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Turkey threatens to pull the plug on US

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By M.K. Bhadrakumar 

An impression has been gaining ground lately that the Trump administration is making overtures to Ankara to revive the original US-Turkish project on regime change in Damascus. The recent visit to Ankara by James Jeffrey, the US special representative to Syria, was seen in that light.

Prior to his trip to Ankara, Jeffrey openly suggested at a briefing at the US state department on December 3 that the Astana process on Syria (involving Russia, Turkey and Iran) should be wound up since it failed to advance the political process. As he put it, “US view … is let’s pull the plug on Astana.” In essence, Jeffrey ’s game plan was to somehow break up the Russian-Turkish-Iranian axis in Syria so that the US can tackle each of these three protagonists from a position of advantage.

However, the contradiction here is the US’ alliance with the Kurds, which is anathema to Turkey. Jeffrey tried to fudge this contradiction by saying, “Our policy is to work with the people of the northeast first of all to defeat ISIS… We have no political agenda either with the Kurdish groups, with the Arab groups, or with any other groups inside Syria. Our position is (a) the territorial integrity of Syria under its present borders; (b) we will work with all political forces that are willing to recognize and accept the UN political process and the basic criteria of all of these UN initiatives since 2012 on Syria, which is no threat to the neighbors, no threat to the population, no use of chemical weapons, no support for terrorism, no mass slaughter of one’s own civilians, and accountability for war crimes. That’s our position with everybody and anybody.”

But Turks refuse to be taken for a ride. If anything, the Turkish suspicions regarding the American intentions in northern Syria have only deepened. Two recent developments contributed to this:

One, the US move to establish observation posts next to Turkey’s border. Washington claims that these OPs will prevent possible terrorist threats against Turkey. But Turks are not duffers and they understand perfectly well that the real reason behind this Pentagon decision (announced innocuously almost as an aside by Defence Secretary James Mattis two weeks ago) is to prevent any Turkish operation against the Kurdish forces in northern Syria.

Two, the US disclosure (by the outgoing chairman of joint chiefs of staff Gen. Joseph Dunford) that “35,000-40,000 local forces need to be trained to provide stability” in the territories occupied by the US in northeast Syria. Without doubt, the alarm bells must have rung in Ankara that the US is moving in the direction of creating security underpinnings for an autonomous Kurdistan in Syria similar to what it achieved in Iraq following the Gulf War in 1990-91.

Taken together, Turkish leadership realizes that unless Turkey forcefully acted to thwart the US strategy before it is too late, Ankara may face the stark choice of an independent Kurdish entity appearing along its border with Syria, which of course would imperil Turkey’s own security, territorial integrity and even threaten its unity. Thus, President Recep Erdogan had no option but to announce on Wednesday that Turkey proposes to launch a military operation against the Syrian Kurdish groups in a “few days”.

Erdogan said, “It is time to realize our decision to wipe out terror groups east of the Euphrates. We will start the operation in east of the Euphrates in a few days to save it from the separatist terrorist organization. Turkey’s target is never the US soldiers, but rather the members of the terror group.”

Erdogan rejected outright the US move on setting up OPs along Turkish border, saying, “It is clear that the purpose of US observation points in Syria is not to protect our country from terrorists but protect (Kurdish) terrorists from Turkey.” Meanwhile, other Turkish officials have cast aspersions on the US plan to train 40000-strong local militia and Jeffrey’s diatribe against the Astana process.

Conceivably, Turkish officials conveyed to Jeffrey Ankara’s plans to launch military operations against Syrian Kurds. At any rate, no sooner than Erdogan spoke on Wednesday, Washington reacted sharply, expressing “grave concern” and warning that any such Turkish military operations in Syria will be “unacceptable.”

However, all indications are that preparations are complete on the Turkish side of the border for the military strike. A Turkish daily close to the ruling circles reported that the operation will be carried out with “point shots” – namely, precisely targeting concentrations of the Syrian Kurdish militia. Some 200 such targets have been reportedly identified. Indeed, the Turkish armed forces have the capability to shoot at these targets from the air and ground without entering Syrian airspace and territory. One possibility is that Turkish jets can strike the Kurdish targets from a 30-kilometer depth in the air, while the howitzers can strike up to a depth of 40 kilometers on the ground.

Other reports have claimed that over the past fortnight, there have been significant military deployments to the Syrian border with armored vehicles, tanks and personnel deployed from Şanlıurfa to Akçakale. The plan seems to be that strategic targets of the Kurdish forces will be hit initially with a view to rapidly clear a swathe of Syrian territories so that fighters of the so-called Free Syrian Army (Syrian opposition groups aligned with Turkey) can move into the area.

Indeed, if Erdogan carries out his pledge, it will put the US in an unenviable position of having to watch passively when its allies get pulverized by the jets and artillery. It will be a huge loss of face for the US and, importantly, it will render the best-laid American plans for an open-ended occupation of Syria nonviable and senseless.

Without doubt, Moscow and Tehran will be pleased with Erdogan’s resolve to frustrate the US game plan to divide Syria. Around 30 percent of Syrian territory is presently under American occupation. Some US analysts have openly estimated that if only Turks could be brought on board, that would increase the area to around 40 percent of Syrian territory and eventually help provide an outlet for that land-locked enclave (which also contains Syria’s oil fields) to the Eastern Mediterranean coast and access to the world market.

The heart of the matter is that other than rhetorically, Russia shies away from challenging the US occupation of Syria lest it led to military confrontation, which Moscow has been scrupulously avoiding, no matter the provocations from the American side (eg., drone attacks on the Russian bases in Syria.) As for Iran, it is fighting an existential battle to counter the US sanctions and a confrontation with the US in Syria is not the priority today. Damascus cannot hope to confront the US by itself, either.

Thus, unsurprisingly, a note of triumphalism had lately crept into the US stance – all but implying that the Americans are salvaging victory out of the jaws of military defeat in the Syrian conflict and that it is a matter of time before Russia finds itself in a quagmire, keeping afloat the regime in Damascus out of its own meager resources and increasingly feeling the financial crunch, with Washington effectively plugging any help for Syria’s reconstruction coming from the western allies by making all such aid conditional on the removal of President Bashar al-Assad from power.

No doubt, the simmering US-Turkish tensions in northern Syria over the Pentagon’s alliance with Syrian Kurdish groups have surged. It will be hard landing for the Pentagon if the long-awaited Turkish crackdown begins against the US’ Kurdish allies in Syria.

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Yemen: Houthis Urge Transitional Gov’t With All Parties

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The Houthi’s main negotiator, Mohammed Abdusalam, said Saturday that any political solution to the Saudi-led war on Yemen should start with outlining a transitional period with an exact timeframe that should include all political parties.

Abdusalam also said the city of Hodeidah should be declared a “neutral zone” and that the United Nations could play a role in managing the Sanaa airport. His comments were made in the context of U.N.-sponsored peace talks that seek to put an end to almost four years of conflict.

The Houthis control major population centers in Yemen, including the capital Sanaa and the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, a lifeline for millions of people. The Saudi coalition’s siege on the port this year has caused food and medicine shortages, leading to widespread cases of starvation.

“It (Hodeidah) should be a neutral zone apart from the conflict, and the military brigades that came from outside Hodeidah province should leave,” Abdusalam told Reuters.

Asked if Houthi forces would then withdraw from Hodeidah, Abdusalam said: “There will be no need for military presence there if battles stop … Hodeidah is an economic hub and it should stay that way for the sake of all Yemenis.”

“We have proposed to the U.N. to oversee the port and supervise its logistics… inspections, revenues, and all the technical issues,” he said.

It is unclear who will control the city if both forces leave but Yemen’s internationally-recognized government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi is sticking to its position that Hodeidah should be under its control.

On the issue of reopening the Sanaa airport, Abdusalam said the Houthis were open to the possibility of a U.N. role at the airport to secure an agreement to reopen it. The Houthis hold control of the airport, but Saudi-led forces have secured control of the airspace and have bombed the facility several times.

Yemen’s Saudi-backed government has proposed reopening the Houthi-held airport in the capital Sanaa on condition planes are inspected in the airports of Aden or Sayun which are under its control, two government officials said Friday.

The Houthi delegation rejected the proposal but insist they are open to a U.N. role.

Many Yemeni factions are involved in the war that pits the Houthis against a Saudi-led coalition that intervened in Yemen in 2015 to restore the government of Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Yemen’s war and the ensuing economic collapse has left 15.9 million people, 53 percent of the population, facing “severe acute food insecurity.” According to a recently-published study by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED), the armed conflict has claimed the lives of over 50,000 people.

Humanitarian groups say peace is the only way of ending the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. The areas hit with extreme hunger are also the areas where there is active fighting.

No peace talks have been held since 2016, and the last attempt in Geneva in September failed when the Houthis did not attend [*]. These peace talks are due to last until Dec. 13.

Saudi-backed delegates leave Yemen peace talks

Press TV – September 8, 2018

A delegation from Yemen’s former government has left UN-brokered talks in Geneva after representatives of the Houthi movement were prevented by Saudi Arabia from attending the negotiations.

“The government delegation is leaving today,” said an official from the Saudi-backed team on Saturday, referring to the former Yemeni administration. “There are no expectations the Houthis are coming,” he added.

UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths told a news conference that the Houthis were “keen” to get to Geneva.

“They would have liked to get here. We didn’t make conditions sufficiently correct to get them here,” he said.

Ansarullah accused the Saudis of planning to strand the delegation in Djibouti, where their plane was to make a stop en route to Geneva.

The Saudis were “still refusing to give permission to an Omani plane” to land at the Yemeni capital Sana’a and take the delegation to Geneva, the movement said.

It posted a statement, saying the Houthis needed to “ensure the safety of the delegation” and require a guarantee that they would be allowed to return “smoothly” to Sana’a airport. … Full article

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US military sets up two bases along Turkish border

The US military set up two more bases in Syria’s Raqqa province near the border with Turkey as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) dispatched military convoys to the region to confront an impending invasion of the Turkish Army.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the US military bases have been built in the surroundings of Tal Abyad in northern Raqqa.
The SOHR noted that the US military bases have been set up in Tal Rakbeh and al-Jeib regions in the surrounding areas of Tal Abyad.
The source recalled that the US has established three military bases in Raqqa province over the past 20 days.
The field sources in the meantime said that the SDF has dispatched military convoys comprising hundreds of its fighters together with heavy military hardware, including tanks and artillery units to Tal Abyad.

The Turkish army has also dispatched a new military convoy to the city of Jilianbiner near the border with Ras al-Ain in Northwestern Hasaka.

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US Arm Sales Turning Middle East into ‘Tinderbox’


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Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday that the United States is selling arms into the Middle East which were beyond the region’s needs, turning it into a “tinderbox”.

“The level of arms sales by the Americans is unbelievable and much beyond regional needs and this points to the very dangerous policies followed by the Americans,” IRNA reported Zarif as saying on the sidelines of the 2nd Speakers’ Conference with participation of Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, China and Russia in Tehran.

He added that the US policy has brought many modern destructive weapons to the region, which have given no help to establishment of regional peace and security.

Asked about US accusations against Iran regarding missiles, the foreign minister said that the American officials spare no effort to interrupt relations between Iran and Europe, “so they resort to baseless allegations these days.”

“They [American officials] try to distort the regional issues.”

“We’ve read in the American media that the US arms are in hands of Al Qaeda in Yemen and ISIL in Syria, and this is a danger threatening our region,” Zarif said.

The top Iranian diplomat stressed meanwhile, that the US has been isolated in the world.

The US “has entered [trade] war with China and even arrested a senior Huawei executive. This indicates US frustration rather than its power.”

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The ‘YELLOW VESTS’ Protest – And How It is Being Misrepresented


I’ve been a little late focusing on the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests or strikes in France.

But it seems to me, given a cursory reading of various sources, like a legitimate, mass expression of dissatisfaction with the French establishment politicians. A lot of people in France are fed up and have decided to group together to make their discontent heard.

There have been conspiracy theories flying all over the place (aren’t there always?): ranging from the protests being led by Le Pen supporting fascists to a theory that it’s a Color Revolution being orchestrated by Trump and the US to unseat Macron or a Russian-influenced movement to further destabilise the West.

None of the ‘theories’ or unnecessary add-ons to the narrative that I’ve seen are convincing.

And there’s one particular strand of Deliberate Misinformation that is particularly sinister – which I’ll focus on shortly.

Because, as much as this is an article about the Yellow Vest protests, it is also an article about the sinister information war – which weaves through all of the idealogical divide, ‘culture war’ and socio-political crisis occuring in Western nations.

My purpose here is not to question the French protesters, but to debunk the lies of the people who are deliberately misrepresenting the protests.

From what I can tell, it looks like the Yellow Vest protests are just people in France being genuinely fed up. There are probably elements in there who inserted themselves into the situation just to cause trouble or create violence – but that’s always what happens. In reality, it seems simply that a lot of ordinary, dissatisfied people in France have had enough of taking the hit for elite 1% interests: and that a protest like this has been building for a long time.

So, to be clear, nothing in this article is calling into question the motives or intentions of the actual French protesters themselves – who seem to be in solidarity with each other and against the corrupt, elite interests dominating France.

However (and unfortunately, perhaps), ever since the ‘Arab Spring’, I do get suspicious of sudden eruptions of mass protests that come packaged with a symbol or slogan.

And, given that this Yellow Vest thing has already apparently spread into a couple of other countries, I wonder if the movement is in danger of being co-opted to service interests other than the interests the French protesters were originally motivated by.

And again, this is more-often-than-not what happens with these things.

I cited the Arab Spring because I’ve noticed a number of media outlets also refer to the Arab Spring in regard to the Yellow Vest protest. I don’t think the comparison necessarily has merit – and I’m suspicious of some media outlets citing the Arab Spring in this context. But, if we’re going to cite the Arab Spring, then we have to acknowledge that those protests were manipulated from the outside in order to service regime-change agendas.

But here’s the thing that people often miss: it has always seemed pretty clear that the *original* acts of the ‘Arab Spring’ – specifically, the mass protests in Tunisia, were entirely genuine. People were fed up and decided to take the extraordinarily brave step of making a stand against their dictatorship and the corruption. What then happened, however, was foreign intelligence agencies and covert-ops deciding to use the situation in Tunisia and Egypt as a springboard for weaponising the ‘Arab Spring’ and using it to attack Libya and Syria and to try to force a change in government.

Keeping that comparison in mind, it seems to me that the Yellow Vest thing (which has become a potent symbol and meme very quickly) could be co-opted and weaponised by devious agencies or actors – even though the protests in France themselves were entirely genuine and conducted by sincere French people with honest complaints against the government and against elite interests.

I’ve even seen ‘Alt Right’ Bullshit Merchants referring to France as the “start of the European Spring”. Which seems deliberately designed to create a certain, misleading impression of what’s going on: perhaps for future purposes.

And I’ll circle back to that at the end.

But I’m not sure how true it is that the Yellow Vest protests have been spreading to other countries. Dutch sources, for example, seem to be denying that any such protests have happened in the Netherlands – even though such is being reported online. And I’ve seen reports that supposed Yellow Vest protesters have appeared as far as Iraq and the Kingdom of Jordan.

Which, if true, is astonishing.

I don’t doubt that the French protesters are totally sincere and totally open about their motivations: but these things get co-opted or corrupted very quickly – both by external agencies with veiled interests and by theProfessional Bullshit Artists that lurk on the Internet, waiting for anything and everything they can hijack to their international propaganda cause.

Unfortunately, we are now in an age where ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ take a back seat to propaganda and misinformation. Nothing – NOTHING – happens anymore without third-rate conspiracy theorists, misinformation campaigns, viral falsehoods and Shit Stirrers IMMEDIATELY jumping onto the narrative, skewing perspective and re-framing the real-life situation to fit with a pre-existing narrative or bias.

I feel sorry for French protesters whose cause is being so cynically hijacked or misrepresented – especially by the Professional Bullshit Artists, who I will come to in a moment.

And also, the viral images or claims of French police snipers picking off protesters from rooftops are fake. A lot of the viral shares are probably fake – though it’s difficult to tell anymore which bits are real and which aren’t. And that is actually a perfect illustration of what the ‘post-truth’ world is.

But I find it very unlikely French police would openly – in plain sight – be shooting protesters. This is clearly more of that deliberate viral falsehood designed to create certain impressions. As for why there are rifle-wielding police on rooftops at all – it’s because the ‘state of emergency‘ that France declared after the 2015 terror attacks are still in effect: there are always armed forces around.

But it has to be said that the way this Yellow Vest thing is being spun is very illustrative. Much of the mainstream news coverage has been muted: as if most MSM doesn’t know how to cover it. Some of the impression you get from watching MSM is of protests running amok and turning violent (which was true in some instances: although protesters in France claimed that outsiders had come in to cause violence and damage).

They also keep talking about the fuel tax issue as if it’s the only issue or the central issue – but this is largely so they can avoid talking about the anti establishment dimension to this and the resentment of the elites.

But far worse – and more insidious – than what the MSM is saying is what the Professional Bullshit Artists are saying.

And who are the Professional Bullshit Artists I’m talking about? Why, it’s those fully paid-up misinformation peddlers of the ‘Alt Right’ of course.

The swathes of professional Shit Stirrers who are usually on the payroll of millionaire networks working day and night to spread their indoctrination tentacles into the minds of all the docile souls they’ve been mass grooming for the last several years.

I can illustrate this quite easily here.

I browsed YouTube last night to see what people were saying about the Yellow Vest protests. Aside from mainstream news channels, almost everything else I found were ‘Alt Right’ videos or channels who were all spinning the situation in France in the precise same way.

It goes something like this: the protesters in France are all white nationalists or white working class and ‘patriots’ standing up to the ‘Globalists’ and ‘taking their country back’ from brown people, immigrants, Jews, etc. It’s the fight for the ‘white race’, folks, and it’s all kicking off! The ‘Race War’ is beginning!

Or at least that’s the memo being sent out to all the race-war nutjobs frothing at the mouth for chaos and blood.

Other variations of this theme could be found: some were claiming that French protesters were chanting “We Want Trump!” They also tried to make out the Yellow Vests were holding up signs saying ‘Make France Great Again’.

And something has to be said about the cognitive dissonance of Trump cultists revelling in the anti Macron situation in France and demonisng Macron as a “Rothschild puppet” (which I’m not disputing)… but conveniently failing to note Trump’s and Kushner’s Rothschild/Rockerfeller connections and elite credentials.

For the record, NO ONE in France chanted “We Want Trump!”

Others were claiming the ‘patriots’ were rising up against the Paris Climate Agreement: no, not really – half of the protesters were leftists and greens. The reality, according to most French sources, is that these protests are a mix of people on the right and on the left: and that essentially it has nothing to do with race or immigration, but is solely and entirely about perceived injustice stemming from the activities of the elites and the big-money interests and for which the ordinary people are being made to suffer.

French people seem to be better at protest than most of the rest of us: and mass protests in France are not uncommon (though usually not on this scale). Which is why I’m suspicious when people – including some mainstream sources – start citing the Arab Spring. Why are they trying to plant that connection in our minds?

I also did notice a few mainstream media sources imply that the protests were largely ‘white’: which, on one hand, could be just a basic observation – but, on the other hand, it could be their way of trying to discredit or downplay the legitimate grievences of these protesters.

It’s almost as if the MSM and the Alt-Right Bullshit Artists both have an interest in suggesting these protests are a ‘white’ thing: the MSM because it’s a way to tarnish or discredit the protesters by implying a racial dimension, and the Alt Right Bullshit Artists… well, because they’re Alt-Right Bullshit Artists (and being used by the millionaire elites to manipulate the Pandemic of Worldwide Stupid).

But the extraordinary thing I found while perusing these Bullshit Video Masterclasses was this: all of the people agreeing with the videos and expressing support for the ‘white nationalist’ Yellow Vests were either American, British or from somewhere other than France.

Every single French person I saw come on to leave a comment on any of these videos was condemning the videos’ misinformation and Bullshit or complaining about Americans and foreigners deliberately misrepresenting the nature of the protests. And then, invariably, an American or a Brit or some other European would attack that French person and call them ‘brainwashed’ or a ‘traitor’ or something even less kind.

Just process this for a moment. The Yellow Vest protests are in France. The Professional Bullshit ‘Alt Right’ videos are being made by Americans and random others – people not in France. People in France – including people who were INVOLVED in the Yellow Vest protests – come on to debunk the fake claims being made in the videos. And then the French people – including actual Yellow Vest protesters – are attacked by the non-French people and told to go away (!)

And this being in the comment-sections of videos with Professional Bullshit titles like ‘The TRUTH About the Yellow Vest Protests’ and ‘What’s REALLY Going in Paris’, etc.

I honestly don’t whether to laugh or cry anymore: I’ve invented a new word – ‘craughter’. I craughed my ass off. Or I craughed my eyes out. Whichever.

Anyway, I don’t trawl YouTube very often: not for ‘news’ anyway, as it’s usually dominated by these aforementioned Professional Bullshit Artists (whose channels, curiously, seem to be promoted and recommended much more than those of more honest, even-handed commentators or genuine researchers).

However, I found this spectacle (of French commenters being belittled or abused for trying to correct the misinformation) rather fascinating: so I’m going to copy-and-paste a bunch of comments here, because I really think it illustrates a lot about how YouTube is being weaponised, how the ‘Alt Right’ information war is operating, and also how the Yellow Vest protests are being hijacked and misrepresented outside of France for reasons that have nothing to do with what’s actually going on in France.

To keep it simple, I’ve selected one of these videos randomly: and all the comments are picked out from this one video. I did look through the comments on Zionist troll Paul Joseph Watson’s Yellow Vests video – but there were no comments from anyone in France there (I guess French people are too intelligent to watch a Paul Joseph Watson video).

So, the video I’ve picked out here is titled ‘The White Working Class are Rising Up to Revolt in Europe‘. There were over seven-thousand comments, so this took me a while.

Now, you can pretty much guess what most of the comments consisted of: lots of stuff about the ‘white genocide’, stuff about the white race beginning their ‘fight back’, stuff about how this is the beginning of the ‘white uprising’ across Western nations, stuff about this being the start of civil war, calls for violence, calls for Macron and Merkel to be ‘hanged’ in a public square, and lots of clueless Trump supporters trying to make out that the Yellow Vests in France are all ‘MAGA’ fans following Trump’s inspirational lead... you know, all the usual comedy gold.

99% of the commenters were not French: below is what the people who identified as French YouTube users said.

‘It’s not just the white working class, it’s all working class! (I’m French and a yellow jacket).’

‘Fake News!!!! I was There and its about the working class not the ”white ”working class. Why do you need to put race or political side in to this story? You just lose credibilty when you start to inform people like CNN… shame on you, fake news. I’m French and was inside the strike – you are only doing it for views…’

‘Man you should get better sources of informations. I live near to france I can tell you that the people who took part to the protests is too heterogeneous to be define as WHITE RURAL WORKING CLASS please be serious. The groups of people could be considered as middle working class, ecologists, left supporters, right supporters, elders, and those groups coming from various social contexts and ethnicities. You aremisinforming.’

‘American people are so stupid. This is not only white people. In the reality every color are against this government and big migration, we are french people first. Stop saying it’s only white people workers please. this is not true.’

‘I’m so tired seeing this nonsense vids popping all around the net from the U.S. 1st what happens in France has nothing to do with skin color.’

‘It happens because of misgovernment, corruption and lack of a proper redistribution of wealth. Stop trying to put a stamp on OUR revolt that fits your biasses and ideas. You try so hard to transfer your own issues on what’s happening here.’

‘I’m French and let me tell you: we hate Trump as much as we hate Macron. What you guys don’t seem to understand is that we are not right-wing idiots. We want people to be able to live in diginity from their salary, not “get dem muslims out”. Idiots.’

‘Nothing to do with white people, it’s the whole French population who has enough to give all they’re working hard for to stuff the wallet of the richer. That’s it! stop to make it about a specific ethnic group, you clearly didn’t get properly what’s going on in France and are obviously not there! Everyone is fighting together against this corrupt politics and that system that doesn’t serve the population.’

‘I am French and this not about white, this is about all the people. Anglo Saxons are trying to turn this protest into an ethnic confrontation, when it is not.’

‘I am from France and this is absolutely not about “white working class” or any skin colour. What you are doing is dividing people and spreading misinformation.’

‘The way you spin things in America… you guys have no concept of reality. “white?” I saw peope of all colours in those vests demonstrating.’

‘It’s not about race, it’s about the working class objecting to a corrupt political/corporate power – the elite.’

‘Someone has to tell the truth of what’s going in France and what we are fighting for. It’s not the “white workers fight”, it’s an apolitical (we would say “anti system”) movement. A movement from people who can barely make ends meet because of an elite political class which doesn’t know what the word “work” means. A class which is taking our money to live in luxury and privelege but which is never spend it on social justice or equality. We’re not fighting against immigration and we know we have to pay some taxes. We want another kind of democracy, a popular democracy, direct and fair. That’s not nationalist, it has nothig to do with Le Pen – and please stop with your “make France great again” guys. I’m sorry for my English, i’ve done my best. A French yellow vest.’

‘What are you talking about? This is the working class demonstrating against high taxes in France! This has absolutely nothing to do with racism! By the way, the statements that those yellow jackets only consists of white people is completely false. If you google this demonstration then you will find pictures that are showing there are many people with foreign background among the yellow jackets.’

‘Ha ha! This has nothing to do with the white working class! And i live here in France!’

There were more, but I got tired of scrolling: and you get the picture anyway.

Anyone who is commenting from France is painting a consistent picture of the situation and the motivation – and it doesn’t at all match what the Professional Bullshit Artists are spouting all over the Internet. They’re just flat-out lying.

Case closed, pretty much.

But it’s interesting that all the Alt-Right videos and websites don’t want to hear from actual French people or actual Yellow Vests: because it gets in the way of the manipulation programme they’re running.

Again, it’s actually sad that all these French people are coming together to protest against inequality and injustice – and all these Professional Bullshit Artists outside of France are trying to portray it as ‘white power’ or ‘white-lash’.

If there is anything devious or conspiratorial going on here, it isn’t coming from the French protesters: those protesters cut across all demographics – politically, socially and culturally.

But the misappropriation strategy is the same Shit Show that’s being played all the time, of course. Just like, as previously explored, how all the Alt-Right manipulators constantly spread fake stories about what’s going in Sweden. Or how a network like the Gatestone Institute – funded by a corporate millionaire heiress and chaired by Neo-Con John Bolton – has spent so much time pumping bullshit into Germany to stir up the crisis there.

Now the main personalities who lead the way in these things are the fully paid-up, high-profile mouthpieces: Paul Joseph Watson, Katie Hopkins, Stefan Molnyeux, Ben Shapiro, and so on. Those guys I can understand – they’re being paid to troll Western civilisation, after all. But what I find so tragic is all the other people, channels, bloggers, etc, who clearly aren’t being paid by elite masters – and are therefore simply spreading the bullshit entirely voluntarily and with no reward: either because they’re stupid or because this is all just fun and games to them.

And worse than that is all the general viewers and commenters who have clearly been brainwashed to the point of no return.

What all this seems to confirm though is that – as explored previously – all of these Far-Right enthusiasts across different countries are absolutely gagging for a ‘race war‘: I mean they announce it openly all the time.

It’s a pity for them that the Yellow Vests in France had nothing to do with that ideaology or agenda – and that they had to just pretend otherwise so that they could keep brainwashing their flocks.

The problem, however, is whether this Yellow Vest protest is being – or is going to be – co-opted and redirected to service other agendas.

You can already see it on one level, as I just highlighted with all the Alt-Right propagandists. But here’s what to consider: the protesters in France seem to all say that they’re protesting not just Macron, but the corrupt elites and the whole unfair system. And most of the Alt-Right propagandists and bullshit-merchants are funded by a network of wealthypatrons linked either to the Western elites or to Zionist interests.

There would seem then to be a danger that the elites would want to hijack the protest and turn it into something servicing their own agenda – and the opposite of what the actual original protesters were trying to stand up for.

Now that they’ve got a catchphrase, image or meme (‘Yellow Vests’), the Bullshitters can build momentum and try to turn this into a ‘movement’ and spread it to other countries. The French protesters who started off protesting the establishment elites would lose control of their own protest – and the fakes would re-purpose the ‘Yellow Vest’ image to start up unrest wherever they wish to.

As innocent as it may have been to begin with, ‘Yellow Vests’ feels a lot like clever branding – kind of like ‘White Helmets’.

And that’s the ‘Arab Spring’ model – and that’s how they did that: taking the genuine Tunisian protest and transfering the ‘meme’ to Libya or Syria. Which is why I said I’m suspicious when people start likening the Yellow Vests to the Arab Spring.

In that scenario, the Alt-Right Bullshit Artists do all the propaganda/brainwashing work: a few thousand people in each country are indoctrinated via their phones or computer screens and… off they go.

That’s a worst-case scenario: it might not happen, because people in most countries are a lot lazier than the French.

But when you look at all these Alt-Right Bullshit Artists’ videos and scroll the comments like I did, you’ll find dozens and dozens of comments from people saying ‘we hope the Yellow Vests come to our country next’, ‘we need to start these protests here in our country’, ‘the time to take back our country is now – we are all Yellow Vests!’, etc. It sounds a lot like this thing is catching on – but with people who don’t actually understand what the people in France were protesting about or who want to make it something else.

A lot of those ‘we need Yellow Vests in our country now’ comments were accompanied by proposed genocide, forced deportations, and execution of public officials. Hey, I know YouTube comments sections are basically the arsehole of the Internet and I shouldn’t take them too seriously: but, again, when the main propaganda mouthpieces spreading these thoughts are elite-funded sheeple-manipulators, then it isn’t a stretch to consider that the kind of mentality being engendered in the general viewers or commenters is what was deliberately intended.

And if they’re deliberately conditioning significant numbers of people in multiple countries to think a certain way, then it must be because they’re intending to harness that negative energy for some purpose.

But, again, none of this is to take anything away from the protesters in France: I’m not for a moment doubting them. The problem is not them, but the well-organised propaganda network that is trying to steal their protest and turn it into something else.

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South Korea, US Fail to Agree on Sharing Costs for USFK’s Stationing


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Seoul and Washington failed to agree on the amount of South Korea’s financial contributions for the stationing of the US Forces Korea (USFK) in South Korea, the Yonhap news agency reported, citing a government official.

“Again, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed … There’s still a big difference over the total amount [of Seoul’s financial contributions]. The two sides will continue consultations through diplomatic channels. If necessary, we can have [formal] negotiations next month,” the official said, as quoted by the Yonhap news agency.

The official noted that there would be no more formal talks in December.

The 10th round of negotiations on dividing the cost of the USFK’s stationing between representatives from South Korea and the United States began on Tuesday and lasted for three days.

Washington’s push for an increase in Seoul’s contribution is regarded as an obstacle to reaching the deal. In 2018, South Korea has paid some $859 million to maintain the US forces, which serve as a deterrent against possible aggression of North Korea, the news outlet reported.

Seoul has been sharing the cost for the stationing of about 28,500 US servicemen within the framework of the Special Measures Agreement (SMA) on cost sharing, due to expire at the end of this year, since 1991.

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Egypt bans yellow vests fearing copycat Gilets Jaunes protests


The Egyptian authorities have quietly clamped down on the sales of reflective yellow vests fearing that they could prompt copycat protests inspired by the Gilets Jaunes demonstrations taking place in France. The measure was taken as a precaution as Egypt approaches the seventh anniversary next month of the revolution that toppled the dictator Hosni Mubarak after a 30-year rule. Any form of public gatherings are banned.

According to testimonies from industrial equipment dealers in Cairo, retailers have been instructed not to sell yellow vests to walk-in buyers and to restrict business to wholesale deals with verified companies, but only after obtaining permission from the security forces.

“They seem not to want anyone to do what they are doing in France,” said one retailer. Another added that, “The police came here a few days back and told us to stop selling them. When we asked why, they said they were acting on instructions.” Both spoke to reporters on the condition of anonymity, for fear of reprisals from the authorities.

Security officials confirmed that the restrictions would remain in place until the end of January, but the Interior Ministry refused to comment on the issue. Over the past two years, hundreds of police officers and soldiers have been deployed across the country to quash any protests or commemorations of the revolution.

The yellow vests worn by French protesters have become a symbol of the wave of demonstrations against a rise in fuel taxes and the economic policies of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Egyptian media outlets have covered the Paris protests regularly, stressing the riots, looting and arson, in an attempt to support Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s frequent warnings that street action leads to chaos. In October, Al-Sisi even described the 2011 Egyptian revolution as “the wrong cure to the wrong diagnosis,” stating that the protests had achieved insufficient change due to a lack of understanding among the people of what the problems in the country were.

Egypt has witnessed a dramatic crackdown on freedom of speech since the military coup in 2013 that brought Al-Sisi, then a general, to power. The government has also increased regulatory legislation on the grounds of “national security”. The Muslim Brotherhood, which played an instrumental role in the revolution and was subsequently elected to govern, has since been banned and declared a terrorist group.

Amnesty International has described the situation in Egypt as the worst human rights crisis in the country in decades, with the state systematically using arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances to silence any dissent and create an atmosphere of fear. Hundreds of journalists and human rights activists have also been arrested and held without trial.

The government in Cairo has criticised the findings of many NGOs and accused them of being deliberately “misleading” about human rights abuses in Egypt.

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Lebanese FM Orders Filing Compliant against Zionist Entity


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Lebanese Caretaker Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil ordered on Thursday the preparation of a complaint to the United Nations Security Council on the Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty.

National News Agency reported that Bassil has instructed Lebanon’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Amal Mudallali, to submit a complaint against the Zionist entity on this matter.

The Lebanese complaint “comes in light of Israeli political and diplomatic campaign in preparation for a military aggression on Lebanon,” NNA quoted a statement by Lebanese Foreign Ministry as saying.

The statement also referred to Israeli violations of Lebanese Mobile network in which the Israeli occupation army sent voice messages to residents of southern town of Kfar Kela warning them of explosions in the Lebanese territory, according to the Lebanese agency.

The Foreign Ministry’s order follows an operation launched by Israel Tuesday to ‘cut off’ what it called ‘attack tunnels’ allegedly dug by Hezbollah in a bid to infiltrate into the Palestinian occupied territories.

In addition to the latest development on the southern border, the Zionist entity has been violating Lebanese airspace and territorial waters for years. A Lebanese Army official previously said that 162 Israeli violations were recorded in south Lebanon in September, including land and maritime infringements, as well as wall-building works, according to a Defense Ministry statement in October.

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Putin tells Naziyahu of need for ‘strict’ stability in Mideast


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Press TV 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reminded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the need to maintain stability following the recent Israeli operations near the Lebanese border.

Speaking over the phone, Putin and Netanyahu discussed the Israeli operations, the Kremlin said in a statement on Sunday.

“The president of Russia stressed the importance of ensuring stability in the region,” the statement said.

Ties between Damascus and Tel Aviv have been strained since Russia’s delivery of the S-300 missile defense system to Syria following the September downing of a Russian spy aircraft during an Israeli airstrike.

Russia has blamed Israel for the incident, which killed 15 Russian crew members. The Defense Ministry has said Israeli jets used the Russian plane as cover to attack Syria.

In their late Saturday talks held at the initiative of Netanyahu, Putin told him that Israel must improve its military coordination with Russia, the Kremlin said.

The Russian leader also emphasized the importance of the upcoming talks between their military experts to examine the circumstances of the September incident.

Israel has recently deployed additional troops along Lebanon’s border under the pretext of “cutting off” Hezbollah tunnels near the occupied territories.

Netanyahu has boasted that the Israeli operation was “only a small piece of the big picture” of what he called efforts to ensure its security.

The operation has drawn rebuke and ridicule even from Israeli leaders, with opposition leader Tzipi Livni criticizing Netanyahu for overdramatizing the campaign “for political gain.”

“We are not now in a situation where our soldiers are behind enemy lines. We are talking about engineering activity …,” she said, accusing the Israeli premier of “blowing the incident out of proportion.”

Intelligence and transport minister Israel Katz said Friday that Israeli forces may need to go into Lebanon to deal with the alleged tunnels.

An Israeli incursion into Lebanon would likely spark a major confrontation with Hezbollah. The Lebanese resistance movement has warned that Israel would “regret” invading Lebanon.

In his talks with Netanyahu, Putin “stressed the importance of ensuring stability in the region in strict accordance with Resolution 1701 of the UN Security Council,” the Kremlin statement read.

He was referring to the 2006 UN Security Council resolution issued after the Second Lebanon War, the last major conflict between Israel and Hezbollah which ended with the victory of the Lebanese movement.

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Zionist propaganda trips target ‘Pacific Progressive Leaders’ – no one will say who’s going

Israel propaganda trips target ‘Pacific Progressive Leaders’ – no one will say who’s going

The Israel lobby is working to woo people like Andrea Beth Damsky, second from right. Damsky, active in numerous progressive causes, is a member of the La Mesa, California Environmental Sustainability Commission and on the California Democratic Party Executive Board. She was taken on an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel.
By Alison Weir | If Americans Knew | December 8, 2018

An Israel lobby organization is taking “Pacific Northwest Progressive Leaders” to Israel today on an all expense-paid propaganda trip to Israel. Another group just returned on December 2nd from a similar trip, officially billed as an “Educational Seminar in Israel for Southern Pacific Progressive Leaders.” No one will divulge the rosters.

The sponsoring organization is the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), a tax-exempt organization that serves as an arm of the powerful Israel lobbying organization AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).

Roll Call reports that the AIPAC and AIEF “share leaders, employees and money.” They also share the same address and phone number.

AIPAC used to sponsor such tours itself until it became illegal for lobbying organizations to organize these. A “charitable” arm, AIEF, was then formed to continue the practice. While such trips are now “legal,” they appear to violate the spirit of the law.

Craig Holman of the watchdog group Public Citizen told Roll Call: “The purpose of the 2007 travel restrictions was to remove these types of sponsored trips. Most of these trips tend to be nothing but an extension of lobbying. “ Unfortunately, Holman explains, “When it came to negotiating the travel rules regarding privately funding trips, a huge gaping loophole was written in to exempt nonprofits. … I call it the ‘AIPAC loophole.’”

Israel advocacy organizations have exploited this loophole intensively.

Tailored trips

AIEF is an $85 million operation that takes thousands of American officials and opinion makers on all expense paid trips. It pays for their international flights, hotel accommodations, tourist excursions, meals, drinks, etc. Roll Call estimates the cost of a trip for one Congressional representative to be $10,000.

And AIEF is just one of the many pro-Israel organizations that do this; some others are the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange, Passages Israel, (backed by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer), the Jewish Public Affairs Committee of Northern California (JPAC), and the American-Israel Friendship League, which has been operating since 1971 and largelytargets young people. Last year it gave a special award to potential presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. A fundraising video featured former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens, Elie Wiesel, and others (see below).

A fundraising gala for the American-Israel Friendship League

These and other groups organize tours for every sector of American society, tailoring the trips carefully for each group. There are trips for military veterans, business leaders of all races and ethnicities, educators, athletes, students, etc, and every level of political office.

They treat each chosen group to an exotic, extravagant tour replete with visits to historic sites, exciting night life, beaches, religious sites, official offices, academics; whatever will appeal to the group members. There are meetings with congenial, impressive Israeli hosts of the political and social category that will best fit the visiting delegation, and the meetings even include a few hand-picked “Palestinian representatives” and Druze Israelis who play their role in the skillfully crafted tours.

And through it all those with political, professional, and/or economic ambitions will pick up something more: this is a group that has the money and power to further their careers. The particularly astute trip members will also pick up the converse: this is not a group to alienate.

Such trips are oddly public and secretive at the same time.

On the one hand, there are numerous videos extolling the sponsoring groups’ power and the trips’ effectiveness; diverse, wide-eyed Americans are seen being shown around Israel, and then, on cue, these American visitors describe how much they’ve learned and how wonderful Israel is (see below).

At the same time, however, the trips are sometimes run with extraordinary secrecy. AIEF’S website contains only one paragraph and an email address to contact for information. When we wrote asking who was going on the upcoming delegation for progressive leaders, the response was: “We don’t publicize our trip rosters.” Phone calls were unreturned.

The progressive participants were also unforthcoming about the delegations’ composition; some refused to provide this information, others pled ignorance. None of the participants seem to have publicly announced their trips ahead of time, perhaps aware that many progressive voters today are aware of Israel’s record of brutality against Palestinians, as described by former Israeli soldiers, documented in videos, and reported by human rights organizations.

The California participants

So far we’ve only identified three of the participants on the current progressive trips.

Andrea Beth Damsky – a member of the La Mesa Environmental Sustainability Commission and member of the California Democratic Party executive board and credentials committee – went on the November 24-December 2, 2018 trip for “Southern Pacific Progressive Leaders.” Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia and Santa Clara Supervisor Joseph Simitian are going on the December 8-16 trip.

(Simitian also went on a lobby sponsored trip to Israel in 2005, when he was a Democratic state legislator. He is already in Israel, apparently having departed on Wednesday. It is unknown why Simitian left early and whether AIEF is paying for the extra days, or whether Simitian is paying his own way.)

John Gioia – backrow, glasses blue suit jacket & jeans. From his Facebook page

Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian with farmworkers – photo on his campaign page

While it seems implausible that public elected officials would go on a trip without knowing the names of any other participants, staff members at both offices say they “have no idea” who’s going on the delegation. Damsky would not reveal which public officials were on her trip.

While not everyone is taken in by tours organized by advocacy organizations, the probability is that many will be influenced by them, some significantly.  That, of course, is why groups like IEAF shell out millions of dollars for them.

Damsky herself says: “I feel more educated on the issue than I did before.”

When asked if she would go on a trip organized by a group without a pro-Israel agenda, she said she would. However, she said she couldn’t afford to pay for such a trip herself and that the trip would have to be paid for by others.

And that’s the stumbling block.

Palestine solidarity groups don’t have anywhere near the astronomical budgets of the multi-billion dollar Israel lobby.

Therefore, it would seem, those with the most money will provide the free trips, and call the shots on this, as in so many other issues – unless Americans do four things:

Actions to take

(1) Prohibit public officials from going on trips paid for by others. Congress tried this before; now it’s time to close the loophole.  If government officials are going to take trips, let them pay for them out of their own pockets. Until such legislation is forthcoming, there are additional steps that can be taken:

(2) Require transparency from our public officials. They should be required to announce these trips publicly and divulge the details. American tax-exempt corporations should be required to reveal the details of the free tours they provide, including the names of those going on them.

(3) Require fairness. Voters should demand that officials who have gone on such lobby funded junkets afterward meet with people beyond the Israel advocacy crowd, so that they can learn facts the pro-Israel tours may have left out.

For example, some of the reports that came out while the southern delegation was in Israel included the fact that Doctors Without Borders reported that more than1,000 Gazans shot by Israel are at risk of infection, which could lead to permanent disabilities or death; Israel’s Shin Bet admitted the use of torture, and a number of human rights groups have documented the “routine use of torture” by Israeli forces; a report found that Israeli settlers, with IDF complicity, have destroyed 800,000 Palestinian olive treessince 1967.

Such post-trip meetings could inform these progressive officials that Israel was founded – in the words of an Israeli historian – by ethnic cleansing, that its settlements are illegal under international law, and that a typical day for Palestinians looks like this. Officials could be shown a list of those killed and learn about the victims:

Given that the Israel trips last a week or longer, the post-trip meetings should take place over a similar time frame and be accorded equal attention.

It seems possible that Damsky, Simitian, and Gioia would be willing to take part in such meetings, especially if they are invited publicly. These are individuals with a record of caring about human rights and indigenous peoples, and who oppose discrimination and oppression; if so, they will not refuse to learn about the plight of Palestinians.

Damsky, who is Jewish, has already suggested that she would meet with other groups, and Supervisor Gioia has stated that he wishes to learn the full facts. In an email response to questions for this article, he wrote: “My goal in this trip is to hear from many individuals, ask hard questions and critically learn. My learning will not end when the trip is done. I intend to continue to read and speak with those who hold positions on the issue.” Their contact information is below.

Trip participants’ contact info:
Supervisor John Gioia: 510-231-8686 /
Supervisor Joe Simitian: 408-299-5050 / 650-289-9038 Twitter
Andrea Beth Damsky: 619-884-7918 /

Finally, there is a fourth action that Americans can do about these influence buying trips, and this one is probably the most important:

(4) Support politicians who do not give in to Israel lobby pressure.

Many politicians go on these tours because they feel they have no choice – and they may be right. If they fail to dance to the Israel tune, there is a large likelihood that their opponent will get the money, organization, and media support that is usually required to win an American election.

Until and unless Americans who desire fairness, peace, and justice in Israel-Palestine help on political campaigns and make their wishes known at the ballot box, politicians of all backgrounds will continue to go on these trips, Israel will continue to get American tax money and support, and the tragedy will continue.

Ultimately, it’s up to all of us.

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