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‘Thanks for independence’: Ukraine’s schismatic Patriarch bestows highest award on ex-CIA ops chief


‘Thanks for independence’: Ukraine’s schismatic Patriarch bestows highest award on ex-CIA ops chief

The head of the schismatic Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate expressed his gratitude to the ex-CIA associate director, acknowledging his support for the church’s break with Moscow.

Patriarch Filaret presented former CIA Associate Director Jack Devine with the Order of St. Andrew, the church’s highest decoration, local media reported on Thursday. The cleric thanked Devine for the US’ support for Ukraine’s independence and “the creation of the unified autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”

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Филарет наградил экс-замдиректора ЦРУ Девайна орденом Андрея Первозванного за поддержку независимости Украины и создания Единой Поместной Украинской Православной Церкви 

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Since the split from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate in the early 1990s, Filaret has pursued autocephaly (religious autonomy) for his church. Religious officials in Moscow do not recognize his authority and view his church as schismatic.

ALSO ON RT.COMThe new Great Schism? What’s next for the world of Orthodox ChristianityIt was around that time that Jack Devine took charge of the CIA’s operations outside the US, becoming the agency’s associate director. Upon his retirement in 1999, Devine co-founded corporate intelligence firm The Arkin Group. He is also a member of the influential Council on Foreign Relations.

Receiving the award this week, Devine voiced his “sincere admiration” for the “support” Ukrainians have shown for Filaret’s push for autonomy from Moscow, local media reported. The former spymaster also praised his “outstanding role”in establishing an independent church in Ukraine.

It is not the first time the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate has bestowed a prestigious award on high-profile US nationals. In 2015, Filaret awarded Senator John McCain with the Order of St. Vladimir First Class for his “support for Ukraine during the Russian occupation of Crimea and Donbas.”

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US Muslim Congresswomen Urged to Expose Zionist Agenda


The White History of Christmas & How a Ultra-Racist Zio-Grinch Stole It!

Deploring Zionist control of US media, an American political analyst urged the first Muslim women elected to US Congress to make it a priority to expose the Zionist agenda to misinform people.


“I have said repeatedly in public that Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks, with an assist from their Wahhabic friends who also assist the Zionists now in destroying Syria and setting up a future war of aggression with Iran.  This truth and the evidence to support it needs more exposure.  This gets back to the Zionist control of American Mainstream Media, and now the attempts of this very element to destroy freedom of expression through Alternative Media by using the pro-Zionist Anti Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as the filters for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the like, in keeping information out of the hands of people globally that would otherwise inform them as to who the real enemy is, and what his agenda is.  These Democratic Muslim Congresswomen need to focus energies on exposing this to the American public…,” Mark Dankof told IQNA in an interview.

Mark Dankof is a broadcaster for The Ugly Truth Podcast. Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, the son of a United States Air Force Colonel, he graduated from Valparaiso University in 1977 and from Chicago’s Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1983. In recent years, he has pursued post-graduate work in systematic theology and theological German at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Formerly the 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle and later an elected delegate to Texas State Republican Conventions in 1994 and 1996, he entered the United States Senate race in Delaware in 2000 as the nominated candidate of the Constitution Party against Democratic candidate Thomas Carper and Republican incumbent William Roth.

Following is the full text of the interview:

IQNA: Recently, voters in the US Midwest elected the first Muslim women to serve in Congress. Democrats Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan will join the House of Representatives in January. What is your take on this?

US Muslim Congresswomen Urged to Expose Zionist Agenda

Dankof:  Both of these ladies will have their work cut out for them, both in overcoming the stereotypes of Muslims deliberately perpetrated by an overwhelmingly Jewish-Zionist Mainstream Media in the United States, and operating in the larger context of an American political system which has become increasingly dysfunctional.  In addition to what I have just mentioned about the media in this country, even a cursory look at sites like the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,, and Dr. Philip Giraldi’s Council for the National Interest, will reveal the extent to which Jewish-Zionist interests in the United States buy elections and control political discourse.

There are accompanying macrocosmic issues.  Dr. David Stockman, the former Michigan Congressman and Budget Director for President Reagan in his first term, underscores that the United States is headed for a $40 trillion dollar national debt in the next decade. This is because of 1) a grossly inflated American National Security and Military Establishment budget which continues to be illegitimately involved around the world in some 130 countries, adding Israel’s expansionistic agenda in the Middle East to new involvements in Africa; ongoing post-World War II deployments in Europe, the Pacific, and Southeast Asia no longer viable for the United States in a post-Cold War era; and an irresponsible attempt on the part of both Republican Neo-Conservatives and Democratic Liberal Interventionists to encircle and threaten Vladimir Putin’s Russia even as bellicosity toward China in the South China Sea and elsewhere continues to mount.    To this, Dr. Stockman adds 2) the recent Trump tax cuts which are adding to mounting deficits, since it would take some $6 dollars in GDP increase to occur for every $1 in tax cuts (which he emphasizes will never happen), and 3) the coming of age of Baby Boomers in terms of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare.  With this forecast, along with the printing of more American fiat money by the Federal Reserve Board and additional foreign borrowing, and the mounting attempts of the BRICS economic bloc to defend itself and its allies against American Petrodollar Monopoly, wartime economic sanctions, and military threats, the United States may well discover that its Empire has run out of manpower for its global military fishing expeditions and money itself if these unsustainable policies continue in the next ten years.  These new Congresswomen will take office at a time of increased political polarization and instability in America, where no one has any idea of how to end the corrosive effects of the Welfare-Warfare State or the power of the constituencies that support it.

There is another consideration I will watch with interest in the New Year of 2019.  Will two Muslim-American Congresswomen support the Cultural Marxism of the Democratic Party in areas like the subsidization of the abortion industry with Federal Funds and the ongoing militancy of the LGBTQ agenda in the United States, both movements of which are heavily dominated by Jewish money and Jewish leftist activism?  Or will they consider their own faith historically, and those of their supporters, in reaching across the aisle to Christian conservatives in the United States who are largely deluded in their support of the Jewish Lobby and the Zionist State?  This is not an insignificant question.

IQNA: According to a 2017 report by The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), 60 percent of American Muslims report experiencing religious discrimination — more than any other faith group in America. In 2017, 42 percent of Muslim families with kids in grade school said their child was bullied. Tragically, 1-in-4 of the incidents involved a teacher or administrator as the bully. Do you think the two women can stand up for Muslim values and rights?

Dankof:  The question is whether or not these ladies can stand up for Muslim kids in American public schools and children from Christian backgrounds as well.  The fact is that the Cultural Marxist takeover of the Democratic Party has made life increasingly difficult for families of traditionalist religious backgrounds of all types in an American public educational system from Kindergarten through College and Graduate School that uses this system to indoctrinate the young in the “virtues” of the LGBTQ movement, the abortion and euthanasia industries, the radical Jewish feminist revolution which has revised traditional family roles in America, and the legitimacy of pornography and religious blasphemy in delegitimizing various forms of Christian orthodoxy and Muslim faith alike in the public arena.  I will cite two examples:  Just in New York City alone, so-called “drag queens” are being deliberately brought into public schools and libraries to read stories to grade school children.  Around the country, explicit sexual educational materials depicting every conceivable type of sexual act imaginable, are standard fare in “sexual education” for the young in American public schools.  Can anyone possibly believe that such indoctrination has any role to play in a society where the family, and the values of that family’s church or mosque, are jettisoned in favor of the supremacy of the State over parents, churches, mosques and natural law itself?  This is the ultimate dogma of the New World Order.

At this point, the larger issue of what this movement has done to American public education can be seen in such institutional settings as YouTube, which at one point banned the Russian Orthodox musical offerings of the Russian Faith website (run by an American Orthodox Priest from Texas!), but allows the transmission of the pornographic movies of Mr. Trump’s girlfriend, Stormy Daniels, to continue unimpeded.  According to YouTube, some of Father Joseph Gleason’s Russian Faith site, solely committed to articles on Russian Orthodox Theology and videos of Orthodox liturgical singing and chant, is “not compatible with Community Standards,” while Ms. Daniels’ explicit movies are and continue to be.  This is the sort of madness, backed by the Jewish Lobby and its sycophants in American government and media, which needs to be jettisoned.

IQNA: Beyond the hate crimes that compromise the safety of Muslim Americans are the paralyzing psychological messages young Muslims constantly receive. Most young Muslims were either not yet born when the 9/11 terror attack took place, or are too young to remember it in any meaningful way. Yet they have been tasked with not only proving their own innocence but their religion’s innocence of terror as a whole. How this should be stopped?

Dankof:  I have said repeatedly in public that Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks, with an assist from their Wahhabic friends who also assist the Zionists now in destroying Syria and setting up a future war of aggression with Iran.  This truth and the evidence to support it needs more exposure.  This gets back to the Zionist control of American Mainstream Media, and now the attempts of this very element to destroy freedom of expression through Alternative Media by using the pro-Zionist Anti Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as the filters for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the like, in keeping information out of the hands of people globally that would otherwise inform them as to who the real enemy is, and what his agenda is.  These Democratic Muslim Congresswomen need to focus energies on exposing this to the American public, enlisting the help and support of the Pat Buchanan-Ron Paul wing of the Republican Party in the process, and standing up to the false canard of “anti-Semitism” repeatedly used to intimidate and shout down any opposition to what is obviously going on.

A meaningful and legitimate political strategy for Muslim-Americans is to form an alliance with the anti-Zionist, anti-New World Order American Right which is my constituency, and the non-Zionist American Left, in bringing a solid case to a wider American public on what really happened on September 11, 2001, and why.  This will include a larger examination of the real history of the Zionist State and its record of terror in Palestine and other proximate Middle Eastern states, along with its history of espionage and criminality directed against the United States.  Finally, if these new Democratic Congresswomen can use their forum on Capitol Hill to explain to the average American what David Stockman, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, and Philip Giraldi have been warning the public about, so much the better.  Who in the United States possibly supports the destruction of free speech, and the ongoing use of American money and lives to support the agenda of Zionism and World Government, if the truth can be shown to them and properly explained in the public forum?  The only people who support such an evil agenda are those who presently control the process, its institutions, and can use other people’s parents, spouses, children, and grandchildren to die for it.  As was observed recently, the Israelis and the Saudis are ready to start a war with Iran, and “die down to the last American.”

I also believe it would be helpful for Americans to know that Islam and Wahhabism are not the same thing. The Israeli Lobby and the American Neo-Conservatives and Liberal Neo-Interventionists have a vested interest in promoting this lie that they are, even as they repeatedly lie about Vladimir Putin and post-Communist Russia.  In this regard, Islamophobes have joined hands with Russophobes, who apparently despise the renaissance of Russian Orthodox Christian Culture and legitimate Russian Nationalism, as much as the former hate Islam across the board without any theological or spiritual inspection of its very different branches.  The Shia branch of Islam, for example, represents no threat to the United States whatsoever, and would live in peace with us, if we would leave their fine country alone, facilitate friendship and free trade, and tell Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Lobby to go fly a kite.

IQNA: As you know, the two candidates support non-violent protests of Israeli violations of international law, including the illegal occupation of Palestine, they may come under attack by the ADL, pro-Israel lobbyists, and far-right Islamophobes. Can they survive pro-Israeli lobbyists?

Dankof: I believe that they and their supporters can, if they will understand that a political alliance with the Buchanan-Paul wing of the GOP is the key to the success of both groups in recognizing common ground in opposing the Zionist Lobby, its hijacking of the institutions of the United States, and the latter’s foreign, military, and economic policies.  I will reiterate that the role of these Congresswomen in stopping the destruction of the First Amendment in social media platforms, and facilitating the ongoing use of these platforms by responsible alternative media outlets, remains the key to circumventing the agenda of those who desire the continuation of their monopoly on power and public discourse at the expense of everyone else.

But I must issue a sobering word of warning.  My German-American forefathers living in the United States were subjected to both demonization and in some cases, illegitimate incarceration, during the two Zionist-inspired World Wars.  The actions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in placing Japanese-Americans in detention camps after Pearl Harbor 77 years ago, is also a matter of record.  I look for the Israelis, the Saudis, and their friends in the American War Party, to undertake a False Flag incident in the United States which even supersedes what happened on 9-11.  Using Mainstream Media Spin to sell the event as an act of the Iranian government, or the Russian in conjunction with the Iranian, will produce if successful, a level of war hysteria that will also be directed at Muslim-Americans and Russian-Americans.  The implications for the two latter groups are ominous.  Do not believe for one minute that such action is implausible.  Quite the contrary, it can be demonstrated historically that it is more than possible, even likely.  Dark times lurk just beyond the horizon.



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Nikki Haley, eat your heart out, Palestinians will prevail!


Image result for Nikki Haley CARTOON

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

In her speech prior to the last UN vote this year, outgoing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley failed to explain to Americans the standard she used to define Hamas a terrorist organization but not the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). Perhaps more to the point, If  Americans have the right to fight for their freedom and independence from a brutal foreign military occupation, why then condemn Palestinians when they aspire for the very same freedoms?
Haley wanted to serve her Master in Tel Aviv for the last time by passing the anti-Palestinian Resolution in the UN Assembly where Israel has been condemned more than 400 times against the US wishes. Poor Haley wanted to prove her importance as the UN Ambassador but Trump has replaced her by nominating a very immature and unqualified FOX TV reporter Heather Nauert. By this time, Haley should have known that like her, Miss Nauert will also be remote controlled from the White House.
It’s time for Haley and Israel to accept that as an occupied people, Palestinians have a right to resist – in every way possible. Resistance against the occupation is not a crime! It is a duty! Under UNGA Resolution 37/43 Palestinians have the right to resist a foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle.
The  US-sponsored draft resolution that would have condemned Hamas at the UN General Assembly was defeated. The resolution got 87 votes in favor and 57 against, with 33 abstentions, meaning it fell short of the required two-thirds majority needed to pass. Haley even referred to Arab envoys as “my Arab brothers and sisters” in a desperate attempt to gain their support. However, Arab delegations were adamant to vote ” no” even if Nikki Haley changes her adopted name again to Nadia HayLee. All Arab nations including the one that have diplomatic relation with Israel voted against the resolution, which is a welcome move of rare Arab unity.
Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, welcomed the resolution’s defeat. President Abbas said, “The Palestinian presidency will not allow for the condemnation of the national Palestinian struggle.” The Kuwaiti envoy, speaking on behalf of the Arab bloc, expressed concern that the U.S. draft resolution depicts Israel as the victim and Palestinians as the aggressors. The vote was a personal defeat for Haley. She is leaving her post at the end of the year after acting as second Israeli ambassador to the UN.
 The vote was a sever blow to the misguided US policy in the Middle East. Haley has repeatedly  threatened  any country voting against US foreign policy, stating, that the administration will ” take names.” The reason the US resorting to “blackmail diplomacy” in this case is: 1) she was attempting to score a brownie point with AIPAC for 2020 US presidential election, and 2) she knows well that any US presidential candidate have to be koshered and get AIPAC stamp of approval. 3) presidential candidates must show that they put the interests of Israel ahead of their own country.
Nikki Haley can cry me a river, but Palestinians will never bow their heads or bend their knees to get their freedom except to God.

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Averting World Conflict with China

The PRC Should Retaliate by Targeting Sheldon Adelson’s Chinese Casinos
Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou

As most readers know, I’m not a casual political blogger and I prefer producing lengthy research articles rather than chasing the headlines of current events. But there are exceptions to every rule, and the looming danger of a direct worldwide clash with China is one of them.

Consider the arrest last week of Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei, the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer. While flying from Hong Kong to Mexico, Ms. Meng was changing planes in the Vancouver International Airport airport when she was suddenly detained by the Canadian government on an August US warrant. Although now released on $10 million bail, she still faces extradition to a New York City courtroom, where she could receive up to thirty years in federal prison for allegedly having conspired in 2010 to violate America’s unilateral economic trade sanctions against Iran.

Although our mainstream media outlets have certainly covered this important story, including front page articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, I doubt most American readers fully recognize the extraordinary gravity of this international incident and its potential for altering the course of world history. As one scholar noted, no event since America’s deliberate 1999 bombing of China’s embassy in Belgrade, which killed several Chinese diplomats, has so outraged both the Chinese government and its population. Columbia’s Jeffrey Sachs correctly described it as “almost a US declaration of war on China’s business community.”

Such a reaction is hardly surprising. With annual revenue of $100 billion, Huawei ranks as the world’s largest and most advanced telecommunications equipment manufacturer as well as China’s most internationally successful and prestigious company. Ms. Meng is not only a longtime top executive there, but also the daughter of the company’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, whose enormous entrepreneurial success has established him as a Chinese national hero.

Her seizure on obscure American sanction violation charges while changing planes in a Canadian airport almost amounts to a kidnapping. One journalist asked how Americans would react if China had seized Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook for violating Chinese law…especially if Sandberg were also the daughter of Steve Jobs.

Indeed, the closest analogy that comes to my mind is when Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia kidnapped the Prime Minister of Lebanon earlier this year and held him hostage. Later he more successfully did the same with hundreds of his wealthiest Saudi subjects, extorting something like $100 billion in ransom from their families before finally releasing them. Then he may have finally over-reached himself when Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident, was killed and dismembered by a bone-saw at the Saudi embassy in Turkey.

We should actually be a bit grateful to Prince Mohammed since without him America would clearly have the most insane government anywhere in the world. As it stands, we’re merely tied for first.

Since the end of the Cold War, the American government has become increasingly delusional, regarding itself as the Supreme World Hegemon. As a result, local American courts have begun enforcing gigantic financial penalties against foreign countries and their leading corporations, and I suspect that the rest of the world is tiring of this misbehavior. Perhaps such actions can still be taken against the subservient vassal states of Europe, but by most objective measures, the size of China’s real economy surpassed that of the US several years ago and is now substantially larger, while also still having a far higher rate of growth. Our totally dishonest mainstream media regularly obscures this reality, but it remains true nonetheless.

Provoking a disastrous worldwide confrontation with mighty China by seizing and imprisoning one of its leading technology executives reminds me of a comment I made several years ago about America’s behavior under the rule of its current political elites:

Or to apply a far harsher biological metaphor, consider a poor canine infected with the rabies virus. The virus may have no brain and its body-weight is probably less than one-millionth that of the host, but once it has seized control of the central nervous system, the animal, big brain and all, becomes a helpless puppet.

Once friendly Fido runs around foaming at the mouth, barking at the sky, and trying to bite all the other animals it can reach. Its friends and relatives are saddened by its plight but stay well clear, hoping to avoid infection before the inevitable happens, and poor Fido finally collapses dead in a heap.

Normal countries like China naturally assume that other countries like the US will also behave in normal ways, and their dumbfounded shock at Ms. Meng’s seizure has surely delayed their effective response. In 1959, Vice President Richard Nixon visited Moscow and famously engaged in a heated “kitchen debate” with Premier Nikita Khrushchev over the relative merits of Communism and Capitalism. What would have been the American reaction if Nixon had been immediately arrested and given a ten year Gulag sentence for “anti-Soviet agitation”?

Since a natural reaction to international hostage-taking is retaliatory international hostage-taking, the newspapers have reported that top American executives have decided to forego visits to China until the crisis is resolved. These days, General Motors sells more cars in China than in the US, and China is also the manufacturing source of nearly all our iPhones, but Tim Cook, Mary Barra, and their higher-ranking subordinates are unlikely to visit that country in the immediate future, nor would the top executives of Google, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and the leading Hollywood studios be willing to risk indefinite imprisonment.

Similarly, nearly all of America’s leading technology executives are already quite hostile to the Trump Administration, and even if it were possible, seizing one of them would hardly be likely to sway our political leadership. To a lesser extent, the same thing is true about the overwhelming majority of America’s top corporate leaders. They are not the individuals who call the shots in the current White House.Canada had arrested Ms. Meng on American orders, and this morning’s newspapers reported that a former Canadian diplomat had suddenly been detained in China, presumably as a small bargaining-chip to encourage Ms. Meng’s release. But I very much doubt such measures will have much effect. Once we forgo traditional international practices and adopt the Law of the Jungle, it becomes very important to recognize the true lines of power and control, and Canada is merely acting as an American political puppet in this matter. Would threatening the puppet rather than the puppet-master be likely to have much effect?

Indeed, is President Trump himself anything more than a higher-level puppet in this very dangerous affair? World peace and American national security interests are being sacrificed in order to harshly enforce the Israel Lobby’s international sanctions campaign against Iran, and we should hardly be surprised that the National Security Adviser John Bolton, one of America’s most extreme pro-Israel zealots, had personally given the green light to the arrest. Meanwhile, there are credible reports that Trump himself remained entirely unaware of these plans, and Ms. Meng was seized on the same day that he was personally meeting on trade issues with Chinese President Xi. Some have even suggested that the incident was a deliberate slap in Trump’s face.

But Bolton’s apparent involvement underscores the central role of his longtime patron, multi-billionaire casino-magnate Sheldon Adelson, whose enormous financial influence within Republican political circles has been overwhelmingly focused on pro-Israel policy and hostility towards Iran, Israel’s regional rival.

Although it is far from clear whether the very elderly Adelson played any direct personal role in Ms. Meng’s arrest, he surely must be viewed as the central figure in fostering the political climate that produced the current situation. Perhaps he should not be described as the ultimate puppet-master behind our current clash with China, but any such political puppet-masters who do exist are certainly operating at his immediate beck and call. In very literal terms, I suspect that if Adelson placed a single phone call to the White House, the Trump Administration would order Canada to release Ms. Meng that same day.

Adelson’s fortune of $33 billion ranks him as the 15th wealthiest man in America, and the bulk of his fortune is based on his ownership of extremely lucrative gambling casinos in Macau, ChinaIn effect, the Chinese government currently has its hands around the financial windpipe of the man ultimately responsible for Ms. Meng’s arrest and whose pro-Israel minions largely control American foreign policy. I very much doubt that they are fully aware of this enormous, untapped source of political leverage.

Over the years, Adelson’s Chinese Macau casinos have been involved in all sorts of political bribery scandals, and I suspect it would be very easy for the Chinese government to find reasonable grounds for immediately shutting them down, at least on a temporary basis, with such an action having almost no negative repercussions to Chinese society or the bulk of the Chinese population. How could the international community possibly complain about the Chinese government shutting down some of their own local gambling casinos with a long public record of official bribery and other criminal activity? At worst, other gambling casino magnates would become reluctant to invest future sums in establishing additional Chinese casinos, hardly a desperate threat to President Xi’s anti-corruption government.

I don’t have a background in finance and I haven’t bothered trying to guess the precise impact of a temporary shutdown of Adelson’s Chinese casinos, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the resulting drop in the stock price of Las Vegas Sands Corp would reduce Adelson’s personal net worth were by $5-10 billion within 24 hours, surely enough to get his immediate personal attention. Meanwhile, threats of a permanent shutdown, perhaps extending to Chinese-influenced Singapore, might lead to the near-total destruction of Adelson’s personal fortune, and similar measures could also be applied as well to the casinos of all the other fanatically pro-Israel American billionaires, who dominate the remainder of gambling in Chinese Macau.

The chain of political puppets responsible for Ms. Meng’s sudden detention is certainly a complex and murky one. But the Chinese government already possesses the absolute power of financial life-or-death over Sheldon Adelson, the man located at the very top of that chain. If the Chinese leadership recognizes that power and takes effective steps, Ms. Meng will immediately be put on a plane back home, carrying the deepest sort of international political apology. And future attacks against Huawei, ZTE, and other Chinese technology companies would not be repeated.

China actually holds a Royal Flush in this international political poker game. The only question is whether they will recognize the value of their hand. I hope they do for the sake of America and the entire world.

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Why Russia Won’t Invade the Ukraine, the Baltic Statelets or Anybody Else


The AngloZionist propaganda machine is constantly warning us that Russia is about to invade some country. The list of candidates for invasion is long and ranges from Norway to the Ukraine and includes the Baltic statelets, Poland and even countries further West. Of course, we are also told that NATO and the US are here to prevent that. Well, thank God for them, right?

But what is conspicuously missing from this narrative is a discussion of the possible Russian motives for such a military move. Typically, we are merely told that Russia has broken the European post-Cold War order and borders by “annexing” Crimea and by sending military forces into the Donbass. Anybody with an IQ at room temperature or above by now realizes that both of these claims are total bunk. The ones who indeed broke the post-Cold War international order and borders were the NATO member states when they used military force, in complete illegality, to break-up Yugoslavia. As for the people of Crimea, they had the opportunity to vote about their future in a referendum, very much unlike the inhabitants of Kosovo which had no such opportunity. As for the 08.08.08 war, even the Europeans who eventually, and very reluctantly, agreed that it was, in fact, Saakashvili who started this conflict, not Russia.

But let’s set all this aside and assume that the Russian leaders would not hesitate to use military force again if it was to their advantage. Let’s assume that, yes, the Russians are up to no good and that they might well try to bite-off some other piece of land somewhere in Europe.

Such an assumption would immediately raise a crucial question: why would the Russians want to do that?

For some reason, this question is rarely, if ever, asked.

Oh sure, we are told that “Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union” or some other type of empire but, again, nobody seems to wonder why he would want that!

So let’s look at possible rationales for such an attack:

Reason number one: to gain more land

That is probably the least credible reason of all. Russia is a vast country (17,098,246 km2) with a relatively small population (144,526,636) resulting in a very low population density. Not only is Russia huge, but her territory has immense natural resources. The very last thing Russia needs is more land.

Reason number two: to increase the Russian population

Well, yes, Russia has a population deficit for sure. But that does not mean that just any population increase would be a bonanza for Russia. For example, Russia will only be in a worse shape if the number of people depending on unemployment, social services or pensions increases. Likewise, Russia would not benefit from a politically hostile population. So while Russia could benefit from having a larger population, what she needs is more young and well-educated *Russians*, not unemployed and destitute Ukrainians or Lithuanians! The massive influx of Ukrainian refugees, by the way, has already contributed to an increase in qualified specialists, including medical doctors and highly qualified engineers from the Ukrainian military-industrial specialists who, when they saw their bureaus and industries collapse in the Ukraine, moved to Russia to continue to work. There is no need for the Russia to invade anybody to get those highly qualified specliasts. As for Ukrainians without special qualifications, they have already shown up in Russia, and the last thing Russia needs is more of them (they can go scrub toilets in Poland or the UK). Furthermore, there are already a lot of immigrants from other parts of the world in Russia and getting more of them is hardly a good idea. So while Russia would benefit from more qualified young Russians, invading other countries is not the way to get them.

Reason number three: geostrategic reasons

What about the Baltic ports? What about the Ukrainian gas pipelines? The truth is that in the Soviet times the Baltic ports or the Ukrainian pipelines were crucial strategic assets. But since their independence, these countries have not only ruined themselves and destroyed the infrastructure they inherited from the “Soviet occupiers,” but Russia has also successfully replaced the infrastructure and industries she lost after 1991. Thus, for example, Russia has actively developed her own commercial ports on the Baltic Sea, and they have now outgrown the ones found in the Baltic states (see herefor a good comparative chart). As for the Ukrainian pipelines, not only are they in terrible shape, Russia has successfully built “North” and “South” streams which allow her to completely bypass the Ukraine and the need to deal with the crazy Banderite junta in Kiev. The simple truth is that while the Baltic statelets or the Ukronazis can fancy themselves as a very precious prize, Russia has absolutely no need for them whatsoever.

In fact, the opposite is true: right now, Russia can barely finance all the reconstruction programs which are so urgently needed after decades of nationalist rule in Crimea. In the future, Russia will also have to help the Donbass rebuild. Does anybody seriously believe that the Russians can afford to rescue even more countries or territories?!

Reason number four: revanchist motives

Reason number five: megalomania
That is the Hillary Clinton/Zbigniew Brzezinski argument: the Russians are inherently expansionists, imperialists, militarists, and revanchists and they don’t need a motive to invade somebody: that’s simply what they do – invade, terrorize, oppress. Well, a quick objective look at history would prove that it is the West which has always displayed such behavior, not Russia, but we can even ignore that fact. The truth is that while there are a lot of people in Russia who have good memories of their lives in the Soviet Union, there is just no constituency pushing for the re-birth of the Soviet Union or for any kind of imperialism. If anything, most Russians are much more isolationist, and they don’t want to get involved in wars or the invasion of foreign countries. This is not only a result of memories of wars in Afghanistan or interventions in Germany,

Hungary or Czechoslovakia, but also the bitter realization that even the so-called “Orthodox brothers” (some of whom even owe the existence of their country on a world map to Russia!) have now fully turned against Russia and have become willing NATO-colonies (think Bulgaria or Romania here). Yes, Putin did say that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a tragedy (objectively, it was, and it brought immense suffering to millions of people), but that does not at all mean that Putin, or anybody else, actually wants to “resurrect” the Soviet Union, even if it was feasible (which it is not). If anything, it was the US, NATO, and the EU which, for purely ideological reasons chose to expand their influence to the East and which are now constantly engaged in a nonstop campaign of russophobia (phobia in both meanings of “fear” and “hatred”). Yes, Russians are disgusted with the West, but that hardly means that they want to invade it.

Well, maybe the Russians are mad that they lost the Cold War and now want to become a superpower again? In fact, no. Not at all. Not only do Russians not feel that they “lost” the Cold War, they even feel that they are already a superpower: one which successfully defies the Empire and which continues to struggle for full sovereignization at a time when all European countries are competing with each other for the title of most subservient lackey of the Empire. Just like the USSR after WWII, Russia, after the nightmare of the 1990s, has very successfully rebuilt, in spite of the constant subversion and sabotage of the “united West” which tried every dirty trick in the book to prevent Russia from recovering from the horrors which the western-backed (and, really, run) “liberal democracy” imposed upon her during the Eltsin years. Sure, Russians want their country to be prosperous and powerful, but that does not mean that they want to become a US-like world hegemon which gets involved in every conflict on the planet. Truth be told, even the bad old USSR was not anti-US and never had the kind of global ambition the US has (well, except for Trotsky, but Stalin gave the boot to those crazies, many of whom later emigrated to the US and re-branded themselves as Neocons). Of course, there is the eternal Russian “court jester,” aka “Zhirik” aka Vladimir Zhironovskii. He has made all sorts of threats (including nuclear ones) against various countries neighboring Russia, but everybody knows that he is just that, a court jester and that what he says is basically utter nonsense.

Reason number six: to save Putin’s “regime.”

It is true that unpopular regimes use war to distract from their failures and to make the population switch off their brains for the sake of “circling the wagons” and being “patriotic.” That is most definitely what Poroshenko is doing right now. But Putin has no such need! Even if the pension reform did cost him quite a bit in terms of popularity, he is still far more popular at home (and even internationally!) than any political leader in the West and the Russian economy is doing just fine, in spite of the famous sanctions. True, the mostly Atlantic Integrationist Medvedev government is not very popular, but those officials (like Shoigu or Lavrov) who are typically associated with Putin and his Eurasian Sovereignists remain very popular. The simple truth is that Putin has no need for any “distracting crises” because he remains remarkably popular in spite of all the difficulties Russia is currently facing. If anything, it is the Trumps, Macrons, Mays, and Co. who need a distracting war, not Putin!

I could go on listing more nonsensical pseudo-reasons for why Russia would want to occupy some piece of land somewhere, each more far-fetched and baseless than the previous one, but you get the point: Russia has no interest whatsoever in military interventions. In fact, what Russia needs more than anything else is peace for as long as possible.

Now, let’s come back to reality,

Putin is a continuator of another great Russian reformer: Petr Arkadievich Stolypin

Petr Stolypin (1862—1911)

Petr Stolypin (1862—1911)

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Prime Minister of Russia from 1906 to 1911, Petr Arkadievich Stolypin, once famously said “Next comes our main task: to strengthen our lower classes. In them lies the strength of our country. There are more than 100 millions of them and the roots of our state will be healthy and strong and, believe me, the voice of the Russian government before Europe and the rest of the world will sound very differently. Our motto, of all of us Russians, should be a united, common labor based on mutual trust. Give Russia 20 years of peace, internal and external, and you will not recognize today’s Russia” (this is my own, free, translation. This is the original text: На очереди главная наша задача — укрепить низы. В них вся сила страны. Их более 100 миллионов и будут здоровы и крепки корни у государства, поверьте — и слова Русского Правительства совсем иначе зазвучат перед Европой и перед целым миром… Дружная, общая, основанная на взаимном доверии работа — вот девиз для нас всех, Русских. Дайте Государству 20 лет покоя, внутреннего и внешнего, и вы не узнаете нынешней Poccии).

Of course, Stolypin was eventually murdered by a Jewish revolutionary, Mordechai Gershkovich Bogrov, and Russia was forced to enter WWI. Eventually, the Russian monarchy was overthrown by a Masonic conspiracy led by Alexander Kerensky. These “liberals” (i.e., plutocrats) did exactly what their successors did under Eltsin and plunged Russia into utter chaos. Eight months later, the Bolsheviks seized power, and the civil war began. Instead of 20 years of peace, Russia got 30 years of wars. After immense sacrifices and many horrors, Russia only succeeded in recovering after the end of WWII.

Nobody in Russia wants to repeat this terrible experience even if, in the end, Russia would prevail. The costs are just too high.

Today, just like in 1911, Russia needs internal and external peace more than anything else, and that is not what she would get if she got involved in some foreign military adventure! In fact, attacking an alliance which includes three nuclear power would be suicidal, and the Russians are anything but suicidal.

If Russia needs peace so badly, why the constant rumors of war?

That is really simple! First, Poroshenko is in deep trouble and short of a major crisis his only option is to completely steal the election. That latter option might be tricky, because if the “collective West” as always, turns a blind eye to the actions of the Ukronazi regime, the internal opposition to Poroshenko might not. Then some serious civil unrest, or even a counter-coup, are real possibilities. Hence Poroshenko’s desperate need for a crisis.

They say that an image is worth a thousand words. Well, in that spirit, check this one:

Left: martial law regions Right: regions which voted against Poroshenko in 2014 (by the way, this does suggest some kind of future border, don\
Left: martial law regions Right: regions which voted against Poroshenko in 2014 (by the way, this does suggest some kind of future border, don’t it? 🙂

QED, right?

There is also another reason, a particularly shameful one: while it is true that Hitler and the AngloZionists did, eventually, fight each other, it is also true that in many ways Hitler truly embodied the dream of a “united Europe” and a “reborn western civilization” (albeit a pagan one!). In the history of European imperialism, Hitler represents something of an apogee, at least until the US superseded the Nazis as a global hegemon after WWII. There is not much difference between Hitler’s (oh so modestly promised) “thousand year Reich” and Fukuyama’s “end of history” (or, for that matter, the Marxist idea of realized Communism which also would end history by solving the dialectical contradictions which are the engine of history). On a psychological level, Hitler was the continuator of the Popes and Napoleon – a self-described “Kulturträger” bringing “western civilization” to the barbaric subhuman “Untermensch” mongoloid hordes of the East. So while Hitler was most definitely an “SOB,” he sure was “our SOB” (hence the impotent rage my use of the term “Ukronazi” elicits in various type of defenders of “Western civilization” or, even better, a supposed “White civilization”!). Well, we all know how these Nazi “culture-carrying” White supremacists ended, don’t we:

Sic transit gloria mundi indeed...
Sic transit gloria mundi indeed…

These carriers of the values of a “united Europe” and “western civilization” were totally defeated by these men:

These are the men who destroyed 80% of the Nazi military and who *really* won WWII (not Patton or MacArthur!)
These are the men who destroyed 80% of the Nazi military and who *really* won WWII (not Patton or MacArthur!)

These memories are what truly terrifies the western elites: the existence of a different civilizational realm which not only dares to defy the AngloZionist Empire openly, but which has already defeated every western hegemonic power which dared to attacked it in the past.

The Russian people, by the way, see the current confrontation in the very similar “mental coordinates” as the western Russophobes, just with an inverted value sign meaning that they perfectly understand that the kind of war the Empire is waging against Russia right now has its roots in the outcome of WWII. This is one of the reasons they all cherish the memories of the millions who died fighting “western civilization” and a “united Europe.” This is best shown by the “Immortal Regiments” in all the Russian cities:

The \"Immortal Regiment\" as an expression of the acute historical awareness of the Russian people
The “Immortal Regiment” as an expression of the acute historical awareness of the Russian people

This historical awareness is also shown in the parade of Ukronazi POW in Donetsk:

Again, the reference to WWII is unmistakable.

As I have said many times in the past, one of the most significant differences between Russia and the “collective West” is that Russians fear war but are nevertheless prepared to fight it, whereas the westerners do not fear war, even though they are not prepared for it at all. Truly, “fools rush in where angels fear to tread” (think Pompeo, Mattis and the rest of them here). And yet, despite this apparent insouciance, the leaders of the AngloZionists have an almost genetic fear and hatred of Russia, because they remember how all their predecessors were eventually defeated by the Russian nation.

And, finally, let’s remember the crucial question which Bertolt Brecht asked: “How can anyone tell the truth about Fascism unless he is willing to speak out against capitalism, which brings it forth?“. Yes, in words, and in words only, the collective West has condemned Fascism and National-Socialism. But in deeds? No, not at all. This is why Fascist scum à la Poroshenko *always* get the support of the western elites under the pious heading of “he is an SOB, but he is our SOB“?

Think of it,during the Crimean War the putatively “Christian West” united with the (Muslim) Ottoman Empire Against Russia. During the revolutionary years, US Jewish bankers fully financed the Bolsheviks. Just before WWII, the Brits likewise financed Hitler. During WWI and WWII the West backed Ukieseparatists, including bona fide Nazis. During the Cold War, the West fully backed the Wahabi nutcases in Saudi Arabia (no, MBS is not the first bloodthirsty Saudi maniac!) and in Afghanistan. The West also supported Apartheid South Africa for as long as politically possible. In Latin America the US gladly supported what Roger Waters called Latin American “meatpacking glitterati”, that is the many military regimes who all were garden variety Fascists. In Kosovo the USAF became the KLA‘s Air Force even though the US had previously considered the KLA as a dangerous terrorist organization (that was against the Serbs but, according to Strobe Talbott, the main goal here was to show Russia what could happen to her if she resisted). During the Chechen wars, the West fully backed the Takfiri crazies. Then, after 9/11, the US finally got fully in bed with al-Qaeda (especially in Syria) even though the official fairy tale wants us to believe that al-Qaeda and Bin Laden were responsible for the death of 3000 people (nevermind that NIST admitted by direct implication the destruction of WTC7 with explosives[*]). Does anybody doubt that if Satan himself took on a body and appeared before us the US would fully and totally back him as long as he promised to be anti-Russian or, even better, anti-Orthodox? By allying itself for decades with what can fairly be described as the worst evil scum of mankind, as the not already been allied with Satan for many, many, year?

Honestly, we should have no illusions about the nature of the western plutocracy, and we should always heed the Marxist truism which states that “the state is an apparatus of violence which fulfills the will of the ruling class.” We all know who the ruling class of the AngloZionist Empire is composed of, don’t we?

Western liberal democracies are, in reality, plutocracies which were created by a class of capitalist thugs with the purpose of controlling our entire planet. This was true before WWII. This was also true during and after WWII and this has not changed, notwithstanding all the sanguine denunciations of Fascism and Nazism.

What this means is that it is the western ruling elites which need war to survive and preserve the New World Order they have attempted to impose on all of us. Russia does not need war – she only needs peace.

Conclusion: relax, folks, the Russians ain’t coming, I promise!

I will let a much better person than myself conclude this article.AngloZionist paranoid collective hallucinations notwithstanding, the Russians are not coming. Yes, they will annihilate you if you are crazy enough to attack them but, no, they are not coming, at least not of their own volition. Not even to liberate the Russian minorities in Apartheid Latvia or the Nazi-occupied Ukrainian Banderastan. The Russian policy towards these regimes is very simple: let them collapse on their own. After all, they will all eventually come knocking sooner or later, as ideological delusions are powerless against geographical realities.

This is what Professor Stephen Cohen recently had to say about the risks of war:

He indeed is the “voice of one crying in the wilderness.”

Will enough people listen to him to avoid an apocalypse?

I don’t know.


[*] The US government – through NIST – officially recognized the fact that the WTC7 building fell at a free-fall speed for 2,25 seconds (for a detailed discussion of this please check out the video which I posted here). Do those 2,25 seconds really matter? Hell yes!! What this means is that the US government admits that for 2,25 seconds WTC7 fell without any kind of resistance to slow it down and this, therefore, means that there was nothing under the collapsing section. So this begs an obvious question: since we now know that there was nothing under the collapsing section and since we also know that there was a steel frame building there seconds before the collapse – what happened in between those two events? There is only one possible answer to this question: the steel-framed section of the building which would have normally slowed down the collapsing section of the building was removed a) extremely rapidly b) symmetrically. There is only one technology which can do that: explosives. The above is simply not a matter of opinion. This is a fact. Likewise, it is a fact that fires could not have removed a section of WTC7 the way it was observed. Amazing but true: NIST itself admitted that explosives were used.

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Rashida Tlaib to Wear Palestinian Gown While Being Sworn Into Congress


Representative-elect Tlaib, who is Palestinian-American, posted a photo of the traditional garment on Instagram

Rashida Tlaib reacts after appearing at her midterm election night party in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. November 6, 2018.
Rashida Tlaib reacts after appearing at her midterm election night party in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. November 6, 2018.\ REBECCA COOK/ REUTERS

Democratic Representative-elect Rashida Tlaib said she plans to wear a traditional Palestinian garment to her swearing-in ceremony next month.

“Sneak peek: This is what I am wearing when I am sworn into Congress. #PalestinianThobe #ForMyYama,” Tlaib, who is Palestinian-American, wrote in an Instagram post on Friday. A thobe, or thawb, is a traditional ankle-length garment worn throughout the Arab world and some countries in East and West Africa, while “yama” is Arabic for mother.

The embroidery on Palestinian dresses varies per city, village or region and is a way for the wearer to show pride in one’s origins. Tlaib’s mother is from Beit Ur al-Fauqa, outside Ramallah, and her father from Beit Hanina, an East Jerusalem neighborhood.

Tlaib made history in November, when her victory in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District made her the first female Muslim to be elected to the House of Representatives. She was followed shortly later by fellow Democrat Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who won the seat formerly occupied by Keith Ellison.

Tlaib has made headlines regarding her position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on several occasions. Before winning her primary in August, her campaign represented her as supporting a two-state solution and aid to Israel. But since her victory, she has explicitly endorsed a one-state solution and called for an end to aid to Israel, prompting the pro-two-state-solution lobby group J Street to officially withdraw its support for her.

Earlier this month, Tlaib told The Intercept that she plans to lead a delegation of lawmakers to the West Bank. Tlaib said the delegation’s goal is “to humanize Palestinians, provide an alternative perspective to the one [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee] pushes, and highlight the inherent inequality of Israel’s system of military occupation in Palestinian territories, which Tlaib likens to what African-Americans in the United States endured in the Jim Crow era.

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Trump Working on Extraditing Gulen, Turkish Foreign Minister Says


‘In Argentina, Trump told Erdogan they were working on extraditing Gulen and other people,’ said Turkey’s foreign minister

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (L) posing with US President Donald Trump during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 1, 2018.
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (L) posing with US President Donald Trump during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 1, 2018. AFP.

U.S. President Donald Trump told his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan that Washington was working on extraditing a U.S.-based Muslim cleric accused of orchestrating a failed Turkish coup in 2016, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Sunday.

“In Argentina, Trump told Erdogan they were working on extraditing Gulen and other people,” Cavusoglu said at conference in Doha, referring to the G20 summit in Argentina from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1.

Read more: Syrian Kurds Declare Turkish Threats an ‘Act of War’ as U.S. Troops Dig in for Long Stay

Whether or not the U.S. can legally extradite Gulen is an open question as the U.S. has long refuted Turkish evidence implicating the cleric in the 2016 coup. NPR’s Justice Department correspondent tweeted in response to Cavusoglu’s claim, “If this is true, will the State Dept and the Justice Dept follow his lead? Argument from US govt has been for years there is no credible evidence Gulen broke the law….”

Turkey has long sought the extradition of Gulen, who has lived in self-imposed U.S. exile for nearly two decades. A former ally of Erdogan, he is blamed by Turkish authorities for the failed coup when rogue soldiers commandeered tanks and helicopters, attacked parliament and shot unarmed civilians.

Gulen denies any involvement in the failed putsch. Trump said last month he was not considering extraditing the preacher as part of efforts to ease Turkish pressure on Saudi Arabia over the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul.

Erdogan said last week Turkey would start new initiatives abroad to target the financing of Gulen supporters.

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Malaysia’s PM Slams Australia, Says ‘No Rights’ to Recognize Jerusalem as Zionist Capital


Malaysia’s PM Slams Australia, Says ‘No Rights’ to Recognize Jerusalem as ‘Israeli’ Capital

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison reversed decades of Middle East policy by the country but said there are no immediate plans to move the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Sunday criticized Australia’s move to recognise West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying countries had “no rights” to do so.

Australia’s move follows U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv in May, which infuriated Palestinians and the wider Islamic world and upset Western allies.

“Jerusalem should remain as it is now and not the capital of Israel,” Mahathir told Reuters on the sidelines of an event in Bangkok.

“Jerusalem has always been under Palestine, so why are they taking the initiative to divide Jerusalem not belonging to them, but to divide the Arabs and the Jews? They have no rights,” he added.

Malaysia is a majority-Muslim country and has long supported a two-state solution in the Palestine-Israel conflict.

The status of Jerusalem, home to sites holy to the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths, is one of the biggest obstacles to a peace agreement between Israel and Palestinians who want East Jerusalem recognised as the capital of a Palestinian state.

Israel regards all of Jerusalem as its capital, including the eastern sector that it annexed in a move not recognised internationally, after the 1967 Middle East war.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison reversed decades of Middle East policy by the country but said there are no immediate plans to move the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv.

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Yellow Vest Uprising Exposes Urgent Need for Rapid Energy Transition That Stiffs Elites, Lifts the Working Class


“There will be no justice unless those who are responsible for emissions—namely multinationals and the better off in society who consume the most, are those who bear the brunt of the cost of transition.”

Protesters march in the ‘yellow vests’ demonstration near the Arc de Triomphe on December 8, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump looked on approvingly at the chaos that engulfed Paris last weekend as more than 1,000 “Yellow Vest” protesters were arrested in one of their largest demonstrations yetclaiming that 100,000 French people had taken to the streets to protest policies aimed at cutting carbon emissions.

But organizers unequivocally denied that the Yellow Vest movement is anti-climate policy, while analysts have pointed to the demonstrations as an urgent illustration of the fact that world governments, including French President Emmanuel Macron’s, must take active steps to transition to a green economy while ensuring that low- and middle-income households don’t bear the burden of that transition.

Brian L Kahn


The yellow vests aren’t fighting against climate action. They’re fighting for a just transition and against neoliberalism 

“This is, first and foremost, a class movement,” wrote Karl Stomberg at Medium. “The people protesting are predominately working class, and the people that they are protesting are predominately wealthy elites. While there has been a lot of talk in America about how the working class has turned to the conservative Republicans, the working class in France has always been more prone to left-wing economic ideas and forms of protesting. To put this in a clean anti-tax, anti-climate, or anti-government category would be to reduce the scope of what these protests entail.”

“The French government did not provide a credible plan for how to compensate particularly poorer households. Poor households are often most affected by higher fuel prices, higher electricity bills, or higher costs for keeping homes warm.” —Alexander Reitzenstein, Third Generation Environmentalism

The Yellow Vest demonstrations began in mid-November after anger grew over Macron’s fuel tax, raising already-expensive gas prices for French drivers by 25 cents.

After Macron spent his first year in office solidifying a solidly pro-business record—cutting the country’s annual tax on the wealthiest families and weakening the power of labor unions—and with the gas tax primarily affecting households in rural areas rather than wealthier cities, the Yellow Vests decried Macron as a “president of the rich.”

“The French government did not provide a credible plan for how to compensate particularly poorer households,” Alexander Reitzenstein of the European think tank Third Generation Environmentalism toldEarther last week. “Poor households are often most affected by higher fuel prices, higher electricity bills, or higher costs for keeping homes warm.”

At the People’s Policy Project, policy analyst Matt Bruenig wrote on Tuesday about the need for governments to give serious consideration to how they implement the necessary energy and economic policy changes to address the climate crisis “without sinking the poor.”

Bruenig writes:

The coherent way forward is not to get worked up about the distributive effects of each and every climate policy instrument. Rather what we need to do is have an overall commitment to maintaining the inflation-adjusted incomes of the lower class throughout the clean energy transition. By far the easiest way to do that, as a technical matter, is to send some extra cash their way in order to make room for price rises and the other regressive elements of an effective climate agenda.

According to Kate Aronoff, writing for Jacobin earlier this week, the Yellow Vests movement in France “is raising up a vital message: blame the fossil-fuel industry and the rich for the ecological crisis, not ordinary people.”

The enemy in France, as it is elsewhere, she argued, “isn’t climate policy” but “neoliberalism.”

In Scotland, the general secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress (TUC) wrote on the organization’s blog that the government must look to the Yellow Vests for a clear example of the kind of uprising that it could face if it doesn’t keep working families’ wellbeing in mind as it transitions to a renewable economy.

Scotland set the United Kingdom’s record for using renewable energy in 2017, increasing its use of green sources like wind and solar power by 26 percent over the previous year and winning international praise.

But, wrote Dave Moxham, “the energy transition thus far has seen thousands of high quality jobs destroyed and far too few created. The biggest single contributor to Scotland’s most recent emissions reduction was the closure of the coal-fired power station at Longannet. Decently paid, unionized jobs are being lost and not replaced.”

“In the light of events in France, it has never been clearer that radical social and economic change, trade union and community organizing, democratic ownership, and massive government intervention are all essential companions in the transition to a low carbon economy,” he added. “There will be no justice unless those who are responsible for emissions—namely multinationals and the better off in society who consume the most, are those who bear the brunt of the cost of transition.”

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‘Historic Victory’ as Senate Votes to End U.S. Involvement in ‘Unauthorized War’ in Yemen


“This vote immediately diminishes U.S. political support for the war and puts more pressure on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to end their brutal tactics and negotiate an end to the war.”

 Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) unveil joint resolution to remove U.S. armed forces from hostilities between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis in Yemen, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

After defeating two last-minute amendments by ultra-hawkish Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) that would have completely gutted the measure, the Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) resolution to end U.S. military support for Saudi Arabia’s years-long assault on Yemen by a bipartisan vote of 56-41.

The vote—which marks the first time the Senate has passed a War Powers resolution—was applauded by anti-war groups as an important first step toward ending America’s complicity in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

“Today, the Senate sent the strongest signal yet that America must stop enabling the starvation of children.”
—Kate Gould, Friends Committee on National Legislation

“This vote immediately diminishes U.S. political support for the war and puts more pressure on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to end their brutal tactics and negotiate an end to the war,” said Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action’s senior director for policy and political affairs.

Martin added that the passage of Sanders’ resolution—which was also sponsored by Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah)—”is a testament to the power of political activism, and a reminder that we must continue the struggle for a just and responsible foreign policy, because that struggle makes a difference.”

Despite the fact that—with the help of five Democrats—the GOP succeeded in passing a rule that effectively kills the possibility of a House vote on the Yemen War Powers resolution this year, Sanders nonetheless celebrated the vote as a “historic victory” in the fight to end America’s major role in the Saudi-led assault on Yemen.


Bernie Sanders


HISTORIC VICTORY: The Senate has voted to stop U.S. military support for the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen. This is the first time ever that the Senate has voted to end an unauthorized war. 

In a statement, Kate Gould, legislative director for Middle East policy at the Friends Committee on National Legislation, said the incoming House Democratic leadership must “pledge to hold a vote in early January on ending support for this war.”

If the measure passes the House next year, it will have to pass the Senate again before reaching President Donald Trump’s desk.

“Today, the Senate sent the strongest signal yet that America must stop enabling the starvation of children,” Gould concluded.

In a video posted to Twitter after Thursday’s vote, Murphy vowed to continue to fight for the resolution’s full passage in the next Congress:




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