral damage’ suggests that part of any hypothetical unofficial testing of such weapons would be to gage how effective such a weapon is in targeting very specific areas or pinpoiting specific targets while limiting unnecessary damage to surrounding areas.

Which prompts me to think about the footage of such precise demarcations between fire-ravaged areas or structures and adjacent areas or structures that remained unscathed by fire. You might ask why they’d test such a thing out on part of their own population (as opposed to some foreign victim country like Afghanistan or Libya): but, again, it could simply be a case of seeing to multiple agendas at once.

The prevailing view among conspiracy researchers is that one of those agendas at play is the UN’s Agenda 21. Again, I don’t want to get into Agenda 21 here, but to stay focused instead on the idea of the DEWs. I’ll come back to Agenda 21: but here’s Rosa Koire at a conference in 2013, laying out her research into that subject.

For the record, I was for a long time on the fence about the conspiracy-theory version of ‘Agenda 21’: it was Rosa Koire’s testimony that ultimately started to change my mind. I’m still not 100% convinced that Agenda 21 is the evil conspiracy a lot of people think it is: but I’m just being totally honest here – I’m not sure, one way or the other. And when I’m not sure about something, I’m happy to state that outright instead of pretending I’ve got a perfect handle on everything.

Again, I’ll definitely come back to this.

But to come back to the question of DEWs: for the record, there is/was evidence that DEWs were also tested in Iraq previously (see video here).

As for this desolation of much of California (whether this has been a case of weaponised weather manipulation, Directed Energy Weapons, or something else), the MSM coverage generally seems to have presented a very selective, scripted edit of events, generally ommitting the inconsistancies in the narrative, the anomalies and oddities and much of the testimony.

People outside of the MSM have been referring to this as the new 9/11. There definitely seems to be more logical evidence to suggest a population and area under deliberate, controlled attack than there is to suggest an out-of-control wildfire.

To some, this idea of the Powers That Be cleansing such large swathes of human habitat by fire (particularly if it was with energy weapons) may seem a ‘conspiracy theory’ too far: but you only need to remember 9/11.

Though it is less relevant, there is also a possible ritual context to the idea of cleansing with fire or desolation by fire: and one wonders if the burning of ‘Paradise’ (one of the towns hit by the fire) was also intended as somehow symbolic. It did in fact lead to headlines and hashtags like ‘Paradise Lost’ and ‘Paradise is Burning’.

What is the true body count? How many people have died in their homes? What I’m currently seeing reported is 83 known casualties: but elsewhere the number of people missing is said to be well over a thousand. It could and probably will end up being more people than that – and this is assuming people are genuinely told the true number, which might never be genuinely revealed.

Moreover, if the ‘Dawn of Energy Weapons’ is here (to quote one of the aforementioned articles), what is that ultimately going to mean for the world in general?

I guess we’ll find out. Arguably, a lot of people have just found out already.

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