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Christians In Palestine



Gaza Christians
Gaza Christians mourning their dead

Life in Israel and the occupied territories is extremely dire for Palestinian Christians and Muslims. The whole country is openly talking about their genocide. They mistreat themkill them, and bomb them at will in the hope they will leave the land in disgust. If you’re having difficulty grasping such hatred maybe this quote can help:

“Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Menahem Begin, 6th Prime Minister of Israel’s speech to the Knesset (24 June 1982) [quoted in “Begin and the Beasts” Amnon Kapeliouk, in The New Statesman (25 June 1982)]

Many Christians in the West have absolutely no idea what their brethren are going through in Palestine/Israel. We figure we’d let Palestinian Christians tell their story.


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Meet The Fake Hebrews



Converted Jews of today are not the Hebrews of the bible.

They have been using the “Jew” appellation since the late 18th Century in order to appear to be Judahite Hebrews – see How The Ashkenazi Jews Conquered the West.

That way people could see them as the Chosen People, while they endeavored to steal Palestine and create modern-day Israel without the objection of the Christian world, especially since they were Eastern-European Nomads seeking a new country following the loss of their homeland Khazaria.

As Jewish land thieves disembarked in Palestine in the 1940s to seize Palestinian lands and homes that Zionist terrorist groups – such as the Irgun, the Stern gang, and Haganah – had stolen in order to turn the country into Israel, they adopted Hebrew names to complete their “Hebraization” process – not unlike what they did when they scattered throughout Europe and America and assumed European surnames.

“We all went ‘native’,” admits Uri Avnery, Israeli political commentator. “On reaching the age of 18, we all exchanged our Jewish names for Hebrew Names. (That’s how Uri Avnery came into being.) We started to think of ourselves as a new nation, with a new ‘soul’, connected to Judaism, sure, but mainly historically.”

Jews with Fake Hebrew Names

Then they – who originally spoke Yiddish – resurrected the dead Hebrew tongue after thousands of years in the dustbin of oblivion to make it Israel’s official language. In so doing, they consolidated in the world’s mind the impression that they were Hebrews rightfully returning home, when in fact they were not.

However, in their lust to deceive the world they got blindsided and completely overlooked the fact that, following the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel in 721 B.C., not even the Hebrews spoke Hebrew. They spoke Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

Consequently, Israeli Jews are nothing but impostors living on stolen Palestinian land.

Their very presence in historic Palestine is the working of dark spiritual forces, which are trying to destroy the New Covenant of Christ by “resurrecting” the obsolete Old Covenant, using converted pharisaic Jews who are NOT even remotely descendants of the patriarch Abraham.

“To your (Abraham’s) descendants I give this land….” Genesis 15:18

In so doing, they hope to totally muddy up the Christian faith, and obscure the truth of the superseded Old Covenant and of Christ’s fulfilled prophecies concerning the total annihilation of the Hebrew people and the destruction of Jerusalem, which took place in 70 A.D.

“For the land is full of adulterers; it mourns because of the curse. Their pastures have dried up into a wilderness. Their course also is evil, and their might is not right.” Jeremiah 23: 10

There has not been peace in the Middle East the moment non-Hebraic, pharisaic Jews set their sight on Palestine and created Israel in 1948.

The founding of that Apartheid country was forged on lies, especially on the misrepresentation that today’s Jews are Hebrews rightfully taking possession of inherited land, when in fact they’re NOT Hebrews at all – all Hebrews are irrevocably dead, their land inheritance buried along with them.

“The LORD was very angry with Israel, and removed them out of his sight… And the LORD rejected all the seed of Israel, and afflicted them, and delivered them into the hand of spoilers, until he had cast them out of his sight.” 2 Kings 17:18,20

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Palestine: Nazi Oh, The Injustice!

Oh, The Injustice!


“Evildoers do not understand justice.” Proverbs 28:5

The following are just glimpses of what’s going on in Apartheid Israel.


Untitled-2 copy

Injustice 2

Ahed Tamimi was arrested at 4 a.m. on 12/18/2017 by the Israeli military for slapping an Israel soldier who had just shot her cousin and was invading her home. Since then they have also arrested her mother, father, and cousin Nour.

Pray for her and her family, and then TAKE ACTION. Call your political representative and give him/her a piece of your mind: that Apartheid Israel should no longer get away with its crimes against humanity.

We remember you, Ahed

Arresting and Detaining Children

Apartheid Israel

Killing A teen
Since 2000 Israel has so far killed 3,000 Palestinian Children.

Prisoners Graph


Apartheid Wall


Olive trees.jpg


Demolishing Palestian Homes

Palestinian Farmer


Checkpoint for Arab


Bethlehem Wall

Walled in


Caged Palestinian Children




Jewish Racism

Appeal: Every conscientious individual should implement a personal boycottof Israel and everything made there.

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Palestine: Nazi Dark Age Of Terror


Israel’s Dark Age Of Terror

By Biblicism Institute

Zionist Jews introduced terrorism in the Middle East, built Israel with it, and are taking the world for a ride using it.

Kind David Hotel
The hotel after the bombing

Their first major salvo came when they bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Palestine on July 22nd, 1946. It was carried out by Jewish terrorists under the Irgun name.

Their target was the British administrative headquarters for Palestine, which was housed in the southern wing of the Hotel.Ninety-one people of various nationalities were killed and 46 injured.

Their second most important salvomaterialized when in 1948 Jewish terrorists forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes and into neighboring Arab countries, while massacring thousands upon thousands. Said terrorist undertaking was called the Nakba, and gave birth to Israel.

“Israeli vans with loudspeakers drove through the streets ordering all the inhabitants to evacuate immediately, and such as were reluctant to leave were forcibly ejected from their homes by the triumphant Israelis whose policy was now openly one of clearing out all the Arab civil population before them,” recounts military historian Edgar O’Ballance.

Palestinian refugees
Palestinians fleeing their homes 1948

“From the surrounding villages and hamlets, during the next two or three days, all the inhabitants were uprooted and set off on the road to Ramallah… No longer was there any ‘reasonable persuasion.’ Bluntly, the Arab inhabitants were ejected and forced to flee into Arab territory… Wherever the Israeli troops advanced into Arab country the Arab population was bulldozed out in front of them.” 

To switch the focus away from their terrorist acts, the Jews began to portray the Palestinians as terrorists.

“Israel has been demonizing Muslims for 60 years and has created the image of Muslims as terrorists wearing suicide bombs…” reveals Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.

Israel accomplished this by orchestrating false flag terrorism that they subsequently blamed on Palestinians. The two most famous acts that set the stage for their propaganda were the Entebbe Hijacking and the Munich Olympics Kidnapping – both fake.


Idi Amin.png
Idi Amin, then President of Uganda, and his Israeli handler Colonel Bar-Lev

Terrorism, as clamored by Israel, is never what they purport it to be. The BBC reports:

“It has been seen as a daring raid by crack Israeli troops to rescue dozens of their countrymen held at the mercy of hijackers.

“But newly released documents contain a claim that the 1976 rescue of hostages, kidnapped on an Air France flight and held in Entebbe in Uganda, was not all it seemed.

“The flight was seized shortly after it took off from Athens and was flown to Entebbe, where 98 people were held hostage, many of them Israeli citizens.

“A UK government file on the crisis, released from the National Archives, contains a claim that Israel itself was behind the hijacking.

“The operation was designed to torpedo the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)’s standing in France and to prevent what they saw as a growing rapprochement between the PLO and the Americans.”

In the end, all “terrorists” were killed. Dead men tell no tales.

Munich Olympics

Olympic Flashback Munich
Jewish terrorist concealing his face & pretending to be Palestinian (AP Photo/Kurt Strumpf)

Supposedly, during the 1972 Olympic Games, Palestinian terrorists kidnapped 11 Israeli athletes. However, the whole thing was staged by Israeli Jews themselves. From Vexman’s Thoughts:

“The admitted ringleader of the Munich Olympic incident is a man named Luttif Affif (alternate, Afif), also known as Luttif Issa (Jesus in Arabic). The last name Affif is strictly Jewish, in fact, very much so.

Sephardic surnames

“It is a common Sephardic name (or surname of Jews from Arab countries). Lutif is not a common name, it is probably a bastardization of Lutfi (or Loutfi), which means ‘kind’ or ‘friendly’. It is also a common first name among Arabic-speaking Jews.

“Wikipedia admits it openly, that Issa’s mother was Jewish. But the most interesting part of Luttif Afif’s biography at Wikipedia is certainly the following, where his involvement in the Munich 1972 alleged attack is described:

“Afif spent most of his time in front of 31 Connollystraße chatting with either the German delegation or the young policewoman Anneliese Graes. According to Graes, Afif spoke fluent German with a French accent. She described him as ‘always polite and correct.’ When he was asked not to wave his hand grenade in front of her, he simply laughed and replied, ‘You have nothing to fear from me.’”

In the end, everyone was killed, hostages and “terrorists.”

“The Zionist approach that Jewish blood is the anointing oil needed for the wheels of the Jewish state is not a thing of the past,” explains Rabbi Shonfeld. “It remains operable to this very day.”

Subsequent Acts Of Palestinian and Islamic “Terrorism”

The most notorious of all so-called Palestinian Terrorists was Abu Nidal, also suspected to have been born of Jewish parents. Even if that was not the case, he was still a Mossad operative.

P Seale“According to Patrick Seale, Middle East correspondent for the London Observer and writer of many books on the Middle East, including a biography of Syrian President Ha­fez ai-Assad, the world’s most dangerous Palestinian terrorist was, in fact, in the pay of the Mossad,” writes Dean Andromidas.

Every terrorist organization since then has been a creation of the Israeli Mossad. From AlQaeda’s 9/11 to ISIS/ISIL/IS’s reign of terror in the Middle East and Europe, every act of terrorhas Israel behind it.

“I want Netanyahu to begin telling the truth, what the involvement of Israel was in 9/11,” declares Dr. Steve Pieczenik, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. “Over 134 Mossad operatives were picked up on 9/11. The FBI picked them up [and] debriefed them.

“For as long as I have known the Israeli security apparatus — part fantasy/part braggadocio — they have always been in partnership with a host of terrorist groups from the very day that these groups were even conceived.”

DidyouknowThat’s because only Israel benefits from so-called “Islamic Terrorism” (i.e., Israeli false flag terrorism blamed on Muslims). With every despicable act of false flag terror, Zionist Jews can go on stealing more Arab lands, as well as deflecting the world’s attention from their war crimes in Gaza and their Apartheid regime.

In turn, this makes oppressing the Palestinians justifiable – especially as unrest is growing in the occupied territories. It doesn’t hurt either that every so-called “Islamic Terrorist Act” causes the West to clam up about the comatose peace process that the Israelis refuse to see through.


Charlie HebdoJesus’s peace and morality had been steadily increasing throughout the world, until that deadly, persistent Talmudic Ashkenazic Khazarian (aka Jewish) virus, which invariably hates the Prince of Peace and His followers, craves immorality, and engenders wars, began its terrorist assault on mankind, especially on Christian civilization.

A few decades from now, a generation will look back and label this anti-Christ period of Jewish terrorism and manipulation as a New Dark Age.

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Nazi Sniping Palestinian Children

Israelis Sniping Palestinian Children


“The bloodthirsty hate the innocent.” Proverbs 29:10

Israel is not a country. It is a den of vipers, whose crimes against humanity would make Hitler blush.

To understand the Israelis’ mindset in committing crimes with impunity, there’s no one better to explain it than Israeli journalist Arieh Shavit, “We believe with absolute certitude that right now, with the White House in our hands, the Senate in our hands and The New York Times in our hands, the lives of others do not count the same way as our own.”

Killing Palestinian Children copy
A Jewish sniper REALLY shoots to kill
IDF Sniping Palestinian kids
The Jewish sniper’s bullet went right through the heart of the Palestinian kid in the foreground
Shot in the face
The Jewish sniper shot this child in the face
Palestinian Children Killed
Moshe Ya’alon, Former Israeli Defense Minister: “Proud of killing the most Palestinians.”

Small boys baited

“She was shot by Israeli army soldiers from an observation post in what Israel claimed was a ‘no-man’ zone near the Philadelphi Route in Rafah. As if that were not enough, the Israeli army commander fired the entire magazine of his automatic rifle into Hams’s body. A year later, that commander during trial expressed no regret over his actions and said he would have ‘done the same even if the girl was a three-year-old.’

“He was cleared of all major charges.”

Appeal: Every conscientious individual should implement a personal boycot of Israel and everything made there.

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US Preparing For A Post-‘Israel’ Middle East?


Excerpt from the article by Franklin Lamb

A paper entitled “Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East” is an 82-page analysis that concludes that the American national interest in fundamentally at odds with that of Zionist Israel. The authors conclude that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests because its nature and actions prevent normal US relations  with  Arab and  Muslim countries and, to a growing degree, the wider international community.

The study was commissioned by the US Intelligence Community comprising 16 American intelligence agencies with an annual budget in excess of $ 70 billion. The IC includes the Departments of the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Defense Intelligence Agency, Departments of Energy, Homeland Security, State, Treasure, Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency commissioned the study.

Middle East Map Without Israel
Middle East map without Israel originally published by CNN caused an uproar

Among the many findings are the following:

  • Israel, given its current brutal occupation and belligerence cannot  be salvaged any more than apartheid south Africa could be when as late as 1987 Israel was the only “Western” nation that upheld diplomatic ties with South Africa and was the last country to join the international boycott campaign before the regime collapsed;
  • The Israel leadership, with its increasing support of the 700,000 settlers in illegal colonies in the occupied West Bank is increasing out of touch with the political, military and economic realities of the Middle East;
  • The post Israeli government is deeply complicit with and influenced by the settlers’ political and financial power and will increasingly face domestic civil strife which the US government should not associate itself with or become involved with;
  • The Arab Spring and Islamic Awakening has to a major degree freed a large majority of the 1.2 billion Arab and Muslims to pursue what an overwhelming majority believe is the illegitimate, immoral and unsustainable European occupation of Palestine of the indigenous population;
  • Simultaneous with, but predating, rapidly expanding Arab and Muslim power in the region as evidenced by the Arab spring, Islamic Awakening and the ascendancy of Iran, as American power and influence recedes,  the US commitment to belligerent oppressive Israel is becoming impossible to defend or execute consistent given paramount US national interests which include normalizing relations with the 57 Islamic countries;
  • Gross Israeli interference in the internal affairs of the United States through spying and illegal US arms transfers. This includes supporting more than 60 ‘front organizations’ and  approximately 7,500 US officials who do Israel’s bidding and seek to dominate and intimidate the media and agencies of  the US government which should no longer be condoned;
  • That the United States government no longer has the financial resources, or public support to continue funding Israel. The billions of dollars in direct and indirect aid from US taxpayers to Israel since 1967 is not affordable and is increasingly being objected to by US taxpayers who oppose continuing American military involvement in the Middle East. US public opinion no longer supports funding and executing widely perceived illegal US wars on Israel’s behalf. This view is increasingly being shared by Europe, Asia and the International public;
  • Israel’s segregationist occupation infrastructure evidenced by  legalized discrimination and increasingly separate and unequal justice systems must no longer be directly or indirectly funded by the US taxpayers or  ignored by the US government;
  • Israel has failed as a claimed democratic state and continued American financial and political cover will not change its continuing devolution as international pariah state;
  • Increasingly,  rampant and violent racism exhibited among Jewish settlers in the West Bank is being condoned by the Israeli government to a degree  that the Israel government has become its protector and partner;
  • The expanding chasm  among American Jews objecting to Zionism and Israeli practices, including the killing and brutalizing of Palestinians under Israeli occupation,  are gross violations of American and International law and raise questions within the US Jewish community regarding the American responsibility to protect (R2P) innocent civilians under occupation;
  • The international opposition to the increasingly  apartheid regime can no longer be synchronized with American claimed  humanitarian values or US expectations in its bi-lateral relations with the 193 member United Nations;
  • The Draft ends with language about the need to avoid entangling alliances that alienate much of the World and condemn American citizens to endure the consequences.
Middle East Map Without Israel 2
Maps without Israel popping up everywhere

Interestingly, it notes Iran as an example of a country and people that have much in common and whose citizens have a real interest in enjoy bilateral associations (here an apparent reference to Israel and its US lobby) not determined by the wishes of other countries and their agents.

It also highlights the need for the US to undertake the repairing of relations with Arab and Muslim countries, including the drastically curtained use of drone aircraft.

Note: The author is able to disclose that the source is a staffer with a certain research unit of the CIA.

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Were Jews In Palestine Before 1948?



Israelis have been conning the world into thinking they’re the Israelites of the bible rightfully returning to the land of their ancestors. However, here are some facts they don’t want you to be aware of:

Jews Stole the name Israel

  1. they are not Hebrews, even though they resurrected the dead Hebrew tongue to cement the fiction that they are – all Hebrews are irrevocably dead;
  2. they’re people of different races and nationalities who moved to Palestine before, during, and after World War 2;
  3. they then stole the land of Palestine to create Israel in 1948;
  4. their faith, Babylonian Pharisaism/Rabbinism which is disguised as Judaism and is not even an Abrahamic faith, has its core tenets in a book called the Talmud, a writ full of macabre superstitions.

In short, there have not been Hebrews – the actual people with whom God had the Old Covenant, not with Converted Jews – in Historic Palestine since they were wiped out in 70 A.D.; while the number of converted Jews who lived there before the turn of the 20th Century was very minimal.

Those converted Jews emigrated from Europe (mostly Eastern Europe), and were spurred on and financed by wealthy Ashkenazi Jews – like the Rothschilds – who had been planning to steal Palestine, following the loss of their homeland Khazaria.

And once Apartheid Israel was established, converted Jews from all over the world (not Hebrews, mind you), whose ancestors never lived neither east nor west of the Jordan, were paidmanipulated, and/or coerced to leave their countries of origin in order to displace the majority Palestinian population.


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Deep Zionist Infiltration Of The Church



To say that the church has been infiltrated by Zionist Jews would be an understatement. The proof is in the proverbial pudding.

Infiltration copy
Time to VANQUISH that monstrosity

1. Almost every church organization recognizes Israel’s right to exist based on the following lies: a) converted Jews of today are the Hebrews of the bible, when they’re not, and b) Judaism is the precursor of Christianity, when in fact it is a religion that used to be known as Babylonian Pharisaism or Rabbinism, not an Abrahamic faith.

2. Of all the Christian groups American Evangelicals are the worst in their fervent support for Apartheid Israel. A support that materialized because of the anti-Christ teaching in their churches of Dispensationalism or Rapture Doctrine, which falsely paints modern Israel at the center of biblical prophecies. Such unfortunate brainwashing prevents them from seeing straight.

Even thus, said underpropping is rapidly dwindling among internet-savvy Millennial Evangelicals.

“According to a survey, American evangelicals under 35 are ‘less likely than their older counterparts to offer unquestionable support for Israel, and are more likely to hold positive views of the Palestinians,’” reports MEMO.

“While 76 per cent of evangelicals over the age of 65 have a ‘positive’ view of Israel, among evangelicals under the age of 35, the number was only 58 per cent.

“Meanwhile, 66 per cent of evangelicals under 35 believe that ‘Christians should do more to love and care for the Palestinian people,’ compared to 54 per cent of those over 65 who share this view.

“Again, 41 per cent of evangelicals under 35 stated that they have ‘no strong views about the State of Israel,’ while only 22 per cent of those over the age of 65 responded the same way.”

Palestinian Supporters
Young Americans supporting Palestinians [Mohammed Elshamy/Anadolu Agency]

3. The Zionists keep on their payroll countless compromised preachers, such as John Hagee, to constantly brainwash the flock by spewing out their demonic bile in reference to Israeli “Jews” as God’s “Chosen People.”

Using his CUFI organization, John Hagee has become the prime mover behind the War on Christianity. He’s a fierce supporter of all the evil Israel does and stands for. Unfortunately, he is not alone in having sold out his soul to Zionist Jews and their Synagogue of Satan.

Hagee and many of his fellow mammonish preachers have been bought to propagate the falsehood that modern-day Israel is the fulfillment of God’s word in the bible, when Jews are not even the biblical Hebrews and the word Jewin like manner cannot be found in the non-translated bible.

So please, stop watching and supporting their TV programs which elevate Satanic Israel to the point of worship, and which try to deceptively morph Jesus into a Jew when He was never one. See Jesus was not a Jew.

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves… Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Matthew 7: 15, 21-23

4. The Christian mass media are totally corrupted when it comes to Israel. They sold out Jesus and His Love Thy Neighbor command to that apartheid country for 30 pieces of Jewish silver, as they justify Israel at every turn.

“He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.” Proverbs 17: 15

5. Not even the Bible is safe from Zionist reach.

a. In order to start and keep alive the illusion that the creation of modern-day Israel was the result of “biblical prophecies,” the Zionist enemy of mankind financed many “commentary bibles” such as the Scofield Reference Bible with purposely erroneous commentaries about the return of the “Jews” to “their homeland.”

b. The Zionist parasite bribes Christian Publishers, such as Thomas Nelson, Inc., to keep the word Jew in the Bible when that word is NOT in the original non-translated version.


Beware the Brainwashing

Wisdom is a useful tool to have handy when it comes to Israel and the Jews.

One must learn to sift through the deceitful propaganda of those who peddle the fiction that today’s converted Jews are the Hebrews of the Bible rightfully taking possession of inherited land.

All REAL Hebrews were KILLED during the Apocalypse of 70 AD, their land inheritance buried with them.

The LORD was very angry with Israel, and removed them out of his sight… And the LORD rejected all the seed of Israel, and afflicted them, and delivered them into the hand of spoilers, until he had cast them out of his sight.” 2 Kings 17:18,20

“Therefore, the LORD says: ‘I am planning disaster against this people, from which you cannot save yourselves… for it will be a time of calamity. In that day your enemies will make fun of you by singing this song of despair about you: ‘We are finished, completely ruined! God has confiscated our land, taking it from us‘. ‘ ” Micah 2:3,4

God has allowed the temporary realization of Impostor Israel to successfully transpire in order to a) flush out all the false prophets in the church, and b) test not only true Christians but the world as a whole by putting through the fire their zeal for His Love Thy Neighbor command.

Anyone who supports Israel supports the anti-Christ spirit of Hate Thy Neighbor, the very opposite of what Jesus teaches. No ifs, ands, or buts. It’s that simple.

Now, the questions remain: Are you a supporter of that demonically hateful spirit? Or will you instead obey our Lord and Love Your Palestinian Neighbor while rejecting the anti-Christ spirit of Israel?

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Palestinian Women Speak: The Way Ahead For Palestine

 As Reported by Ramzi Baroud

It is time for a new beginning.

Since Trump signed the Jerusalem Embassy Law on December 6, many Palestinian intellectuals voiced their ideas about the proper course of action for their leadership and their people.

Palestinian Boy
Photo: Mohammed Salem/Reuters

Even though Palestinian intellectuals from across Palestine and the diaspora subscribe to different ideological schools of thought and come from different generations and locations, they share a lot in common.

Palestinians are demanding change, or, in the words of renowned Palestinian historian Salman Abu Sitta, they want to “go back to the roots”.

(Below are 4 women among the intellectuals interviewed)

Resurrecting the PLO
Samaa Abu Sharar – journalist and activist based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Palestinians everywhere should adopt a new approach to give more honour to their cause. They should:

1 – Unite all Palestinian think tanks under one umbrella to assess, evaluate and draw up a new strategy capable of dealing with the current Palestinian situation.

 Samaa Abu Sharar

2 – Dismantle the Palestinian Authority and revoke the Oslo Accords.

3 – Elect an alternative young leadership under the PLO, representing Palestinians everywhere, capable of uniting Palestinians and working towards a one-state solution with equal rights for Palestinians.

4 – Encourage all forms of resistance in occupied Palestine including armed resistance (which is consistent with international law) until the demise of the occupation.

5 – Mobilise affluent Palestinians abroad to establish a support system on the moral and financial level for Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem, and refugees abroad.

One state for all
Samah Sabawi – award-winning playwright, author, poet and policy advisor to Al-Shabaka, based in Australia.

The Palestinian leadership seems to be stuck in a loop desperately trying to find ways to “save” the two-state solution by seeking a new mediator for the peace process to replace the US.

Samah Sabawi

But having a dishonest broker was only one of many traps within a process that was designed from the start to cripple Palestinian resistance by fostering Palestinian dependency on international aid in exchange for maintaining Israel’s security and well-being.

What is needed today is for the PA to immediately cease all security collaboration with Israel and for the old guard within the PA/PLO to make way for the young generation of Palestinians both in the diaspora and in the homeland, who can lead us in a popular unified civil rights struggle for freedom, justice and equality. 

I believe our time has come, and we are ready to turn today’s one-state apartheid reality into tomorrow’s vision of one state for all its people. 

Full steam ahead with BDS
Randa Abdel-Fattah – academic at Macquarie University, Australia.
Randa Abdel-Fattah

The global rise of far-right, populist racism, coupled with Trump’s indisputable exposure of US bias, offers us an opportunity to reaffirm that our liberation cause is not “too complicated” but is very clearly an anti-racist, anti-colonialist and anti-apartheid one. 

I, therefore, believe we must go full steam ahead with the BDS movement, specifically forcing dramatic changes in Israel’s international economic/trade relations.

Academic and cultural boycotts lay the groundwork for promoting public opinion and action in favour of isolating Israel.

Ultimately, we need to “follow the money”. By mobilising a critical mass of support from global civil society, especially in western countries collaborating with Israel (such as my country Australia), we can press for economic sanctions and divestment.

Rallying the people
Lamis Andoni – writer and journalist based in Amman, Jordan.

The immediate task ahead is to unify the Palestinian people, inside Palestine and in the diaspora, against US President Donald Trump’s so-called “deal of the century” that is swiftly unfolding before our eyes. Trump’s deal is nothing more than another attempt to legitimise Israeli control over all Palestinian territories and delegitimise the Palestinian people’s historic, national and legal rights – especially the right of return.

We should not focus on whether we want a two-state or one-state solution. Instead, we need to focus on uniting Palestinians around the goal of freeing Palestine by dismantling the Zionist colonial project that employs brutal methods to keep them under control, including apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

 Lamis Andoni

We cannot ignore the urgency of the reconstruction of the PLO. The Israeli and US governments have been bent on its destruction, and they are being successful. Let us work towards its revival on a wider, more inclusive basis, and its transformation into a body that represents all Palestinians. We should also not accept the criminalisation of armed resistance.

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement is a crucial tool in this struggle, but it cannot be the only form of resistance. We must take Israeli officials to the International Court of Justice and try them for war crimes. We need to delegitimise the occupation and all its practices, challenge the US at the UN Security Council and use all legal tools to resist Israeli and US pressure.

But first, we must halt our heavy reliance on foreign aid, particularly US aid, which is being used to tame the NGOs and maintain the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a policeman for the Israelis.

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Palestine: The One-State Solution Gathers Momentum


The One-State Solution Gathers Momentum

Excerpt from the article by Dalia Hatuqua

President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the U.S. embassy there stunned many observers.

For many ordinary Palestinians, the move simply reinforced what they already believed: The U.S. was never an honest broker between the two parties, and the pipe dream of pursuing statehood under a historic peace deal is over.

Palestinian protester sits in middle of a road as Israeli troops fire tear gas during clashes in the West Bank city of Bethlehem
Palestinian Fortitude. Photo taken in the West Bank by Abdelrahman Younis / Reuters

Palestinians, especially of the younger generation, have been questioning the feasibility of a two-state solution for some time. This is a generation that came of age during the second intifada and watched its land be swallowed up by settlements and the separation wall as the years slipped by. Young men and women witnessed their own policemen arrest fellow countrymen at the behest of their occupier, while leaders placated them with empty words and slogans. They’re done playing this game.

Now, they’re looking at other options. Many would want the PA to cease its security coordination with Israel as a first step, while others call for the PA to be dissolved altogether. Some have turned to the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel (BDS) for guidance.

Abbas, who has long championed peace talks instead of more aggressive options like participating in the BDS movement, said (recently) that the U.S. had effectively abandoned the peace process by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and deciding to move its embassy there.

Chief negotiator Saeb Erekat went further: He called for discarding the two-state solution entirely and shifting to a “struggle for one-state with equal rights for everyone living in historic Palestine, from the river to the sea”—a statement that would have been unimaginable just one year ago, especially coming from a man who’d been a fixture of the peace process since its infancy and made it his life’s mission to negotiate (his book is even titled Life Is Negotiations).

The vision of a single state from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea was not taken seriously at first and was rejected by the majority of Israelis and Palestinians since the Oslo Accords and the two-state peace process began. It was often ridiculed as a fanciful notion of the far-left or as an academic exercise that would never be feasible in real life.

But after years of entrenching a civilian and military population in the West Bank, and spending millions of dollars on infrastructure to support them, Israel is so intertwined with its settlements and army bases there, that now pulling out is seen by many as the impossible fantasy.

It’s this push toward a one-state model with full civil rights for all living in it that will likely garner further momentum now.

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