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Iran: Operation Eagle Claw, US military catastrophe


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Iran – The operation Eagle Claw , also known as the  Evening Light , is the secret military mission that was organized to save the 52 hostages held captive in the American embassy in Tehran. The operation, which began on April 24, 1980, was such a glaring failure that it prompted US leaders to create the United States Special Operations Command. Due to the failure of the mission the hostages were released after 444 days of imprisonment only after lengthy diplomatic negotiations.


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Rwanda: the shadow of ‘Israel’ on the 1994 genocide


25 years have passed since the terrible massacre that bloodied Rwanda in 1994 . From 6 April to mid-July, for about 100 days, 800,000 to one million people were mercilessly slaughtered, according to estimates by Human Rights Watch , mostly women and children belonging to the Tutsi tribe , by members of the Hutu tribe. , which in Rwanda represents about 89% of the population. The massacre, carried out with firearms, machete pangas and studded sticks, was one of the most heinous of all time, but this was not enough to shake the international community, which did nothing to prevent it.

RwandaRwanda is one of the poorest countries on earth, where the Hutu and Tutsi tribes have coexisted peacefully for centuries, until the arrival of European colonizers. At the beginning of the 1900s, first Germans and, subsequently, Belgians inserted the members of the Tutsi tribe, richer and more educated than the Hutus, in the colonial administration , and the inevitable consequence was a heated rivalry, exacerbated by the subsequent move of the Belgian colonial authorities, who drafted ‘ethnic identity cards’ with the result of closing groups that were not previously. When, in the late 1950s, the Tutsis waged a war for independence from the colonizers, the Belgians changed their strategy by financing and arming the Hutus.

The declaration of independence of Rwanda in 1959 does not bring peace. The civil war is more heated and bloody than ever and the massacres (in 1963, 1972 and 1973) follow one another and cause thousands of innocent victims on both sides. Compared to the previous ones, the 1994 massacre is characterized by a fierce and widespread hate campaign supported by the radio, the infamous ‘Radio television libre de milles collines’, which repeats the song ‘Iye tubatsembatsembe’ whose refrain reads: ” Exterminate them, exterminate them” . The victims are mostly Tutsi, but even moderate Hutus are murdered, with light weapons and deadly spiked sticks, which cause horrific injuries and cause death among atrocious suffering.

The slaughter officially ends on 4 July, with the late Turquoise operation, a mission led by the French under a UN mandate. And on the arms issue the Israeli government has been called into question. It appears that a large quantity of small arms (rifles, bullets and grenades) had departed from the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv , and that then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres were fully aware of what was going on happening. The evidence has accumulated over the years, also documented by the Israelis who visited Rwanda during the massacre or soon after.

On November 8, 1994, the International Tribunal for Rwanda was established by the UN, which at least until now has called into question and punished only some of the material perpetrators but has not hit the real perpetrators, who remain unpunished today: those who provided weapons to the Hutu government and the media that fueled a shameful hate campaign.

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Humanitarian disaster in Yemen, the complicit West has turned its back


The small and troubled state of Yemen , a crossroads of peoples and trade between two different regional systems, the Middle East and Africa , has been the victim of a brutal military aggression by Saudi Arabia since March 2015 .

yemenYemen is experiencing the most violent and traumatic Arab post-spring period among the countries concerned.The popular struggles have allowed the Houthi Shiite Resistance , which has always been in opposition to the pro-Saudi government, to drastically overthrow the Yemeni political landscape. A civil war scenario has opened up, further exacerbated by Saudi interference. Now a scenario of difficult definition is presented. It is not a civil war, given the strong interference of other nations. The fighting continues every day in various parts of the country and nothing has been done for the various ceasefire attempts, punctually broken by Saudi Arabia and its allies in the country.

The crisis has degenerated so much that ” human rights ” seem like a dream on everyone’s lips but in anyone’s life.To pay the costs are all: job opportunities are scarce in one of the poorest countries in the Mena area and whose only revenue comes from the oil fields. Thousands of families find themselves without their homes destroyed by Saudi coalition raids, and humanitarian aid is blocked by the Saud regime .

To pay the highest price are certainly young people and children. Young people who have seen their dream of freedom and social justice violated and who are now forced to join one of the factions or try to flee to other countries, despite being very difficult. The first day the Saudi-led coalition started its air strikes – not authorized by the UN – against Yemen, the Education Minister suspended all classes in Sana’afollowed by all the areas affected by the fighting between the Houthi and the terrorist groups supported by Saudi Arabia. Since then, more than 3,600 schools, 76% of the total, have been closed by the United Nations because they are unsafe. So to date 1.85 million children cannot attend classes or take final exams. This makes them more vulnerable and subject to easy recruitment by the many armed groups that continue to use them for fighting.

In this regard, according to a report by Human Rights Watch , since September 2014 the recruitment and exploitation of children in the Yemeni war, contrary to international law, has increased rapidly. Various armed groups recruit children, especially those linked to  Al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula (AQAP).

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Six thousand Palestinian children imprisoned by Nazi regime since 2015


At least six thousand Palestinian children have been arrested by Israeli authorities since 2015, according to reports from the Palestinian Prisoners Association .

Palestinian childrenIn a statement released last Friday on Palestinian Children ‘s Day , the NGO announced that 98 percent of detained children had been subjected to psychological and / or physical abuse while in Israeli custody, Al-Jazeera said. The association reported that dozens of minors were detained by Israeli authorities after being wounded by Israeli troops.

According to the Palestinian Authority’s Prisoners Affairs Committee based in Ramallah, the total number of Palestinians currently held by Israel is 5,700, including 48 women and 250 children.

Children living in East Jerusalem  are being targeted, the Palestinian Prisoners Association said in its statement, with dozens of arrests occurring weekly, particularly during times of tension as pronounced as the Bab al-Rahma protests. Minors arrested during night raids are transferred to detention centers, where they are abused, including deprivation of food or water for hours.

The right of children to have a parent or guardian present during their interrogation is often denied, notes the NGO. Children are forced to sign statements written in Hebrew – a language they cannot read. The conditions of detention led children to suffer from nightmares, insomnia, decline in educational achievement and an aggressive reaction with their environment and society.

In its statement, the Palestinian association urged international human rights organizations , including the United Nations children’s agency, to “take effective action against violations committed against children detained by Israeli military forces”.

Israeli security forces continue to abuse Palestinian children detained in the  West Bank , while the number of Palestinian children arrested by Israeli forces has more than doubled in the last year, according to a report published by  Human Rights Watch .

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Desperation in Gaza, the only power station stops


It seems that the fund in that of the Gaza Strip is never touched. The threshold of civil life has long since passed, and even the last power plant that guaranteed electricity and water  will close soon. Official sources, in fact, report that even the last bastion of civilization seems to give way under the yoke of the Israeli occupation that has practically isolated the Gaza Strip . So just providing a continuous supply of fuel has become a company worthy of Hercules.

GazaAmnesty International has warned the Israeli regimeto guarantee at least this last source of energy as it would not have led and will not lead to any political “victory”,  but will only deprive the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip of the last primary services necessary for survival in that flap of hell. At the beginning of March we note that the appeal of Amnesty was totally ignored and the plant, whose operations were guaranteed by funds from Qatar that provided for the purchase of fuel and which was obviously employed by Israel ,  is about to cease its activities as the current reserves provide energy only for six hours a day.

The inhabitants of the coastal enclave will find themselves having to do without basic services for survival.Consider what huge damage the closure of the power plant will cause to hospitals in the area that are already in crisis due to daily emergencies.

That of the occupied  Palestinian territories is a criminal war with unequal weapons and those of Israel are war crimes, as stated by Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s director of the Middle East and North Africa program .Under the indifferent and complicit eyes of the international community a genocide is taking place, which in terms of violence and brutality is not very different from that of seventy years ago.

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Sri Lanka, a foreign hand behind the attacks


On Easter Sunday, eight explosions hit churches and  hotels in Sri Lanka causing hundreds of deaths and injuries.The Sri Lankan government has temporarily blocked social media throughout the country and imposed a curfew, while security forces are still in operation . Yesterday a new attack hit Colombo .

Sri Lanka

On the morning of Easter Sunday, eight simultaneous  explosives exploded during the Easter celebrations , causing deaths and injuries, in the churches of St. Anthony in Columbus,  St. Sebastian in Negombo and the Christian Baptist Zion Church in Batticaloa. Hotels frequented by tourists in Colombo, the Shangri-La, the Kingsbury and the Cinnamon Grand Colombo, and a small hotel in Dehiwala, on the southern outskirts, were also targeted  . The eighth explosion, in Dematagoda, a north-eastern suburb of Colombo, was caused by a suicide bomber who killed three policemen who entered a house to search it. Three other officers were killed in a blitz that led to the arrest of seven people.

Easter Monday saw a new attack near the church of St. Anthony in Colombo. In the afternoon  a big explosion in a van, while the bomb squad was defusing the device. The police also found 87 detonators near Colombo’s main bus station.

The budget of the Easter attacks in the three cities of the island has risen to at least 321 dead and five hundred wounded, said the spokesman of the police, Ruwan Gunasekara, including at least 36 foreign citizens of at least eight different nationalities (Turkish, Pakistani , Bengali, Indian, Moroccan, American, Japanese and Danish), and 500 wounded, of whom 30 are foreigners. Three of the four children of the Danish patron from Asos also lost their lives.

The attacks have not yet been claimed, but the government has assured that those responsible for the terrorist act have been identified and will soon be arrested. All Easter celebrations were canceled and a curfew was imposed from three in the afternoon with immediate effect and then from 8 pm. The use of social networks was also suspended.

On Sunday afternoon, the Defense Minister, Wijewardene announced the first seven arrests of suspects and specified that they all belong to the same group, without specifying which one. Behind the Easter attacks, the government later reported, there is a local terrorist group, the National Thowheed Jamath , also admitting  large flaws in its intelligence. The attack, which saw seven suicide bombers in action, took place with the help of an international network.  The police then stated that there are many more detainees and that they cannot “tell who is behind the attacks and what their intentions are until the investigation is completed”.

Condemnations and condolences from all over the world. The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella , expressed “disdain and profound sadness” and confirmed Italy’s inflexible commitment “in the fight against all forms of terrorism and violence”. Pope Francis  urged everyone to condemn the Sri Lankan massacre.   

Foreign actors behind the level of sophistication of the attacks

Experts said that targeting churches and hotels where foreign tourists are staying in Sri Lanka, which has suffered several suicide attacks against officials and government installations during the civil war, has been a “new and worrying development” in the country predominantly Buddhist. “These synchronized attacks are out of the ordinary for Sri Lanka. Compared to similar attacks in the Middle East and South-East Asia, they have the DNA of attacks brought by the Islamic state and al-Qaeda, “ said Alto Labetubun, an anti-terrorist expert who followed the two groups for a decade.

Four of the bombs exploded at about the same time on Sunday, at 8.45am, with two more within 20 minutes. Two more explosions shook the city in the afternoon. Later the authorities found unexploded devices and a van full of explosives in various locations.

Sri Lanka has seen frequent suicide bombings before 2009, but T amil minority separatists attacked only government targets. Sunday’s attacks marked a shift to churches and places associated with Western interests, experts say. It is plausible that the attacks may have been inspired by Isis’ tactics and ideology . 

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Who is Volodímir Zelenski, the elected president of Ukraine?

Zelenski beat his opponent Poroshenko with a big advantage.

Zelenski beat his opponent Poroshenko with a big advantage. | Photo: EFE

The elected president of Ukraine is a comedian and actor without any political experience.

Volodímir Zelenski, 41, won the presidency of Ukraine with 73 percent of the votes in favor, compared to 25.5 percent of the outgoing president Petro Poroshenko. The Central Electoral Commission reported that participation reached 62.06 percent of the nearly 31 million Ukrainians.

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The president-elect, born in Krivói Rog, is a comedian and actor without any political experience. He was a law student, but never practiced. In fact, he chose a very different route: he took a liking to the humorous contest Club of the Fun and Ingenious People, of the Soviet television KVN. He started as a contestant, won and then joined as a scriptwriter.

In 2003 he started in the program of jokes and varieties Kvartal-95 (Barrio-95) of the Ukrainian television «1 + 1». He has also acted in films, participated in artistic projects with Russia and was a member of the board of directors of the Inter network.

Ver imagen en Twitter

Команда Зеленського@zeteam_official
Mes remerciements les plus sincères au président de la république Française @EmmanuelMacron, pour les félicitations et le soutien!

Thank you, Emmanuel Macron, for congratulations!

Дякую Президенту Франції Емманюелю Макрону за привiтання!

21:31 – 21 abr. 2019

Triumph of Zelenski 

Shortly after his election victory, Zelenski spoke to his followers to promise them solutions regarding the war in eastern Ukraine and corruption. He assured his voters that he will defraud us.

“Our first duty is to bring all detained citizens, all the soldiers who are in prison, we will continue to work with the Normandy process, as well as with the Minsk Agreements, we will restart negotiations and there will be new appointments,” he said.

For his part, outgoing President Poroshenko said he will not abandon politics. “Thanks to you and my children, my father for always being there, I know that the days to come – which will be psychologically difficult for me – I can count on you,” he said when addressing his family.

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The 2014 Kiev Massacres Were a US False Flag

The new Ukrainian government is faced with reopening an inquiry into evidence of an organized mass killing in Kiev that Poroshenko stonewalled…

Five years ago, the Maidan massacre in Kiev, Ukraine, of Feb. 18-20, 2014, was a watershed event, not only for the politics and history of Ukraine but also for world politics generally. This mass killing in downtown Kyiv set the stage for the violent overthrow of the pro-Russian government in Ukraine and a new Cold War between Washington and Moscow.

<figcaption>Police in Hrushevsky Street, Kiev, Feb. 12, 2014. (Wikimedia)</figcaption>
Police in Hrushevsky Street, Kiev, Feb. 12, 2014. (Wikimedia)

Therefore, it is remarkable that five years after this massacre shook the world, no one has been sentenced for any of the Maidan killings. This was the best documented case of mass killing in history, broadcast live on TV and the internet, in presence of thousands of eyewitnesses. It was filmed by hundreds of journalists from major media in the West, Ukraine, Russia, and many other countries as well as by numerous social media users.  Yet, to this day, no one has been brought to justice for this major and consequential crime.

From the start, the dominant narrative promoted by the Ukrainian and Western governments and mainstream media has placed the blame for this tragedy firmly on the Yanukovych government. It contends that forces loyal to former President Victor Yanukovych— either snipers and/or the Berkut, a special anti-riot police— massacred peaceful Maidan protesters on the direct orders of Yanukovych himself. Such charges against Yanukovych, his ministers and commanders and a special Berkut unit—whose five ex-members were tried for the murder of 48 Maidan protesters on Feb. 20, 2014 — are generally taken at face value. With some limited exceptions, challenges to this narrative are treated dismissively.

For the most part, mainstream news media in the U.S. and other Western countries ignored trial evidence, public statements by officials and politicians and scholarly studies that put the standard narrative under question. This includes non-reporting about my own academic studies of the Maidan massacre.

Killing Protesters and Police

My work found that this was an organized mass killing of both protesters and the police, with the goal of delegitimizing the Yanukovych government and its forces and seizing power in Ukraine. Oligarchic and far right elements of the Maidan movement were involved in this massacre. For this reason, the official investigation was fabricated and stonewalled. I presented studies to support this as well as several online video appendixes with various evidence at the annual meetings of the American Political Science Association in San Francisco in 2015 and Boston in 2018, the 2017 World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities in New York in 2017, and a joint conference by the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University and the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies in 2018, and published their summary in an academic press volume.

The prosecutor general of Ukraine recently announced that the investigation of the Maidan massacre is complete. He cited reconstructions of the Maidan massacre by a New York architecture company, working with a team of Ukrainian “volunteers” to provide a 3D model, as definite evidence that the Maidan protesters were massacred by the Berkut police and that snipers did not massacre the protesters.

This model was featured by The New York Times, in its May 30, 2018,  report “Who Killed the Kiev Protesters?” as a proof that the Berkut police massacred Maidan protesters.

However, no expert knowledge or familiarity with the Maidan massacre or Ukraine is needed to see blatant misrepresentation of elementary data in that 3D model.

The wound locations of the killed Maidan protesters in the 3D model do not match the wound locations in the forensic medical examinations of the bodies. The reports of those examinations were used in this simulation to determine the locations of the shooters. They are published in Ukrainian and English on the linked website. According to one such report, Ihor Dmytriv was shot in the “right side surface” and the “left side surface” of the torso “from the right to the left, from the top to the bottom, and a little from the front to the back” with the entry wound 20.5cm (8 inches) higher than the exit wound. However, in the simulation, his wounds have been moved to the front and the back and made nearly horizontal.

Actual wound locations of Dmytriv and their misrepresentation.

A Maidan lawyer visually confirmed at the Maidan massacre trial that these wounds locations of were in the right and left sides. In the video of their examination of Dmytriv right after his shooting, Maidan medics also indicate such locations of his wounds with no wounds visible in the front area, contrary to the 3D model. The forensic medical reports also state that Dmytriv was wounded in his right shoulder from bottom to top direction, with this entry wound 5 cm lower, but the 3D animation also misrepresents this direction.

The wound locations of the other two victims have been similarly altered. The 3D model moved the exit wound location from around the middle line of the back of Andriy Dyhdalovych’s body in forensic medical and clothing examinations significantly to the right. It also changed a similar large vertical angle from a top and bottom direction and 17 cm difference in height of entry and exit wounds to nearly horizontal level.

Actual wound locations of Dyhdalovych and their misrepresentation.

In the case of Yuriy Parashchuk, forensic medical examinations found that his entry and exit wounds were in the back of his head on the left side. But the 3D analysis moved the entry wound location to the front area and changed its somewhat top-to-bottom direction to nearly horizontal. Frames from a videoby a French photographer shows a large bullet hole in the back of Parashchuk’s red helmet. How can he be shot in the back of his head by the Berkut police on a nearly similar horizontal level?

Changing the wound locations invalidates the entire reconstruction and, therefore, the conclusions of the SITU analysis and The New York Times article, that these and other Maidan protesters were shot from the Berkut positions.

One does not need to be a ballistic expert to see that locations of wounds in the back and on the sides and top-to-bottom directions of wounds specified in forensic medical reports and positions of these three killed protesters facing the Berkut in the videos cannot physically match with Berkut police positions located on a similar horizontal level on the ground in front of them. The forensic medical examinations conducted for the government investigation and made public at the Maidan massacre trial revealed that the absolute majority of the protesters were shot not in front and not from horizontal or near horizontal directions that are consistent with police positions. Rather, they were shot from a top-to-bottom direction and in sides or the back that are consistent with shooting from the Maidan-controlled buildings.

Government Investigation

The government investigation, conducted after the Maidan government came to power after this massacre, and which charged the Berkut police behind the barricades with killing these three protesters, raises the same concerns.

The complex medical examinations, which were published on the SITU website and which are presented by the government investigation in Ukraine as a key evidence that the Berkut police massacred the protesters, showed the same bullet trajectories as the 3D model. The text of these examinations, which are available in Ukrainian and in English translations, shows that these bullet trajectories were determined not by ballistic experts butby medical experts without any calculations or explanations.

Synchronized videos, which were used by the SITU to determine that the Berkut police behind a truck barricade killed Parashchuk, actually show that he and other protesters were in a blind spot below the line of police fire from behind a truck. It was physically impossible for the police behind the wide and tall truck to shoot at him below over the top of this truck. Dozens of other Maidan protesters who were killed and wounded around the same spot were in the same situation.

Parashchuk in the blind spot below the line of fire from the police behind the truck.

The locations of the forces of the Yanukovych government during the massacre are well known, and they are identified in my studies, the government investigation charges, numerous videos, and in the SITU 3D model.

At the time of the killings of these three protesters, Berkut policemen were behind the barricades on Instytutska Street on the government side, while the protesters who were killed were in between Berkut and the Hotel Ukraina.

Forensic examinations of bullet holes by government experts described numerous bullet holes on the second, third, and higher floors and the roof of the Hotel Ukraina on the side that faced the government forces. But they did not identify a single bullet hole on the first floor on the Berkut facing side of the hotel behind these protesters. Simple positioning of the bullet hole locations described in these forensic reports clearly shows that almost all bullets from the Berkut and other positions flew above the heads of the protesters there or targeted poles, trees, and a flower box. This is also shown in vide and photos — including some I took there after the massacre — and in videos and reports of shooting at journalists in the hotel with a Google Street View image from the first Berkut barricade.

This confirms my study findings that the special Berkut police unit and the Omega unit of snipers of Internal Troops were shooting at snipers in the Hotel Ukraina.

After five long years, the failure by the Poroshenko government’s investigation to determine bullet trajectories by ballistic experts or conduct on-site investigative experiments for the same purpose — even after the Maidan massacre trial judges ordered them two years ago to do so — is therefore hardly surprising. It is impossible to bend physical reality. In a literal cover-up, large fences were recently erected on the crime scene for the construction of the Maidan massacre memorial, which would completely alter the landscape. The fences and the memorial would make it impossible to determine bullet trajectories on-site, which still has not been done by the investigation for five years after this mass killing.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry with Poroshenko, outside Presidential Palace in Kiev, Feb. 5, 2015, during Kerry’s first round of meetings with the new government. (State Department via Flickr)

The SITU reconstruction also missed bullet holes that appeared in Dmytriv’s shield and in a shield of another protester in front of Dyhdalovych in videos of their shooting that were used in the reconstruction. The locations of these bullet holes are inconsistent with shooting from the Berkut barricades.

But these shields with clear locations of the bullet holes, like the helmet of Parashchuk and almost all the shields and helmets of protesters who were killed or wounded, mysteriously disappeared after the massacre, along with a lot of other crucial evidence, such as bullets and security-camera footage.

Similarly, crucial testimonies of Maidan protesters, who witnessed the killings of Dyhdalovych and Dmytriv, are ignored by the Times’ report, SITU and the official Ukrainian investigation. Dyhdalovych’s wife stated in her Ukrainian media interview that another protester told her that he saw that Dyhdalovych was killed by a sniper on the roof of the Bank Arkada. This protester was filmed following Dyhdalovych when they both went to evacuate Dmytriv after he was shot. The Bank Arkada is a tall green building in the front and to the right of both Dyhdalovych and Dmytriv, and it appears to match the apparent directions of their wounds. My Maidan massacre studies video appendices showed that it was in the Maidan-controlled area and that snipers on its roof during the massacre were reported by both numerous Maidan protesters, including many wounded who spoke at the Maidan massacre trial and investigation, and by Security Service of Ukraine commanders and snipers.

SITU diagram of victims’ locations and names.

A female Maidan medic during the massacre was pointing to the top of this green building and shouting about snipers. But her words were translated in BBCreport as referring to six protesters killed by the snipers in that area. AMaidan protester and another Maidan medic, who were wounded near the same spot where these two protesters were killed, both testified at the Maidan massacre trial that they were shot from this building. Government ballistic experts confirmed this during on-site investigative experiments.

Western Press Silence

These revelations were not reported by any Western media. This includes The New York Times, which on April 5, 2014, profiled this wounded protester against the backdrop of an unquestioned report by the acting government in Kiev that blaming “former President Viktor F. Yanukovych, his riot police and their suspected Russian assistants for the violence that killed more than 100 people in Kiev in February.”

It also includes CNN, which filmed the shooting of this medic and attributed it to the government forces.

The government investigation simply denies that there were any snipers there and in other Maidan-controlled buildings, and refuses to investigate them. This is done despite videos of such snipers and testimonies of the absolute majority of wounded protesters at the trial and investigation and more than 150 other witnesses about snipers in these locations.

The assumption in the 3D model that Dmytriv was shot by the single bullet is also contradicted bytestimony of another protester who saw that Dmytriv was shot by “a sniper” from the Hotel Ukraina. My Maidan massacre studies and their video appendices showed that this hotel was then controlled by the Maidan forces.

The New York Times article described collaboration of the New York architecture firm with a Ukrainian “volunteer” in creating the 3D model. It did not report 2017 admissions by the prosecutor general of Ukraine on Facebook that his government agency funded the work of  a group of anonymous “volunteers,” including this Ukrainian graduate student, in compiling and synchronizing various videos of the Maidan massacre in collaboration with a People’s Front party outlet.

Some of the People’s Front party leaders were accused by various Ukrainian politicians and Maidan activists, such as Nadia Savchenko, and by five ex-Georgian ex-military members in Italian and IsraeliTV documentaries, of direct involvement in this massacre. Meanwhile, the Times lauds the Ukrainian government’s investigation and Maidan lawyers for drawing on such analyses by these “citizen investigators” and treats a New York architect firm as providing key evidence in the Maidan massacre trial.

Brad Samuels is a founding partner of Situ Research, the New York architecture company that produced the 3D model of the killing of three protesters, which was presented by the Times as  proof that such snipers did not exist and that 49 protesters were massacred by the Berkut police.

Samuels said in a video [start at 55:16] that “…eventually, there is a consensus that there was a third party acting. It is clear from forensic evidence that people were shot in the back. Somebody was shooting from rooftops.” His striking observation was not included anywhere in the SITU 3D model report that he produced. Nor was it reported by the Times.

Cases of protesters, who were shot in the back, were omitted from the SITU model. But even in the deliberately selected cases of the three protesters, who were presented by this simulation as shot in front, their actual wound locations suggest that they were also shot from a Maidan-controlled building, which was located in front and to the right of them.

There was not a single report in English-language media concerning testimonies at the Maidan massacre trial where 25 wounded Maidan protesters, with whose shootings Berkut policemen are charged, who stated that they were shot from Maidan-controlled buildings or areas.

Video still from trial.

Major outlets likewise neglected to cover the testimonies by 30 wounded protesters who said they witnessed snipers in those locations or were told about them by other protesters. This is stunning since these testimonies are publicly available in live online recordings of the Maidan massacre trial and they are complied with English-language subtitles into an online video appendix to my study. These testimonies represent the majority of wounded protesters with whose shooting Berkut was charged. They are consistent with video testimonies by about 100 witnesses in the media and social media and at the trial and the investigation. But the official investigation in Ukraine simply denies that there were any such snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings, even though the Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine previously stated that snipers massacred many protesters from the Hotel Ukraina and other buildings.

Similarly, not a single media outlet reported segments of the Belgian VRT News video that showed Maidan protesters shouting during the massacre that they saw snipers in the Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina shooting Maidan protesters, pointing towards them, and asking them not to shoot. These segments were only shown to a small number of people at the Maidan massacre trial and are included in my online video appendix on YouTube. Other segments from this same video, however,were broadcast to some several hundred million viewers by major television networks in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, and Ukraine, and many other countries as evidence that the government forces massacred the Maidan protesters.

With the notable exception of an Associated Press story quoting the charismatic politician Nadia Savchenko, news agencies have ignored the public remarks of several Maidan politicians and activists who said that they witnessed the involvement of specific top Maidan leaders in the massacre.

Testimonies by five Georgian ex-military members in ItalianIsraeli, Macedonian and Russian media and their published depositions to Berkut lawyers for the Maidan massacre trial have also been ignored. They stated that their groups received weapons, payments, and orders to massacre both police and protesters from specific Maidan and Georgian politicians.

They also said that they received instructions from a far-right linked ex-U.S. Army sniper and then saw Georgian, Baltic States, and Right Sector-linked snipers shooting from specific Maidan-controlled buildings.

Western media silence also greeted a recent statement by Anatolii Hrytsenko, one of the top Ukrainian presidential candidates, who was also a Maidan politician and minister of defense, that the investigation of the massacre has been stonewalled because of the involvement of someone from the current leadership of Ukraine in this mass killing.

In contrast, there were no such testimonies admitting involvement in the massacre or knowledge of such involvement by the Berkut policemen, ex-police and security services commanders; nor by ex-Yanukovych government officials. No specific evidence of orders by then-president Yanukovych or his ministers and commanders to massacre unarmed protesters has been revealed by the trials, investigations or news reporting. Nonetheless, the Western mainstream media report existence of such orders as a matter of a fact.

anukovych with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (President of Russia)

Not a single major Western media reported that a forensic ballistic examination, conducted by government institute experts on the prosecution request with use of an automatic computer-based IBIS-TAIS system, determined that bullets extracted from killed protesters did not match a police database of bullet samples from Kalashnikov assault rifles of members of the entire Kyiv Berkut regiment. The latter included the special Berkut company charged with the massacre of the protesters. The same concerns the forensic examination findings that many protesters were killed with hunting bullets and pellets.

There are no Western media reports, at least in English, concerning the investigation by the Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine. This investigation determined, based on protester’s  testimonies and investigative experiments, that almost half of the protesters (77 out of 157) were wounded on Feb. 20 from other sectors than the Berkut police and that no one was charged with their shooting.

A female Maidan medic, whose wounding on the Maidan was highly publicized by Western and Ukrainian media and politicians and attributed to government snipers, is one of them. Since the official investigation determined that government snipers did not massacre the Maidan protesters, with a single implausible exception announced recently, this implies that these protesters were wounded from the Maidan-controlled buildings and areas.

Medic sniper vicim. (Youtube)

There was Western media silence, including from the BBC, about revelations by the Prosecutor General Office that one of the leaders of far right party Svoboda, who was also a member of the Ukrainian parliament at the time of the massacre, occupied a Hotel Ukraina room from which a sniper in Maidan-style green helmet was filmed by the BBC shooting in the direction of the Maidan protesters and the BBC’s own journalists.

Similarly, there are no mainstream media reports of the visual examinations of bullet holes and their impact points by the government investigators that determined that one German ARD television room at the Hotel Ukraina was shot  from the direction of the Main Post Office, which was at the time the headquarters of the Right Sector.  The latter far-right group included radical nationalist and neo-Nazi organizations and football ultras. This bullet just narrowly missed a German ARD TV female producer. The government investigators also determined that another ARD room in the same hotel was shot at from the Music Conservatory building, which was then the headquarters of the Right-Sector-linked special armed Maidan Self-Defense company.

Likewise, nothing was reported about a forensic ballistic examination made public at the trial that revealed that an ABC News producer was shot in his Hotel Ukraina room by a Winchester caliber hunting soft-point bullet that did not match a caliber of Berkut Kalashnikovs.

Misrepresentation of the Maidan massacre and its investigation by Western media and governments is puzzling.

American independence leader John Adams once defended the British soldiers charged with the Boston massacre in 1770. He regarded this defense as important for the rule of law to prevail over politics. He famously stated at the Boston massacre trial that “facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” He not only won this politically charged case of a crucial massacre in U.S. politics and history but became U.S. president afterwards. The question is why this dictum is not heeded almost 250 years later in the case of the Maidan massacre in Ukraine.

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Report Finds US Sanctions on Venezuela Are Responsible for Tens of Thousands of Deaths


Image result for venezuela cartoon

“The sanctions are depriving Venezuelans of lifesaving medicines, medical equipment, food, and other essential imports,” said Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of CEPR and co-author of the report. “This is illegal under US and international law, and treaties that the US has signed. Congress should move to stop it.”

The paper notes that the recognition by the Trump administration of a parallel government in January created a whole new set of financial and trade sanctions that are devastating to the economy and population. These new restrictions make it much more difficult to even pay for medicines and other essential imports with the limited foreign exchange that is available.

The authors also explain how the sanctions prevent an economic recovery from the country’s severe economic depression and hyperinflation.
“Venezuela’s economic crisis is routinely blamed all on Venezuela,” said Jeffrey Sachs, co-author of the paper. “But it is much more than that. American sanctions are deliberately aiming to wreck Venezuela’s economy and thereby lead to regime change. It’s a fruitless, heartless, illegal, and failed policy, causing grave harm to the Venezuelan people.”

Among the results of broad economic sanctions implemented by the Trump administration since August 2017:

  • An estimated more than 40,000 deaths from 2017–18;
  • The sanctions have reduced the availability of food and medicine, and increased disease and mortality;
  • The August 2017 sanctions contributed to a sharp decline in oil production that caused great harm to the civilian population;
  • The US sanctions implemented since January, if they continue will almost certainly result in tens of thousands more avoidable deaths;
  • This is based on an estimated 80,000 people with HIV who have not had antiretroviral treatment since 2017, 16,000 people who need dialysis, 16,000 people with cancer, and 4 million with diabetes and hypertension (many of whom cannot obtain insulin or cardiovascular medicine);
  • Since the sanctions that began in January 2019, oil production has fallen by 431,000 barrels per day or 36.4 percent. This will greatly accelerate the humanitarian crisis, but the projected 67 percent decline in oil production for the year, if the sanctions continue, would cause vastly more loss of human life.

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Were the “Crypto Jews” to design and execute the Armenian genocide?

Were the “Crypto Jews” to design and execute the Armenian genocide?

April 24th marks the centenary of the ” Metz Yeghern ” “Great crime” or Armenian genocide , as  the massacre of the Armenian people among the Armenians and in the 21 countries in the world that recognized the genocide, the deportation of the Armenians or the so-called genocide is remembered Armenian as they say  in  denialist Turkey, sometimes Armenian holocaust or massacre of Armenians.  It is nothing more than the forced deportation and extermination of an unknown number of Armenian civilians, calculated at around one and a half million – two million people, from 1915 to 1923, by the Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire .

Armenian GenocideOf the “first genocide of the twentieth century”, to use the words of Pope Francis , there are many commemorations planned by the Armenian communities amid the embarrassment of some politicians, such as the former German foreign minister, Frank Walter Steinmeir, who declared that for the planned initiatives the sponsorship of the State is not foreseen, because there is no “historical certainty” of the Armenian genocide and that, for this reason, the question must be resolved between Turkey and Armenia.

As far as we are concerned, here we will not address the question of the denialists’ reasons or those of the countries that recognized the massacre as the Armenian genocide, considering the reactions of the denialists and the position of those, like the European Community,  while admitting and recognizing the facts, cannot use the term “genocide”  to refer to the massacre of the Armenians between 1915 and 1923 under the Ottoman Empire, because “it does not have the skills” to express itself on historical memory.

Perhaps because the ” State of Israel” , the various organizations of American Jews, the Quincentennial Foundationand also the Grand Rabbinate of Turkey have adopted a tough position, rejecting the idea that the events of 1915 constitute a genocide and refusing even any confrontation for the Holocaust . This behavior is largely seen by the Armenian community as a lack of willingness on the part of the Jewish people to compromise the uniqueness of the Holocaust and its historical experience by sharing the status of “genocide victim” with others.  

We will limit ourselves to a brief excursus on one of the conspiracy theories that has been passed from generation to generation, and shared by many Armenians – for at least a few decades – and widespread in Armenian popular culture,  according to which the plan to exterminate the Armenians in the The Ottoman Empire was conceived and built by Jews, Zionists and Freemasons: the Donmehs . This theory blends with a similar theory prevalent among many Arabs according to which the 1908 Young Turks uprising against the Ottoman sultan Abdulhamid II was also a Jewish and Masonic conspiracy, because the sultan vehemently opposed the settlement of the Jews in Palestine,while the Young Turks were presumably more inclined to implement Zionist projects.

In the Hebrew Wikipedia  we read: “Donmeh is the Turkish word for” apostate “and refers to the Jews of the Near East who followed Sabbatai Zevi in ​​Islam in 1666, but secretly remained Jews who continued to practice Jewish rites, but worshiped Sabbatai as Messiah and incarnation of God “. The IX chapter of the book A Scapegoat for All Seasons: The Doenmes or Crypto-Jews of Turkey (The Donmeh or Cripto-Jews of the Turkey ) of Rifat Bali, expert of non-Muslim minorities in Turkey, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, social and cultural transformation of Turkish society and Donmeh (crypto-Jews), member of the Turkish-Ottoman Sephardic center Culture Research .   

Rifat Bali, while not completely sharing it, talks about the theory of the Donmehs as an interesting and recent product of the anti-dönme mentality, a world view that sees those belonging to or descended from this group as a secret and extremely powerful branch of Judaism that controls Turkey. According to this theory it was not the Turks, but the Sabbateans who previously planned  and carried out the deportation of 1915 with the mass slaughter and the death of most of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire.

In Turkey those who espouse this thesis can be classified into three main groups: a)  The numerous journalists of the Islamist press; b)  A group of Turkish-Armenian journalists, such as Fırat Hrant Dink (killed in 2007), editorialist Markar Esayan and writer Levon Panos Dabağyan, c)  Professor of Marxist Economics Yalçın Küçük, whose fame has spread in recent years years because of his numerous publications on the Sabbateans. 

Of each of the groups,  a number of examples are given by the author with the relative refutation, to get to Prof. Yalçın Küçük, who in the last fifteen years he has always turned his attention to the question of the influence of the Sabbateans on the control of Turkey. In particular, it is his conviction that the Turkish political, cultural, economic and social elite is almost entirely composed of crypto-Jewish Sabbateans. An ardent supporter of the use of the Onomastic, as a method of determining the Jewish equivalents of Turkish surnames, and thus unmasking such persons. In light of this world view, it is perhaps not surprising that in almost every statement he made on the subject, Professor Küçük characterized 1915, the Armenian deportation as the result of a “Jewish-Armenian war”. Similarly, the revolts against the Greeks of September 6-7, 1955, in which Istanbul crowds  burned and looted Greek properties, companies, homes, cemeteries and churches, are nothing more than the product of a “Jewish-Orthodox war”.

Among the many voices that do not agree with the conclusions of Rifat Bali, we mention some Jewish writers, who believe in the theory of the Donmeh, the crypto-Jews who, according to them, managed Turkey.Genocide Armenian

The Jewish journalist, Itamar Ben-Avi (died 1943), in his autobiography, shows that the “Father” of secular Turkey, General Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a Donmeh and that Mustafa Kemal was never ashamed of his Jewish origin.Mustafa Kemal recruited many crypto-Jewish Donmeh in the military. Almost all the military generals in Turkey since the establishment of the secular regime were crypto Jews and controlled Turkey through the country’s army.

The other author Barry Chamish, a Canadian Jewish writer who published some books also available on his website, speaks expressly of the Armenian genocide after a research that led him to the conclusion that the  designers and instigators of the Armenian genocide of the First World War and of the Jewish Holocaust of the Second World War were the same subjects and that the same subjects are planning another holocaust, that of the Jews during the next World War III.

Based on the works of David Morrison (Heroes, Antiheroes and The Holocaust) and M. Avrum Ehrlich, theologian, social philosopher and scholar of Jewish civilization (The First Sabbatean Holocaust – The Dry Run), Barry Chamish wants to show that the Young Turks who they led the 1908 revolution they were of the Donmeh, Turkish nationalists who wanted to consolidate the secular institutions and subvert the Muslim religious order. It was the Young Turks who planned and planned the genocide of the Armenians, considered as a direct threat to their revolutionary plans.

The Young Turks allied with Germany and used World War I as a cover for the slaughter of the Armenians, as did the Nazis in World War II, and   used their victims designated as slaves to build a trans-Turkish railroad for commercial interests Germans. That of the Young Turks was therefore the First Sabbatian Holocaust or rather the First Genocide of the twentieth century by the Donmehs.

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