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Palestine: PFLP Won’t Run in Elections, Condemns Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ Repression

  • Palestinians take part in a rally organized by the PFLP to celebrate the 45th anniversary of its founding in Gaza City, Dec. 6, 2012.
    Palestinians take part in a rally organized by the PFLP to celebrate the 45th anniversary of its founding in Gaza City, Dec. 6, 2012. | Photo: Reuters
Anger has grown against the Ab-A$$ Authority, which people condemn for its increased coordination with the Nazi occupying state.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP, a Marxist liberation group, announced Monday they will not take part in local Palestinian elections, in protest of Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ Authority’s violent suppression of demonstrations in the Nazi-occupied territories Sunday.

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The demonstrations were in support of Basel al-Araj, the Palestinian revolutionary killed by Nazi army in early March.

As the Ma’an News Agency reported, PFLP politburo member and Palestinian Legislative Council MP Khalida Jarrar said that the left-wing party would not participate in the May 13 elections, denouncing the suppressive measures by Zionist pupper Ab-A$$ police. She added that they would only consider rejoining if all Ab-Ass  officers that assaulted protesters were held accountable.

Palestinians have been increasingly angered by the Zionist puppet Ab-A$$, condemning the self-rule government’s increased coordination with the Nazi regime. On Monday, hundreds demonstrated in Ramallah, calling for Zionist puppet Mahmoud Ab-A$$ resignation.

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Many were also angered when it was announced that five Palestinian activists detained by the Zionist Ab-A$$ police would still be tried for allegedly planning an attack on the Nazi regime. This, despite the fact that four of the men, upon being released by Ab-A$$, were detained by the Nazi regime.

Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ police also cracked down on protesters in Ramallah Sunday, injuring 11 protesters who had been part of a contingent demonstrating against the murder of al-Araj, including al-Araj’s father.

Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ has also been criticized for its “revolving door policy,” which effectively funnels Palestinians from Ab-A$$ jails into Nazi camp, as part of its “escalating security collaboration” with Nazi authorities.

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