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Sri Lanka Gov’t Says Unknown Islamist Group Behind Attacks, Imposes Curfew

  • Teachers hold candles as they pray for the victims of Sri Lanka
    Teachers hold candles as they pray for the victims of Sri Lanka’s serial bomb blasts, at a school in Ahmedabad, India, April 22, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Sri Lanka government accused a fringe militant Islamist group National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ) for the attacks on Easter Sunday.

The Sri Lankan government said Monday that Islamist group National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ) was behind the recent attacks in the country in which 290 people were killed and nearly 500 wounded.

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NTJ is believed to have split from Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath (SLTJ), another hardline group. SLTJ’s leader Abdul Razik was arrested in 2016.

NTJ is being considered as a fringe group of the minority Muslim community which constitutes only 9.7 percent of Sri Lankan population.

The island has been witnessing sweeping anti-Muslim bigotry mainly fed by majority Buddhist nationalists but it never had a history of Mulsim militants.

Investigators said seven suicide bombers took part in the attacks while a government spokesman said an international network was involved.

Police had received a tip-off of a possible attack on churches by a little-known domestic Islamist group some 10 days ago, according to a document seen by Reuters.

The intelligence report, dated April 11 said a foreign intelligence agency had warned authorities of possible attacks on churches by the leader of the group, the National Thawheed Jama’ut. It was not immediately clear what action, if any, was taken to address the reported threat.

Police said 24 people had been arrested, all of whom were Sri Lankan, but they gave no more details. “Still the investigations are going on,” Welianga said.

Cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratne said an international network was involved but did not elaborate. “We do not believe these attacks were carried out by a group of people who were confined to this country,” Senaratne said. “There was an international network without which these attacks could not have succeeded.”

Sri Lanka invoked emergency law which gives police and the military extensive powers to detain and interrogate suspects without court orders, which will go into effect at midnight Monday, the president’s office said.

Colombo, the seaside capital of the Indian Ocean island, was jittery on Monday. Police said 87 bomb detonators were found at the city’s main bus station, while an explosive went off near a church where scores were killed Sunday when bomb squad officials were trying to defuse it.

A night curfew will go into effect at 8 p.m., the government announced.

President Maithripala Sirisena said in a statement the government would seek foreign assistance to track the overseas links.

There were fears the attacks could spark communal violence, with police reporting late Sunday there had been a petrol bomb attack on a mosque in the northwest and arson attacks on two shops owned by Muslims in the west.

Questions over why the intelligence report warning was not acted upon could feed into a feud between Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the president.

Sirisena fired the premier last year and installed opposition strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa in his stead. Weeks later, he was forced to re-instate Wickremesinghe because of pressure from the Supreme Court but their relationship is still fraught as a presidential election nears.

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Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime, death penalty for crushing Shiites


By: John Phoenix

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi Interior Ministry said it had executed 37 people, mostly Shiites , in connection with alleged“terrorism” crimes .

“The death penalty has been implemented on a series of culprits for the adoption of extremist terrorist ideologies and the formation of terrorist cells to corrupt and disrupt security and to spread chaos and provoke sectarian conflicts,” the official agency said of the Saudi press (ZPS) citing a statement issued by the ministry.

Amnesty International said the execution marked an alarming escalation in the use of the death penalty by the Saudi regime. “Today’s mass execution is a chilling demonstration of the senseless contempt of the Saudi authorities for human life. It is also the umpteenth gruesome indication of how the death penalty is used as a political tool to crush dissent within the country’s Shia minority, “said Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty International’s director of Middle East research.

Most of those executed were Shiite men who were sentenced after fictitious trials that violated international fair trial standards and relied on confessions extracted through torture . Among those executed was Abdulkareem al-Hawaj – a young Shiite arrested at the age of 16 and convicted of crimes related to his involvement in anti-government protests.

?? : two Saudi activists Martyred Abdullah Al-Asiri and Martyred Hussain who were unjustly executed for participating in marches for demanding the legitimate basic rights. May allah grant peace to all departed souls

According to Amnesty International, families were not informed in advance of the executions and were shocked to learn the news. “The use of the sentence is even more shocking when it is applied after unfair trials or against people who were under 18 at the time of the crime, in flagrant violation of international law, “ said Maalouf.“Instead of accelerating executions at an alarming rate in the name of fighting terrorism , Saudi Arabia must immediately stop this bloody execution and establish an official moratorium on executions as a first step towards the complete abolition of the death penalty,” he added. Lynn Maalouf.

?? Martyred Sheikh Mohammed Attiyah was Dean of English at a prominent university in KSA. He was accused of “passing military information” to Iran! (How an English professor would get any military info is mystery) His other “crime” are seeking to sabotage, & inciting

This year, at least 104 people were executed by Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime – at least 44 of them are foreign nationals, most of whom were found guilty of drug-related crimes. In 2018, Saudi Arabia carried out 149 executions.

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Argentina: Evo Morales Meets Macri to Discuss Bilateral Ties

  • President of Argentina Mauricio Macri shakes hands with his Bolivian counterpart Evo Morales during a joint press conference held on Monday at the Casa Rosada, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    President of Argentina Mauricio Macri shakes hands with his Bolivian counterpart Evo Morales during a joint press conference held on Monday at the Casa Rosada, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. | Photo: EFE

Bolivia and Argentina presidents meet Monday despite major political and ideological disagreements on regional and international topics.

After several failed attempts to score a meeting between the two heads of state, President of Bolivia Evo Morales and his Argentine counterpart Mauricio Macri will finally meet Monday in Buenos Aires.

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Despite strong political disagreements, the two presidents will hold meetings covering health agreements, gas contracts, the delivery of military aircraft, the 2030 World Cup and migration questions.

“The agenda of issues is extensive,” Argentina’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The meeting will be held at the Pink House, and then the two presidents will move to the El Palomar air base so that the Bolivian president can see the FADEA Pampa plane that Argentina will deliver to his country as part of a gas contract.

In February, the two nations renegotiated a key gas import contract that changes prices and volumes of Bolivia’s exports to Argentina. The adjustment, which changes the schedule in deliveries so that Argentina receives less gas in times of lower consumption, will mean a savings of US$460 million for Argentina.

The presidents will discuss social health challenges to resolve the payment of health services that non-resident immigrants from Bolivia use in Argentina to cure chronic diseases, pregnancies or highly complex operations. Argentine Secretary of Health Adolfo Rubinstein, traveled last month to the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra to monitor the negotiations.

Argentine and Bolivia are also going to analyze the opportunity to incorporate Bolivia into the 2030 World Cup bid that Macri already shares with Paraguay, Chile, and Uruguay.

Finally, Evo Morales and Mauricio Macri will discuss regional issues such as Venezuela situation on which they strongly disagree. Macri was one of the first political representatives to recognize opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido, as “interim president” of the country while Evo Morales reaffirmed his government’s support for the democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro.

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Egypt Votes on Final Day of Referendum Seeking to Bolster el-Sissi’s Powers

  • A woman casts her vote during the referendum on draft constitutional amendments, at a polling station in Cairo, Egypt April 20, 2019
    A woman casts her vote during the referendum on draft constitutional amendments, at a polling station in Cairo, Egypt April 20, 2019 | Photo: Reutrers

“Egypt has eliminated the opposition; it’s an environment of repression and fear,” said Mohamad Elmasry, professor at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.

About 61 million Egyptians began to vote on Saturday in a three-day constitutional referendum, from April 19 to April 22, that would allow President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to stay in power until 2030 and acquire more controls over the national army.

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Egyptians are being asked to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to a package of amendments Saturday, some of which would allow el-Sissi to extend his current mandate until 2024 and then rerun for another six-year term that would end in 2030. For the fourth time in eight years, Egyptians go to polling stations to vote on the constitution.

Since el-Sissi was re-elected President in 2018, under conditions that did not allow for any serious opposition, the question arose of a future amendment of the constitution to enable him to remain in power beyond his second term. The constitution adopted by a referendum in 2014 following teh fall of longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak, stipulates that the president can only be elected for two four-year terms, which would have seen el-Sissi leaving the presidency in 2022.

The revised Constitution gives the president powers that risk undermining judicial and prosecutorial independence. Indeed, according to the Article 185, the President will preside over the Supreme Council of the Judiciary and may appoint the presidents of the leading courts as well as the Attorney General and the President of the High Constitutional Court.

It establishes a chamber of 180 members in which one-third of the members are appointed by president, according to articles 248, 250 and 253. Other amendments reduce the number of deputies in the Assembly and impose a quota of 25% of women.

The modification of the new Constitution also expands military powers.

An army soldier gestures as people stand in line to cast their vote during the referendum on draft constitutional amendments, at a polling station in Cairo, Egypt April 20, 2019/Reuters

Human rights defenders expressed their concerns about legal changes.

“These amendments aim to smother Egyptians’ aspirations to live in dignity and under the rule of law,” said Michael Page, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “The authorities should immediately halt efforts to pass these amendments by threatening, disappearing, and persecuting peaceful critics and dissidents.”

“I think you have to take votes that are held in military dictatorships with several grains of salt,” said Mohamad Elmasry, associate professor at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies to Al-Jazeera network. “Egypt has eliminated the opposition; it’s an environment of repression and fear. People are terrified to vote and express dissent.”

Elmasry added that “in the lead-up to this vote, more than 120 people have been arrested for campaigning for the ‘no vote.’ We have to remember there are no independent monitors, so the government is free to rig the results.”

The final results will be announced on April 27. The authorities have given no participation figures so far.

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Politics of Culture in US: ‘The Invisible Hand of the Market’?

  • Poster showing late Cuban President Fidel Castro and his brother Raul hangs inside a subsidised state store, in Havana.
    Poster showing late Cuban President Fidel Castro and his brother Raul hangs inside a subsidised state store, in Havana. | Photo: Reuters

Although this article was published in the original Spanish version last March, now that Julian Assange is in prison the analysis in this piece on “freedom of expression” is even more valid.

There is a wide-open debate/polemic in Cuba regarding Decree 349 on culture and the drafting of the rules for its future application. The controversy is also stirring on the international scene, especially in North America, Europe and Latin America.

Cuban Referendum: Deception For Some, Confirmation For Others

There are those who are in favor of the new code. Others are critical, and indeed some of these are very critical, but they are participating in the Ministry of Culture-led consultation to draft the enabling regulations. There are others who are completely against the new legislation and its regulations, even while the consultations with people in the cultural field are still under way.

However, they are trying to influence the situation in Cuba and, as discussed below, this orientation is widely inspired by the U.S. The method employed is the usual disinformation campaign. It hopes to capitalize on preconceived notions such as the catch-all American “freedom of expression” mantra as applied to political systems in countries other than the U.S. This is nothing new, but there is a novel twist.

It is now applied to artistic endeavours. The campaign targets the sector of the Cuban society dedicated to culture, hoping to win over who those who critically support the new statute in order to create division among individuals involved in culture. Be that as it may, this article deals only with the extremist opponents to the legislation and regulations, both in Cuba and internationally, especially in the United States.

Careful reading of a wide, representative spectrum of opposition articles, social media posts and comments reveals a common point of reference. The U.S. Embassy in Havana tweeted in favour of “artistic freedom” with a very undiplomatic slogan: “No to Decree 349.” The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs recently stated that the “Gov[ernmen]t of Cuba should celebrate, not restrain, the artistic expression of Cuban people.” Among the shades of “left,” “centrist” and openly right-wing hard-core opposition, including some academics, a common thread stands out.

The U.S. Takes the Moral High Road of Freedom of Artistic Expression – for Cuba
Whether in Cuba or the U.S., the fundamentalist opposition takes the moral high road of “freedom of artistic expression” for Cuba. However, they are viewing Cuba with U.S. blinders. They take it as a given that in the U.S., there is freedom of artistic expression (along with other types of expression) in the cultural realm. The logic goes that there are no cultural restrictions in the U.S. like the ones being brought in in Cuba.

Furthermore, according to these talking points, there is no Ministry of Culture in the U.S. that would control and guide cultural expressions in that country. The U.S.-centric outlook insinuates, either openly or covertly, that everyone in the U.S. is free to express their artistic talents. The United States is presented as the cultural model for the world, in the same way that it boasts about other features of its society, such as its economy and political process. Many people around the world, and in the U.S. itself, are all too familiar with the U.S. superiority complex. This built-in psyche finds its origins in the “chosen people” notion emerging from the very birth of the U.S. at the time of the Thirteen Colonies in the seventeenth century.

For someone who comes from the Global North and has direct experience of American mainstream artistic expression, such as music, it is obvious that what sells is what is promoted. If the elites can successfully market banality, sex, and violence, then so be it. Profit is the only criterion. Those very few artists who are willing and able (because of their physical appearance above all) to compete in this market are highly rewarded. They then pay back their sponsors by standing out explicitly or implicitly as the expressions of the American Dream come true. Furthermore, U.S.-style extreme individualism is paraded as a value to be worshipped, to which social and international concerns must be completely sacrificed. In sum, the fairy tale narrative pretends that anyone from the slums of America can make it.

However, this process is presented as being spontaneous, without the state’s involvement. It is supposedly the law of supply and demand as applied to the arts. The rationale of the “invisible hand” of capitalism determines what is appropriate in the artistic realm.
Can culture be considered just another commodity?

In the course of social media interaction during the December 8, 2018 Cuban TV Mesa Redonda program, Fernando Rojas, one of Cuba’s vice-ministers of culture, retweeted and commented on one of my tweets. He mentioned UNESCO’s Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and the U.S. position counterposing this agreement to the free market.

“UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity: U.S. equated freedom of expression with the dictates of a “free market in art…”] Arnold August @Arnold_August: In capitalist countries such as the U.S. and Canada….]”

An investigation ensued, as I was not sufficiently familiar with this controversy. In 2000 in Paris, UNESCO adopted the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. It stipulates that culture is not just another a commodity and recognizes the sovereign right of states to promote and protect their tangible and intangible cultural production, using the measures they deem appropriate. The convention allows states to protect their cultural creation. The U.S. opposed it, claiming to promote true cultural diversity by working for individual liberties, so that everyone has “cultural freedom” and can enjoy his own cultural expressions, not those imposed by governments. But the convention was adopted by a vote of 148 to 2. Guess which countries opposed it? The U.S. and Israel.

Should each country have the right to defend its own culture?    

Looking at this superficially, it may seem that that the U.S. government does not impose any norms on culture. Indeed, as “freedom of artistic expression” is assured only in the U.S. (and in Israel), according to this tale, once again the U.S. has the “burden” of exercising its role as the chosen people responsible for teaching everyone on the planet about culture, as it does for democracy and human rights. In fact, taking a page out of that literary classic the Bible (let’s give credit where credit is due), the U.S. has evolved as a “city set upon the hill” to which everyone in the world must look for guidance. Thus, goes the logic, it is all the other countries of the world, except for the U.S. and Israel, who are the violators of artistic freedom.

However, in opposing the Convention’s attempt to save artists’ creative activity from market values by emphasizing the government’s role as a protector of culture, the question arises as to the role played by the U.S. government in this sphere. By default, and by its own admission (as indicated above), in pleading for the supremacy of the market under the guise of “individual freedom” in Paris, one can conclude that the U.S. model imposes the capitalist market as the overriding norm for artists.

Thus, the U.S. government not only protects the market economy within its own country, but by opposing the sovereign right of other countries to form shields to defend a traditional, healthy culture, Washington’s position also constitutes a road map for the U.S. to extend its cultural tentacles into other countries. This is something that we in Canada are very aware of. UNESCO’s defense of sovereign the right to protect and promote cultural production was probably something that irked Washington in Paris in 2005.

Some history 

To better grasp the issue, a look at the underlying historical context is warranted. Culture, on a par with economic expansion and military and ideological warfare, is part of the U.S. imperialist goal of world domination, irrespective of who occupies the White House. Let us recall Frances Stoner Saunders’s groundbreaking book Who Paid the Piper: The CIA and the Cultural Cold War, first published in English in 1999, then in Spanish in 2001 under the title La CIA y la Guerra Fría Cultural. The book presents a detailed report on the methods whereby the CIA influenced a wide range of intellectuals and cultural organizations during the Cold War.

Since then, and in the wake of similar revelations occurring both before and after Saunders’s book, the U.S. has had to adopt a more subtle way to influence events. It has since funnelled support through front groups not openly tied to the CIA. For example, American journalist and U.S. democracy promotion expert Tracey Eaton, in his December 2018 report, wrote that “over the past three decades, the U.S. government has spent more than $1 billion for broadcasting to Cuba and for democracy programs on the island.”

Democracy promotion, free expression and individual rights are so all-inclusive that that they encompass the cultural issue, which is even listed as one of the goals of this funding. Furthermore, if one clicks on the links to the activities of the front groups, such as the one with the innocent-sounding title “Observa Cuba,” one finds this: “Artists stage four-day sit-down at Culture against 349.”

Now, this is not to say that all or most of the hard-line opponents to 349 are financially linked to the United States. That would be an unfair assertion. However, living just about in the belly of the beast, we know that one cannot have illusions about U.S. foreign policy. The situation is admittedly very complex. For example, one of the most prominent critics of 349, Silvio Rodríguez, drew a clean line of demarcation between critics such as himself, who are participating in drafting the regulations to the law, and the position of the U.S. Embassy and its acolytes.

“I do not believe that they care about Cuban artists. However, they do care about basing themselves on our possible errors in order to confuse. The ideological war is looking to be less and less in black and white.”

This situation calls for serious reflection and research before writing, while at the same time seeing the urgency and duty to deal with the disinformation campaign led by the West.

Thus, it was of great help to get the December 16, 2018 “Postcard from Cuba,” circulated by American journalist Karen Wald, who has five decades of experience with Cuba. She writes from Havana with regard to her initial investigation on the controversy over 349: “My guess is that some of what’s behind this [opposition to 349] may be the fact that lots of pseudo ‘artists’ of all kinds make up a strong component of what the U.S. extols as ‘dissidence’ here… Most of those ‘dissident artists’ reported in U.S. press aren’t even known here…”

It seems to me that Cuba not only has every right to defend its culture and the process that is involved in working out its policy, but also that if it does not, it will sink. According to Fidel Castro, culture is the nation’s shield, and is therefore the first thing that must be saved in order to guarantee the progress of the revolutionary process.

The manner in which the U.S. and the hard-line opponents in Cuba, the United States, Europe, and Latin America are zeroing in on 349 and the government officials involved is an indication that culture is indeed a shield to defend the Cuban Revolution. It is a sine qua non if the Revolution is to continue along the path it has followed for 60 years. The U.S. and its allies know full well that the preferred weapon for subverting the Revolution is the cultural war in the wide sense of the term, including ideological, political, and artistic aspects.

Thus, we can see the hollowness of the “invisible hand of the market.” Let us give the last word to Samir Amin, the outstanding Egyptian-French scholar, who recently passed away. He produced a long-standing analysis of how the state in capitalist countries, such as the U.S. far from letting the free market take its course, has a direct hand in its operation. We saw this with the U.S. position on the Convention on Cultural Diversity and we are seeing it again as the empire strives to punch holes in Cuba’s cultural shield. Amin wrote that, when necessary, the “visible fist” helps the “invisible hand” of the free market.

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Nazi regime has Decided and So Should We

War Versus Peace: Israel Has Decided and So Should We
  • Confetti falls as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara stand on stage after Netanyahu spoke following the announcement of exit polls in Israel

    Confetti falls as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara stand on stage after Netanyahu spoke following the announcement of exit polls in Israel’s parliamentary election. | Photo: Reuters

  • It is now incumbent on the international community to break this vicious Israeli cycle and support the Palestinian people in their ongoing struggle against Israeli occupation, racism and apartheid.

So, what have we learned from the Israeli legislative elections on April 9?

A whole lot.

To start with, don’t let such references as the “tight race” between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his main rival, Benny Gantz, fool you.

Yes, Israelis are divided on some issues that are particular to their social and economic makeup. But they are also resolutely unified around the issue that should concern us most: the continued subjugation of the Palestinian people.

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Indeed, ‘tight race’, or not, Israel has voted to cement Apartheid, support the ongoing annexation of the Occupied West Bank, and carry on with the Gaza siege.

In the aftermath of the elections, Netanyahu emerged even more powerful; his Likud party has won the elections with 36 seats, followed by Gantz’s Kahol Lavan (Blue and White) with 35 seats.

Gantz, the rising star in Israeli politics was branded throughout the campaign as a centrist politician, a designation that tossed a lifeline to the vanquished Israeli ‘left’ – of which not much is left anyway.

This branding helped sustain a short-lived illusion that there is an Israeli alternative to Netanyahu’s extremist right-wing camp.

But there was never any evidence to suggest that Gantz would have been any better as far as ending the Israeli occupation, dismantling the Apartheid regime and parting ways with the country’s predominantly racist discourse.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Gantz has repeatedly criticized Netanyahu for supposedly being too soft on Gaza, promising to rain yet more death and destruction on an a region that, according to the United Nations, will be unlivable by 2020.

A series of videos, dubbed “Only the Strong Survives”, were issued by the Gantz campaign in the run up to the elections. In the footage, Gantz was portrayed as the national savior, who had killed many Palestinians while serving as the army’s chief of staff between 2011 and 2015.

Gantz is particularly proud of being partly responsible for bombing Gaza “back to the stone age.”

It apparently mattered little to Israeli centrists and the remnants of the left that in the 2014 Israeli war on Gaza, dubbed Operation “Protective Edge”, over 2,200 Palestinians were killed and over 11,000 were injured. In that most tragic war, over 500 Palestinian children were killed, and much of Gaza’s already ailing infrastructure was destroyed.

But then again, why vote for Gantz when Netanyahu and his right-wing extremist camp are getting the job done?

Sadly, Netanyahu’s future coalition is likely to be even more extreme than the previous one.

Moreover, thanks to new possible alliances, Netanyahu will most likely free himselfof burdensome allies, the likes of former Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman.

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One significant change in the likely makeup of the Israeli right is the absence of such domineering figures, who, aside from Lieberman also include former Education Minister, Naftali Bennett and former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

All the grandstanding from Bennett and Shaked, who had recently established a new party called “The New Right”, didn’t even garner them enough votes to reach the threshold required to win a single seat in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset. They needed 3.25 percent of the vote, but only achieved 3.22 percent. They are both out.

The defeat of the infamous duo is quite revealing: the symbols of Israel’s extreme right no longer meet the expectations of Israel’s extremist constituencies.

Now the stage is wide open for the ultra-orthodox parties, Shas, which now has eight seats, and United Torah Judaism, with seven seats to help define the new normal in Israel.

The Israeli left – if it was ever deserving of the name – received a final blow; the once prominent Labor Party, won merely six seats.

On the other hand, Arab parties that ran in the 2015 elections under the united banner of the “Joint List”, fragmented once more, to collectively achieve only 10 seats.

Their loss of three seats, compared to the previous elections, can be partly blamed on factional and personal agendas. But, that is hardly enough to explain the massive drop in Arab voter participation in the elections: 48 percent compared to 68 percent in 2015.

This record low participation can only be explained through the racist ‘Nation State Law”, which was passed by the right-wing-dominated Knesset on July 19, 2018. The new Basic Law, declared Israel as the “nation-state of the Jewish people” everywhere, relegating the rights of the Palestinian people, their history, culture and language, while elevating everything Jewish, making self-determination in the state an exclusive right for Jews only.

This trend is likely to continue, as Israel’s political institutions no longer offer even a symbolic margin for true democracy and fair representation.

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But perhaps the most important lesson that we can learn in the aftermath of these elections is that in today’s Israel, military occupation and apartheid have been internalized and normalized as uncontested realities, unworthy of national debate. This in particular should summon our immediate attention.

During election campaigns, no major party spoke about peace, let alone provided a comprehensive vision for achieving it. No leading politician called for the dismantling of the illegal Jewish settlements that have been erected on Palestinian land in violation of international law.

More importantly and tellingly, no one spoke of a two-state solution.

As far as Israelis are concerned, the two-state solution is dead. While this is also true for many Palestinians, the Israeli alternative is hardly co-existence in one democratic secular state. The Israeli alternative is Apartheid.

Netanyahu and his future government coalition of like-minded extremists are now armed with an unmistakably popular mandate to fulfill all of their electoral promises, including the annexation of the West Bank.

Moreover, with an emboldened and empowered right-wing coalition, we are also likely to witness a major escalation in violence against Gaza this coming summer.

Considering all of this, we must understand that Israel’s illegal policies in Palestine cannot and will not be challenged from within Israeli society.

Challenging and ending the Israeli occupation and dismantling Apartheid can only happen through internal Palestinian resistance and external pressure that is centered around the strategy of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

It is now incumbent on the international community to break this vicious Israeli cycle and support the Palestinian people in their ongoing struggle against Israeli occupation, racism and apartheid.

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Carter Lectures Trump: US Is ‘Most Warlike Nation in History of the World’

  • Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter makes remarks at a luncheon following a morning symposium for the 25th anniversary of the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt.
    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter makes remarks at a luncheon following a morning symposium for the 25th anniversary of the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt. | Photo: Reuters.

The former president says peaceful China “ahead of us in almost every way.”

The only U.S. president to complete his term without war, military attack or occupation has called the United States “the most warlike nation in the history of the world.”

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During his regular Sunday school lesson at Maranatha Baptist Church in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, Jimmy Carter revealed that he had recently spoken with President Donald Trump about China. Carter, 94, said Trump was worried about China’s growing economy and expressed concern that “China is getting ahead of us.”

Carter, who normalized diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing in 1979, said he told Trump that much of China’s success was due to its peaceful foreign policy.

“Since 1979, do you know how many times China has been at war with anybody?” Carter asked. “None, and we have stayed at war.” While it is true that China’s last major war — an invasion of Vietnam — occurred in 1979, its People’s Liberation Army pounded border regions of Vietnam with artillery and its navy battled its Vietnamese counterpart in the 1980s. Since then, however, China has been at peace with its neighbors and the world.

Carter then said the U.S. has been at peace for only 16 of its 242 years as a nation. Counting wars, military attacks and military occupations, there have actually only been five years of peace in US history — 1976, the last year of the Gerald Ford administration and 1977-80, the entirety of Carter’s presidency. Carter then referred to the US as “the most warlike nation in the history of the world,” a result, he said, of the US forcing other countries to “adopt our American principles.”

China’s peace dividend has allowed and enhanced its economic growth, Carter said. “How many miles of high-speed railroad do we have in this country?” he asked. China has around 18,000 miles (29,000 km) of high speed rail lines while the US has “wasted, I think, $3 trillion” on military spending. According to a November 2018 study by Brown University’s Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs, the US has spent $5.9 trillion waging war in Iraq,

Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other nations since 2001.

“It’s more than you can imagine,” Carter said of U.S. war spending. “China has not wasted a single penny on war, and that’s why they’re ahead of us. In almost every way.”

“And I think the difference is if you take $3 trillion and put it in American infrastructure you’d probably have $2 trillion leftover,” Carter told his congregation. “We’d have high-speed railroad. We’d have bridges that aren’t collapsing, we’d have roads that are maintained properly. Our education system would be as good as that of say South Korea or Hong Kong.”

While there is a prevalent belief in the United States that the country almost always wages war for noble purposes and in defense of freedom, global public opinion and facts paint a very different picture. Most countries surveyed in a 2013 WIN/Gallup poll identified the United States as the greatest threat to world peace, and a 2017 Pew Research poll found that a record number of people in 30 surveyed nations viewed US power and influence as a “major threat.”

The U.S. has also invaded or bombed dozens of countries and supported nearly every single right-wing dictatorship in the world since the end of World War II. It has overthrown or attempted to overthrow dozens of foreign governments since 1949 and has actively sought to crush nearly every single people’s liberation movement over that same period. It has also meddled in scores of elections, in countries that are allies and adversaries alike.

Brett Wilkins is an independent journalist and activist based in San Francisco. His work, which covers issues of war and peace and human rights, is archived 

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Palestine Timeline The Human Cost of the Conflict

Below is a list, in reverse chronological order, of Zionist and Palestinians killed by someone from the other side since the Second Intifada began in 2000.* Click on the names for more details, photos and sources.

PALESTINIANS KILLED                                           ZIONIST KILLED
                                                     April 2019

Mohammad Majd Kamil, 22

April 18, 2019

Fatima Suleiman, 42

April 15, 2019

Ishaq Abdul-Mo’ti Eshteiwi, 16

April 12, 2019

Maisara Mousa Abu Shallouf, 15

April 2, 2019

Mohammad Abdul-Mon’em Abdel-Fattah, 23

April 1, 2019

Fares Abu Hajras, 26
Mohammad Ali Dar Adwan, 23

March 2019

March 30, 2019

Bilal Mahmoud Najjar, 17
Tamer Hashem Abu al-Kheir, 17
Adham Nidal ‘Amara, 17
Mohammad Jihad Sa’ad, 20

March 26, 2019

Sajid Abdel Hakim Mizhir, 17

March 24, 2019

Habeeb al-Masri, 24

March 22, 2019

Nidal ‘Abdel Karim Shatat, 29
Jihad Munir Hararah, 24

March 20, 2019

Ra’ed Hashem Hamdan, 21
Zeid Emad Nouri, 20

March 19, 2019

Ahmad Jamal Manasra, 26
Omar Abu Laila, 19

March 12, 2019

Mohammad Jamil Shahin, 23
Yasser Fawzi Shweiki, 36
Mousa Mohammad Mousa, 23

March 11, 2019

Bassam Sami Othman Safi, 22

March 10, 2019

Salama Salah Ka’abna, 22

March 8, 2019

Tamer Khaled Mustafa Arafat, 23

March 7, 2019

Saifeddin Emad Abu Zeid, 15

March 4, 2019

Yousef Raed Anqawi, 20
Amir Mahmoud Darraj, 20

March 19, 2019

Ahiad Ettinger, 47

March 17, 2019

Lt. Gal Keidan, 19

February 2019

February 22, 2019

Yousef Sa’id ad-Daya, 14

February 13, 2019

Hassan Nofal, 17

February 8, 2019

Hasan Eyad Shalabi, 14
Yasser Hamed Eshteyya, 36
Hamza Mohammad Eshteiwi, 17

February 6, 2019

Fares Mohammad Baroud, 51

February 4, 2019

Abdullah Faisal Tawalba, 19

February 3, 2019

Ahmad Ghazi Abu Jabal, 30

February 7, 2019

Ori Ansbacher, 19

January 2019

January 30, 2019

Samah Zoheir Mubarak, 16

January 26, 2019

Hamdi Taleb Na’san, 38
Riyad Mohammad Shamasneh, 37

January 25, 2019

Ayman Ahmad Hamed, 17

January 22, 2019

Mahmoud al-‘Abed Nabahin, 24

January 21, 2019

Mohammad Fawzi Adawi, 36

January 14, 2019

Abdul-Rauf Ismael Salha, 14

January 13, 2019

Anwar Mohammad Qdeih, 33

January 11, 2019

Amal Mustafa at-Taramisi, 43

December 2018

December 28, 2018

Karam Mohammad Fayyad, 26

December 22, 2018

Ayman Monir Shbair, 18

December 21, 2018

Abdul-Aziz Abu Sharia, 28
Maher Atiya Yassin, 40
Mohammad Muin al-Jahjouh, 16

December 20, 2018

Qassem Mohammad Ali Abasi, 17

December 14, 2018

Mahmoud Nakhleh, 17

December 13, 2018

Hamdan Tawfiq Arda, 60
Ashraf Waleed Na’alwa, 23

December 12, 2018

Saleh Omar Barghouthi, 29
Majd Mteir, 26

December 11, 2018

Ahmad Yasser Abu ‘Aabed, 4
Omar Hasan al-‘Awawda, 27

December 4, 2018

Mohammad Husam Habali, 22

December 13, 2018

Sgt. Yosef Cohen, 20
Sgt. Yovel Mor Yosef, 20

November 2018

November 28, 2018

Eyad Yousef Suleiman, 25

November 26, 2018

Ramzi Abu Yabis, 32

November 20, 2018

Abdul-Rahman Ali Abu Jamal, 17

November 14, 2018

Nawwaf Ahmad al-Attar, 20

November 13, 2018

Khaled Akram Ma’rouf, 29
Khaled Riyad Sultan, 26
Mos’ab Hos, 20

November 12, 2018

Hamad Mohammad al-Nahal, 23
Mohammed Zohdi Odeh, 22
Mohammad Zakariya al-Tatri, 27

November 11, 2018

Omar Naji Musallam Abu Khater, 21
Ala’eddin Fawzi Fseifis, 24
Mahmoud Atallah Misbih, 25
Mustafa Hasan Abu Odah, 21
Khaled Mohammad Ali Qweider, 29
Mohammad Majed al-Qarra, 23
Noureddin Mohammad Baraka, 37

November 10, 2018

Mohammad Ibrahim Shreiteh, 28

November 9, 2018

Rami Wael Qahman, 28

November 8, 2018

Mohammad ‘Ala Abu Shabin, 20

November 7, 2018

Ahmad Khaled Najjar, 21

November 5, 2018

Ghanem Ibrahim Sharab, 44

November 4, 2018

Emad Khalil Shahin, 17

November 3, 2018

Mohammad Nasr ar-Reefy, 14

November 11, 2018

Lt. Col. M,

October 2018

October 29, 2018

Mohammad Abdul-Hai Abu Abada, 27

October 28, 2018

Abdul-Hamid Abu Thaher, 13
Khaled Bassam Mahmoud Abu Sa’id, 14
Mohammad Ibrahim Satri, 13
Yahia Bader al-Hasanat, 37

October 27, 2018

Mojahed Ziad Zaki Aqel, 23

October 26, 2018

Othman Ahmad Ladadweh, 33
Mohammad Khaled Mahmoud Abdul-Nabi, 27
Ahmad Sa’id Abu Libda, 22
Nassar Abu Tayyim, 19
Ayesh Ghassan Shaat, 23

October 24, 2018

Mohammad Mahmoud Bisharat, 21

October 23, 2018

Montaser Mohammad al-Baz, 17

October 22, 2018

Moammar Arif al-Atrash, 42

October 17, 2018

Naji Jamal Mohammad Za’anin, 25

October 16, 2018

Saddam Abu Shallash, 27

October 15, 2018

Elias Saleh Yassin, 22

October 12, 2018

Aisha Mohammad al-Rabi, 47
Tamer Eyad Abu ‘Armana, 22
Wisam Abdul-Majid Shalalda, 28
Abdullah Barham ad-Daghma, 25
Afifi Mahmoud Afifi, 18
Ahmad Ibrahim Zaki Taweel, 27
Mohammad Abdul-Hafith Ismael, 29
Ahmad Abu Na’im, 17
Mohammad Issam Abbas, 21
Ahmad Ibrahim Taweel, 27

October 5, 2018

Fares Hafeth Sarsawi, 12
Mahmoud Akram Abu Sam’an, 23
Hussein Fathi al-Reqeb, 18

October 3, 2018

Ahmad Samir Abu Habel, 15

October 2, 2018

Ibrahim Ahmad al-Arrouqi, 78

October 7, 2018

Ziv Hagbi, 35
Kim Levengrond Yehezkel, 28

September 2018

September 28, 2018

Mohammad Ashraf al-Awawda, 23
Mohammad Nayef al-Houm, 14
Mohammad Waleed Haniyya, 24
Mohammad Bassam Shakhsa, 24
Eyad Khalil Ahmad Sha’er, 18
Nasser Azmi Misbih, 12
Mohammad Ali Anshassi, 18

September 24, 2018

Mohammad Fayez Abu Sadeq, 21

September 23, 2018

Emad Daoud Eshteiwi, 21

September 21, 2018

Karim Mohammad Kollab, 25

September 19, 2018

Mo’men Ibrahim Abu Eyada, 15

September 18, 2018

Ahmad Mohammad Muhsen ‘Omer, 24
Mohammad Ahmad Abu Naji, 32
Mohammad Yousef Oleyyan, 26
Ala Ziad Abu ‘Aasi, 21
Naji Jamil Abu ‘Aasi, 18
Mohammad Zaghloul al-Khatib, 24

September 15, 2018

Soheib Abdul-Salam Abu Kashef, 16

September 14, 2018

Shadi ‘Abed al-‘Al, 11
Hani Ramzi ‘Afana, 21
Mohammad Khalil Shaqqourah, 20

September 9, 2018

Attaf Abed-Rabbo Saleh, 32

September 8, 2018

Ahmad Misbah Abu Tyour, 16

September 7, 2018

Bilal Mustafa Khaffaja, 17

September 3, 2018

Wael Abdul-Fattah al-Ja’bari, 27

September 16, 2018

Ari Fuld, 40

August 2018

August 20, 2018

Hani Mohammad al-Majdalawi, 24

August 17, 2018

Ahmad Mahameed, 30
Sa’adi ِAkram Abu Muammar, 26
Karim Abu Fatayer, 30

August 12, 2018

Wisam Yousef Hijazi, 30

August 11, 2018

Ahmad Jamal Abu Louli, 40

August 10, 2018

Ali Sa’id al-‘Aloul, 55
Abdullah al-Qutati, 20

August 9, 2018

Bayan Abu Khammash, 18 months
Enas Abu Khammash, 23

August 8, 2018

Ali al-Ghandour, 30

August 7, 2018

Abdul-Hafeth Mohammad Seelawi, 23
Ahmad Abdullah Morjan, 23

August 5, 2018

Ahmad Jihad al-Aydi, 17

August 4, 2018

Moath Ziad Soori, 15

August 3, 2018

Ahmad Yahia Yaghi, 25

July 2018

July 28, 2018

Mohannad Majed Hammouda, 24
Ayman Nafeth Rabea’ Najjar, 24
Mo’men Fathi al-Hams, 17

July 27, 2018

Majdi Ramzi Satri, 12
Ghazi Mohammad Abu Mustafa, 45

July 26, 2018

Mohammad Tareq dar Yousef, 17

July 25, 2018

Ahmad Monir al-Basous, 28
Mohammad Tawfiq al-‘Ar’ir, 27
‘Abada As’ad Ferwana, 29

July 22, 2018

Majd Soheil ‘Oqeil, 26
Karam Ibrahim Arafat, 26
Arkan Tha’er Mizhir, 15

July 20, 2018

Mohammad Sharif Badwan, 27
Mohammad Abu Farhana, 31
Mahmoud Khalil Qishta, 23
Sha’ban Rajab Abu Khater, 26

July 19, 2018

Abdul-Karim Radwan, 22

July 14, 2018

Luay Kahil, 16
Amir an-Nimra, 15
Mohammad Nasser Shorab, 18

July 13, 2018

Othman Rami Hallas, 15

July 8, 2018

Ya’coub Fayeq Nassar, 18

July 06, 2018

Mohammad Kamal Abu Halima, 22

July 4, 2018

Mahmoud Majed Gharabli, 16

July 27, 2018

Yotam Ovadia, 31

July 20, 2018

Aviv Levi, 20

June 2018

June 29, 2018

Yasser Amjad Abu Naja, 14
Mohammad Fawzi al-Hamiydah, 24

June 28, 2018

Abdul-Fattah Abu ‘Azzoum, 17

June 24, 2018

Osama Khalil Abu Khater, 29

June 20, 2018

Mohammad Ghassan Abu Doqqa, 22

June 18, 2018

Zakariya Hussein Bashbash, 13
Sabri Ahmad Abu Khader, 24

June 14, 2018

Ahmad Ziad al-‘Aassi, 21

June 13, 2018

Kamal Mohammad al-Yaziji,

June 8, 2018

Ziad Jadallah al-Breem, 27
Yousef al-Faseeh, 29
Emad Nabil Abu Drabi, 26
Haitham Mohammad al-Jamal, 15

June 6, 2018

Ezzeddin Abdul-Hafith Tamimi, 21

June 4, 2018

Ramzi Najjar, 22

June 03, 2018

Mohammad Na’im Hamada, 30

June 2, 2018

Rami Wahid Hasan Sabarna, 36

June 1, 2018

Razan Ashraf Najjar, 22

May 2018

May 30, 2018

Naji Maisara Abdullah Ghneim, 23

May 28, 2018

Nasser ِAref al-‘Ereini, 28

May 27, 2018

Abdul-Halim Abdul-Karim an-Naqa, 28
Naseem Marwan al-‘Amour, 20

May 26, 2018

Hussein Salem Abu ‘Oweida, 41

May 25, 2018

Yasser Sami Habib, 24

May 24, 2018

Ahmad Ali Qattoush, 23
Mohannad Bakr Abu Tahoun, 21

May 23, 2018

Akram Odai Abu Khalil, 15

May 20, 2018

Aziz ‘Oweisat, 53

May 19, 2018

Mohammad Mazen Oleyyan, 20
Mo’in Abdul-Hamid Sa’ey, 59

May 15, 2018

Edrees Shaker Jabareen, 58
Omar Abu Fol, 30
Talal Adel Matar, 16

May 14, 2018

Ahmad Mahmoud Rantisi, 27
Said Mohammad Abu al-Kheir, 16
Laila Ghandour, 8 months
Yahya Ismail Rajab Daqour, 22
Ismail Khalil ad-Dahouk, 30
Ahmad Mohammad Hamdan, 27
Mohammad Abdul-Salaam Harraz, 21
Ahmad Mohammad Hamdan, 27
Emad Ali Sadiq Sheikh, 24
Ahmad Zoheir as-Shawwa, 24
Khalil Ismail Mansour, 25
Mohammad Mahmoud ‘Abdul’al, 39
Mohammad Hani Najjar, 33
Wesal Fadel Sheikh Khalil, 15
Mohammad Abdul-Rahman Miqdad, 28
Sa’adi Said Abu Salah, 16
Ahmad Abdullah al-Odeini, 30
Ahmad Fares Haarb Shehada, 23
Zayed Mohammad Al-‘Ammarin, 19
Ibrahim Ahmad az-Zarka, 18
Shaher Mahmoud al-Madhoun, 32
Mahmoud Yahya Hussein, 24
Mohammad Abdul-Salaam Harraz, 21
Ahmad Awadallah, 24
Mahmoud Mustafa ‘Assaf, 23
Ala’ Anwar al-Khatib, 28
Mohammad Ashraf Abu Sitta, 39
Mahmoud Rabah Abu Moammar, 28
Jihad Mofeed al-Farra, 30
Mustafa Mohammad al-Masri, 22
Mos’ab Yousef Abu Laileya, 28
Ahmad Majed Atallah, 27
Ezzedeen Nahed al-‘Owaiti, 23
Anas Hamdan Qdeih, 21
Ahmad Adel Mousa Sha’er, 16
‘Ali Mohamed Khafajah, 21
Fadi Hassan Abu Salah, 30
Jihad Mohammad Mousa, 31
Mousa Jaber Abu Hassanein, 36
Mohammad Riyad al-‘Amoudi, 31
Ahmad Fawzi Kamel al-Tatar, 28
Ezzedeen Mousa al-Samak, 14
Mo’tasem Fawzi Abu Louli, 20
Mahmoud Yahya Hussein, 24
Mo’taz Bassam an-Nuno, 31

May 12, 2018

Jamal Abdul-Rahman Affana, 15

May 11, 2018

Jaber Salem Abu Mustafa, 40
Hani Fayez al-’Adarba, 23

May 6, 2018

Mohammad Jihad Debabeche, 41
Mohammad Abu Reeda, 20
Baha’ Qdeih, 23

May 2, 2018

Anas Shawqi Abu ‘Asser, 19

May 26, 2018

Ronen Lubarsky, 20

April 2018

April 29, 2018

Yousef Jasser Abu Jazar, 16
Atiya Mohammad al-‘Ammawi, 20
Yousef Ahmad al-‘Ammawi, 18

April 28, 2018

Azzam Hilal Oweida, 14

April 27, 2018

Khalil Na’im Atallah, 22
Abdul-Salam Bakr, 29
Mohammad Amin al-Moqyd, 21

April 25, 2018

Ahmad Mohammad Abu Hussein, 25

April 22, 2018

Tahrir Mahmoud Wahba, 18
Abdullah Mohammad Shamali, 20

April 20, 2018

Mohammad Ibrahim Ayyoub, 15
Sa’ad Abdul-Majid Abu Taha, 29
Ahmad Rashad al-Athamna, 24
Ahmad Nabil Abu ‘Aqel, 25

April 13, 2018

Islam Herzallah, 28

April 12, 2018

Abdullah Mohammad Shahri, 28
Mohammad Hjeila, 31

April 9, 2018

Mohammad Abdul-Karim Marshoud, 30
Marwan Odah Qdeih, 45

April 8, 2018

Mohammad Sobhi Anbar, 46

April 6, 2018

Hamza Abdul-al, 20
Yasser Mortaja, 31
Tha’er Mohammad Rabe’a, 30
Ala’ Yahya az-Zamily, 17
Osama Khamis Qdeih, 38
Ibrahim al-‘Orr, 20
Sidqi Faraj Abu ‘Oteiwi, 45
Mohammad Sa’id Mousa al-Hajj Saleh, 33
Hussein Mohammad Madhi, 16
Majdi Ramadan Shbat, 38

April 4, 2018

Shadi Hamdan al-Kashef, 34
Mojahed Nabil al-Khodary, 23

April 3, 2018

Ahmad Omar Arafa, 26

April 2, 2018

Fares Roqab, 29

March 2018

March 30, 2018

Mosab Zohair Salloul, 25
Sari Waleed Abu Odah , 28
Abdul-Qader al-Hawajri, 42
Jihad Zoheir Abu Jamous, 30
Bader Faeq as-Sabagh, 22
Naji Abdullah Abu Hjeir, 25
Ahmad Ibrahim Odah, 19
Jihad Ahmad Freina, 34
Hamdan Ismael Abu Amsha, 26
Mahmoud Sa’adi Rohmi, 33
Abdul-Fattah Abdul-Nabi, 18
Ibrahim Abu Sha’ar, 22
Mohammad Naim Abu Amro, 27
Amin Mansour Abu Moammar, 22
Mohammad Kamel Najjar, 25
Wahid Nasrallah Abu Sammour, 27

March 18, 2018

Abdul-Rahman Bani Fadel, 28

March 10, 2018

Ameer Omar Shehada, 22

March 9, 2018

Mohammad Zein al-Ja’bari, 24

March 03, 2018

Mohammad Ata Abu Jame’, 59

March 18, 2018

Adiel Coleman, 32

March 16, 2018

Netanel Kahalani, 20
Ziv Daus, 21

February 2018

February 25, 2018

Ismael Saleh Abu Ryala, 18

February 22, 2018

Yassin Omar Saradeeh, 33

February 21, 2018

Ahmad Mohammad Abu Hilo, 19

February 17, 2018

Salem Mohammad Sabbah, 17
‘Abdullah Ayman Irmeilat, 15

February 06, 2018

Hamza Yousef Zama’ra, 19
Khaled Waleed Tayeh, 22
Ahmad Nasr Jarrar, 22

February 03, 2018

Ahmad Abu ‘Obeid, 19

February 05, 2018

Itamar Ben Gal, 29

January 2018

January 30, 2018

Laith Abu Na’im, 16

January 17, 2018

Ahmad Ismail Jarrar, 31

January 15, 2018

Ahmad Abdul-Jaber Salim, 28

January 11, 2018

Amir Abu Mosa’ed, 16
Ali Omar Qeino, 16

January 05, 2018

Rami Issa Ismael, 38

January 3, 2018

Mos’ab Tamimi, 17

January 9, 2018

Raziel Shevach, 35

December 2017

December 30, 2017

Jamal Musleh, 21

December 29, 2017

Dalal Theeb Lulah, 9

December 24, 2017

Mohammad Sami al-Dahdouh, 18

December 23, 2017

Sharif Abu Shallash, 28

December 22, 2017

Mohammad Nabil Moheisin, 29
Zakariya al-Kafarna, 24

December 15, 2017

Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, 29
Yasser Sokkar, 23
Bassel Mustafa Ibrahim, 29
Mohammad Amin Aqel, 19

December 12, 2017

Mustafa Mofeed al-Sultan, 29
Hussein Ghazi Nasrallah, 25
Hamda Zubeidat, 60

December 09, 2017

Mohammad as-Safadi, 25
Mahmoud at-‘Atal, 29

December 08, 2017

Mahmoud al-Masri, 30
Maher Atallah, 54

December 06, 2017

Mohammad Abu Haddaf, 9

November 2017

November 30, 2017

Mahmoud Odeh, 46

November 8, 2017

Atef al-Maqousi, 37

November 30, 2017

Ron Yitzhak Kukia, 19

October 2017

October 31, 2017

Mohammad Mousa, 25

October 30, 2017

Badr Mosbeh,
‘Ala Abu Ghrab,
Mohammad al-Buheisi, 22
Shadi al-Hemri,
Ahmad Sabakhi,
Arafat Abu Mirshid, 33
Omar Nassar al-Faleet, 27
Hasan Abu Hassanein, 30
Husam Samiri, 32
Misbah Shbeir, 30
Mohammad al-Aqha,
Ahmad Abu Armana, 25

September 2017

September 26, 2017

Nimir Jamal, 37

September 2, 2017

Raed al-Salhi, 21

September 26, 2017

Or Arish, 25
Solomon Gabrieh, 20
Youssef Othman, 20

August 2017

August 26, 2017

Aseel Abu ‘Oun, 8

August 19, 2017

Qoteiba Zahran, 17

July 2017

July 29, 2017

Mahdi al-Saadi, 22

July 28, 2017

Abdul-Rahman Abu Hamisha, 16
Abdullah Taqatqa, 24

July 27, 2017

Mohammad Kanaan, 25

July 22, 2017

Odai Nawaj’a, 17
Yousef Kashour, 24

July 21, 2017

Mohammad Abu Ghannam, 20
Mohammad Lafi, 18
Mohammad Sharaf, 17

July 20, 2017

Mohammad Tnouh, 26

July 18, 2017

Ra’fat Harbawi, 29

July 16, 2017

Amer Tirawi, 34

July 14, 2017

Mohammad Ahmad M. Jabarin, 19
Mohammad Hamed Jabarin, 19
Mohammad Ahmad Jabarin, 29
Bara’ Hamamda, 18

July 12, 2017

Aws Salama, 17
Sa’ed Salah, 20

July 10, 2017

Mohammad Jibreel, 25

July 07, 2017

Abdul-Rahman Barghouthi, 18 months

July 21, 2017

Yosef Salomon, 70
Elad Salomon, 36
Chaya Salomon, 46

July 14, 2017

Hail Stawi, 30
Kamil Shnan, 22

June 2017

June 28, 2017

Eyad Gheith, 23

June 20, 2017

Baha’ al-Harbawi, 23

June 16, 2017

Osama Ata, 19
Adel Ankoush, 18
Bara’ Saleh, 18

June 9, 2017

Aa’ed Jom’a, 35

June 6, 2017

Fadi Najjar, 25

June 2, 2017

Nawf Enfei’at, 16

June 16, 2017

Hadas Malka, 23

May 2017

May 22, 2017

Raed Radayda, 15

May 20, 2017

Fatima Taqatqa, 15

May 18, 2017

Mo’taz Shamsa, 23

May 15, 2017

Mohammad Bakr, 25

May 12, 2017

Saba’ Obeid, 22

May 7, 2017

Fatima Hajiji, 16

April 2017

April 25, 2017

Mohammad Qweider, 10
Omar Qweider, 8

April 19, 2017

Soheib Mashahra, 21

April 10, 2017

Jassem Nakhla, 17

April 1, 2017

Ahmad Ghazal, 17

April 6, 2017

Elichai Taharlev, 20

March 2017

March 29, 2017

Seham Nimir, 49

March 23, 2017

Mohammad Hattab, 17

March 22, 2017

Yousef Abu ‘Athra, 16

March 17, 2017

Morad Abu Ghazi, 16

March 13, 2017

Ibrahim Matar, 25

March 6, 2017

Bassel al-A’raj, 31

March 1, 2017

Sa’adi Qaisiyya, 25

February 2017

February 28, 2017

Rabea’ Salman, 20

February 16, 2017

Samed Abu Shanab, 29

February 10, 2017

Mohammad al-Jallad, 24

February 9, 2017

Husam Soufi, 24
Mohammad al-Aqra’, 38

February 8, 2017

Suleiman Salah, 81

January 2017

January 29, 2017

Mohammad Abu Khalifa, 19

January 25, 2017

Hussein Abu Ghosh, 24

January 18, 2017

Yacoub Abu al-Qee’an, 47

January 17, 2017

Nidal Mahdawi, 44

January 16, 2017

Qussai al-Amour, 17

January 10, 2017

Mohammad Salhi, 33

January 8, 2017

Fadi Qunbar, 20

January 18, 2017

Erez Levy, 37

January 8, 2017

Erez Orbach, 20
Shira Tzur, 20
Shir Hajaj, 22
Yael Yekutiel, 20

January 3, 2017

Hagai Ben-Ari, 31

December 2016

December 23, 2016

Fares al-Bayed, 15

December 22, 2016

Ahmad Kharroubi, 19

December 18, 2016

Ahmad Rimawi, 17

December 14, 2016

Hammad Sheikh, 21

December 8, 2016

Mohammad Harb, 18

November 2016

November 25, 2016

Mohammad Zeidan, 14

November 22, 2016

Jihad Khalil, 48

November 18, 2016

Mohammad Abu Sa’da, 25

November 9, 2016

Ahmad Zeid, 44

November 3, 2016

Ma’an Abu Qare’, 23
Raed Hijja, 38

October 2016

October 31, 2016

Mohammad Turkman, 25

October 30, 2016

Khaled Ekhlayyel, 25

October 20, 2016

Khaled Bahar, 15
Mahmoud Jouda, 23

October 19, 2016

Raheeq Yusef, 19

October 12, 2016

Abdullah Abu Medhyef, 10

October 11, 2016

Ali Shiokhi, 19

October 9, 2016

Misbah Abu Sbeih, 39

October 9, 2016

Yosef Kirme, 29
Levanah Malichi, 60

September 2016

September 30, 2016

Naseeb Abu Mazer, 28

September 29, 2016

Ahmad Meit, 30

September 20, 2016

Issa Tarayra, 15

September 19, 2016

Amir Rajabi, 16
Mohannad Rajabi, 20

September 17, 2016

Hatem Shalloudi, 25

September 16, 2016

Mohammad Rajabi, 15
Firas Khdour, 17

September 15, 2016

Mohammad Saraheen, 30

September 9, 2016

Abdul-Rahman Dabbagh, 15

September 5, 2016

Mustafa Nimir, 26

August 2016

August 26, 2016

Eyad Hamed, 36

August 25, 2016

Sari Abu Ghrab, 26

August 16, 2016

Mohammad Abu Hashhash, 19

July 2016

July 31, 2016

Rami Awartani, 31

July 27, 2016

Mohammad al-Faqeeh, 29
Hadia Abu Shammala, 68

July 26, 2016

Saed Jneid, 25

July 19, 2016

Mohammad at-Tibakhi, 10
Mustafa Baradeyya, 50

July 13, 2016

Anwar Salaima, 22

July 1, 2016

Taiseer Habash, 50
Sara Tarayra, 27

July 1, 2016

Michael Mark, 48

June 2016

June 30, 2016

Wael Abu Saleh, 46
Mohammad Tarayra, 17

June 24, 2016

Majd al-Khdour, 18

June 19, 2016

Mahmoud Badran, 15
Arif Jaradat, 22

June 6, 2016

Jamal Dweikat, 19

June 2, 2016

Ansar Harsha, 24

June 30, 2016

Hallel Ariel, 13

June 8, 2016

Mila Mishayev, 33
Michael Feige, 58
Ilana Navaa, 39
Ido Ben Ari, 41

May 2016

May 23, 2016

Sawsan Mansour, 18

May 5, 2016

Zeina al-‘Amour, 59

May 3, 2016

Ahmad Shehada, 36

April 2016

April 28, 2016

Maram Abu Ismael, 23
Ibrahim Taha, 16

April 14, 2016

Ibrahim Barad’eyya, 54

March 2016

March 24, 2016

Abdul-Fattah Sharif, 20
Ramzi Qasrawi, 20

March 19, 2016

Abdullah al-Ajlouni, 16

March 18, 2016

Mahmoud Fannoun, 20

March 17, 2016

Ali Taqatqa, 19
Ali al-Kar, 19

March 15, 2016

Qassem Jaber, 31

March 14, 2016

Yousef Tarayra, 17
Amir al-Juneidi, 21
Nahed Mteir, 21

March 12, 2016

Israa’ Abu Khusa, 6
Yassin Abu Khusa, 9

March 9, 2016

Ahmad ‘Amer, 16
Mohammad al-Kalouti, 21
Abdul-Malek Abu Kharroub, 19

March 8, 2016

 Abdul-Rahman Raddad, 17
Fuad Abu Rajab, 21
Bashar Masalha, 22
Fadwa Abu Teir, 50

March 4, 2016

Amani Sabateen, 33

March 2, 2016

Labeeb Azzam, 17
Mohammad Zaghlawan, 17

March 1, 2016

Eyad Sajdiyya, 21

February 2016

February 26, 2016

Mahmoud Sha’lan, 16

February 21, 2016

Qussai Abu ar-Rob, 16

February 19, 2016

Mohammad Abu Khalaf, 20
Khaled Taqatqa, 21
Aabed Hamed, 19

February 14, 2016

Naim Safi, 16
Nihad Wakid, 15
Fuad Wakid, 15
Mansour Shawamra, 19
Omar Amro, 20

February 13, 2016

Kilzar al-Oweiwi, 18

February 10, 2016

Omar Mahdi, 15

February 5, 2016

Haitham Sadah, 13

February 3, 2016

Ahmad Abu al-Rob, 20
Mohammad Kamil, 19
Ahmad Nassar, 19

February 1, 2016

Ahmad Toba, 17

February 16, 2016

Tuvia Weissman, 21

February 3, 2016

Hadar Cohen, 19

January 2016

January 31, 2016

Amjad Abu Omar, 34

January 25, 2016

Ibrahim ‘Allan, 24
Hussein Abu Ghosh, 17

January 23, 2016

Roqayya Abu Eid, 15

January 17, 2016

Wisam Qasrawi, 21

January 15, 2016

Mohammad Abu Zayed, 18
Mohammad Qaita, 25

January 14, 2016

Moayyad Jabarin, 20
Haitham Yassin, 34

January 13, 2016

Mousa Z’eiter, 21

January 12, 2016

Adnan Mashni, 17
Srour Abu Srour, 19
Mohammad Kawazba, 22

January 9, 2016

Sa’id Abu al-Wafa, 34
Ali Abu Mariam, 20

January 7, 2016

Ahmad Kawazba, 19
Khalil Wadi, 16
Ala Kawazba, 17
Mohannad Kawazba, 20

January 5, 2016

Ahmad Kawazba, 17

January 26, 2016

Shlomit Krigman, 24

January 17, 2016

Dafna Meir, 38



December 2015

Shadi Ghbeish, 38
Hassan Bazor, 22
Maher al-Jabi, 56
Yousef al-Boheiri, 48
Mahdiyya Hammad, 38
Hani Wahdan, 22
Noureddin Saba’ana, 23
Mohammed Saba’na, 17
Bilal Zayed, 23
Mohammad Zahran, 24
Wisam Abu Ghweila, 20
Eyad Ed’eis, 26
Issa Assaf, 21
Anan Abu Habsa, 20
Mohammad Ayyad, 21
Mahmoud al-Agha, 20
Nash’at Asfour, 33
Abdullah Nasasra, 15
Issam Thawabta, 34
Ahmad Jahahja, 21
Hekmat Hamdan, 29
Samah Abdul-Mo’men, 20
Abdul-Mohsen Hassounah, 21
Sami Madhi, 41
Issa al-Hroub, 55
Odai Irsheid, 24
Yosri Miswada, 21
Ehab Miswada, 21
Abdul-Rahman Barghouthi, 27
Anas Hammad, 21
Ma’moun al-Khatib, 16
Maram Hasounah, 20
Mazin Ureiba, 37
‘Ezz Raddad, 21
Taher Fanoun, 21
Mustafa Fanoun, 16
Abdul-Rahman Majid, 27
Amer Iskafi, 21
Malek Shahin, 18
‘Abdel Miswada, 21

Rueven Birmajer, 45
Genadi Kaufman, 40

November 2015

Fadi al-Froukh, 27
Ahmad Abu ar-Rob, 16
Shawqie Jaber Obeid, 37
Salama Jame’, 23
Ibrahim Skafi, 23
Malek Talal Sharif, 25
Tharwat Sha’rawi, 73
Salman Shahin, 22
Rasha ‘Oweissi, 24
Mohammad Nimir, 37
Sadeq Gharbiyya, 16
Abdullah Shalalda, 26
Mahmoud Shalalda, 22
Hasan al-Baw, 22
Lafi Awad, 22
Laith Manasra, 25
Ahmad al-‘Aish, 30
Mohammad Saleh, 24
Shadi Arafa, 28
Mahmoud ‘Oleyyan, 22
Ashraqat Qatanany, 16
Shadi Khseib
Issa Thawabta, 34
Hadeel ‘Awwad, 16
Ahmad Taha, 16
Alaa Hashah, 16
Mohammad Shobaki, 19
Ibrahim Daoud, 16
Yahya Taha, 21
Samer Seriesi, 51
Khaled Jawabra, 19
Fadi Khseib, 25
Omar Za’aqeeq, 18
Baseem Salah, 38
Ayman al-‘Abbassi, 17

Benjamin Yaakovovich, 19
Yaakov Litman, 40
Netanel Litman, 18
Reuven Aviram, 51
Aharon Yesiab, 32
Yaacov Don, 51
Ezra Schwartz, 18
Hadar Buchris, 21
Ziv Mizrahi, 20

October 2015

Khalil Abu Obeid, 25
Mohannad al-Halabi, 19
Fadi Alloun, 19
Amjad al-Jundi, 17
Tha’er Abu Ghazala, 19
Abdul-Rahman Obeidallah, 11
Hotheifa Suleiman, 18
Wisam Faraj, 20
Mohammad al-Ja’bari, 19
Ahmad Salah, 20
Ishaq Badran, 19
Mohammad Sa’id Ali, 19
Ibrahim Awad, 28
Ahmad Sharaka, 13
Mustafa al-Khatib, 18
Hasan Manasra, 15
Shadi Doulah, 20
Ahmad al-Hirbawi, 20
Abdul-Majid al-Wahidi, 20
Mohammad al-Raqab, 15
Adnan Abu Oleyyan, 22
Ziad Sharaf, 20
Jihad al-‘Obeid, 22
Marwan Barbach, 13
Khalil Othman, 15
Nour Hassan, 30
Rahaf Hassan, 2
Ata an-Nouri
Mohammad Shamasna, 22
Baha’ Elian, 22,
Mutaz Zawahra, 27
Ala Abu Jamal, 33
Bassem Sidr, 17
Ahmad Abu Sh’aban, 23
Ibraheem Dar Yousef, 46
Riyadh Dar Yousef, 46
Fadi Al-Darbi, 30
Eyad Awawda, 26
Ehab Hanani, 19
Mahmoud Hmeid, 22
Yahia Farhat, 23
Fadel al-Qawasmi, 18
Mo’taz ‘Oweisat, 16
Bayan al-‘Oseyli, 16
Tareq Natsha, 22
Omar al-Faqih, 22
Mohannad al-‘Oqbi, 21
Hoda Darwish, 65
Ahmad al-Sarhi, 27
Hamza al-Amllah, 25
Odai al-Masalma, 24
Husam al-Ja’bari, 18
Bashar al-Ja’bari, 15
Hashem al-‘Azza, 54
Moa’taz Qassem, 22
Mahmoud Eghneimat, 20
Mosab al-Ghazali, 26
Yihya Kreira, 20
Ahmad Kamil, 16
Dania Ershaid, 17
Sa’id al-Atrash, 20
Raed Jaradat, 22
Eyad Jaradat, 19
Ezzeddin Shakhdam, 17
Shadi Dweik, 22
Homam Sa’id, 23
Islam Obeid, 23
Nadim Eshqeirat, 52
Mahdi al-Mohtasib, 23
Farouq Seder, 19
Qassem Saba’na, 20
Ahmad Qneibi, 23
Ramadan Thawabta, 8 months
Mahmoud Nazzal, 18

Eitam Henkin, 30s
Naama Henkin, 30s
Nehemia Lavi, 23
Aaron Bennet, 24
Alon Govberg, 59
Richard Lakin, 76
Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 60
Haim Haviv, 78
Omri Levy, 19
Avraham Asher Hasano, 50

September 2015

Ahmad Khatatbeh, 24
Hadil al-Hashlamun, 18
Dia’ Talahma, 26
Riham Dawabsha, 27

Alexander Levlovitz, 64

August 2015

Sa’ed Dawabsha, 32
Anas Taha, 20
Rafiq at-Taj, 21
Mohammad ‘Amshah, 25
Amina Noqira, 77
Ahmad Noqira, 38
Bakr Noqira, 22
Abdul-Rahman Noqira, 21
Hasan Noqira, 45

July 2015

Mohammad al-Kasba, 17
Mohammad Alawna, 19
Falah Mariya, 53
Mohammad Latifa, 20
Mohammad al-Masri, 16
Laith al-Khaldi, 15
‘Ali Dawabsha, 1

June 2015

Ezzeddin Ghurra, 22
Hammad Romanim, 22
Abdullah Ghanayem, 22

Malachi Rosenfeld, 25
Danny Gonen, 25

May 2015

‘Umran Abu Dheim, 41
Mohammad Walid Lahham, 25

April 2015

Mohammad Karakra, 28
Ahmad Saqqa, 19
Ibrahim Esleih, 23
Ziad ‘Awad, 28
Ja’far ‘Awad, 22
‘Ali Ghannam, 17
Mahmoud Jheishah, 19
Muhammad Yihya, 19
Mohammad al-Atrash, 26

Shalom Sherki, 25

March 2015

‘Ali Safi, 20

February 2015

Tawfiq Abu Ryala, 34
Naji Abu Sabaleh, 21
Jihad al-J’afary, 19
Ahmad Najjar, 19

January 2015

Osama Abu Jundiyya, 18
Sami Zabadna, 47
Sami al-Ja’ar, 20
Ahmad al-‘Azzah, 18



December 2014

Imam Dweikat, 16
Ehab Sohweil, 15
Taiseer a-Sameiri, 34
Mahmoud ‘Adwan, 21
Ziad Abu Ein, 55

November 2014

Odai Abu al-Jamal, 21
Ghassan Abu al-Jamal, 28
Ibrahim al-‘Akari, 38
Fadel Halawa, 32
Mohammad Siyam, 15
Mohammad Jawabra, 19
Kheir Hamdan, 22
Maher al-Hashlamoun, 31

Almog Shiloni, 20
Jedan Assad, 38
Dalia Lemkus, 26
Avraham Goldberg, 68
Aryeh Kupinsky, 43
Kalman Levine, 55
Moshe Twersky, 60
Shalom Aharon Ba’adani, 17
Chaim Rothman, 55
Zidan Sif, 30

October 2014

Mohammad Abu Jarad, 4
Mu’taz Hijazi, 32
Ibrahim ‘Asaliyah, 20
Orwa Hammad, 14
Abdul-Rahman Shalloudi, 21
Baha’ Bader, 12
Arafat Tafesh, 29
Jamal ‘Abd a-Rahman Hamzah Abu Lebdeh, 50

Karen Mosquera, 22
Chaya Braun, under 1

September 2014

Abdullah Abu Aser, 23
Mohammad Abu Aser, 24
Ayman Abu Jibba, 23
Muhammad Khalil ‘Omar al-Ma’suwabi, 27
‘Amer Abu ‘Aisha, 32
Marwan Al Qawasmi, 29
Sama al-Ajuz, 2
Anas al-Hinnawi, 21
Haitham Samur, 24
Yousef Shalalfa, 10
‘Abd-Fattah Abu Salimah, 72
Issa al Qatari, 22
Rahaf Abu Jame’, 4
Mohammad ar-Reyati, 23
Mahmoud Eid, 23
Mohammad Sonnoqrot, 15
Nasser Abu Maraheel, 45
Fatima Abu ‘Amrah, 21
Bassem ‘Ajour, 59
Ziad Tareq ar-Reefy, 9

August 2014

Muhammad Nayef Muhammad Ja’abis, 19
Widad Abu Zeid, 64
‘Abdallah Tareq Ziad a-Rifi, 5
Yahya Abu Jaber, 44
Muhammad a-Shawish, 24
Mohammad a-Reyati, 18
Ahmad Jarboa’, 26
Yousef Ghannam, 21
Mohammad Abu Ajwa, 28
Hassan al-Khawas, 23
Shadi Oleiwa, 25
Salem Mohammaden, 23
Omar al-Breem, 16
Mohammad al-Breem, 13
Mohammad Thaher, 49
Tamer Hamad, 24
Ahmed Tanboura, 15
Amneh Tanboura, 13
Radad Tanboura, 36
Farhana al-‘Attar, 48
Sa’ed ‘Ajur, 21
Osama Shalfouh, 22
Osama Shbeir, 25
Ahmad Taysir Fahmi a-Dali, 28
Ahmad Hassan Salem Hijazi, 22
Bassem Hassan Salem Hijazi, 35
Hassan Hazem ‘Abd al-Hamid ‘Ashur, 16
Nidal Soheil Hamdan Badawi, 24
Muhammad ‘Issam Mustafa Judah, 7
Ousamah ‘Issam Mustafa Judah, 6
Raghad ‘Issam Mustafa Judah, 12
Rawyah Ibrahim Muhammad Judah, 43
Tasnim ‘Issam Mustafa Judah, 14
Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad a-Luqah, 21
Muhammad Tal’at Zaki al-Ghul, 30
Salah Jum’ah ‘Ayash Islim, 25
Yihya Mu’in Rushdi Abu Daqen, 25
Yassin al-Biltaji, 23
Mahmoud Ahmad Jum’ah al-‘Attar, 30
Adam Ahmad Muhammad Khattab, 26
Zeinah Bilal Sabri Abu Taqiyah, 1
Muhammad Wael ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Khudari, 16
Yihya ‘Omar Ibrahim Abu al-‘Imrin, 18
Badr a-Din Hashem ‘Amer Abu Mani’, 16
Suheir Abu Middin, 43
Hussein Ahmed, 7
Nisrin Ahmed, 38
Abdullah Abu Dahrouj, 3
Abdel-Hadi Abu Dahrouj, 1
Hayat Abu Dahrouj, 49
Hayel Abu Dahrouj, 28
Huda Abu Dahrouj, 27
Muhammad Saber Faraj al-‘Ajleh, 64
Mahmoud Ousamah Mahmoud Abu al-‘Imrin, 28
‘Abd a-Rahman Salem Muhammad Abu Hadayed, 25
Ibrahim Rashed Ahmad Barakeh, 43
Isma’il Muslem Hamad Abu Bteihan, 69
Yasin Hamed Jebril Abu Hamad, 22
Mahmoud Naser Mansur Qashlan, 23
‘Abd a-Rahman Sa’ed Muhammad Shaluf, 30
Ahmad Qassem Musa al-‘Abadleh, 58
Musa Ahmad Qassem al-‘Abadleh, 23
Iman Yunes Qassem a-Loh, 17
‘Aishah Isma’il Hassan ‘Atiyyah, 63
Muhammad Ibrahim Salah Abu Shamaleh, 40
Raed Subhi Ahmad al-‘Attar, 40
Muhammad Hamdan Muhammad Barhum, 45
Abdullah Kullab, 10
Ahmed Kullab, 17
Nazera Kullab, 41
Yousef Kullab, 15
Amal Younis, 53
Hasan Younis, 79
Siba Rami Hassan Yunes, 4
Bashir Ahmad Muhammad Abu Shreiteh, 26
Mahmoud Tal’at Ahmad Abu Shreiteh, 13
Husam ‘Abd Rabo Muhammad Abu Jaser, 45
‘Omar Taysir Ibrahim Abu Nada, 30
Jum’ah Ibrahim Salem Matar, 26
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad A’bbas, 41
‘Issam Muhammad Mahmoud al-Husni, 26
Ibrahim ‘Issam ‘Eid Hammad, 22
Marwan Muhammad Ibrahim Shaluf, 24
Hassan Srur Muhammad Tamburah, 13
Srur Muhammad Jamil Tamburah, 35
‘Omar Naser Ziad a-Rifi, 9
Ahmad Tareq Ziad a-Rifi, 3
Maram Tareq Ziad a-Rifi, 7
Muhammad Ziad ‘Abed a-Rifi, 28
Naser Ziad ‘Abed a-Rifi, 37
Hamdan Salem Muhammad Abu Hadayed, 44
‘Abd a-Rahim Talal Hassan a-Shweikh, 20
Salem Isma’il Salameh Abu Ghadayin, 24
Muhammad Hamdi ‘Abd a-Rahman Salem, 17
Rami Hamdi ‘Abd a-Rahman Salem, 20
Awsam Talal Sham’ah Tafesh, 43
‘Abdallah Rabo, 23
Ahmed Al-Louh, 21
Farah Al-Louh, 6
Maisara Al-Louh, 8
Mohammed Al-Louh, 21
Mustafa Al-Louh, 9
Nabila Al-Louh, 29
Nabilah’s son Raafat Mustafa a-Loh, under 1
Ra’fat Al-Louh, 31
Muhammad ‘Imad Haydar al-‘Abet, 15
Saher Muhammad Haydar al-‘Abet, 11
Mahmoud ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Muhammad al-Bura’I, 23
Haitham Ramadan Ibrahim al-‘Awour, 28
‘Abdallah Salah Muhammad Safi, 24
Zaki Suliman Hassan a-Ra’I, 55
Nur Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Basset Abu Hasireh, 3
Hani Yassin, 40
Mustafa Sufian Darwish Muheisen, 29
Sufian Darwish Muhammad Muheisen, 48
Ahmed al-Dalu, 19
Mustafa al-Dalu, 13
Wafa’ al-Dalu, 48
Ali Daif, under 1
Sara Daif, 2
Wedad Daif-Asfour, 27
‘Omar Muhammad ‘Awad Jarghon, 29
Khaled Mahmoud Khalil Abu Jlidan, 51
‘Ula Muhammad Ahmad Abu a-So’ud, 23
Jihad ‘Ali ‘Ali Abu Zeid, 60
Ibrahim Isma’il Ibrahim Abu ‘Odeh, 64
Dima ‘Abd al-Majid Muhammad Kallub, 27
Mahdiyeah Sa’id Hussein al-Mbayed, 87
Mazen Kamal Sa’id a-Dali, 35
Sa’eda Siyam, 42
Nazmi Hussein Musa Zo’rub, 36
Muhammad Ahmad Swelem a-Rumi, 22
Zakaria Musa Da’ud Sa’id, 22
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Atiyyah al-Masri, 14
Amani al-‘Abed Mahmoud Barakeh, 33
Anwar Ahmad Mustafa a-Z’anin, 43
Saqer ‘Abdallah Fouad Rihan, 35
Raed Samir Mahmoud al-Halabi, 36
Khalil Muhammad Ahmad al-‘Anati, 10
Faraj Hussein Khamis Abu Rabi’, 45
Ihssan Mahrus Zakaria al-Agha, 20
Hassan Hussein Suliman Kaware’, 23
Zeinab Yusef ‘Issa Zaqut, 77
Zuhdi ‘Abd al-Hamid Abu a-Rus, 22
Mu’az ‘Azzam Zayed Abu Zayed, 37
Nidal Muhammad ‘Abd al-Majid Badran, 44
Tareq Ziad Jadallah, 24
Aya Anwar Khalil a-Sha’er, 12
Mahmoud Muhammad Ahmad al-Jurani, 32
Nader Muhammad Sa’di Abd al-Ghani Idris, 42
‘Abd al-Hakim Suliman Salameh al-Masder, 56
Muamen Akram ‘Ali al-Masder, 19
Muhammad Tamer ‘Adel Ibrahim al-‘Aidy, 27
Sa’id ‘Atef ‘Abd al-Hamid Tamraz, 26
Ibrahim Abu Khusa, 36
‘Iz a-Din Walid Muhammad Abu Sneimah, 12
Ahmad Na’im ‘Abd Rabo ‘Okal, 21
Ibrahim Zuheir Ibrahim a-Dawawseh, 10
Muhammad Ahmad Yusef Qatri, 18
Khaled ‘Atallah Muhammad Abu Sh’ar, 23
Mahmoud Khaled Musa Abu Hadaf, 15
Mahmoud Muhammad Saleh Abu Hadaf, 8
Suliman Samir Suliman Abu Hadaf, 19
Suleiman Madi, 53
Nadiah Fawzi Hussein Abu Hamad, 25
Munther Salman Suliman Qdeih, 23
Mahmoud Maher Nimer Hassan, 14
Muhammad Jum’ah Mahmoud a-Najar, 32
‘Udai Muhammad Qassem al-Astal, 22
Muhammad Helmi Ahmad al-‘Abadleh, 22
‘Awwad Mustafa ‘Awwad al-Qassas, 31
Rajab Ahmad Hassan Hamid, 55
Ousamah Hussein Khalil Lafy, 11
Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Abdallah Abu ‘Odeh, 25
Muhammad Subhi ‘Ayesh al-Masri, 21
Muhammad Jum’ah Saber Khalifah, 32
Jihad Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Jame’, 19
‘Omar Jum’ah Ahmad Abu Jamus, 23
Muhammad Harbi Muhammad Sheikh al-‘Eid, 37
Mahmoud Subhi Muhammad Farhat, 22
Nidal Raed Ghazi ‘Aleiwa, 11
‘Abd al-Karim Wael Yunes Shmali, 15
Raja Ahmad Darwish a-Sha’er, 49
Huzaifah Ahmad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu ‘Alayan, 19
Yunes ‘Eid Salameh Abu ‘Emran, 23
‘Izat Jneid, 18
Walid Tawfiq ‘Abd al-Hadi Darabiyah, 24
‘Amru Khader ‘Atiyyah Mohjez, 22
Muhammad Yihya ‘Ali al-Astal, 18
‘Abdallah Musa Hussein Mubarak, 50
Amal Uweida, 5
Mohammed Uweida, 13
Khaled Ziad Sa’id al-Hindi, 14
Hala ‘Omar ‘Ayadah Abu Mas’ud, under 1
Raghad ‘Omar ‘Ayadah Abu Mas’ud, 2
Ahmad Hammad Muhammad a-Dughmah, 30
Ahmad Anwar ‘Abd al-Qader al-Kurd, 27
Isma’il Muhammad Naser Ermelat, 19
Anas Sa’ed Ibrahim Sabuh, 22
Ashraf Mahmoud Suliman Mash’al, 28
Zaa’l Rizeq Salah Musleh, 53
Yusef Mu’amar Ibrahim al-Mughrabi, 23
Muhammad Sabri Mustafa ‘Atallah, 20
Salah al-Ghouti, 22
‘Iz a-Din Ghazi Hassan Ta’imah, 19
Thaer Majdi Hamed Abu Jazar, 22
Diaa’ A-Din Muhammad ‘Awad al-Madhun, 23
Ahmad Khader Hassan Banat, 19
Zaher Muhammad Khalil al-Anqah, 24
Suliman Muhammad ‘Ali M’aruf, 24
Ahmad Khaled Jalal Muqat, 25
Hamadah Khaled Jalal Muqat, 29
Fayez Abu Hamad, 33
Mahmoud al-Lahham, 25
Ahmad al-Astal, 25
Sumayah ‘Abed Hamad Dheir, 52
Karam Mahrus Hmeidan Khattab, 26
Wadi’ah Muhammad Kheir Sa’id a-Zein, 29
Maryam Muhammad Muhammad Abu Jalalah, 24
Hamam Muhammad Safa Abu Shiban, 10
Muhammad Jam’an Ahmad Haneideq, 65
Asil al-Bakri, 7
Asma’ al-Bakri, under 1
Ibtisam al-Bakri, 37
Kamal al-Bakri, 3
Ramadan al-Bakri, 33
Ibrahim al-Mashharawi, 30
Radyah Zayed Suliman Abu ‘Emran, 48
Ahmad Kamal ‘Abed a-Nahal, 25
Yusef Akram Saleh a-Skafi, 15
‘Amru Tareq Sa’id Abu a-Rus, 15
Ahmad Khaled ‘Ali Abu Harbah, 14
Hazem ‘Abd al-Basset ‘Abd al-Fatah Abu Hilal, 24
Tareq Ziad Suliman Abu Khatlah, 9
Aya Muhammad Ghanem Abu Rejel, 3
Munther Muhammad Ghanem Abu Rejel, 5
Saqer Bassam Suliman al-Kashef, 7
Isma’il Samir Suliman Shaluf, 16
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Abu Hin, 32
Abdel-Razeq al-Majdalawi, 18
Abdullah al-Majdalawi, 13
Mahmoud Al Majdalawi, 7
Rawan Al Majdalawi, 8
Hatem Wahdan, 51
Jamila Wahdan, 27
Nour Wahdan, 3
Sanioura Wahdan, 21
Ilham Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Okal, 33
Mahmoud Muhammad Na’im ‘Okal, 9
Turkiyyah Mahmoud ‘Alian ‘Okal, 65
Muhammad As’ad Muhammad Hijazi, 17
Rashad Ahmad Rashad a-Najar, 26
Rami Naji Mahmoud Abu Daqah, 27
‘Issam Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Salah, 19
Muhammad Sa’id Muhammad Fseifes, 27
Ghaliah al-‘Abed Ahmad Abu Raidah, 73
Nader Muhammad Shehadeh Abu Shria’h, 30
Tareq ‘Eid Salameh Abu Mashi, 11
Zeinab Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Teir, 77
Ahmad Hussein ‘Abd a-Ra’uf al-Mabhuh, 33
Maher Khalil Ibrahim Nofal, 42
Muhammad Zaki Ibrahim al-Hur, 36
Muhammad ‘Izu Muhammad Sheldan, 30
Nur a-Din Khalil Muhammad al-‘Akar, 22
Nasrallah Yusef Sa’id al-Masri, 21
Salah a-Din Maher ‘Ali Abu Sabhah, 23
‘Awad Ghanem Suliman al-Masri, 42
‘Alaa Naser Khalil Abu Rjeilah, 26
Fadi ‘Abd al-Karim Hamdan Madi, 22
Taysir Fathi Jum’ah Sleih, 20
Amani Fadel Salem Abu Jazar, 22
Firas Muhammad ‘Awwad Abu Jazar, 2
Maria Muhammad ‘Awwad Abu Jazar, 1
Basel Walid Hussein a-Tala’a, 24
‘Abdallah Soheil Abu Shawish, 22
Khitam Jum’ah Turban a-Shalalfeh, 39
Muhammad Ajmi’an Turban a-Shalalfeh, 42
Khalil Muhammad Ramadan Abu Dba’, 43
Munir Khalil Muhammad Abu Dba’, 16
Muhammad Sa’di ‘Abd al-Fatah Ahmad, 34
Qassem Mahmoud Ahmad Qassem, 29
Ayman Nabil Muhammad a-Sha’er, 18
Salam Naser Salim Jbarah, 61
‘Ahed Sa’id Mahmoud Bader, 20
Fares Ahmad Hussein Dawood, 23
‘Issa Muhammad ‘Issa a-Sha’er, 22
Saed Mahmoud Muhammad al-Lahwani, 23
Saaeb Sayed Khader al-Batsh, 22
‘Issa Muhammad Ibrahim Jneid, 23
Mahmoud Khader Ragheb Qishtah, 24
Mahmoud Ahmad Suliman Rjeilah, 25
Muhammad Ahmad Suliman Rjeileh, 25
Suliman Salim Salman a-Najar, 78
‘Abd al-Hai Salameh Suliman al-Qreinawi, 48
Asmaa Isma’il Muhammad Jum’ah al-Ghul, 22
Bilal Wael Isma’il al-Ghul, 5
Hanadi Isma’il Muhammad Jum’ah al-Ghul, 28
Isma’il Wael Isma’il al-Ghul, 13
Isma’il Muhammad Jum’ah Ibrahim al-Ghul, 63
Khadrah Khaled Ibrahim al-Ghul, 64
Malak Wael Isma’il al-Ghul, 5
Muhammad Isma’il Muhammad Jum’ah al-Ghul, 33
Mustafa Wael Isma’il al-Ghul, under 1
Wael Isma’il Muhammad Jum’ah al-Ghul, 41
Abdel-Karim Abu Nijm-Al Masri, 92
Ahmad Abu Nijm-Al Masri, 17
Bilal Abu Nijm-Al Masri, 26
Mohammed Abu Nijm-Al Masri, 20
Mohammed Abu Nijm-Al Masri, 54
Abdel-Nasser Al Ajouri, 26
Danial Mansour, 41
Raghad Abu Nijm-Al Masri, 3
Soha Abu Nijm-Al Masri, 29
Shaima’ Qasim, 14
Hazem Khaled ‘Abd al-Mu’ti ‘Aweidah, 21
Ahmad Tal’at Muhammad Khalil a-Loh, 23
Rimas Salem Mahmoud al-‘Attar, 4
‘Atwah Suliman ‘Ali Khattab, 63
Amirah Ahmad ‘Ali Khatab, 54
Dalia ‘Atwah Suliman Khattab, 15
Muhammad ‘Atwah Suliman Khattab, 26
Nivin Suliman Salameh Khattab, 29
Safaa ‘Atwah Suliman Khattab, 21
Suliman ‘Atwah Suliman Khattab, 23
Mahmoud ‘Abdallah Ahmad a-Sharafi, 25
Najah Rajab Mahmoud a-Sharafi, 48
Rajab ‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad a-Sharafi, 9
‘Abir Sa’id Sha’ban Abu ‘Arab, 42
Maryam Hassan ‘Ali Abu Jazar, 87
Ahmad Rami Muhammad Abu Suliman, 2
Fidaa Yusef Muhammad Abu Suliman, 29
Hibah Hassan ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Suliman, 33
Jannah Rami Muhammad Abu Suliman, 3
Lama Rami Muhammad Abu Suliman, 3
Muhammad Rami Muhammad Abu Suliman, 9
Rana Raed Muhammad Abu Suliman, 10
Ayman Yasser Ahmad ‘Abd al-Wahab, 13
Haitham Yasser Ahmad ‘Abd al-Wahab, 15
Lama Yasser Ahmad ‘Abd al-Wahab, 9
Muhammad Yasser Ahmad ‘Abd al-Wahab, 2
Nihaya Sa’di ‘Issa ‘Abd al-Wahab, 35
‘Atef Sa’di ‘Issa a-Sha’er, 47
‘Issa Sa’di ‘Issa a-Sha’er, 45
Hani Sa’di ‘Issa a-Sha’er, 33
Muhammad ‘Issa Isma’il a-Sha’er, 57
Dawood Zakaria Dawood Suliman, 54
‘Aliyyah Hussein Muhammad Qanan, 112
‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad Swelem a-Rumi, 19
Ahmad Swelem Salameh a-Rumi, 51
Amin Ahmad Swelem a-Rumi, 13
Sumoud Ahmad Swelem a-Rumi, 5
Khaled Marwan ‘Ata Laqan, 24
Muhammad ‘Omar Ahmad Saleh, 17
So’ud Mahmoud Isma’il Hasunah, 56
Fouad Muhammad Mahmoud a-Daddah, 28
Aziza Al-Mahmoum, 49
Hani Al-Mahmoum, 23
Wafa’ Al-Mahmoum, 24
Yahia Al-Mahmoum, 13
Muhammad Mahmoud Rizeq Abu Taha, 12
Rizeq Isma’il ‘Ali Abu Taha, under 1
Sa’diyah Rizeq ‘Abd a-Razeq Abu Taha, 40
Yusef Mahmoud Rizeq Abu Taha, 9
Ghadir Muhammad Suliman al-‘Arjani, 23
Hakmeh ‘Awwad ‘Odeh al-‘Arjani, 26
Muhammad Suliman ‘Amira al-‘Arjani, 48
Ziad Muhammad Suliman al-‘Arjani, 28
Hazem Muhammad Suliman Abu Muhsin, 23
Muhammad Nidal Yusef Abu Muhsin, 17
Yihya Yusef ‘Ali Abu Muhsin, 30
Husam Anwar Ahmad Abu Nqeirah, 17
Bader Anwar Khalil a-Sha’er, 17
Ibrahim Talal Shehdeh Kaware’, 28
Jum’ah ‘Abdallah Jum’ah Islim, 34
Tawfiq Khalil Muhammad Islim, 19
Hamdi Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Ayad, 58
Shadi Hamdi Muhammad ‘Ayad, 25
Sa’id ‘Awni Judah M’aruf, 33
Luay Rizeq al-‘Abed Shehadeh, 35
Wael Nihad ‘Amer a-Sayed, 23
‘Amru Tareq Hassan Qandil, 17
Muhammad Taysir Hassan Qandil, 19
Muhammad Mahmoud Rizeq Abu Taha, 12
Rizeq Isma’il ‘Ali Abu Taha, under 1
Sa’diyah Rizeq ‘Abd a-Razeq Abu Taha, 40
Yusef Mahmoud Rizeq Abu Taha, 9
‘Abdallah Na’im Hassan Qishtah, 17
Muhammad Mus’ad ‘Abed Qishtah, 38
‘Alaa Myasarah Mahmoud al-Masri, 24
Salah Mahmoud Ahmad al-Masri, 42
Ahmad Shteiwi Hamdan Qishtah, 19
Muhammad Hassan Mahmoud Qishtah, 21
Ahmad Fathi Ibrahim ‘Eitah, 7
Ibrahim Fathi Ibrahim ‘Eitah, 9
Muhammad Fathi Ibrahim ‘Eitah, 5
‘Ula Bassam Muhammad a-Nayrab, 4
Arwa Mahmoud Ahmud a-Nayrab, 46
Duha Bassam Muhammad a-Nayrab, 14
Ibtesam Bassam Muhammad a-Nayrab, 12
Ibrahim Mahmoud Muhammad al-Mnirawi, 54
Nabil Hassan Muhammad a-Najar, 18
Ahmad Kamal Ibrahim Abu Teir, 18
Huzaifah Nazmi Ahmad Abu Teir, 30
Kamal Ibrahim Suliman Abu Teir, 46
Husam Yasin Musa Abu Nqeirah, 19
Musa Yasin Musa Abu Nqeirah, 21
‘Imad Nassim ‘Issa Seidam, 16
Abdel-Karim Abu Madi, 23
Amin Abu Madi, 10
Hala Abu Madi, under 1
Hasan Abu Madi, 17
Yousef Abu Madi, 68
Yousif Abu Madi, 6
Ahmad Hussein Salim al-Bahabsah, 47
Fawaz Hussein Salim al-Bahabsah, 50
Jum’ah Hussein Salim al-Bahabsah, 36
Muhammad Shu’eib Hussein al-Bahabsah, 15
Salameh Hussein Salim al-Bahabsah, 45
Salim Hussein Salim al-Bahabsah, 28
Nur Muhammad Shaker Abu ‘Aasi, under 1
Ahlam Nu’man Muhammad Siyam, 38
Rami Nasha’t Ghazi Siyam, 15
Rawan Nasha’t Ghazi Siyam, 8
‘Udai Raafat ‘Odeh Zo’rub, 13
Ahmad Mustafa ‘Abed Zo’rub, 15
Amir Raafat ‘Odeh Zo’rub, 15
Khaled Raafat ‘Odeh Zo’rub, 8
Mu’tasem Mustafa ‘Abed Zo’rub, 2
Muhammad Mustafa ‘Abed Zo’rub, 12
Raafat ‘Odeh Muhammad Zo’rub, 51
Sabha Mustafa Darwish Zo’rub, 66
Sanaa Nu’man Muhammad Zo’rub, 41
Shahd Raafat ‘Odeh Zo’rub, 10
Su’ad Nu’man Muhammad Zo’rub, 39
Walid Mustafa ‘Abed Zo’rub, 5
Imad a-Din Ahmad Shawqi Ahmad, 17
Muhammad Khaled Sa’di al-‘Aalul, 19
Nael Khaled Sa’di al-‘Aalul, 24
Ghadir Ibrahim Suliman Abu Rjeilah, 18
Ibrahim Mustafa Khalil Ghneim, 62
Nuha Jamal Yusef Ghneim, 19
Asil Saleh Hussein Abu Muhsin, 17
Bilal Bassam Najib Mash’al, 14
Abdel-Karim Balata, 1
Soheil Ibrahim Ramadan Shamalakh, 25
Fayez Tareq Fayez Yasin, 16
Hassan Isma’il Hassan Yasin, 32
Muhammad Nihad Muhammad Yasin, 24
Tareq Fayez Jum’ah Yasin, 39
Bilal Ahmad Suliman a-Najar, 21
Ousamah Samir Isma’il Abu al-‘Ula, 23
Shadi ‘Ali al-‘Abed Abu Teir, 20
Thaer Walid Shehdeh Abu Teir, 24
Khalil Taysir Khalil Qdeih, 23
Muhammad Kamal Salem Qdeih, 24
Ousamah Rajab Ibrahim Qdeih, 22
Ahmad Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Daqah, 29
Ibrahim Hamed Ahmad Barakah, 20
al-Hassan Bin ‘Ali Naji ‘Antar al-Agha, 24
Amir Salah a-Din Hussein a-Raqab, 20
Hassan Khaled Ibrahim a-Najar, 27
Kamel Muhammad Salem a-Najar, 62
Muhammad Suliman Hussein Banawi, 94
Mu’taz Husam Ahmad Abu Raidah, 25
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Mughrabi, 22
‘Imad Jawdat Muhammad Abu al-‘Ula, 21
‘Imad Hassan Salman Mhanna, 23
Shadi Muhammad Jum’ah Abu Daher, 26
Nur Saleh Salameh Abu Mashi, 26
Naser Suliman ‘Odeh Abu Sneimah, 61
Su’ad ‘Ali Muhammad al-Bahri, 73
Sama Nael Bassam al-Barawi, under 1
Safaa Hamad Sa’id Qishtah, 24
Fayzeh Harb Muhammad Abu Mor, 73
Raedah ‘Abd Rabo Musa Abu Khatlah, 40
Ahmad Hamdan ‘Ali al-Kashef, 25
Ahmad Isma’il Hassan al-Madhun, 23
Ahmad Muhammad Yusef Hasanein, 21
Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Hakim Dawood a-Zaqzuq, 22
Ibrahim Salameh Khalil Abu Jlidan, 30
Bilal Suliman Ibrahim Qdeih, 23
Jum’ah Salem ‘Atiyyah a-Tarabin, 25
Muhammad Ahmad Radwan Abu Sh’ar, 17
Ihmidan Suliman Salam Abu Breik, 75
Walid Tawfiq Hussein Ma’sud, 23
Ziad ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Jarghon, 26
Hussein Salem ‘Abd a-Rahman al-J’afri, 63
Yasser Yusef Hassan Abu Sa’id, 40
Yasser Mahmoud Ibrahim al-Kurd, 26
Yusef Nidal Muhammad Abu Rizeq, 20
Yihya ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Abd a-Rahim Lafy, 22
Muhammad Muhammad Tayyem Abu Laban, 49
Muhammad Zayed Salem al-Barim, 25
Muslem Shawqi Muslem a-Najar, 23
Nidal ‘Issa Ahmad a-Nahal, 23
Sami Nafel Salam Sheikh al-‘Eid, 42
Salah Ziad Musa, 29
Salameh Mahmoud Muhammad a-Zamli, 47
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Hamdan Abu Darb, 18
‘Abdallah Naser Khalil Fahjan, 20
‘Udai Nafez Fakhri Jaber, 19
‘Alaa Jamal ‘Ali Abu Shamaleh, 25
‘Ammar Ibrahim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Najar, 32
Raafat Jum’ah ‘Awwad Zo’rub, 40
Mohammed Arafat, under 1
Su’ad Al-Tarabin, 30
‘Itaf Al-Mahmoum, 30
Ubada Al-Mahmoum, under 1
Asma Al-Mahmoum, 16
Bisan Al-Mahmoum, 9
Dou’a Al-Mahmoum, 4
Hiba Al-Mahmoum, 7
Ibtisam Al-Mahmoum, 18
Iqzaya Al-Mahmoum, 36
Ibrahim Anwar Khalil a-Sha’er, 15
Usama Abu Sneima, 30
Ibrahim ‘Abdallah Muhammad Jarghon, 54
Rami Amin Jum’ah a-Sarfandi, 33
Jum’ah Hussein Musbah al-Hams, 26
Ahmad Hassan Subhi Khalifah, 31
‘Othman Fouad ‘Ali ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 18
Ahmad Ashraf Faiz ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 19
Asil Sufian Faruk Gheith, 3
Faruk ‘Awwad Salam Gheith, 55
Hanan ‘Abd a-Latif Dakhlallah Gheith, 46
Sufian Faruk ‘Awwad Gheith, 30
Amneh Saber Muhammad a-Zamli, 40
Salameh Mahmoud Muhammad a-Zamli, 47
Musa Ibrahim Muhammad Jazar, 40
Yusra Muhammad Salman Jazar, 43
Ayman ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Sha’ban a-Sheikh, 25
Ghassan Sa’dallah ‘Abd al-Wahed Abu ‘Aathrah, 20
Muhammad Ziad Salman al-Hamaydah, 19
Hamzah Khaled Islim al-Qadi, 21
Muhammad Khamis Yusef Hamdan, 21
Ahmad Ibrahim Suliman a-Nims, 19
Muhammad Ibrahim Suliman a-Nims, 20
Maher Jum’ah Salman Abu Rizeq, 26
Raed Mahmoud Shreiqi Abu Shaluf, 26
‘Abdallah Faiz Muhammad Barhum, 20
Harbi Muhammad ‘Ayadah Sheikh al-‘Eid, 63
Hamzah Muhammad Suliman Abu Susein, 30
Yusef Jalal Dib Barakat, 21
Jihad Hani ‘Abd al-Hadi Dheir, 18
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hadi Muhammad Dheir, 33
Bilal Suliman Khader a-Lulahi, 17
‘Abd al-Hai Muhammad Musa Abu ‘Adwan, 36
Yasser Zaki Madi Abu Madi, 21
‘Abd al-Karim Salah ‘Abd al-Qader al-Ghazawi, 29
Fadi Naser Isma’il al-Qawasmeh, 16
‘Omar Shaker Rashad Barbakh, 15
‘Abd a-Razeq Hussein Salameh a-Tarabin, 18
Fayzeh Jermi ‘Atiyyah a-Tarabin, 44
Hussein Salameh Sweilem a-Tarabin, 66
Maryam Hussein Salameh a-Tarabin, 21
Ahmad Ibrahim Suliman al-Masri, 18
Diaa’ Ibrahim Suliman al-Masri, 32
Hamdi Yusef ‘Alian al-Masri, 46
Ibrahim Suliman Ibrahim al-Masri, 5
Ibrahim Suliman ‘Alian al-Masri, 56
Khaled Suliman Ibrahim al-Masri, 2
Najiyah Yusef ‘Alian al-Masri, 54
Wajih Muhammad Wajih Sha’th, 24
Salman Mahmoud Ahmad a-Najar, 65
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Abdallah a-Nayrab, 66
Mahmoud Ahmad Muhammad a-Nayrab, 10
Muamen Ahmad Muhammad a-Nayrab, 6
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad a-Nayrab, 13
Soheila Ahmad Mahmoud a-Nayrab, 38
Ibrahim Ahmad Ibrahim a-Najar, 15
Sweilem Mhawesh Suliman Al-Hashash, 57
Yusef Jaber Hassan Darabiyah, 27
‘Abd al-Karim Ibrahim Ahmad Sheikh al-‘Eid, 1
Aya Ibrahim Ahmad Sheikh al-‘Eid, 4
Du’aa Ibrahim Mahmoud Sheikh al-‘Eid, 23
Hazem Ahmad ‘Abdallah Sheikh al-‘Eid, 24
Ibrahim Ahmad ‘Abdallah Sheikh al-‘Eid, 25
Khalil Ibrahim Ahmad Sheikh al-‘Eid, 2
Mahmoud Ahmad ‘Abdallah Sheikh al-‘Eid, 23
Yusef Ajmi’an Nasrallah Sheikh al-‘Eid, 33
Yusef Ahmad ‘Abdallah Sheikh al-‘Eid, 28
‘Atef Saleh Ibrahim Sheikh al-‘Eid (al-Zamli), 42
Anas Ibrahim Hamdan Ben Hammad, 4
‘Abdallah ‘Awad ‘Abed al-Barim, 23
Maysoun Raafat Salman al-Barim, 7
Muhammad Salman al-‘Abed al-Barim, 25
Husam Salman Rida al-Madni, 18
Sami Salman Rida al-Madni, 20
Raed ‘Abd a-Latif ‘Abed al-Qara, 39
Ranin ‘Ali ‘Abdallah al-Qara, 14
Bassam Madi, 32
Hala Madi, 3
Iman Madi, 31
Jana Madi, 1
Yousif Madi, 1
Angham Sharif Yusef a-Namlah, 10
Walaa Jamal Muhammad a-Namlah, 23
Yusef Sharif Yusef a-Namlah, 24
Saher Talal ‘Odeh Abu Muhsin, 23
Sharif Musa ‘Odeh Abu Muhsin, 30
Jihad Suliman Zayed ‘Umran, 12
Fidiyyah Hmeidan Hammad Abu ‘Emran, 77
Hilal ‘Eid Salameh Abu ‘Emran, 20
Mousa Hamad Abu Amran, 47
Tamer Faraj Muhammad Qab, 20
Abdul-Rahman al-Farra, 8
Abdul-Malek al-Farra, 59
Awatef al-Farra, 30
Emad al-Farra, 28
Lujain al-Farra, 4
Mohammad al-Farra, 12
Nadine al-Farra, 15
Osama al-Farra, 34
Yara al-Farra, 8

Netanel Maman, 21
Ze’ev Etzion, 55
Shahar Melamed, 43
Daniel Tregerman, 4
Avraham Walles, 29
Shahar Shalev, 20
Liel Gidoni, 20
Hadar Goldin, 23
Benaya Sarel, 26

July 2014

Ahmad Husam Mustafa ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, 21
Bilal ‘Abd a-Naser ‘Abd al-Hadi Abu Mahadi, 21
Muhammad Nabil Muhammad al-‘Ashi, 19
Salam Maher Muhyi a-Din al-Madhun, 22
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Hassan Daher, 20
Ibrahim Muhammad Rabi’ Hamdiya, 23
Saleh Bashir Muhammad Saleh Hamuda, 21
Muhammad ‘Ali Hassan Hawilah, 22
Khaled ‘Eid ‘Abd al-Mun’im Manun, 21
Bashir Hatem Isma’il Rayan, 21
Ahmad Nazmi A’bbas Sa’dah, 24
Muhammad Jamil Sa’id Abu Diyah, 24
Bashar Ziad ‘Awad Ahmad, 22
Khaled Talal Muhammad al-Hilu, 22
Hassan Muhammad Muhammad אל-הנדי, 24
Ahmad Salim Lafy ‘Abdin, 17
Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Karim Suliman a-Loh, 39
Ilham Yihya Khamis a-Loh, 26
Khaled Naser ‘Ali a-Loh, 45
Amal ‘Abd al-Karim Suliman al-Masri, 48
Ilham Abu Shouqa, 18
Labiba Abu Shouqa, 23
Malak Abu Shouqa, 1
Ne’ma Zaqout, 44
Abeer Al Assar, 23
Lama Al Assar, 6
Renad Al Assar, 2
Abeer al-Bayyoumi, 18
Hassan al-Bayyoumi, 13
Aseel al-Bayyoumi, 15
Hadil al-Bayyoumi, 13
Hasan Zaqqout, 21
Nariman Khalil Suliman al-Bshiti, 27
Siham Bashir Ahmad Sha’th, 22
Ahmad Bassem Mahmoud a-Loh, 22
Baraa Yusef Kamel Ibrahim, 17
Maher Ja’far Khalil Hajjaj, 54
Muhammad Yusef ‘Abed al-‘Abadleh, 21
Mahmoud ‘Abd Rabo Suliman Abu Daqah, 21
Mahmoud Muhammad Tawfiq Dahlan, 28
Suliman Sa’ed Suliman Barakeh, 30
‘Atef Soheil ‘Atef Qandil, 22
‘Aref Ahmad Muhammad Barakah, 48
‘Othman Fawzi Lafy ‘Abdin, 17
‘Atiyyah Salameh Mhawesh Al-Hashash, 68
Fadel Nader ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Maghari, 25
Hamzah Fayeq Ahmad al-Hadad, 20
Ibrahim Sa’ed Ahmad al-Hadad, 21
Hani ‘Abd al-Qader Nasrallah Abu Mustafa, 33
Naji ‘Abdallah ‘Abd a-Razeq Abu Mustafa, 30
Ashraf ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Mahmoud Abu Ta’imah, 45
Hanan Yusef Saleh Abu Ta’imah, 28
Majdi Muhammad Ahmad Fseifes, 33
Maher ‘Awwad Khamis a-Najar, 39
Mahmoud Fouad Khamis a-Najar, 21
Mahmoud ‘Adel Salim ‘Ashur, 17
Zaher Tawfiq Hammad Abu Maktumah, 34
Husam Raafat Muhammad Na’im, 15
Muhammad Raafat Muhammad Na’im, 21
Ramadan Manar Ramadan Abu Taha, 18
Kamal ‘Abd al-Karim Suliman a-Loh, 32
Maha ‘Abd a-Nabi Salim Abu Hilal, 33
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Hamad, 25
Muhammad ‘Ammar Bashir Shalat, 7
Saaeb Talal Muhammad al-‘Abadleh, 23
Samih Kamal Ahmad Abu al-Kheir, 51
‘Alaa Wael Muhammad ‘Aleiwa, 22
Mustafa Khaled Khatab a-Silk, 18
Yasser Yusef Salem Abu Dabagh, 19
Iman Mahmoud ‘Abdallah Qdeih, 41
Iftikhar Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Zari’I, 52
Asmaa ‘Abd al-Halim Suliman Abu al-Kas, 16
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Hassan Ibrahim Abu Hajras, 25
Jihad Salah Muhammad al-Barim, 27
Kamal Muhammad Ahmad al-Barim, 57
Muhammad Salman ‘Abd a-Latif al-Qara, 31
Hassan Ibrahim Muhammad Habush, 25
Muhammad Ya’qub Isma’il Suliman, 23
Husam Muhammad Faraj a-Najar, 32
Nael Naji Muhammad Abu M’awad, 19
Luay Rajab Muhammad Abu Zeinah, 28
Sha’ban ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Sha’ban al-Jamal, 24
Muhammad Wisam Kamel Dardunah, 31
‘Awad Mustafa ‘Awad Ghneim, 30
‘Alaa Judy ‘Abd a-Rahman Khader, 24
Mansur Muhammad Sha’ban Nabhan, 31
Mu’taz Amin Muhammad al-Baz, 16
Muhammad Taleb Muhammad ‘Assaf, 7
Sujud ‘Abd al-Hakim Muhammad ‘Alwan, 11
Mahdiyah Suliman Naser a-Raqab, 68
Shaymaa Ibrahim Jamal a-Sheikh ‘Ali, under 1
Isma’il Bassam Khalil al-Qassas, 27
‘Ali Ahmad Khaled Shahin, 15
Walid Shehdeh Marzuq Abu Mu’amar, 50
Hamdi Sa’di ‘Othman Abu Zor, 49
Muhammad Taysir Nazmi Abu Haza’, 25
Muhammad Taysir Sa’id Sababah, 22
‘Ahed ‘Afif Yusef Zaqut, 49
‘Udai Yihya Zaki Jneid, 19
‘Omar ‘Awad ‘Abed al-Barim, 19
‘Alaa ‘Abd al-Karim Jaber al-Qara, 24
‘Ali ‘Abd al-Majid ‘Ali al-Astal, 28
‘Ammar Suliman ‘Ali al-Musaddar, 30
Farid Shawqi Muhammad Jneid, 31
Ramadan Muhammad Ramadan Abu Jazar, 23
Anwar ‘Adel Marzuq Abu Naser, 18
Isma’il Walid Muhammad Abu Teir, 18
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim a-Silk, 2
‘Abd al-Halim Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim a-Silk, 5
‘Abd al-Karim Hussein Muhammad a-Silk, 69
‘Alaa ‘Abd al-Karim Hussein a-Silk, 44
‘Ula Jalal ‘Abd al-Karim a-Silk, 8
Layan Nael Yusef a-Silk, 3
Lina ‘Alaa ‘Abd al-Karim a-Silk, 8
Malak Jalal ‘Abd al-Karim a-Silk, 6
Umniyah Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim a-Silk, 7
‘Abd al-Jalil Muhammad Kamel Abu Shadaq, 41
Jamal Shehdeh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu Shadaq, 41
Mayar Jamal Jaber Abu Musbih, 9
Samir Zakaria Muhammad Karim, 24
Zakaria Muhammad Hassan Karim, 49
Fares Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Abu Siyam, 11
‘Omar Faiz Ahmad Abu ‘Alayan, 20
‘Issam Ahmad Muhammad Barakeh, 24
‘Ali Mahmoud ‘Ali al-Astal, 22
‘Iz a-Din Muhammad Jaber al-Astal, 19
‘Odeh Ahmad ‘Ali al-Astal, 23
Ahmad Ibrahim ‘Ali al-Astal, 22
Ahmad Mahmoud Suliman al-Astal, 28
Khaled Salim Muhammad al-Astal, 23
Khalil Ibrahim ‘Ali al-Astal, 21
Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad al-Astal, 24
Muhammad Salim Muhammad al-Astal, 24
Ramzi Ibrahim ‘Ali al-Astal, 19
‘Abd al-Jalil Jihad ‘Arafat ‘Abd a-Dayem, 21
Jihad ‘Arafat Muhammad ‘Abd a-Dayem, 48
Bassem Khalad Ahmad a-Najar, 42
Shaher Khaled Ahmad a-Najar, 54
Sa’id Mustafa Ahmad Abu Jalalah, 46
‘Abdallah Midhat Ahmad al-‘Aamudi, 18
Bilal Midhat Ahmad al-‘Aamudi, 26
Midhat Ahmad Shehadeh al-‘Aamudi, 53
Luay Talal Khamis al-Feiri, 33
‘Issam Jaber Mustafa al-Khatib, 27
Rami ‘Ali Muhammad Barakat, 36
Muhammad Musa Muhammad Ghaben, 32
Muhammad Harb Hassan Ghaben, 27
Taysir Hassan Ibrahim Hammad, 56
‘Adel ‘Abdallah Mahmoud Kamar, 51
Alaa Khader Ramadan Salman, 17
Ibrahim Muhammad Khader Salman, 40
Ramadan Khader Ramadan Salman, 23
Ousamah Muhammad Muhammad Sihweil, 16
Ibrahim Mustafa Ibrahim Abu Hijazi, 78
Maryam Ahmad Muhammad Abu Hijazi, 75
Zeinab Mahmoud Ahmad Abu Jazar, 52
Isma’il Mahmoud Isma’il al-Ghalban, 18
Subhiya Ibrahim Mustafa al-Ghalban, 51
Salah Musa Ibrahim Hijazi, 13
Yihya Jamal Musa Shabat, 29
Muhammad Talal Hassan al-Masri, 26
Muhammad ‘Izzat Salem Abu Sawireh, 35
Meyasar Muhammad Mhareb a-T’aban, 34
‘Ahed ‘Abd Rabo Khalil a-Dahduh, 31
Muhammad Nur a-Din Mustafa a-Diri, 22
Luay Fayez Mahmoud al-‘Arkan, 27
Sameh Muhammad Mahmoud al-‘Aryan, 29
‘Abd a-Razeq Ibrahim Hassan al-Baltaji, 58
‘Ahed Ziad Badawi al-Gharabli, 23
Rami Kamal ‘Arafat Daher, 32
Mu’taz Bassam Salem Dib, 18
Sa’di Sa’di Khaled Faraj, 20
Muhammad Mazen Musa Fuda, 18
Haitham Mahfuz Hashem Kashku, 25
‘Alaa Muhammad Dib Rajab, 19
Mahmoud Muhammad Radwan Rajab, 19
Rami Fathi Hussein Rayan, 25
Mu’az Khaled Muhammad Tayeh, 19
Sharif Mahmoud Matar Totah, 22
‘Imad ‘Ali Muhammad ‘Asfur, 37
‘Ali Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu ‘Anza, 27
Ahmad ‘Abdallah Musa Abu ‘Anza, 42
Ahmad Khalil ‘Abd al-Karim Abu ‘Anza, 32
Shadi ‘Abdallah Musa Abu ‘Anza, 38
Muhammad Suliman Mahmoud Barakeh, 53
Ahmad Mahmoud ‘Atallah al-Khalili, 28
Ashraf Mahmoud ‘Atallah al-Khalili, 33
Aya Muhammad Yusef al-Khalili, 23
Dima Ashraf Mahmoud al-Khalili, 4
Lama Ahmad Mahmoud al-Khalili, 3
Mahmoud Ashraf Mahmoud al-Khalili, 7
Nidaa Ziad Ahmad al-Khalili, 27
Ziad Ashraf Mahmoud al-Khalili, 2
Ibrahim Yusef Ahmad al-Astal, 35
‘Abdallah Faiz Ibrahim Fayad, 23
Suhayb Saleh ‘Odeh Salameh, 22
Karam Abu Zied, under 1
‘Ata Muhammad ‘Ata a-Najar, 28
‘Issam Muhammad ‘Ata a-Najar, 23
Fawziya Al-Najjar, 81
Hamad Al-Najjar, 23
Ibtesam ‘Abd a-Sami’ Harb a-Najar, 20
Jehad al-Najjar, 25
Khaled ‘Omar Hamed a-Najar, 21
Maysa Al-Najjar, 18
Muhammad Zaki Hassan a-Najar, 29
Muhammad ‘Ata Muhammad a-Najar, 2
Muhammad ‘Ata Mahmoud a-Najar, 48
Mona Al-Najjar, under 1
Mona Al-Najjar, 42
Rafif ‘Ata Muhammad a-Najar, 3
Samaa Muhammad ‘Ata a-Najar, 14
Aya Abu Sitta, 23
‘Alaa ‘Abd Rabo, 29
Barakeh Ibrahim Hassan ‘Abd Rabo, 50
Ibrahim ‘Abd Rabo, 20
Jamal ‘Abd Rabo, 1
Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo, 24
Rahaf ‘Abd Rabo, 3
Aya al-Batsh, 11
Halimah al-Batsh, 77
Hanin Hamuda, 13
Kaenat Hamuda, 39
Majedah Hamuda, 50
Muhammad Msallam, 26
Baraa Suliman, 6
Halimah Suliman, 1
Nihad Suliman, 38
‘Izat Salameh Mahmoud Dheir, 23
‘Omar Salameh Mahmoud Dheir, 37
‘Ula Mahmoud Salameh Dheir, 18
Arwa Mahmoud Salameh Dheir, 16
Ghaidaa ‘Omar Salameh Dheir, 7
Jamalat Mahmoud Muhammad Dheir, 40
Mahmoud Salameh Mahmoud Dheir, 46
Mariah ‘Omar Salameh Dheir, 11
Muamen ‘Omar Salameh Dheir, 8
Muhammad Mahmoud Salameh Dheir, 7
Muhammad ‘Omar Salameh Dheir, 10
Rim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Muhammad Dheir, 31
Salameh Mahmoud Salameh Dheir, 12
Shuruq Mahmoud Salameh Dheir, 20
Tasnim Muhammad Salameh Dheir, 3
Turkiyyah Khalil Hamed Dheir, 66
Wafa ‘Abd a-Razeq ‘Eid Dheir, 29
Yamen ‘Omar Salameh Dheir, 5
Yasmin Ahmad Hammad Dheir, 24
Aya Al-Najjar, 19
Dua’ Al-Najjar, 17
Jamil Al-Najjar, 47
Layali Al-Najjar, 3
Mohammed Al-Najjar, 12
Wael Al-Najjar, 25
Wala’ Al-Najjar, 22
Aya Sami Anwar a-Ramlawi, 9
Imad Abu Amer, 9
Issa Abu Amer, 7
Ez Ad-Din Abu Amer, 5
Omar Abu Amer, 12
‘Orouba Abu Amer, 41
Abdel-Ghani Abu Amer, 10
Ahmed Abu Amer, 35
Ahmed Abu Amer, 40
Marah Abu Amer, 10
Marwa Abu Amer, 5
Mohammed Abu Amer, 19
Mohammed Abu Amer, 11
Mona Abu Amer, 35
Suleiman Abu Amer, 3
Waddah Abu Amer, 39
Yasser Abu Amer, 8
Ahmad Faiz Ahmad Breikah, 31
Basemah Salem Salim Breikah, 35
Jana Ahmad Faiz Breikah, 2
Lama Ahmad Faiz Breikah, 1
Ousamah Faiz Ahmad Breikah, 16
Subhiya Muanis Mahmoud Breikah, 58
Ahmad Marzuq Nadi M’amer, 32
Hala Ahmad Marzuq M’amer, 2
Hend Marzuq Nadi M’amer, 30
Yazan Ahmad Marzuq M’amer, 3
Ahmad ‘Ali Muhammad Faruna, 23
Alaa’ Balata, 14
Dua’ Balata, 22
Hadil Balata, 17
Hana’ Balata, 19
Isra Balata, 13
Meriam Balata, 24
Na’im Balatah, 45
Sahar Balata, 39
Wafa’ Balata, 21
Yahia Balata, 8
Ahmad ‘Omar Sa’id ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 23
‘Aishah Hamdan Muhammad a-Sa’ud, 23
Tuqa Salah Khalil Abu ‘Issa, under 1
Ayman Salah Sa’id Abu ‘On, 25
Ahmad Hamdan Muhammad Abu Jaber, 36
Anwaar Muhammad Salem Abu Jaber, 25
Anwar Muhammad Salem Abu Jaber, 35
Dina Hamdan Muhammad Abu Jaber, 25
Faddah Ghanam Hassan Abu Jaber, 60
Fadel Hamdan Muhammad Abu Jaber, 19
Hala Ahmad Hamdan Abu Jaber, 4
Hamdan Muhammad Suliman Abu Jaber, 77
Jaber Hamdan Muhammad Abu Jaber, 26
Leen Anwar Muhammad Abu Jaber, 3
Lina Kifah Mahmoud Abu Jaber, 22
Muhammad Raed Muhammad Abu Jaber, 3
Salma Anwar Muhammad Abu Jaber, 1
Sama Raed Muhammad Abu Jaber, 1
Sumayah ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Abu Jaber, 32
Ibrahim Mu’tasem Muhammad Kallub, 4
Riham Taysir Salameh Abu Mashi, 11
Tahrir Naser Ahmad Jaber, 11
Kholud Muhammad Isma’il Hamu, 45
Nada ‘Izu Fayeq al-Ja’el, 2
Nur ‘Izu Fayeq al-Ja’el, 5
Soheila ‘Abd al-Qader Muhammad al-Ja’el, 67
Fatimah Muhammad Nimer Abu ‘Arar, 26
Ahmad ‘Ali Muhammad Farwaneh, 23
Iyad Radi Zaki Abu Raidah, 27
Bassel al-Baysouni, 37
Jamal Lafi, 50
Jam’an ‘Odeh Jam’an Abu Shaluf, 20
Hussein Muhammad Khalil Abu Rizeq, 36
Muamen Ahmad Muhammad al-Barsh, 19
Mahmoud Muhammad Hammad Hammad, 78
Soheil Hussein ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Abd Rabo, 35
Suleiman al-Hishash, 29
‘Ammar Shu’eib ‘Abd Rabo al-‘Adini, 30
Rami Suliman Marzuq al-‘Attar, 26
Ibrahim Karim ‘Abdallah a-Smeiri, 9
Muhammad Karim ‘Abdallah a-Smeiri, 12
Ahmad Hassan Mustafa al-Agha, 54
Mustafa Ahmad Hassan al-Agha, 30
Ayman Samir Muhammad Qishtah, 30
Isma’il Shahin Isma’il Shahin, 27
‘Ula Bahaa a-Din Kamel Gharib, 17
Bahaa a-Din Kamel Muhammad Gharib, 58
Hussein Yasser Mahmoud Abu Saqer, 16
Ahmad Abu Hamad, 31
Muhammad Mustafa Isma’il Abu Hamad, 14
Muhammad Shawqi Mustafa Abu Hamad, 26
Muhannad Ashraf Isma’il al-Qara, 17
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Satart Muhammad al-‘Abadleh, 21
Fahed Mahmoud Jaber al-Agha, 24
Ahmad Mahmoud Yasin al-Majaydeh, 24
‘Ali Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Ma’ruf, 23
Mus’ab Ahmad Musa Isleih, 17
Bilal Ahmad Sa’id Al-Hashash, 23
Hanaa ‘Ali Jaber Al-Hashash, 46
Ibrahim Ahmad Sa’id Al-Hashash, 15
Ma’sud Ahmad Sa’id Al-Hashash, 19
Muhammad Musa Muslem Al-Hashash, 19
Muhammad Ahmad Sa’id Al-Hashash, 18
Sa’id Ahmad Sa’id Al-Hashash, 20
Ahmad Muhammad Muhammad Ahmad, 51
Farid Muhammad Muhammad Ahmad, 50
Jud Yusef Ibrahim Abu ‘Eida, under 1
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Naser Muhammad ‘Ali al-Ghandur, 15
Bashir Ibrahim Muhammad al-Hajar, 48
Munir Ibrahim Muhammad al-Hajar, 38
‘Ayidah ‘Iz a-Din ‘Omar ‘Abd a-Ghafur, 20
Sarah Ahmad Sedqi ‘Abd a-Ghafur, 1
Siham Raji Khalil a-Najar, 45
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Ali al-Qayed, 11
Maryam Ahmad Khalil ‘Abd Rabo, 67
Zaher Mahmoud Sa’ed a-Najar, 7
Ahmad Muhammad Sa’ed Baker, 19
Musa ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Abu Sawawin, 44
‘Aishah Salameh ‘Abd al-Karim Abu ‘Eid, 26
‘Udai Raafat Muslem Abu al-Kheir, 13
‘Imad Faiz Suliman Qdeih, 24
‘Alaa Jihad Ahmad a-Sghayer, 20
‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Aqilan Hassan Abu Shamaleh, 72
Anis ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Aqilan Abu Shamaleh, 50
Muhammad Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Shamaleh, 7
Jana Abu Khusa, under 1
Mohammed Abu Khusa, 1
Rital Abu Khusa, under 1
Sabah Abu Khusa, 50
Sabrin Abu Khusa, 32
Shahed Abu Khusa, 9
Yazan Abu Khusa, 4
Muhammad ‘Imad Ibrahim Abu Hamadah, 21
Marwan Khalil Jebril Jebril, 40
Shamma Abu Zeid, 14
Abdullah Abu Zeid, 4
Ahmad Abu Zeid, 23
Bissan Zeid, 11
Falasteen Abu Zeid, 25
Mariam Abu Zeid, 31
Sabrin Khader Sa’id Abu Zeid, 31
‘Abd al-Hamid Fadel ‘Ata al-Agha, 23
‘Ata Majdi ‘Ata al-Agha, 23
Ahmad Nader ‘Ata al-Agha, 20
Dalia Nader ‘Ata al-Agha, 17
Dunia Nader ‘Ata al-Agha, 13
Fadel Nader ‘Ata al-Agha, 11
Iyad Nader ‘Ata al-Agha, 15
Marwah Jamil Shaker al-Agha, 45
Muhammad Fadel ‘Ata al-Agha, 25
Nader ‘Ata Fadel al-Agha, 45
Nariman Khalil Nayef al-Agha, 38
Nidal Majdi ‘Ata al-Agha, 17
Ahmad Mahmoud al-‘Abed Abu Naja, 45
Muhammad Shehadeh ‘Abdallah Loz, 22
Tamer Mu’in Ibrahim Nseir, 22
Ayman ‘Adnan Musa Shukur, 25
Samih Jebril Rizeq Jneid, 4
Yihya Muhammad ‘Abdallah al-‘Aqad, 49
Muhammad Jum’ah Ahmad Sha’th, 30
Mustafa ‘Abd al-Hai Muhammad al-‘Abadleh, 27
Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Jalil Tawfiq Abu Kweik, 30
‘Abdallah Fawzi Ibrahim a-Najar, 22
Naji Ahmad Mardi a-Raqab, 38
Rami Khaled Yunes a-Raqab, 15
‘Ali Hassan Hussein al-Hawari, 11
Mahmoud Ousamah Hamdan al-Qassas, 23
Shadi ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Farwaneh, 35
Dawlat Nafez Qdeih, 22
Akram Suliman Muhammad Qdeih, 43
Fayzeh Ahmad ‘Abd al-Fatah a-Nadi, 54
Sa’id ‘Abd al-Majid ‘Ali a-Nadi, 54
Muhammad Musa Marzuq ‘Alwan, 9
Hani Muhammad ‘Abed Abu Khalifah, 36
Hend ‘Imad Muhammad Qadurah, 9
Yusef ‘Imad Muhammad Qadurah, 10
‘Imad Jamil al-‘Abed al-Bardawil, 44
‘Abd a-Samad Mahmoud Ahmad Ramadan, 15
‘Azzah ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Falit, 46
‘Issa Kamel ‘Abd a-Rahman Musa, 61
Amal Salem Muhammad al-Far, 35
Hanan Salem Muhammad al-Far, 15
Jihan Salem Muhammad al-Far, 28
Nivin Salem Muhammad al-Far, 18
Riham Hussein Ahmad al-Far, 26
Salem Muhammad Badawi al-Far, 58
Zinat Hassan Ahmad al-Far, 58
Hussein Hassan Khalil Abu Naja, 55
Musa Ahmad Muslem Abu S’aadeh, 39
‘Issam Ibrahim Hussein Abu Shab, 41
Suhayb Mustafa Mahmoud ‘Akashah, 22
Shadi Naser Shehdeh al-Madhun, 22
Hadi Isma’il ‘Abd a-Rahman Naser, 21
Sharif Muhammad Salim Abu Hassan, 25
Jalilah Faraj ‘Ayad, 64
Khaled ‘Abd a-Satart Muhammad Abu Sahmoud, 20
Hazem Fayez Salah Abu Shamaleh, 32
Hamzah Yasser Muhammad Muheisen, 23
Yusef ‘Abed Shehadeh al-Masri, 23
Muamen Kamel Muhammad al-Batsh, 25
Muhammad Fawaz Ibrahim Abu Rjeilah, 25
Sameh Walid ‘Abd a-Latif Abu Sharar, 34
Fadel Fa’iq ‘Ali al-‘Atawneh, 31
Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim a-Dirawi, 26
Bahaa Salah Ahmad Abu Is’id, 27
‘Alaa Nahed Ibrahim Matar, 23
Ahmad Sa’ed a-Din Muhammad Abu Sawireh, 27
Muhammad Kamal ‘Abd a-Rahman Harun, 29
Muhammad Ahmad Harbi Siyam, 6
‘Issam ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Alian Abu S’aadeh, 44
Ikram Ahmad Tawfiq a-Shambari, 22
Bassem Sati Sadeq Abu a-Rob, 18
Ayman Anwar Salem Brei’em, 39
Muamen Mustafa Mahmoud ‘Akashah, 19
Mus’ab Mustafa Rajab ‘Ali, 23
Khaled ‘Abdallah Mahmoud ‘Udwan, 30
Muhammad Ibrahim Ahmad a-Zwiedi, 30
Iyas Ahmad Muhammad Abu ‘Odeh, 28
Muhammad Maher Ibrahim Abu Jarad, 20
Saed Munir Shehdeh Abu Khater, 19
Tareq Muhammad Muhsein al-‘A’jrami, 25
Sharif Rafiq Muhammad al-Hamdin, 25
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Hussein al-Hawajri, 28
‘Abd al-Jawad ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Jawad al-Houm, 34
Ousamah Muhammad Naser al-Kafarneh, 20
Muhammad Hussein Hassan al-Masri, 20
Wasim Salah ‘Abd a-Razeq al-Masri, 22
Nader Muhammad Fawzi Halawah, 33
Mahmoud Na’im Ahmad Hasnah, 23
Nidal Khaled Muhammad Khalil, 19
Hamzah Hazem Khalil Madi, 22
‘Alaa ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Naser, 25
Ihab Sa’di Muhammad Naser, 21
Munther Talal ‘Abd al-Karim Naser, 33
Taher Isma’il ‘Abd a-Rahman Naser, 18
Tamer Talal ‘Abd al-Karim Naser, 24
Nader Majdi ‘Abd a-Rahman Qassem, 29
‘Abd a-Rahman Yusef Ahmad Sa’adat, 23
Suliman Zaki ‘Abd al-Wali a-Dardisi, 26
Mamduh Mlahi Suliman Abu Naja, 24
Ahmad Shawqi Muhammad Abu S’aadeh, 26
Nidal Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abdallah, 23
Isma’il Yunes ‘Abdallah Khaleh, 21
Wisam Sufian ‘Omar al-Kilani, 26
‘Ammar Mustafa Rashid Hamdunah, 22
Mahmoud Husam Muhammad Mansur, 22
‘Alaa Maher Jum’ah Tantish, 19
Ahmad Barham ‘Alian Abu Daqah, 34
Ayman Akram Isma’il al-Ghalban, 27
Isma’il Muhammad Sa’di al-‘Akluk, 24
Ashraf Qassem Mansur Wafi, 24
Jihad Naji Ahmad Abu ‘Amer, 21
Fadi Mahmoud Sa’ed al-Masri, 22
‘Ali Mansur Hamdi al-Bshiti, 1
Fadi Sami Salem Barakeh, 14
Hiyam ‘Abd al-Karim Ahmad Abu Mur, 37
Du’aa Sami Ibrahim S’adeh, 11
Salmah Salman Muhammad Radwan, 82
Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Odeh Barrak, 19
Ibrahim Yasser Ibrahim Hamad, 18
Mu’tasem Muhammad Ahmad a-Najar, 5
Wasfi Muhammad Khalil a-Najar, 25
Muhammad Samir ‘Abd al-‘Aal a-Najar, 25
Muhammad Salameh Hammad Abu Khusah, 76
Muhammad Sa’id Sha’ban Baba, 40
Salman Muhammad Ahmad Sama’aneh, 62
‘Abdallah ‘Abdallah ‘Abed Abu Ful, 24
‘Othman Majed ‘Othman Yasin, 24
Rabah Rashed Muslem Fayad, 39
Tamer Muhammad Salem Tabash, 29
Ahmad Khaled Muhammad a-Najar, 13
Ghalia Al-Najjar, 1
Ghalia Al-Najjar, 56
Hani Al-Najjar, 7
Iman Al-Najjar, 23
Khalil Al-Najjar, 59
Kifah Najjar, 22
Majd Al-Najjar, 18
Motaz Hussein Al-Najjar, 5
Rawan Al-Najjar, 16
Riham Al-Najjar, 25
Samir Hussein Al-Najjar, 1
Samir Hussein Al-Najjar, 52
Somaya Al-Najjar, 49
Bara’ Al Reqib, 11
Amir Al-Najjar, 2
Amira Al-Najjar, 1
Ikhlas Najjar, 30
Islam Al-Najjar, 4
Isma’il ‘Abd al-Qader ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Kajak, 54
Husam Abd al-Ghani Ahmad Yasin, 17
Fawzi Ahmad Ahmad Abu ‘Amshah, 67
Ne’meh Muhammad Hassan Abu ‘Amshah, 63
Islam Ibrahim Hamdi a-Naji, 18
Muhammad Hussni Sa’id a-Saqa, 20
Tamer Ahmad Ibrahim a-Najar, 14
Yusef Jamil Subhi Hamuda, 15
Mahmoud Raed Mahmoud al-‘Esh, 22
Na’im ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Ahmad Abu Daher, 39
‘Abdallah ‘Ayesh Salman Ermelat, 39
‘Ali Muhammad ‘Ali al-Astal, 32
Ghena Younis Saqer, 2
Ahmed Hatem Wahdan, 13
Baghdad Ahmad Wahdan, 50
Hussein Hatem Wahdan, 9
Su’ad Ismail Wahdan, 67
Sumoud Wahdan-Saqer, 22
Zaki Abdel-Rahman Wahdan, 69
Zeinab Hatem Wahdan, 27
Ahmad Salem Hussein Qdeih, 18
Salem Hussein Ibrahim Qdeih, 67
Mazen Yusef Suliman Abu Jriban, 30
Muhammad ‘Issa Khaled Heji, 24
Sultan Yusef Muhammad a-Shaqadam, 30
Hashem Khader ‘Abed Abu Mariyah, 50
‘Abd al-Hamid Ahmad ‘Abd al-Hamid Ibreighith, 38
Muhammad Ahmad Matar al-‘Abadleh, 32
Khadrah Ibrahim Salman Abu Balimah, 55
Najat Ibrahim Hamdan a-Najar, 42
Shaymaa Hussein ‘Abd al-Qader a-Sheikh ‘Ali, 22
Ousamah ‘Abd al-Malek Salman Abu M’alla, 36
Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Abdallah Sama’aneh, 17
Jihad Hassan Mahmoud Hamad, 19
Hani Kamel ‘Abed Judah, 32
‘Aead Mahmoud Ahmad al-Bura’I, 28
Thaer Naji ‘Amira al-‘Amur, 21
Walid Sa’id Naser al-‘Ajel, 7
Tareq Isma’il Ahmad Zuhd, 22
Yasin Mustafa Muhammad al-Astal, 37
Mazen ‘Adnan Salman ‘Abdin, 24
Saleh Ishteiwi Ibrahim ‘Abdin, 42
Muhammad Majed ‘Alian Abu Teir, 21
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Khatib, 28
Rasmiya Muhammad Yusef Salameh, 55
Mamduh Ibrahim Muhammad a-Shawaf, 24
Naji Ziad ‘Abd a-Rahim Abu Amuna, 25
Nidal Ahmad ‘Issa Abu al-‘Asal, 26
Salman Hamed Salman al-‘Amur, 21
‘Abdallah Fadel ‘Abd a-Salam Murtaja, 26
‘Eid Muhammad ‘Eid Abu Qteifan, 23
‘Imad ‘Adnan Muhammad Abu Kamil, 20
Tamer Bassam Muhammad Abu Kamil, 19
Ahmad Suliman Isma’il Abu Yunes, 31
Ousamah Salem ‘Abd a-Rahman Shahin, 27
Hassan Hussein Hassan al-Hawari, 38
Muhammad Salman Hussein Abu Samur, 53
Muhammad Khalil Muhammad al-Barim, 24
Mahmoud Ahmad Khaled Hasunah, 23
Ibrahim ‘Awwad Ibrahim Qishta, 23
‘Abdallah Ibrahim ‘Abdallah Abu Laylah, 51
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Naser ‘Ali Abu Zeinah, 20
‘Abd al-Majid ‘Abdallah ‘Abd al-Majid al-‘Aidy, 36
Yusef Kamal Muhammad al-Wasifi, 21
Muhammad Fayez Sha’ban a-Sharif, 22
‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Odeh Yusef a-Talbani, 19
‘Arafat Salem Ahmad Abu ‘Iweili, 25
Muhammad Ahmad Mahmoud Abu Dawabah, 18
Hani ‘Adel Muhammad Abu Hashish, 23
Ghassan Taher Khaled Abu Kamil, 24
Khaled ‘Ata Muhammad Abu Shhadeh, 22
Ahmad Ousamah ‘Abd a-Rahman Bakir, 19
Muhammad ‘Ali Khalil Seidam, 16
Ousamah ‘Issam Fawzi ‘Azzam, 23
Shadi Kamal Ramadan Yasin, 22
Salem Mustafa Zaki al-Hadhidi, 17
Iyad Naser ‘Abdu Shurab, 24
Wasim Naser ‘Abdu Shurab, 22
Kamal Kamel Ahmad a-Naqah, 34
Muhammad Kamel Ahmad a-Naqah, 39
Husam ‘Abd a-Latif ‘Abd a-Latif Radi, 42
Walaa Muhammad ‘Ali al-Qayed, 14
a-Tayeb Saleh Muhammad Saleh Shhadeh, 20
Muhammad Tawfiq Muhammad Qdeih, 64
Isma’il Mamduh ‘Abdallah Abu ‘Obeid, 31
Yusra Salem Hassan al-Barim, 65
Maram Rajeh ‘Abd a-Rahman Rajeh, 30
Nasri Mahmoud Nasri Taqatqah, 14
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Salah a-Din Ahmad Abu Hasanein, 14
Hadi Salah a-Din Ahmad Abu Hasanein, 12
Salah a-Din Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Hasanein, 47
‘Eid Rabah ‘Abd al-Qader Fdeilat, 28
Rami Feisal Matar a-Shish, 43
Rasha ‘Abd Rabo Muhammad ‘Afaneh, 28
Ghassan Yusef Salem Abu Dabagh, 25
Nur Muhammad Salameh Abu Dabagh, 12
Ahmad Ramzi Muhammad Mu’in Abu Qadus, 12
‘Abd al-Karim Anwar Suliman Darazin, 4
Muhammad Anwar Suliman Darazin, 3
Bilal Ahmad Tawfiq a-Shambari, 21
‘Abd Rabo Shaybub Ahmad a-Shanbari, 16
‘Abd Rabo Jamal Ayub a-Shanbari, 17
‘Ali Shaybub Ahmad a-Shanbari, 9
Falastin Hussein Hassan a-Shanbari, 40
Fatimah Muhammad Ayub a-Shanbari, 47
Maryam Shaybub Ahmad a-Shanbari, 12
‘Awad ‘Abd al-Majid Hassan Abu ‘Odeh, 39
Hassan ‘Abdallah Mustafa al-‘Athamneh, 58
Muhammad Akram ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Kafarneh, 15
Suha ‘Abd Rabo Muhammad Musleh, 1
Ahmad Ibrahim Sa’ed al-Qur’an, 26
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamid Muhammad Sha’th, 29
Muhammad Ahmad Suliman a-Najar, 55
Laila Ibrahim Ahmad Zo’rub, 40
Ibrahim Suliman Qablan Abu Qablan, 34
Ahmed Qdieh, 23
Anas Qdeih, 7
Rami Ra’ed Qdeih, 19
‘Ula Khalil ‘Ali Abu ‘Abdah, 27
Shamah ‘Imad ‘Alian Abu Raidah, 20
Ahmad Jam’an Jum’ah Abu Hjeir, 18
Ibrahim Jihad Ja’far Abu Laban, 24
Isma’il Hassan Khalil Abu Rjeilah, 55
Basel Muhammad Ibrahim al-Barim, 20
Khader Khalil Khader a-Loh, 52
Hanafi Mahmoud Kamel Abu Yusef, 39
Yihya Ibrahim Sa’id Abu Harbid, 18
Muanis Muhammad Ahmad Abu Rjeilah, 24
Muhammad Mahfuz Hashem Kashku, 22
Mahmoud Salmi Salim Abu Rweished, 49
Ahmad Musa Mustafa ‘Awad, 32
Na’im Jum’ah Muhammad Abu Mazyad, 31
‘Amer ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Muhammad al-‘Azab, 24
‘Imad Rasmi Suliman a-Najar, 19
‘Ali Muhammad ‘Ali ‘Asfur, 58
Muhammad Suliman Na’im ‘Okal, 36
Muhammad Yusef Mansur al-Qadi, 19
Rasmi Salim Hussein Abu Raidah, 54
Shadi Yusef Ibrahim a-Najar, 22
Shehdeh Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Jame’, 36
Mahmoud Suliman Muhammad al-Astal, 17
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Karim Ahmad Hassan, 51
Muhammad Isma’il ‘Ali Khader, 54
‘Azmi Khaled Yusef Badwan, 16
Khaled Yusef Muhammad Badwan, 47
Abbas Helmi Abu Rjela, 19
Helmi Mohammad Abu Rjela, 67
Nahed Helmi Abu Rjela, 37
Ahmad Isma’il Muhammad al-Astal, 20
Isma’il Muhammad ‘Abd a-Razeq al-Astal, 44
Mahmoud Isma’il Muhammad al-Astal, 16
Muhammad Hassan ‘Abd al-Qader al-Astal, 42
Muhammad Saleh Muhammad al-Astal, 19
Hani Jalal Ibrahim ‘Asfur, 34
Muhammad Yusef Muhammad al-Qara, 38
Ahmad Mahdi ‘Abd Rabo Abu Zor, 25
Muhammad Yasin Mahmoud Siyam, 25
Rami Muhammad Subhi Yasin, 25
Hisham Muhammad Farhan Abu Jazar, 23
Muhammad Farhan Muhammad Abu Jazar, 48
Muhammad Rateb Shehadeh Abu Jazar, 25
Shadi Suliman Salim Kaware’, 31
‘Issam Feisal Khamis Siyam, 26
Amir ‘Adel Khamis Siyam, 12
Nafez Salman Qdeih, 45
Muhammad Rasmi Salem a-Najar, 26
Raafat Suliman ‘Abed Abu Rjeilah, 21
Amin Thaer ‘Umran al-Astal, 3
Malak Amin Ahmad al-Astal, 24
Milad ‘Umran Khamis al-Astal, 29
Muhammad ‘Umran Khamis al-Astal, 32
Nada Thaer ‘Umran al-Astal, 5
Thaer ‘Umran Khamis al-Astal, 31
Hassan Mahmoud Yusef a-Sarsawi, 24
Nael Nabil ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Sarsawi, 26
Sharif Salah Ibrahim al-Qanu’, 24
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Nur a-Din Ibrahim Nur, 21
Thaer ‘Ahed ‘Odeh Shmali, 17
Yasmin Ahmad ‘Odeh Abu Mur, 26
‘Adli Khalil Salem Abu Daqah, 44
Akram Ibrahim Shehadeh Abu Daqah, 50
Anwar Ahmad ‘Abd al-Majid Abu Daqah, 45
Muhammad Ibrahim Shehadeh Abu Daqah, 41
Sami Musa Salem Abu Daqah, 45
Adham Abu ‘Ayta, 4
Ahmad Abu ‘Ayta, 31
Ibrahim Abdullah Abu ‘Ayta, 66
Jamila Salim Abu ‘Ayta, 55
Mohammed Ibrahim Abu ‘Ayta, 32
Mahmoud Jihad Nayef ‘Abdin, 12
Ahmad Talal ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Najar, 37
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Abdallah a-Najar, 17
Ashraf Ibrahim Hassan a-Najar, 22
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Muhammad a-Najar, 59
Khalil Naser ‘Atiyyah Wishah, 20
Mahmoud As’ad Muhammad Ghaben, 23
Muhammad Ziad ‘Abd al-Fatah A’araj, 17
Ashraf Mahmoud Muhammad al-Astal, 27
Nabil Mahmoud Muhammad al-Astal, 12
Sanaa Hassan ‘Ali al-Astal, 45
Du’aa Raed Yusef Abu ‘Odeh, 17
Amneh Jihad Salim Matar, 10
Muhammad Jihad Salim Matar, 12
‘Abd a-Rahman Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abd a-Nabi, 1
Hadi ‘Abd al-Hamid ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abd a-Nabi, 3
Tamam Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Hamad, 66
‘Abd a-Rahman Ziad Hassan Abu Hin, 26
Hassan Hussein Mahmoud Abu Hin, 81
Ousamah Saqer Hassan Abu Hin, 29
Mujahed Marwan Sa’id a-Skafi, 20
Jana Rami Yasser al-Maqat’ah, 2
Yasmin Hassan Muhammad al-Maqat’ah, 27
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Hakim ‘Abdallah ‘Asfur, 29
Yihya Saber Ramadan a-Salut, 19
Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Jame’, 21
Husam Ahmad Salameh al-Qara, 32
Nur a-Din ‘Abd a-Rahim Mustafa ‘Abdallah, 22
Mahmoud Yusef Khaled al-‘Abadleh, 21
Rawan Ayman So’ud Sweidan, 9
Muhammad Mansur Hamdi al-Bshiti, 7
Manal Muhammad Mahmoud al-Astal, 44
‘Itaf Kamel Muhammad Abu Daqah, 54
Ahmad Nabil Ahmad Abu Murad, 20
Ahmad Muhammad Darwish Bulbul, 22
Wisam ‘Alaa Adib a-Najar, 17
Ayman Adham Yusef al-Haj Ahmad, 16
Salman ‘Abd al-Karim Suliman Abu ‘Eid, 79
Khalil Hamad ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Jame’, 74
Hamzah Fawzi Suliman Qdeih, 23
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Muhammad a-Dada, 39
Muhammad Qassem Muhammad Hamamreh, 20
Ahmad Walid Nasrallah Samur, 7
Muhammad Subhi Salim ‘Abdin, 22
Muhammad Sami Hussein ‘Umran, 26
Mahmoud Riyad ‘Abd al-Qader Miqdad, 22
Sa’id Ahmad Tawfiq a-Tawil, 22
‘Abd al-Karim Hammad ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Hajir, 32
‘Abd al-Qader Jamil ‘Abd al-Qader al-Khaldi, 20
‘Adnan Ghazi Sa’ed Habib, 22
‘Alaa Hammad ‘Ali Abu Khattab, 25
Sha’ban Musa Muhammad Abu Hayah, 64
Tawfiq Jbarah Muhammad al-Agha, 61
Ahmad Rif’at Hassan a-Raqab, 23
Bassam Khaled Khalil Abu Shahla, 43
Salman Salman al-‘Abed al-Barim, 27
‘Izat Aumayyah ‘Izat a-Sayed, 17
Ahmad ‘Adel ‘Ali Hmedah, 23
Wael Maher ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Awwad, 25
Ahmad Maher Yusef Sihweil, 22
Bilal ‘Ali Ahmad Abu ‘Aathrah, 22
‘Abd al-Karim Naser Saleh Abu Jirmi, 25
‘Abd a-Rahman Hani Muhyi a-Din al-Qata’, 25
Hamam Hassan ‘Eid Hamadah, 25
Hazem Na’im Muhammad ‘Aqel, 14
Nayef Faiz Nayef a-Zaza, 18
Wael Bashir Yihya ‘Assaf, 24
Yusef Kamal Qadurah Hamuda, 23
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman Salim Qdeih, 18
Muhammad Wasfi Khamis Qdeih, 23
Jihad Salman Suliman Qdeih, 24
Mahmoud Taysir Mahmoud Qdeih, 18
Nidal Hamdi Diab al-‘Ajleh, 31
Mahmoud Ziad Ma’sud Habib, 28
Muhammad Na’im Saleh Abu Ta’imah, 12
Salem ‘Abdallah Musa Abu Ta’imah, 36
Suliman Muhammad Khalil Qdeih, 73
Haitham Ahmad ‘Abd a-Latif a-Smeiri, 12
‘Adel Ahmad Salameh Mhanna, 54
Nur a-Din ‘Adel Ahmad Mhanna, 27
‘Abd al-Karim ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Shanab, 40
‘Aziza ‘Atiyyah Muhammad Abu Shanab, 77
‘Ali Hamed Muhammad al-Astal, 28
Muhammad Farid Tawfiq al-Astal, 22
Shadi Hafez Muhammad Abu ‘Amer, 27
Maher ‘Abd a-Rahman Musa Abu Darraz, 21
Muhammad Dawood ‘Abd a-Latif Hamuda, 23
Ousamah Bahajat Muhammad Rajab, 22
Wisam Bahajat Muhammad Rajab, 20
Bahaa Rabi’ Tawfiq ‘Aweidah, 36
Rif’at Nabil Ramadan ‘Aweidah, 27
Taysir Muhammad ‘Ayesh a-Najar, 38
Muhammad Barham ‘Ali Abu Darraz, 31
Nur Safwat ‘Abed Abu Teir, 19
Zeinab Safwat ‘Abed Abu Teir, 4
Isma’il Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Zarifah, 58
Hassan Khalil Salah Abu Jamus, 29
Hassan Majdi Mahmoud Radwan, 19
Rabi’ Qassem Rabi’ Abu Ras, 9
Mahmoud Saleh ‘Ali Hamamreh, 29
Fathiya Nadi Marzuq Abu Mu’ammar, 72
Muhammad Ibrahim Hamdan Abu Ta’imah, 35
Raed Khalil Hamdan Abu Ta’imah, 33
Raed Salem Rajab a-Radi’, 19
Salma Salem Rajab a-Radi’, 2
Ziad Ghaleb Rajab a-Radi’, 23
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad a-Saqa, 25
‘Abd a-Rahman Ibrahim Ahmad Abu Shaqrah, 22
‘Issam Isma’il Shaker Abu Shaqrah, 45
Muhammad Akram Ahmad Abu Shaqrah, 16
Bilal Zayed Ahmad ‘Alwan, 20
Yazid Sa’di Mustafa al-Batsh, 23
Majed Mahmoud Muhammad Hamid, 28
Mahmoud ‘Awad ‘Ali Ziyadah, 47
Ibrahim ‘Omar Ibrahim al-Halaq, 40
Jandal Salman ‘Abd al-Karim Mhanna, 25
Asma’ Al-Helou, 24
Ahmad Kamel Ahmad Abu Mgheiseb, 23
Raed ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Abdallah Abu Mgheiseb, 33
In’am Muhammad Suliman al-‘Ateiwi, 67
Hani ‘Awad ‘Odeh Samur, 39
Marwan Ibrahim Salman Samur, 38
Nur al-Islam Raed Ahmad Abu Hweishel, 6
Ahmad As’ad Rashad al-Baddi, 27
Muhammad Ahmad As’ad al-Baddi, under 1
Shahd Mu’in ‘Ali Qishtah, 8
Laila A’bbas Isma’il al-Wahidi, 61
Muhammad Radi Mahmoud Abu Raidah, 22
Ahmad Amin Muhammad Abu Hasireh, 29
Ahmad ‘Abdallah Muhammad Abu Salah, 24
Ahmad Ibrahim Subhi Shbeir, 22
Ibrahim Subhi Yusef al-Feiri, 25
Hamadah Rafiq Hamdan ‘Aleiwa, 24
Hassan Sha’ban Hassan al-Khamisi, 30
Muhammad Majed Sa’di Abu Kamil, 26
Muhammad Naser Khaled Harun, 27
Muhammad Khaled Muhammad Ahel, 18
Mus’ab Saleh ‘Odeh Salameh, 18
Mahmoud Salim Mustafa Derj, 21
‘Abdallah Isma’il ‘Omar al-Bahisi, 26
‘Atiyyah Muhammad Muhammad ‘Abd a-Razeq, 33
Rafiq Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Abu Kalub, 44
Zakariya Al-Batsh, 20
Mahmoud Muhammad Ibrahim Ghanem, 23
Raed Zuheir Hassan Salah, 20
Ahmad Nassim Ahmad Saleh, 21
Khalaf ‘Atiyyah ‘Odeh Abu Sneimah, 16
Khalil ‘Atiyyah ‘Odeh Abu Sneimah, 20
Khadrah ‘Awwad Salam Abu Teilakh, 53
Fatimah Hassan ‘Awwad ‘Azzam, 72
Maryam Hassan ‘Awwad ‘Azzam, 50
Ahmad Salah Muhammad Abu Sidu, 17
‘Abd a-Naser Sa’di ‘Abd al-Khaleq Musleh, 16
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Abd al-Jalil Ramadan, 30
Wael Muhammad ‘Abd al-Jalil Ramadan, 37
Ahmad ‘Issam ‘Atiyyah Wishah, 25
Hassan Khader Hassan Baker, 55
Salwa ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Ahmad al-Munifi, 49
Samira Sanad Muhammad al-Munifi, 19
Mahmoud Suliman Mahmoud Abu Sabhah, 58
Walid Suliman Salem Abu Dhaher, 20
Hakmeh Nafe’a Silmi Abu ‘Adwan, 66
Najah Nafe’a Silmi Abu ‘Adwan, 47
Hamzah Ziad Suliman Abu ‘Anza, 18
Muhammad Talal Ibrahim al-Jarf, 22
Mus’ab Nafez Muhammad al-‘Ajleh, 21
‘Abdallah Muhammad Hamed a-S’adi, 26
Mu’tasem Salim Salameh al-Haj Salamah, 24
Ahmad Rami ‘Adel Ekhrawat, under 1
Muna Rami ‘Adel Ekhrawat, 1
Suha Na’im Muhammad Ekhrawat, 23
Soheil Jilo Shehdeh Jilo, 48
Naji Jamal Muhammad al-Fajam, 26
Ibtehal Ibrahim ‘Ayesh a-Ramahi, 4
Iman Ibrahim ‘Ayesh a-Ramahi, 16
Yusef Ibrahim ‘Ayesh a-Ramahi, 21
‘Adel Muhammad Hweishel Abu Hweishel, 40
‘Obaydah Fadel Muhammad Abu Hweishel, 9
Yusef Fawzi Ibrahim Abu Mustafa, 19
Rami Fathi ‘Othman ‘Ayad, 30
Arwa Al-Qassas, 5
Isara’ Al-Qassas, 10
Lamia’ Al Qassas, 12
Nesma Al Qassas, 10
Samar Al-Qassas, 3
Sumaya Al-Qassas, 33
Yasmin Yasser Al-Qassas, 7
Alyaa’ Siam, 33
Fayzeh Saber Ahmad Siyam, 67
Iyad Muhammad Suliman Sabah, 17
Muhammad Ibrahim Salim Abu Hadaf, 22
‘Othman Salem ‘Abd al-Majid Brei’em, 17
Fadi ‘Azmi ‘Abd al-Majid Brei’em, 17
Ibrahim ‘Alian Salameh Brei’em, 70
Salem ‘Abd al-Majid Salem Brei’em, 50
Mahmoud Fayez Sha’ban a-Sharif, 20
‘Alaa ‘Abd al-Majid ‘Abd al-Qader Abu Dahruj, 15
Khaled ‘Awad Ahmad Bayumi, 34
Zakaria Ibrahim Muhammad Shakshak, 25
Zakaria Ma’sud Muhammad al-Ashqar, 23
Nidal Abu ‘Aasy, 42
Nidal Ali Daka’, 25
‘Abd al-Hamid Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Mughrabi, 30
Jihad Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Mughrabi, 22
Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Mughrabi, 23
Ibrahim As’ad ‘Abd al-Qader al-Qara, 25
Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo ‘Ali al-Qara, 23
Karam Ibrahim Barham, 25
Ahmad Fayez Jum’ah Yasin, 22
Haitham Samir Khalil al-Agha, 24
Wael Hamed Muhammad Abu ‘Abed, 29
Wael Jamal Fahmi Harb, 40
Wisam Muhammad Kamal Ma’sud, 25
Zikri Salman Shehadeh Abu Daqah, 69
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Atiyyah al-Masri, 30
Muhammad Sa’id ‘Abed ‘Abd a-Ghafur, 22
Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Ammar, 41
Sadam Ibrahim ‘Odet Allah Abu ‘Aasi, 23
‘Abd al-Qader Khaled Yusef al-Harazin, 24
‘Abdallah ‘Awni ‘Abdallah al-Farra, 25
‘Arafah Sultan Muhammad M’aruf, 72
Fadi Bashir ‘Abdallah al-‘Abadleh, 21
Raed Isma’il al-Bardawil, 25
‘Issam Muhammad Hussni Abu Yusef, 30
Ahmad Iskandar Ahmad Abu Zarifah, 20
‘Abd a-Rahman Frajallah ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Tum, 22
Bilal Jaber Muhammad al-Ashab, 22
Muhammad Muhammad ‘Abd a-Salam al-Bakri, 22
Mahmoud ‘Atiyyah Muhammad al-Hamaydah, 23
Muhammad Fares Muhammad al-Hamaydah, 23
Yusef Ahmad Muhammad a-Zamli, 20
Rizeq Nayef E’teiwi Abu ‘Adwan, 35
Husam Muhammad Hussein al-Kolak, 18
Saleh Muhammad Saleh Badawi, 28
Zakaria Suliman Shehadeh Abu Daqah, 69
Hatem Zein Nayef al-Yazji, 2
Safinaz Nabih ‘Issa al-Yazji, 51
Wajdi Mahmoud ‘Ali al-Yazji, 54
Yasmin Nayef Hatem al-Yazji, 4
Abdel-Rahman Nabil Siyam, 6
Ahmed Ayman Siyam, 14
Ameen Ayman Siyam, 17
Dalal Nabil Siyam, under 1
Ghaida Nabil Siyam, 7
Kamal Mahrous Siyam, 31
Mu’een Mohammed Siyam, 3
Mohammed Mahrous Siyam, 26
Mustafa Nabil Siyam, 9
Shirin Mohammed Siyam, 30
Sumoud Nasser Siyam, 25
Kamal Talal Hassan al-Masri, 22
Fatimah ‘Abd a-Rahim ‘Abd al-Qader Abu Amuna, 54
Sha’ban Suliman a-Dahduh, 35
Ilias Al-Kilani, 3
Ibrahim Al-Kilani, 52
Reem Al-Kilani, 11
Sawsan Al-Kilani, 10
Taghrid Al-Kilani, 44
Yasin Al-Kilani, 9
Yasser Al-Kilani, 7
Aida Derbas, 47
Inas Derbas, 30
Mahmoud Derbas, 37
Soura Derbas, 41
Sameh Zuheir Helmi a-Sawafiry, 28
Muhammad Musa Ibrahim Abu Fayad, 35
Muhammad Hafez Ragheb a-Zini, 25
Mujahed Walid Hassan al-‘Aqad, 20
Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Odeh Shteiwi, 27
Mahmoud Ahmad Nayef al-Qassas, 10
Mahmoud Hatem Mahmoud Shawamreh, 26
Manwa ‘Abd al-Basset Ahmad al-Bu’, 30
‘Abdallah Trad ‘Abdallah Abu Hjeir, 16
‘Atiyyah Naser Hussein Dardunah, 26
Fatimah Ahmad ‘Abd al-Qader al-‘Arja, 13
Muhammad Na’im Muhammad Abu Lihyah, 26
Ibrahim Sha’ban Mustafa Bakrun, 38
Raed ‘Issam Salim Da’ud, 35
‘Aead Jamal ‘Atiyyah Hamdiyah, 22
‘Assem Jamal ‘Atiyyah Hamdiyah, 18
Mu’taz Jamal ‘Atiyyah Hamdiyah, 17
Mustafa Jamal ‘Atiyyah Hamdiyah, 19
Yusef Ghazi ‘Atiyyah Hamdiyah, 23
Mahran Kamel Ibrahim Jundiyeh, 32
Rahmeh Ahmad Sha’ban Jundiyeh, 61
Tamer Nayef Sa’ed Jundiyeh, 31
Mahmoud Hussein Rushdi a-Nakhaleh, 18
Saedah Thabet Sa’id a-Nakhaleh, 53
Abdel-Karim Al-Helou, under 1
Ahmed Al-Helou, 26
Hedaya Al-Helou, 24
Jehad Al-Helou, 58
Karam Al-Helou, under 1
Maram Al-Helou, 2
Mohammed Al-Helou, 29
Najiya Al-Helou, 15
Seham Al-Helou, 56
Tahrir Al-Helou, 20
Ahmed Ayyad, 27
Feda’ Ayyad, 23
Ghada Ayyad, 11
Hala Ayyad, 24
Mohammed Ayyad, 2
Mohammed Ayyad, 5
Mona Ayyad, 41
Nirmin Ayyad, 19
Osama Ayyad, 31
Shirin Ayyad, 17
‘Ula Ziad Hassan Islim, 11
Fadi Ziad Hassan Islim, 9
Shadi Ziad Hassan Islim, 15
Ahmad Salman ‘Abd a-Salam al-‘Atawi, 64
Tala Akram Ahmad al-‘Atawi, 6
Israa Yasser ‘Atiyyah Hamdiyah, 29
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 23
Anas Mahmoud Hussein M’amer, 16
Hamzah Mahmoud Hussein M’amer, 22
Muhammad Mahmoud Hussein M’amer, 30
‘Amer Yihya ‘Ali Abu al-‘Ata, 20
Muhammad Mahmoud Sa’id Abu al-‘Ata, 28
Muhammad Ahmad Kamel Abu al-‘Ata, 29
Mus’ab Salah Salman Abu al-‘Ata, 20
Ibrahim Salem Jum’ah a-Sahbani, 21
‘Othman Raed ‘Othman al-Jammal, 10
Hussein Sufian Ribhi al-Jammal, 9
Marah Shaker Ahmad al-Jammal, 10
Shaker Ahmad Shaker al-Jammal, 46
Khaled Riyad Muhammad Hamad, 24
Fouad Zuheir Fouad Jaber, 26
Halah Saqer Hassan al-Hayah, 28
Hamzah Ousamah Khalil al-Hayah, 5
Khalil Ousamah Khalil al-Hayah, 6
Oumamah Ousamah Khalil al-Hayah, 8
Ousamah Khalil Isma’il al-Hayah, 29
‘Abd al-Karim Fathi Ahmad al-‘Ar’ir, 34
Fathi Sami Fathi al-‘Ar’ir, 20
Hassan Fathi Ahmad al-‘Ar’ir, 39
Sami Fathi Ahmad al-‘Ar’ir, 49
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Abed a-Sheikh Khalil, 52
‘Adilah Suliman Ahmad a-Sheikh Khalil, 66
‘Ayidah Muhammad ‘Abed a-Sheikh Khalil, 44
Hibah Hamed Muhammad a-Sheikh Khalil, 13
Jawaher Suliman Hamtu a-Sheikh Khalil, 36
Muna Suliman Ahmad a-Sheikh Khalil, 48
Samia Hamed Muhammad a-Sheikh Khalil, 2
Yusef Salem Hamtu Habib, 61
‘Abd a-Rahman Akram Muhammad a-Skafi, 22
‘Ali Muhammad Hassan a-Skafi, 26
‘Issam ‘Atiyyah Sa’id a-Skafi, 25
Akram Muhammad ‘Ali a-Skafi, 63
Anas Akram Muhammad a-Skafi, 17
Muhammad Hassan Muhammad a-Skafi, 52
Mus’ab al-Kheir Salah a-Din Sa’id a-Skafi, 26
Sa’ed Akram Muhammad a-Skafi, 17
Ahmed Abu Jame’, 10
Aya Abu Jame’, 10
Ayoub Abu Jame’, 6
Batoul Abu Jame’, 3
Bisan Abu Jame’, 1
Fatma Abu Jame’, 25
Fatma Abu Jame’, 7
Fatma Abu Jame’, 64
Haifa Abu Jame’, 9
Jawdat Abu Jame’, 13
Nujud Abu Jame’, under 1
Rayan Abu Jame’, 4
Razan Abu Jame’, 14
Rinad Abu Jame’, 1
Sabah Abu Jame’, 39
Sajed Abu Jame’, 5
Shahinaz Abu Jame’, 28
Sara Abu Jame’, 2
Seraj Abu Jame’, 4
Suheila Abu Jame’, 2
Tawfiq Abu Jame’, 5
Yasmin Abu Jame’, 25
Yasser Abu Jame’, 27
Husam Husam Muhammad Abu Qeins, 6
Ahmad Suliman Mahmoud Abu Sahmoud, 34
Hibat Allah Akram Saleh a-Sha’er, 6
Laila Hassan Mahmoud a-Sha’er, 30
Muhammad Ayman Salah a-Sha’er, 5
Salah Saleh Muhammad a-Sha’er, 56
Ahmad Musa Ahmad Ahel, 75
Muhammad Tawfiq Ahmad al-Mbayed, 25
Hamid Subuh Muhammad Abu Fuju, 22
Suhayb ‘Ali Jum’ah Abu Qurah, 22
Ahmad Tawfiq Muhammad Zanun, 26
Dina ‘Omar ‘Abdallah ‘Aziz, 7
Khadijeh ‘Ali Musa Shehadeh, 62
Ghadah Ibrahim Suliman ‘Udwan, 38
Ahmad Ishaq Yusef a-Ramlawi, 32
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad Abu Tayyem, 26
Ahmad Muhammad Hassan ‘Azzam, 19
Ibrahim Kamal Salim Abu ‘Ajwah, 26
Isma’il Zuheir Salman Muhmmadein, 25
Amjad Nahed ‘Ali a-Seirafi, 22
Ashraf Ahmad Musa a-Silawi, 36
Bilal Khamis Matar al-Ghalban, 25
‘Alaa Jamal a-Din Muhammad Barda’, 35
Muhammad Rajaa Muhammad Handam, 15
Wisam Majdi Muhammad Hamuda, 29
Hazem Yusef ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Mbayed, 35
Husam Ayman Mhareb ‘Ayad, 24
Hamzah Hassan Mahmoud Hiles, 25
Yusef Mahmoud Khamis Muwadad, 50
Muhammad ‘Issam Dib Abu Dalfeh, 21
Muhammad Rafiq Sa’id al-‘Ar’ir, 30
Muhammad Khamis Matar al-Ghalban, 24
Muhammad Saleh al-Ghamari, 32
Muhammad Khalil ‘Aref Ahel, 64
Muhammad Muhammad ‘Ali Mhareb, 37
Muhammad Riyad Sha’ban Shabet, 23
Mu’amar Fadel Salameh Shmali, 34
Saleh Ayman Muhammad Samarah, 20
Salem Khalil Salem Shmali, 22
Suliman ‘Ali Ahmad Abu Fseifes, 30
Salim Sha’ban Muhammad Abu al-Kheir, 52
Sa’id Salim Jaber Abu al-Kas, 22
‘Ayed Sa’ed Musa a-Sarsak, 34
Sharif Jalal Hassan al-Qarshali, 27
‘Abd a-Razeq Sha’ban al-‘Amarin, 31
‘Abdallah Nabil ‘Abd al-Qader al-Batsh, 22
‘Abdallah ‘Arafat Ibrahim al-Minawi, 25
‘Ali ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Abdallah Siyam, 22
‘Amru ‘Abd al-Hakim Ibrahim a-Sheikh Khalil, 25
Fahmi ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Sa’ed Abu Sa’id, 28
Rami Ziad Sa’dallah Qanitah, 20
Rajaa Hammad Muhammad a-Daghameh, 36
Shaher Khamis ‘Ashur Abu Halimah, 28
Tawfiq Birawi Salem Marshud, 52
Mahmoud ‘Ali Muhammad a-Sharif, 25
Isma’il ‘Abd al-Jawad Isma’il Abu S’adah, 26
‘Abd Rabo Ahmad Muhammad Zayed, 57
‘Aishah ‘Ali Mahmoud Zayed, 53
Husam Sami Abu Sawireh, 24
Mahmoud Ahmad Muhammad Qaraman, 26
‘Arafat Muhammad Saleh Shmali, 27
‘Issam Muhammad Saleh Shmali, 29
Hamdiyah Ahmad Hamdan Shmali, 55
Muhammad Saleh Hussein Shmali, 59
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahim Dib Abu Beid, 25
Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Naser Fawzi Bhar, 21
Muhammad Hussni Muhammad Sukar, 22
Ibrahim ‘Ayesh Yusef Abu Ghanimah, 27
Isma’il ‘Ayesh Yusef Abu Ghanimah, 24
Hamed Muhammad ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Islim, 29
Fadi ‘Abd al-Malek ‘Abd al-Qader Habib, 31
Farid ‘Abd al-Malek ‘Abd al-Qader Habib, 28
Dina Rushdi ‘Omar Hamadah, 16
Iman Muhammad Ibrahim Hamadah, 39
Aya Bahajat Hassan Abu Sultan, 19
Mustafa Khamis Mustafa ‘Alwan, 22
‘Abd a-Rahman Mustafa Diab al-Faqih, 26
‘Abdallah Yusef ‘Abd al-Jabbar Daraji, 2
Najah Sa’ed a-Din Mahmoud Daraji, 48
Asim Ammar, 4
Ibrahim Ammar, 13
Iman Ammar, 9
Hala Al-Hallaq, 27
Hani Al-Hallaq, 29
Kenan Al-Hallaq, 5
Mohammed Al-Hallaq, 2
Saji Al-Hallaq, 3
Samar Al-Hallaq, 29
Su’ad Al-Hallaq, 62
Rahaf Jum’a, 3
Mahmoud Musa ‘Abdallah Abu ‘Anza, 25
Marwah Salman Ahmad a-Sarsawi, 13
Maysah ‘Abd a-Rahman Sa’id a-Sarsawi, 36
Marwan Munir Saleh Qunfud, 22
Muhammad Bahdar Khalil a-Daghameh, 25
Suliman Ahmad Suliman Abu Jame’, 19
‘Adel ‘Abdallah Salem Islim, 38
Dima ‘Adel ‘Abdallah Islim, 2
Isma’il ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Kurdi, 21
‘Abdallah Mansur Radwan ‘Amarah, 23
‘Ali Mahmoud Muhammad Jundiyeh, 26
Yamen Riyad Hussein al-Hamedi, 4
Adham Majed Yusef Daher, 18
Danah Muhammad Majed Daher, 1
Hanan Ramadan Mustafa Daher, 50
Majed Yusef Muhammad Daher, 53
Muhammad Majed Yusef Daher, 26
Narmin Majed Yusef Daher, 11
Ahmad Ziad Jum’ah Hajjaj, 19
Muhammad Mahmoud Rajab Hajjaj, 32
Shehadeh Muhammad Shehadeh Hajjaj, 29
Tareq Fayeq Jum’ah Hajjaj, 21
Yusef Muhammad Shehadeh Hajjaj, 25
‘Ahed Kamel Muhammad Jundeyeh, 31
Muhammad Raed Ihssan ‘Akilah, 19
Khalil Salem Ibrahim Mesbeh, 53
Muhammad Mahmoud Salim al-Maqadmeh, 29
‘Omar Sha’ban Hassan Ziyadah, 31
Bayan ‘Abd a-Latif Isma’il Ziyadah, 39
Jamil Sha’ban Hassan Ziyadah, 52
Muftiyah Muhammad Hussein Ziyadah, 72
Sha’ban Jamil Sha’ban Ziyadah, 12
Yusef Sha’ban Hassan Ziyadah, 43
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Abu Za’nunah, 30
Akram Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Salam al-Mtawaq, 39
Muamen Taysir al-‘Abed Abu Dan, 24
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Samir Abu Z’eiter, 31
Tareq Samir Khalil al-Hittu, 21
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Odeh Barrak, 24
Fadel Ahmad Muhammad al-Bana, 28
Sami Abdullah Judeh, 18
Ahmad Mahmoud Hussein ‘Aziz, 34
Iyad Isma’il Suliman a-Raqab, 36
Husam Muhammad Suliman Abu Mneifi, 18
Bilal Bassam Salem al-Masri, 20
Bilal Muhammad Nassar, 24
Mahmoud Anwar Muhammad Abu Shabab, 16
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad a-Sa’idi, 18
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Mahmoud Abu Hamad, 25
Muhammad Fathi Ibrahim al-Ghalban, 23
Muhammad Isma’il Hussein Samur, 21
Salem ‘Ali Suliman Abu S’aadeh, 63
‘Abdallah Hussein Dawood al-Masri, 28
Muhammad ‘Atallah ‘Odeh Sa’adat, 25
Raed Walid ‘Ali Laqan, 32
Ayman Nasri Salem a-Na’uq, 23
Ahmad Maher Muhammad Abu Thurayyah, 27
‘Abdallah Ghazi ‘Abdallah al-Masri, 30
Muhammad Naser ‘Atiyyah ‘Ayad, 25
‘Omar Zaher Saleh Nassar, 23
Tareq Faruk Mahmoud Tafesh, 37
Hatem Ziad ‘Ali a-Za’but, 24
Muhammad Ziad ‘Ali a-Za’but, 22
Muhammad Bassam Muhammad a-Sari, 16
Yihya Bassam Muhammad a-Sari, 19
Ibrahim Jamal Fares Naser, 26
Muhammad ‘Awad Fares Naser, 25
Rushdi Khaled Fares Naser, 24
Muhammad Rida Mustafa Salhiyeh, 21
Muhammad Mustafa Darwish Salhiyeh, 30
Mustafa Rida Mustafa Salhiyeh, 20
Wasim Rida Mustafa Salhiyeh, 15
Dalia ‘Abd al-Hamid Hussein a-Zwiedi, 37
Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Hamid Hussein a-Zwiedi, 26
Muhammad Khaled Jamil a-Zwiedi, 19
Nagham Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Hamid a-Zwiedi, 2
Ruayah Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Hamid a-Zwiedi, 6
‘Omar Jamil Subhi Hamuda, 10
Muhammad Rizeq Muhammad Hamuda, 18
Raed Mansur ‘Abd al-Karim Nayfeh, 43
Muhammad Jihad Muhammad al-Qara, 29
Muhammad Rafiq Ahmad a-Rahel, 17
Muhammad Ziad Saleh a-Rahel, 5
Mustafa Muhammad Mahmoud Fayad, 24
M’aali ‘Abd a-Rahman Suliman Abu Zayed, 24
Ahmad Salem Khamis Sha’th, 22
Amjad Salem Khamis Sha’th, 14
Muhammad Salem Khamis Sha’th, 20
Muhammad Talal Suliman a-Sane’, 21
Siham Muhammad Ibrahim Zo’rub, 11
Yusef Ibrahim Hassan al-Astal, 23
Turkiyyah al-‘Abed Muhammad al-Biss, 77
Sarah Muhammad Ribhi Bustan, 9
Selmiyeh Suliman Jadu’ Ghayad, 70
Majdi Suliman Salameh Jbarah, 22
Ahmad ‘Abdallah Ahmad al-Bahnasawi, 22
Iyad Yusef Ibrahim a-Sadi, 34
Bassem Muhammad Mahmoud Madi, 21
Walaa Jihad Muhammad al-Qara, 29
Muhammad Sa’ed Mahmoud Abu S’aadeh, 26
Muhammad ‘Awad Matar Matar, 38
Mahmoud ‘Ali ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Darwish, 35
Sa’id ‘Ali Ahmad Abu ‘Issa, 30
Raafat ‘Ali Muhammad Bahlul, 35
Hani As’ad ‘Abd al-Karim a-Shami, 35
Muhammad Hamdan ‘Abd al-Karim a-Shami, 27
Hammad ‘Abd al-Karim Hammad Abu Lihyah, 32
Hamadah ‘Abdallah Muhammad al-Bshiti, 20
Ahmad Hassan Saleh al-Ghalban, 22
Muhammad Ahmad Sa’ed Abu Hajar, 22
Harun ‘Awad Wasfi Hararah, 24
Mahmoud Muhammad Ahmad Fayad, 24
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Rashed Fayad, 27
Saleh Suliman Muhammad a-Zgheibi, 21
‘Alaa Muhammad ‘Abd al-Majid Abu Shabab, 23
Fadi Muhammad Yusef Abu ‘Odeh, 23
Bassem Muhammad Sa’id al-Agha, 25
Iyad Mufid ‘Abd al-Mun’im al-Farra, 23
Ahmad Isma’il Muhammad Abu Msalam, 10
Muhammad Isma’il Muhammad Abu Msalam, 15
Walaa Isma’il Muhammad Abu Msalam, 14
Imad a-Din Hamed Fayeq ‘Alwan, 6
Qassem Hamed Fayeq ‘Alwan, 3
Rizeq Ahmad ‘Adnan al-Hayek, 1
Abdul-Rahman Abu Jarad, 32
Ahlam Abu Jarad, 17
Haniya Abu Jarad, 2
Mousa Abu Jarad, under 1
Na’im Abu Jarad, 23
Raja’ Abu Jarad, 30
Samar Abu Jarad, 13
Samih Abu Jarad, 1
‘Ali Saqer Mansur Abu Tawilah, 16
Rani Saqer Mansur Abu Tawilah, 30
Karam Mahmoud Hussein Nseir, 31
Nassim Mahmoud Hussein Nseir, 32
Fares Jum’ah Hammad a-Tarabin, under 1
‘Omar ‘Eid ‘Awwad al-Mahmum, 17
Bilal Isma’il Muhammad Abu Daqah, 30
Ibrahim Khalil Suliman Qablan, 37
Husam Msallam ‘Abd al-Karim Abu ‘Issa, 26
Hamzah Muhammad Hammad Abu al-Hsein, 27
Ahmad Fawzi Hamad Radwan, 29
Bilal Muhammad Mahmoud Radwan, 21
Mahmoud Fawzi Hamad Radwan, 25
Munther Nabil Mahmoud Radwan, 21
Isma’il Ramadan Silmi a-Lolahi, 20
‘Imad Feisal ‘Odeh Abu Sneimah, 20
Mustafa ‘Odeh Muhammad Abu Sneimah, 32
Nizar Faiz Hammad Abu Sneimah, 39
‘Abdallah Jamal Jum’ah a-Smeiri, 17
Ghassan Salem Musa Abu ‘Azb, 27
Rahaf Khalil Hamadah al-Jabur, 3
Amal Khader Ibrahim Dabbour, 41
Ahmad Rajab Abu Jibbah Abu Rihan, 24
Hamzah Hassan ‘Ali al-‘Abadleh, 29
Muhammad Mahmoud Ibrahim Qadim, 22
Salem Saleh Salem Fayad, 25
Afnan Shuheibar, 8
Jehad Shuheibar, 10
Wasim Shuheibar, 8
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad al-Hut, 40
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad Hasunah, 70
Bashir Muhammad Hassan ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 18
‘Abdallah Salem Mansur al-Akhras, 38
Muhammad Nabil Muhammad Zaki Ghanem, 26
‘Abd al-‘Aal ‘Ali ‘Abed Antiz, 23
Muhammad Salem Ibrahim Antiz, 1
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Ali Antiz, 12
Zeinab Sa’id Muhammad al-‘Abadleh, 71
Salah Saleh Ramadan a-Shaf’I, 24
Akram Muhammad Muhammad Abu ‘Amer, 32
Kamal Muhammad Muhammad Abu ‘Amer, 38
Hamzah Raed Muhammad Thari, 5
‘Abd a-Rahman Ibrahim Khalil a-Sarhi, 37
‘Abdallah Muhammad ‘Abdallah al-‘Arjani, 19
Farid Mahmoud ‘Ali Abu Daqah, 32
‘Ahed ‘Attaf ‘Ahed Baker, 9
Isma’il Muhammad Subhi Baker, 9
Muhammad Ramez ‘Izzat Baker, 11
Zakaria ‘Ahed Subhi Baker, 10
Hussein ‘Abd a-Naser Hussein al-Astal, 23
Kawthar Hussein Hassan al-Astal, 58
Ousamah Mahmoud Hussein al-Astal, 8
Yasmin Mahmoud Hussein al-Astal, 4
‘Amru Ramadan Hassan Abu Daqah, 26
Ibrahim Ramadan Hassan Abu Daqah, 9
Khadrah al-‘Abed Salameh Abu Daqah, 79
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Ahmad a-Zahuq, 25
Muhammad Isma’il Isma’il Abu ‘Odeh, 27
Muhammad Kamel Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman, 34
Husam Jamal Hasunah Shamalakh, 33
Ashraf Fares Jum’ah Abu Shanab, 36
Muhammad Taysir Yusef Shurab, 22
Isma’il Salim ‘Abd al-Karim a-Najar, 47
Muhammad Ahmad Ibrahim a-Najar, 49
Bushra Khalil Ahmad Zo’rub, 53
Isma’il Fatuh Isma’il Fatuh, 23
Khalil Ibrahim Muhammad a-Sha’afi, 47
Subhi ‘Abd al-Hamid Hussein Musa, 78
‘Ata Haj ‘Amirah ‘Omar al-‘Amur, 58
Ahmad ‘Adel Ahmad a-Nawajhah, 23
Yasser ‘Eid Mahmoud al-Mahmum, 18
Musa Sa’id Ahmad Dihliz, 22
Muhammad Sabri Hammad a-Dabari, 21
Suliman Salameh Muhammad Abu Luli, 27
‘Omar Ahmad ‘Abdallah Sheikh al-‘Eid, 26
Jihad Ahmad ‘Abdallah Sheikh al-‘Eid, 35
Sarah ‘Omar Ahmad Sheikh al-‘Eid, 3
Isma’il Nabil Ahmad Abu Hatab, 20
Kamal ‘Atef Yusef Abu Taha, 19
Muhammad Yasser ‘Ali Hamdan, 23
Munir Ahmad Hamdan al-Badarin, 18
Tamer Salem Muslem Qdeih, 36
Ahmad Yunes Suliman Abu Yusef, 27
Muhammad Yunes Suliman Abu Yusef, 29
Muhammad Shakib ‘Othman al-Agha, 22
Ziad Maher Muhammad a-Najar, 16
‘Abdallah Mahmoud Salman Abu Barakah, 25
Adham Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 25
Ramziyah Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aal ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 73
Laila Al-Awadat, 39
Husam Ibrahim Shehdeh a-Najar, 15
Maher Thabet ‘Odeh Abu Mor, 25
Muayad Khaled ‘Ali al-A’araj, 2
Muhammad Salem Salmi Abu al-Breis, 79
Hanadi Hamdan Mansur Abu Mu’amar, 26
Musa Shehdeh Marzuq Abu Mu’amar, 56
Sadam Musa Shehdeh Abu Mu’amar, 23
Hussein ‘Abd al-Qader Hussein Muheisen, 24
Hijaziyah Hammad Sha’ban al-Hilu, 79
Qassem Talal ‘Ali Hamdan, 22
Rami Sami Ahmad Abu Shanab, 22
Ruwayda Ahmad Hussein Abu Harb, 37
Safa Mustafa Jamal Malka, 7
Muhammad Rif’at a-Suyuti, 24
Muhammad Bassem Mustafa al-Halabi, 26
‘Ali Nabil As’ad Basal, 29
Khawlah Mahmoud Sarhan al-Hawajri, 24
Ahmad Yusef Dalul, 42
‘Imad Bassem Muhammad Zo’rub, 23
Fadi Muhammad Rizeq Zo’rub, 24
Haitham Ashraf Hmeidan Zo’rub, 20
Muhannad Yusef Muhammad Dheir, 20
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Muhammad a-Sharathah, 20
‘Iz a-Din Na’im Naser Bulbul, 27
Aziza Al-Batsh, 59
Amal Baha’ Al-Batsh, 1
Amal Al-Batsh, 49
Anas Al-Batsh, 10
Baha’ Al-Batsh, 28
Ibrahim Al-Batsh, 18
Jalal Majed Subhi al-Batsh, 26
Khalid Al-Batsh, 20
Mahmoud Al-Batsh, 22
Majid Al-Batsh, 50
Manar Al-Batsh, 13
Marwa Al-Batsh, 25
Mohammed Al-Batsh, 17
Nahid Al-Batsh, 41
Qusai Al-Batsh, 12
Samah Al-Batsh, 19
Yahia Al-Batsh, 17
Rif’at Yusef Sha’ban ‘Amer, 35
Mustafa Mahmoud Taha ‘Enayeh, 60
‘Azmi Mahmoud Taha ‘Obeid, 50
Suliman Sa’id Yunes ‘Obeid, 58
Rateb Subhi Yusef a-Seifi, 22
Nidal Muhammad Ibrahim al-Malash, 22
Ghassan Ahmad Mahmoud al-Masri, 25
Muhammad Khalil Salem Dib, 33
Ziad Suliman Mahmoud a-Shawi, 41
Hassan Ahmad Matar Abu Ghosh, 27
Ahmad Mahmoud Rabah al-Bal’awi, 23
Ibrahim Nabil ‘Othman Hamadah, 23
Husam Dib ‘Othman a-Razaynah, 39
Muhammad Idris ‘Abd al-Hamid Abu Sweilim, 20
‘Abd a-Rahim Saleh ‘Abd a-Rahim al-Khatib, 38
Anas Yusef Ahmad Qandil, 17
Yusef Ahmad ‘Abd al-Qader Qandil, 38
Suha Musbah Ahmad Abu S’adah, 38
‘Ula Hassan Muhammad Washahi, 30
Ghazi Muhammad Mustafa E’reif, 69
Muhammad Ghazi Muhammad E’reif, 35
Nur Marwan ‘Abdallah a-Najdi, 10
Anas Rizeq Salim Abu al-Kas, 32
Muhammad Rabi’ Muhammad Abu Hmeidan, 64
Hussein Muhammad Hassan al-Mamluk, 47
Fadi Ya’qub Kamal Sukar, 24
Muhammad Saber Mustafa Salem Sukar, 72
Muhammad Munir Mustafa ‘Ashur, 25
Raed Hani Jaber Abu Hani, 31
Naser Rabah Muhammad Samamah, 49
Saher Salman ‘Ali Abu Namus, 2
Sufian Muhammad Mahmoud al-Hadad, 50
‘Abd a-Razeq Hassan Sarhan al-Ghannam, 58
Ghaliah Dib Jaber al-Ghannam, 57
Kifah Shaker Diab al-Ghannam, 33
Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Razeq Hassan al-Ghannam, 27
Wisam ‘Abd a-Razeq Hassan al-Ghannam, 31
Muhammad Ahmad Suliman a-Smeiri, 25
Rami Saleh Muhammad Msa’ed, 25
Sharaman Isma’il Hussein Abu al-Kas, 42
Mazen Mustafa Ibrahim Aslan, 51
Muhammad Kamal al-‘Abed al-Kahlut, 21
‘Abd a-Rahman Bassam ‘Abd a-Rahman Khatab, 5
‘Abdallah Mustafa Muhammad Abu Mahruqah, 21
Raed Muhammad Rayeq Abu Shalat, 36
Omar al-Haj, 20
Asma’ al-Haj, 22
Basma al-Haj, 51
Fatma al-Haj, 14
Mahmoud al-Haj, 51
Najla al-Haj, 29
Sa’d al-Haj, 16
Tareq al-Haj, 18
Hassan ‘Eid Hassan Abu Jame’, 79
Isma’il Hassan ‘Eid Abu Jame’, 16
Bahaa Muhammad Zakaria Abu a-Leil, 37
‘Ammar Sa’id Salameh al-Fayumi, 39
Salem Hassan ‘Ali Qandil, 31
Sami ‘Adnan Ahmad Sheldan, 27
‘Udai Rafiq Sa’id a-Sultan, 21
Hazem Ibrahim Mahmoud Ba’lushah, 33
Mahmoud Tali’ Sa’di Walud, 26
‘Abdallah Ramadan Jamil Abu Ghazal, 4
Raed ‘Alian Musa a-Zawar’ah, 33
Muhammad Ihssan Muhammad Faruna, 18
Hamdi Badi’a Kamel Sawali, 20
Hanaa Muhammad Fuad Yusef Malka, 26
Muhammad Fajr Mustafa Jamal Malka, 3
Mustafa Jamal Mustafa Malka, 31
Asil Ibrahim Fayeq al-Masri, 16
Muhammad Ibrahim Fayeq al-Masri, 14
Sahar Hassan ‘Ali al-Masri, 39
Amjad Zaher Musa Hamdan, 23
Aisha Al-Nawasra, 23
Mohammed Al-Nawasra, 2
Nedal Al-Nawasra, 4
Salah Al-Nawasra, 22
Nayfeh Muhammad Taher Frajallah, 82
Asmaa Hani Saleh Hamad, 27
Hani Saleh Muhammad Hamad, 59
Ibrahim Hani Saleh Hamad, 19
Hatem Muhammad Sa’id Abu Salem, 25
Amir Iyad Salem ‘Arif, 11
Muhammad Iyad Salem ‘Arif, 9
Amal Yusef ‘Abed ‘Abd a-Ghafur, 33
Ranim Jawdat ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Abd a-Ghafur, 1
Muhammad Khaled Muhammad a-Nimrah, 22
Yasmin Muhammad Yusef al-Mutawaq, 3
Maryam ‘Atiyyah Muhammad al-‘Arja, 9
Selmiyeh Hassan Muslem al-‘Arja, 60
Hamed ‘Abdallah Muhammad Shihab, 32
‘Abd al-Hadi Jum’ah Muhammad a-Sufi, 23
‘Abd a-Naser Salim Fares Abu Kweik, 62
Khaled ‘Abd a-Naser Salim Abu Kweik, 30
Ahmad Salim Musa al-Astal, 18
Musa Muhammad Taher al-Astal, 14
Suliman Salim Musa al-Astal, 17
Ibrahim Khalil Isma’il Qanan, 28
Muhammad Khalil Isma’il Qanan, 25
Ibrahim Badi’a Kamel Sawali, 27
Salim Badi’a Kamel Sawali, 23
Seraj Iyad Abdel ‘Al, 7
Qasim Jaber Kaware’, 11
Ammar Mohammed Judeh, 18
Abdullah Mohammed Kaware’, 17
Basil Salim Kaware’, 9
Hussein Yusef Hussein Kaware’, 11
Mohammed Ali Kaware’, 14
Mohammed Ibrahim Kaware’, 52
Dina Mahdi Muhammad Hamad, 21
Hafez Muhammad Ahmad Hamad, 37
Ibrahim Muhammad Ahmad Hamad, 35
Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad Hamad, 40
Rasmiya Khalil Mahmoud Hamad, 67
Suha Hamad Ahmad Hamad, 31
Ahmad Nael Nizar Mahdi, 14
Suliman Salameh Suliman Abu Sawawin, 22
‘Abd al-Halim ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Muhammad ‘Ashrah, 54
Fakhr ‘Aref Muhammad al-‘Ajuri, 21
Rashad a-Din ‘Abd a-Rahman Hussein Yasin, 28
Ahmad Musa Khalaf Habib, 50
Muhammad ‘Ahed Muhammad Habib, 20
Khader Hussein Ibrahim al-Bashliqi, 45
Amjad Jum’ah Sa’id Sha’ban, 30
Muhammad Sa’id Ahmad Sha’ban, 23
Mazen Faraj Muhammad al-Jarbeh, 29
Marwan Hassan Muhammad Islim, 23
Yusef Ahmad Bani Gharrah, 19
Khaled ‘Azmi Khaled ‘Odeh, 19
Muhammad Hussein Sa’id Abu Khdeir, 16

Guy Algranati, 20
Matan Gotlib, 21
Omer Hay, 21
Moshe Davino, 20
Liad Lavi, 22
Ro’i Peles, 21
Guy Levy, 20
Guy Boyland, 21
Amit Yeori, 20
Gal Bason, 20
Avraham Grintzvaig, 20
Shahar Dover (Dauber), 20
Paz Eliahu, 22
Lee Mat, 19
Natan Cohen, 23
Avitar Moshe Tourjeman, 20
Dmitri Levitas, 25
Oded Ben Sira, 21
Ohad Shemesh, 27
Yuval Dagan, 22
Tal Ifrach, 21
Tzafrir Baror, 32
Nissim Sean Carmeli, 21
Zvika Kaplan, 28
Moshe Malko, 20
Oz Mandelovich, 21
Shon Mondshine, 19
Oren Simcha Noach, 22
Daniel Pomerantz, 20
Oron Shaul, 22
Max Steinberg, 24
Shahar Tase, 19
Ben Itzhak Vaanunu, 19
Gilad Yacoby, 21
Bar Rahav, 21
Bnaya Rubel, 20
Liran Adir, 31
Shay Kushnir, 20
Daniel Marash, 22
Noam Rosenthal, 20
Omri Tal, 22
Meidan Biton, 20
Adi Briga, 23
Niran Cohen, 20
Eliav Khalon, 22
Dor Dery, 18
Daniel Kedmi, 18
Nadav Raimond, 19
Barkey Ishai Shor, 21
Erez שגיא 19
Barak Refael Degorker, 27
Kshaun Bayhesain, 39
Nadav Goldmacher, 23
Yuval Haiman, 21
Dolev Keidar, 37
Adar Bersano, 20
Amotz Greenberg, 45
Odeh Lafy al-Wadj, 31
Dror Hanin, 37

June 2014

Muhammad Zayed Salem ‘Obeid, 26
Muhammad Muhammad Ramadan al-fasih, 22
Ousamah Hassan Musa al-Hassumi, 28
Mustafa Hussni Taher Aslan, 23
Ahmad Sa’id So’ud Khaled, 27
Muhammad Jihad Muhammad Dudin, 15
Ahmad ‘Arafat Hussni Samad’ah, 20
‘Ali ‘Abd a-Latif Ahmad al-‘Awour, 10
Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abd a-Latif al-‘Awour, 33
‘Alaa Muhammad ‘Awad ‘Odeh, 30

Naftali Frenkel, 16
Gilad Shaar, 16
Eyal Yiframih, 19

May 2014

‘Umran ‘Omar Muhammad Abu Dheim, 41
Nadim Siyam Ahmad Nawarah, 17
Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Odeh Salameh, 16

Shelley Dadon, 19

April 2014

Baruch Mizrahi, 46

March 2014

Hamzah Jamal ‘Abd a-Salam Abu al-Heija, 21
Muhammad ‘Omar Saleh Abu Zeinah, 21
Yazan Mahmoud Bassem Jabarin, 19
Yusef Sami Yusef a-Shwamrah, 14
Isma’il Hamed ‘Abed Abu Judah, 22
‘Abd a-Shafi Saleh Mahmoud Abu Mu’ammar, 33
Shaher Hamuda Mahmoud Abu Shanab, 23
Saji Sayel Muhammad Jarab’ah, 20
Raed ‘Alaa a-Din Nafe’a Z’eiter, 38
Mus’ab Musa Saber a-Z’anin, 21
Sharif Yusef Ahmad Naser, 21
Amneh ‘Atiyyah Mahmoud Qdeih, 58

February 2014

Mo’taz Washha, 26
Ibrahim Mansour, 35
Wedad Deeb, 71

January 2014

Mohammad Mubarak, 20
Bilal Oweida, 19
Ahmad Za’anin, 21
Mohammad Za’anin, 23
Adnan Khater, 16
Mohammad al-Ejla, 32

December 2013

Hala Ahmad Salman Abu Sbeikhah, 2
‘Odeh Jihad ‘Odeh Hamad, 27
Saleh Samir ‘Abd a-Rahman Yasin, 27
Nafe’a Jamil Nafe’a a-S’adi, 23
Wajih Wajdi Wajih a-Ramahi, 15

Salah Shukri Abu Ltayef, 22

November 2013

Musa Muhammad Musa Makhamreh, 21
Muhammad Fouad Jamil Neiroukh, 30
Mahmoud Khaled Mahmoud Najar, 22
Bashir Sami Salem Habanin, 28
Anas Fouad Rifa’i al-Atrash, 23
Khaled Muhammad Jum’ah Abu Bakrah, 34
Muhammad ‘Issam ‘Omar al-Qasas, 23
Muhammad Rashid Hussein Da’ud, 26
‘Antar Shibli Mahmoud al-Aqra’, 23

Eden Atias, 19

October 2013

Rabi’ Khalil Suliman Abu Barakah, 21
Ahmad ‘Imad Yusef Tazaz’ah, 21
Muhammad Rabah Shukri ‘Asi, 27
Yunes Ahmad Mahmoud a-Radaydeh, 27

Sraya Ofer, 61

September 2013

Hweishel Isma’il Hweishel al-Hanajreh, 35
Islam Husam Sa’id Tubasi, 20

Gavriel Kobi, 20
Tomer Hazan, 20

August 2013

Jihad Mansur Harbi Aslan, 20
Yunes Jamal Muhammad Jahjouh, 22
Rubin ‘Abd a-Rahman Hussein Zayed, 34
Majd Muhammad Ahmad Lahlouh, 20
Karim Subhi Muhammad Saleh, 17
Hussein ‘Abd al-Hadi Khalil ‘Awadallah, 33

July 2013

Mu’taz Idris ‘Abd al-Fatah Sharawnah, 18

June 2013
May 2013
April 2013

Haitham Ziad Ibrahim al-Mishal, 25
Naji ‘Abd a-Salam Naji al-Balbisi, 19
‘Amer Ibrahim Naji Nassar, 18

Evyatar Borovsky, 30

March 2013

Mahmoud ‘Adel Fares a-Titi, 22
Mahmoud Wajih ‘Abd al-Hamid ‘Awwad, 25

February 2013

Muhammad Samih Hussein ‘Asfur, 22

January 2013

Lubna Munir Sa’id al-Hanash, 21
Saleh Ahmad Suliman al-‘Amarin, 15
Samir Ahmad Muhammad ‘Awad, 16
‘Udai Muhammad Salameh Darawish, 21
Anwar Muhammad ‘Alian al-Mamluk, 19

December 2012

Muhammad Ziad ‘Awad a-Salaymeh, 17
Hatem Mustafa Hussein Shadid, 38

November 2012

Mahmoud ‘Ali Ahmad Jarghon, 20
Anwar ‘Abd al-Hadi Muslem Qdeih, 19
Amirah Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Naser, 14
Ibrahim Mahmoud Naser Abu Naser, 79
Ibrahim Muhisen Muhammad Shhadeh, 22
‘Abd a-Rahman Majdi Na’im, 2
Fadi Musa Samir al-Qatnani, 28
Muhammad Kamel Salameh Abu ‘Adwan, 18
‘Abdallah Tal’at Ahmad Ibrahim, 18
Rami ‘Abd Rabo ‘Awwad ‘Obeid, 30
Muhammad Salameh Sa’id Abu ‘Ateiwi, 35
Ahmad Maher Sa’di Abu Kamil, 23
Sa’di Maher Sa’di Abu Kamil, 26
Nidal Muhammad Muhammad Hassan, 32
‘Abir Talal Sa’di al-‘Asali, 11
Ayman Talal Sa’di al-‘Asali, 19
Talal Sa’di Mahmoud al-‘Asali, 48
Mubarak Ibrahim Mubarak Abu Ghulah, 24
‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Amer ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Aish, 32
Muhammad ‘Adnan Mahmoud al-Ashqar, 24
Mustafa ‘Awad Mustafa Abu Hmeidan, 22
Mahmoud ‘Atiyyah ‘Abd a-Razeq Abu Khusah, 13
Nader Yasser Suliman Abu Mgheiseb, 15
Fares Mansur Ahmad Esbatiyeh, 25
Mahmoud Khalil Mahmoud al-‘Arja, 16
Ibrahim Ahmad Mahmoud Hamad, 16
Ayman Rafiq Muhammad Abu Rashed, 28
Bilal Muheisen Khalil al-Barawi, 21
Yihya Akram Muhammad M’aruf, 20
Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo Yusef Bader, 24
Mahmoud Rizeq Salman a-Zahar, 30
‘Abd a-Rahman Mustafa ‘Abd a-Rahman Hamad, 28
Shauqi Salman Silmi Abu Sanimah, 28
Ahmad A’bed Ibrahim Abu Mur, 24
Khaled A’bed Ibrahim Abu Mur, 19
Muhammad Musa Mahmoud Abu ‘Isha, 24
Hassan Yusef Hassan al-Austaz, 22
Muhammad Ahmad Sa’id Abu Sitah, 21
Salem ‘Aish Hussein Abu Sitah, 32
Amin Mahmoud Ass’ad a-Dada, 29
‘Odeh ‘Arafat ‘Odeh a-Shanadi, 17
Muhammad Muhammad Khader Baker, 26
Ahmad Jamil Hamdan Daghmash, 30
Mus’ab Mahmoud Rushdi Daghmash, 22
Salah Nimer Muhammad Daghmash, 29
Subhi Nimer Muhammad Daghmash, 29
Zaki Sa’id Muhammad Qadadah, 43
Mahmoud ‘Ali Ahmad al-Kumi, 25
Husam Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Salameh, 29
Yusra Basel Murtada a-Shawa, 18
Mahmoud Muhammad Hussein a-Zuhri, 21
Saqer Yusef Khalil Bulbul, 57
Tareq ‘Awni Mustafa Hajilah, 40
Yihya Muhammad Yihya ‘Awad, 13
Muhammad Ibrahim Rizeq ‘Ashur, 7
Sabah Muhammad Harb a-Skafi, 40
al-‘Abed Muhammad al-‘Abed al-‘Attar, 49
Amin Ramadan Mardi al-Mallahi, 24
Hamdi Muhammad Jawad Musa al-Fallah, 22
Muhammad Salameh Sa’di Jundiyeh, 31
Muhammad Zidan Zayed Tbeil, 25
‘Aead Sabri Muhammad Radi, 48
Muhammad Iyad Fouad Abu Zor, 3
Nasmah Helmi Salem Abu Zor, 20
Sahar Fadi Ass’ad Abu Zor, 20
‘Ahed Hamdi Isma’il al-Katati, 36
Arkan Harbi Jamal Abu Kamil, 24
Ibrahim Mahmoud Jebril al-Huajri, 25
Khalil Ibrahim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Shhadeh, 53
Ousamah Walid Ibrahim Shhadeh, 17
Rashid ‘Alian ‘Atiyyah Abu ‘Amrah, 51
Amin Zuhdi Ibrahim Bashir, 41
Tammer Rushdi Muhammad Bashir, 31
Muhammad Riad Ass’ad Shamalakh, 23
Husam Muhammad Hamdan a-Zini, 27
Seif a-Din Mahmoud Suliman Sadeq, 27
Mahmoud Sami ‘Obeid Sha’th, 21
Husam Faiz Hamdan ‘Abd al-Jawad, 30
Ramez Najib Musa Harb, 36
Fouad Khalil Ibrahim Hijazi, 46
Muhammad Fouad Khalil Hijazi, 4
Suhaib Fouad Khalil Hijazi, 2
‘Abdallah Harb Salem Abu Khater, 21
Mahmoud Sa’id Suliman Abu Khater, 34
‘Omar Mahmoud Muhammad al-Astal, 14
Ibrahim Muhammad Suliman al-Astal, 48
Ahmad Tawfiq Mamduh a-Nesasreh, 17
Muhammad Tawfiq Mamduh a-Nesasreh, 19
Ahmad Suliman Rabi’ Abu Naqirah, 61
Ibrahim Muhammad Jamal a-Dalu, 1
Jamal Muhammad Jamal a-Dalu, 5
Muhammad Jamal Muhammad a-Dalu, 29
Ranin Jamal Mahmoud a-Dalu, 21
Samah ‘Abd al-Hamid Ishaq a-Dalu, 22
Sarah Muhammad Jamal a-Dalu, 7
Soheila Mahmoud Yasin a-Dalu, 74
Tahani Hasunah Ahmad a-Dalu, 48
Yara Jamal Mahmoud a-Dalu, 15
Yusef Muhammad Jamal a-Dalu, 4
‘Abdallah Muhammad Ramadan al-Mzannar, 18
Amineh Matar Hassan al-Mzannar, 75
Nawal Faraj Mahmoud ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 53
Iyad Yusef Ahmad Abu Khusah, 1
Judah Suliman ‘Umran Shamalakh, 31
Hussein Jalal Muhammad Naser, 6
Jalal Muhammad Saleh Naser, 36
Muhammad Baker ‘Aref al-‘Ef, 31
Sami ‘Imad Subhi al-Ghafir, 24
‘Imad ‘Abd al-Karim Hussein Abu Hamdah, 36
Ahmad Mahmoud Ahmad Abu ‘Amrah, 42
Nabil Ahmad ‘Odeh Abu ‘Amrah, 28
Husam Hassan Muhammad Abu Shawish, 37
‘Atiyyah ‘Abdallah Muhammad Mubarak, 57
Jomanah Salameh Ibrahim Ise’ifan, 1
Tammer Salameh Ibrahim Ise’ifan, 3
‘Ashur Soheil ‘Ashur Hamadah, 10
Soheil ‘Ashur Muhammad Hamadah, 41
Musa Mahmoud Jum’ah a-Sameiri, 76
Sa’diyah Muhammad ‘Aydi a-Dib, 65
Ahmad ‘Issam Sami a-Nahal, 26
Naser Zidan Salem a-Nahal, 48
Tasnim Zuheir Muhammad a-Nahal, 9
Tammer Khaled Ahmad al-Hamari, 26
Muhammad Sabri ‘Odeh al-‘Oweidat, 30
Samaher Khalil Mahmoud Qdeih, 28
Mukhles Mahmoud ‘Abdallah ‘Adwan, 30
Husam Samir Saleh al-Hams, 36
Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Omar Yasin, 21
Muhammad Saleh Ishteiwi a-Lulahi, 23
‘Awad Hamdi Hassan a-Nahal, 31
Ahmad Ousamah Muhammad al-Atrash, 24
‘Abd a-Rahman Salem Samarah al-Masri, 23
‘Ali Hassan ‘Ali Ben Sa’id, 24
Ahmad Salem Salameh Ben Sa’id, 52
Salem Ahmad Salem Ben Sa’id, 19
Hani ‘Abd al-Majid Salem Brei’em, 31
Ousamah Musa Hassan ‘Abd al-Jawad, 27
Ashraf Hassan a-Sayed Abu Darwish, 21
‘Ali ‘Abd al-Hakim ‘Ali al-Mana’mah, 23
Ousamah Yusef Mansur al-Qadi, 26
Rushdi Mahmoud Hassan a-Tamimi, 30
Ahmad Muhammad Jadu’ Abu Jalal, 43
Amjad Muhammad Jadu’ Abu Jalal, 33
Ziad Farhan Suliman Abu Jalal, 23
Hassan Salem Salim al-Hmeile’, 29
‘Abdallah Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Asqoul, 24
Isma’il Khatab ‘Omar Kandil, 23
Ayman Rafiq Hassan Islim, 26
Muhammad Talal Sa’id Salman, 27
Tahrir Ziad Muhammad Salman, 22
Khaled Khalil ‘Ali a-Sha’er, 25
Ramadan Ahmad Ramadan Mahmoud, 21
Ahmad Isma’il Muhammad Msameh, 29
Yunes Kamel ‘Abdallah Tafesh, 56
Ahmad ‘Awad Mahmoud Abu ‘Alayan, 14
Hanin Khaled Ahmad Tafesh, under 1
Marwan ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Abu al-Qumsan, 52
Khaled ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Naser, 19
Rani Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Rahman Hammad, 29
Walid Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abdallah, 2
Fares Ahmad Diab al-Bassiuni, 8
‘Udai Jamal ‘Abd al-Karim Naser, 15
Hisham Muhammad Ahmad al-Ghalban, 25
Wael Haydar Sa’id al-Ghalban, 26
Habes Hassan ‘Awad Mesmeh, 29
Mahmoud Hamad Mahmoud Abu Sawawin, 62
‘Issam Mahmoud Ahmad Abu al-Ma’azah, 19
Muhammad Hani Ibrahim al-Kaseih, 18
Muhammad Hamed Subhi al-Hams, 28
Ahmad Sa’id Khalil al-Ja’bri, 52
Runan Yusef Jalal ‘Arafat, 4
Muhammad Fouad Muhammad ‘Obeid, 22
Muhammad Sa’id Muhammad Shkukani, 18
Ahmad Kamel Muhammad a-Dardasawi, 18
Matar ‘Imad ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu al-‘Ata, 19
Ahmad Mustafa Khaled Hararah, 17
Muhammad Ousamah Hassan Hararah, 16
Muhammad Ziad ‘Abdallah Qanu’, 20
Ahmad Yunes Khader Abu Daqah, 12
Ahmad Tawfiq ‘Awad a-Nabahin, 22
Bassem Kamel Muhammad al-‘Amur, 24

‘Alian Salem Alanbari, 33
Itzik Amsalem, 27
Mira Sharf, 25
Aharon Viktor Smadga, 49
Boris Yarmulnik, 28
Yosef Partuk, 18

October 2012

Salman Kamel Salman al-Qara, 27
Muhammad Jaber Sha’ban a-Sheikh, 22
Ahmad Fawzi Muhammad Harzallah, 24
Isma’il ‘Issa Matar a-Talli, 27
Yusef Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Jalhum, 28
Louie ‘Abd al-Hakim Mustafa Abu Jarad, 25
Yasser Jum’ah Jkheideb a-Tarabeen, 24
‘Abd a-Rahman Darwish Mustafa Abu Jalalah, 24
Yasser Muhammad Sakher Ibrahim al-‘Attal, 22
Hisham ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Karim a-Sa’idani, 43
Ashraf Nimer Harb Sabah, 36
‘Abdallah Hassan Muhammad Makawi, 24

September 2012

Anis Muhammad Mahmoud Abu al-‘Anin, 36
Ashraf Mahmoud Muhammad Saleh, 33
Akram Sami Ahmad a-Z’anin, 22
Ihab Sami Ahmad a-Z’anin, 26
Tareq Soheil Ibrahim al-Kafarneh, 22
Zakaria Mamduh ‘Omar al-Jamal, 21
Khalil Faraj Muhammad al-Jarbeh, 27
Khaled Salah Muslem al-Qaram, 25

August 2012

‘Eid ‘Okal Muhammad Hijazi, 22

July 2012

Hassan Badi’a ‘Omar a-Tabar, 47
Yasser ‘Abdallah ‘Awad al-Far, 27
Mahmoud Muhammad Isma’il al-Hiqi, 27

June 2012

Ousamah Mahmoud Muhammad ‘Ali, 45
Khaled Naser a-Din Muhammad al-Bura’I, 23
Isma’il ‘Abdallah Hassan Ahmad, 29
Hamam Jamal Sa’id Abu Qadus, 20
Maamun Muhammad Zuhdi a-Dam, 12
Ghaleb ‘Awwad ‘Ayad Ermelat, 21
Yusef Saber Muslem a-Talbani, 18
Muhammad Bassam Shukri Abu Mu’eiliq, 16
Isma’il Muhammad ‘Abdallah Abu ‘Odeh, 20
Muhammad Rafiq Ahmad Shabat, 25
‘Abdallah Hassan Ahmad a-Z’anin, 22
Jihad Kamel Muhammad Abu Shabab, 23
Ahmad Ahmad Naser Abu Naser, 18
Naji Fawzi Fares Qdeih, 30
Suraqah Rashad Shhadeh Qdeih, 17

Natanel Moshiashvili, 21

May 2012
April 2012

Hashem Musbah Salem Sa’ed, 17

March 2012

Bilal Yusef Ibrahim a-Sa’aydeh, 19
Mahmoud Muhammad Yihya Zaqut, 18
Rashad Dhib Hassan Shawakhah, 27
Bassam Salem Diab al-‘Ajleh, 32
Muhammad Amin Ahmad Daher, 23
Hamadah Salman Ahmad Abu Mutlaq, 19
Raafat Jawad Adib Abu ‘Eid, 24
Fayzeh Muhammad Mustafa al-Hassumi, 35
Muhammad Mustafa ‘Awad al-Hassumi, 71
Ahmad Nafez Saber Dhib, 22
‘Adel Saleh Fares al-Asi, 58
Ayub ‘Amer Muhammad ‘Asaliyah, 12
Mahdi Ahmad Mahmoud Abu Shawish, 25
Muhammad Ibrahim Hamad al-Ghumari, 22
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Fatah Yusef Hajaj, 23
Mu’atasem Diab Ghanem Hajaj, 21
Faiq Samir Nimer Sa’ed, 27
Muhammad Yihya Muhammad al-Maghari, 24
Mahmoud Isma’il Mustafa Nijm, 22
Mansur Kamal Muhammad Abu Nserah, 20
Hussein Salim Hussein Barham, 52
Shadi Riad Baker a-Siqali, 28
‘Obeid Fadel ‘Obeid al-Gharabli, 24
Muhammad Khaled Mustafa Hararah, 23
Hazem ‘Awad Suliman Kreqa’, 32
Zuheir Musa Ahmad al-Qaysi, 49
Mahmoud Ahmad Hanani, 44
Zakaria Jamal Muhammad Abu ‘Arram, 16

February 2012

Tal’at ‘Abd a-Rahman Ziad Ramyeh, 25
‘Abd al-Karim Ibrahim Ahmad a-Zaitouniyah, 71

January 2012

Ahmad Khaled Muhammad a-Z’anin, 18
Muhammad Shaker Ahmad Abu ‘Odeh, 23

December 2011

Muamen Muhammad ‘Abd al-Majid Abu Daf, 22
‘Abdallah Khatab ‘Omar a-Talbani, 22
Mustafa ‘Abd a-Razaq Mustafa a-Tamimi, 28
Bahajat Ramadan Yusef a-Za’lan, 36
Ramadan Bahajat Ramadan a-Za’lan, 9
‘Issam Subhi Isma’il al-Batsh, 43
Subhi ‘Alaa Subhi al-Batsh, 19
Isma’il Salameh Hussein al-‘Ar’ir, 23

November 2011

Muhammad Zaher Zaki al-Kilani, 22
‘Abdallah ‘Eid Hassan Muhanna, 27
Naser Ibrahim Dhib ‘Alian, 23
Muhammad ‘Amer Muhammad Abu Halimah, 23

October 2011

Yusef Rohi Mahmoud Abu ‘Abdu, 21
‘Ali ‘Abdallah Hussein al-‘Aqad, 25
Ahmad ‘Ali Ahmad Jarghon, 25
Suliman Mahrus Suliman Abu Fatmeh, 21
Sami Hamad Hammad Abu Sabt, 23
Mardi Nahed Muhammad Hajaj, 24
Soheil Ibrahim Salman Jundiyeh, 26
Muhammad Khamis Mar’i ‘Ashur, 23
Ahmad Khalil ‘Abd a-Latif a-Sheikh Khalil, 36
Bassem Muhammad Salman Abu al-‘Ata, 33
Hassan Muhammad Hassan al-Khadari, 26
‘Abd al-Karim Musa ‘Odeh Shatat, 24

September 2011

‘Issam Kamal ‘Abed Badran, 37
Khaled Ousamah Ibrahim Sahmoud, 21

Asher Palmer, 25
Yonatan Palmer, 1

August 2011

‘Alaa ‘Adnan Muhammad al-Jakhbir, 22
Salameh ‘Abd a-Rahman Ibrahim al-Masri, 18
Salim Khaled Salim al-Arabid, 27
‘Alaa Nabil Muhammad Hamdan, 23
Mahmoud Rajaa Sa’id a-Sabakhi, 19
‘Imad Jamal Khamis Abu Harb, 21
Hisham ‘Adnan ‘Abd a-Razeq Abu Harb, 20
Muhammad Khaled Muhammad Tafesh, 22
Isma’il Nimer Ahmad Amum, 62
‘Atiyyah Mahmoud ‘Atiyyah Muqat, 20
Isma’il Zuhdi Isma’il al-Asmar, 36
Haitham Ahmad Mustafa M’aruf, 13
Ibrahim ‘Adnan ‘Abd Rabo a-Zaza, 14
Muhammad Faiz Mahmoud ‘Enayeh, 21
Samed ‘Abd al-Mu’ti A’bed A’bed, 25
‘Imad Farid Salameh Abu ‘Abdah, 23
Anwar Hassan Muhammad Islim, 22
Islam Mu’taz Bassem Kreqa’, 1
Mu’taz Bassem Hamdan Kreqa’, 28
Munther Bassem Hamdan Kreqa’, 32
Kamal ‘Awad Muhammad a-Nayrab, 43
Khaled Ibrahim Salman al-Masri, 26
‘Imad ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Abd al-Khaleq Hammad, 40
Imad a-Din Na’im Sayed Naser, 46
Khaled Hamad Sha’th Sha’th, 32
Malek Khaled Hamad Sha’th, 1
Ashraf Isma’il Diab ‘Azzam, 30
Musa Yunes Musa Ishteiwi, 30
Mu’atasem ‘Issa ‘Othman ‘Udwan, 22
‘Ali Hassan ‘Abed Khalifah, 25

Yossi Shushan, 38

July 2011

Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad al-Byuk, 21
Ibrahim ‘Omar Muhammad Sarhan, 21
Muhammad Sa’id Ahmad Abu Jazar, 28
Kamal Hamdan Muhammad Mu’amar, 31

June 2011
May 2011

Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Ali Frajallah, 18
Khamis Salah Muhammad Habib, 17

April 2011

Raed Zuheir Ahmad al-Ber, 29
Muhammad ‘Ali Saleh ‘Awajeh, 28
Shadi Mahmoud Darwish a-Zatmeh, 28
Taysir Sa’id Salman Abu Sanimah, 27
Ahmad Nabil ‘Alian a-Zaitouniyah, 22
Talal Rabi’ ‘Issa Abu Taha, 56
Mu’taz Jamal Muhammad Abu Jame’, 22
‘Abdallah Mahmoud Muhammad al-Qara, 19
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Ali Ghrab, 30
Raed Mahmoud Muhammad Shhadeh, 25
Najah Harb Salem Qdeih, 40
Nidal Ibrahim Hamdan Qdeih, 18
Bilal Muhammad Isma’il al-‘Ar’ir, 22
Mahmoud Wael Muhammad al-Jaru, 9
Mus’ab Muhammad ‘Obeid a-Sufi, 20
Saleh Jermi ‘Atiyyah a-Tarabeen, 38
Mahdi Jum’ah Musa Abu ‘Aathrah, 19
Khaled Isma’il Hamdan al-Dabari, 17
Muhammad ‘Ayadah ‘Eid Mahamum, 24
Mahmoud Mansur Mahmoud Manasrah, 57
Muhammad Ziad Khamis Shalha, 21
Muhammad Mahdi Ahmad a-Dayah, 34
‘Abdallah ‘Ali ‘Abdallah Labad, 43
Isma’il ‘Ali ‘Abdallah Labad, 36

Ben Yosef Livnat, 24
Daniel Viflic, 16

March 2011

Muhammad Khaled Suliman Abu Mu’ammar, 24
Sabri Hashem Muhammad ‘Asaliyah, 19
Radwan Ahmad Muhammad a-Nimroti, 32
Mahmoud Jalal Mahmoud al-Hilu, 9
Yasser Hamed Sha’ban al-Hilu, 57
Yasser ‘Ahed Yasser al-Hilu, 14
Muhammad Saber Hassan Hararah, 18
Muhammad Akram Muhammad A’bed, 31
Adham Faiz Mahmoud al-Harazin, 28
Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Salem al-Harazin, 27
Sa’di Mahmoud Mesbah Halas, 21
Qassem Salah Suliman Abu ‘Ateiwi, 15
‘Imad Muhammad ‘Issa Frajallah, 16
Ghassan Fathi Khader Abu O’mar, 23
‘Adnan Yusef ‘Abed Shteiwi, 28

Ela’d Fogel, 4
Hadas Fogel, under 1 year
Ohad Fogel, 36
Ruth Fogel, 35
Yoav Fogel, 11

February 2011

‘Omar ‘Arfah ‘Abd a-Latif M’aruf, 20
‘Adel Muhammad Sabri Jendiyeh, 28
Tal’at Muhammad Salameh a-Rawagh, 41
Ashraf ‘Abd a-Latif Rashid Eqtifan, 33
Jihad Fathi Muhammad Khalaf, 21
Husam Hussein Muhammad a-Rawidi, 24

January 2011

Jalal Khalil Ibrahim al-Masri, 28
Salem Muhammad Sami Samudi, 23
Amjad Sami Ahmad a-Z’anin, 18
Muhammad Jamil Musa a-Najar, 23
Muhammad Shaker Kermutt, 65
Khaldun Majed Ahmad Samudi, 25
‘Omar Salim Suliman al-Qawasmeh, 66
Ahmad Mahmoud Muhammad Masalmani, 23
Yusef Fakhri Musa Ekhlil, 15
‘Udai Maher Hamzah Qadus, 18

December 2010

Hassan Muhammad Midyef Qdeih, 19
Mahmoud Yusef Shihdeh a-Najar, 21
Mus’ab ‘Issa ‘Ali Abu Ruk, 20
Salameh Huza’a Mesleh Abu Hashish, 18
‘Abdallah Hassan Ibrahim a-Sharihi, 22
Khalil Tawfiq Dib a-Tawil, 23
Basel ‘Imad Hamad Abu Jazar, 17
Muhammad Mu’in ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-‘Assar, 22
Bilal Yasser Sa’id Zanun, 20
Ousamah Kamal Ghazi a-Nabahin, 19
Jihad ‘Izzat Ahmad al-Hur, 22
Ibrahim Mahmoud Rabi’ a-Najar, 21
Jalal ‘Abd al-Karim Muhammad Naser, 19

November 2010

Islam Saleh ‘Abd al-Hamid Yasin, 34
Muhammad Saleh ‘Abd al-Hamid Yasin, 19
Muhammad Jamal Fares a-Namnam, 25

October 2010

Jihad Subhi Taha ‘Afaneh, 20
Muhammad Jaber Ibrahim Washah, 20
Muhammad Hisham ‘Atiyyah Zaqut, 21
Maamun Taysir Yasin a-Natsheh, 24
Nasha’t Na’im al-Karmi, 34
‘Iz a-Din Saleh ‘Abd al-Karim Kawazbah, 35

September 2010

‘Awni Rafiq Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hadi, 18
Muhammad Khaled Hussein ‘Eid, 26
‘Alaa Muhammad Salem Abu Zabeidah, 24
Muhammad Mansur ‘Omar Baker, 19
Iyad As’ad Ahmad Abu Shalbayah, 38
Wajdi Jihad Ahmad al-Qadi, 23
Mahmoud Salem Muhammad al-‘Amarin, 22
Isma’il Walid Muhammad Abu ‘Odeh, 16
Husam Khaled Ibrahim Abu Sa’id, 16
Ibrahim ‘Abdallah Suliman Abu Sa’id, 91
Khaled ‘Abd al-Karim Muhammad al-Khatib, 34
Salim Muhammad Badawi Khatab, 20
Samer Mahmoud Ahmad Sarhan, 39

August 2010

Bassam Barham Suliman a-Daghameh, 22
Sharif ‘Abd al-Hadi Isma’il Bdeir, 21

Kochava Evin Haiem, 33
Talia Imas, 45
Yitzhak Imas, 47
Avishai Shindler, 24

July 2010

‘Issa ‘Abd al-Hadi Musa al-Batran, 36
Bilal Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Lebdeh, 26
Qassem Muhammad Kamal a-Shanbari, 18
Muhammad Hatem Sabri al-Kafarneh, 21
Ne’meh Yusef Muhisen a-Nabahin, 33

June 2010

Bassam Ibrahim Mahmoud Badwan, 29
Muhammad Fawzi Jum’ah Abu Ishiban, 28
‘Amer ‘Atwah Ibrahim Hadaid, 22
Ziad Badawi Musa al-Julani, 40
Faiz Nahed Mustafa al-Feiri, 18
Ibrahim Mashur Wajih al-Wahidi, 22
Na’el Hashem Abd al-Ghani Qweidar, 33
Mahmoud Khalil Muhammad Radi, 26
Ziad Ahmad Muhammad Radi, 23
Hamed Hussein Ahmad Thabet, 20
‘Arafat Muslem ‘Abd al-Karim Abu ‘Eid, 22
‘Alaa Muhammad Dib al-Ghanam, 20
Hayel Hassan ‘Abdallah al-Qadi, 25
‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Omar ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Astal, 18
Muhammad Amin Muhammad Shahawan, 17

Yehoshua Sofer, 39

May 2010

Fouad Ahmad Yusef Abu Matar, 75
Aysar Yasser Fawaz Zarraqah, 15

April 2010

Ahmad Suliman Salem Dib, 19
‘Ali Isma’il ‘Abd al-Qader a-Sawity, 24
Muhammad Muhammad Mahmoud Islim, 23
Wael Mahmoud Abd al-Nabi Abu Jalal, 28
Marwan Faraj Muhammad al-Jarbeh, 20

March 2010

Haitham ‘Abd al-Hakim ‘Aref ‘Arafat, 21
Suliman ‘Abd al-Hakim ‘Aref ‘Arafat, 20
Jihad ‘Ata Suliman a-Daghameh, 17
Muhammad Feisal Mahmoud Qawariq, 18
Salah Muhammad Kamel Qawariq, 18
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Qader Qadus, 15
Usaid Abd al-Naser Muhammad Qadus, 17
Muhammad Ashraf ‘Abd Rabo Ghiben, 17

Eliraz Peretz, 32
Ilan Sabiatkovski, 21

February 2010

Faiz Ahmad Sa’id Faraj, 41
Fares Akram Ahmad Jaber, 27

Neta Blatt Shuraq, 52
Ihab Mufid Khatib, 28

January 2010

‘Awad Muhammad ‘Awad Abu Nseir, 26
Huzaifah Muhammad Subhi al-Hams, 18
Hassan Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Rahim al-Qatrawi, 21
Naser Jum’ah ‘Eid a-Tarabeen, 21
‘Udai Muhammad Sabah Abu Hish, 15
Mubarak Ruba’a Rabi’ Abu Shaluf, 27
Mahmoud Ahmad Difallah ‘Abd a-Ghafur, 21
Jihad ‘Abd a-Rahim Ahmad a-Sameiri, 22

December 2009

Mahmoud Jum’ah Ibrahim a-Sharathah, 18
Bashir Suliman Musa Abu Duheil, 20
Hani Salem Muhammad Abu Ghazal, 20
Nader ‘Abd al-Jabbar Muhammad a-Sarkaji, 40
Ghassan Fathi Nayef Abu Sharkh, 37
‘Anan Suliman Mustafa Subuh, 36

alom Hai, 45

November 2009

Mustafa Muhammad Saber Wadi, 15

October 2009
September 2009

Naser Yusef Muhammad al-Ja’ran (Abu Seif), 43
Rizeq Muhammad Ibrahim al-Masri, 35
Kamel Khaled Sha’ban a-Dahduh, 19
Mahmoud Musa Ramadan al-Bana, 24
Muhammad Salem Birawi Marshud, 21
Rabi’ Walid ‘Issa a-Tawil, 22
‘Abd al-Hafez Khalil Musa a-Silawi, 21
Mahmoud Ahmad Muhammad Nuseir, 20
Ghazi Maher Ghazi a-Z’anin, 12

August 2009

Muhammad Riad Nayef ‘Alian, 15
‘Obaydah Maher ‘Abd al-Mu’ti al-Qudsi, 26
Ibrahim ‘Ali Muhammad al-Batnijy, 19
Mansur ‘Ali Muhammad al-Batnijy, 32
Na’el ‘Ali Muhammad al-Batnijy, 25
Sa’id ‘Ata Muhammad al-Hassumi, 16

July 2009

Ahmad Zuheir Mahmoud a-Sumari, 22
Hiyam Salim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu ‘Aish, 16

June 2009

Taher ‘Issa Muhammad ‘Issa, 23
Hani Muhammad Salem a-Tarabeen, 23
Fahed Muhammad al-Minawi, 20
‘Aqel Sadeq ‘Abd a-Rahman Srur, 36

May 2009

‘Abd al-Majid ‘Ali ‘Abdallah Dudin, 47
Yasin Salim Yasin Jasser, 18
‘Abd al-Majid Sa’id Musa Saleh, 20
Hamam Muhammad Burhan Naser a-Din, 18
Jihad Khalil Muhammad Abu Jaradah, 20
Hamdan Fa’iq Muhammad al-Astal, 20

Gregory Rabinowitz, 56

April 2009

Muhammad ‘Ali Nawar Hamdan, 16
Bassem Ibrahim Ahmad Abu Rahma, 31
Iyad ‘Azmi ‘Ali ‘Aweisat, 21
Muhammad Na’im Muhammad al-Hamaydah, 20
Jamil Muhammad ‘Aref Qafah, 22
Rabah Hijazi Muhammad Sidr 17

Shlomo Nativ, 16

March 2009

‘Ali Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Ful, 19
‘Abdallah Mahmoud Salem Isbetan, 20
Faiz Fares Faiz ‘Ata, 15
Mahmoud Sami Hassan Fatuah, 27
Ibrahim Hassan Da’ud Bamba, 24
Mahmoud al-‘Abed Saleh Hammad, 27
Wasim Hassan Hussein Mansur, 20
Khaled Harb Khaled Sh’alan, 23
Mahdi Sa’id Muhammad Abu ‘Ayash, 17

February 2009

Hammad Barrak Salem Salimeh, 13
‘Ali ‘Abd al-Bari Ibrahim al-Qadrah, 28
‘Iz a-Din Radwan Radwan al-Jamal, 14
Miqbal Yusef Muhammad Abu ‘Odeh, 22
Khaled Rafiq Diab al-Kafarneh, 21
Fouad Riad Faiz Hamdan, 23
‘Alaa ‘Issam Sharif Abu a-Rob, 22
Ayman Shhadeh Muhammad Abu Jazar, 25
Taysir Shehdeh Muhammad Manasrah, 27

January 2009

Hussein Faiz Hussein Shameyah, 25
Na’im ‘Aref Ishteiwi, 50
Maryam Mutawe’a Nasrallah Mutawe’aen, 82
Sabrin Muhammad Subhi Abu Samahah, 17
Fatmeh ‘Awad Khalil Ghiben, 62
‘Abed Jum’ah Mahmoud ‘Ayad, 80
Mahdiyeah Suliman Muhammad ‘Ayad, 70
Ghanimah Ma’sud Nimer Abu Halimah, 60
Maher ‘Abd al-‘Azim Yusef Abu Rajelah, 24
Jihan Sami Sa’di al-Hilu, 16
Ibrahim Ahmad ‘Abdallah ‘Alwan, 32
Ibrahim Saber Rabi’ Jneid, 22
Angham Raafat ‘Atallah al-Masri, 10
Intesar Farid Suliman al-Masri, 36
Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad Jarbo’a, 22
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Salameh Abu ‘Ateiwi, 17
Khaled Hafez Khaled a-Turk, 26
Na’im Muhammad ‘Abed Shhadeh, 51
Muhammad Saleh Sa’id Abu Diah, 53
Ibrahim Muhammad Kasab Shurab, 17
Kasab Muhammad Kasab Shurab, 28
Mus’ab Muhammad ‘Ali Abu al-‘Imrin, 22
Rami Nahed Mahmoud Abu ‘Obeid, 25
Bilal Muhammad Shehdeh al-Ashqar, 5
Muhammad Muhammad Shehdeh al-Ashqar, 3
Ahmad Fawaz Ahmad Saleh, 4
Fawzeyeh Fawaz Ahmad Saleh, 3
Anwar Marwan Fa’iq Shhadeh, 13
Munir Sami Amin Shuheibar, 15
Sundus Sa’id Hassan Abu Sultan, 3
Khamis Nimer ‘Abd a-Latif Zaghrah, 22
Raafat Khalil Hamdan Abu al-‘Alla, 46
Mithqal Jamal ‘Ata a-Radi’a, 22
Fatmeh Mahmoud ‘Obeid ‘Abdallah, 55
Fathi Muhammad ‘Abdallah ‘Obeid, 63
Mahmoud Hussein Muhammad Matar, 27
Naser Yusef ‘Abd al-Hadi a-Sifi, 41
Hashem Rabah Muhyi a-Din al-Hto, 47
Muhannad ‘Amer Khalil al-Jdeily, 7
Husam Muhammad ‘Ali Abu Daqah, 25
‘Iz a-Din ‘Issa ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Batran, 3
Bilal ‘Issa ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Batran, 6
Ihssan ‘Issa ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Batran, 10
Iman ‘Issa ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Batran, 10
Islam ‘Issa ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Batran, 14
Manal Hassan ‘Ali al-Batran, 32
Muhammad Yasser Mansur al-Qaram, 21
‘Abed ‘Ali ‘Abed Baner, 48
Ahmad ‘Abed ‘Ali Baner, 17
Ashraf Ribhi al-‘Abed Baner, 34
Faiz ‘Ali al-‘Abed Baner, 35
Shadi al-‘Abed ‘Ali Baner, 28
‘Alaa Sa’id Khamis Muwaded, 33
Mus’ab Subhi Muhammad Muwaded, 16
Subhi Muhammad Khamis Muwaded, 51
Faiz Sa’id Faraj Smali, 52
Hamuda Zayed Ahmad Thabet, 21
‘Ali Kamal Badawi Khader, 13
‘Ali Kamal Badawi al-Barawi, 13
Ahmad Mansur Husseini Hasunah, 20
Mahmoud Khader ‘Abed Bahar, 21
‘Omar Mahmoud Ramadan al-Marnakh, 17
‘Issa Muhammad ‘Aiyadah Ermelat, 11
‘Abdallah Muhammad ‘Abed al-Juju, 16
Rawan Isma’il Muhammad a-Najar, 6
Ahmad Salameh ‘Abd al-Hai Abu ‘Aytah, 15
Anwar Salman Rushdi Abu ‘Aytah, 7
Malak Salameh ‘Abd al-Hai Abu ‘Aytah, 2
Zakiyyeh ‘Abd al-Hai ‘Ali Abu ‘Aytah, 50
‘Atiyyah Talab ‘Abd Rabo Abu al-Hasir, 44
Anwar Salah Ibrahim Abu Telkh, 22
Nassar ‘Abd al-Mahdi Nassar Mutawe’a, 81
Aya ‘Iz a-Din Muhammad Abu al-‘Eish, 13
Bisan ‘Iz a-Din Muhammad Abu al-‘Eish, 21
Mayar ‘Iz a-Din Muhammad Abu al-‘Eish, 14
Nur Sh’hab a-Din Muhammad Abu al-‘Eish, 16
Mus’ab Naser Badwan Da’na, 17
‘Abd a-Rahman Haitham Judah Zamlat, 19
Muhammad Ousamah ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Aqilan, 21
Fadi Hassan Khader Hasanein, 24
Laila Rashed Wahdan Abu ‘Aqleen, 64
Midhat Fares Mahmoud Hajaj, 26
‘Imad Sa’id Muhammad a-Najar, 32
‘Imad Hassan Muhammad a-Najar, 24
Muhammad ‘Issa Ahmad a-Sharafi, 27
‘Abd a-Rahman Khaled ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Suwari, 23
Amir ‘Aziz Mahmoud Abu Rayaleh, 22
Hamdi Ibrahim Muhammad al-Bana, 22
Farid Hijazi Muhammad al-Helu, 23
Husam Hassan Rajab al-Jamasi, 35
al-Mu’taz Beallah ‘Abd al-Mutaleb Zidan Dahman, 23
Tammer Riad Ibrahim Faza’, 17
Na’im Khader Salman Hamadah, 20
‘Abdallah Nawaf Na’im, 19
Muhammad Nawaf Na’im, 24
Zaki Rafiq Shehebar, 25
Munther Ghaleb Hamdan Dughmosh, 41
‘Abd al-‘Azim ‘Adel Ibrahim al-Jadbah, 26
Khader ‘Abd al-Ghafar Musa al-Jadbah, 40
Shaymaa ‘Adel Ibrahim al-Jadbah, 9
Yasmin ‘Adel Ibrahim al-Jadbah, 14
Diab ‘Abd al-Qader Rajab Muqat, 46
Muhammad a-Sayed Muhammad Abu ‘Akilah, 7
Rasmi Muhammad ‘Ali Abu Jarir, 36
Mustafa Kamel Ahmad Barakeh, 44
‘Aishah ‘Ayad ‘Eid Ermelat, 67
Amal ‘Ayad ‘Odeh Ermelat, 33
Arij ‘Ata Hassan Ermelat, less than 1
Baraa ‘Ata Hassan Ermelat, 1
Sabrin ‘Ata Hassan Ermelat, 15
‘Abdallah Nabil Sha’ban Islim, 16
Ahmad Muhammad Sha’ban Islim, 13
Husam Muhammad Sha’ban Islim, 7
Iman ‘Abd al-Qader Jebril Islim, 21
Muhammad Nabil Sha’ban Islim, 20
Muhammad Sha’ban Ahmad Islim, 49
Sahar ‘Ali Sha’ban Islim, 16
Ahmad Ousamah Muhammad Qurtom, 6
Iyad Mahmoud Sha’ban Siyam, 35
Muhammad Isma’il Mahmoud Siyam, 27
Muhammad Sa’id Muhammad Siyam, 22
Sa’id Muhammad Sha’ban Siyam, 48
Samah ‘Atiyyah Muhammad Siyam, 33
Ahmad Ayub ‘Issam al-Bitar, 31
Hanin Fadel Muhammad al-Batran, 8
Maher Hashem Hamdan Dughmosh, 46
Ahmad Muzayan Musa Sha’ban, 21
Bilal Muzayan Musa Sha’ban, 18
Muhammad Muzayan Musa Sha’ban, 22
Muhammad Ziad Ibrahim Abu ‘Abdu, 24
‘Adel Sabri Abu al-‘Oan, 27
Yihya Mahmoud al-‘Abed al-Qoqa, 24
‘Imad ‘Abdallah Ahmad Miqdad, 20
Shehdeh Fathi Shehdeh al-Kurd, 28
Karim Mesbah Muhammad Abu Sidu, 15
Midhat ‘Abed ‘Ali Baner, 22
Ahmad Zuheir ‘Abd al-Hamid al-‘Aalul, 21
Mahmoud Zuheir ‘Abd al-Hamid al-‘Aalul, 18
Muhammad Zuheir ‘Abd al-Hamid al-‘Aalul, 19
Ramadan ‘Abd al-Hamid Ramadan al-‘Aalul, 26
Zuheir ‘Abd al-Hamid Ramadan al-‘Aalul, 47
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Hai Hassan a-Safdi, 24
‘Abdallah ‘Abd al-Hamid Abu Mu’ammar, 22
‘Amar Muhammad Ahmad Hasunah, 19
Ousamah Jamal Muhammad ‘Obeid, 20
Ramadan Sha’ban al-Barawi al-Faluji, 23
Ayman Muhammad Darwish ‘Amarah, 26
Soheil Yunes Ibrahim a-Safdi, 19
Ahmad Faiz Sha’ban al-Bahtiti,19
Faiz Sha’ban ‘Omar al-Bahtiti, 42
Saaeb Nafez Sha’ban al-Bahtiti, 18
Jamal ‘Ata Muhammad al-Habshi, 43
Ahmad ‘Ata Musa al-Ktnani, 19
Miqbal ‘Eid Salam Jarabi’, 86
‘Abd a-Naser Jamal Ass’ad Shuheibar, 46
Hamdan Jalal Jamil Dughmosh, 18
Muhammad Faraj Sa’id Dughmosh, 34
Muhammad Majed ‘Ali Hussein, 16
Thaer Soheil ‘Ali Hussein, 17
Fadi Taysir Mustafa ‘Abdallah, 23
Muhammad Ahmad Mahmoud ‘Abdallah, 62
Rajab Mahmoud Ahmad ‘Alwan, 27
‘Abd a-Latif Muhammad Muhammad a-Na’uq, 53
Muhammad Muhammad Salem a-Na’uq, 73
Haitham ‘Abd al-Hafez Yusef ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 23
‘Udai Salameh Yusef al-Hadad, 54
Alaa ‘Udai Salameh al-Hadad, 13
Hatem ‘Udai Salameh al-Hadad, 23
Ihssan Mahmoud Zaki al-Hadad, 45
‘Issa Muhammad Jaber Abu ‘Aydah, 15
Naser ‘Abd al-Hai Amin a-Nadim, 45
Bilal Taysir Taha Musa, 28
Ahmad Fouad Muhammad Thabet, 26
Maher Khaled Ja’far al-Beik, 49
Muhammad Wajih Muhammad a-Rifa’I, 24
Tawfiq Fares Shhadeh Shhadeh, 58
Ousamah Kayed Muhammad Abu Jiab, 45
Ahmad Mustafa Ahmad Miqdad, 81
Muhammad Shhadeh ‘Ali Ahmad A’bed, 42
Seif a-Din Muhammad Ibrahim al-Firani, 20
Halimah Muhammad Muhammad Siyam, 77
Khalil al-‘Abed Jaber, 63
Shadyah Ahmad Jaber, 53
Jamal Taha Muhammad Maghames, 49
‘Iz a-Din ‘Adel Khaled al-Fara, 13
‘Abdallah Naser ‘Abdallah a-Sadudi, 6
Mahmoud Khader Mahmoud Abu Kmeil, 13
Khalil Muhammad Musa Bahar, 12
Kafa Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Neder, 39
Akram Khader ‘Abd al-Qader M’aruf, 46
‘Alaa Fathi Da’ud al-Qaram, 13
‘Ismat Fathi Da’ud al-Qaram, 15
Fathi Da’ud ‘Abed al-Qaram, 42
‘Imad Maher Saleh Farwaneh, 17
‘Iz a-Din Wahid Muhammad Musa, 51
Ahmad ‘Iz a-Din Wahid Musa, 27
Muhammad ‘Iz a-Din Wahid Musa, 23
Nur ‘Iz a-Din Wahid Musa, 15
Samira ‘Afif Hassan Musa,48
Wahid ‘Iz a-Din Wahid Musa, 28
Tammer Ibrahim ‘Atiyyah Abu ‘Aser, 24
Raed Ahmad Muhammad a-Safdi, 21
Bilal Muhammad Kamel Dibeh, 21
Lu’ai Jaber ‘Ata Hussein, 20
Fares Muhammad Khalil ‘Abdin, 31
‘Othman Ibrahim ‘Atiyyah Abu Sanimah, 19
Yusef Mustafa Hassan al-Kurdi, 21
Ramzi Rawhi Khalil ‘Awad, 25
Haitham ‘Adnan Muhammad Abu al-Qumsan, 18
Bilal Jamal Isma’il Abu ‘Awwad, 17
‘Aishah Ibrahim a-Sayed a-Najar, 3
Hanan Sha’ban ‘Urabi a-Najar, 40
Kafa Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Nazer, 40
Zayed Muhammad Muhammad Jneid, 30
‘Ahed Fa’iq ‘Aish Abu ‘Aasi, 27
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Ghafar Jahjuj, 25
Hassan Hisham a-Saqa, 21
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo al-Balbisi, 40
Mahmoud Khader Fadel Abu Salem, 19
Rajaa Muhammad Ramadan Ghiben, 37
Mazen Ass’ad Salem a-Dash, 38
Riad Muhammad ‘Ali Mahmoud a-Ra’I, 26
Walid Hamuda Muhammad a-Za’but, 39
Tawfiq Hassan Saleh a-Diri, 26
Mahmoud Baker Mahmoud a-Za’but, 19
Yusef Anwar Sha’ban Dakah, 22
Fadi Muhammad ‘Omar Zanad, 25
Hamdi Saleh Muhammad Hamadah, 24
Muhammad al-‘Abed Muhammad Naser, 24
Samir Muhammad Kamel Muqat, 17
Soheil Ahmad Rashad al-‘Asali, 24
Jihad ‘Alaa a-Din ‘Abd a-Rahman al-‘Amsi, 19
Muhammad Maher Ahmad a-Zinati, 16
Muhammad Zaki Ahmad Abu ‘Odeh, 19
‘Alaa Ahmad Muhammad Abu Reidah, 21
Mamduh Lutfi ‘Abed Abu Ruk, 21
Ghassan Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Zer, 24
Mamduh Mus’ad Muhammad Qdeih, 17
Muhammad Jamil ‘Abdallah Qdeih, 14
Yasser Mansi ‘Abdallah Qdeih, 34
Muamen Ahmad Jum’ah a-Sameiri, 21
Rasha Ahmad Khalil a-Sameiri, 20
Nihad Muhammad Fayad Abu Kmeil, 29
Mahmoud Sa’id Muhammad a-Sha’er, 47
Nidal Muhammad Hassan Abu Reidah, 18
Alaa Khaled Khalil a-Najar, 15
Khalil Hamdan Ahmad a-Najar, 75
Ahmad Jum’ah Ahmad Abu Jimus, 27
Yasser Shihab a-Din ‘Akashah, 27
Jebril ‘Atiyyah Ibrahim Mansur, 18
Akram Muhammad Matar a-Siqali, 53
Rizeq Salim Hussein Abu al-Kas, 62
Nazirah Muhammad Khaled Abu al-Kas (al-Hilu), 60
Bassem Tal’at Jamil ‘Abd a-Nabi, 11
Qassem Tal’at Jamil ‘Abd a-Nabi, 6
Sadam Jamil Salim ‘Abd a-Nabi, 19
Hazem Khaled Mahmoud ‘Ayad, 28
Yasser Saqer Isma’il Itmeizah, 38
Ibrahim Rafiq Saber Abu al-Kheir, 27
Firas Faiz Kamel Abu Samrah, 17
Muhammad Maher Muhammad Harzallah, 23
Nabil Kamal Muhammad Mekhraq (Abu Samrah), 17
Yusef Muhammad Fouad al-Farahteh, 16
Majdi Nahed Harb Islem Islim (al-Basus), 14
Muhammad Midhat Harb Islem Islim (al-Basus), 10
‘Amar Fadel al-‘Abed Sa’ed, 25
Amjad Fadel ‘Abdallah Abu Rayan, 23
Hani Muhammad ‘Abdallah Abu Rayan, 25
Na’im ‘Abdallah ‘Ali Abu Rayan, 54
‘Iz a-Din ‘Ali Muhammad al-Ashqar, 32
Muhammad ‘Adel Khalil al-Ashqar, 29
Rami Mahmoud Rajab al-Qadrah, 30
Ahmad Muhammad Ayub Khilleh, 22
Ousamah ‘Abdallah Ahmad Khilleh, 29
Murad Rizeq Jamil Tanburah, 27
Mahmoud Ahmad Fares Juha, 16
‘Ali ‘Omar ‘Ali a-Tanani, 22
Muhammad Khalil Diab a-Tatr, 28
Fathi Yusef Fathi al-Mazini, 19
Ahmad Kamal Hamuda a-Dalu, 23
Suliman Jum’ah ‘Amesh, 19
Mustafa Muhammad Naser al-‘Ashi, 17
Muhammad Nader Khalil Abu Sh’aban, 16
Mamduh Walid Ass’ad Shehebar, 17
Kamel Jamil Kamel a-Sarhi, 21
Na’el Rajab Muhammad ‘Ali, 34
Mazen Faiz Muhammad a-Sharabasi, 25
Muhammad Khalil Ibrahim Abu Laylah, 20
Hassan Muhammad Muhammad Abu Zamar, 22
Ass’ad Sa’di ‘Abd al-Fatah Ahmad, 24
Ousamah Ahmad al-‘Absi, 20
Ibrahim Isma’il Muhammad Dababsheh, 22
Yusef ‘Amar Muhammad Lubad, 23
Ashraf Hamdi Muhammad ‘Ayad, 22
Yihya Jamil Mesbah ‘Ayad, 30
‘Abd a-Rahman Ibrahim Tawfiq Jaballah, 13
Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud Jaballah, 13
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Hamad Abu Sanimah, 31
Munir ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Muhammad Abu Sanimah, 25
Nihad Muhammad Fayad Abu Kmeil, 29
‘Abd al-Majid Shhadeh ‘Abd al-Khaleq Khader, 69
Tammer ‘Omar Isma’il a-Loh, 17
Yunes Muhammad Yunes a-Sharabasi, 23
Khaled Hassan Ahmad al-A’bed, 20
Muhammad Faiz Sa’id a-Sawafiry, 44
Muhammad ‘Alaa a-Din Fallah a-Sawafiry, 14
Jaber Hussein ‘Ali Habib, 42
‘Afaf Rabi’ Hassan Jum’ah, 34
‘Ahed Mazen ‘Abdallah al-Gharah, 29
Sha’ban ‘Abd al-Muli Sha’ban al-Gharah, 29
Raji Rushdi Mahmoud Dalul, 19
Mahmoud Jamal Hassan Muhmadin, 16
Sabri Muhammad Hassan Salman, 55
‘Alaa a-Din Munther ‘Abd a-Ra’uf ‘Abd a-Shafi, 27
Hatem Musa Dib Abu Daf, 24
Sa’ed Muhammad ‘Abdallah Hassan, 19
Ayman Faraj Habib Sheldan, 35
‘Abdallah Malek a-Din al-Haj Ali, 21
Mahmoud Suliman Mahmoud a-Najar, 56
Rawheyeh Ahmad Suliman a-Najar, 47
Khalil Ahmad Ghali Abu al-Kheir, 22
Sharif Sami Ghali Abu al-Kheir, 22
Tareq Fadel ‘Abdallah Ja’far, 22
Tareq Ibrahim Abu Tabikh, 25
‘Abdallah Sa’id Saleh al-‘Emawi, 21
Ayat Kamal Mahmoud al-Bana, 11
Firyal Kamal Mahmoud al-Bana, 23
Mustafa Jum’ah Ibrahim al-Basha, 20
‘Issa ‘Abd a-Rahim Saleh, 28
Ousamah Ayub Yusef a-Sifi, 19
Muhammad Hassan Badawi al-Barawi, 22
Muhammad Habib Diab Abu Lubad, 20
Yasser ‘Arafat Sa’id Shbeir, 25
Mahmoud Salameh Muhammad Hamadah, 24
Muhammad ‘Adnan Khalaf al-Hadad, 21
Ahmad Ibrahim Muhammad Abu Jazar, 18
Muhammad Lutfi Mahmoud al-Hur, 19
Hassan Muhammad ‘Ali Ishteiwi, 54
Jihad Rashad Sha’ban Dalul, 15
‘Eid ‘Odeh Hassan a-Shanadi, 29
Muhammad Jamal Mashamekh Nassar, 22
Faiz Ahmad Muhammad Abu Wardeh, 30
Iyad Khamis ‘Abed al-Bana, 21
Ihssan Fawzi Nazmi a-Nadim, 33
Iyad Ziad Fares Jaber, 34
Fadel Allah ‘Imad Hassan a-Najar, 1
Nasha’t Raed Zaki al-Feiri, 11
‘Anan Nimer Sha’ban Mansur, 43
Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmad al-Jundi, 20
Munther Mahmoud Muhammad al-Jundi, 36
Wajih Ahmad Wasfi Mushtaha, 24
Dalal ‘Ashur Ass’ad al-Katati, 46
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Ghiben, 14
‘Abdallah Muhammad Hamdan Abu Ruk, 16
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Mustafa a-Sha’er, 24
Iyad Taher Ahmad Shhadeh, 16
Ousamah Khaled Hussein Abu Rajelah, 16
Hussein Muhammad Ahmad a-Sha’er, 21
Mansur Mahmoud Madi, 21
Bahaa Khaled ‘Abd al-Mun’im A’bed, 25
Mudallaleh Ahmad Muhammad Abu Rakbah, 82
‘Alaa a-Din Fathi Saleh Bashir, 41
Suhaib ‘Alaa a-Din Fathi Bashir, 19
Jamileh Hassan Ziyadah Ziyadah, 77
Muhammad ‘Abed Taher al-Jalab, 67
Khawlah Ahmad Ramadan Ghiben, 14
Sahar Ahmad Ramadan Ghiben, 16
Fatmeh Muhammad Rushdi M’aruf, 14
Haitham Yasser Yusef M’aruf, 10
Maha Yasser Yusef M’aruf, 15
Hadil Jaber Diab a-Rafati, 8
Tasnim Yasser Jaber a-Rafati, 1
Ibrahim ‘Aish Taha Suliman, 21
Hassan Na’im Hassan Abu Hasireh, 36
Nur Muhammad Nur a-Din ‘Amesh, 24
Bilal Yihya Muhammad Khalaf, 18
Ibrahim Muhammad Hussein Khalaf, 39
Muhannad Mazen Jamil a-Naji, 19
Fathi Shaybub Ahmad a-Shanbari, 21
Ramzi Rafe’a Matar Abu Ghanimah, 20
‘Abd a-Rahman Tawfiq Mustafa al-Kashef, 20
Ibrahim Yusef Muhammad Hamdan, 18
Muhammad Mansur Shukri Sa’ada, 20
‘Abdallah ‘Arafat Shamalakh, 34
‘Ali Ishaq ‘Ali Shamalakh, 22
‘Issam Ishaq ‘Ali Shamalakh, 22
Mahmoud Ahmad ‘Abd al-Fatah Shamalakh, 20
Amal Najib Muhammad ‘Alush, 12
Mus’ab ‘Abd al-Muhsen ‘Ali Khader, 13
‘Alaa Hamed Muhammad Abu Jame’, 19
Muhammad Yunes Nseir Abu Jame’, 17
Fares Tal’at Ass’ad Hamuda, 2
Muhammad Tal’at Ass’ad Hamuda, 15
Ousamah Muhammad Ahmad Jum’ah, 32
‘Ata Kamal ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Dahduh, 23
Muhammad Jaber Muhammad ‘Alian, 15
‘Iz a-Din ‘Ali ‘Awad al-Baras, 16
Hanan Fathi ‘Abd al-Ghani a-Najar, 41
‘Abd al-Mu’ti Rateb ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Salman, 21
Rami Jamal Ramadan Salman, 23
Sami ‘Omar Sa’id Salman, 36
Salman Fayad Abu Madin, 75
Da’ud Muhammad Ghali ‘Asaliyah, 35
Ibrahim Muhammad Ghali ‘Asaliyah, 42
Ibrahim Muhammad Mustafa Abu Hmeidan, 74
‘Ali Kamal ‘Ali a-Neder, 10
‘Amer Kamal ‘Ali a-Neder, 15
Shadi Fathi Ahmad Jneid, 29
‘Abd al-Hakim Khader Muhammad Sultan, 14
‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad ‘Abdallah Habush, 4
Ramez Jamal ‘Abd Rabo, 38
Randah Jamal Faraj ‘Abd Rabo, 43
Samed Mahfuz Mahmoud ‘Abd Rabo, 16
Sami Muhammad Saleh ‘Abd Rabo, 25
Sufian ‘Abd al-Hai Jawdat ‘Abd Rabo, 47
Yusri Mahmoud Judah ‘Abd Rabo, 19
Mustafa Ribhi ‘Ali Hussein, 18
In’am ‘Abed Darwish al-Baba, 32
Muhammad Yihya Sa’id al-Baba, 11
Hassan Muhammad Mahmoud Harb, 22
Ahmad Jum’ah Suliman a-Sha’er, 21
‘Omar Khader Muhammad Jum’ah, 17
Shams ‘Amar Khamis ‘Amar, 22
Mazen Sa’id Muhammad Abu Matar, 28
Sa’id Muhammad Yusef Abu Matar, 51
‘Ahed Kamel Shhadeh Baner, 23
Sami Bashir ‘Abed Sa’ed, 32
Muhammad Sa’di Sa’id ‘Aleiwa, 23
Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad Jum’ah, 24
Amineh Nafez Muhammad al-Hilu, 14
Muhammad Nafez Muhammad al-Hilu, 21
Ahmad Subhi Khalaf Ahel, 20
Wisam Ibrahim Mesbah Nabhan, 16
Amir Yusef Mahmoud al-Mansi, 25
‘Imad Salim Muhammad Kayal, 35
As’id Suliman Sa’id a-rowadi, 54
Jawad Mahmoud Muhammad al-Hasi, 35
Hisham Mahmoud Dib Sinan, 22
Halimah Isma’il Ibrahim Saleh, 58
Muhammad Mubarak al-‘Abed Saleh, 65
Ibrahim Rashid ‘Abd al-Ghani Qweidar, 24
Amal Ahmad Yasin al-Madhun, 21
Fatmeh Sa’id Mustafa Sa’ed, 42
Sumayah Jum’ah Sa’id Sa’ed, 19
Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil al-Qur’an, 55
Muhammad Hussein Naser al-Qur’an, 40
Riad Yihya Muhammad al-Qur’an, 21
Suhaib Muhammad Ibrahim al-Qur’an, 15
Widad Muhammad Ibrahim al-Qur’an, 16
Bassem Ibrahim Hussein Nassar (al-Quar’an), 24
Husam Ibrahim Mteir Nassar (al-Quar’an), 23
Iyad Saber Hassan Nassar (al-Quar’an), 20
‘Alaa Hammad Mahmoud Murtaja, 25
Fatmeh Faiz Muhammad al-Hilu, 21
Bahaa a-Din Faiz Nur Salahah, 4
Diaa’ A-Din Faiz Nur Salahah, 13
Rana Faiz Nur Salahah, 11
Randah Faiz Muhammad Salahah, 34
Rula Faiz Nur Salahah, 1
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Odeh al-Kurd, 30
Ahmad Ibrahim Sami Abu Qleiq, 17
Isma’il Ayman Jamil Yasin, 17
Ass’ad Muhammad Ass’ad al-Jamalah, 31
Bahaa a-Din Zaki ‘Antar Islim, 23
Jamal Hussein Muslem a-Sameiri, 21
Nariman Ahmad ‘Abd al-Karim Abu ‘Odeh, 15
Muhammad ‘Atef Muhammad Abu al-Husna, 12
Ghanimah Sultan Fawzi Halawah, 10
Alaa Ahmad Fathi Jaber, 11
Fatmeh Raed Zaki Jadallah, 10
Tammer Jamal Mahmoud Abu Hleil, 23
Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmad Washah, 26
Ramez Mahmoud Kamel Abu al-Kheir, 29
‘Alaa Muhammad Shehdeh Dahir, 24
Bassem Muhammad Shehdeh Dahir, 22
Rashid Hamdan Shehdeh Dahir, 22
‘Omar ‘Ali Hammad Abu Mgheiseb, 19
‘Atwah ‘Awwad ‘Odeh Abu Mudif, 66
Jihad ‘Awwad ‘Odeh Abu Mudif, 56
Basmah Yasser ‘Abd Rabo al-Jilawi, 5
‘Amer Ibrahim Khalil Bau’lusha, 9
Jamal Ahmad Hussein Nashwan, 42
Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Adel Shamlawi, 21
Halimah Muhammad Hassan Badwan, 61
Ahmad Mubarak Hussein al-Shereihi, 75
Nujud Rajab Sweilem Ghiben, 29
Ruqayah Muhammad Muhammad Abu a-Naja, 55
Ihab Jamal Hassan al-Wahidi, 19
Muhammad ‘Ali Muhammad a-Sultan, 56
Khaled Suliman Salim Kaware’, 43
Tareq Muhammad Nimer Abu ‘Amshah, 22
Fawzi Mahmoud Abu al-‘Araj, 21
Muhammad Khader ‘Abed Rajab, 16
Albina Vladimir Yusef al-Jaru, 25
Yusef ‘Awni ‘Abd a-Rahim al-Jaru, 1
‘Amru Muhammad ‘Abdallah Nassar, 20
Faten ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Salmi Zneid, 31
Maathar Muhammad Salem Zneid, 23
Ahmad Talal Dader, 20
Ashraf Hassan Salman Kali, 18
‘Abd a-Naser Khalil Hassan ‘Odeh, 20
Anwar Jaber ‘Abd al-Hafiz Abu Salem, 23
Muhammad Nafez Dib al-Hindi, 25
Raed Nafez Ahmad al-Malfuh, 27
Bayan Khaled Ibrahim Khleif, 12
Ousamah Sa’id Muhammad Lubad, 17
Baraa Iyad Samih Shalha, 6
Bassam Sha’ban Ibrahim Qutah, 28
Rabi’ Mesbah Mahmoud al-‘Arini, 49
Ibrahim Akram Ibrahim Abu Daqah, 15
Muhammad Akram Ibrahim Abu Daqah, 14
Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Teir, 56
Hussein Sa’id ‘Abdallah a-Neder, 19
Bader Muhammad Musa Abu Rashed, 72
Hamed Muhyi a-Din Hassan a-Sameiri, 50
Hazem ‘Alian ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Ashqar, 31
Ihssan ‘Alian ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Ashqar, 24
Muhammad ‘Alian ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Ashqar, 30
Basel Sami Rizeq Subuh, 28
Nasha’t Sami Rizeq Subuh, 24
Sharif Zaki Rizeq Subuh, 22
‘Abd al-Karim Shafiq Hussein Hassan, 18
Hamam Muhammad Khamis ‘Issa, 26
Ahmad Yusef Muhammad Hussein, 21
Mustafa Rashad Fadel al-Khaldi, 17
Muhammad Farid Ahmad al-Ma’suwabi, 15
Mahmoud Zaki ‘Issa Hmeid, 17
‘Abdallah Jihad Hussein Judah, 14
Nassim Salameh Isberu Saba, 24
Amal Khaled Muhammad Munib ‘Abd Rabo, 2
Su’ad Khalad Muhammad Munib ‘Abd Rabo, 9
Adham Khamis Muhammad Nseir, 36
Hatem Walid Salem Ghazal, 42
Nur a-Din Muhammad Jamil Hamadah, 22
Bilal Subhi Muhammad Nabhan, 26
Salem Hamid Salem Abu Musa, 23
Hassan Rateb Muhammad Sem’aan, 18
Salem Harb Hammad al-Bansh, 56
Habib Khaled Isma’il el-Kahlut, 13
Hassan Khalil Ahmad el-Kahlut,19
Khaled Isma’il Muhammad el-Kahlut, 43
Muhammad Khaled Isma’il el-Kahlut, 14
Tawfiq Khaled Isma’il el-Kahlut, 11
Muhammad Muhammad Ahmad Abu Rakbah, 85
Husam Raed Rajab Subuh, 11
Hassan Salem Naji al-Hawari, 80
‘Abd a-Rahman Jamil Ahmad Badawi, 25
Muhammad Maher Nimer Badawi, 17
Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Rahim Rajab Suliman, 17
Salah Hassan Salameh Rafe’a, 39
Dima Sa’id Ahmad a-Rahel, 5
Jihad Rashad Muhammad al-‘Asali, 22
Bilal ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Ali al-Haj Ali, 21
Ahmad Adib Faraj Jneid, 24
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Radwan ‘Ashur, 10
Radwan Muhammad Radwan ‘Ashur, 11
Mahmoud Ass’ad Muhammad Fatuah, 19
Muhammad ‘Othman Khalil Ishteiwi, 30
Mu’in Akram Ahmad Silmi, 34
‘Azmi Muhammad Ibrahim Diab, 25
Ahmad Salah ‘Ali Hwas, 19
‘Abd al-Wahab Ahmad Hussein Hasanein, 51
Hussein Khalil Hassan ‘Arafat, 63
‘Abdallah Muhammad Shafiq ‘Abdallah, 10
Khadrah ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Awad, 40
Rihab ‘Abd al-Men’em Ramadan ‘Awad, 47
Bilal Hamzah ‘Ali ‘Obeid, 17
‘Abd a-Rahim Yusef Musa a-Debs, 24
Muhammad Ramadan Hamad a-Debs, 20
‘Imad Muhammad Fouad Abu ‘Askar, 13
Khaled Muhammad Fouad Abu ‘Askar, 19
Raafat Fouad Sa’id Abu ‘Askar, 33
Isma’il ‘Adnan Hassan Abu Hawilah, 15
Muhammad ‘Aish Mansur Abu Naser, 24
Mufid Fathi ‘Abdallah Abu S’adeh, 37
Sa’id Mahmoud Hassan al-‘Umari, 34
‘Atiyyah Hassan Mustafa al-Madhun, 58
Ziad ‘Atiyyah Hassan al-Madhun, 34
Iyad Jaber Ibrahim Aman, 20
‘Issam Samir Shafiq Dib, 13
Alaa Mu’in Shafiq Dib, 19
Amal Matar Saleh Dib, 36
Asil Mu’in Shafiq Dib, 9
Fatmeh Samir Shafiq Dib, 21
Muhammad Samir Shafiq Dib, 23
Muhammad Mu’in Shafiq Dib, 16
Mustafa Mu’in Shafiq Dib, 13
Nur Mu’in Shafiq Dib, 3
Samir Shafiq ‘Abd al-Hamid Dib, 44
Shamma Salem Hussein Dib, 67
Lena ‘Abd al-Mun’im Nafez Hassan, 9
Amin ‘Abed Muhammad Khader, 23
Anwar Hassan Muhammad Lubad, 52
Ibrahim Ahmad Hussein M’aruf, 14
Bashar Samir Musa Naji, 13
‘Abed Muhammad ‘Abed Qadas, 25
‘Ahed Iyad Muhammad Qadas, 13
Muhammad Bassem Ahmad Shaqurah, 8
Khader Ahmad Ibrahim Zidan, 40
‘Abdallah Ahmad Kadurah Saleh, 54
Mahzeyah Shhadeh Hassan Saleh, 50
Ranin ‘Abdallah Ahmad Saleh, 11
Samia Fathi ‘Abd al-Fatah Saleh, 18
Hibah Jamil ‘Ali ‘Amshah, 28
Islam ‘Odeh Khalil Abu ‘Amshah, 11
Muhammad Marwan Mahmoud A’bed, 26
Zaher Muhammad Mahmoud A’bed, 19
Husam Fathi Abu a-Subuh, 21
Muhammad Muhammad Abu Sha’ira, 24
Muhammad Rizeq al-Bana, 25
Ahmad A’bed Hamad al-Hasnat, 33
Khalil Madi Muhammad al-Hasnat, 19
‘Alaa Isma’il Jaber Isma’il, 22
Hassan Ahmad Mesmeh, 22
Marwan Hassan ‘Abd al-Maazun Qdeih, 4
‘Afaf Muhammad al-‘Abed Dmeidah, 29
Zakaria Yihya Ibrahim a-Tawil, 4
Jaber Muhammad Muhammad a-Dawawseh, 21
Muhammad Hashem Isma’il ‘Afaneh, 22
Ziad Sa’id Hassan Nassar, 25
Mesbah Ayub Ibrahim Ayub, 63
Isma’il Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Nasser, 54
Hamdi Yusef Ibrahim Hammad, 33
‘Ali Iyad Faiz a-Dayah, 10
Alaa Iyad Faiz a-Dayah, 6
Amani Muhammad Faiz a-Dayah, 6
Arij Muhammad Faiz a-Dayah, 3
Baraah Ramez Faiz a-Dayah, 1
Faiz Mesbah Hisham a-Dayah, 60
Iyad Faiz Mesbah a-Dayah, 35
Kamar Muhammad Faiz a-Dayah, 5
Kawkab Sa’id Hussein a-Dayah, 57
Khitam Iyad Faiz a-Dayah, 8
Muhammad Iyad Faiz a-Dayah, 1
Rabe’ah Iyad Faiz a-Dayah, 2
Radwan Faiz Mesbah a-Dayah, 22
Raghdah Faiz Mesbah a-Dayah, 34
Ramez Faiz Mesbah a-Dayah, 26
Rawdah Hilal Hussein a-Dayah, 28
Sabrin Faiz Mesbah a-Dayah, 24
Safaa Saleh Muhammad a-Dayah, 20
Salsabil Ramez Faiz a-Dayah, under 1
Sharaf a-Din Iyad Faiz a-Dayah, 4
Tazal Isma’il Muhammad a-Dayah, 28
Yusef Muhammad Faiz a-Dayah, 2
‘Ata Hassan ‘Aref ‘Azzam, 46
Hassan ‘Ata Hassan ‘Azzam, 1
Muhammad ‘Ata Hassan ‘Azzam, 13
Fidaa Farid Salameh Abu Sh’ar, 20
Mahmoud ‘Abdallah ‘Atewah Abu Sh’ar, 26
Muhammad Bashir Muhammad Khader, 24
Muhammad Ahmad Diab Shweideh, 19
Adam Maamun Saqer al-Kurdi, 3
Heijar Isma’il Yusef Nseiwi, 60
Shteiwi Sa’ed Musharaf a-Sheikh Mana’, 62
Huzaifah Jihad Khaled el-Kahlut, 17
Yusef Sa’ed Yusef el-Kahlut, 17
Naji Ramzi Yusef Mustafa (Mit), 21
‘Abd a-Rahman Saleh ‘Abd al-Hamid Yasin, 21
‘Abd al-Jalil Hassan ‘Abd al-Jalil al-Halis, 8
Ahmad Musa Ahmad ‘Arafat, 29
Khadijeh ‘Abd a-Razeq ‘Abd al-Fatah Zamlat, 71
Muhammad Taysir Muhammad Zamlat, 10
Taysir Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Zamlat, 48
Muhammad Farid Muhammad ‘Abdallah, 30
Iyad Hassan Muhammad ‘Obeid, 23
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Muhammad ‘Obeid, 31
Islam Isma’il Suliman ‘Abd al-Jawad, 26
Sahar Hatem Hisham Da’ud, 16
Amjad Majdi Ahmad al-Bayed, 15
Rafiq ‘Abd al-Basset Saleh al-Khadari, 16
Hakmeh ‘Abd a-Rahman Mustafa al-‘Attar, 72
Musa Muhammad Suliman al-Jattali, 34
‘Imad Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Sha’aluk, 63
Samer Muhammad al-‘Abed Abu ‘Aser, 17
Hamam Muhammad Hassan al-Khadari, 16
Muhammad Bassam Muhammad ‘Eid, 18
Muti’ah ‘Abd a-Rahman Ibrahim a-Samuni, 66
Zakaria Hamed Khamis a-Samuni, 7
Ahmad Fathi Mustafa a-Nazli, 20
Muhammad Muhammad Nabih al-Ghazali, 20
Zakaria ‘Abd a-Naser Ibrahim a-Kiyali, 19
‘Alaa Ibrahim Salameh Matar, 23
Ahmad Fathi Muhammad Matar, 19
Ahmad Hassan ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Zor, 21
Ahmad Sudqi Hamdan Kahil, 25
Fadwah Khalil Muhammad Kahil, 52
Mahmoud Sudqi Hamdan Kahil, 21
Ibrahim Rohi Muhammad ‘Aqel, 16
Basel Jihad ‘Ali Abu Jbarah, 30
Jihad ‘Ali Ahmad Abu Jbarah, 54
Ousamah Jihad ‘Ali Abu Jbarah, 22
Naji Nidal ‘Abd a-Salam al-Hamlawi, 15
Yunes Muhammad ‘Abd al-Wahab al-Ghandur, 23
Kamleh ‘Ali Mustafa al-‘Attar, 82
Bassam Mahmoud Muhammad Hamuda, 34
Adham Na’im Muhammad ‘Abd al-Malek (Mteir), 16
Amal Zaki ‘Aref ‘Aleiwa, 40
Isma’il Haydar Isma’il ‘Aleiwa, 6
Lana Haydar Isma’il ‘Aleiwa, 9
Mu’atasem Haydar Isma’il ‘Aleiwa, 13
Muamen Haydar Isma’il ‘Aleiwa, 12
Shadi ‘Issam Yusef Hamad, 32
‘Amer Rizeq Saber Abu ‘Eashah, 40
Ghaidaa ‘Amer Rizeq Abu ‘Eashah, 7
Muhammad ‘Amer Rizeq Abu ‘Eashah, 9
Nahil Khaled ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu ‘Eashah, 31
Sayed ‘Amer Rizeq Abu ‘Eashah, 11
Hussein Khalil Ibrahim Jarad, 22
Ibrahim Mu’in al-‘Abed Juha, 14
‘Ula Ma’sud Khalil ‘Arafat, 27
Muhammad Samir Amin Heji, 14
Muhammad Amin Mustafa Heji, 36
Shahd Muhammad Amin Heji, 2
Mahmoud Muhammad Khamis Abu Qamer, 14
‘Ali Salameh Diab al-Khatib, 41
Ramadan Muhammad ‘Ali Filfel, 15
‘Arafat Muhammad ‘Arafat ‘Abd a-Dayem, 12
Islam Jaber ‘Arafat ‘Abd a-Dayem, 16
Maher Yunes Ramadan ‘Abd a-Dayem, 32
Nafez Jamal Sa’id ‘Abd a-Dayem, 22
Sa’id Jamal Sa’id ‘Abd a-Dayem, 28
Wafa Nabil ‘Ali Abu Jarad, 21
Basel ‘Abd al-Hamid Mahmoud Abu Ghaben, 39
Rami Yusef al-Ghandur, 29
Muamen Mahmoud Talal ‘Allaw, 10
Nada Radwan Na’im Mardi, 5
Mahrus Amin Muhammad Shehebar, 36
Muhammad Salem ‘Awwad a-Tarfawi, 4
Salimeh Mesleh Subhi Salam, 77
Muhammad Akram Muhammad Abu Harbid, 20
Ahmad Samih Ahmad al-Kafarneh, 17
Khalil Muhammad Khalil Hiles, 15
Nader Bassam Ibrahim Kadurah, 16
Ayman Ahmad ‘Amer al-Kurd, 28
Iyad ‘Adli Ramadan a-Najar, 24
Mahmoud Mu’in Ishaq a-Rifi, 18
Ashraf ‘Abd al-Hakim Salem al-Asi, 20
Samir ‘Omar Saleh Sa’diyah, 51
Nadiah Mesbah Salem Sa’ed, 12
Faiz Yusef Rizeq Hassan, 50
Nai Faiz Yusef Hassan, 28
Nidal Ahmad Mahmoud a-Samuni, 32
Seif al-Islam Ahmad Muhammad ‘Adwan, 22
Akram Muhammad Isma’il Abu Jarad, 21
Hamdi Mahmoud Muhammad a-Samuni, 79
Bassem Mustafa ‘Abdallah al-Habil, 26
Amjad Isma’il Muhammad Radwan, 36
Muhammad Samir ‘Abd a-Latif Salem, 29
Hanadi Bassem Kamel Khalifah, 12
Khadrah al-‘Abed Khalil al-Maleh, 80
Lubna Fouad Tawfiq al-Maleh, 27
Aya Ousamah Nayef a-Sarsawi, 5
Ayat Yusef Muhammad a-Dufda’, 12
Ahmad Mahmoud Hussein a-Shaf’I, 21
Ahmad Jihad Muhammad Abu Skheleh, 20
Muhammad Nahed Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo, 22
Mu’in ‘Ata Hussein, 40
Majedah ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Hajaj, 35
Rayah Salameh Salman Abu Hajaj, 56
Ghassan ‘Ali ‘Ali Abu al-‘Imrin, 22
‘Awni Sa’di Salman a-Dib, 54
Ahmad Khalil Saleh Abu Daf, 38
Bassam Muhammad Faruk Abd ‘Ajwah, 31
‘Abd a-Rahim Sa’dallah Matar Abu Halimah, 13
Ghadah Riad Rajab Abu Halimah, 21
Hamzah Sa’dallah Matar Abu Halimah, 7
Lu’ai Yihya Salman Abu Halimah, 17
Matar Sa’ed Matar Abu Halimah, 17
Muhammad Hikmat Matar Abu Halimah, 16
Sa’dallah Matar Ma’sud Abu Halimah, 45
Shahd Sa’dallah Matar Abu Halimah, 1
Zeid Sa’dallah Matar Abu Halimah, 10
‘Aead ‘Abd al-Hadi ‘Abd al-Khaleq Abu Nada, 40
Sami Khalil Sa’id Lazan, 49
Qusai Riad Muhammad al-Batrikhi, 20
Asmaa Ibrahim Hussein ‘Afaneh, 12
Ayman Muhammad Muhammad ‘Afaneh, 26
‘Abd al-Karim Ziad Ramadan a-Nimer, 13
Ibrahim Ziad Ramadan a-Nimer, 19
Suhair Ziad Ramadan a-Nimer, 10
Na’im Hussein Mustafa A’bbas, 58
Isma’il Musa Isma’il a-Susi, 49
a-Sayed Hamuda Shhadeh Abu Sultan, 26
Hamuda Shhadeh Khader Abu Sultan, 53
Nuh Hamuda Shhadeh Abu Sultan, 19
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad al-Bil’awi, 62
Ahmad Sami Ahmad Abu Madin, 54
Samir ‘Aiyadah Yusef a-Sharafi, 47
Ousamah Muhammad “Mesleh” Rajab Suliman, 20
Ahmad Muhammad Mahmoud Adham, 55
Ziad Muhammad Salma Abu Sanimah, 9
Isma’il ‘Abdallah Suliman Abu Sanimah, 14
Ahmad Yusef Ibrahim al-Batsh, 19
Bassam ‘Azmi Muhammad al-Hatab, 24
Muhammad Hassan Ahmad al-Baba, 33
Muhammad Khader Yusef Hamuda, 19
‘Alaa a-Din Yihya Muhammad Zaqut, 32
‘Abd a-Rahim Helmi al-‘Abed al-Ashqar, 52
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Razeq al-Hileh, 21
‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad ‘Abd Rabo al-‘Atawneh, 15
Jamileh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Salem a-Da’ur, 61
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad a-Da’ur, 31
Wiam Jamal Mahmoud al-Kafarneh, 2
Shauqi ‘Abd al-Jawad Mitqal al-‘Attar, 46
Safeyeh Salem Hussein Haydar, 41
Bilal Muhammad Ghiben, 27
Mufid Saleh Muhammad Wleiwel, 21
‘Arfah Hani ‘Arafat ‘Abd a-Dayem, 41
‘Ali Musa Samir al-Qatnani, 15
‘Abed Hassan Muhammad Barbakh, 44
Mahdi ‘Abed Hassan Barbakh, 20
Muhammad ‘Abed Hassan Barbakh, 19
Musa Yusef Hassan Barbakh, 16
Yusef ‘Abed Muhsein Barbakh, 14
Ibrahim Kamal Subhi ‘Awajeh, 8
Ibtesam Ahmad Muhammad al-Qanu’, 40
‘Atiyyah Helmi Mahmoud a-Samuni, 46
‘Azzah Salah Talal a-Samuni, 2
Ahmad ‘Atiyyah Helmi a-Samuni, 4
Fares Wael Fares a-Samuni, 12
Hamdi Maher Hamdi a-Samuni, 23
Hanan Khamis Sa’di a-Samuni, 35
Huda Na’el Fares a-Samuni, 16
Isma’il Ibrahim Helmi a-Samuni, 15
Laila Nabih Mahmoud a-Samuni, 44
Maha Muhammad Ibrahim a-Samuni, 20
Mu’atasem Muhammad Ibrahim a-Samuni, under 1
Muhammad Helmi Talal a-Samuni, under 1
Nassar Ibrahim Helmi a-Samuni, 5
Rabab ‘Izzat ‘Ali a-Samuni, 36
Rahmeh Muhammad Mahmoud a-Samuni, 46
Rashad Helmi Mahmoud a-Samuni, 41
Razaqeh Muhammad Mahmoud a-Samuni, 55
Safaa Subhi Muhammad a-Samuni, 23
Talal Helmi Muhammad a-Samuni, 51
Tawfiq Rashad Helmi a-Samuni, 21
Ishaq Ibrahim Helmi a-Samuni, 13
Iyad ‘Izzat ‘Ali a-Samuni, 31
Muhammad Ibrahim Helmi a-Samuni, 25
Razaqeh Wael Fares a-Samuni, 14
Walid Rashad Helmi a-Samuni, 16
Farah ‘Amar Fouad al-Hilu, 1
Fouad Mahmoud Hassan al-Hilu, 62
Hisham Hamdan al-‘Abed al-Fiyumi, 36
Muhammad Mu’in ‘Atiyyah Abu al-Jidyan, 19
Muhammad Naser ‘Atiyyah Hamdunah, 18
Ahmad Hussein ‘Abd Rabo al-Mabhuh, 28
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamid Ass’ad Abu Kmeil, 21
Mahmoud Khaled ‘Alian al-Masharawi, 12
Ahmad Khader Diab Sbieh, 17
‘Abed a-Sayyed Yusef Khamis ‘Omar, 19
Wael Yusef Matar Abu Jarad, 21
‘Ayed ‘Imad Jamal Khaireh, 14
‘Omar Sa’dallah ‘Abd al-Jawad al-Jaru, 63
Mahmoud Sami Yihya ‘Asaliyah, 3
Salman Hammad Maraziq Abu Khamash, 39
Wadi’ Amin ‘Omar ‘Omar, 2
Iyad Nabil ‘Abd a-Rahman Saleh, 16
‘Issa Ahmad Muhammad al-‘Attut, 25
Isma’il ‘Abd a-Rahim Rajab Suliman, 19
Anas ‘Aref ‘Aref Barakeh, 7
Jihad Samir Faiz Erhim, 8
Muhammad Ibrahim Hussein Abu Sh’ar, 21
Hamzah ‘Awni Muhammad a-Shaghnubi, 21
Muhammad Muti’a Muhammad a-Sharafi, 22
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hadi Muhammad Daher, 23
Bilal ‘Abd Rabo Muhammad Shihab, 25
Ruba Muhammad Fadel Abu Ras, 13
Hamzah Zuheir Rizeq Tantish, 11
Mahmoud Zaher Rizeq Tantish, 17
Israa Qusai Muhammad al-Habash, 12
Shaza al-‘Abed Muhammad al-Habash, 10
‘Abdallah Haydar Khalil Abu ‘Odeh, 19
Khalil Muhammad Ibrahim Miqdad, 21
‘Eid ‘Aiyadah Salem Abu Rabi’, 59
a-Sayed Jawad Muhammad a-Siksik, 15
Bahaa a-Din Muaiad Kamal Abu Wadi, 7
Muhammad Faraj Isma’il Hasunah, 15
Ghazi ‘Awni ‘Abd al-Fatah Jadu’, 23
Hashem ‘Awni ‘Abd al-Fatah Jadu’, 17
Lutfi ‘Awni ‘Abd al-Fatah Jadu’, 18
‘Abed Samir ‘Ali a-Sultan, 20
Hussein Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Malek a-Sultan, 23
Rawhi Jamal Ramadan a-Sultan, 28
‘Omar Ahmad Mahmoud al-Bard’I, 11
Raafat Sami Ibrahim Muharam, 20
Anas Fadel Na’im, 23
Yasser Kamal Shbeir, 25
Rida Khalil Hassan ‘Ali, 42
Jihad Kamal Hassan Ahmad, 17
Muhammad Khamis Suliman ‘Awad, 24
Muhammad Ahmad Sa’id al-Hashim, 22
Muhammad Bassam Muhammad ‘Anan, 25
Muhammad Fouad Mahmoud al-Helu, 26
Hassan ‘Issam Hassan al-Jamasi, 20
‘Atiyyah Rushdi Khalil al-Khuli, 15
Mustafa Zuhdi Mustafa Erhim, 22
Muhammad Suliman Khalil al-Jamasi, 22
‘Ata Samir ‘Ata Bahar, 23
Sa’id Ahmad Rashad al-‘Asali, 25
‘Adnan Muhammad ‘Abd a-Latif a-Shalfouh, 21
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Muhammad Mustafa Najar, 23
Muhammad Fouad al-Hilu, 26
Ibrahim Mustafa Freij Sa’id, 17
Salem Muhammad Salmi Abu Qleiq, 25
‘Awatef Salman Salameh Abu Khusah, 45
Iyad Ahmad Muhammad Abu Khusah, 36
Ass’ad Sa’di Ahmad Hamuda, 75
Yusef ‘Othman Mustafa Abu Hasanein, 36
Sharif ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Suliman Ermelat, 15
Salah Na’im Ahmad Sheldan, 21
Mamduh ‘Amar Musa al-Jamal, 36
Ahmad Shaher Fa’iq Khdeir, 12
‘Omar ‘Abd al-Hafez Musa a-Silawi, 27
Ahmad Isma’il Musa a-Silawi, 20
Hani Muhammad Musa a-Silawi, 6
Ibrahim Musa ‘Issa a-Silawi, 44
Muhammad Musa Isma’il a-Silawi, 11
Muhannad ‘Abd al-Hafez Musa a-Tanani, 35
Ahmad Hamed Hassan Abu ‘Aytah, 24
Bahaa Bassam Hassan al-Ashqar, 19
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Qteifan al-Masamhah, 46
Raed ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad al-Masamhah, 20
Sa’id Salah Sa’id Battah, 22
Hassan Nassim ‘Amer Hiju, 15
Ahmad Ass’ad Dib Tbeil, 15
Yusef Ziad Ahmad Zaqut, 24
Rajeh Nahed Rajeh Ziyadah, 17
Shahd Hussein Nazmi Sultan, 6
Iman Nimer Suliman al-‘Arur, 26
Fidaa Muhammad Musa al-‘Ur, 17
Ibrahim Muhammad Musa al-‘Ur, 11
Muhammad Musa Hassan al-‘Ur, 43
Rakan Muhammad Musa al-‘Ur, 4
Ahmad Fawzi Hassan Lubad, 17
Akram Fares Jaber al-Ghul, 47
Mahmoud Salah Ahmad al-Ghul, 17
Amjad Majed Subhi al-‘Attar, 23
Wael Khalil Mesbah al-‘Attar, 34
Shadi ‘Aish Hussein a-Shurbaji, 28
Mahmoud ‘Adnan Mahmoud Abu Ma’ruf, 24
Tahani Kamal Abu ‘Aish, 19
Nafez Muhammad ‘Issa al-Mutaweq, 48
Hamamdeh Ibrahim ‘Ali Mesbeh, 15
Majed Khalil Muhammad al-Bardawil, 30
Na’el Hassan Matar Ramadan (Shuha), 27
Muhammad ‘Issam Muhammad Naser, 24
Sujud Hamdi Jum’ah a-Dardasawi, 13
‘Abd a-Satart Walid ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Astal, 11
‘Abd Rabo Iyad ‘Abd Rabo al-Astal, 8
Muhammad Iyad ‘Abd Rabo al-Astal, 11
Sami Ibrahim Ibrahim Lubad, 29
‘Abd a-Rahman Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 5
‘Abd al-Qader Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 11
‘Eashah Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 2
Ass’ad Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 1
Aya Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 11
Ghassan Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 16
Halimah Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 4
Hiyam ‘Abd a-Rahman Rayan, 45
Iman Khalil Rayan, 45
Maryam Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 9
Nawal Isma’il Rayan, 40
Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Muhammad Rayan, 50
Ousamah Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 2
Rim Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 4
Shirin Sa’id Rayan, 25
Zeinab Nizar ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 8
Muhammad Husam Radwan ‘Alian, 17
Muhammad Maher Sayah Abu Sawireh, 16
Fatmeh Salah Isma’il Salah, 42
Bashir Isma’il Sha’ban ‘Obeid, 49
‘Uyun Jihad Yusef a-Nasleh, 15
al-Mu’iz Ldin Allah Jihad Yusef a-Nasleh, 2
Fadi Naser Musa Shabat, 24
Jamil ‘Ali Muhammad a-Dardasawi, 27
Mahmoud Mustafa Darwish ‘Ashur, 22

Bashir Abu Samur, 44
Amit Robenzon, 20
Omer Rabinowitz, 23
Ro’i Rozner, 27
Alexander Mashviski, 21
Dvir Amnualuf, 22

December 2008

Ayman Saleh Ahmad Shabat, 70
Iman Hassan Mahmoud Abu ‘Aridah, 34
‘Ali Zuheir Mahmoud al-Hubi, 21
Ahmad Muhammad Msalam Abu Hatab, 25
Shehdeh Hamdan Hussein Abu Telkh, 51
Thaer Jihad Ahmad a-Najar, 20
Muhammad Isma’il ‘Abed Abu Daqah, 17
Nafez Kamal ‘Abd al-Jawad Abu Sabt, 24
Muhammad Sa’id Muhammad Abu Hasireh, 19
Muamen Musa Muhammad al-Khazandar, 21
Ihab ‘Omar Khalil al-Madhun, 33
Fatmeh Abu Jabah Faraj ‘Alush, 63
Isma’il ‘Aleiwa al-‘Abed al-Qaram, 42
Muhammad Yusef ‘Abdallah Hasanein, 40
Khalil Ibrahim Jaber Abu Nadi, 68
Haya Talal Shehdeh Hamdan, 12
Isma’il Talal Shehdeh Hamdan, 9
Lama Talal Shehdeh Hamdan, 4
Tawfiq Riad ‘Othman Kanan, 21
Ibtehal ‘Abdallah Tawfiq Kashku, 7
Maysaa Munir Yihya Kashku, 20
Hussein Na’im Hussein A’bbas, 31
Mu’az Yasser ‘Abed Abu Teir, 6
Muhammad Jalal Shehdeh Abu Teir, 20
Yasser al-‘Abed Ahmad Abu Teir, 31
Ziad al-‘Abed Ahmad Abu Teir, 31
Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Khalil al-Qara, 23
Ibrahim Suliman Muhammad Barakeh, 11
Shadi Yusef Ramadan Ghiben, 13
Dina Anwar Khalil Bau’lusha, 7
Ikram Anwar Khalil Bau’lusha, 14
Jawaher Anwar Khalil Bau’lusha, 4
Samar Anwar Khalil Bau’lusha, 12
Tahrir Anwar Khalil Bau’lusha, 17
‘Imad Jamal Shehdeh Abu Khater, 14
Muhammad Muhyi a-Din Ahmad al-Madhun, 47
Thaer Shaker Sha’ban Kermutt, 16
Tareq Yasser Muhammad ‘Afaneh, 16
Amin Salem Darwish al-‘Adini, 23
Wisam Akram Rabi’ ‘Eid, 13
Ashraf Sayed Khamis a-Dabagh, 28
Bilal Soheil Dib Ghabayen, 20
Mahmoud Nabil Dib Ghabayen, 13
Rami Sa’di Dib Ghabayen, 23
Muhammad Majed Ibrahim Ka’bar, 17
Ahmad Yusef Ibrahim Khilleh, 18
Muhammad Basel Mahmoud Madi, 17
‘Imad Ahmad ‘Abdallah Samur, 34
Nabil Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Ta’imah, 16
Khalil Taysir Khalil ‘Aweidah, 34
Muhammad Hussein ‘Abd al-Qader Hamed, 18
‘Arafat Rateb Shukri al-Khawajah, 21
Muhammad S’adat Fahmi al-Khawajah, 19
Diaa’ A-Din ‘Aref Farhud Abu Khabizeh, 14
Muhammad ‘Ali Salem Abu Khabizeh, 19
Yunes Jamil Farhud Abu Khabizeh, 19
Walid Muhammad Suliman Jaber, 19
Khaled Ahmad Khaled al-Hawari, 18
Ahmad Ass’ad ‘Abd al-Karim Fayad, 22
Rawyah Rajab Ahmad ‘Awad, 33
Mustafa Kamal Ibrahim al-Hatab, 19
Muhammad Khamis Hussein al-Kilani, 48
Nu’man Khamis Hussein al-Kilani, 47
Ahmad Ziad Mahmoud al-‘Absi, 12
Muhammad Ziad Mahmoud al-‘Absi, 13
Sedqi Ziad Mahmoud al-‘Absi, 4
Muhammad ‘Awad Yusef ‘Awad, 27
Wasim Ibrahim Husseini ‘Azarah, 23
Zaki Ibrahim Muhammad a-Dweik, 45
Muhammad Mahmoud Hammad a-Najrah, 46
‘Alaa Nasri Muhammad a-Ra’I, 30
Hassan Salem Ahmad a-Rahal, 50
Shadi ‘Abd al-Majid ‘Abd al-Jalil a-Sabakhi, 29
Maamun Muhammad Ahmad a-Sayed Muslem, 22
‘Abed Muhammad Salem a-Shaf’I, 24
Muhammad Salem Muhammad Abu ‘Abadah, 29
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu ‘Amer, 22
Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Salam Muhammad Abu a-Rus, 24
Rami Suliman Ahmad Abu a-Sheikh, 26
‘Imad ‘Abd al-Hamid Muhammad Abu al-Haj, 38
Khaled ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Ali Abu Hasnah, 42
‘Assem Muhammad Sa’id Abu Kamil, 28
‘Omar Ahmad Hassan Abu Sa’id, 24
Hatem ‘Adnan Yusef Abu Sha’ira, 27
Salem Ahmad Salem Abu Shamleh, 34
‘Abd al-Hakim Ahmad ‘Abd al-Fatah Abu Sharaf, 28
Suliman Subhi Muhammad al- ‘Aziz, 50
Isma’il Muhammad Suliman al-‘Awawdeh, 24
‘Abdallah Muhammad Ibrahim al-Ghafari, 59
‘Issam Nabil Muhammad al-Gharbawi, 24
Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim al-Jamal, 26
Hamzah ‘Odeh Muhammad al-Khaldi, 26
Mustafa Yusef Mustafa al-Khatib, 26
‘Alaa a-Din Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Rahim al-Qatrawi, 22
‘Awwad Nafez ‘Awwad al-Qatshan, 24
Ahmad Muhammad Salameh al-Qrenawi, 37
Tammer Haydar Hussein al-Qrenawi, 22
Nimer Ahmad ‘Abdallah Amum, 101
Yusef Muhammad Mahmoud Diab, 35
Ousamah ‘Abd al-Fatah Khamis Fadel, 43
Anas Fawzi Nafez Hamad, 23
Muhammad Mesbah Hussein Hamad, 23
‘Abd a-Rahman Nazmi ‘Abd a-Rahman Hamdan, 23
Haitham Fadel Muhareb Hamdan, 28
Muhammad Midhat ‘Abd a-Rahman Hamdan, 25
Diab ‘Abed ‘Issa Hamid, 50
Majdi Nader Jum’ah Jaber, 21
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Ghani Khalil Klab, 69
Na’im a-Sayed ‘Abd Rabo Mabit, 30
Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman Tbasha, 27
Ramzi Khader Rajab Tongara, 26
‘Abd al-Karim Sa’id ‘Abd al-Karim Wahabeh, 24
Muhammad Hashem Salem Zahrah, 21
Husam ‘Abdallah Ibrahim a-Sane’, 27
Ahmad Riad Muhammad a-Sinwar, 3
Mahmoud Hisham ‘Azmi Abu Dalal, 22
Anas Sbieh ‘Abdallah Abu Nar, 23
Samir ‘Abeid ‘Ali al-‘Awawdeh, 30
Yusef Muhammad al-Jalad, 34
Rabi’ Mahmoud al-Mazin, 29
Ibrahim Shafiq ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Hadi, 23
Myasarah Muhammad Muhammad ‘Adwan, 47
Mahmoud Ahmad Hamtu a-Najar, 49
Ahmad Jamil Mahmoud a-Taluli, 28
‘Abdallah Isma’il ‘Abdallah a-Zein, 48
Ayman Hamed Ahmad Abu Amuna, 37
Ayman Ahmad Hussein Ahmad, 40
Sarah ‘Eid ‘Ali al-Hawajri, 57
Khalil Mahmoud al-‘Abed al-Kurd, 48
Bassem ‘Omar ‘Awad Jendiyeh, 43
Tal’at Mahmoud Salman Salman, 38
Rami ‘Amer Dib ‘Abd al-Halim, 18
Hamdi ‘Issa Diab Hajaj, 24
‘Imad ‘Abd al-Mu’in ‘Abdallah al-Brbari, 21
‘Abd al-Hamid Jamal Khaled a-Sawi, 14
Shaker Faiz Salim a-Zini, 59
‘Azmi Hisham ‘Azmi Abu Dalal, 25
Mustafa Khader Saber Abu Ghanimah, 15
Yihya Ibrahim Faruk al-Hayek, 11
Hanin Wael Muhammad Dabban, 15
Yasmin Wael Muhammad Dabban, 16
Nu’man Fadel Salman Heji, 55
Tammer Hassan ‘Ali al-Akhras, 5
Ahmad Diab Nimer Ja’rur, 23
Ahmad Jaber Jaber Abu Hweige, 6
Fadiyah Jaber Jaber Abu Hweige, 23
Jaber Jaber Ibrahim Abu Hweige, 52
Muhammad Jaber Jaber Abu Hweige, 17
Hatem Khader Muhammad ‘Ayad, 34
Muhammad Sa’di Muhammad al-Katati, 29
Bahaa Nahed Fawzi Sakik, 27
Hisham Muhammad Shhadeh Siyam, 26
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Fahmi Tafesh, 21
Soheil Nawaf Hammad a-T’aban, 34
Tawfiq ‘Ali Hassan al-Falit, 51
‘Abd al-Hakim Rajab Muhammad Mansi, 31
‘Udai ‘Abd al-Hakim Rajab Mansi, 6
Khaled Radwan ‘Ali Anshasi, 24
Basel Nabil Ibrahim Faraj, 21
Kamilya Raafat ‘Atallah al-Bordini, 13
‘Odeh Hammad ‘Odeh Abu al-Fityeh, 34
Khaled Sami Tarraf al-Astal, 14
Ayman Yusef Khalil al-Majaydeh, 36
Hassan ‘Atallah Muhammad ‘Abdallah, 40
Hashem Fares Hashem ‘Aweid, 33
Yusef Murshed Ahmad a-Najar, 37
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Shafuq Sa’id al-‘Abadleh, 39
Nabil Ahmad Mahmoud al-Birm, 43
‘Omar Suliman Salim Darawsheh, 27
Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Ali Mahfuz, 46
Hamdan Qassem ‘Abdallah Safi, 43
Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Rahman Arjabil Zo’rub, 28
Muhammad Khalil Jaryo Zo’rub, 26
Rami Jihad Muhammad a-Salut, 28
Khamis Mustafa Mahmoud Abu Ramadan, 51
Wafa Marwan ‘Ali a-Dasuqi, 18
‘Abdallah Munther Jawdat a-Rayes, 20
‘Alam Nahru Jawdat a-Rayes, 18
Hisham Nahru Jawdat a-Rayes, 24
‘Ali Marwan ‘Ali Abu Rabi’, 21
Mahmoud Majed al-‘Abed abu Tyour, 18
Bahaa Samir ‘Odeh Abu Zuhri, 19
Adham Hamdi al-‘Adini, 19
Ahmad Samih Shhadeh al-Halbi, 19
Ne’meh ‘Ali Ahmad al-Maghari, 18
Sha’ban ‘Adel Hamed Hneif, 16
Riad ‘Omar Murjan Radi, 24
Yusef Taysir Harb Sha’ban, 19
Qarib ‘Omar Mahmoud A’bed, 32
Nazir Khalil Hussein a-Luqah, 52
Haitham Yasser Ahmad a-Sha’er, 22
Ihab Jasser Ahmad a-Sha’er, 32
Yasser Ahmad Muhammad a-Sha’er, 46
Ahmad Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Khatib, 43
Mu’in Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Qan, 43
Ahmad Muhammad Mahmoud al-Astal, 27
Salman Fahmi Hassan al-Astal, 29
Suhaib Fawzi Salman ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 28
Bilal Muhammad Hussein ‘Amar, 19
Raafat Ahmad ‘Odeh ‘Aqilan, 32
Hassan Maher Hassan ‘Aruq, 23
‘Iz a-Din Rafiq ‘Alian ‘Atallah, 20
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Wahab ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Aziz, 20
Yusef Rafiq Muhammad a-Diri, 33
‘Amar Khamis ‘Amar a-Lada’h, 25
Mahmoud Jum’ah Muhammad a-Luban, 20
Muhammad Ziad Sadeq a-Nabiya, 27
Raed Muhammad Muhammad a-Najar, 32
‘Abd a-Sami’ Muhammad ‘Abdallah a-Nashar, 35
Muhammad Tawfiq Muhammad a-Nimrah, 22
Mustafa Muhammad Mustafa a-Sabagh, 20
Mansur Yasser Muhammad a-Turk, 29
Amin Fouad Muhammad a-Zarabtli, 18
Yasser Muhammad Hijazi a-Zarqa, 20
Hisham Salem Abd ‘Ajwah, 27
Rafiq Musa Abu ‘Agherim, 30
Ramadan Ahmad Ibrahim Abu al-Kheir, 34
Faiz Fa’iq Ahmad Abu al-Qumsan, 20
Amjad Kamel Abu Jazar, 26
Muhammad Jamil ‘Atiyyah Abu Juha, 43
Nahez Salim ‘Awwad Abu Namus, 19
‘Ali Muhammad Jamil Abu Rayaleh, 24
Hassan Isma’il Hassan Abu Shanab, 26
Hamed Fouad Shehdeh Abu Yasin, 24
Akram Muhammad Ahmad Abu Zribah, 32
Ayman Sa’dallah Faraj al-‘Ajleh, 19
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim Ramadan al-‘Aklul, 24
Fares Isma’il Helmi al-‘Ashi, 28
Hamid Ahmad Muhammad al-A’araj, 27
Muhammad Ahmad Mahmoud al-Adgham, 25
Mumtaz Muhammad Ramez al-Bana, 37
Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad al-Bir’I, 41
Ibrahim Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Hafez al-Fara, 21
Na’im ‘Ashur Ahmad al-Ghafri, 36
Bahaa Ziad Badawi al-Gharabli, 23
Mansur ‘Abdallah Sha’ban al-Gharah, 42
Naser ‘Abdallah Sha’ban al-Gharah, 46
Diab Ribhi Diab al-Hadad, 20
Rizeq Jamal Rizeq al-Hadad, 20
Ihab ‘Issam Rajab al-Harazin, 22
Wael Samir ‘Ali al-Huajri, 33
Muhammad Mu’in ‘Ata al-Katnani, 18
Salah Muhammad Saleh al-Khairi, 23
Bahaa Zuheir ‘Adel al-Khaldi, 26
Mahmoud Mutawe’a Mahmoud al-Khaldi, 39
Muhammad Hafez Muhammad al-Kharubi, 22
Ahmad Muhammad Shreiteh al-Kurd, 35
Husam Muhammad Hammad al-Majaydeh, 26
Muhammad Subhi Isma’il al-Maqadmeh, 34
Hisham Ibrahim Salman al-Masder, 26
Muhammad Khalil Hassan al-Moqayad, 27
Wisam ‘Abd al-Majid Ibrahim al-Qoqa, 27
Tammer Da’ud Muhammad Baker, 24
‘Ali Yihya Muhammad Banat, 31
Tal’at Mukhles Khalaf Basal, 19
Myasarah Hamed Muhammad Bulbul, 21
Hussein Ahmad Hussein Da’ud, 26
Basel Jihad Muhammad Dababesh, 33
‘Abd al-Qader Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Diab, 33
Raed Nazmi Muhammad Dughmosh, 36
Faiz ‘Abed Muhammad Eqtifan, 45
Ihab ‘Abdallah Muhammad Hamdan, 22
Sedqi Isma’il Muhammad Hammad, 25
Muhammad Soheil Muhammad Hassan, 28
Hisham Salameh Salam Kaware’, 36
Thaer Muhammad Hassan Madi, 22
Muhammad Na’im Muhammad Muharam, 29
Muhammad Nafez Sha’ban Muhisen, 34
Yihya ‘Awni ‘Awad Muhisen, 30
Amjad Maher Ahmad Mushtaha, 23
Sha’ban Muhammad Sha’ban Mushtaha, 22
Muhammad Mansur ‘Abd al-Karim Nayfeh, 21
Ahmad Hani Ahmad Qanu’, 24
Shadi Jawad Khalil Qweidar, 24
Tareq Salah Diab Rahmi, 30
Munir Mansur Ahmad Sabita, 25
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Mubarak Saleh, 26
Raafat Nabil Sha’ban Shameyah, 28
‘Amar Mahmoud Faraj Smali, 23
‘Omar Baker Musa Smali, 20
Muhammad Khaled Ass’ad Shuheibar, 22
Husam Sa’id Muhammad Siyam, 27
Soheil Muhammad Naser Tanburah, 43
Taysir ‘Abdallah Muhammad Washah, 22
Tawfiq Jaber Muhammad Yusef, 47
Huda Hani Husseini Zuhd, 22
‘Ali ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Hassan Rihan, 26
Ayman Fouad ‘Eid a-Nahal, 22
Ziad Da’ud ‘Odeh Abu ‘Iyada, 32
Hamdan Khamis Rabi’ Abu Naqirah, 32
Haydar Mahmoud Muhammad Hasunah, 36
Ousamah Hassan Muhammad Abu a-Rish, 44
Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Hassan Kharuf, 55
Ahmad Jamal Ahmad a-Nuri, 29
Suhaib Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Asfah, 21
‘Abdallah Salim a-Laham, 19
‘Omar Sa’id ‘Omar a-Laham, 21
Ahmad Salah Ahmad a-Laham, 22
Yasser Muhammad Dib a-Laham, 28
Muhammad Yihya Salem Mahana, 21
Muhammad Isma’il ‘Abed al-Ghumari, 23
Wisam Ibrahim Ahmad ‘Ayash, 23
Hassan Sa’di Hamdan Abu ‘Arbas, 20
Muhammad Yunes Ahmad Abu Lebdeh, 23
Muhammad Fouad Isma’il Abu Sabrah, 19
Muhammad a-Dasuqi Kamel ‘Asaliyah, 27
Mahmoud Fouad Ahmad Abu Matar, 38
‘Ali Hassan Ahmad al-Mabhuh, 20
Muhammad Farid ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abd Rab a-Nabi, 22
‘Ali ‘Abd a-Rahim Muhammad ‘Awad, 22
‘Imran Isma’il Darwish a-Ran, 24
Tammer Saleh ‘Abdallah al-Gharbawi, 19
Mahmoud Jamil Fakhri al-Khaldi, 27
Iyad Sha’ban Ibrahim al-Maqusi, 27
Khalil Ramadan Salim al-Marnakh, 38
‘Anan Saber Ayub Ghalyah, 25
Isma’il Jihad Isma’il Ghanim, 23
Rif’at Salim ‘Ashur Sa’ada, 34
Rizeq Mahmoud Suliman Salman, 23
Ahmad Naser Ahmad Tbeil, 27
Yusef Ibrahim Muhammad Thari, 33
Hamadah Ahmad Muslem Abu Daqah, 22
Ashraf Hamadah Mustafa Abu Kweik, 21
Mazen Mahmoud ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Alian, 35
‘Abd al-Hai Shafiq ‘Abed a-Dahshan, 40
‘Abd al-Fatah Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah Abu ‘Ateiwi, 24
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Majid Hussein Abu ‘Odeh, 26
Nizar ‘Atiyyah Hassan Abu Salem, 35
‘Adnan Ahmad Isma’il al-Bhisi, 27
Faiz Riad Faiz al-Madhun, 33
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Ahmad al-Qatrawi, 36
Samer Haydar Hussein al-Qrenawi, 21
‘Arafat Frajallah Suliman Frajallah, 35
Ramez Talal Ahmad Hamdan, 28
Shhadeh ‘Abd a-Rahman Hussein Qafah, 50
Isma’il Ahmad Muhammad Salem, 34
Khaled Yusef Jaber Shahin, 40
Tammer Muhammad ‘Asfah, 28
Anwar Rafiq ‘Alian ‘Atallah, 30
Ahmad Muhammad Jamil Bau’lusha, 21
Ahmad Hamdi Yusef a-Darimli, 25
Walid Jaber Muhammad Abu Hin, 37
Faiz Husseini ‘Ata Ja’rur, 26
‘Alaa Fadel Muhammad ‘Afaneh, 21
Sabri Jibril Sabri a-Rafati, 26
Adib Hassan ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu Harb, 32
Muhammad Rajab ‘Abdu al-‘Awadi, 16
Salem Ziad Muhammad al-Halaq, 23
Muhammad Khamis Muhammad Baker (Zughrah), 21
Ousamah Mahmoud Salem Dardas, 37
Muhammad Khamis Hassan Habush, 27
Muhammad Ahmad Helmi Jaradeh, 18
Yihya Muhammad Shehdeh Sheikhah, 24
Jamil Nasri Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 28
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Qader Ibrahim al-Hadad, 27
Yusef Fawzi Salman ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 18
Hamam Muhammad Musa a-Najar, 24
Isma’il Ahmad Hassan Abu Hani, 18
Mahmoud Khalil Hassan Abu Harbid, 31
Sami Taysir a-Sayed al-Halbi, 26
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Badawi, 27
Faruk Fouad Muhammad Islim, 21
Ahmad Fouad Mahmoud al-‘Askari, 21
Wael ‘Abd al-Karim Shehdeh a-Raqab, 32
Ahmad Maher Ahmad Abu Musa, 22
Muhammad (Nur) Muhammad Rizeq al-Fiyumi, 24
Maher Isma’il Diab ‘Azzam, 36
Muhammad Backer Muhammad a-Nims, 30
Muhammad Salah Hassan a-Sawaf, 27
‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad Khamis a-Shobaki, 21
Hisham Mahmoud ‘Ali Abu Sharar, 39
Diaa’ Talal Kamel al-Habil, 21
Muhammad Talal Kamel al-Habil, 19
‘Alaa a-Din Ashraf Khaled al-Qambaz, 23
Sa’ed Mahmoud ‘Antar Islim, 28
Sh’alan ‘Abd a-Latif Khalil ‘Abd a-Salam, 32
Muhammad ‘Adnan Salim ‘Atallah, 25
Shadi Mahmoud Faiz ‘Atiyyah, 33
Nizar Ibrahim Muhammad a-Diri, 33
Ziad ‘Adel Mustafa a-Najar, 24
Bilal Ghazi Suliman a-Raqab, 23
‘Abd a-Salam Isma’il Muhammad a-Ruba’I, 48
Islam Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahim a-Sahar, 23
‘Abdallah Talal Ibrahim a-Sane’, 27
‘Assem Ahmad Hassan a-Sha’er, 26
Wael Muhammad Marzuq a-Sha’er, 23
Ashraf Zuheir Mahmoud a-Sharabasi, 33
Ghassan Mahmoud Isma’il Abu ‘Awwad, 31
Muhannad Hussein Musa Abu Daraz, 27
Ahmad Hamad Nayef Abu Hadayed, 20
Muhammad Jamil ‘Atiyyah Abu Hajaj, 41
‘Abd al-Karim Isma’il ‘Ali Abu Jarbu’a, 45
Wael Yihya Muhammad Abu N’ameh, 31
Nazek Hassan Yasin Abu Rayya, 27
Mahmoud Zuheir al-‘Aidy Abu Sh’aban, 19
Sharaf Muhammad Abu Shamaleh, 21
Samer (Ahmad) Dib Ahmad, 26
Bassam ‘Issa Qassem al-‘Akawi, 26
Mahmoud Muhammad Helmi al-‘Amrin, 28
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Latif al-Ashqar, 34
Salim Khalil al-Bana, 23
Isma’il Ibrahim al-Ja’bri, 35
Muhammad Hussein ‘Abd a-Ra’uf al-Mabhuh, 28
Muhammad Nabil Muhammad Barghouth, 28
Muhammad Subhi ‘Abd a-Rahman Dahlan, 33
Majed Tawfiq Muhammad Mteir, 45
Ibrahim Yusef Ahmad Nufal, 41
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Latif Hussein Sa’ed a-Din, 23
Muhammad Na’im Shakshak, 22
‘Abd a-Rahman Nizar Zuhdi Shehtu, 21
‘Amer ‘Odeh Faraj Smali, 22
Haitham Samir Tubasi, 27
Khaled Salim Salam Zo’rub, 44
Ahmad Rasmi Muhammad Abu Jazar, 16
Mahmoud Majed Mahmoud Abu Nahleh, 16
Yihya Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Jawad Diab, 29
Ahmad ‘Adnan Hamda Hamuda, 28
Muhammad Amin Ma’sud Hamuda, 29
Munir Amin Ma’sud Hamuda, 33
Naser Mahmoud Ma’sud Hamuda, 34
Na’im Rizeq Hassan Jendiyeh, 27
Munther Muhammad Ahmad Maniyah, 31
Hamzah Taysir Yusef Shahin, 21
Raed Walid Jum’ah a-Radi’a, 19
Ahmad ‘Afif Ahmad Abu al-Ma’azah, 18
Muhammad Akram Yusef M’aruf, 20
‘Ali ‘Alian ‘Ali Hijazi, 25
Salah ‘Abd al-Hadi ‘Abd al-Qader Abu ‘Okal, 40
Jihad Ahmad Amin Nawahdah, 20
‘Omar Musa ‘Odeh Abu Hamad, 15
Ramzi Ibrahim Mansur al-Deheini, 19
Muhammad Kamel Ibrahim Abu Dra’, 27

Hani al-Mahdi, 27
Irit Sheetrit, 39
Beber Vaknin, 27
Lutfi Naser a-Din, 38

November 2008

Talal Hussein Diab al-‘Aamudi, 23
Bassem Baker ‘Aref al-Ghoaf, 21
Ahmad Riad Nu’man al-Hilu, 20
Muhammad Hamdallah Ibrahim Hasunah, 20
Isma’il Muhammad ‘Ali Abu al-‘Ula, 38
Muhsein Musa Ihmidan al-Qadrah, 23
Rami ‘Omar Khalil Fareinah, 36
Mahmoud Na’im Muhammad Siyam, 26
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Muhammad ‘Awad, 26
‘Omar Salim Khader al-‘Almi, 20
Mahmoud Taha ‘Abd a-Rahman Bau’lusha, 21
Wajed Nizam a-Din Hamzah Muhareb, 19
‘Amar Salim Darwish Salhiyeh, 21
Ghassan Yasser Kamal a-Taramsi, 18
Mazen Nazmi A’bbas Sa’ada, 32

October 2008

Muhammad Taher Mahmoud ‘Abahreh, 70
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Yusef al-Haj B’uirat, 20
Muhammad Jamal Ahmad a-Ramahi, 21
‘Abd al-Qader Muhammad Badawi Zeid, 17

Avraham Ozeri, 86

September 2008

Suhaib Yasser Ahmad Saleh, 14
Hassan Muhammad Hassan Hamid, 17
Walid Farid Walid Freitakh, 22

August 2008

Kochava Evin Haiem, 33
Talia Imas, 45
Yitzhak Imas, 47
Avishai Shindler, 24

July 2008

Yusef Ahmad Yunes ‘Amira, 17
Ahmad Husam Yusef Musa, 10
Sh’hab a-Din ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Natsheh, 25
Mahmoud ‘Othman Muhammad ‘Asi, 48
Salim Jum’ah ‘Odeh al-Hamedi, 22
Talal Sa’id Talal A’bed, 31
Ghassan Mustafa Abu Teir, 22
Husam Taysir Dwayat, 31

David Shreki
Goren Friedman, 54
Jan Relevy, 68
Batsheva Unterman, 33

June 2008

Muhammad Naser Sa’id Daraghmeh, 16
Muhammad Anwar Jamil al-‘Alami, 15
Tareq Jum’ah Ahmad Abu Ghali, 23
Iyad Radwan ‘Abd al-Halim Hanfer, 23
Rami Nizar ‘Abdallah Abu Sawireh, 25
Muhammad ‘Amer Muhammad ‘Asaliyah, 20
Nidal Khaled Sa’id a-Sadudi, 21
Mahmoud Muhammad Hassan a-Shanadi, 25
Musa Fawzi Salman al-‘Adini, 35
Mu’taz Muhammad Jum’ah Dughmosh, 27
Salah Saber Tawfiq Qaduhah, 20
Yasser Faiz Hamdan Abu ‘Alayan, 22
Mahmoud Salem Hassan Abu Shab, 19
‘Alaa Rohi Ahmad al-Barim, 19
Mu’taz Fouad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Tafesh, 28
Mustafa Sa’di Mustafa al-Batsh, 26
Musa Ahmad Muhammad Hamuda, 22
Mahmoud Zaki ‘Abd a-Rahman Khader, 18
Muhammad Jamal Ghazi Dawleh, 19
Khaled Ahmad Mesleh Zuhd, 24
Muhammad Hassan Muhammad ‘Asaliyah, 65
Hadil ‘Abd al-Karim Suliman a-Sameiri, 6
Ibrahim Mahmoud Sa’ed al-Masri, 20
Yasser Muhammad ‘Eid Abu Halib, 26
Mustafa Sabri Mustafa ‘Atallah, 24
Ahmad ‘Adnan Shehdeh a-Safdi, 20
Muhammad Yihya Khalil Hamid, 23
Bilal Khalil Yunes a-Sharabasi, 21
Khalil Muhammad ‘Abdallah Sukar, 27
Aya Hamdan Hamdan a-Najar, 8

Amnon Rosenberg, 51

May 2008

Yusra Ibrahim Msalam Qdeih, 66
‘Abd a-Razeq Mahmoud Hamad Abu Mu’ammar, 33
Ousamah Shehdeh ‘Abd Rabo al-Ghuti, 31
Ahmad Muhammad Khalil al-‘Amur, 22
Husam Talal ‘Abd a-Rahim ‘Abdu, 19
Raed Jamal Sha’ban a-Naqah, 18
Muhannad Hamed Muhammad ‘Awwad, 21
Muhammad Hafez ‘Eid Abu Rizeq, 26
Ibrahim Farid Mahmoud Madi, 17
Salem ‘Attwah Allah ‘Odeh Bahabseh, 63
Hussein ‘Abd al-Karim Ramadan Ahel, 15
Majd Ziad Muhammad ‘Okal, 11
‘Ali Hamdi Nimer a-Dahduh, 28
Muhammad Khamis Nimer ‘Odeh, 28
Zayed Kamal Muhammad Abu Wadi, 25
Fahmi ‘Abd al-Jawad Hussein a-Darduk, 15
Muhammad ‘Abdallah al-‘Abed Hararah, 20
Ahmad Jum’ah Muhammad Muwaded, 17
Hamdi ‘Abd al-Majid Shhadeh Khader, 18
Muhammad Munir Muhammad Abu Habib, 23
Bassem Muhsein Mahmoud ‘Ashur, 20
Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim Salahah, 17
Tahrir Ziad ‘Abd al-Hamid ‘Abd a-Ghafur, 19
‘Omar Da’ud Musa a-Ser, 21
Muhammad Ramadan Hassan Abu ‘Odeh, 26
Samir Jamil Hussein Wafi, 30
Muhammad Mazen Ahmad Abu ‘Armaneh, 22
Bassam Ahmad Hassan Abu Shbekah, 33
Rashad ‘Ali Ahmad Khater, 20
Hamdi Muhammad Musa Shbeir, 26
Muntasser Muhammad Jum’ah Abu ‘Anza, 16
Sami Jamil ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu ‘Anza, 16
Wafa Shaker Muhammad a-Daghameh, 35
Mahmoud Walid Da’ud Abu Msalam, 19
Hisham Najib Hassan Shomar, 23
Husam Muhammad Salim a-Najar, 41
Maher Muhammad Salim a-Najar, 44
Khalil Ahmad Mahmoud a-Za’arir, 30
Muhammad Msalam Salim Abu Daqah, 58
Nafez Kamel Muhammad Mansur, 42

Shuli Katz, 70
Jimmy Kadoshim, 48

April 2008

Ousamah ‘Abd al-Hamid ‘Abd a-Dayem al-Hubi, 42
‘Awad ‘Abd al-Fatah Muhammad al-Qiq, 33
Hanaa Ahmad ‘Eid Abu Me’teq, 2
Meyasar Mutlaq Rashid Abu Me’teq, 40
Mus’ad Ahmad ‘Eid Abu Me’teq, under 1
Ruwaydah Ahmad ‘Eid Abu Me’teq, 5
Saleh Ahmad ‘Eid Abu Me’teq, 4
Ibrahim Salem Suliman Hajuj, 21
Mu’az Muhammad ‘Ata al-Akhras, 21
Maryam Tal’at Mustafa M’aruf, 14
Da’ud Jaber Muhammad al-Kafarneh, 53
‘Othman Ahmad Muhammad Abu Hajar, 19
Fadi Jamal Mamduh Salem, 19
Ibrahim Mahmoud Muhammad Shalash, 18
‘Akramah Munir ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu ‘Odeh, 20
Najib Naser ‘Ali a-Sarhi, 24
Nur a-Din Salman ‘Ayad al-Dabari, 23
Mu’in Mahmoud Darwish Hamdunah, 36
Muhammad Hassan Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman, 31
Riad ‘Abdallah Muhammad a-Tanani, 33
Hisham ‘Abd a-Rahman Ibrahim Daher, 20
Zaher ‘Adel Harb Shameyah, 24
Muhammad Musa Muhammad Musa, 18
Ihab Na’im Muhammad Abu ‘Amro, 22
Hani Muhammad Hassan Ka’bi, 26
Muhammad Zaki Muhammad al-Masri, 17
Ousamah Khaled ‘Abd al-Hakim Abu ‘Anza, 19
‘Iz a-Din Muhammad Hussein ‘Awedat, 18
Bilal Hamuda Muhammad Saleh, 26
Mustafa ‘Adnan Mustafa a-Tatr, 22
‘Abd al-Karim Ahmad al-‘Abed al-Kheisa, 32
Karam Akram Qassem al-wadiyah, 22
Mahmoud Tawfiq Ahmad Hiles, 24
Bilal Sa’ed ‘Ali a-Dahini, 17
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Majid Hassan a-Najar, 16
Ghassan Khaled Salameh Abu ‘Ateiwi, 12
Khalil Isma’il Khalil Dughmosh, 19
Ahmad ‘Aref Frajallah Frajallah, 13
Fadel Subhi ‘Abd a-Rahman Shana’ah, 24
Talhah Hani Fathi Abu ‘Ali, 14
‘Abdallah Maher Muhsein Abu Khalil, 15
Tareq Farid Jamil Abu Taqeyyah, 15
Muhammad Muhammad ‘Abd al-Khaleq al-‘Assar, 14
Islam Husam ‘Ali al-‘Esawi, 15
Bayan Samir Mahmoud al-Khaldi, 13
Mahmoud Ahmad Ahmad Muhammad, 45
Sufian Ahmad Ahmad Muhammad, 41
Fadi Jamal Taleb Mutran (Musran), 22
Hani Salah Muhammad Zo’rub, 34
‘Abdallah Muhammad ‘Abdallah Abu al-Ghassin, 39
Ibrahim Mahmoud Ibrahim Abu ‘Alba, 44
Amin Mahmoud Hussein a-Najar, 26
Muhammad Mustafa Muhammad a-Najar, 28
Riad Sharif Muhammad al-‘Awessi, 11
Munther Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Abu Hweishel, 20
Khaled ‘Abd a-Naser Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Hadi, 17
Jihad Muhammad Salem Abu Zabeidah, 19
Sh’hab a-Din Muhammad Ahmad Abu Zabeidah, 18
Diaa’ ‘Aish Yusef al-‘Awawdeh, 14
Yusef ‘Ali Salameh al-Maghari, 16
‘Abd a-Razeq ‘Atiyyah Ahmad Nufal, 19
Yusef Ibrahim Muhammad Sarhan, 14
Muhammad Faiz Hussein Shameyah, 21
Hassan Samir Hassan ‘Awad, 20
Muhammad ‘Ali Fahim Abu Jebah, 28
Isma’il Ahmad Hassan Abu a-Naser, 22
‘Awad Mahmoud Muhammad a-Taharawi, 32
Mazen Kamel Mutlaq Abu al-Qambaz, 48
‘Atef Mesbah Hussein al-Gharabli, 25
Ahmad Naser Shhadeh al-Gharabli, 15
‘Abdallah Ahmad Mahmoud a-Loh, 22
Yihya Hassan ‘Odeh Barrak, 24

Shimon Mizrahi, 53
Eli Wasserman, 51
Menhash al-Banyat, 20
Matan Ovdati, 19
David Papian, 21
Seif Bisan, 21
Lev Cherniak, 53
Oleg Lipson, 37

March 2008

Muhammad Saleh Saber Shreiteh, 18
‘Alaa Hashem Hussein Abu Dheim, 25
Murad Muhammad Khalil Khader, 21
Rabi’ Ashraf Rabi’ Muhsein, 22
Tammer Raed Mahmoud Dawas, 16
Bilal ‘Abd Rabo Musa al-Astal, 16
Yusef Muhammad Hammad Abu Daher, 56
Hussein Hamdan Muhammad Abu ‘Abed, 71
Nidal Haydar Ahmad Shaqurah, 23
Mahmoud Yusef ‘Ali Hamuda, 19
Muhammad Salah Saleh a-Sha’er, 19
Basel Nahed Yunes Shabet, 20
Hassan Ziad ‘Eid Shaqurah, 22
Fouad Khalil Salem al-Balbul, 48
‘Imad Hussein Mahmoud al-Kamel, 47
Muhammad Shhadeh ‘Abed Shhadeh (a-Ta’mari), 48
‘Issa Marzuqah Saleh Zawahreh, 40
Saleh ‘Omar Saleh Qarqur, 25
Fadi Ahmad Suliman Abu Hadaf, 19
Saed ‘Ali Salem Abu Hadaf, 19
Zakaria Suliman ‘Atwah al-‘Amawi, 21
Nader ‘Adel Ahmad Abu Dayer, 19
Yusef Suliman Hussein a-Sameiri, 47
Amirah Khaled Faraj Abu ‘Aser, under 1
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahim Ma’bad Mahana, 23
‘Abd al-Fatah Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 23
Ramzi Fathi Mahmoud Khweitar, 22
Walid Tawfiq Salameh Abu Yusef, 22
Darwish ‘Adel Muhammad Miqdad, 34
Muhammad Muhammad ‘Abdallah Abu Hajar, 20
Ibrahim a-Sayed Ibrahim al-Masri, 21
Ass’ad Tawfiq Ass’ad al-Qahwaji, 20
Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Khaleq Muhammad Abu ‘Aytah, 19
‘Abd a-Rahim Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Saleh, 16
Khalil Jamal Khalil ‘Iz a-Din, 20
Lu’ai Isma’il Ibrahim Taha, 15
Mahmoud Muhammad Ahmad Masalmeh, 15
Yusef Muhammad Madi Abu Wardeh, 53
Wisam Faiz Ahmad Saleh, 20
Na’im Ahmad Musa Hasnah, 47
Raed Rizeq ‘Eid Jneid, 30
Muhammad ‘Imad Fa’iq Hlewah, 15
Lu’ai Jamal Farhat Jendiyeh, 17
Bassam A’bed Muhammad ‘Obeid, 45
Mahmoud Bassam A’bed ‘Obeid, 16
Isma’il ‘Arafat Mustafa Abu Sultan, 17
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 17
Khaled Munther ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 16
‘Abd a-Ra’uf ‘Abd al-Karim Mahmoud ‘Odeh, 16
‘Abdallah ‘Abd al-Karim Ibrahim Abu Sha’ira, 17
Muhammad Fouad Khalil Hijazi, 16
Hassan Ziyadah Khalil Jasser, 18
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Halim Muhammad Abu Rayya, 18
Mahmoud Na’im Ahmad al-‘Attar, 17
Hussein Sami Kheir al-Batsh, 24
Nuhad ‘Abd al-Hadi Muhammad Daher, 21
Mahmoud Nayef Hamtu Haneideq, 16
Muhannad ‘Omar Muhammad a-Nashasi, 20
Hassan Ibrahim Hassan Abu a-Naja, 24
Raafat Yasin ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Hamad, 38
Ahmad Nimer ‘Abd a-Latif Zaghrah, 16
Subhi Mufid Subhi ‘Awadallah, 21
‘Imad Ibrahim Muhammad a-Tala’a, 32
Khaled Ahmad ‘Ayed Abu ‘Iyada, 30
Muhammad ‘Omar Subhi Abu N’ameh, 23
Sadeq Yusef Nayef al-Baleshi, 27
Samir Hamdi Sa’id Keshtah, 35
Muhammad Hani Hussein al-Mabhuh, 16
Iyad Muhammad Husseini Abu Shbak, 15
Jacqueline Muhammad Husseini Abu Shbak, 16
Sari Fathi Muhammad ‘Obeid, 20
Hassan Rashad Mustafa Abu Safi, 20
Mahmoud Suliman Shhadeh Zaqut, 22
Salsabil Majed Muhammad Abu Jalhum, 2
Safa Ra’d ‘Ali Abu Seif, 11
Yasser Isma’il Ibrahim Abu ‘Odeh, 21
‘Abdallah Ahmad Ibrahim a-Shanat, 21
Saed Muhammad ‘Ata a-Dabur, 25
Sa’id Ahmad Sa’id al-Hashim, 22
‘Abd al-Hamid Hamadah Muhammad Hamadah, 24
Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Ahmad Islim, 28
Mustafa Naser Mustafa Manun, 21
Ghassan ‘Abd al-Hai Jawdat ‘Abd Rabo, 21
Mahmoud Rabi’ ‘Abdallah ‘Abd Rabo, 25
Mesleh Muhammad Mesleh Saleh, 25
‘Abd al-Karim Husseini ‘Abd a-Latif al-Haw, 14
‘Abd al-Mu’ti Ousamah ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Sa’ed, 17
Samah Zidan Muhammad Ghali ‘Asaliyah, 18
Salwa Zidan Muhammad Ghali ‘Asaliyah, 13
Na’el Zuheir Shukri Abu ‘On, 12
Mahmoud Munther ‘Abd al-Qader Rayan, 21
Thabet Fathi Zaki Jneid, 21
‘Ali Jaber Sa’id al-Katani, 21
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Ali ‘Atallah, 65
‘Alaa Yasser ‘Ali ‘Atallah, 35
Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Atallah, 34
Ibtesam ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Atallah, 30
Khaled ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Atallah, 32
Rajaa ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Atallah, 31
Su’ad Rajab Yusef ‘Atallah, 60
Hamzah Muhammad a-Shaf’i al-Jamal, 21
Ibrahim Sha’ban ‘Abdallah al-Zein, 25
Mu’atasem Muhammad Sharif Diab ‘Abd Rabo, 25
‘Abdallah Nabil ‘Abdallah Faraj ‘Abd Rabo, 29
Tal’at Muhammad Muhammad Dardunah, 25
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hadi Shihab, 24
Jihad Hatem al-‘Abed Abu Hleil, 19
Mustafa Sa’id Mustafa Abu Jalalah, 19
Muhannad ‘Omar Muhammad a-Nashasi, 20
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Hassan ‘Aqilan, 17
Hassan Kamal ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu Harb, 18
Bilal Ibrahim Suliman al-Jamal, 19
Tammer Mahmoud Muhammad al-Weshahi, 20
Ghadah al-‘Abed Ahmad Saleh, 30

Suliman ‘Odeh Abu Judah, 28
Liran Banai, 20
Doron Assulin, 20
Eran Dan –Gur, 20
Segev Peniel Avihail, 15
Neria Cohen, 15
Yonatan Yitzhak Eldar, 16
Yehonadav Haim Hirschfeld, 19
Yochai Lifshitz, 18
Doron Meherete, 26
Avraham David Mozes, 16
Ro’i Aharon Roth, 18

February 2008

Iyad ‘Abd al-Karim Muhammad al-Ashram, 27
Ibrahim Sha’ban ‘Abdallah al-Zein, 25
‘Ali Munir Muhammad Dardunah, 6
‘Omar Hussein Muhammad Dardunah, 14
Dardunah Dib Khalil Dardunah, 10
Muhammad Na’im Mahmoud Hamuda, 13
Hamzah Khalil Isma’il al-Hayah, 21
Rami Ramadan Mahmoud Khalifah, 26
Jawad Khamis Jawad Tafesh, 22
Amjad Hafez Haydar a-Sakani, 16
Ramez Mustafa Hassan Naser, 19
‘Alaa Ayman ‘Omar al-Burno, 17
Muhammad Sa’dallah Muhammad al-Hilu, 19
‘Aref Mahmoud Yusef Dughmosh, 21
Muhammad Suliman Mahmoud Shameyah, 21
Khalil Ibrahim Hamuda Ahel, 26
Muhammad ‘Ali Ma’sud hashem al-Hilu, 31
Ahmad ‘Adel A’bbas a-Nadi, 28
Maher Salim Abu a-Rish, 29
Lu’ai Fa’iq Sa’id Qanitah, 18
Amjad Yihya ‘Abd al-Karim al-‘Amriti, 26
Ahmad Salim Mustafa al-Huweiti, 23
Tal’at Saleh ‘Othman a-Nmeilat, 21
‘Abdallah Muhammad Yihya ‘Adwan, 22
‘Omar ‘Atiyyah Salameh Abu ‘Aqer, 26
Muhammad Majdi Muhammad Abu al-Hussein, 21
Hassan Nur Ahmad al-Matwaq, 19
‘Aziz Jawdat Muhammad Ma’sud, 21
Mnawar Rizeq ‘Awad Abu Mandil, 36
Hammad Murshed ‘Atiyyah al-Masalhah, 52
Muhammad Khalil Suliman Hamadah, 13
Bilal Kamel Fakhri Hijazi, 14
Ibrahim Zaki ‘Issa al-Masimi, 27
Muhammad Naser ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Bura’I, under 1
‘Abdallah Muhammad Ahmad a-Zwiedi, 31
Zaki ‘Adnan Hussein Abu Zeid, 20
Hassan Salman ‘Ali Abu Sabt, 31
Husam Jaber Muhammad Abu Hin, 21
Hani ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Hussein Abu Salah, 18
Thaer Ibrahim Yusef Musbeh, 21
Midhat ‘Aish ‘Awwad ‘Awwad, 19
Muhammad Talal Muhammad a-Z’anin, 20
Ibrahim Ahmad Zidan Abu Jarad, 20
Muhammad Ibrahim Mustafa Hasanein, 20
Bassam Hatem ‘Abed al-Hazin, 24
Ayman Suliman ‘Odeh Sa’id, 34
Tammer Muhammad ‘Abd a-Razeq Abu Sh’ar, 9
Isma’il ‘Ali Muhammad Jadallah, 20
‘Abd al-Karim Muhammad Hussein al-Ghalban, 27
‘Awni Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamid Abu Taha, 46
Naser ‘Ali ‘Abd a-Razeq Abu Shabab, 22
‘Abd a-Salam Muhammad Salameh Abu Susin, 31
Ibrahim Salman Hussein Sabah, 28
‘Alaa ‘Adnan Muhammad Abu Hadaf, 21
Rami ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Abed Karim, 19
Muhammad Bassam Isma’il Abu Mteir, 21
Taysir Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, 57
Hani Sha’ban Muhammad Na’im, 44
Hamuda Muhammad Zayed a-Sharafa, 40
Ahmad Muhammad Zakaria Abu Hameid, 25
Ousamah Faiz Yihya ‘Assaf, 22
Mahmoud Yusef al-‘Abed Mustafa al-Mutaweq, 24
Jawdat ‘Abdallah Muhammad Nabhan, 29
Saed ‘Abdallah Nabhan Nabhan, 26
Saleh Ibrahim Yusef Nabhan, 34
Soheil Raafat ‘Ali al-Ghasin, 38
‘Abd a-Naser Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Naser, 32
Muhammad Musa Muhammad Abu S’aadeh, 21
Ousamah ‘Ali ‘Ali Abu S’aadeh, 20
Mu’taz ‘Abd a-Razeq A’bed Abu Shahla, 26
Wafi Hamad Muhammad Abu Yusef, 23
Ahmad Isma’il Ibrahim Mesbeh, 20
Raafat Ahmad Rizeq Qdeih, 20
‘Amer ‘Abd a-Rahman Mahmoud Kermutt, 39
Baker Fayad Qassem Abu Rajal, 22
Mahmoud Rasmi a-Sayed Abu Taha, 18
Ahmad Sadeq Ibrahim Abu Zeid, 33
‘Amar ‘Abd a-Rahim Dib Zakarneh, 21
Muhammad Salim Muhammad Hejazi (al-Herbawi), 20

Roni Yihya, 47
Lyubov Razdolskaya, 73

January 2008

Mahmoud Hassan ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Da’alseh, 22
Qusai Suliman al-Afandi, 17
Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Awad, 17
Zayed Mesleh Salem ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 23
Ibrahim Samir Ibrahim al-‘Absi, 21
Muhammad Fouad Suliman Abu Harb, 29
Sami Muhammad Salah al-Hamaydah, 33
Yihya Suliman Musa al-Byuk, 24
Isma’il Ahmad Isma’il al-‘Attar, 59
‘Abd a-Salam ‘Atiyyah Hashem Abu a-Laban, 18
Murad Ibrahim Ahmad Basha, 24
Mahmoud Yusef ‘Abed al-Ghandur, 18
Ibrahim Saleh Hassan al-Ghuti, 23
Ihab ‘Ali Da’ud al-Bana, 28
‘Ali Jum’ah Ahmad Jum’ah, 26
Hanneyeh Hussein Muhammad ‘Abd al-Jawad, 60
Mahmoud Ramadan al-‘Abed al-Barsh, 16
Isma’il Muhammad Isma’il Radwan, 20
Ahmad Muhammad Ibrahim Sanaqrah, 25
Ra’d Shehdeh Muhammad Abu al-Foul, 29
Fathiya Yusef ‘Omar al-Hassumi, 36
Ashraf ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Izzat al-‘Asha, 22
Mahmoud Jamal Da’ud al-Qaram, 22
Shadi Faiz ‘Abed Eqtifan, 21
Mahmoud Ahmad ‘Urabi Rasem al-Bana, 21
Maryam Ahmad Muhammad a-Rahel, 54
Muhammad Saleh Ahmad a-Rahel, 22
‘Amer Hashem Muhammad al-Yazji, 38
Amir Muhammad Hashem al-Yazji, 7
Muhammad Hashem Muhammad al-Yazji, 28
Muhammad Ahmad Mahmoud a-Safdi, 29
Wael ‘Abd al-Karim Hamuda Ahel, 34
Walid Anis Yusef ‘Obeidi, 45
‘Ahed Sa’dallah ‘Abdallah ‘Ashur, 24
Husam Mahmoud Khaled a-Zahar, 22
Mahmoud ‘Ata Hashem Abu a-Laban, 22
Salim ‘Abd al-Haq Jawdat al-Modalal, 21
Rami Talal ‘Alian Farhat, 29
Ayman Fadel Muhammad Malka, 37
Khamis ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Abu Sawawin, 30
‘Abdallah Talab ‘Abd al-Karim al-Haj Salem, 23
Sakher Salim Ahmad Zweid, 26
Sa’id Mustafa Sa’id a-Samuni, 52
Ass’ad ‘Issa Shhadeh Tafesh, 66
Ziad Khader Jamil Abu Taqeyyah, 21
Imam Hassan Ibrahim Ahmad, 26
Muhammad Majdi Mustafa Heji, 23
Mus’ab Salim Muhammad Salma, 18
Mustafa Yihya Muhammad Salma, 19
Mahmoud Sabri Subhi Hanna, 21
Marwan Samir Hamdan ‘Odeh, 24
Nidal Hussein Dib al-‘Aamudi, 34
Maher Ibrahim Muhammad al-Mabhuh, 29
‘Ayed Sa’dallah ‘Eid Abu ‘Abed, 21
Mansur Salah Muhammad al-Barim, 19
Muhammad Maher Taha al-Kafarneh, 15
Khadrah Ahmad ‘Ali Wahdan, 51
Amjad Sha’ban Muhammad ‘Abd a-Dayem, 28
Bassam ‘Abd Rabo Musa Abu Mustafa, 31
Maysaa Nimer Muhammad Fanunah, 22
Fawaz ‘Awni Fawaz Frihat, 17
Mahmoud Raafat Salem a-Reb’I, 23
Mahmoud Rabah Muhammad A’bed, 17
Iman Muhammad Ibrahim Hamdan, 26
Ziad Isma’il Hassan Abu Rakbah, 16
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Khalaf, 19
Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu ‘Odeh, 33
Ahmad Muhammad Feisal Mahmoud Abu Hantash, 32
Ahmad Naser Ahmad al-Kafarneh, 28
Muhammad ‘Awad Hussein al-Kafarneh, 26
Yasser Rafiq Muhammad Hiles, 23
Barham Fahmi Barham Abu Lihyah, 31
Munir Ibrahim Ahmad Barham, 22
‘Abdallah Muhammad Ibrahim Keshtah, 33
Ahmad Hamdan ‘Abd a-Rahim Fayad, 32
Asmaa Hamdan ‘Abd a-Rahim Fayad, 27
Karimeh ‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad Fayad, 62
Muhammad Khdeir ‘Abd a-Rahman Fayad, 17
Sami Hamdan ‘Abd a-Rahim Fayad, 28
Muhammad Muhammad Mahmoud Abu ‘Amirah, 29
‘Abd al-Karim Ahmad ‘Abd al-Karim al-Hilu, 24
Salem Fouad Salem al-wadiyah, 20
Mus’ab Walid ‘Omar Jendiyeh, 17
‘Ahed Mahmoud Faraj Smali, 33
Yusef Muhammad Faraj Smali, 25
Hasunah Jum’ah Hasunah al-Qayed, 20
Yihya Sa’id Jamil Jaber, 22
Mahmoud Khalil ‘Abd al-Fatah Sabarneh, 20
Muhammad Fathi Yunes Sabarneh, 21

Rami Zuari, 20

December 2007

‘Adel Yusef ‘Ali Keshtah, 22
Khaldeyeh Ahmad Hamdan a-Talbani, 39
Basel Na’im Nabil a-Natsheh, 21
Haitham Talal ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu al-‘Alla, 21
Muhammad Faraj Shatat al-Masri, 21
Hani Ramzi Mahmoud Abu ‘Eid, 19
Ibrahim ‘Ali Salem a-Loh, 29
Muhammad Murshed Khalil Abu ‘Abdallah, 43
Muhammad Ahmad Suliman Abu Hasanein, 42
Muhammad Fawzi Muhammad Abu Hasanein, 30
Mu’atasem Rafiq Saleh a-Sharif, 22
Jum’ah Maflah Jum’ah Abu Hajir, 24
‘Atallah Ahmad Suliman al-‘Awawdeh, 23
‘Awad Naji Muhammad al-Fajam, 21
Mahmoud Mahmoud Ibrahim al-Mishal, 27
Ibrahim ‘Ayed ‘Aiyadah Abu Madin, 24
Samer Helmi Muhammad Abu Seif, 22
Hamzah Salem Muhammad abu Tyour, 21
Na’im Ibrahim Ahmad al-‘Aruqi, 22
Khalil Bajes Khalil al-‘Issawi, 22
Jihad Musa Yusef Jaber, 18
Walid Hussein Saleh Kallub, 26
Muhammad Sa’id Mahmoud a-Taramsi, 34
Husam Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Habel, 34
Samir ‘Awadallah Khalil Baker, 32
Ousamah ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Majid Yasin, 32
Muhammad Khaled Hassan a-Sharif, 21
Hani Najeh Muhammad Barhum, 19
Majed Yusef Ibrahim al-Harazin, 37
Jihad a-Sayed Muhammad Daher, 39
Karim Marwan a-Dahduh a-Dahduh, 23
‘Amar Yusef Hassan Abu Sa’id, 32
Ayman Lutfi Khalil al-‘Elah, 32
Na’el Rushdi Hussein Tafesh, 34
Naser Khalil Khalil al-Masar’I, 40
Sami Fadel Hussein Tafesh, 27
Salman Muhammad Salman Yasin, 20
Mahmoud Suliman Isma’il Abu Mustafa, 22
Husam Zaki Saleh Nashwan, 26
Muhammad Hussein Muhammad ‘Ashur, 36
Muhammad Jamal Hamed Abu Hamrah, 19
Khalil Muhammad Mustafa al-Aswad, 26
‘Omar Hassan ‘Omar Khalil, 22
Bahajat Muhammad Barakeh Abu Daqah, 30
Majed ‘Awad Matar Matar, 29
Iyad ‘Abd al-Wahab ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Aziz, 28
Muhammad (‘Ali) Suliman Yusef Subuh, 36
Muhammad Khalil Muhammad Salah, 35
Samir ‘Ali Ahmad a-Daqran, 17
‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Abd al-Hamid Yusef Abu Ghazah, 37
Salman Fouad Salman al-Huli, 18
Islam ‘Abd al-Qader ‘Abdallah ‘Abd a-Nabi, 18
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abdallah Abu Mahadi, 21
‘Aziz Sabri Dib Thari, 22
Bassam Mahmoud Hamed al-Hilu, 31
Firas Musa Mahmoud Qasqas, 32
Muhammad Suliman Ibrahim Abu ‘Anza, 23
Ziad Suliman Ibrahim Abu ‘Anza, 39
Tammer Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Jame’, 21
Ibrahim Ass’ad Hamdan al-Barim, 21
Jihad Fawzi Suliman Qdeih, 19

Ahikam Amihai, 20
David Rubin, 21

November 2007

Ahmad ‘Ali Ahmad Abu Sitah, 22
Guevara Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Saleh, 20
Hani Hassan ‘Odeh Abu Rumeyyeh, 18
‘Abdallah Amin Ahmad al-Astal, 22
‘Imad Khalil Hassan Abu Ta’imah, 23
Shaher ‘Abd al-Karim Muhammad Shahin, 24
Rami Hussein Sa’id Abu a-Rus, 23
‘Issam Sa’di Sbieh Hamdan, 19
‘Ali Muhammad Ass’ad a-Sufi, 22
Ghassan Khader Hussein al-‘Elah, 21
Jaber Nafez Muhammad Khalil, 20
Fadi ‘Abd a-Sater Salman ‘Assaf, 20
Mus’ab ‘Abd al-Karim Jum’ah al-Ja’bir, 22
Muhammad Zaki Muhammad Quzah, 20
‘Alaa ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Hussein a-Zari’I, 20
Yusef Hussein ‘Omar Musa, 18
Raafat Salameh ‘Abdallah Abu Shagheibah, 43
Talal Salameh ‘Abdallah Abu Shagheibah, 45
Salem Ahmad Salem Abu S’adeh, 27
Muhammad Zaki Jum’ah a-Najar, 19
Nidal Muhammad Salman a-Najar, 37
‘Aead Ibrahim Muhammad al-Biari, 20
Muhammad Sami Zaki al-Qishawi, 20
Wahid Rabi’ Saleh Saleh, 49
Bilal Ahmad ‘Alian a-Nabahin, 14
Jihad ‘Alian Muhammad a-Nabahin, 17
Hashem ‘Ein ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu Khadurah, 17
Muhammad Suliman Abu Harbid, 28
Ashraf Zaher Salman al-‘Ur, 17
Zaher Salman Salim al-‘Ur, 36
Muhammad Harbi Khamis Siyam, 24

Edo Zoldan, 29

October 2007

Muhammad Sati Muhammad al-Ashqar, 29
Mahmoud Fa’iq Muhammad Abu al-Haj, 25
Bilal Ibrahim Yusef Abu ‘Awwad, 22
Maher Shehdeh Ibrahim Abu Teir, 24
Isma’il Suliman Salem Qdeih, 22
Mahmoud Jamal Ahmad Radwan, 20
Ahmad Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Qader Abu Tahun, 22
Farid Ibrahim Hamad Abu ‘Odeh, 43
Muhammad Yusef ‘Abd al-Karim Hamad, 26
Muhammad Sa’id Ibrahim Shalabeyah, 26
Yusef ‘Odeh Salameh al-Walaydeh, 21
Yasser Naser a-Din Salam ‘Asfur, 27
Ahmad Nahed Salman Hasanein, 18
‘Abd a-Rahim ‘Omar Yusef Hamdunah, 21
Ahmad Suliman Ahmad Abu Hassan (Tabsh), 23
Ayman Salah Muhammad Fseyfes, 24
Muhammad ‘Issa ‘Abd a-Razeq al-Kurdi, 23
‘Abd al-Fatah Fawzi ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Askar, 14
Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Hassan Kallub, 16
Mubarak ‘Abdallah Mubarak al-Hasnat, 37
Khaled Rayeq Muhammad Hassan, 24
Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad Jawabreh, 20
Nizar Samih Nizar Abu ‘Arab, 30
Raed ‘Abd a-Rahman Yunes Shamalakh, 24
Hazem Jamal Muhammad ‘Asfur, 20
‘Abed Shaker Muhammad al-Wazir, 69
‘Abd a-Rahman Hassan a-Shinawi, 24
Bassem Khamis Mustafa Abu Sorrayha, 35
Hussein Khader Mahmoud Na’im, 20
Muhammad Mustafa Muhammad Abu Srur, 25
‘Amar Taysir ‘Anbusi, 22
Tareq Taleb ‘Abd Rabo Abu Jarai, 22
Sa’id ‘Abd al-Majid ‘Atiyyah al-‘Amur, 23
Muhammad Bassam Muhammad Hassan, 18
Bilal Jamal Ramadan Abu Ishekian, 21
Ahmad ‘Aish Ahmad al-‘Aamudi, 22

Ehud Efrati, 34
Ben Kubani, 20

September 2007

Muhammad Sha’ban Muhammad Abu Rakbah, 21
Husam Ass’ad ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Hwihi, 25
Raji Nabil ‘Ali Hamdan, 23
Ahmad Ousamah Muhammad ‘Adwan, 19
Thaer ‘Abd al-Wahab Hassan al-Bassiuni, 20
Yusef Talal ‘Abd al-Qader al-Bassiuni, 16
Kheirallah Musa Ahmad Hamdan, 27
Ousamah Salem Muhammad a-Rifi, 36
Sami Samir Muhammad a-Za’im, 25
Shadi Ahmad Sa’ed Abu Sorrayha, 30
Hussein Dib Musa Ahel, 29
Fawzi Fares Isma’il al-Ashram, 27
Ayman Mahmoud Yusef Dalul, 27
‘Imad Rizeq Harb Abu Hajir, 30
Muhammad Suliman ‘Abd Rabo Abu Hajir, 21
Yunes ‘Abdallah Muhammad Abu Hajir, 24
Mahmoud Kayed Ahmad al-Kafafi, 18
Adib Salim Ibrahim Ahmad, 38
Muhammad Rida Mahmoud Khaled, 16
Muhammad ‘Ali Mesbah Jabarin, 16
Bahaa Ahmad Fahed ‘Ashur (al-‘Ajloni), 23
Yusef Shaker Khalil al-‘Aasi, 21
Ramzi Rajab Khaza’a Hiles, 18
Mustafa S’ud Zakaria a-Lababidy, 23
Muhammad ‘Adnan Mustafa al-Hasi, 19
Tal’at Muhammad Ayub al-Khatib, 24
Nazir Walid Nathir Mushtaha, 18
Hamzah Muhammad Muhammad Naser, 20
Mahmoud Sufian Mustafa Salameh, 23
Wadi’ Khalil Mustafa Samarah, 15
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Mustafa ‘Abdallah, 30
Ghassan Mustafa S’ud a-Saqa, 25
Muhammad Samir al-‘Abed Abu Lebdeh, 24
Muhammad Kamel Suliman Barakeh, 24

Ben Zion (Haiem) Haneman, 21

August 2007

Khader Maher ‘Ali ‘Okal, 17
Muhammad Rajab Yusef Abu Saqer, 20
Mahmoud Musa Hassan Abu Ghazal, 8
Sarah Suliman ‘Abdallah Abu Ghazal, 8
Yihya Ramadan ‘Atiyyah Abu Ghazal, 11
Farid ‘Aish Khamis Abu Daher, 41
‘Alaa Salah Mahmoud Abu Srur, 30
Mustafa Mahmoud Mustafa al-‘Atiq, 21
‘Ali Hassan ‘Atiyyah Ermelat, 45
Tareq Ziad Ibrahim Malham, 22
Hamam Ahmad ‘Abd al-Qader Naser, 15
Mustafa ‘Adnan Sa’id Naser, 17
Sameh Naser Salem a-Sawafiry, 21
‘Ahed Sa’id Ahmad Abu Jabal, 20
Yihya ‘Omar ‘Abd al-Malek Habib, 21
‘Abd al-Qader Yusef ‘Abed ‘Ashur, 14
Fadi Mansur Yusef al-Kafarneh, 10
Naser ‘Ali Qassem Mabruk, 38
Shadi Mustafa Ma’sud a-Saqa, 23
Muhammad Ahmad Khalil Abu Salem, 22
‘Awadallah Ibrahim Ahmad Shatat, 26
Isma’il Muhammad Isma’il Abu ‘Abdah, 22
Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Muhammad Abu ‘Arab, 34
‘Abd Rabo Khaled ‘Abd Rabo Abu Hilu, 22
Ahmad ‘Ali Muhammad al-Qrenawi, 22
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Abdallah al-Qrenawi, 21
‘Ali Sa’id ‘Ali Barud, 28
Nizar Raji ‘Abdallah ‘Obeid, 17
Mahmoud Saleh ‘Ashur Darwish, 25
Nur Ibrahim Yusef Mar’I, 15
Samir Muhammad Msalam ‘Asfur, 27
Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Karim Muhammad a-Shami, 39
Mus’ab Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Jame’, 26
‘Omar Muhammad Hussein al-Qara, 30
Ahmad Kamal Muhammad al-Qara, 18
Sabha Suliman Salman al-Qara, 69
Muhammad Yusef Muhammad Msameh, 21
Ikrami Ghaleb Nimer Abu ‘Amshah, 23
Muhammad Subhi Mansur al-Batnijy, 18
Fadi Fawaz Kamel Erqiq, 23
Muhammad Hussein Muhammad Abu Sh’ar, 25
Midhat Ahmad Muhammad al-Halbi, 24
Hisham Naser Ahmad al-Jamal, 32
Raed ‘Ali ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu al-‘Adas, 34
Muhammad ‘Uraib Ahmad al-Malukh, 15
Kamal Suliman Salah Salah, 18
Sa’ed Rajab Muhammad Subuh, 22

July 2007

Tammer Mahmoud Muhammad al-Khatib, 19
Yihya Zakaria Muhammad Barakat, 23
Jihad Khalil Hussein a-Sha’er, 19
Khalil Mesbah Hussein a-Da’ifi, 49
Ahmad Husseini ‘Abd al-‘Aal al-Bil’awi, 21
‘Omar ‘Arafat Shafiq al-Khatib, 31
Mahmoud ‘Ali Mahmoud Abu Daqah, 26
Sharif Hussein Hussein Brreis, 33
Muhammad Hisham Ibrahim Abu Seif, 20
‘Abd a-Rahman Jamil ‘Abd al-Majid al-Kafarneh, 21
Mustafa Na’im Hussein A’bbas, 19
Muhammad Rubin Najib M’aruf, 19
Muhammad ‘Omar Salah Diab, 24
Mahmoud Najib Mahmoud Nazzal, 21
Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mansur, 21
‘Amar Ibrahim Sa’id Shahin, 23
‘Obaydah Hijazi ‘Adnan al-Qasas, 17
Muhammad Saqer Muhammad Nufal, 18
Ahmad Jamil Khamis Abu naje’, 17
Mahmoud ‘Awad Salem Abu Gharqud, 21
Ahmad Nabil Hussein Abu Jalad, 22
Mahmoud Subhi Yusef Nur, 21
Muhammad Nayef Mahmoud al-‘Odat, 22
Ahmad Suliman Salameh al-Qrenawi, 20
Muhammad Jawad Muhammad Siyam, 37
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Muhsen ‘Abd a-Rahim a-Skafi, 15
Muhammad ‘Omar Sa’id Abu al-Heija, 22

Arbel Reich, 21

June 2007

Samir ‘Ali Ibrahim Abu Msalam, 47
‘Ali Ahmad ‘Ali al-‘Aidy, 18
Iyad Salah ‘Abd al-Hafez Qafah, 25
Salah ‘Abd al-Hafez Ahmad Qafah, 44
Muhammad Anwar Khamis a-Ra’I, 21
Raed Fouad Shaker al-Ghanam, 21
Ziad Shaker Diab al-Ghanam, 43
Haitham Ja’far ‘Ali Saleh, 28
Ahmad ‘Ayad Suliman Hiles, 18
Nafez Mahmoud Darwish Hiles, 33
Husam ‘Abdallah Muhammad Abu Ta’imah, 23
Diaa’ Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Daqah, 24
‘Ali Zuhdi ‘Ali Hiles, 23
Sami Kamal Naser al-Manasreh, 29
Yusef Kamal Naser al-Manasreh, 18
Hazem Ziad Khalil Jendiyeh, 23
Seif a-Din Sa’id Khalil Jendiyeh, 9
‘Anan ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Isma’il al-‘Ar’ir, 21
Yusef Khalil Isma’il Jiha, 20
Mahdi Fouad ‘Ali al-Hamami, 23
Zakaria Yunes Salman a-Tatr, 28
Husam Khalil Muhammad Harb, 36
Shadi Rajeh ‘Abdallah al-Mtur, 25
Suliman Ibrahim Suliman Abu Khashan, 17
Ahmad ‘Awni Yihya al-‘Abadleh, 20
Khaled Muhammad Khaled al-Fara, 20
‘Obeid Sami ‘Obeid Sha’th, 20
Ibrahim Ahmad ‘Abd a-Latif A’bed, 25
Ziad Subhi Muhammad Malayshah, 24
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Jabbar Muhammad Twier, 31
Yasin Hassan Ahmad Yasin, 27
Muhammad Khalil Jebril al-Ja’bri, 23
Hijazi Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Erziqat, 17
Kamal Khaled ‘Ali Sa’ed, 20
Yihya Ishaq Karamah al-Ja’bri, 72
Muhammad Amin ‘Abd a-Rahman Frahat (Farahteh), 21
Rami Samir Nayef Shana’ah, 25
Fadi ‘Abd al-Qader Salman Abu Mustafa, 22
Ahmad Sabri Suliman ‘Ali Abu Zabeidah, 14
Zaher Jaber Muhammad al-Majdalawi, 13

May 2007

Taysir Yasser ‘Abd al-Karim al-Karki, 35
Mahmoud ‘Issa ‘Abdallah Hamuda, 23
‘Omar Sha’ban Fouad Rihan, 21
‘Omar Muhammad Mustafa ‘Abd al-halim (Abu Zafer), 23
Muhammad Hashem Saleh Mar’I, 18
Muhammad Ahmad Mansur M’amer, 20
‘Abd al-Karim Jum’ah Ahmad Sha’th, 18
Muhammad Hassan Saleh a-Diri, 30
‘Ali Muhammad ‘Abdallah a-Nashar, 30
‘Adel Musleh Jaber a-Sifi, 37
Saher Sa’id Saleh Dalul, 25
Shauqi ‘Adel Ramadan Qalajah, 19
Mahmoud Naji Muhammad Halaseh, 24
Mamduh Muhammad Yusef Shqeirat, 21
‘Adnan ‘Ali ‘Abd a-Rahman Esbatiyeh, 29
Raed Ahmad Ramadan Ghattas, 30
Sa’id Nadi Saleh al-‘Attar, 28
Hamadah Mahmoud Jamal al-Fiyumi, 15
Mahmoud ‘Adel Muhammad ‘Awad, 23
Muhammad Fawzi Muhammad Abu N’ameh, 31
Majed Salman Ahmad al-Batsh, 33
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Muhammad Khalil al-Hilu, 23
Hamzah Amin al-Hafez Fuzan al-Masri, 16
‘Abd al-Majid Isma’il Ibrahim al-Hayah, 56
‘Alaa Nimer Isma’il al-Hayah, 20
Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim al-Hayah, 31
Isma’il Khaled Isma’il al-Hayah, 17
Jihad ‘Abd al-Majid Isma’il al-Hayah, 17
Muhammad Khaled Isma’il al-Hayah, 16
Nimer Isma’il Ibrahim al-Hayah, 63
Sameh Subhi Khalil Farwaneh, 29
‘Imad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Muhammad ‘Ashur, 34
Muhyi a-Din Muhammad Muhyi a-Din a-Sarhi, 23
Jamal Khalil Dib Man’a, 50
Hatem Mahdi Muhammad Hamid, 17
Maher Hamad ‘Abed Abu Hashish, 15
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Ahmad Abu Mutee’, 16
Samir ‘Abd al-Fatah Ahmad Abu Mutee’, 19
‘Abd a-Ra’uf Ibrahim Mahmoud al-‘Ajleh, 62
Munir ‘Omar Musa al-Jamal, 38
‘Atef Ahmad Faraj Habib, 29
Hatem ‘Omar Dib al-‘Amrin, 25
Walid Hashem Isma’il al-Hajin, 21
Saleh Muhammad ‘Ata Jiha, 29
Ahmad Rushdi ‘Aish Siyam, 20
Ahmad Saleh Fares Siyam, 23
Tal’at Hamed Muhammad Hanneyeh, 38
Muhammad Suliman Salmi a-Lulahi, 14
Yusef Suliman Salmi a-Lulahi, 17
‘Imad Muhammad Ahmad Shabaneh, 33
‘Abdallah Muhammad Mahmoud al-Ghafri, 21
Amal Shaker Zidan Dolah, 40
Najeh Khalil Muhammad Abu Fakher, 33
Lutfi Lutfi Mahmoud al-Barahmeh, 21
Hammad Hammad Mibrad Hassan, 24
Muhammad Ahmad Abu Jabber, 25
Rami Subhi Ma’sud Zaqauq, 29
Ousamah Rashid Salim al-Madhun, 38
Mahdi Muhammad Mahmoud Abu al-Kheir, 26
Khaled Saleh ‘Eid Darwish (‘Ashur), 18
Ahmad ‘Izat Sa’id Zyud, 19
Ma’sud Rajab Muhammad Subuh, 21

Oshri Oz, 36
Shirel Friedman, 32

April 2007

Muhammad Saleh Muhammad al-Faqi, 22
‘Abd al-Halim Saqer ‘Abd al-Fatah al-Fiyumi, 27
Saed Bassam Rafiq Hiles, 21
Kamal Kazem Muhammad ‘Anan, 44
‘Abd al-Karim Khaled Salem Zaharan, 15
Amin Mahmoud Amin Lubadeh, 20
Fadel Muhammad Mahmoud Nur, 25
Muhammad Sa’id Talal A’bed, 25
Bushara Naji Wahsh Barjis, 17
Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Issa, 23
Muhammad Ghaleb Muhammad Damaj, 20
Mahmoud ‘Afif Hussein Sarhan, 20
Ashraf Shhadeh ‘Aref Hanaishy, 25
Fouad Nabil Madin Abu Ma’ruf, 22
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Hamed ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Mtur, 28
Ramez ‘Awadallah Musa a-Z’anin, 24

March 2007

Ahmad Ibrahim Suliman ‘Assa’sah, 16
Sa’id Saber Ahmad Abu Wardeh, 16
Muhammad Elias Mahmoud ‘Aweidah, 15
Ghayad Mazen Mahmoud Abu Hatab, 21
‘Alaa Ziad Khalil Ghalez, 24
Muhannad Bassam Hamdi Marish, 23
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Salemah (Barghuti), 17
Fadi Akram Mahmoud Abu Keshk, 20
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad al-Ghalban, 17

February 2007

Ashraf Mahmoud Nafe’a a-S’adi, 28
Muhammad Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Na’asah, 31
‘Alaa Rafiq Da’ud Jabali, 28
‘Anan Muhammad Ass’ad a-tibi, 52
Mahmoud Ibrahim Qassem ‘Obeid, 20
Muhammad Shukri Jamil a-Sa’idi, 24
Muhammad ‘Ata ‘Abd al-Qader Abu ‘Arab, 33
Khaldun Jum’ah Taleb Shumann, 31
Taha Muhammad Subhi al-Quljawi, 16
Wael Khamis Saleh ‘Awad, 20
‘Amer Bassam Muhammad Kalaboneh, 21
Jasser Nader Muhammad Abu Zgheib, 24

Erez Levanon, 42

January 2007

Fadel Mutlaq Daji Balawaneh, 17
Mahran Zakaria Salman Abu Nseir, 16
Muhannad Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo Ghandur, 32
‘Abir Bassam ‘Abd Rabo ‘Aramin, 10
Musa Muhammad Musa Kermutt, 21
Kamal Mu’in Amin Khader, 18
Yusef Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader ‘Adur, 24
Khalil Mustafa Darwish al-Bayruti, 36
‘Alaa Fawaz Muhammad Hamran, 16
Jamal Jamil ‘Abd al-Jalil Jweiles, 29

Michael Ben Sa’adon, 27
Emil Haim Elmaliah, 32
Israel Zamalloa, 26

December 2006

Husam Mahmoud Ibrahim ‘Issa, 23
Salah a-Din Hafez Mahmoud Suaftah, 22
Du’aa Naser Saleh ‘Abd al-Qader, 14
Muhammad Ahmad Mahmoud Hamad, 23
Rami Rashid ‘Annab Abu Keshk, 27
Amin Marwan Amin Makhluf, 19
Muhammad (‘Eid) Amin Mahmoud Ramaheh, 27
Jihad Salem ‘Abd al-Jawad Zaqauq, 32
Wahib Musleh Nayef a-Dik, 28
Hamdan Muhammad Hamdan Barhum, 20
‘Alaa Ahmad Muhammad Makawi, 17
Mahmoud Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 24
Jamil ‘Abd al-Karim Jamil al-Jabaji, 14
Bashar Hamidan al-Ja’bri, 22

November 2006

Shadi ‘Issam Nayef Ba Shamsah, 17
‘Abd a-Razeq Mahmoud Baker Naser, 31
Khairieh Ahmad Muhammad Nazzal, 52
Ahmad Hassan Muhammad Lubad, 19
Khaled Ibrahim Khaled Abu ‘Abdallah, 29
Walid ‘Amer Darwish Abu al-Qambaz, 27
Ayman ‘Awni ‘Awad Muhisen, 25
Ayman Muhammad Salem Judah, 21
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Salman Muhammad Salman, 8
Muhammad Mahmoud Rajab al-Jarjawi, 19
Naser Jamal Ahmad a-Nazer, 17
Ahmad Darwish Ahmad Abu al-Qumsan, 32
Fa’iq Ahmad Ahmad Abu al-Qumsan, 41
Mahmoud Jum’ah Suliman al-Bassiuni, 29
‘Alaa ‘Omar Ramadan Khalil, 20
Anis Yusef ‘Abd a-Rahman Musa, 24
Mus’ad Ahmad ‘Eid Abu Me’teq, 33
Fadi Muhammad Sa’id ‘Amur, 25
Sami Anwar Khamis a-Zebdah, 22
Ibtesam Hassan Muhammad Abu Marseh, 44
Ahmad Hassan Ahmad al-Musah, 19
Sa’diyah Hassan ‘Atallah Harzallah, 73
Ayman Difallah Ahmad Hasanein, 26
Basel Sha’ban Muhammad ‘Obeid, 25
‘Abd al-Qader Ahmad Faraj Habib, 27
Rakan ‘Abed Kayed Nsserat, 15
Rabah ‘Othman Mustafa Haji, 72
Sa’id Salem Suliman Hajaj, 20
Thaer Hassan ‘Abed al-Masri, 16
Muhammad Sayed Dib Abu Jalhum, 19
Tareq Ziad Ahmad Taha, 18
Muhammad Salameh Hussein Hamidan, 25
Bahaa Salah ‘Abd al-‘Aal Khatari, 25
Musa Ahmad Musleh Zuhd, 14
Nimer Muhammad ‘Ali Nadiah, 16
Ahmad Rajab Ahmad ‘Awad, 30
Ramzi Yusef Muhammad Shehebar, 23
Taher ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Abahreh, 29
Mahmoud Rajeh Zaki Abu Hassan, 28
Ayman Mahmoud Mustafa Abu Suliman, 32
‘Alaa a-Din Jamil Khamaiseh, 31
Salim Yusef Mahmoud Sa’id (Abu al-Heija), 25
Iyad Nathir Ahmad Sweilem, 24
Saqer Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Adwan, 45
‘Arafat Sa’ed ‘Abdallah al-‘Athamneh, 19
Fatmeh Ahmad Saleh al-‘Athamneh, 84
Fatmeh Ma’sud ‘Abdallah al-‘Athamneh, 16
Ma’sud ‘Abdallah Muhammad al-‘Athamneh, 55
Mahdi Sa’ed ‘Abdallah al-‘Athamneh, 16
Mahmoud Amjad Sa’ed al-‘Athamneh, 10
Manal Muhammad Muhammad al-‘Athamneh, 29
Maram Ramez Ma’sud al-‘Athamneh, 3
Maysaa Ramez Ma’sud al-‘Athamneh, under 1
Muhammad Ramadan Hussein al-‘Athamneh, 29
Muhammad Sa’ed ‘Abdallah al-‘Athamneh, 15
Nihad Muhammad ‘Abdallah al-‘Athamneh, 33
Sa’ed Majdi Sa’ed al-‘Athamneh, 9
Sabah Mahmoud Hassan al-‘Athamneh, 44
Samir Ma’sud ‘Abdallah al-‘Athamneh, 26
Sanaa Ahmad ‘Abdallah al-‘Athamneh, 33
Ne’meh Ahmad Muhammad al-‘Athamneh (Abu Rukbeh), 57
Bassem ‘Abd al-Hadi ‘Abd al-Majid al-Kafarneh, 40
Ousamah Muhammad Salameh al-Habil, 29
Bader Najib Subhi Feisal, 24
Nader al-‘Abed Abu al-‘Imrin, 20
Nahlah Muhammad Da’ud a-Shanti, 45
Hamdi Ibrahim ‘Ashur al-Batsh, 22
‘Abd al-Majid Jamal Diab al-Gharbawi, 19
Raed Muhammad Mustafa al-Qaram, 22
Mahmoud Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Habel, 23
Ramzi Morfeq Mahmoud a-Sharafi, 16
Mahmoud Hussein Mustafa Abu Hamadah (Sharqat), 17
Ahmad Muti’a Badawi al-Husari, 24
Ousamah Saleh Salem Jaber, 19
Najwa ‘Awad Rajab Khalif, 24
‘Alaa Tawfiq Mustafa Siyam, 24
Mahmoud ‘Awni ‘Ata Taha, 26
‘Atef ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad el-Kahlut, 32
Muhammad Ahmad Salim ‘Ashur, 19
Raed Muhammad Saleh ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 31
Husam Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Obeid, 27
Mahdi Muhammad Khaled al-Hamadin, 23
Raed Helmi Hassan Siyam, 32
‘Ali Muhammad Muhammad a-Na’uq, 24
‘Issa Muhammad Muhammad a-Na’uq, 27
Iyad Suliman Yihya Abu al-Jidyan, 30
Louie Muhammad Faruk Mahmoud (al-Burno), 32
‘Amar Rizeq Muhammad ‘Omar, 17
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Abed Bau’lusha, 15
Walaa Talal ‘Abd al-Karim Naser, 13
Mazen Hani Isma’il Shabat, 25
Marwan Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Harbid, 48
Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim Sanajrah, 16
Ahmad Mansur Ahmad Abu Hameid, 34
‘Alaa Samir Muhammad al-‘Umari, 24
Thaer Ahmad Muhammad Hassan, 27
‘Abd al-Karim Khalil ‘Ayad Subuh, 17
Fatmeh ‘Abd al-Fatah Ahmad Zaharan, 83
Hamzah Muhammad Ayub Karsu’a, 17
Ibrahim Jamal Hassan al-Bassiuni, 17
Rawdah Ibrahim Salem Jaber, 45
Ibtesam Yusef Ahmad Ma’sud, 44
Ahmad Yusef ‘Abd a-Rahman Sahweil, 16
Hamdi Ramadan Muhammad ‘Abd al-Dayem, 17
Mahmoud Ahmad Mahmoud Sabah, 19
Basel Muhammad Salim ‘Ashur, 22
Muhammad Talal ‘Alian Farhat, 22
Tammer ‘Ali Sha’ban Hiles, 23
‘Amar Riad Muhammad Mushtaha, 30
Tsahib Rafiq Hassan ‘Adwan, 23
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Ibrahim al-Maqhaz, 21
Suliman ‘Abdallah Dib ‘Alwan, 42
Muhammad Nabil Salim Abu M’awad, 18
Ahmad Shehdeh Muhammad al-Madhun, 42
Mustafa Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Karim Habib, 26
Ahmad Fathi ‘Abdallah Naji, 16
Ayman ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Majid Yasin, 18
Raed ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Majid Yasin, 16
‘Issam Muhammad ‘Odeh Abu ‘Odeh, 31
Baraa Riad Muhammad Fayad, 3
Sami ‘Abdallah Salem Abu Sala’h, 29
Muhammad Samir Husseini Mahmoud, 17
Hassan Saleh Ahmad Salah, 20
Bassem Muhammad ‘Odeh al-Jamal, 24
Yusef Rohi Muhammad ‘Aqel, 18
Diab Ahmad Jaber al-Bassiuni, 71
Shadi Jamal Mahmoud a-Sharif, 25
Ahmad Zuheir Muhammad ‘Adwan, 20
Husam Muhammad Saleh Abu Harbid, 24
Tareq Mustafa Hassan Naser, 22
Ahmad Yusef Ahmad S’adat, 23
Faiz Muhammad Ahmad a-Zwiedi, 25
Muhammad Saleh ‘Abd a-Razeq Musleh, 23
Khalil Naser Muhammad Hamad, 22

Ya’qub Yaakobov, 43
Fatima (Fayna) Slutzker, 57
Kiryl Golenshein, 21

October 2006

Iyad Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Ra’iyeh, 33
Muhammad Wahid Muhammad a-Najar, 21
Shadi Khaled Khalil a-Najar, 21
Zaki Hamdan Hamdan a-Najar, 18
Ahmad Hassan Ahmad Abu Hassan, 28
Mustafa Mustafa Jaber Jaber, 16
Fadi ‘Abed Nimer Subuh, 27
Soheil ‘Abd a-Razeq Hassan al-Majdalawi, 34
Lami Hamidan Suliman Abu Lihyah, 27
Ahmad Kamal Muhammad al-Barim, 17
Ne’meh Hassan Hassan ‘Adwan, 64
‘Ata Kamal ‘Ali a-Shanbari, 31
Ibrahim Fouad ‘Abd a-Latif a-Shanbari, 17
Kamal ‘Adnan Kamal a-Shanbari, 31
Khaled Kamal ‘Ali a-Shanbari, 35
Muhammad Fouad ‘Abd a-Latif a-Shanbari, 18
Riad Kamal ‘Ali a-Shanbari, 38
Rami Musa Muhammad Hamdan, 22
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Yusef Bani ‘Odeh, 22
Barakeh ‘Aish Hamdan al-‘Amur, 48
Muhammad Muhammad Suliman Abu ‘Arar, 21
Ashraf Muti’a Mahmoud al-Ma’shar, 26
Ghazi Hassan Shreki Abu Dahruj, 28
Hani Khalil Ahmad a-Samadi (Kmeil), 24
‘Omar ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Husseini ‘Awedat (Zakarneh), 17
Zaher Isma’il ‘Abdallah a-Tanani, 20
‘Adel Fawzi Yusef Abu a-Rish, 24
Firas Bassam Shaker Abu a-Rish, 21
Ahmad Hassan ‘Abd al-Fatah Abu al-‘Anin, 19
Sakher Faiz Muhammad Abu Jabal, 19
Rami ‘Odeh Salem Abu Rashed, 22
Faiz ‘Ali Fadel al-‘Ur, 33
Suliman Hassan Fadel al-‘Ur, 30
Muhammad Faiz Mustafa Shaqurah, 21
Rajaai Ahmad Muhammad a-Luban, 24
‘Omar ‘Atiyyah Ibrahim Abu Shria’h, 30
Muhammad Jamil Mahmoud a-Taluli, 18
‘Imad Nayef Mahmoud al-Maqusi, 28
Rasem Fathi Muhammad Daher, 34
Zaher Ahmad Jum’ah Qdeih, 30
Iman Ousamah Fadel al-Harazin, 3
Ousamah Fadel Dib al-Harazin, 30
Ayman Muhammad Saleh Farwaneh, 40
‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Abdallah Muhammad Qdeih, 21
‘Adel Zar’i Mahmoud Qdeih, 40
Na’el Fawzi Suliman Qdeih, 22
Salah Rashad Shehdeh Qdeih, 20
Tsahib ‘Adel Zar’i Qdeih, 11
Muhammad Ramadan Suliman Barakeh, 18
‘Abdallah Muhammad Ahmad Mansur, 31
Amin Ajmi’an Muhammad a-Sufi, 20
Ousamah Ziad Dib Zaqut, 19
Muhammad Walid Mustafa S’adeh, 24
Mahmoud Jamal Ahmad Naser, 14
Amjad Yusef Muhammad a-Tirawi, 24
Ousamah Tal’at ‘Ali Saleh, 24
Yusef Muhammad ‘Issa Qablan, 18
‘Omar Saleh Salem a-Zaqzuq, 28
Yasser Yusef Mahdi al-Bana, 34
Naji Khaled Isma’il al-Bardawil, 14
Hani Ibrahim Na’im a-Najar, 26

September 2006

Bassam Salameh Barrak Ben Hammad, 26
Husam Faiz Muhammad Ghayad, 23
Anwar ‘Abd al-Ghani Muhammad Hamdan, 16
Hamam ‘Abd al-Ghani Muhammad Hamdan, 13
Dam al-‘Iz Ahmad Muhammad Hammad, 14
I’atimad Isma’il Suliman Abu Mu’ammar, 41
Muhammad Suliman Mansur Abu Mu’ammar, 27
‘Alaa Saqer Dahruj Abu Dahruj, 15
Zidan Rafiq Muhammad Abu Rashed, 17
Muhammad Salmi Muhammad Masalha, 16
‘Omar Lafy ‘Odeh Abu Jarad, 23
Nabil ‘Aref M’aruf Hanani, 26
Iyad ‘Atwah Musa Abu Mur, 31
Muhammad ‘Omar Mahmoud Shuriyeh, 13
Jihad Suliman Salmi Abu Sanimah, 14
Ziad al-‘Abed Mahmoud Abu S’aadeh, 22
Muhammad Mahmoud Fahed Abu a-Rob, 35
Kamel Kaeid Muhammad Lubani, 28
Rashid Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hadi Zakarneh, 38
Khaled ‘Ali Muhammad a-Shawaf, 23
Naser Muhammad Muhammad Musbeh, 20
Mujahed Akram Ahmad a-Sabe’a, 24
Isma’il Majed Hamdan Abu Ruk, 15
Muhammad Fawzi Salem Abu Reidah, 21
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Karim Mahmoud ‘Ashur, 26
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Karim Metwali al-‘Arkan, 33
‘Ali ‘Issa ‘Ali a-Nashar, 23
‘Aead ‘Abd al-Qader Isma’il al-Bshiti, 32
‘Iz a-Din ‘Abd al-Khaleq Mahmoud al-Astal, 22
Hanan Muhammad Isma’il Abu ‘Odeh, 15
Isma’il Muhammad Isma’il Abu ‘Odeh, 27
Muhammad Isma’il Ibrahim Abu ‘Odeh, 56

Ahmad Salman Abu Zqeiqah, 43

August 2006

Fadi ‘Abd al-Hafiz ‘Abd a-Latif Qafishah, 28
Salman Samir Salman Abu al-Qambaz, 21
Rami Jamil Talab al-Gharabli, 29
Yasser Jamal Talab al-Gharabli, 23
Raed Ziad Saleh Esbitah, 19
Muhannad Hamed Muhammad Jendiyeh, 21
Nidal ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Dahduh, 16
Iyad Khalil Musa a-Sarsak, 35
Hamdi Salah Ma’sud al-Bana, 16
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Suliman a-Zaq, 14
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad al-Kweifi, 20
Yusri Muhammad Nassim Jaber, 23
Ibrahim Nimer Yusef Abu a-Nif, 23
Hani Ibrahim ‘Abed Hashash, 27
Husam Nafez ‘Abd Rabo Abu Rakbah, 23
Khaled Kamal Muhammad al-‘Ajleh, 19
Muhammad Mustafa Nu’man Hasanein, 19
Ibrahim Sadeq Muhammad Hiles, 20
Muhammad Hamdi Mahareb Jendiyeh, 19
‘Alaa Faruk Sharif a-Rabi, 25
Salameh Thabet Salameh Abu ‘Adwan, 18
Walid Naser Sa’id al-‘Ajel, 24
Sami Fathi Khader al-‘Amro, 20
Husam Ahmad Muhammad a-Sarsawi, 12
Sabri ‘Abd al-Ghani Ahmad Khalil, 64
Tareq Ahmad Salem Hiles, 22
Fathi Mahmoud Suliman Abu al-Qambaz, 55
Muntasser Suliman Muhammad ‘Okah, 15
Yusef Muhammad Salim Abu Daqah, 53
Mustafa Hassan Ahmad Mansur, 17
Husam Lutfi Mustafa Jaradat, 44
Saleh Mesbah ‘Abd a-Ra’uf ‘Abd a-Ghafur, 26
Sa’id ‘Abd al-Haq Sa’id al-Fara, 21
Bassam Yusef ‘Othman Sharab, 21
Jalal Husam Salim ‘Odeh, 24
Muhammad Ahmad Na’im Bani ‘Odeh, 28
Maryam Muhammad Ibrahim Farhudah, 64
Muhammad ‘Omar ‘Abdallah a-Nazer, 19
Ghanem Khalil Muhammad al-Khatib, 33
Ahmad Musa Muhammad Abu Bakrah, 30
‘Uqlah Suliman Muhammad Shanaytah, 32
Khaled Muhammad ‘Ata Shanaytah, 24
Hussein Radwan Shahin Sha’th, 70
Ibrahim Hussein Radwan Sha’th, 46
Mu’atasem Salman Fares Qdeih, 19
‘Othman Hassan al-Bu’ al-Kafarneh, 50
Ahmad Yusef ‘Abed al-Kafarneh, 13
Zuheir Muhammad Shhadeh al-Kafarneh, 50
Amjad Sa’id Ahmad ‘Ajami, 20
Muhammad Majed Ahmad ‘Atiq, 27
Rajaa Salam ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Sh’aban, 2
Ramadan Jihad Muhammad al-Majdalawi, 30
Ahmad Hussein Muhammad al-Mishal, 16
Muhammad Salah Ahmad al-Khawajah, 17
Rashed Sami Najib al-‘Umari, 23
Ibrahim Suliman Muhammad Ermelat, 15
‘Amar Rajaa Ya’qub a-Natur, 16
Huda ‘Issa ‘Abd Rabo a-Natur, 43
Kifah Rajaa Ya’qub a-Natur, 14
‘Issam Yunes Marzuq al-Bshiti, 22
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Shahin, 25
Sharif Saber ‘Atiyyah ‘Ayash, 21
‘Adnan Bassam Mahmoud Abu Lebdeh, 16
Ziad Muhammad Sheikh al-‘Eid, 23
Mahmoud Anwar Ahmad Kalab, 42
Suliman Mahfuz Muhammad Ermelat, 53
Wael Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Yunes, 23
Yusef ‘Abdallah Ahmad Abu Mur, 21
‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad ‘Odeh Abu Sanimah, 42
Anis Salem Jadu’ Abu ‘Awwad, 11
‘Iz a-Din Samir Suliman Abu Jazar, 17
Shahd Saleh ‘Omar Sheikh al-‘Eid, under 1
‘Aref Ahmad ‘Eid Abu Qaydah, 14
Mirvat Faiz ‘Abdallah al-Mamluk (Abu Sharkh), 24

Ro’i Farjoun, 21

July 2006

Nahed Muhammad Fawzi a-Shanbari, 15
Hani Muhammad Taher A’wejan, 27
‘Amid Iyad ‘Ahed al-Masri, 22
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman Salam Abu Ghararah, 41
Nidal Ahmad Jamil Shqeirat, 25
Ahmad Isma’il Saber Abu ‘Amshah, 18
Rami Sa’id Saleh al-Mabid, 22
Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Ghani Kalab, 33
Kamleh Ahmad Rashid a-Najar, 75
Asmaa ‘Ali ‘Abd a-Rasul ‘Okal, 34
Maria Samir ‘Ata ‘Okal, 5
Shahd Samir ‘Ata ‘Okal, under 1
Sumayah Samir ‘Ata ‘Okal,14
‘Adnan Walid Ahmad a-Sa’udi, 35
Husam Jasser Mardi a-Sa’udi, 35
Salameh Zaher Suliman a-Sa’udi, 45
Yihya Srur Radi a-Sa’udi, 19
Baraa Ahmad Hussein Habib, 2
Mahmoud Nahed Ahmad Habib, 20
Muhammad Subhi Sa’ed a-Din Hanneyeh, 25
Saleh Khader al-‘Abed Hasanein, 23
Midhat ‘Omar Musa Jamal, 24
Anas Khaled ‘Abd a-Salam Zamlat, 11
Hamadah Subhi Shaker Shteiwi, 18
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Malek Mahyoub Sha’ban al-Masharawi, 17
Na’el Fa’iq Ishaq Abu ‘Aasi, 20
Hani Muhammad ‘Aish Abu Hajaliyeh, 25
Nafez Sa’id Sha’ban Hanuneh, 23
Majed Hamdi ‘Ata Habshi, 32
Muhammad Anwar ‘Abd al-Hamid Sa’ada, 27
Ziad Muhammad Mithqal Salem, 43
Muhammad Salah Khaled al-Bahtini, 26
Nabil Naser al-‘Abed Zino, 22
Yasser Khamis Dib Banat, 20
Muhammad Sa’id Saleh ‘Addas, 22
Mahmoud Muhammad Suliman al-Barsh, 26
Muhammad Salah Muhammad Abu Sakran, 20
Ashraf ‘Abdallah ‘Awwad Abu Daher, 25
Khitam Muhammad Ribhi Tayeh, 11
Khairieh Hashem Muhammad al-‘Attar, 58
Nadi Habib ‘Abdallah al-‘Attar, 11
Sa’di Ahmad Mahmoud Na’im, 29
Sadeq ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Ahmad Naser, 33
Saleh Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Naser, 14
Mahmoud Hamdi ‘Omar Abu Qdameh, 16
‘Amer Jaber Hamdi Hararah, 23
Muamen Jaber Hamdi Hararah, 16
Muhammad Hamdi Yunes Hararah, 27
Sabah Muhammad Mustafa Hararah, 45
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman Isma’il ‘Awwad, 19
Yasser Muhammad Zuheir Abu Lebdeh, 23
Muhammad ‘Awad Muhammad Muhrah, 17
Musa Hassan ‘Abd al-Qader Kandil, 46
Mustafa Hussein Mustafa Qatush, 18
Isma’il Nazmi Isma’il Rayan, 19
Ahmad Mustafa Musa Abu Leil, 27
Mahmoud Miqdar Muhammad al-Khatib, 22
Husam Naser Khalil Badersawi, 20
Fadwah Feisal Suliman al-‘Aruqi, 13
Hanan Ibrahim Ahmad al-‘Aruqi, 38
Ahmad ‘Awad Salameh a-Na’mi, 23
‘Ali Kamel Muhammad a-Najar, 13
‘Imran Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Alem, 32
Ahmad Rohi Hassan ‘Abdu, 13
Muhammad Fouad Muhammad Abu ‘Ashebah, 19
‘Omar Farhan ‘Obeid Abu Mhessen, 31
Muhammad ‘Omar Ahmad al-Bshiti, 24
Yusef Ahmad Mustafa al-Li, 32
Khader Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Maghari, 29
Yusef Sa’di ‘Izzat al-Maghari, 20
Saed Sami ‘Atef Kandil, 24
Wael Khader Jum’ah ‘Alian, 25
Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Mu’ti al-Kafarneh, 20
Muhannad Sa’ed Ahmad Musleh, 16
Muhammad Subhi ‘Abd a-Latif Abu ‘Odeh, 25
‘Ali Maher Yusef ‘Atallah, 22
‘Abd a-Latif ‘Othman Muhammad ‘Obeid, 19
Mu’az Hamzah ‘Abdallah ‘Adwan, 23
Shhadeh Zuheir Muhammad al-Kafarneh, 22
‘Abd al-Karim Yusef ‘Abd al-Karim Hamad, 25
Khalil Ibrahim A’bed Abu Magheseb, 17
Fatmeh Fadel Bashir Jadallah, 65
‘Omar Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Rahman Yunes, 32
Raed Hussein Ass’ad Naser, 25
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Abu ‘Amrah, 68
Ibrahim ‘Ali Ibrahim a-Nabahin, 15
Hassan Yusef Muhammad Abu ‘Obeid, 18
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Men’em Muhammad Abu Hajaj, 16
Salah Hassan Hammad Abu Maktomah, 17
Mahmoud Muhammad Khalil al-‘Assar, 15
Ibrahim ‘Ali Mustafa Qatush, 15
Aya Nabil Muhammad Abu Selmiyeh, 7
Basmah Nabil Muhammad Abu Selmiyeh, 17
Huda Nabil Muhammad Abu Selmiyeh, 13
Iman Nabil Muhammad Abu Selmiyeh, 12
Nabil Muhammad ‘Abd a-Latif Abu Selmiyeh, 46
Nasrallah Nabil Muhammad Abu Selmiyeh, 5
Salwa Isma’il Rashid Abu Selmiyeh, 42
Sumayah Nabil Muhammad Abu Selmiyeh, 16
Yihya Nabil Muhammad Abu Selmiyeh, 9
Hisham Radwan Hussein Abu Nserah, 37
Salameh Ahmad Ibrahim al-Bshiti, 20
Hamzah Hassan Ahmad al-Jurani, 22
Muhammad Khamis Ahmad al-Masri, 21
‘Ali Hassan Ibrahim Badwan, 23
Jum’ah Ibrahim Muhammad Islim, 23
Ahmad Salem Ahmad Kaware’, 20
Tammer Jamal Suliman Mahareb, 20
Tareq Faiz Isma’il Nassar, 19
Ziad Salman Hassan Abu Magheseb, 27
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Shahin, 29
Majed Mahmoud Muhammad a-Sheikh, 29
Ahmad Ghaleb Nimer Abu ‘Amshah, 16
Ayman Walid Qassem al-‘Akawi, 18
Metwali Jamal Metwali al-‘Arkan, 20
Raji ‘Omar Jaber Difallah, 16
Muhammad Jamil Muhammad Khalifah, 18
Mahfuz Farid Saber Nseir, 15
Raafat Musa Salman Salma, 23
Ahmad Fathi ‘Odeh Shabat, 16
Bilal Suliman Salman Raba’, 18
Amneh Yusef al-‘Abed Hajaj, 48
Muhammad Farid Sha’ban Hajaj, 22
Rawan Farid Sha’ban Hajaj, 5
Ahmad Isma’il Musa a-Sarsak, 20
‘Imad Muhammad ‘Abdallah al-‘Athamneh, 26
Saleh Suliman Khalil al-Jamasi, 19
Hani Muhammad Yusef al-Qambaz, 24
Nimer Fathi Sa’id Shalah, 24
Tammer Fathi ‘Abd al-Fatah Kandil, 21
Shadi Yusef Khamis ‘Omar, 23
Thaer Ta’meh Tawfiq a-Tanani, 21
‘Abd a-Naser ‘Issa ‘Abd a-Salam Abu Hweidy, 42
Mesbah Faiz Mesbah al-‘Attar, 25
Mu’taz Muhammad Sa’id al-Feiri, 18
Khalil Ibrahim Muhammad al-Hajar, 22
‘Abd al-Jabbar Munir Taleb al-Husari, 29
Wael Hisham ‘Ashur Naser, 21
Jaber Muhammad Ahmad Rihan, 45
Walid Mahmoud Ahmad a-Zinati, 12
‘Abdallah Muhammad Muhammad Salahah, 24
Nazmi Fathi Nazmi ‘Abd Rabo, 22
Muhammad Muhammad Sarhan a-Darimili, 22
Adham Saleh Hussein a-Diri, 32
‘Abd a-Rahman Hani Muhammad a-Najar, 19
Muhammad Suliman ‘Ali a-Najar, 24
Shadi Hamed Khalil a-Sakani, 25
Jaber Khaled Radwan a-Shantaf, 25
Ahmad Fouad Sa’id Abu ‘Askar, 21
Isma’il Sa’id Muhammad Abu Matar, 18
Ibrahim Muhammad Salameh Abu Rashed, 19
Muhammad Sabri Shehdeh Abu Teir, 20
Taher Amin Salim al-‘Aamudi, 23
Fadi Jihad Ahmad al-‘Abid, 21
‘Adel Muhammad Mahmoud al-‘Atleh, 25
Muhammad Ahmad Salem al-‘Attar, 21
Ahmad ‘Abdallah Muhammad al-Khaldi, 20
Saed Samir ‘Omar Farwaneh, 24
Muhammad Yusef Ibrahim Faza’, 28
Na’el Jaber Muhammad Halawah, 25
Khaled Faraj Ahmad Naser, 22
Rif’at Jamal Khairi Naser, 23
Bassem ‘Awni ‘Ali Rihan, 20
Muhammad Maher Rabah Shahin, 19
Muhammad Anwar Muhammad Tafesh, 19
Mahmoud Husam Lutfi a-S’adi, 18
‘Amar Mustafa ‘Abd a-Rahman Hanun, 16
Ahmad Ibrahim ‘Eid Naghnagheiha, 16
Ousamah Jamal Hassan Tubasi, 25
Rami Sayed Sa’id Abu Hashem, 28
Anwar Isma’il ‘Abd al-Ghani ‘Atallah, 12
Husam Mahmoud Mahmoud Hijazi, 21
Mahmoud Shahin Mahmoud Jaber Himur, 40
Fidaa Nimer Muhammad Abu Kandil, 16
Isma’il Rateb Ahmad al-Masri, 29
‘Abd al-Karim Jaber ‘Ali Duraj, 30
Sha’ban ‘Abd al-Men’em Yusef Manun, 33
Muhammad Mahmoud Jaber Abu Hani, 21
‘Arafat Suliman Musa al-A’bed, 22

Daniel Yacobi, 59
Osher Damri, 20

June 2006

Hamed Musa ‘Amer a-Rantisi, 20
Muhammad ‘Azmi Muhammad Farwaneh, 21
Muhammad Hussein Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 25
Mahmoud Muhammad Yusef a-Zakari, 21
Ayman (Rateb) Mesbah Khalil O’deh Jabarin, 29
Da’ud Ribhi Mahmoud Qatoni, 22
Fatmeh Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad, 35
Majzarah Sha’ban ‘Abd al-Qader Ahmad, under 1
Zakaria Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad, 48
Khaled Nidal ‘Abd al-Karim Wahabeh, 1
Samia Mahmoud Ziad a-Sharif, 5
Bilal Jasser Khamis al-Hasi, 15
Muhammad Jamal ‘Abed Rouqah, 4
Habib Hamdi Hassan ‘Ashur, 34
‘Imad ‘Ali Hassan Yasin, 27
Salem Muhammad Salem Abu Zabeidah, 22
Muhammad Mahmoud Rajab Tanjarah, 22
Muhammad Subhi Naji Barghish, 23
Shauqi ‘Ali ‘Omar a-Seikali, 41
‘Ali ‘Ali Hussein al-‘Umari, 32
Rafiq Muhammad Faraj al-Mabid, 17
Ashraf Faruk ‘Ali al-Mughrabi, 39
Hisham Rajab Muhammad al-Mughrabi, 14
Maher Ashraf Faruk al-Mughrabi, 7
Muhammad Hussein Faraj al-wadiyah, 24
Husam Isma’il ‘Abd a-Rahman Hamad, 37
Ibrahim Ibrahim a-Da’alseh Muhammad, 38
Musa Muhammad Musa Nasrallah, 21
‘Adnan Da’ud Hassan Taleb, 46
Salem Muhammad Zaki a-Radi’a, 20
Muhammad Baker Musa al-Masri, 21
Ahmad ‘Ata Zayed a-Z’anin, 21
Basel ‘Ata Zayed a-Z’anin, 27
Khaled Yusef Ahmad a-Z’anin, 44
Muhammad Khalil Muhammad ‘Asaliyah, 19
Jamal ‘Ataya Zayed Abu Samhadaneh (Abu ‘Ataya), 43
Ahmad Muhammad Murjan Abu Sitah, 28
Nidal Nabil Muhammad Musa, 21
Anwar S’ud Suliman Abu Sala’h, 35
Riad Hammad Msalam Abu Sala’h, 37
Khader Hamdi ‘Abdallah Qassem, 24
‘Imad Muhammad ‘Ali ‘Asaliyah, 26
Majdi Taysir Hassan Hammad, 29

Eliahu Asheri, 18
Hanan Barak, 21
Paval Slutzker, 19

May 2006

Sabri Muhammad Salmi Abu Qleiq, 23
Hani Ibrahim Khalil a-Saqa, 24
Tareq Ahmad Fahed a-Shami, 22
Yusef Khalil Isma’il Abu al-Me’za, 25
‘Abd a-Rahman Ibrahim ‘Abed Abu Shanab, 32
Muhammad ‘Omar Khalil Matar, 20
‘Abd al-Mu’ti Shukri Zayed al-‘Ur, 26
‘Omar Mustafa Muhammad Abu Wardeh, 43
Ghaleb Rabah ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Alan, 26
Milad ‘Atallah Saleh Abu al-‘Arayes, 19
Ja’far Khaled Hussein Bilelu, 20
Aysar Kamal Jamil Qassem Abu ‘Ara, 20
‘Aishah Fares Saleh Abu Msalam, 48
Muhammad Sha’ban Ibrahim a-Dahduh, 27
Hanan Muhammad Hussein Aman, 46
Muhannad Hamdi Faruk Aman, 6
Na’imah Mahmoud Hamdi Aman, 27
Nahed Muhammad Hussein Mahani, 34
Mustafa Hussein Mustafa ‘Abd al-Ghani, 22
‘Othman Qassem Muhammad Sadkah, 26
Jihad ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Omar Abu ‘Assaf, 19
Elias Khairi Muhammad al-Ashqar, 24
Isma’il Subhi Sadeq Hanaishy, 18
Thaer Subhi Sadeq Hanaishy, 23
Mu’atasem ‘Ali Fares Ja’a’reh, 21
‘Ali ‘Omar Muhammad Jabarin, 20
Raed Hani Hassan Tbeileh, 26
Hassan Hussein Khader a-Shaf’I, 49
Musa Salim ‘Awad a-Sawarkah, 68
Khaled Ahmad Subhi Abu Waked, 21
Hamadah Mu’in Faraj Dughmosh, 19
Jum’ah Muhammad Jum’ah Dughmosh, 19
Mahmoud ‘Izzat Taleb Dughmosh, 20
Wahid Mustafa Hafez Dughmosh, 24
Muhammad Mustafa Qassem al-Qutub, 19
Zakaria Hussein Muhammad Daraghmeh, 37
‘Itaf Ahmad Mahmoud Zalat, 45

April 2006

Wael Ibrahim Mteir al-Qur’an, 29
‘Amer ‘Awni Hassan Hushiyeh, 22
‘Abd al-Wahab Samir Muhammad Abu ‘Areban, 19
Daniel Saba George Abu Hamamah, 23
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Ali Musleh, 28
Mamduh Muhammad Khalil ‘Obeid, 15
Muhammad ‘Adnan Ahmad al-‘Aamudi, 20
Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Ali Ma’sud, 18
Hadil Muhammad Rabi’ Ghiben, 7
Jaber Fawaz Ibrahim al-Akhras, 23
Yasser Hassan Suliman Abu Jarad, 30
Ibrahim Mar’i Jaber ‘Abd al-Hadi, 30
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hadi, 17
Hassan Sa’ed ‘Ali al-Hossieni, 17
Muhammad Sa’ed ‘Ali al-Hossieni, 22
Muhammad Sami Ahmad Hamdan, 18
Huzaifah Suliman Nayef Shbeir, 21
Amir Maher Muhammad Shawahaneh, 16
Mahmoud Talal ‘Omar ‘Ajur, 22
Sami Muhammad Shhadeh Abu Shria’h, 24
‘Aiyadah Suliman ‘Abdallah a-Tarabin (Abu Jaridah), 27
Bilal Iyad Muhammad Abu al-‘Anin, 6
Iyad Muhammad Mahmoud Abu al-‘Anin, 32
Ibrahim Nafez Ibrahim al-‘Aalul, 23
Bassam Ahmad Muhammad Hussein, 24
‘Adel ‘Abd al-Karim Khamis Sha’th, 25
Wafa Myasarah ‘Abd a-Latif Yaish, 22
Sameh Nizar ‘Adel a-Shaf’I, 17
‘Abdallah Isma’il a-Da’alseh, 46
Muhammad Farid Hassan Ziad, 16
Raed Muhammad Hussein ‘Abayat, 31

Lior Anidzar, 26
Philip Balhasan, 45
Ariel Darhi, 31
Viktor Erez, 60
Binyamin Haputa, 47
David Shaulov, 29
Lily Yunes, 43

March 2006

Samer Subhi Ahmad Frihat, 22
Husam Salah a-Din Ahmad Abu ‘Iyada, 20
Hammad Hamdan Mahmoud Musleh, 16
Muhammad Salah Sa’di ‘Ayad, 19
Sufian Ahmad Salman Abu Gharabah, 19
Ramadan Muhammad Ramadan Mteir, 21
Akaber ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Izzat Zayed, 7
Khaled ‘Issa Khaled ‘Atiyyah, 18
Ibrahim Muhammad Hamad Abu Na’im, 23
Ahmad Naser Muhammad a-Sweisi, 14
Mahmoud Ahmad ‘Adel al-Batsh, 16
Raed Ahmad ‘Adel al-Batsh, 7
Ashraf ‘Ali Hassan Shluf, 25
Munir Muhammad Muhammad Sukar, 30
‘Amer Hassan Hassan Basuni, 16

Re’ut Feldman, 20
Helena Halevy, 58
Rafi Halevy, 63
Shaked Lasker, 16
Eldar Abir, 48

February 2006

Marwan Ahmad Salman ‘Amar, 17
Muhammad Riad ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Ramadan, 19
Suliman Hassan Suliman al-Hamedi, 20
Zeid ‘Abd al-Fatah Hassan Dukhan, 21
Muhammad Khamis Hussein ‘Amar, 38
Hassan Fathi Hassan Hajaj, 22
Muhammad Hamdan ‘Abd al-Hadi Ishteiwi, 34
Na’im Muhammad Saleh Abu Saris, 25
Ibrahim Muhsein ‘Ali a-Sa’idi, 19
Bilal Muhammad Rida a-Najar, 18
Ousamah Fawzi Ahmad Brreis, 19
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad a-Natur, 17
Ibrahim Muhammad Ahmad a-Sheikh ‘Ali, 16
Ahmad Muhammad Nayef Abu Sharkh, 16
Mujahed Amin ‘Aref Asmadi, 15
Nayfeh Muhammad Khamis Abu Masa’ed, 37
Tareq Ishaq Mahmoud Abu Harbid, 18
Musa A’bed Salem Shluf, 29
Idris Zakaria Idris a-Sharif, 24
Murad ‘Abd al-Hamid Muhammad al-Hur, 27
Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Ibrahim Abu Sharee’ah (al-Hasaynah), 22
Soheil ‘Ali Ibrahim Baker, 25
Ahmad Suliman Farid Radad, 31
Hassan ‘Ali Harb ‘Asfur, 24
Rami Khamis Hassan Abd al-‘Aziz (Hanun), 27
Rami ‘Issa Musa a-Sheikh Khalil, 20
Hani Tal’at a-Sayed al-Qayed, 29
Yasin Kamal Jaber Barghouth, 25
Naser Ramadan Sa’id Marshud, 16
Jihad Khamis Rashid a-Sawafry, 31
‘Adnan Mahmoud Barakat Bustan, 31

Kinneret Ben Shalom-Hajbi, 58

January 2006

Nidal ‘Ali ‘Abd a-Latif Abu S’adeh, 27
Ahmad Husam Sa’id Tubasi, 18
Aya Muhammad Suliman al-Astal, 8
Munadel Muhammad Saleh Abu ‘Alia, 13
Muamen Majd Khalil Washah, 15
Ziad ‘Ali Hassan a-Zuhur, 19
Thabet Mahmoud Salah a-Din ‘Aiyadah, 24
Fawzi Munjed Fawaz Dweikat, 24
Nawal Ahmad Ass’ad Dweikat, 45
‘Ali ‘Abd a-Latif Hussein Khalil, 24
Mustafa Ibrahim Khalil Awlad Muhammad, 38
Sa’id ‘Abd al-Fatah Ibrahim Abu al-Jidyan, 39
Akram Hassan Yusef Qadas, 46

December 2005

Mu’taz Ahmad ‘Abd a-Razeq al-Maslami (Hamdunah), 20
Hamzah Jihad Muhammad Hamdunah, 21
Anas Ahmad Mahmoud a-Sheikh, 24
Bashar ‘Abd a-Latif ‘Aref Hanani, 29
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Mustafa Khaled, 22
Zayed Suliman Khalil Mussa (Abu Jalbush), 23
Lukman Muhammad Hammad Abu Zakri, 22
Rashad Muhammad ‘Ali a-Zen, 25
Husam Nabil Ibrahim Abu Nada, 21
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Jiha, 25
Hamdan Mahmoud Mahana, 21
Husam Soheil Jamil Saqer, 23
Iyad Muhammad ‘Abed Hashash, 19
Nazir Yusef Ahmad Farhat, 37
Iyad Hussein S’ud a-Najar, 30
Iyad Muhammad Ibrahim Qadas, 33
Khader Fouad Isma’il Rayan, 35
Mahmoud Suliman Metwali al-‘Arkan, 29
Ziad Isma’il Isma’il al-Bardawil, 24
Sayed ‘Abd al-Hadi Hamdan Abu Lebdeh, 15

Yossi Shok, 35
Ori Binamo, 21
Nir Kahane, 20
Haim Amram, 26
Daniel Golani, 45
Eliyah Rosen, 38
Keinan Tsuami, 20
Alexandra Zarnitzki, 65

November 2005

Saleh Faiz Ahmad Fuqha, 23
Zeid ‘Omar ‘Abd al-Qader Abu ‘Eashah, 22
Ahmad Saber Mahmoud ‘Abahreh, 20
Mahmoud Jamal Muhammad Zayed, 20
Amjad Bashir Helmi Hinawi, 33
‘Imad Sami Hassan ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 19
Shuja’a Zuheir ‘Abd a-Rahman Bel’awi, 20
Bilal Waked Ibrahim a-Sha’er, 17
Akram ‘Eid Salameh Abu Ghadain, 22
Samir Ribhi Muhammad Dari, 31
Muhammad Hamdi Muhammad Abu Salha, 15
Ahmad Isma’il Muhammad al-Khatib, 12
Raafat Musa Khader Turkman, 19
Fawzi Muhammad Shhadeh Abu al-Qar’a, 36
Hassan ‘Atiyyah Hassan al-Madhun, 31

Yonatan Evron, 20

October 2005

Arshad Ahmad Tawfiq Kmeil Abu Zeid, 21
Muhammad Hisham Mahmoud Nassar, 21
Jihad Muhammad Hussein Zakarneh, 20
Majd Ibrahim Ahmad Natnat, 31
Rami Riad Ayman ‘Assaf, 17
Karam Muhammad Muhammad Abu Naji, 13
Saleh Sa’id Muhammad Abu Naji, 15
Muhammad Rameih ‘Abdallah al-Wahidi, 55
Faiz Hassan Musa Badran, 49
Shadi Soheil Sakeb Mahana, 26
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Kandil, 47
Lu’ai Jihad Fathallah a-S’adi, 26
Majed Samir Ahmad al-Ashqar, 26
‘Abdallah Faraj Muhammad Yihya a-Tamimi, 17
Raed Ahmad ‘Ali Shhadeh, 20
Akram Taysir Mahmoud Za’ul, 17
Nihad Abu Ghanem, 26
Mu’taz Hilal Darwish a-Zarba, 22
Muhammad Suliman Muhammad Abu ‘Adwan, 20
Bassam Hassan Suliman Abu Gharabah, 15
‘Issa Suliman ‘Abd Rabo al-‘Amur, 19
Haifaa Da’ud Muhammad Hindeyah, 37

Matat Adler, 21
Oz Ben Meir, 15
Kinneret Mandel, 23
Larisa Grishenko, 39
Michael Koifman, 68
Perahiya Machlouf, 53
Sabiha Nissim, 66
Genia Poleis, 66
Jamil Muhammad Qadan, 48
Ya’aKov Rahmani, 68

September 2005

‘Alaa Yusef Muhammad a-Tirawi, 28
Jamal Ibrahim Mahmoud al-Jarmi, 20
‘Udai Khaled Sa’id Tantawi, 13
Samer Ahmad ‘Abdallah a-S’adi, 30
Nidal Muhammad Ibrahim Khalluf, 35
Samer Yihya Saber Shalby, 25
Muhammad Khalil ‘Abd a-Latif a-Sheikh Khalil, 32
Naser Muhammad Hassan Barhum, 37
Nafez Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Abu Hussein, 28
Rawad Fathi Rabah Farhat, 17
Raed Ahmad Mahmoud ‘Ajaj, 29
Sa’id Taleb Sa’id al-Ashqar, 23
Jamil Naziyeh Jamil Ja’ar, 23
‘Alaa ‘Adnan ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Hantuli, 19
Walid Salman Muhammad ‘Atiyat Khamaiseh, 18
Bashir ‘Ayad Hamid a-Sufi, 18
Nimer Riad ‘Abd al-Hamid a-Sa’adoni, 17

Sasson Nuriel, 55

August 2005

Muhammad Tareq ‘Abd a-Latif ‘Othman, 16
‘Adel Muhammad Amin Qassem Abu Khalil, 28
Anas M’aruf ‘Assaf Abu Zeinah, 16
Mahmoud Muhammad Isma’il Hadib, 16
Majdi Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim Hussein, 18
Tammer Ass’ad Khader Zandik, 17
Muhammad Hamdan ‘Abd al-Qader Keshtah, 23
Bassam Musa Ahmad ‘Odeh Tawafshah, 26
Ousamah Musa Ahmad ‘Odeh Tawafshah, 33
Ahmad ‘Ali Hassan Mansur, 52
Khalil Muhammad Ra’uf Saleh Wleiwel, 40

July 2005

Muaiad Fathi Rashid Musa, 28
Yusef Khalil Sadeq Hasis, 17
Yihya Ra’ees Suliman Abu Taha, 21
Ihssan Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Abu Hamdiyeh, 17
Ibrahim Daher Muhammad ‘Abahreh, 28
Warad Muhammad Taher ‘Abahreh, 26
Ragheb ‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad al-Hamari, 13
Sa’id ‘Issa Jaber Siyam, 32
Amjad Anwar Badawi ‘Arafat, 36
Hamed Muhammad Harb a-Dah, 21
Saber Muhammad Naser Abu ‘Aasi, 22
‘Atef Marwan Muhammad Abu Ras, 21
‘Adel Ghazi Isma’il Hanneyeh, 28
Mu’az Jamal Mustafa a-Salimah, 16
Muhammad Yusef ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Ayash, 22
Muhammad Ahmad Salameh Mar’I, 20
Samer ‘Abd al-Hadi Dawahqah Herbawi, 24
Muhammad Mesbah Ghanam, 22
Muhammad Fawzi Yusef Shhadeh, 19
Muhammad Safwat Khalil al-‘Aasi, 26
Ahmad Subhi ‘Awad Shihab, 17
Khaled Muhammad ‘Issa al-Masimi, 15
Nur a-Din Fares Nijem, 17
Tareq Suliman ‘Abdallah Yasin, 22
Mahyoub Ahmad Nimer ‘Asi, 15

Dov Kol, 58
Rachel Kol, 53
Dana Gelkowitz, 22
Rachel Ben Avu, 16
Nofar Horowitz, 16
Anya Lifshitz, 50
Yulia Voloshin, 31
Moshe Maor Jan, 21

June 2005

Ihab Salah Salim a-Nabahin, 17
Lutfi Jihad Muhammad Wadi, 22
Anwar Muhammad Suliman al-‘Atawi, 25
Muryeh Khaled Tawfiq Kmeil, 26
Naser Sa’id Muhammad Zakarneh, 30

Avihai Levy, 17
Aviad Mantzur, 16
Yevgeni Reider, 28
Avi Karouchi, 25

May 2005

‘Omar Radi Mahmoud Hushiyah, 28
Muhammad Mustafa Muhammad al-Haj Ahmad, 18
Muhammad Ribhi Rashed Barakeh, 23
Ahmad Rubin ‘Abd a-Rahman Barhum, 23
Ahmad Mustafa Muhammad Shahawan, 24
‘Omar Muti’a ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Asrawi, 23
‘Udai Mufid Mahmoud ‘Asi, 14
Jamal Jaber Ibrahim ‘Asi, 15
Shafiq ‘Awni Mustafa ‘Abd al-Ghani, 38
‘Abd al-Fatah Yusef Mahmoud Radad, 25

Dan Talasnikov, 21

April 2005

Iyad ‘Eid Rabi’ a-Dweik, 32
Ibrahim Muhammad Hashash Smayri, 21
Hassan Ahmad Khalil Abu Zeid, 16
Khaled Fouad Shaker Ghanam, 15
Ashraf Samir Ahmad Musa, 15

March 2005

Muhammad ‘Abd a-Latif Hussein Abu Khalil, 26

February 2005

Mazen Ahmad ‘Awwad Ben Hassan, 21
Mahyoub Mar’i Yusef al-Kini, 25
‘Issam Khamis ‘Ali Hamzah, 25
Sabri Faiz Yunes a-Rajub, 15
Ibrahim Fathi Yusef Abu Jazar, 19
‘Imad Jum’ah Shreki Abu Shaluf, 25
Muhammad Shehdeh ‘Ayad al-Bahri, 18
Nabil ‘Ali Ahmad al-‘Aidy, 43
‘Alaa Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Khalil, 14

Arye Najar, 36
Yael Auerbach, 28
Yitzhak Buzaglo, 40
Odelia Hubara, 26
Ronen Ruevenov, 28

January 2005

‘Eid ‘Odeh Salem Abu Jarabi’, 67
Ibrahim Suliman Khalil a-Shawaf, 38
a-Sayed ‘Abd al-Mu’ti a-Sayed Zaqer, 33
Maher Harb ‘Alian Abu Snineh, 23
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamid Hashem Basha, 17
Ahmad ‘Amer Ahmad al-Masri, 15
Fatah a-Deen Muhammad ‘Ali al-Khuli, 20
Salah a-Din ‘Ikab Saqer Abu Muhsin, 13
Salah a-Din ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu al-‘Eish, 12
Shadi Walid Muhammad A’bed, 20
Hassan ‘Abd al-Khaled ‘Ali Badwan, 20
Ahmad Mahmoud Zidan Barbakh, 19
Nidal ‘Abd al-Hakim Najib Sadeq, 17
‘Abdallah Suliman ‘Abdallah ‘Aram, 30
Fidda ‘Atiyyah Hassan ‘Aram, 53
Nidal Mesbah Ahmad abu Tyour, 25
Hazem Tal’at Mahmoud al-Hut, 14
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Jamal a-Susi, 20
Yihya Farhan Abu Mhessen, 26
Haitham Faiz Ibrahim Abu Naqirah, 22
‘Issa Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Wahab Kashku, 21
Fawzi Hamdan ‘Atiyyah Yasin, 28
Muhammad Hamed Ibrahim al-Austaz, 33
‘Alaa Sa’di Mustafa Hasunah, 30
Muhannad Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Mansi, 17
Mahmoud Majdi Muhammad al-Masri, 20
Samir Muhammad Fares Jiha, 18
Sa’id Mahmoud Ahmad ‘Abd a-Salam, 23
‘Omar Ramadan Muhammad al-Qrenawi, 9
‘Alaa Hamdi Hassan a-Sha’er, 17
Shaker Jamal Muhammad Judah, 22
‘Abdallah Yusef Muhammad a-Dik, 30
Wafi Ass’ad ‘Othman a-She’ybi, 25
Sanad Ghanam Mustafa Knuh, 30
Mahmoud Yihya Mabruk al-Fara, 62
Muhammad Sami Muhammad abu Sel, 21
Muhammad Bashir Rabah ‘Ayad, 19
Muhannad Mahmoud Yihya a-Laham, 17
Amjad Khaled Sami a-Najar, 20
Fadi Zaa’l Subhi Kamar, 20
Muhammad Nader Hani Khalifah, 25
Jebril ‘Abd al-Fatah Ibrahim al-Kaseih, 16
Bassam Kamel Muhammad Ghiben, 14
Hani Kamel Muhammad Ghiben, 15
Jaber ‘Abdallah Muhammad Ghiben, 14
Mahmoud Kamel Muhammad Ghiben, 12
Muhammad Kamel Muhammad Ghiben, 17
Muhammad Hassan Musa Ghiben, 16
Rajeh Ghassan Kamel Ghiben, 9
Muhammad Yusef Muhammad al-Ghandur, 23

Mun’im Abu Sabia, 33
Dror Gizri, 32
Ibrahim Kahili, 47
Herzl Shlomo, 52
Ivan Shmilov, 54
Ofer Tiri, 24
Gideon Rivlin, 51
Ayala-Haya Abukasis, 17
Nissim Arbiv, 26
Vlademir Rubin, 67
Oded Sharon, 37
Yosef ‘Atiyyah, 22
Ariel Bodeh, 21

December 2004

Rizeq Ziad Rizeq Musleh, 16
‘Awwad Khamis Hammad ‘Ataya, 18
Khaled Khamis Hassan Abu ‘Odeh, 40
Muhammad Mahmoud Hassan Kharis, 22
‘Amar Salem Muhammad ‘Aram, 21
Amjad Subhi Ahmad ‘Aram, 23
Muhammad Yihya Khalil Abu a-Sa’id, 16
Yihya Jum’ah Marzuq Abu Bakrah, 18
Sami Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, 20
Ousamah Muhammad Salameh Abu Musa, 23
‘Arafat Khalil Mahmoud al-Bardawil, 22
Ahmad Muhammad Ibrahim Toman, 16
Najah Mahmoud Nayef Zo’rub, 16
Yasser Muhareb Muhammad Jabarin, 32
Muhammad Marzuq Ahmad ‘Adwan, 22
Wael a-Riyahi, 30
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Salam Abu a-Rus, 24
Muhammad Hamdan Abu Jaber, 22
Thaer Jamal Muhammad Kamel, 22
Jamal Khaled ‘Adnan A’zem, 16
Kamel ‘Abdallah Kamel Sabarini, 17
Iyad ‘Azmi Ghanem Tanuh, 21
‘Abd al-Karim Muhammad ‘Abed Abu Namus, 24
Ziad Kamel Nabhan Abu ‘Aqer, 23
Rami Kamel Nabhan Abu ‘Aqer, 26
Salim Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hadi a-Ser, 32
Ibrahim Hamdi Ibrahim al-Biyuq, 30
Muhammad Ashraf Ramzi al-Jardali, 18
Muhammad Khalil Ibrahim Abu Naser, 19
Ahmad Musa a-Sayed Abu Mustafa, 16
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Abu Ramadan, 26
Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Fara, 22
Muhammad Mansur Muhammad Jarghon, 18
Islam Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Nabrisi, 20
Hamed ‘Issam Hamed a-Rantisi, 18
Khaled ‘Abd a-Rahman Ibrahim Abu ‘Obeid, 18
Sa’id ‘Aref ‘Abdallah Abu a-Sa’id, 41
Jihad Ramadan Muhammad Abu O’mar, 16
Rami Ghazi Hussein Abu S’adeh, 26
Shadi Khaled al-Hadad, 19
‘Iz a-Din Sa’id Mahmoud Hamdan, 21
Hassan Musa al-Bana, 20
Ashraf Muhammad Salim Bau’lusha, 19
Muhammad Khalil Muhammad al-A’wag, 26
Mustafa Gheini Zayed a-Sawarkah, 34
Samir Sultan Muhammad Khafaga, 29
Ihssan Na’im Hassan Shawahaneh, 26
al-Mu’aiad Behukm Allah Khalil Muhammad al-Agha, 29
Saber Salameh Abu Shaluf, 36
Rana ‘Omar ‘Abd al-Hadi Siyam, 6
Walid Mus’ad Suliman a-Tarabeen, 23
Rashad Ibrahim ‘Atiyyah Abu Asneimeh, 22
‘Abd al-Mu’ti Salameh Mahmoud Abu Ishiban, 18
Salah ‘Omar Hammad Sheikh al-‘Eid, 25
Iyad Salman ‘Awwad Ghayad, 17
Isma’il Ahmad Suliman a-Sawarkah, 24
Adham Ahmad ‘Aish Hajilah, 22
‘Amer ‘Abdallah Muhammad Islim, 20
Muamen Rajab Muhammad Rajab, 22
Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Rahman Hamdan Kmeil, 19
Nabil Suliman Muhammad B’uirat, 32

Sami al-Kamalat, 28
Ariella Fahima, 39
Hussein Abu Leil, 23
Tareq al-Ziadne, 20
‘Aref Azbarga, 19
Sa’id Jahaja, 19
Adham Shhadeh, 19
Nadav Kudinski, 20

November 2004

Khamis Yusef Muhammad al-Ghazali, 20
Muhammad Khalil ‘Odeh al-Kharubi, 22
Mu’taz ‘Abdallah Muhammad a-Rakhawi, 17
Sa’id Muhammad Sa’id Taha, 18
Samir Mahmoud ‘Awwad Hijazi, 39
‘Omar Hashem ‘Abd al-Fatah al-Haymuni, 21
Murad ‘Ali Hassan al-Qawasmeh, 28
Musa ‘Abd al-Fatah Muhammad Ghreiz, 36
Salam Ya’qub ‘Issa Abu Hilaneh, 32
Naser Sa’id Muhammad Jawabreh, 30
Muhammad Ghassan ‘Othman Muhammad, 21
Khalil Muhammad Ahmad Shhadeh, 19
‘Amer Muhammad Darwish Banat, 17
Muntasser Jihad Radwan Hdadeh, 16
Jihad Ibrahim Muhammad Abu Laylah, 33
Muhammad Fathi Ahmad al-Khuli, 25
Intesar Ahmad Jaber Darwish, 45
Bilal Ahmad Hassan Diab, 19
Nur a-Din Khamis Murtaja, 19
Muhammad Jamil ‘Amer Abu Mariyah, 19
Jihad ‘Abd al-Hai ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Salameh, 21
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad al-Mabhuh, 23
Fathi ‘Issa a-Tal, 30
Kadri Faiz Harbi ‘Ashur, 23
Ja’far Muhammad ‘Eid hubal, 20
Fadi Khader Tawfiq Eghbariya, 21
Amin Jamal Muhammad Hussein, 19
Muhammad Khaled Ahmad Masharqah, 23
Mahmoud Mahmoud Fahmi Salah a-Din, 17
Amin Fawzi ‘Abd a-Rahim Mansur, 20
‘Alaa Hashem ‘Issa Abu Samarah, 15
Rami Muhammad a-Ramlawi, 22
Ramzi Muhammad Shhadeh al-Ja’bir, 29
‘Omar Mahmoud Nufal, 26
Raafat Samir Fas al-Hams, 25
Raed Salim Tawfiq Kara’wi, 27
Bashar Sami Sa’id Zabarah, 12
Fadi Samer Nur a-Sarwan, 20
Jihad ‘Omar Muhammad Abu Salha, 26
Majdi Wadah Mar’i Hajub, 25
Ass’ad Fathi Judah, 21
Muhammad Jamil Matar, 19

Tatiana Ackerman, 32
Leah Levin, 67
Shmuel Levy, 65

October 2004

‘Amar Nasif ‘Aqel Ghawadrah, 19
Muhammad Khalil Muhammad al-Qayed, 22
Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim Kmeil, 13
Salah Fadel ‘Abdallah Abu ‘Atiyyah, 15
Ibrahim Muhammad Fayed ‘Issa, 47
Rania Iyad Ahmad ‘Aram, 7
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Mahmoud Muhsein Abu Mu’ammar, 27
Mahmoud Ass’ad Mahmoud al-Mana’mah, 23
Hisham Hassan Husseini ‘Ashur, 10
Haitham Nabil ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Nabrisi, 19
Sa’id Muhammad Sa’id a-Najar, 16
Iyad Shehdeh Suliman Abu Lihyah, 32
Hussein Hassan Muhammad Abu Namus, 23
‘Abd a-Rahman Isma’il Hassan Abu Nimer, 17
Muhammad Khader Muhammad Abu Sultan, 18
Ahmad Musa Mustafa al-Biyuq, 37
Mahmoud Muhammad Salim al-Bshiti, 18
Ibrahim Saber Ibrahim al-kudra, 20
Sami Jawdat Zaki Barbakh, 30
Muhammad Fawzi Barham Zo’rub, 24
Sami Nasrallah Yusef Zo’rub, 25
Suliman Burham ‘Awad Zo’rub, 19
Husam ‘Adel Ahmad al-Barim, 21
Amin ‘Ata Mustafa Jabur, 28
‘Omar Salman Salameh Abu Mustafa, 20
Ziad Salman Salameh Abu Mustafa, 30
Iyad Muhammad Isma’il a-Sir, 26
Ahmad Diab ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Hadad, 20
‘Imad Mahmoud ‘Eid A’bbas, 31
‘Adnan Mahmoud Jaber al-Ghul, 46
Jihad Ahmad Hasanein Hasanein, 20
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Bariqah, 29
‘Abd al-Qader ‘Abd a-Rahim Kadurah al-Mansi, 18
Islam Tahsin Muhammad al-wadiyah, 20
Muhammad Kamal Muhammad a-Shawa, 30
Muhammad Ahmad Louie Hamed, 27
Muhammad Fouad Salem ‘Ashur, 20
Sa’di ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu al-‘Eish, 23
Abd a-Sattar Suliman Rizeq al-J’afri, 21
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Najeh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Jazar, 20
‘Alian Jawad Salem al-wadiyah, 19
Raed Khalil Abu Seif, 20
Fatmeh Muhammad Hussein, 65
Amin Khalil Ma’sud, 25
Wael Musa Mahmoud Saleh, 21
Isma’il Muhammad Mahmoud a-Sawalha, 70
Ahmad Saleh ‘Abd al-Muhsen a-Taharawi, 21
‘Ali ‘Abd al-Karim Sha’th, 23
Muhyi a-Din Maher al-Madhun, 19
Nidal Harb Hussein Ma’sud, 20
Muhammad Zaki Abu Hleil, 25
Jihad Hassan Barhum, 16
Khader Muhammad a-Taluli, 28
Rizeq Hassan ‘Abdallah a-Zeiti, 38
Ramzi Isma’il Abu Shaqfah, 25
Muhammad Sa’id Muhammad al-Masri, 29
Muhammad Akram Ashraf M’aruf, 25
Ghadir Jaber Hussein Mukhemar, 9
Jihad Amin Abu Musa, 37
Tammer Muhammad Khamash, 28
Yusef Mamduh Abu Seif, 21
Sameh Zamel al-Wahidi, 22
Ahmad Zaki Ramadan Hamad, 22
Maher Mahmoud Zaqut, 39
Mahmoud Khalil a-Sheikh Khalil, 30
Ashraf Majdi Hassan Zaher, 27
Muhammad Yihya Suliman ‘Adwan, 20
‘Abd a-Ra’uf Hussein Nabhan, 25
‘Arafat Fouad ‘Abd al-Hadi Naser, 20
Amin Mahmoud Salem, 35
Sufian Musa Mahmoud Salem, 28
‘Imad Yihya Khalil Bader, 24
Saqer Musa Ahmad Saqer, 23
Salameh Isma’il Abu Sala’h, 27
Yasser Saleh al-Khatib, 18
Samah Samir ‘Amar Nassar, 9
Muhammad Nabil Mutawe’a Subuh, 18
Khaled ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Mahmoud Abu Ta’imah, 25
Suliman al-‘Abed Hussein Abu al-Foul, 14
Raed Suliman Ahmad Abu Zeid, 16
Lu’ai Jamal Hamad, 27
Muhammad Bassem Rushdi Radad, 16
Hamdan Faraj ‘Obeid, 50
Hamuda Hamdan Faraj ‘Obeid, 27
‘Abdallah Hussein ‘Abdallah Qahman, 15
Iyad Faiz Yusef Abu al-‘Ata, 21
Rami ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Abu Mhessen, 21
‘Ali Khaled ‘Ali al-Jaru, 17
Iman Samir Darwish al-Hams, 13
Wafi Salem ‘Asaliyah, 26
Hassan Jum’ah Yusef a-Sharathah, 13
Husam Muhammad Abu Ras, 20
‘Abdallah Fadi Dardunah, 25
Hassan ‘Abd al-Hai Darwish, 30
Musa ‘Abd al-Hai Darwish, 24
Musa Muhammad Hamed al-Jabarin, 44
Zarif Yusef al-‘Ar’ir, 30
Bashir Khalil Dabsh, 42
Lu’ai Ayman Muhammad a-Najar, 4
Fawaz Mashur Muhammad Farhan, 28
Ibrahim Ahmad Naser Taway’ah, 40
Sa’id Jamal Saleh al-Majdalawi, 19
Najah Zaki Wadi’ a-Shawa, 40
Muhammad Saber al-Baba, 23
Rumal Muhammad al-Baradi, 20
Muhammad Musa Muhammad al-Hasi, 24
Fares ‘Omar al-Masri, 21
Isma’il Ibrahim Fahman, 22
Ramzi Shehdeh Hasaballah, 20
Islam Maher Fawzi Idwedar, 15
Tahrir Hisham Sha’ban Abu al-Jidyan, 17
Saber Ibrahim Iyad ‘Asaliyah, 12
Nidal Muhsein Mahmoud al-Madhun, 15
Fadi Farid Ahmad a-Z’anin, 23
Mesbah Hussein a-Rantisi, 22
Muhammad Ibrahim a-Sharafi, 20
Raed Suliman Abu Wadi, 36
Rani Akram Qadas, 22
Maher Jamil Zaqut, 29
Khaled Ramadan ‘Abd al-Hakim al-‘Amriti, 28
Mahdi Jamal Mushtaha, 30
‘Eid Muhammad ‘Afaneh, 43
Fathi ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Afaneh, 45
Mahmoud Diab Shhadeh a-Najar, 13
Yasser Muhammad Suliman Ghbeid, 20
Ibrahim Hassan Hamdan, 42
‘Issam Ghazi Abu Ta’imah, 20
Mahmoud Muhammad ‘Atwah Al-Hashash, 63
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Abu Rafe’u, 25
Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu al-Qumsan, 21
Muhammad Tuhami Yusef Abu Seif, 15
Raed Muhammad al-Mabhuh, 28
Wahid Talal ‘Abd a-Rahman, 23
Jihad Mahmoud Abo al-Jiben, 26
Wasim Mustafa Antil, 19
Mustafa Khalil Hamsh, 27
Nidal ‘Omar Matar, 28
Samer Mahmoud a-Darini, 22
Raed Musa al-Haj Ali, 23
Muhammad Rafiq Salem, 22
Muhammad Musa Diab a-Shami, 22
‘Abd al-Mun’im Ihssan Hamed Abu Baker, 20
‘Imad Muhammad Ahmad al-Mansi, 25
Yasser Mustafa Muhammad Dahlan, 21
Salman Yusef Salman a-Safdi, 17

Michael Chizik, 21
Moshe Elmaliah, 35
Yair Nassim Turgeman, 22

September 2004

‘Atef Jamal Rajab al-Ashqar, 27
Muhammad Yusef al-Habel, 65
‘Adel Yasin Mahmoud Sharaf, 33
Ibrahim ‘Ali ‘Asaliyah, 29
Muhammad Raafat Khaled a-Rifi, 16
Mu’taz ‘Abd al-Malek Muhammad a-Taluli, 13
‘Abdallah ‘Adel ‘Abdallah Abu ‘Odeh, 16
Mahmoud Muhammad Abu al-Jidyan, 23
Sufian Shafiq Abu al-Jidyan, 33
Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Hasireh, 25
Jadallah Ahmad Abu Saheleh, 27
Tammer ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Nihad Abu Shakyan, 14
Hamzah Ass’ad Ahmad, 28
Muhammad Jamil al-Austaz, 25
Ahmad ‘Adnan Yihya al-Bir’I, 16
Nidal Sa’id Lutfi al-Bishawi, 14
Sultan Sa’id Lutfi al-Bishawi, 13
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim al-Ja’bir, 19
Mahmoud Mu’in Mahmoud al-Madhun, 17
Diaa’ A-Din Ahmad Isma’il el-Kahlut, 16
Hazem Hussein Frajallah, 26
Yihya Akram Ahmad Hammad, 17
Raafat Rafiq Jaballah, 25
Muqbal Khzeiq, 26
Muhammad Raafat Ahmad Rihan, 14
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Salam Shalha, 16
‘Alaa Diab ‘Othman Shams, 14
‘Arafat Bilal Yasin, 24
Iyad Zaqut, 31
Tareq ‘Abdallah Zaqut, 19
‘Abd al-Hai a-Najar, 24
Ousamah Muhammad al-Barsh, 21
Husam ‘Omar Ghiben, 21
Mus’ab Muhammad Frij Jum’ah, 22
Muhammad Talal Hussein Jaber, 17
Majdi Salah Qassem Khalifah, 26
Fathi Ahmad a-Sawawin, 21
Tawfiq Muhammad a-Sharafi, 24
Saed Muhammad Hod Abu al-‘Eish, 14
Khalil Khalil Abu Naji, 31
Mus’ab Muhammad al-Bard’I, 21
Ahmad Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Fatah Madi, 16
Hani Sa’id Khalil Mushtaha, 16
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Abdallah al-Bitar, 24
Rateb Ahmad Qassem Taleb, 50
‘Alaa a-Din Hamdan Suliman a-Sha’er, 34
Sa’id Muhammad al-Madhun, 55
Mahmoud Naser Nafe’a Bazur, 16
Muhammad Tawfiq Abu ‘Askar, 21
Hassan Muhammad Zaher, 19
‘Amar Da’san ‘Ali Nafisah, 24
Ahmad Nidal ‘Aqel Tirawi, 20
Saleh Ibrahim Yihya Balalu, 45
Ahmad ‘Ali Abu ‘Abdallah, 57
Yusef ‘Abdallah Muhammad ‘Omar, 20
‘Amar ‘Atwah ‘Odeh Abu Samhadaneh, 21
Muhammad Zuheir Sa’id al-‘Azazi, 22
Raghdah ‘Adnan ‘Abd al-Mu’ti al-‘Assar, 9
Ousamah Salah ‘Abd Rabo al-A’araj, 20
Salem ‘Abd al-Qader Muhammad Abu Shabab, 38
Nabil Ibrahim Mahmoud a-Sa’idi, 38
Rabah Darwish Hassan Zaqut, 38
Husam Fathi Ahmad Abu a-Naja, 17
Khaled Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamid Abu Salimah, 32
Rami ‘Abd al-Karim Fahmi Abu Lihyah, 20
Ibriz Durgham Dib al-Minawi, 19
Maram Mufid ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Nahlah, 11
Mulham ‘Afif Ibrahim Abu Jamileh, 26
Hani Ahmad Fathi al-‘Aqad, 24
Nader Ibrahim Rida al-Aswad, 27
Muhammad Ribhi Sa’id Mar’I, 20
‘Abd al-Halim Sa’id ‘Abd al-Halim Salem, 21
Fallah Hassan Na’im Masharqah, 37
Amjad Husseini ‘Aref Abu Hassan, 22
Mahmoud Ass’ad Rajab Abu Khalifah, 25
Yamen Feisal ‘Abd al-Wahab Ayub, 18
Ibrahim ‘Ata ‘Abd a-Rahim Mahmoud, 30
Mu’az Muhammad Faiz Qatit, 28
Fadi Fakhri Fawaz Zakarneh, 24
Fawaz Fakhri Fawaz Zakarneh, 29
‘Abdallah Hisham ‘Ashur Naser a-Zein, 16
Saleh Taysir Saleh Abu Haza’, 19
‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Abd a-Latif Ibrahim al-Ashqar, 35
Muhammad ‘Ali Muhammad Musa al-Haj ‘Ali, 23
Muhammad Yusef Ahmad ‘Iz a-Din, 22
Munir Anwar Muhammad a-Daks, 10
Mahmoud Muhammad ‘Abd a-Razeq Daraybeh, 31
Sami Sharif Salim Thabet, 18
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Muhammad Jad al-Haq, 18
‘Amer Muhammad ‘Abdallah ‘Aydiyah, 29
Ghassan Muhammad Ghassan ‘Obeid, 23
Sa’id Yasser Zaher ‘Odeh, 25
Ihab Muhammad Khalil a-Dib, 23
Fares Sa’di Farid a-Sarsawi, 22
Rawad Ibrahim Salem a-Sawirki, 25
Mu’atasem Fouad ‘Ali a-Zartebli, 23
‘Izzat Ahmad Hassan al-wadiyah, 19
Ayman Khaza’a Talal Farhat, 19
Ousamah ‘Awni Khaled Hajaleyah, 26
‘Aref Qassem Ibrahim Jendiyeh, 21
Muhammad ‘Omar Ahmad Jendiyeh, 21
Adham Karim Musa Kreqa’, 22
Bilal Faiz Ibrahim Kreqa’, 21
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Muhei Qanu’, 19
Ahmad Khairi Ahmad Skafi, 25
Munir Sha’ban Muhammad a-Sanadi, 15
Muhammad Ramadan Yunes al-Jaru, 17
Shadi Samir Muhammad Abu Ghurab, 18
Muhammad Jamal Jaber Abu Misbah, 14
Ahmad ‘Amer Ahmad Abu Shawish, 19
Muhammad Jamal ‘Abd al-Karim Barakeh, 18
Saeil Mustafa Ahmad Jabarah, 46

Shulamit Batito, 36
Tiferet Tratner, 24
Yuval Abebeh, 4
Dorit Inso, 2
Gilad Fischer, 22
Viktor Ariel, 20
Tal Bardugo, 22
Israel Lutati, 20
Nir Sami, 21
Menashe Komemi, 19
Mamoya Tahio, 20

August 2004

Yasser ‘Abd a-Rahman Khalil a-Najar, 33
Husam Muhammad ‘Ali Abu Zarkah, 16
Mazen Majd Muhammad al-Agha, 15
Salameh ‘Eid Muqbal a-Sawarqah, 24
Jadu’ Hadewah Musa al-Qurd, 70
Kamel Hassan Musa al-Astal, 19
Hazem Fouad Mahmoud Abu a-Zaheri, 20
Na’el Khalil ‘Ali Abu Ghulah, 23
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Mu’taz al-Hamaydah, 62
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Ali al-Hams, 17
Ahmad Saleh Muhammad al-Qiq, 15
‘Alaa ‘Ali Mahmoud a-Sharif, 26
Salah ‘Abd al-Karim Ibrahim al-Hayah, 21
Burham Ahmad Burham al-Ja’bri, 20
Fathi Sa’id Khalil al-Ja’bri, 41
Hussein Sa’id Khalil al-Ja’bri, 29
Muhammad Ahmad Sa’id al-Ja’bri, 21
Khaled Jamal Salim al-Usta, 9
Fadi Khaled Mahmoud Duhan, 20
Shadi Walid ‘Ali Luqan, 20
Muhammad Suliman Muhammad Abu Hashish, 22
Musa Mansur Muhsein Abu Mashi, 20
Zaher Samir ‘Abdu al-Adham, 32
Jamal Malek Abu ‘Issa, 40
Yusef Ahmad Hanani, 29
Saleh Radi Muhammad Hurani, 16
Salim ‘Omar Salim al-Quseh, 17
Seif a-Din Suliman Ni’amat al-Barahmeh, 13
Muhammad ‘Othman Muhammad Balafneh, 28
Muhammad Khaled Mansur Rashwan, 20
‘Awad Musa Farhan Hashash, 26
‘Ali ‘Abd a-Rahim Ashraf Abu ‘Alba, 12
Wael Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Abu al-Jidyan, 20
Qassem Saleh Musa al-Matwaq, 18
Jihad Sami Muhammad al-Bis, 18
‘Issam ‘Adnan Ahmad al-Marnakh, 21
Mahmoud Nabil Khaled Matar, 20
‘Ali Musa ‘Ali Samur, 21
Ne’meh Ibrahim Salman Abu Sahlul, 50

Shlomo Miller, 50
Shoshana Amos, 64
Aviel Atash, 3
Vitali Brodsky, 52
Tamara Dibrashvilli, 70
Raisa Forer, 55
Larisa Gomanenko, 48
Dennis Hadad, 50
Tatiana Kortchenko, 49
Rosita Lehman, 45
Karine Malka, 23
Nargiz Ostrovsky, 54
Maria Sokolov, 57
Roman Sokolovsky, 53
Tiroayent Takala, 33
Eliahu Uzan, 58
Emmanuel Yosepov, 27

July 2004
June 2004

Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad Halfallah, 15
Mahmoud Tharwat Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader, 12
Iman Suliman Ibrahim Barhum, 13
‘Omar ‘Abdallah ‘Omar Abu Sitah, 34
Zaki ‘Ali Muhammad Abu Zarkah, 41
Zaher ‘Issa ‘Ali al-Ashqar, 27
Maher Hammad Sa’id Abu al-‘Ata, 28
Fadi Ziad Muhammad al-Maghni, 22
Ghalyah Hammad Muhammad Yunes, 50
Sarah Mahmoud Musa Zo’rub, 11
Hani Yusef Muhammad ‘Aweidah, 26
Muhammad ‘Adnan Mahmoud a-Shantir, 18
Sa’id Jamal Sa’id Abu Qamer, 16
Ahmad Nabil Ahmad Bruck, 16
‘Abd a-Rahim Hassan Mustafa Shadid, 33
Mahdi Rayik Na’im Tanbur, 22
Husam Helmi Mahmoud Naser, 16
Hazem Yasser Muhammad a-Raheim, 24
Raafat Muhammad Raafat Abu ‘Aasi, 17
Saher Subhi Ahmad ‘Ajaj, 26
Basel Mahmoud Ahmad Shihab, 26
Jamil Isma’il Ahmad al-Farmawi, 20
Husam Samih ‘Abed Zeitun, 17
Yasser Khalil ‘Abd al-Qader Tantawi, 21
Malek ‘Abd a-Salam Mesbah Naser a-Din, 41
Nu’man Taher Sadeq Taheineh, 33
Ibrahim Mahmoud Muhammad Halfallah, 72
Muhammad Khamis Muhammad Rubo’a, 20
Hanin ‘Odeh ‘Aiyadah Abu Samhadaneh, 16
Marwan ‘Ali ‘Omar al-Qawasmeh, 32
Samar ‘Omar Hassan Fujo, 3
Yusef Ahmad Musa a-Z’anin, 52
Hamed Ahmad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu ‘Odeh, 28
Nahed ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Abdallah Abu ‘Odeh, 44
Naser a-Din Muhammad Abu Harbid, 39
Zaher Rajeh Abu Harbid, 30
Na’im Mesbah al-Kafarneh, 44
Jamileh ‘Abd al-Hadi ‘Abd Rabo Hamad, 44
‘Alaa Hamadah Muhammad a-Sha’er, 15
Ibrahim Rafiq Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hadi, 19
‘Amar ‘Abd al-Ghafar Khalil al-Jazbah, 21
‘Issam ‘Ali Sa’id Hamed, 30
Yamen a-Tayeb ‘Ali Faraj, 25
Amjad ‘Abd a-Latif Muhammad Malitat, 28
Khaled Saleh Musa Salah, 57
Muhammad Khalad Saleh Salah, 16
Khaled Suliman Mahmoud al-Hawi, 23
‘Adnan Hassan Hussein Mansur, 17
Thaer Muhammad Helmi Ramadan, 37
Rif’at ‘Omar Salameh Abu ‘Amrah, 28
Ishaq Mu’in Ishaq Abu Taleb, 15
Mahmoud Saleh Ibrahim al-Lahwani, 21
Ihab ‘Abd al-Karim Ahmad Shatat, 9
Yasser Muhammad Ahmad al-‘Arja, 21
Muhammad Ahmad Jaber Difallah, 21
‘Omar Muhammad ‘Awwad Abu Zar’an, 12
Hamzah Nahed Hassan Habush, 14
Isma’il Muhammad Ahmad Nabhan, 25
Muhammad Nassar Muhammad a-Shawahin, 26

Viktor Kreiderman, 49
Moranne Vardi, 25
Ma’ayan Na’im, 19

May 2004

Madi Ahmad ‘Atiyyah Madi, 18
Wael Talab Muhammad Nassar, 38
Muhammad (Munib) Mustafa Munib Sarsur, 33
Shadi Mazen Muhammad Nseir, 19
Taysir Muhammad Suliman Abu ‘Awwad, 30
Nabil Rajab Muhammad Zino, 22
‘Imad Khalil Muhammad Abu ‘Eid, 21
Hamzah ‘Ali Ass’ad Hussein, 16
Rawan Muhammad Sa’id Abu Zeid, 4
Mazen Mahmoud Ibrahim Yasin, 42
Islam Muhammad Mahmoud Husniya, 14
Khaled ‘Abd al-Hakim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Abu ‘Anza, 39
Jamal ‘Awad Yusef al-‘Attar, 37
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Salam Jaber, 27
Yusef Mahmoud Maflah al-Maghari, 23
Hamed Yasin Hamed Bahlul, 16
Mahmoud Fathi Mustafa Dib, 23
Wael Muhammad Ahmad Abu Jazar, 16
Mahmoud Najib Muhammad al-Akhras, 19
Hussein Sadeq Hussein Sbihat, 33
‘Issam Kazem Kamel ‘Arafat, 26
Yusef Ahmad Muhammad Abu Lebdeh, 16
Saber Ahmad Muhammad Abu Lebdeh, 14
Shadi Faiz Khalil al-Maghari, 26
Ayman Khamis Jamil Hasanein, 24
Ahmad Hussein Ahmad Turkman, 18
Fouad Khamis Musa a-Saqa, 32
‘Alaa Msalam Isma’il a-Sheikh ‘Eid, 20
Ahmad Jamal Khalil Abu a-Sa’id, 14
Walid Naji Sa’id Abu Qamer, 12
Muhammad Talal Hussein Abu Sh’ar, 19
Mubarak Salim Mubarak al-Malalhah (Al-Hashash), 9
Rajab Nimer Muhammad Barhum, 17
Mahmoud Tareq Mahmoud Mansur, 12
Ousamah ‘Abdallah ‘Abd al-Fatah Abu Nasser, 21
Khalil Hassan Khalil Abu S’adeh, 33
Nidal ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Aqasheh, 24
‘Abd a-Salam Mahmoud Muhammad Abu ‘Iyada, 37
Sa’id Ibrahim Sa’id al-Magheyr, 23
Ibrahim Jihad Muhammad al-Qan, 17
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad a-Nawajhah, 31
Walid Musa Suliman Abu Jazar, 26
Muhammad Khalil al-Jundi, 23
Yusef Zahi ‘Abdallah Kahush, 26
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Ali al-Magheyr, 16
Asmaa Muhammad ‘Ali al-Magheyr, 12
Mahmoud Isma’il Muhammad Abu Tuq, 34
‘Imad Fadel Khalil al-Maghari, 24
Ziad Hussein Shhadeh Shabaneh, 22
Ahmad Jasser Ahmad a-Sha’er, 19
Muhammad Jasser Ahmad a-Sha’er, 18
Tareq Ahmad Salam a-Sheikh ‘Eid, 24
Ibrahim Isma’il Ribhi al-Bil’awi, 17
Isma’il Ribhi Musa al-Bil’awi, 43
Hani Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Qafa, 17
Muhammad Ma’sud ‘Atwah Zo’rub, 33
Taysir Zaki Hassan Qalub, 30
Muhammad (Suliman) Muhammad ‘Abdallah Hamed, 20
Mus’ad Ibrahim Muhammad a-Sawarqah, 20
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Fathi Ghazi al-Qilani, 20
Ibrahim Shafiq Hassan Shahin, 20
Ahmad Saleh Suliman Abu Siyam, 44
Mahmoud Sa’di Muhammad Jum’ah, 20
Akram ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Naja, 30
Ashraf Hassan ‘Abd al-Hadi Keshtah, 34
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Mahmoud Jamal Mahmoud a-Saqsaq, 17
Ramez Jamal Samih Abu Ghali, 22
Hamed Faiz Hamed Abu Hamrah, 17
Fouad Khaled ‘Abdallah Abu Hashem, 16
Sameh Yusef Muhammad Abu Jaz, 16
Muhammad ‘Azmi Saleh al-Buji, 19
Hani Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo al-Magheyr, 20
Muhammad Musa Mesbah Mwafi, 16
Ihab Jamal ‘Ali Yusef, 18
Ahmad Muhammad Khalil al-Yaqubi, 19
Fouad Muhammad Faiq Abu Sh’aban, 19
Fawzi Mesbah Ahmad al-Madhun, 31
Muhammad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Kadurah Mushtaha, 25
Muhammad Hassan ‘Alian Yasin, 18
Yusef Kamal ‘Ali Hijazi, 14
Muhammad Faraj Khalil ‘Addas, 19
Iyad Muhammad Muhammad ‘Afaneh, 14
Fadi Ibrahim Hassan ‘Alian “Nassar”, 17
Ihab Muhammad Suliman ‘Amer, 22
Walid Khaled Ahmad ‘Azzam, 23
Hussein Ibrahim Hussein a-Lada’h, 17
Ahmad Salem Hamad a-Sawirki, 17
Rami Muhammad “Mu’in” Ahmad Abu al-‘Oan, 27
Midhat Rafiq Hashem al-Bana, 39
‘Amar ‘Awad Khader al-Jarjawi, 30
Rafiq ‘Ashur al-‘Asali Dughmosh, 26
Rami Muhammad Salem Ja’far, 16
Ihab Sa’id ‘Abd al-Karim Malka, 22
Hamdi Hamuda Muhammad Muhsein, 14
Yusef Fayad Muhammad Nasrallah, 17
Nahed Muhammad Sweilem Abu Hadaf, 22
Fadi Sh’alan Khader Bahar, 18
Muntasser Mahmoud Muhammad Diab, 17
Wael Khiri Khader ‘Eid “Rabah”, 26
Saed Ibrahim Hassan Masi’I, 27
Bassim Bassam Muhammad Kalboneh, 19
Yasin ‘Adel ‘Abdallah al-Julani, 23
Raafat Backer Ramadan ‘Obeid, 16
‘Imad Muhammad Hafez Janajreh, 31
‘Abdallah ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Fatah al-Jamal, 35
Jamal Walid Muhammad Abu Mustafa, 16
Bilal Muhammad ‘Abdallah Hamdan, 25
Feisal Muhammad Khalil Abu Naqirah, 20
Ibrahim Muhammad Ahmad Hammad, 20
Jamal Shhadeh Radwan Hamdan, 22
Khaled Bahajat Jaber Abu ‘Alba, 14
Hussein Sa’id ‘Abdallah Abu ‘Aqer, 7

Hadar Hatuel, 9
Hila Hatuel, 11
Merav Hatuel, 2
Roni Hatuel, 7
Tali Hatuel, 34
Shahar Ben Ishai, 25
Rotem Adam, 21
Alexei Khayat, 21
Ela’d Cohen, 22
Ayman Ghadir, 23
Aviv Hakani, 23
Zohar Smaiyaleib, 19
Lior Vishinsky, 20
Adaron ‘Amar, 20
Aviad Deri, 21
Ofer Jerbi, 20
Ya’qub Jelko Marviza, 26
Ya’akov (Kobi) Mizrahi (Zagori), 20
Eitan Newman, 21

April 2004

Ahmad ‘Abdallah Muhammad Qalib, 22
Amjad Ribhi ‘Ali ‘Amarah, 19
Ashraf Thaher Hassan Nafe’a, 25
Musa Ibrahim Talab al-Muqayed, 14
Husseini Mustafa Dababat Daraghmeh, 21
Kamal ‘Abdallah ‘Abd al-Fatah, 29
Muhammad Mazen Salim ‘Azuq, 19
Sa’id Ahmad Muhammad Harawan, 30
Yasser Ahmad Muhammad Abu Limon, 33
‘Abd a-Rahman Wasef ‘Abd a-Rahman Nazzal, 25
Muhammad Kamel ‘Aref Nazzal, 24
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hafiz Salim ‘Odeh Nazzal, 30
Muna Hamdi Shhadeh Abu Tabaq, 10
Muhammad Rasem Ahmad al-Malfuh, 14
Bilal ‘Ali Musa Abu ‘Amshah, 29
Ayman Yusef Faiz Barahmeh, 27
Ghanem Mahmoud Darwish Ghanem, 31
Karam Hassan ‘Ali a-Shami, 60
‘Omar Jawad Mahmoud ‘Ali “Ahmad”, 23
Yusef Taleb ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Da’ur, 14
Muhammad Khader Muhammad a-Rantisi, 22
Ziad Ahmad Hassan Abu Hamadah, 30
Raafat Subhi Yusef Abu Hasireh, 28
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Mutaleb ‘Abd al-Hamid al-‘Ajuri, 16
Soheil ‘Abd al-Karim Mahmoud al-Haresh, 27
Radwan Samarah Ya’qub Hamtu, 15
Ayub Muhammad Ayub Kars’a, 18
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Ata a-Tanali, 18
Khaldun Ziad Hassan Abu Jarad, 16
Ahmad Jihad Ahmad al-Khawaldeh, 16
Mu’atasem Rafiq Muhammad Nseir, 18
Ibrahim Bashir Isma’il Rayan, 17
Mujahed ‘Abd al-Qader Muhammad Abu ‘Awwad, 21
Islam Hashem Rizeq Zaharan, 14
Diaa’ A-Din ‘Abd al-Karim Ibrahim Abu ‘Eid, 23
Na’el Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Omar, 22
Ajma’yan ‘Ali Suliman Abu Shaqora, 30
‘Abd al-‘Aziz ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Hafiz a-Rantisi, 57
Ahmad ‘Abdallah Sha’ban al-Gharah, 31
Akram Mansi Muhammad Nassar, 36
Hussein Mahmoud ‘Awad ‘Alian, 17
‘Ali Mahmoud Muhammad Barhum, 18
Iyad Mahmoud Majd a-Taharawi, 22
Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Qaber Diriyah, 35
Iman Muhammad Khalil Talbiyah, 12
Rami Muhammad Isma’il Hadib, 16
Khaled Jamal Muhammad Kharyush, 28
‘Amar ‘Adnan ‘Ali a-Rag’udi, 16
Salameh ‘Abd al-Karim Salem Abu Rawida, 16
Muhammad Zidan Musa Abu Samhadaneh, 17
Ramzi ‘Abd a-Rahman al-‘Alamneh, 17
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Shahin, 25
Rami Kamel Jadallah Rahaim, 25
Nassar Ibrahim ‘Issa Abu Nasar, 18
Muhammad ‘Azmi Ibrahim A’bed, 19

Ya’akov (Kobi) Zagha, 40
Yaniv Mashiah, 20
Kfir Ohayon, 20

March 2004

Mahmoud Khamis Hassan ‘Odeh, 28
Jamil Talab ‘Odeh a-Tal, 34
Khaled Maher Zaki Wleiwel, 6
Mahmoud ‘Omar Mahmoud a-Zaghari, 24
Zakaria Muhammad Yusef Abu Zor, 19
Ishaq Faiz Jamil Nassar, 19
Muhammad Ahmad Murshed al-Qadi, 22
Yasser ‘Izat Muhammad Sultan, 20
Amir Ahmad Yusef ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 16
Rabi’ ‘Abd al-Hai Ahmad ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 27
Ayub Ahmad ‘Atallah, 26
Khalil ‘Abdallah Abu Jiab, 30
Rateb ‘Abd a-Rahman al-‘Aalul, 52
Muamen Ibrahim al-Bazuri, 28
Khamis Sami Nabih Mushtahi, 31
Mustafa Munib Mustafa Sarsur, 61
Ahmad Isma’il Yasin, 68
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Halimah, 22
Tareq Ahmad al-‘Alami, 34
Muhammad Rohi ‘Omar a-Dush, 21
Mus’ab Hussein Muhammad al-Ghalban, 12
‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Abd al-Muli a-Dawisha, 22
Raafat Saleh Abu Ta’imah, 24
Bassem Salem Suliman Qdeih, 39
Thana ‘Abd al-Hadi Hammad Qdeih, 34
Thunai ‘Alian Hassan Qdeih, 21
Ousamah Mufid Suliman al-Afandi, 20
Ahmad Khalil Ibrahim Ghabayen, 21
Muhammad Istiwi Saleh Abu Muhsin, 16
Fatmeh Muhammad Sharifi al-Jalad, 7
Ayman ‘Abd al-Karim Ahmad Hashem, 23
Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah Jebril Abu Nahal, 34
‘Abdallah Hassan ‘Abdallah al-Magheyr, 19
‘Adli Muhammad ‘Abdallah Abu Taha, 26
‘Alaa Wael ‘Ali a-Najili, 16
Mesbah ‘Abdallah Mesbah Mwafi, 14
Faraj Sa’id Ahmad Abu Jazar, 22
Hassan Nidal Hassan a-Sarfiti, 23
Adham ‘Abd al-Qader Ahmad Hashem, 26
‘Abd a-Naser Muhammad Mahmoud Yasin, 32
Mus’ad ‘Aish Shabib Ermelat, 27
Mahmoud Sa’di Sa’id ‘Aleiwa, 22
Muhammad Mufid Saleh al-Mabid, 22
Ahmad Rafiq Sa’id Hamdan, 22
Muhammad Suliman Nu’man Habush, 22
Sa’id Mahmoud Muhammad Marish, 23
Thaer Muhammad Harun ‘Eid Haliqa, 15
Basel Khaled Mahdi ‘Amru, 14
Ihab Taleb Muhammad Abu J’afar, 23
Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abdallah Kheirallah, 26
‘Amer Muhammad Saleh Qasrawi, 23
Ayman Mahmoud Jamil Saba’aneh, 23
Dalal Majahad Shhadeh Abu al-Hassan, 25
Khaled Suliman Muhammad Madi, 15
Khaled Taha ‘Abd al-Hafiz Madi, 35
Hazem Rohi Muhammad ‘Aqel, 23
Shadi Ahmad ‘Abd al-Karim a-Sa’idani, 21
Yusef Mahmoud Salim a-Sanwar, 25
Muhammad Isma’il Muhammad a-Shatli, 19
Salim ‘Amer Khamis Abu Zreiq, 13
Haitham Muhammad Khalil al-‘Issawi, 16
Khaled Qassem Ibrahim al-Hazqi, 22
Fares Fathi Muhammad al-Huajri, 23
‘Omar Muhammad Yusef al-Jamal, 17
Muhammad ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Fatah Badawi, 15
Musa Manar Musa Hamu, 19
Ahmad Hassan Mahmoud Harb, 21
Mahmoud ‘Abdallah Hassan Yunes, 10
Hassan Ahmad Mahmoud Zuhd, 42
Thaer Khaled Mahmoud Abu Sorrayha, 18
Muhatdi Muhammad Diab al-Mabid, 24
Hatem Mahmoud Ibrahim Tafesh, 17
Muhammad ‘Abed Hassan ‘Othman, 13
Ibrahim Muhammad Sweilem a-Diri, 34
Atrad Salah Ibrahim al-Jamal, 25
‘Amar Muhammad Muhammad Hassan, 20
Qeys ‘Aref Yusef ‘Ofi, 20
Muhammad Mahmoud Ahmad Abu Rajab, 27
Ibrahim Khalil Muhammad al-Haw, 27

George Elias Khoury, 19
Gil Abutbul, 38
Danny Assulin, 51
Avraham Avraham, 33
Zion Dahan, 30
Ophir Damri, 31
Moshe Hendler, 29
Mazal Marciano, 30
Avi Suissa, 56
Maurice Tubul, 30
Pinhas Avraham Zilberman, 45

February 2004

Riad Sa’id ‘Ali Shalal, 19
Muhammad Zuheir Mahmoud ‘Awis, 23
Amin Hamdan Ibrahim a-Dahduh, 40
Ayman Sha’ban Ibrahim a-Dahduh, 30
Mu’taz Nafez Hussein a-Sharafi, 11
Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah Mahmoud Judah, 25
Ayman Yusef ‘Abd a-Rahman Sahweil, 22
Ashraf Muhammad Ahmad Zaqut, 21
Muhammad Da’ud Saleh Badwan, 21
Muhammad Fadel Hashem Rayan, 25
Zakaria Mahmoud ‘Eid Salem, 28
Ousamah Yusef Salameh al-Maghari, 33
Muhannad Fa’iq Muhammad Abu Khatab, 20
Mwafaq Muhammad Sha’ban al-A’araj, 20
Jamal Muhammad Yusef al-‘Afifi, 45
Ahmad ‘Abd al-hadi Ahmad Nazzal, 27
Bashir Khalil Muhammad Abu ‘Armaneh, 14
Samer Jasser Fawzi ‘Arrar, 28
Muhammad Zaharan Mahmoud a-Tantawi, 19
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Ghani Muhammad al-Hamaydah, 20
Ibrahim Ahmad Barham Zo’rub, 25
Muhammad Saleh Rizeq Zo’rub, 26
Haitham Zaki Muhammad A’bed, 22
Ayman Naser Ibrahim a-Sheikh Khalil, 22
Muhammad Kamel Ahmad Abu ‘Armaneh, 22
Hamam Muhammad ‘Ali Abu al-‘Imrin, 26
Hani Mahmoud Jamil Abu Saheleh, 25
Muhammad ‘Aish Isma’il al-‘Ajleh, 47
Isma’il Muhammad Salman al-‘Ata, 21
‘Amer ‘Othman al-Ghamari, 24
Muhammad Jihad Muhammad al-Hayek, 25
Ashraf Faruk Fahim Hasanein, 25
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Hiles, 16
Akram Mahmoud Muhammad I’aqilan, 23
Mahdi Ya’qub ‘Awad Zidiyah, 21
Ahmad Mahdi ‘Awwad ‘Amru, 26
Khalil Ibrahim Muhammad Bawadi, 24
Ashraf ‘Adnan Abu Lebdeh, 32
Rami Salah Salem Abu Mandil, 19
‘Aziz Mahmoud a-Shami, 33
Tareq Majdi ‘Abd al-Mu’ti a-Susi, 11
Hussein ‘Ali Musa Razaqeh, 19
Mahmoud Samir Sham’ah a-Debs, 21
Hashem Da’ud Ishteiwi Abu Hamdan, 23
Muhammad Hasanein Mustafa Abu Hamdan, 24
Nader Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Hafiz Abu Leil, 24
Na’el Ziad Husseini Hasanein, 22
Hussein ‘Abd al-Hamid Abu al-‘Eish, 38
Yasser ‘Abd al-Hamid Abu al-‘Eish, 35
Majdi Mahmoud al-Khatib, 36
Bahaa Hatem Judah, 24
Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah Abu ‘Odeh, 35
Muhammad ‘Issa Ahmad Jalita, 32
Shadi Riad Mahmoud Malham, 23

Eitan Kukoi, 30
Rima Novikov Kukoi, 25
Israel Ilan Avisidris, 41
Lior Azoulai, 18
Yaffa Ben Shimol, 57
Rahamim Doga, 38
Yehuda Haim, 48
Yuval Ozana, 32
Benaya Yehonatan Zuckerman, 18
Amir Zimmerman, 25
Natanel Habshush, 20

January 2004

Jihad Muhammad Isma’il a-Sawity, 39
Muhammad Yusef Muhammad al-Ashqar, 25
Muhammad Hassan Khalaf al-Hassan, 25
Iyad Mahmoud Nimer a-Ra’I, 37
Akram ‘Abd al-Karim Abu ‘Ajmi, 18
Ahmad ‘Ali Abu Rkab, 22
Sami Muhammad Saleh Badawi, 15
Marwan Mahmoud ‘Atiyyah Basal, 39
Musa Suliman Ahmad Dalul, 32
‘Othman Muhammad ‘Othman Jendiyeh, 22
Sameh Kamel Mahmoud Tutah, 16
Ashraf Nasrallah ‘Abdallah al-Mabid, 24
Samir Khalil Diab al-Mabid, 23
Muhsein Haydar Muhammad a-Da’ur, 10
Muna Faiz Ahmad Isma’il, 31
Fouad Kamel ‘Omar Jarwan, 17
Mahmoud Ibrahim ‘Odeh al-Qard, 44
Ass’ad Saleh Ass’ad Khaliliya, 32
Hisham Ahmad ‘Abd al-Fatah Kharyush, 22
Ibrahim Radwan ‘Atari, 32
‘Abd al-‘Afo Nobuh Qassas, 27
Taj a-Din ‘Abd al-Karim Muhammad – Sa’id Seif, 17
‘Amer Qathem Kamel ‘Arafat, 17
Muhammad Qeys Isma’il al-Masri, 19
Rawhi Hazem Rohi Shumann, 21
Amjad Bilal Nabil al-Masri, 15
Mu’atasem Muhammad Jamil Abu al-Hassan, 16

Gal Shapira, 29
Ro’i Arbel, 29
Avraham Albert Bal hsan, 28
Hava hannah Anya Bonder, 38
Rose Boneh, 39
Anat Darom, 23
Viorel Octavian Florescu, 42
Natalia Gamril, 53
Yehezkel Goldberg, 41
Baruch Hondiashivili, 38
Dana Itach, 24
Eli Tzfira, 48
Andrei Kegeles, 19
Tzur Or, 20
Vladamir Trostinski, 22

December 2003

Muhammad Jaber Hassan ‘Adili, 15
Fadel Fawzi Mahmoud a-Najar, 22
Rajaai ‘Azmi Isma’il Rayan, 16
‘Adnan ‘Abd a-Rahman Salem Abu Jawi’ad, 27
Nabil Hassan Hasanein Abu Jaber (a-Sharihi), 31
Sa’id ‘Awwad Ahmad Abu Rkab, 39
Wael Muhammad Hamed al-Daqran, 25
Miqled Hamid Mahmoud Hamid, 36
Ashraf Hassan Jaber Radwan, 19
Muhammad Akram a-Dasuqi, 23
Iyad Khalil Amin ‘Alawneh, 27
‘Ali Hussein Hassan a-Najar, 29
‘Ayed Ahmad ‘Abd al-Hadi a-Najar, 34
Ahmad al-‘Abed a-Najar, 32
Khamis Anwar Khamis a-Ra’I, 21
Rami ‘Azmi al-Haj Ahmad, 21
Khalil Muhammad ‘Abdallah al-Qasas, 49
‘Alaa a-Din ‘Ata Ahmad Bahlul, 21
Muhammad Kamel Hassan Mansur, 27
Wiam Rizeq Zaki Musa, 26
Ass’ad Ibrahim Muhammad al-Ghata, 26
Muhammad Ma’sud Muhammad Mustafa, 22
Muhammad Na’im Yusef al-A’araj, 6
Jebril Hassan ‘Awwad, 24
‘Alaa a-Din Yusef a-Dawaya, 25
Majdi Muhammad Fakhri al-Bahash, 25
Fadi Tawfiq Hanani, 30
Mustafa ‘Abd al-Hamid Mustafa al-Hams, 17
Nur a-Din Ahmad ‘Izzat ‘Imran, 15
Yunes Amarhil Hassan a-Sawarqah Al-Bali, 27
Wael Saqer Dahruj Abu Dahruj, 27
Riad Fakhri ‘Aref Khalifah, 33
Kamleh Muhammad Ass’ad a-Shuli, 20
Naser Muhammad Hassan a-Naja, 28
Sabri Ahmad Abu Luli, 19
‘Omar Faiz Salman Abu Muhsin, 28
Suliman Muhammad Salameh al-Akhras, 15
‘Ayad Muhammad ‘Abed Mahamum, 55
Muhammad Rajab Muhammad Zino, 26
Fares Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader, 14
Jihad Musa Hassan al-Akhras, 16
Ashraf ‘Abd a-Salam Isma’il al-Hayah, 21
‘Abd al-Karim Muhammad ‘Arafat Sukar, 19
Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abdallah Zaharan, 17
Hasanein Hamdi Hasanein Rumaneh, 34
Muaiad Mazen ‘Abed Hamdan, 12
Sayed ‘Abd al-Karim Khader a-Sheikh Qassem, 29
Saleh Mahmoud Hasib a-Talahmed, 38

Adva Zippora Fischer, 20
Hagai Bibi, 24
Alex Leonardo Wissman, 23
Noam Leibowitz, 22
Anjelina Shahirov, 20
Rotem Weinberger, 20

November 2003

Sayed Saleh Salem Abu Safra, 32
Ibrahim Musa ‘Abiddalah al-Samri, 33
Khaled Ahmad Ibrahim al-Samri, 35
Sami (Osama) ‘Aish al-Samri, 32
Rashad Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Mor Abu Sh’aban, 15
Ahmad Faiz Yihya ‘Assaf, 20
Ibrahim ‘Ali Suliman Jalamneh, 10
Muhammad Suliman Khalil Sarsur, 24
Yusef Taleb Khader Diab, 23
Da’ud ‘Abdallah Yusef Abu Jazar, 19
Hassan Ziyadah Abu Khatleh, 29
Ahmad Marwan Naser Hanini, 15
Nahed Muhammad Hussein Qotqut, 41
Shadi Na’im Khalil Abu ‘Anza, 14
Ahmad Muhannad Nafe’a Mar’I, 11
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Hassan Salah, 17
Mu’taz Wasef Mustafa ‘Amudi, 15
Subuh/Laith Mazen Muhammad Sbieh, 14
Muhammad Nazmi Hashash, 23
Mahmoud Muhammad ‘Ali al-Qayed, 12
Muhammad Tawfiq Suliman a-Najar, 21
Nazmi Fawzi Ibrahim a-Najar, 28
Muamen ‘Omar Ahmad al-Maghari, 20
Ibrahim ‘Omar Hassan Abu Sheqel, 17
Shadi Rafiq Sa’id Habub, 18
Faiz Ahmad Mustafa Salameh, 44
Samer Abu ‘Asab, 23
Imtiaz Abu Ras, 40
Mahmoud Muhammad Sarhan, 15
Muhammad Hussein Hamed, 23

Samer Fathi ‘Afan, 25
Ilya Reiger, 58
Shlomi Belsky, 23
Shaul Lahav, 20

October 2003

Bahaa Jaber Zbeidi, 12
Ibrahim ‘Aref Ibrahim a-N’anish, 28
Karim ‘Alian Hussein al-Kafarneh, 26
Subhi Saleh ‘Issa Sharir, 54
Rami Isma’il ‘Ali ‘Alian, 20
Jamal Isma’il Ibrahim Qadus, 39
Muhammad Isma’il ‘Alian al-Hamaydah (A-Satri), 10
Samir Muhammad Hamed Fuda, 22
Bilal Sa’id Hamuda, 20
Isma’il ‘Abdallah A’bed ‘Abd Rabo (‘Ayad), 34
Ahmad ‘Atiyyah Ahmad Khamis, 27
‘Abd al-Hadi al-Mutaleb Abu ‘Isha a-Natsheh, 34
Akram Hamed Mahmoud Bakrun, 17
Rafiq “Muhammad” Ziad Ya’qub Qneibi, 23
Ramzi Muhammad Ahmad Jaradat, 23
Habi Suliman ‘Ayash, 22
‘Ali Mustafa Shhadeh Abu Taha, 20
Ma’sud ‘Ali Hammad ‘Ayash, 31
Mahdi Isma’il Ahmad Abu Jarbu’a, 20
Ayub Musleh Ayub al-Malik, 20
Muhammad Shteiwi Muhammad al-Masri, 23
Salah a-Din ‘Abd al-Ghafar Hussein Assad, 16
Muhammad Ziad Mahmoud Barud, 10
Muhammad Tawfiq Mahmoud Hathat, 23
Ahmad ‘Eid Sayed Khalifah, 49
‘Atiyyah Yusef ‘Atiyyah Mawanes, 20
Zin al-‘Aabdin Muhammad Mahmoud Shahin, 35
‘Abd al-Halim Muhammad al-‘Abed Tabazah, 23
Ibrahim Jum’ah Muhammad Tabazah, 17
Muaiad Fa’iq al-Helu, 29
Marwan ‘Abd al-Karim al-Khatib, 35
Khaled Ghazi al-Masri, 27
Shadi Nabil Mahmoud Abu ‘Alwan, 17
Yihya Hassan Ma’sud Rihan, 16
Tareq Subuh Abu al-Hussein, 39
Widad Kamel ‘Abd a-Rahman al-‘A’jrami, 30
Husam ‘Omar al-Magheyr, 19
Walid Muhammad Yunes ‘Abd al-Wahab, 37
Walid Hussein ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 23
Muta’b Nabari, 26
Bilal Fahmi Suliman Zidan, 31
Samir Ibrahim Muhammad al-Biyuq, 30
Zaki Yihya a-Sharif, 18
Shadi Khalil Isma’il Saqer, 17
Muhammad Ahmad Yunes ‘Abd al-Wahab, 23
‘Atwah Yusef Abu Muhsin, 17
Nader “Ahmad Fuad” Salim Abu Taha, 24
Ibrahim Ahmad Faraj al-Qrenawi, 10
Mabruk Muhammad Dib Judah, 18
‘Alaa Nu’man Mansur, 23
Sami Talal Najib Salah, 15
Sa’id Hussein Jeribo’a Abu ‘Azzum, 26
Muhammad Ayman Yusef Ibrahim, 7
Sarhan Burhan Hussein Sarhan, 20
Mustafa ‘Abd al-Qader Isma’il al-Badrasawi, 1
Salim Muhammad Salim al-Bayumi, 62
Mazen Yusef Salameh a-Salalmeh, 30
Rabah Ibrahim Barham Abu Daqah, 22

Ousamah Najar, 28
Moshe Almog, 43
Ruth Almog, 70
Tomer Almog, 9
Ze’ev Almog, 71
Zvi Bahat, 35
Mark Biano, 29
Naomi Biano, 25
Hana Francis, 39
Mutanus Karkabi, 31
George Matar, 59
Sharbel Matar, 23
Nir Regev, 25
Irina Sofrin, 38
Assaf Staier, 11
Bezalel Zer-Aviv, 30
Bruria Zer-Aviv, 59
Keren Zer-Aviv, 29
Liran Zer-Aviv, 4
Noya Zer-Aviv, 1
Lydia Zilberstein, 56
Alon Avrahami, 20
Adi Osman, 19
Sarit Schneor Senior, 19
Erez Idan, 19
Ela’d Pollack, 19
Ro’i Ya’aKov Solomon, 21

September 2003

Diab ‘Abd a-Rahim a-Shweiqi, 30
‘Abd a-Rahim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Qiq a-Talahmeh, 27
Mahmoud Nassar Yusef Hamdan, 21
Muhammad Bashir Muhammad ‘Aqel, 25
Nur ‘Abd al-Qader Abu ‘Armaneh, 20
Muhammad ‘Issa ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Hamdan, 15
Marwan Ahmad Ibrahim a-Najar, 19
Basel Muhammad Shafiq ‘Abd al-Qader al-Qawasmeh, 26
Ibrahim Khalil Tawfiq Abu a-Rob, 18
Jihad ‘Azzat Salem Abu Sawireh, 33
Fadi Kamal Saleh Abu Zant, 21
Ahmad Fawzi ‘Abd a-Latif Abu Dosh, 25
Ahmad Nayef Taha Abu Latifah, 12
Fathi Mahmoud Bulbul, 80
Ahmad Ghaleb Salim Tahaniya, 16
Mahmoud Naser ‘Issa, 20
Muhammad Shukri Khalil al-‘Aasi, 19
Shehdeh Yusef Salim a-Diri, 32
Khaled Mahmoud Khaled a-Zahar, 26
‘Amar Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Wardeh, 19
Thaer Mansur Nu’man a-Siuri, 9
Ahmad ‘Othman Shafiq Bader, 22
‘Iz a-Din a-Din Khader Miseq, 21
Ahmad Mufid ‘Abd al-Fatah Halawah, 20
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Shehdeh Abu al-Husna, 17
Muhammad Yusef ‘Abd a-Rahim al-Hanbli, 27
‘Abd al-Qader Muhammad Subhi D’amah, 21
Khader Badawi al-Husari, 38
Riad Lutfi Saleh Sbieh, 29

Shaked Avraham, under 1
Eyal Yeberbaum, 27
David Appelbaum, 51
Nava David Appelbaum, 20
David Shimon Avizdres, 51
Shafiq Karam, 27
Alon Mizrahi, 22
Gila Moshe, 40
Yehiel Emil Tubul, 50
Avihu Keinan, 22
Ra’anan Komemi, 23
Gavriel (Gaby) Uziel, 20
Haim Alfasi, 39
Ya’aKov Ben Shabbat, 39
Mazi Grego, 19
Yael Kfir, 21
Felix Nikolaichuk, 20
Yonatan Peleg, 21
Efrat Schwartzman, 19
Liron Siboni, 19
Prosper (Perry) Tawiti, 20

August 2003

Aya Mahmoud Nu’man Fayad, 8
Mahmoud ‘Ali Ibrahim ‘Aqel, 36
Farid Yusef Mustafa Mit, 40
Hamdi Hassan ‘Abd a-Rahman Qalekh, 35
‘Ali Hussein Muhammad Abu Salim, 25
Mustafa Muhammad ‘Ali Salahat, 39
Sanaa Jamil a-Da’ur, 9
Yunes (Hassan) Muhammad ‘Abd a-Nabi al-Hamlawi, 74
Muhammad Ibrahim Bau’lusha, 16
Khaled Mahmoud Mustafa Ma’sud, 26
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Abu Hilal, 21
Muhammad Qin’an ‘Abd al-Hai Abu Lebdeh, 21
Wahid Hamed Subhi al-Humes, 20
Ahmad Rushdi Mustafa Ishteiwi, 24
Khaled Amin Muhammad a-Nimroti, 35
Hani Majed Abu al-‘Imrin, 23
Isma’il Hassan Abu Shanab, 53
Muamen Muhammad Barud, 24
Sabarah Salem Ibrahim Hamdiya, 74
Sa’id ‘Awwad Miqbal Ghanem, 15
Muhammad Ayub Da’ud Sidr, 26
Faiz Farid a-Sader, 23
Mahmoud a-Tiq, 19
Khamis Yusef Abu Salem, 28
Nuhad Rizeq Muhammad Qassem, 27
Suliman Ahmad Muhammad Abu Ghaliya, 25

Shalom Har Melekh, 25
Erez Hershkwitz, 18
Amatzia (Andre) Nisanwitz, 22
Avraham Bar-Or, 12
Binyamin Bergman, 15
Ya’aKov Binder, 50
Feiga Zippora Dushinsky, 50
Maryam Eisenstein, 20
Lilach Kardi, 22
Menahem Leibl, 24
Mordechai Leifer, 27
Tuba Lev, 37
Elisheva Meshulami, 16
Tehilla Nathanson, 3
Issachar Dov Reinitz, 9
Mordechai Shalom Reinitz, 49
Hava Reknitzer, 19
Liba Schwartz, 54
Hanoch Segal, 65
Eliezer Weisfish, 42
Rachel Fruma Weitz, 73
Shmuel Welner, 53
Shmuel Zargari, 1
Yehezkel Yekutieli, 43
Ro’i Oren, 20

July 2003

Mahmoud Jawdat Sharif Kabha, 3
Iyad Muhammad ‘Aqel Shalamish, 28
Mahmoud Ahmad Sawar, 31
Nimer Taher Musa al-Jayusi, 18

Amir Simhon, 24
Mazal ‘Afari, 65

June 2003

Zakaria Zaki Muhammad a-Sa’idi, 20
‘Umran ‘Omar Mahmoud al-Ghul, 21
Muhammad Yihya Mahmoud al-Ghul, 14
Muhammad Faraj Muhammad Frej –Atiyeh, 28
Iyad Hamdi al-Masri, 23
Sayed ‘Abd al-Jawad Muhisen, 20
Nivin Ahmad ‘Abd al-Malek Abu-Rajileh, 19
Akram ‘Ali Shhadeh Farhan, 34
Su’ad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Shteiwi al-Bahadri, 27
‘Abdallah ‘Abd al-Qader Husseini al-Qawasmeh, 41
Bilal Ragheb Muhammad Sharab, 23
Raafat Ahmad Hassan a-Z’anin, 29
Khaled ‘Adnan Saqer, 19
Fouad Yusef a-Lidawi, 23
Hassan ‘Atiyyah Hassan Abu ‘Aydah, 47
Islam Sa’id Isma’il ‘Abdallah, 20
Jihad Jasser Mardi a-Sa’udi, 36
Saed Zuheir Muhammad Ghabayen, 30
Salim Sa’id Salim Salahah, 41
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Samur, 23
Afnan Yasser Muhammad Taha, under 1
Yasser Muhammad Saleh Taha, 30
Fadi Taisir Jaradat, 21
Saleh Suliman Jaradat, 31
‘Imad a-Sheikh Ibrahim, 39
Soheil Nu’man Saleh Abu Nahal, 29
‘Azzam Faiq Hassan al-Ja’el, 30
Rateb Mahfuz ‘Abd al-Qader al-Ja’el, 59
Majedah Mahmoud Muhammad Dalul, 25
Samia Mahmoud Muhammad Dalul, 21
Khalil Hassan Khalil Hamid, 32
Yasser Hassan Khalil Hamid, 26
Yasin Subhi Yasin Murtaja, 48
Ma’sud Mahmoud Mustafa Titu, 36
Rawi Hassan Muhammad Abu Kamil, 27
Muhammad ‘Adel Sadeq Dughmosh, 22
Hamuda Faraj ‘Abd Rabo ‘Abd Rabo, 18
Maryam Rajab Ibrahim ‘Abd Rabo, 32
Muhammad Faiz Ahmad Saleh, 25
Khadrah Yusef Muhammad Abu Hamadah, 53
Amal Nimer Salem al-Jarusha, 7
Hamed Yusef Saleh Habush, 40
Mustafa ‘Abd a-Rahman Saleh Saleh, 33
Jihad Jaber Hasanein Jasser, 27
Amjad Nabil ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Nabrisi, 19
Muhammad Mu’in al-Asqafi, 21
Tareq ‘Adel ‘Abd a-Razaq al-Masri, 24
Walid Hijazi Salem a-‘Abido, 20
‘Alaa ‘Abd al-Mun’im ‘Alaa a-Din al-Fakhuri, 22
Nabil Ahmad Yusef Jaradat, 47
Muhammad Yusef Diab Abu Bid, 21
Rami Muhammad al-Biq, 20
Musa Ibrahim Hammad Shewil, 21
‘Adel Muhammad Ibrahim Hadaida, 27
Hani Ahmad ‘Abd al-Fatah Haziush, 24
Naser ‘Abd al-Qader Baker, 55
Muhammad Suliman ‘Awwad Abu ‘Amrah, 24
Kamel ‘Abd a-Latif Kamel ‘Alawneh, 18
Khaled ‘Abd a-Latif ‘Omar ‘Issa, 21

Zvi Goldstein, 47
Avner Maimon, 51
Amos (Amit) Mantin, 31
Avner Mordechai, 58
Noam Lebovitch, 7
Yaniv ‘Obeid, 22
Alan Beer, 46
Eugenia Berman, 50
Elsa Cohen, 70
Zvi Cohen, 39
Ro’i Eliraz, 22
Alexander Kazaris, 77
Maryam Levy, 74
Yaffa Mu’alem, 65
Bat El Ohana, 21
Anna Orgal, 55
Zippora Pesahovitch, 54
Bianca (Rivka) Shahrur, 62
Malka Rana Sultan, 67
Bertin Tita, 75
Erez Ashkenazi, 21
Mordechai Sayada, 22
Matan Gadri, 21
Assaf Abargil, 23
Udi Eilat, 37
Boaz Emete, 24
Chen Engel, 32
Tamar Ben Eliahu, 20

May 2003

Muhannad ‘Abd al-Karim Shalash Mahamreh, 22
Saed Muhammad Fahmawi, 23
Muhammad Jihad al-Qadrah, 23
Ahmad Khaled Yusef al-Haq, 24
Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo Hassan a-Sawarkah, 17
Hisham Ibrahim Tafesh, 19
Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Latif Abu Hableh, 16
Muhammad Nassim Amin ‘Awwad, 16
Rafiq Ajmi’an Harb al-Bansh, 21
Tammer ‘Arrar, 11
Hamdi ‘Atiyyah ‘Abd Rabo Abu Khusah, 27
Sami ‘Adel Saleh Abu ‘Almi, 27
Ghassan Muhammad ‘Abdallah Abu Sharh, 25
Kamel Amjad Noahdeh, 13
Amir Khalil ‘Abd a-Latif Jabali, 15
Ramez ‘Ayed Khalil ‘Arrar, 16
Rasmiya Hamdallah Sharif ‘Arrar, 35
‘Ali Muhammad Salim Abu Namus, 18
‘Amer Shakar ‘Abd a-Latif Abu ‘Ayash, 19
Amjad Suliman Hassan Abu Salim, 16
Ahmad Muhammad Isma’il a-Nuajhah, 22
Taher ‘Abdu, 28
Muhammad Nabil Muhammad a-Z’anin, 15
Khaled Ibrahim a-Zaq, 21
Zaher Khaled Muhammad Abu Jarad, 14
‘Abd al-Qader Abu Qaas, 21
Nidal Muhammad Karim, 24
Khalil Muhammad Kermutt, 33
Khaled Ziad Naser, 16
Diaa’ Nasif Ghawadreh, 15
Fadel Muhammad ‘Ashur Abu ‘Ateiwi, 21
Muhammad Khalil Ahmad Thabet, 24
Muhammad Mustafa ‘Abdallah Washah, 26
Taysir Abu Shihab, 22
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Muhammad ‘Aramneh, 19
Salim Saleh Dakhel al-‘Arjah, 19
Hassan Ahmad Muhammad al-Astal, 16
Iyad Bick, 30
Muhammad ‘Ata Hafez a-Sha’er, 22
Zaher Hamad Ass’ad Shuli, 36
Ikram Barhum Salman Qdeih, 22
‘Abd al-Karim Jamil Ahmad ‘Afaneh, 21
‘Alian Bashiti, 1
Ahmad ‘Issam Muhammad Judah, 16
Zahi Majdi Hijazi, 14
Mahmoud Hamdan Yusef Abu Sh’ar, 19
Yusef Khaled Hussein Abu Hin, 30
Muhammad Na’im Basel Na’im, 18
Rami Khader Yunes Sa’ed, 24
Muhammad Qa’id Sa’ed Dib, 22
Khaled Jabarin Shhadeh Salameh, 27
Naser ‘Omar Ahmad Hiles, 38
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Naser ‘Abd a-Dahduh, 13
Amir Ahmad Muhammad ‘Ayad, 2
Ahmad Ramadan Yunes a-Tatr, 13
Muhammad Kamal Saleh Abu Zarineh, 25
‘Abdallah Frajallah Ahmad al-‘Amrani, 21
Baker Hussein Salem Muhsein, 57
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Ayman Khaled Hussein Abu Hin, 28
Mahmoud Khaled Hussein Abu Hin, 38

Olga Brenner, 52
Yitzhak Moyal, 64
Nelly Perov, 54
Marina Tsahivershvili, 43
Shimon Ustinsky, 67
Roni Yisraeli, 33
Gadi Levy, 31
Dina Levy, 37
Zion David, 53
Gideon Lichterman, 27
Kiryl Shremko, 22
Hassan Isma’il Tawatha, 41
Avi Zerihan, 36

April 2003

Subhiya Muslem Wadah Abu ‘Atawi, 56
Nidal Muhammad ‘Odeh Salameh, 36
‘Awni Sarhan, 39
Mahmoud Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah, 30
‘Adnan Taysir ‘Abdallah Jawarish, 25
Faker ‘Aziz ‘Azzat ‘Arrar, 17
Ousamah Hamdallah Sharif ‘Arrar, 24
Iyad Rasmi a-Sayed Abu Taha, 24
Hussein Mahmoud Khamis Zanun, 19
‘Abd a-Rahman Zuhdi Ahmad A’bed, 16
Mus’ab Ibrahim Jaber, 16
Naziyeh Derawazeh, 45
Mahmoud Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Qush, 14
Muhammad Ibrahim al-Hamaydah, 14
Sa’id Ibrahim Mubarak al-Masri, 20
Sa’ed Jum’ah Ibrahim Hadaid, 26
Anas Mahmoud ‘Ajawi, 21
Khaled Muhammad Ahmad Jarbo’a, 23
Adham ‘Abd al-Mu’ti ‘Abdallah ‘Abd al-Hadi, 31
Hassan Munasreh, 35
Muhammad Muhammad ‘Abd al-Muhsen Yunes, 18
‘Abd al-Hamid ‘Abd al-Hamid Hussein Abu al-‘Eish, 28
Mazen Freitakh, 25
Yusef ‘Abd a-Razaq Yihya, 15
Ghaseb Mahmoud Hawarin, 22
Jasser Hussein Ahmad ‘Alumi, 23
Mahmoud a-Zatmeh, 35
Bassem Freddie, 22
Radwan Karom, 20
Badr ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Yasin, 23
Ramez Nafez a-Talmas, 27
‘Imad ‘Adnan al-Hiyudi, 21
‘Abd al-Mun’im Muhammad Nijem, 20
‘Ali Hussein al-Mushirfa, 36
Ahmad Abu al-Qumsan, 16
Ahmad Khamis al-Ashram, 13
‘Imad Saber Basel, 20
‘Amar Qamel Nassar, 21
Sami Hassan Qassem, 16
Mahmoud Sa’id Faruna, 30
Sa’ed Masa’ed al-‘Arbid, 35
Ashraf ‘Abd a-Rahim al-Halbi, 28
Muhammad Suliman Tutah, 18
Fadi Yusef Ibrahim Tutah, 21
Taleb Jum’ah Badiyeh Smalekh, 16
Salem Suliman ‘Abed al-Masder, 57
Yusef Riad Abu Wadi, 15
‘Ali Marwan Abu Jiab, 26
‘Alaa Jawadi Ribhi a-Natsheh, 20
Iyad Muhammad ‘Alian, 26
Walid Tawfiq Isma’il a-Lidawi, 19
Rasem ‘Abd al-Karim a-Sha’er, 24
Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Nur Barham Abu Shaluf, 19
Jihad ‘Aziz ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Nazzal, 14
Khaled Ghian, 33
Mahmoud Nafez Mahmoud Sha’th, 25
Azher Ghassan Hanani, 18
Mahmoud Amin Hanani, 21
Rayik Ma’sud Daraghmeh, 35

Zachar Rahamim Hanukayev, 39
Alexander Kostyuk, 23
Lior Ziv, 19
Daniel Mandel, 24
Yigal Lifshitz, 20
Ofer Shar’abi, 21

March 2003

Muhammad Faruk Tafesh, 16
Muhammad Ahmad Darwish, 14
Muhammad ‘Awad Ghanem, 20
‘Omar Musa Matar, 14
Iyad Khalil Fayad, 31
Ihab Sa’di Mahmoud Jerisi, 21
Mwafaq ‘Abd a-Razaq Shhadeh Badawneh, 40
‘Alaa Iyad, 24
Nader Salameh Jawarish, 25
Mahmoud Bassam Mahmoud Nassar, 14
Christine George S’adeh, 11
Ahmad ‘Imad Faiz ‘Abahreh, 14
Nabil Muhammad a-Dawidar, 40
‘Ali ‘Alan, 27
Naser ‘Asidah, 27
Wael Jum’ah Hamdan Barhum, 25
Sa’id a-Tawil, 27
Muhammad Tawfiq Salameh Abu Yusef, 17
Iyad Bashir Abu Zreiq, 18
Ibrahim al-‘Athmani, 22
‘Omar Hassan Darwish, 16
Muhammad Rajab a-Sa’fin, 34
Ramez Mansur Hassan a-Sadudi, 19
‘Alaa Muhammad el-Kahlut, 22
Shadi Harb ‘Abdallah Kharis, 23
Ilham Ziad Hassan al-‘Assar, 4
Ahmad Ahmad a-Najar, 43
Muhammad ‘Issa ‘Abd al-Hadi, 17
Yusef Masharqah, 21
Muhammad Nizar Ibrahim Salim, 18
Rabi’ Faraj a-Nar, 23
Ousamah Ribhi Abu Khalil, 16
Watheq Ahmad Eghbariya, 18
Ibrahim Khalil Menizal, 21
‘Imad Nayef ‘Atiyyah Bani ‘Odeh, 19
Baker Nayef ‘Atiyyah Bani ‘Odeh, 28
Amin ‘Ali Sa’ed Bsharat, 17
Sami Mustafa Bsharat, 22
Muhammad ‘Aref Mahjameh, 24
Rami al-Ashqar, 20
‘Awad Ahmad ‘Abdallah a-Sifi, 52
Hafez Nazmi a-Rajabi, 24
Muhammad ‘Ayash, 19
‘Imad Abu Gharqud, 19
‘Abd a-Rahman al-‘Amudi, 27
Khaled Jum’ah, 29
Ibrahim Maqadmeh, 53
‘Alaa Shukri, 24
Mufid Sa’id a-Da’ifi, 23
Hazem al-Qawasmeh, 22
Muhsein al-Qawasmeh, 20
Fadi al-Fakhuri, 21
Sufian Majed Muhammad Hariz, 21
‘Imad Amin Fanunah, 20
‘Alaa Muhammad Karam, 20
Yusef ‘Ali Mansur, 20
Muhammad Hassan Mahmoud a-Zinati, 36
Muhsein ‘Awad Abu ‘Odeh, 30
Ihab Ahmad Nabhan, 23
Baker Hiash, 24
Tareq Maher Ahmad a-Najar, 13
Fathiya Mahmoud Hussein ‘Alawneh, 52
al-Mansi ‘Abd Rabo Saleh al-Mabhuh, 84
Muhammad Shhadeh al-Biari, 61
Ousamah Ahmad al-‘Asas, 30
Hisham Mahmoud, 18
‘Abdallah al-Ashab, 75
‘Ali al-‘Abbas, 26
Ahmad Seif Khader al-Hamshri, 15
Muhammad ‘Issa, 22
Fadi Faiz Muhammad al-Huajri, 16
Mu’atasem Hamed ‘Aqel, 24
Rami Yusef ‘Awad, 21
Maher Khamis a-Rifa’I, 24
Tareq Sami ‘Aqel Abu Matar, 14
Walid ‘Abd Allah al-Khatib, 24
Muhammad ‘Ali al-Babli, 22
Saleh Diab Abu ‘Atios, 44
‘Aziza Dib al-Qaysar, 55
Nuha Sabri ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Maqadmeh, 33
‘Abd a-Rahman Mustafa Muhammad Jadallah, 9
Mahmoud Mar’i ‘Abd al-Hadi, 25
‘Abd Rabo Dib ‘Abd Rabo al-‘Assar, 50
Muhammad al-Masharawi, 23
Mahmoud ‘Ali a-Najar, 18

Zion Boshirian, 51
Eli Horowitz, 52
Dina Horowitz, 50
Maryam ‘Atar, 27
Kamar Abu Hamed, 12
Anatoly Biryakov, 20
Smadar Firstater, 16
Daniel Haroush, 16
Mordechai Hershko, 41
Tom Hershko, 15
Mittal Katab, 20
Elizabeth Katzman, 17
Tal Kehrmann, 17
Abigail Litale, 14
Yuval Mendellevich, 13
Mark Takash, 54
Assaf Tzur, 17
Moranne Shushan, 20
Ami Cohen, 27
Assaf Moshe Fuchs, 21
Tomer Ron, 20
Eliahu Laham, 22
Be’eri Oved, 21

February 2003

‘Alaa Abu Sharh, 23
Fathi Abu Jbarah, 62
Ahmad Khalil ‘Atallah Abu ‘Alwan, 13
Naser Ja’rah, 14
‘Abdallah al-Kafarneh
Wael al-Gharbawi, 31
Mahmoud Muhammad ‘Odeh Abu Zaher, 15
Muaiad Salameh, 24
Ahmad ‘Eid Muhammad ‘Afaneh, 16
Muhammad Ramadan Yusef el-Kahlut, 15
Muhammad Sarhan Hawila, 27
Baraa Faiz Ahmad al-‘Afifi, 15
Ayman Abu Sharar, 32
Yusef ‘Atiyyah Abu Shria’h, 19
Walid Majd al-Masri, 23
Sami Mustafa Halawah, 43
Ahmad a-Najar, 35
Mustafa ‘Abdallah al-Kafarneh, 20
Tareq Abu Rahma, 28
Muhammad ‘Ofeh
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Zahara, 61
Ahmad Munir Abu Zahara, 17
‘Amer Hamud a-Dayah, 23
Munther Marwan a-Safdi, 27
‘Abd a-Rahman Fawzi al-Qasas, 27
Muhammad a-Sabber, 16
Naser Abu Safiyeh, 32
‘Alaa Nahed al-Hilu, 22
Sa’id Nahed al-Hilu, 28
Tammer Darwish al-Qata’, 23
Iyad A’bed, 27
Muhammad Salim a-Sahlub, 28
‘Abd a-Rahman Abu a-Naja, 30
‘Ali Abu al-Kheir, 30
Muhammad al-Mor, 27
‘Abd al-Karim Sha’ban Bakrun, 25
Muhammad Yusef al-Ghul, 28
Hassan ‘Abdallah Abu Zeid, 33
Khalil al-Bakri, 27
Muhammad Sa’id Hadav, 25
Mufid ‘Awad al-Bil, 21
Nidal Fathi Farhat, 30
Ayman Ibrahim Mahana, 28
Akram Fahmi Nassar, 25
Muhammad Isma’il Salmi, 23
Iyad Faraj Sheldan, 23
Ayman Abu Zant, 22
Feras a-Dib Mabruki, 22
Muhammad Samer Takruri, 35
Ziad ‘Abed Salam a-Sha’er, 33
Muhammad Hamad Hamdan Keshtah, 21
Muhammad Hassan Sh’alan, 22
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Rabi’ Hamdiya, 20
Wajdi Muhammad Ibrahim Salman, 18
Ahmad Muhammad Mahmoud Salim, 24
Hassan al-Ghul, 8
‘Imad Mabruki, 25
Mustafa Ibrahim Abu ‘Adwan, 10
‘Abd al-Baqi Muhammad ‘Abd al-Baqi Muslem, 25
‘Aref Muhammad ‘Aref Bsharat, 13
‘Omar Sa’ed a-Din ‘Ali Hassan, 20
‘Abd al-Karim Hamed Anwar Lubad, 20
‘Anan Muhammad Mahmoud Hanani, 19
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Karim Salim Nufal, 18
Rida Ghanem, 20
Camilla Abu Sa’id, 65
Salem A’bed Qdeih, 65
Rami ‘Ata Abu Shab, 25
Muhammad Mahmoud Kadurah, 22

Doron Lev, 19
Noam Bahagon, 20
Tal Alexei Belitzky, 21
Doron Cohen, 21
Etay Mizrahi, 20
Shahar Shmul, 24
Amir Ben Aryeh, 21
Idan Suzin, 20

January 2003

Iyad Tahsin Abu a-Lul, 21
Faiz al-Jabber, 32
Badi’a Rafe’a, 23
Munir ‘Abd al-Hai Muhammad Morasi, 26
Nahed Mubarak Abu Dahruj, 19
‘Ali ‘Aziz, 8
Muhammad ‘Abd Suqha, 20
Yusef Saleh Fadi, 22
Rashad Bassam ‘Aurabi, 25
Nidal Mahmoud Mustafa al-Qastuni, 17
Fadi Hassan Raja Kreini, 17
Rami Fathi ‘Issa, 28
Ahmad Hassan al-Fiyumi, 25
‘Alaa Zuheir Halifa, 23
Iyad Bader Jebril, 21
Ashraf Samih Kahil, 24
Mustafa Zuheir Rahmi, 25
Muhammad Rashad ‘Obeid, 25
Ahmad Shhadeh A’bed, 27
Muhammad Akram a-Nakhaleh, 21
Khaled ‘Ali Hassan a-Shaluf, 17
Amjad Yusef al-Hatab, 15
Wisam Faiz Yusef Hassan, 25
Hassan Yusef Hassan Fayad, 19
Ayman Hamawi, 20
Su’ad Jadallah, 45
Muhammad Salim Suliman al-Masader, 25
Mahmoud Hassan Hussein ‘Amer, 20
‘Amar ‘Alian, 25
Hamzah al-Qawasmeh, 18
Muhei a-Din Mubarak, 16
Haza’a Shadid, 15
Ribhi Nazzal, 45
Jamal Mahmoud Abu al-Qambaz, 20
Karam Taysir al-Maghni, 19
Hamadah ‘Abd a-Rahman a-Najar, 13
Muhammad Kaware’, 14
‘Ali Thaher Nassar, 45
Basman Snir, 20
‘Abd a-Latif Wadi, 30
Tareq Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Qader Jadu, 20
Ahmad ‘Ajaj, 18
Ayman Muhammad Haneideq, 30
Majd a-Salibi, 35
Nassim Hassan Abu Maliah, 25
Iyad Muhammad Abu Zaid, 26
Baker Muhammad Khadura, 24
Tammer Khader, 21
Sami Zidan, 23
Jihad Jum’ah A’bed, 16
Muhammad ‘Atiyyah Duas, 16
Tareq Ziad Duas, 16
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Rabi’ Zakarneh, 18
Hani Zakarneh, 20
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Rahman Subuh, 24
Tareq Abu Snineh, 23
Hazem ‘Adnan Funun, 27

Natanel Ozeri, 34
Mas’ud Makluf Alon, 71
Eli Biton, 48
Moshe Ahrafi, 60
Mordechai Aviyuni, 52
Andre Friedman, 30
Meir Haim, 74
Hana Himov, 53
Avi Kotzer, 43
Rami Nesibov, 25
Ilanit Peled, 32
Viktor Shebayev, 62
Boris Tepelshvili, 51
Sapira Shoshana Yalzuri-Yafa, 46
Amriam Z’mora, 55
Liliya Zaibeshtain, 25
Igor Zobokov, 32
Ronald Berer, 20
Assaf Bitan, 19
Ya’aKov Na’im, 20
Michael Kazakov, 34
Mazal ‘Orkobi, 20

December 2002

Ibrahim ‘Issa Muhammad Frajallah, 20
Hassan Abu ‘Obeid, 38
Jamal Zuheir Zabarah, 20
Bassem Mus’ad, 37
‘Imran ‘Abd al-Ghani Gheith Abu Hamdiyeh, 17
‘Abd al-Karim Yasser Salameh, 11
Hanin Abu Suliman, 11
Ahmad al-Faqih, 21
Muhammad Shahin, 20
Muhammad ‘Ashur, 16
Bassam al-Ashqar, 26
Samer Smali, 22
Hamzah Abu a-Rob, 35
‘Issam Muhammad a-Susi, 21
Jamal Yihya, 27
Mahdi Abu ‘Obeid, 17
Ibrahim Huash, 26
Muhammad Fakhri Brik, 14
Mustafa Kash, 30
Shumann Subuh, 29
Nabil Mahmoud Kaware’, 38
Iyad Salem ‘Othman Abu Sha’ar, 12
Muhsein Fouad Jaber, 22
Hanin Abu Sitah, 12
Majdi Musa, 25
Nada Madi, 11
Sadiqa Abu Shalub, 48
‘Alaa Muhammad Musleh a-Sadudi, 15
Jawad Zidan, 16
‘Eid Abu Halal, 16
Hassan Shaluleh, 22
Muhammad Mahmoud ‘Adwan, 26
‘Abd al-Karim Shabat, 19
Walid Tareq ‘Abd Rabo
Jadallah Shuqa, 32
‘Asef al-Astal, 26
Ahmad Fares Msalam al-Astal, 27
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Aish al-Astal, 35
Muhammad Fahmi Hussein al-Astal, 21
Muhammad ‘Adel Isma’il al-Astal, 27
Bassam Muhammad al-Barim, 23
Ousamah Badreh, 27
Yasser Yasin al-Agha, 24
Basel Mustafa al-Ku’, 28
Rihaneh al-Qilani, 21
Nahlah ‘Aqel, 41
‘Abd al-Hadi ‘Amar Najib al-‘Umari, 20
Shadi Mansur, 16
Ahlam Rizeq Kandil, 30
Marwan Saber a-Taharawi, 16
Ousamah Hassan a-Taharawi, 28
Hazem Jamil Abu ‘Abdu, 27
Ramez ‘Omar al-‘Aalem, 21
‘Imad ‘Abd al-Hamid al-‘Awini, 28
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamid al-‘Awini, 26
‘Abd al-Mun’im Muhammad al-Bahar, 30
Raed Yihya Ramadan, 30
Tareq Yihya Ramadan, 28
Mustafa Ahmad a-Sabah, 33
Sami Kazem Shawar
Hashem Da’ud Srur
Adham ‘Ali, 23
Firas al-Bituni, 26
‘Alaa al-Maluh, 20
Ziad Barghouti, 18
Rami Bashir, 23
Fatmeh ‘Obeid, 94
Mahmoud Shaladan, 19
Maher Saqallah, 19
Mu’taz ‘Odeh, 16
‘Ashur Dib, 69
Mahmoud Saleh Muhammad a-Na’rani, 32

Gavriel Hoter, 17
Zvi Ziman, 18
Yitzhak Arama, 40
Noam Apter, 23
Yehuda Bamberger, 20
Maor Kalfon, 19
Keren Yacobi, 19

November 2002

Isma’il Brreis ‘Ashur, 23
‘Omar Muhammad Abu Rob
Yusef Muhammad Abu a-Rob
Hatem Razeq ‘Ajali, 16
Salem Muhammad Shuhan, 20
Jihad a-Natur, 24
‘Atiyyah Rabaiya’h, 33
‘Alaa a-Sabagh, 26
‘Imad Nasharteh, 22
Husam Khalil al-Faqih, 8
‘Abdallah ‘Arafat a-Natsheh, 17
Fahmi Abu Hussein, 26
Muhammad Balu, 11
‘Amru al-Qudsi, 13
Sha’ban Bdeir, 40
Ahmad Jussi, 30
Ihab a-Zaqtah, 16
Tareq a-Zaghal, 20
Ziad Masharqah, 40
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Ghani, 25
Samar Shar’ab, 21
Ibrahim a-S’adi, 16
Akram ‘Abd al-Muhsen al-Haymuni, 20
Diab Muhammad al-Muhtasab, 22
Walaa Hashem Srur, 21
Mahmoud A’bbas al-‘Abid, 33
‘Imran Isma’il a-Shilah, 17
Jalal Muhammad ‘Awijan, 17
Khaled Harb Abu Hilal, 36
Humad al-Masri, 2
Nafez Mesh’al, 2
Iyad Sawalha, 27
Raafat Isma’il Balawaneh, 25
Ahmad Ramadan, 34
Mustafa Hanani, 19
Iyad Harb, 20
Iyad Abu Taha, 20
Adham Hamdan, 18
Hamed ‘Omar a-Sader, 36
Firas Abu Ghazala, 27
Ibrahim al-Masri, 18
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Qader ‘Othman, 24
Ahmad Musa a-Sharqawi, 22
Muhammad a-Sufi, 21
Marwan Rabi’, 24
Hassan Khalil Zo’rub, 36

Esther Galia, 48
Amos Sa’ada, 52
Assaf Tzfira, 18
Haim ‘Amar, 56
Ehud Yehuda Avitan, 54
Mordechai Avraham, 44
Ya’aKov Lary, 35
David Peretz, 48
Shaul Zilberstein, 36
Hodaya Asraf, 13
Hadassah Ben David, 32
Marina Bezarsky, 46
Sima Novak, 56
Ilan Perlman, 8
Kira Perlman, 67
Yafit Revivo, 14
Ella Shershevsky, 44
Michael Shershevsky, 16
Dikla Zino, 22
Yitzhak Dory, 43
Tirza Damari, 42
Matan Ohayon, 5
Noam Ohayon, 4
Revital Ohayon, 34
Julio Pedro Magram, 51
Gaston Perpinal, 15
Shigdaf (Shai) Garmai, 30
Yitzhak Bawanish, 46
Dan Cohen, 22
Yeshayahu Davidov, 20
Alex Dohan, 33
Igor Drobitsky, 20
Natanel Machlouf, 19
David Marcus, 22
Tomer Nov, 19
Gad Rahamim, 19
Samih Sweidan, 31
Dror Weinberg, 38
Alexander Zwitman, 26
Modayen Saleh Grifat, 23

October 2002

Khaled Abu al-Iz
Hani Bani Maniyah, 22
Ayman Ahdian Muhammad al-Akhras, 30
Ashraf ‘Omar ‘Awad Da’ud, 24
Ashraf Mansur
Iyad Mansur, 37
‘Assem Suaftah, 20
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Ahmad ‘Einbus, 18
‘Alaa Hdir, 23
Ahmad Jadallah, 24
Fouad Abu Ghali, 21
Salem a-Sha’er, 13
Mahmoud Samer Abu Mur, 16
Ahmad Abu J’afar, 16
Karam Muhammad Mustafa Abu ‘Obeid, 17
Shayma’ Kamal Yusef Abu Shamaleh, 8
Ayman Muhammad ‘Ali al-Ghul, 29
Muhammad Abu Naja, 8
Sa’id ‘Abd al-‘Ati ‘Ali ‘Obeid, 25
Muhammad Sami Zakri Abu Hilal, 15
Fatmeh Ahmad Abu Jazar, 70
Samira Muhammad Abu Jazar, 32
Muhammad Sabri a-Tamuni, 17
Ahmad ‘Asfur, 55
Muhammad Nafe’a Musa, 27
Wasim Sab’aneh, 23
Muhammad Ishteiwi ‘Abayat, 28
Yusra Shawalheh, 40
Ibrahim Muhammad Yusef al-Ghuti, 26
Tawfiq Husam Hafez Bariqi, 2
Tawfiq Bariqi, 60
‘Arafat Salim ‘Abd a-Rahman Qdeih, 20
Taher Badran, 19
Ahmad Radwan, 15
Fathiya ‘Abdallah Jum’ah a-Sufi, 43
Maysaa Zanun, 12
Shaden Abu Hajleh, 50
Thaer Salah Saleh al-Hut, 13
Ihab Fathi ‘Abdallah al-Magheyr, 18
Muhammad ‘Ashur, 14
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Ahmad Saleh Isma’il ‘Eid, 42
Ousamah Muhammad ‘Ali ‘Abdin, 30
‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Ali Suliman a-Salut, 41
Fares ‘Abd a-Naser a-Zaquzeq, 17
Haitham Musa Abu a-Naja, 25
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Hassan al-Astal, 16
Muhammad Hussein Hashem al-Astal, 13
Jamal Fathi Barbakh, 17
Nidal Kapah Barbakh, 16
Ihab Helmi Khalaf, 22
‘Abdallah Walid Sabah, 16
Muhammad Mustafa Sadeq, 20
Iman Muhammad Saqer, 20
Muhammad Farhat Shaluleh, 21
Rahima Hassan ‘Ali Salameh, 50
Mahmoud Jadallah al-Astal, 16
Muhammad Hashem al-Astal, 35
Tareq ‘Abd al-Karim Qdeih, 28
Samir Nursi
Sa’id Muhammad Sa’id Suliman, 43
Muhammad ‘Ali Zeid, 16
‘Amar Jamal Hashem Rajab, 16
Tawfiq Yusef Muhammad Hamarsheh, 51
Abu Jibril Bahar, 50

Orna Eshel, 53
Lenoy Saroussi, 14
Hadas Turgeman, 14
Oded Wolk, 51
Osnat Abramov, 16
Indelou Ashati, 54
Su’ad Jaber, 23
Sergei Shavchuk, 35
Anat Shimshon, 33
Ofra Burger, 56
Iris Lavi, 68
Sa’ada Aharon, 71
Amihud Hasid, 32
Tamir Masad, 41
Matan Zagron, 22
Liat Ben Ami, 20
Eliezer Moskovitch, 40
Nir Nahum, 20
Esther Pashov, 19
Ayman Sharuf, 20
Ilona Hanukayev, 20
Sharon Tubul, 19

September 2002

Rami Halim Ibrahim Badiri, 13
Mahmoud Zaghlul, 12
Muhammad Abd ‘Ajwah, 18
Sami ‘Abd al-‘Aal, 25
Muhammad Yarmur
‘Issa Abu ‘Ajrum, 34
‘Abd a-Rahim Hamdan, 40
Bahaa Abu Sultan, 20
Gharam Muhammad Ibrahim Man’a, 1
Nasha’t Jabarah
Mahmoud Hassis, 52
‘Adel ‘Atallah a-Dib, 32
Khaled ‘Atallah a-Dib, 34
Yasin Nassar, 50
Muhammad Ksko, 45
Ihab Marani, 21
Walid Marani, 14
Ashraf Zwaid, 25
Nidal a-Sarsak, 27
Jaber al-Harzin, 40
Riad Hashash, 19
‘Issam Hamzah, 32
‘Issa Isma’il, 28
Bahaa a-S’adi Bahbash, 14
Ahmad Radwan, 19
Muhammad Isma’il Hamuda
‘Abdallah Suliman a-Raghableh, 14
Ahmad Lubad, 35
Haitham Sa’id Hussein Natat, 17
Samira Dahadar, 25
‘Abd a-Salam Samrin, 12
Tareq Bsharat
Subhi Rajab Zino, 26
Mahmoud Harfush, 32
Riad ‘Alian Nayef, 39
‘Atiyyah Ahmad al-Kashef, 24
Jamal Suliman Shluf, 18
Kamel Khaled a-Silawi, 22
Samir ‘Omar Yusef Kandil, 30
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Suliman a-Daghameh, 20
Baher ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Ahmad ‘Eid, 24
Hussein ‘Abd al-Jabba Hussein a-Najar, 21
Muhammad Idris Faiz ‘Ashur, 22
‘Alaa Rafa’a, 23
‘Alaa ‘Atef ‘Abd al-Yassin ‘Abeidah, 21
‘Atiyyah al-Halaiqa, 21
Hisham Na’im Dib al-Halaiqa, 33
Husam Na’im Dib al-Halaiqa, 33
Ghassan Hamdi Fares a-Sha’bi, 23
‘Abd al-Karim Bassam Sa’di, 17

Shlomo Yitzhak Shapira, 48
Yosef ‘Ajami, 36
David Buhbut, 67
Solomon Hoenig, 79
Yaffa Shem Tov, 49
Ofer Singer, 29
Rosanna Siso, 63
Yossi Mamistavlov, 39
Moshe Hezkiyah, 21
Ari Weiss, 22
Harel Marmelstein, 23
Aviad Dotan, 21
Malek Grifat, 24

August 2002

Name unknown to B’Tselem
‘Alaa Suliman Abu a-Sa’id, 24
Ashraf Muhammad al-‘Awawdeh, 35
Muhammad Baker al-Masri, 25
Bahira Daraghmeh, 6
Ousamah Daraghmeh, 12
Raafat Daraghmeh, 29
Yazid ‘Abd al-Razaq Daraghmeh, 17
Sari Mahmoud Subuh, 17
‘Abd al-Hadi al-Hamaydah, 13
Muhammad al-‘Amuri, 33
Ashraf Abu al-Hajin, 23
Muhammad Abu al-Hajin, 18
Nihad Abu al-Hajin, 19
Rowayda Abu al-Hajin, 42
Muhammad Barakeh, 27
Muhammad Hatem Ahmad al-‘Ut, 22
Wafa a-Dusoqi, 23
Midhat al-Yajzi, 27
‘Adnan Darib, 26
Muhammad S’adat
Ayman Zo’rub, 15
‘Issam Salim, 28
Muhammad Amin Abu ‘Odeh, 13
Ayman Bassem Fares, 6
Naser Jarrar, 44
Ghazal Muhammad Frihat, 21
Basel Ibrahim Naji, 20
Ahmad al-Qureini, 54
Maher al-Masri, 20
Husseini ‘Ali Jaber Damiri, 40
‘Adel Rizeq Ghiben, 26
Hassan ‘Ali al-‘Aasi, 23
Mahmoud Shehdeh al-Jakhbir, 31
Ayman Abu Maghaseb, 13
Ziad D’aas, 25
Maher Muhammad Jazmai, 18
Muhammad Khamis S’adeh, 20
Husam Ahmad Muhammad Hamdan, 28
‘Ali ‘Ajuri, 21
Murad Marshud, 19
Hamzah Badawi, 13
Muhammad Rida Khalil Faruniyeh, 36
Khaled Seif, 41
Muhammad Yihya Encio, 22
Ibrahim Su’ad a-Din Sa’u, 19
Raed Fathi al-‘Amed, 25
Nu’man Hussein Zalum, 40
‘Abd a-Rahim Ibrahim Tawil, 40
Fatmeh ‘Abdallah ‘Awwad Abu Daher, 75
Ahmad Tawfiq Ibrahim ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, 18
Amjad Jabur, 35
Asmaa Tahsin Ahmad Ahmad, 9

Yafit Herenstein, 31
Avi Walensky, 29
Avital Walensky, 27
Yekutieli Amitai, 32
Shani Ladani, 27
Mordechai Yehuda Friedman, 24
Sari Goldstein, 21
Maysoun Amin Hassan, 19
Marlene Menahem, 22
Keven Cohen, 19
Yifat Gavrieli, 19
Roni Kamel Ghanem, 28
Omri Goldin, 20

July 2002

Nivin Jamjum, 14
Tammer ‘Abd a-Nabi Abu ‘Armaneh, 21
Ahmad Jaber Abu ‘Eashah, 20
Anas Banan Abu ‘Alba, 25
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Maamun a-Ziben, 16
Iyad Taysir al-Haj Hassan, 32
Bilal ‘Eid al-Aqra’, 21
Maamun Faraj, 22
‘Anan Isma’il Hamed Qadus, 21
Anwar Muhammad Fayad, 24
‘Imad Musa Abu ‘Eashah, 23
Khader Muhammad a-Sa’idi, 67
Yusef Subhi ‘Ali a-Shawa, 42
Muhammad Mahmoud al-Huti, 3
Muna Fahmi al-Huti, 22
Subhi Mahmoud al-Huti, 5
Alaa Muhammad Matar, 11
Ayman Raed Matar, 2
Dina Raed Matar, under 1
Dunia Rami Matar, 5
Iman Hassan Matar, 27
Muhammad Raed Matar, 4
Zaher Saleh Nassar, 37
Iman Salah Shhadeh, 14
Laila Khamis Shhadeh, 41
Salah Mustafa Shhadeh, 40
Hussein ‘Abd a-Rahman Sweidan, 55
Name unknown to B’Tselem
‘Amer Isma’il ‘Abd a-Rahman Hantuli, 26
Bashar Bassem ‘Alian Hantuli, 16
Marwan Jamal Hussein Khial, 69
Mahmoud Samir Hilal Zeid, 22
Ghazi Jamal Abu ‘Obayah, 24
Khaled al-Khatib
‘Imad Abu Zahara, 35
Mu’in ‘Ali Salam al-‘Adini, 18
Jamal Yusef Da’ud ‘Arar (‘Odeh), 37
Rami ‘Odeh al-Qutush, 18
Mahmoud Hassan a-Shusha, 35
Anwar Khaled Isma’il al-Hindi, 2
Randah Khaled Isma’il al-Hindi, 45
Khamis Sharab, 49

Mordechai Odesser, 52
Shlomo Odesser, 60
Hana Dikstein, 42
Shuv-El Dikstein, 9
Yosef Dikstein, 46
Elimelech Shapira, 43
Prematurely born baby of severely wounded woman, under 1
Galila ‘Addas, 60
Yocheved Ben Hanan, 21
Yonatan Gamliel, 16
Keren Kashani, 29
Zilpa Kashi, 65
Gal Shilon, 32
Sarah Tiferet Shilon, under 1
Ilana Sitton, 35
Revital Barashi, 30
Dina Carter, 37
David (Diego) Ledowski, 29
Levina Shapira, 53
Dafna Spruch, 61
Dmitri Pundikov, 23
Boris Shamis, 25
Elezer Lebovitch, 21
Ela’d Ghrenadier, 21
Hagai (Haim) Lev, 24

June 2002

‘Adnan ‘Odeh, 22
Ousamah Shabeth, 19
‘Imad Darujeh, 30
Muhannad Taher, 26
Muhammad Ahmad ‘Atallah, 18
Muhammad Ahmad Mubaraq Ishteiwi, 14
Muhammad ‘Aish, 17
Shukri Fa’iq ‘Abd al-Haj Da’ud, 10
Bassam Ghassan Rajib a-S’adi, 6
Muhammad Jihad Abu ‘Awwad, 23
Ashraf Dib, 24
Ashraf Muhammad Rarduq, 24
Khaled Tameisi, 26
Muhammad Nafez Abu Marzeh, 19
Sami Muhammad ‘Omar, 30
Midhat ‘Abd al-Wahab al-Jurani, 17
Amir Ahmad Qafah, 28
Bassem Sa’id Rizeq, 32
Yasser Sa’id Rizeq, 29
Yusef Sa’id Rizeq, 24
Saed al-Aqra’, 27
Islam Fouad a-Rahil, 20
Iyad Taysir Samudi, 24
‘Abd a-Samad Saleh Smaleh, 10
Ahmad Yusef Ghazawi, 9
Jamil Yusef Ghazawi, 6
Hilal Shita, 60
Sujud Ahmad Turki Shuhaneh, 8
Sahar Mahmoud al-Hindi, 28
Iyad Ramaheh, 19
Fares Husam Fares a-S’adi, 12
‘Imad a-Razim
Mazen a-Dik
Yusef Muhammad Abu Khader Bsharat, 22
Walid Sbieh, 29
Khalil Yusef al-‘Amur
Mahmoud Hassan al-‘Abed, 23
Muhammad Yusef Hamzah, 21
Khader ‘Abd al-Fatah al-Gharbi, 62
Ousamah Ahmad Jaber a-Najar, 24
Ahmad a-Sharihi, 26
Shadi Abu Wali, 24
‘Abed a-Rahman al-Habash, 32
Salman Muhammad Kadum, 25
Hussein a-Matawi, 8
Yasser Sawalha, 26
Mahdi Hatem ‘Aqel, 22
Sami Muhammad Muhsein, 28
Ahmad Yasser Hamed, 18
Ahmad Badawi Khalil Masalmeh, 35
‘Ahed ‘Ali a-Mabasher, 21
Sa’id Muhammad a-Sater, 30
Naji Yusef Khaliliya, 44
Tareq Hanji, 20
Murad Jamil Mahmoud Alkam, 16
‘Ali Khalil Abu Sitah, 19
Tareq al-Kharez, 23

Avishai Shabo, 5
Neria Shabo, 16
Rachel Shabo, 40
Zvika Shabo, 14
Yosef Twito, 31
Noa Alon, 60
Gal Eisenman, 5
Michal Franklin, 22
Hadassah Jungreis, 20
Gila Sarah Kessler, 21
Shmuel Yerushalmi, 17
Yael Shuraq, 24
Erez Rund, 18
Boaz Aluf, 54
Shani Avi Zedek, 15
Michal Baizi, 24
Leah Baruch, 59
Mandel Bereson, 72
Rafael Berger, 28
Tatiana Braslavsky, 41
Galila Bugala, 11
Raisa Dikstein, 67
Moshe Gottlieb, 70
Baruch Gruani, 60
Orit Hayla, 21
Helena Ivan, 63
Ayman Kabha, 26
Gila Nakav, 55
Shiri Negari, 21
Yelena Plagov, 42
Liat Yagen, 24
Rahamim Zidkiyahu, 51
Hadar Hershkowitz, 15
Zion Agmon, 50
Adi Dahan, 17
Eliahu Timsit, 32
Shimon Timsit,35
Shlomi Cohen, 26
Yosef Talbi, 20
Alexei Gladkov, 20
Haim Yehezkel Gutman, 22
Anatoly Krasik, 22
Shalom Mordechai, 35
Eyal Shuraq, 23
Liron Avitan, 19
Avraham Barzilai, 19
Dennis Blaumin, 20
Eliran Buskila, 21
Zvi Gelberd, 20
Violetta Hizgayev, 20
Genadi Iskov, 20
Sariel Katz, 21
Vladimir Mardi, 19
Yigal Nadipur, 21
Dotan Reisel, 22
David Stanislavsky, 23
Sivan Weiner, 19

May 2002

Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Zor
Name unknown to B’Tselem
‘Ali Idris Hamdan, 17
Hazem Saleh Zo’rub, 24
‘Awni ‘Odeh, 29
Muhammad Ahmad Abu Snobar, 26
Yusef Saleh Abu Shrim, 55
Waked Ass’ad Ibrahim al-Qutub, 55
Ziad Raf’at ‘Ali Yamin, 43
Anwa Abu Sa’id, 13
Kamleh Abu Sa’id, 45
Bassam Keshtah, 30
Iyad Hamdan, 22
‘Imad Khatib, 25
Mahmoud ‘Abdallah Sa’id Titi, 30
Bashir Yaish, 40
Muhammad Talal Kasab, 17
Musa Daraghmeh, 35
‘Iz a-Din a-Shamali, 21
Muhammad Ghanem, 21
‘Obeid Ahmad ‘Abd a-Samed, 7
Moshin ‘Atiyyah al-Atrash, 17
Khaled Abu Hiran, 38
Ahmad ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Zumareh, 26
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Amjad Muhammad Darwish al-Qutub, 26
‘Iz a-Din al-Hilu, 12
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Majdi Mahmoud Darwish Barhum, 16
Jamal Sami a-Sha’er, 17
Salem Sami a-Sha’er, 15
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Tammer Khaled Mahmoud Abu Sorrayha, 10
‘Abir Muhammad Yusef Zakarneh, 3
Basel Muhammad Yusef Zakarneh, 4
Fatmeh Ibrahim Zakarneh, 30
Rasmi Kadadheh, 43
Jamal Khalil Hassan Abu Musalem, 35
Khalaf Ahmad Suliman Najajrah, 38
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Sabha Ghanem, 48
Bilal a-Derbi, 20
Ahmad Abu Haleh, 22
Hassan Hussein Abu Jazar, 55
Name unknown to B’Tselem

Albert Malul, 50
Natanel Riachi, 17
Avraham Sitton, 17
Gilad Stieglitz, 14
Nisan Dolinger, 43
Sinai Keinan, 1
Ruth Peled, 56
Elmar Dezhabrielov, 16
Gary Tauzniaski, 65
Yosef Habib, 70
Viktor Tatrinov, 63
Arkady Viselman, 40
Esther Bablar, 45
Yitzhak Bablar, 57
Avi Bayaz, 26
Regina Malka Boslan, 62
Edna Cohen, 61
Rafael Haim, 64
Pnina Hikri, 59
Nawa Hinawi, 51
Rahamim Kimhi, 58
Nir Lovatin, 31
Shoshana Magmari, 51
Dalia Masa, 56
Ghassan Sharouk, 60
Israel Shikar, 49
Anat Teremforush, 36
Oren Tzelnik, 23
Avihu Ya’aKov, 24

April 2002

‘Ata ‘Abd al-Hai, 20
‘Issa Mahmoud Salim, 40
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Khader Barbakh, 24
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Samarah, 50
‘Abdallah Shluf, 20
Huda Muhammad Sa’id Shluf, 1
Mahareb Abu Sahlul, 65
Muhammad Abu Ghararbeh, 30
Tareq Rasmi Dufish, 22
Nidal ‘Abiyat, 30
Hussein Yusef Muhammad ‘Odeh
Rajaai Abu Shameh, 30
Akram Jum’ah al-Hamuri, 24
Amjad Yasser Katbeh, 25
Munther ‘Iz a-Din Katbeh, 22
Fares Yasser Shahin, 24
Ibrahim Yasser Shahin, 28
Nader ‘Imran Shahin, 31
Ousamah Muhammad Mahmoud Jabarin, 15
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Samir a-Debs, 19
Ahmad Bashir
Raed al-Khatib
‘Issam Nafez Rashed Jawabreh, 29
Tahsin al-‘Adel, 28
Raed Musa Ibrahim Nazzal, 33
Ibrahim ‘Abdin, 45
Muhammad ‘Abd Rabo, 22
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Halim al-Traeyra, 43
Ya’qub Isma’il Ise’ifan al-Traeyra, 35
Majdi Naji Khalila, 13
Isma’il Abu Nadi, 13
Anwar Hamduneh, 13
Yusef Zakut, 14
Samir Abu Rajub
Marwan Zalum, 59
Khaled a-Nabahin, 25
Akram al-‘Awawdeh, 25
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Isma’il ‘Eid, 19
Iyad Hamdaneh, 23
Taher Naser, 28
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Wael Judy, 19
‘Ali Kashir, 16
Manar a-Sha’er, 32
Yusef Zanun Khalil, 38
Murad Keshtah, 19
Fadel Abu Zahira, 9
Haitham Abu Shuqah, 19
Hassan Khamis Rafraf, 43
Ahmad ‘Omar Abu Salimah, 16
Basemah Musa Mutawe’a Qeysiya, 35
Qusai Abu ‘Eashah, 12
Fares Qassem Abu Ramileh, 24
Rana Sa’di al-Qarjeh, 24
Ahmad al-‘Araj, 27
Yunes Muhammad Abu Hararah, 25
Khaled ‘Abd a-Ra’uf, 30
Muhammad Ahmad Muhareb, 19
Salem Abu Khusah, 31
Hassan ‘Abdallah Nasman, 26
Esqandar Khaled S’adeh, 52
Nazmi Hamdan Yasin, 27
Riad S’adeh, 20
‘Atallah Michael al-Hayek, 46
Amal Hardan, 33
Jamileh Hardan, 35
Muhammad Hardan, 37
Fares ‘Anad Fares a-Ziben, 13
Jamal Tawfiq ‘Issa Turkman, 31
‘Amer ‘Othman, 20
Ahmad ‘Ata Barakeh
Manal Sufian, 28
Akram Sedqi al-Atrash, 28
‘Abd al-Karim Abu Sha’ala, 38
Yusef Salman Mahana, 28
Rizeq Baker, 40
Hafez Muhammad Sabrah, 65
‘Issam Daramleh, 26
Taher ‘Abd a-Dad Dudin, 35
‘Aref Sayed Ahmad, 32
Nayef Sayed Ahmad, 35
Hassan a-Salman
Kamal Badran, 30
Shahin Shwaeyl, 25
‘Umran al-‘Odeh, 26
Khaled Abu Siyam, 23
Ahmad Tabuq, 39
Husseini ‘Ali Ahmad ‘Amer, 42
Suliman a-Tantush
Yasser Hassan al-Quni
Muhammad Ghandur, 26
Ahmad Qaza’h, 24
Sharif al-‘Umari, 53
Shadi Abu Ghali, 20
Salawah Dahaliz, 10
Sumayah Hassan, 5
Tareq Abu Hasanein, 18
Ayman al-Jazar, 25
Rubin al-Khader, 14
Nader al-Khader, 28
Jamal Kara’in, 20
Shadi Abu Hasnah, 28
Khaled Ghattar, 22
Samir Ibrahim Salman, 42
Saed ‘Awwad, 25
Qeys ‘Adwan, 25
Majdi Balasmeh, 26
Ashraf Daraghmeh, 29
Muhammad Kmeil, 28
Munqez Suaftah, 29
Dima Sawaftah, 13
Iyad ‘Abed Sawaftah, 22
Muhammad Rohi al-‘Aqa, 42
Rami Darwazeh, 23
Naser Kharmeh
Nidal Husseini Abu al-Heija, 22
Walid Ibrahim Sa’id Mahmoud, 22
Ashraf Mahmoud Abu al-Heija, 23
Ahmad Amjad ‘Abadah, 12
Saleh ‘Abd a-Nabi
Nidal ‘Abidat, 27
Ibrahim ‘Afaneh, 35
Muhammad Hasib ‘Awad, 14
Kamal Nimer ‘Awwad, 31
Kamel Frij ‘Odeh, 51
Salam a-J’abbur, 30
Ribhi a-Lulu, 23
Khalil Anis a-Lums, 32
‘Abdallah Samir a-Sha’bi, 10
‘Azzam Samir a-Sha’bi, 3
‘Omar Muhammad Ahmad a-Sha’bi, 85
Anas Samir a-Sha’bi, 7
Samir ‘Omar Ahmad a-Sha’bi, 47
Yasser a-Shawish, 22
Kamleh Tawfiq a-Tirawi, 32
‘Abdallah Khader Abu ‘Obeid
Nidal Abu ‘Odeh, 23
Iyad Abu a-Rob, 23
Naser Abu a-So’ud, 35
Kamal Abu Shihab, 27
Bilal Abu Ta’imah, 21
Yusef Abu Zeid, 40
‘Abdallah Muti’a al-‘Aklib, 18
Jamil Ibrahim al-‘Arbudi, 27
Naser al-‘Asali, 26
Muhammad Hassan Salameh al-Hams, 23
Hisham al-Hoh, 26
Kamal al-Malah, 38
Mahmoud al-Qani, 35
Majd al-Quni, 32
Samir Wajih Dweikat, 35
Ihab Fahmawi, 27
Rasha Faiz Freitakh, 37
Zeha Faiz Freitakh, 37
Nabilah ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Ahmad Ghanem, 40
Khaled ‘Abdallah Habshi, 35
Ribhi Ahmad Hadad, 49
Ibrahim Hamidan
Muaiad Jamil, 27
‘Imad al-Haj Ahmad Karsu’a, 27
Mu’in Makhluf
Faruk Fahim Mashaqi, 21
Amjad ‘Abd a-Latif Qatoni, 27
Mu’atasem Rahal
Hani Shalby
‘Issam Shaqu, 27
Majd Suaftah, 22
Muhammad Ghazi Muhammad Wadi
Muhammad Nayef Muhammad Wadi, 23
Basel Zaghlul, 19
Samer Abu Leil, 20
Maher al-‘Umari, 20
Raed Fatuah, 26
Raed Hiju, 26
Muhammad Abu Khattab, 35
Sadiqa ‘Oqasheh, 56
‘Issa Muhammad D’abub a-Sghayer, 14
Ziad Ibrahim ‘Abed ‘Amer, 35
Hani Hassan ‘Atiyyah Abu Ramileh, 20
Muhammad ‘Amar Taqi Hawashin, 13
Rabi’ Salem Ahmad Jalamnah, 24
Fadwah Fathi ‘Abdallah Jamal, 27
‘Imad Khaled Ahmad Masharqah, 24
‘Izzat Yusef Shahin, 27
Hamzi Abu Ramuz, 24
Widad Hamid, 45
Jack Ass’ad, 45
Faiz Khaled Saleh, 14
‘Abd al-Khaleq Abu ‘Amrah, 35
Khaled Ya’qub ‘Abdah, 36
Sumayah Musa Na’im ‘Abdah, 64
‘Abud ‘Issa al-‘Umari, 60
‘Awwad Musa ‘Awwad al-Malhi, 22
Yihya D’amaseh, 24
‘Anan Jawarish, 22
Mahmoud Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah Salah, 25
‘Omar Shhadeh Muhammad Salahat, 39
Muhammad Muhammad, 32
Hamadah Akram Sajali, 13
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Nayef Qassem Nayef ‘Abd al-Jabber, 19
Assad Feisal ‘Arsan, 13
‘Abd a-Naser Ahmad ‘Azib, 41
Muhammad Khalil a-Nursi, 35
‘Abd al-Karim Yusef a-S’adi, 29
Kamal Sa’id Mustafa a-Sghayer, 57
Fadi Kamal Jamil Abu ‘Ara, 19
Muhammad Ma’sud Abu a-Saba’, 25
‘Atiyyah Hassan Abu Ramileh, 45
Munther Amin Ahlaj, 22
Ahmad Hussein Ahmad al-Fayed, 20
Mahmoud ‘Ali Muhammad al-Halweh, 31
‘Amid ‘Azmi Rateb al-Yamuni, 19
Riad Muhammad Bdeir, 35
Tareq Ziad ‘Adel Darwish, 25
Nidal Muhammad Tawfiq Eghbariya, 37
Shadi Muhammad Tawfiq Eghbariya, 19
Jamal Muhammad Rashid Fa’id, 37
Muhammad Hussein Ahmad Fa’id, 19
‘Abd a-Rahim Ahmad Hussein Faraj, 23
Ahmad Bashir Shhadeh Hamdunah, 70
Muhammad Hawiti, 28
Jaber Husseini Jaber Jaber, 23
Yusef Ahmad Mahmoud Kabha, 35
‘Ali Mahmoud Ahmad Khamaiseh, 52
Walid Ibrahim Sa’id Mahmoud, 25
Mahmoud Khalil ‘Atiyyah Masharqah, 27
Nizar Sa’id Matahen, 27
Jamal ‘Issa Mahmoud Sabbag, 37
‘Alam ‘Abd a-Latif Sais, 25
Mustafa ‘Abd a-Rahim Shalby, 32
Wadah Fathi Saleh Shalby, 37
Muhammad Mahmoud Taleb, 20
Mahmoud Khalil Muhammad Tualbah, 25
Muhammad Turkman, 25
Taha Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Zbeidi, 25
Munir ‘Issa Muhammad Washahi, 17
Yusra Muhammad Khalil Abu Kherj, 60
‘Afaf ‘Ali Hassan Saduqi, 50
Maryam ‘Abdallah Mahmoud Washahi, 48
Ahmad Yusef Ahmad al-Mughrabi, 28

Arik Backer, 22
Katya Greenberg, 45
Ya’aKov Katz, 51
Daniel Shafi, 5
Nisan Cohen, 68
Rivka Fink, 75
Soheila Hushi, 48
Yelena Qunrab, 43
Avinoam Alfiya, 26
Shimshon Satalqol, 34
Nir Krichman, 22
Uriel Bar Maimon, 21
David Smiranoff, 22
Gedalia Hillel Maliq, 21
Eyal Eliahu ‘Azuri, 27
Ronen Alshochat, 27
Tiran Arazi, 33
Ya’aKov Azoulai, 30
Dror Bar, 28
Amit Busidan, 22
Oded Golumb, 32
Menashe Hava, 23
Yoram Levy, 33
Shmuel Dani Mayzlish, 27
Avner Yaskov, 34
Eyal Yoel, 28
Eyal Zimmerman, 22
Mataniya Robinson, 21
Shmuel Weiss, 19
Nisan Avraham, 26
Moshe Fischer, 19
Oded Kornfein, 20
Ro’i Tal, 21
Patrick Faraj, 30
Nassim Ben David, 22
Gadi Yitzhak Ezra, 23
Einan Shar’abi, 32
Moshe Gerstner, 29
Ophir Roth, 22
Shlomo Ben Haim, 27
Nir Danieli, 24
Keren Franko, 18
Ze’ev Hanik, 24
Noa Shlomo, 18
Michael Weissman, 21
Tomer Mordechai, 19

March 2002

Muhammad ‘Awad, 21
Fathi ‘Abd al-Jawad, 21
Mustafa al-Akhras, 27
Wadah al-Batsh, 25
‘Abd al-Majid Shahrir, 27
Shadi Bata
Sa’id Nijmeh
Ibrahim Hasunah, 21
Jamal ‘Abd a-Salam, 23
Nader Ass’ad, 21
Murad Wafiq ‘Awaisa, 17
Marwan Shushari, 56
Ayub Abu Musalem, 40
Muhammad Jarum, 32
Ahmad Kalab, 33
Sa’id Hamam ‘Abd a-Rahman, 62
‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Abdallah, 58
Khaled Fathi Mahmoud ‘Awwad, 33
‘Omar Muhammad Musa, 54
Isma’il Ibrahim Zayed, 56
‘Azmi ‘Ajaj, 34
Ahmad Fathi ‘Ajaj, 32
Raed a-Dameisi, 25
Suraydah Abu Gharbiya, 21
Hussein al-Ashqar
Jad Dar Salim, 52
‘Alaa Daraghmeh, 23
‘Omar Hamaeyl, 43
Khaled Muhammad ‘Abd a-Ra’uf, 31
Naji Salem Ahmad A’bed, 27
Muhammad Bawatna, 38
Jad Hammad Khalif, 23
‘Atef Musa Kandil, 22
Azher al-‘Aamriyah, 24
Ahmad al-Masri, 21
‘Iz a-Din Hassan, 22
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Ziad ‘Abd a-Latif Suliman Wadi, 40
Samer Mu’amar ‘Abd al-Jawad, 23
Nasha’t Hamdan Abu ‘Aasi, 23
Bassem Abu Shhadeh
Ahmad Fares Abu N’ameh, 23
Ahmad Barbakh, 25
Muhammad Hussein M’amer, 23
Muhammad ‘Othman, 22
Ayman Hawaldi, 23
‘Issa a-Nader
Naji al-‘A’jrami, 19
‘Atiyyah Abu Namus, 37
Muhammad Hasanein, 22
Nabil ‘Abd a-Ghafur, 24
Nidal al-‘Almi, 19
Riham Abu Taha, 4
Ahmad ‘Ali ‘Atiq, 19
Saleh Muhammad Kamil, 23
Suliman a-Zari’I, 50
Mahmoud ‘Ali Muhsein, 30
Muhammad Abu ‘Obeid, 26
Muhammad Mahmoud Abu ‘Obeid, 27
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Amjad Bahajat al-‘Almi, 20
Mahmoud ‘Awwad, 27
Muhammad Iyad Mughrabi, 11
Nahed Muhammad ‘Issa, 28
Isma’il Hamdan, 25
Muhammad Da’na, 26
Isma’il Abu Taha, 28
Majdi al-‘Awiwi, 32
Kamal Rajab, 19
Wael Musa al-Akhras, 28
‘Atef Subhi Balbisi, 25
Mu’atasem Mahmoud ‘Abdallah Hammad, 28
Fares Fares ‘Abd a-Rahman, 22
Maher Sharif ‘Abd Rabo, 31
Muhammad Faiq Abu Latifah, 24
Muhammad Feisal Abu Nil, 28
Ahmad Sa’id Khalil Gharbaleh, 20
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Fouad ‘Adili, 46
Na’im a-Zabaineh, 50
Saqer Musleh, 16
Zakaria Mus’ad Sheikh al-‘Eid, 19
Nabil Abu al-Aqra’, 22
Yusef Muhammad Abu al-Qumsan, 25
Hani Abu Saheleh, 23
Muhammad Salim Abu Saheleh, 21
Ya’qub ‘Odeh ‘Abd al-Fatah, 25
Hamed Rushdi ‘Aqilan, 25
Rami Bahajat ‘Aziz, 20
Iyad Ahmad Rajeb ‘Issa, 25
Majdi a-Taluli, 25
Nabil Muhammad Shhadeh Abu al-Qar’a, 22
Fawzi Sabri ‘Omar Abu Shams, 20
Husam Hassan al-Barawi, 22
Sa’id Ahmad Hasunah, 22
Hamuda Nijem, 22
Ahmad Isma’il Qafin, 19
Samir Shadi Sababa, 45
‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad ‘Iz a-Din, 55
Walid ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Iz a-Din, 35
Ahmad Jum’ah al-Bashiti, 28
Muhammad Jum’ah al-Bashiti, 25
Rif’at Mahmoud al-Bashiti, 25
Zuheir Hussein Qawareh, 25
Mahmoud Abu Yasin, 15
Ahmad Hilal Ahmad, 25
Muhammad Ahmad Hilis, 18
Bilal Faiz Shhadeh, 19
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Majed Abu el-Ghidan, 29
Yusef al-Aqra’, 29
‘Atef al-Biari, 50
Nabil al-Masr’I, 25
Ayman Saleh Muhanna, 18
Yihya Abu Sa’id, 22
Daraghmeh ‘Izat Zakarneh, 21
Mahmoud Taysir Ghanem, 16
Ahmad Ibrahim ‘Abdeh, 23
Taleb Abu Ousamah, 22
Samer Wajih Yunes ‘Awis, 27
Hamed Suliman ‘Imran, 28
Fares ‘Izzat Ibrahim Shabet, 25
Wisam Suliman Khalil Shabet, 19
Sa’id ‘Eid, 35
Suliman a-Debs, 35
‘Imad Majdi a-Sufi, 23
Nida Suliman al-‘Aza, 15
Ibrahim al-A’araj, 42
Huda Isma’il al-Khawajah, 36
‘Issa Faraj, 20
Ahmad Nu’man Sbieh, 38
Ashraf Salman a-Najar, 33
Baker Hussein a-Najar, 18
Musa Muhammad a-Najar, 47
Khaled Ibrahim a-Qadih, 35
Khalil Zirai a-Qadih, 33
Mahmoud Shhadeh a-Qadih, 32
Ihab ‘Abd al-Karim a-Talatini, 26
Ibrahim Yihya Abu Daqah, 23
Ayman Ibrahim Abu Dir, 27
Husam Shhadeh Abu Dir, 22
Marwan Salman Abu Mutluq, 22
Hamad Tawfiq Abu Rida, 27
Riad Muhammad Abu Rida, 30
Riad al-Qasas, 43
‘Arif Ramadan Harzallah, 36
Ahmad Hassan Mufraj, 62
Mahmoud Sa’id Saleh, 22
Sayed Faiz Abu Seifin, 14
‘Omar Abu ‘Obeid, 33
Radwan ‘Ashur, 28
Sa’id Shaleyal, 26
Samer Yunes
Shadi A’bbas, 22
Mahmoud A’bbas, 20
Ahmad Abu Tamam, 50
Ziad al-Jarar, 36
Mahmoud Faiz, 10
Khaled Kheirallah, 36
Bilal Rajab, 24
‘Adel Abu Sfaqah, 55
M’azuz al-Jarushi, 30
Bassem Darsiyeh, 40
Khaled Harun, 27
Heijar Persh, 70
Ghassan Salem, 36
Ibrahim Muhammad Ass’ad, 25
Kamal Salem, 36
Muhannad Abu Hilal, 24
Tareq Abu Jimus, 24
Walid Ghanem, 22
Husseini Nayef, 28
Khader Taleb
Muhammad Abu Husah
Isma’il Burdani, 27
Muhammad Saleh Khalil Yasin, 28
Muhammad Farhi Farhaj, 19
Yihya a-Shtiyeh, 26
Hussein al-Qaysi, 18
Akram Ghneim, 18
Yusef Shhadeh, 33
Frij Abu Taher, 28
‘Eid Khalil al-Qum’a, 35
Maher Fouad Hemda, 20
Jamil Samih Jamil Sabah, 37
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
‘Abd al-Ghani ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Daqah, 57
Mufideh Muhammad Abu Daqah, 47
Jamal Muhammad Abu Hamad, 27
Jamil ‘Abdallah ‘Abdallah, 37
Muhammad ‘Abed ‘Atawaneh, 35
Muhannad Diriyah Munir Abu Halaweh, 23
Fawzi Murar, 27
‘Omar Hussein Nimer Qadan, 27
Rawan ‘Abd al-Qader Jabrini, 16
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Rajub, 24
‘Aziza Hussein Abu Kweik, 17
Bara Hussein Abu Kweik, 14
Bushara Abu Kweik, 38
Muhammad Hussein Abu Kweik, 8
‘Arafat Ibrahim al-Masri, 16
Shaym’a ‘Imad al-Masri, 4
Amjad Mahmoud Ibrahim al-Fakhuri, 26
Naser al-Johir, 37
Samira Mahmoud Zbeidi, 55
‘Amer Mahmoud Abu Baker, 26
Na’im Muhammad a-Sabeh, 32
Ayman Ghneim, 18
Khalil Mahmoud Suliman al-Haj, 50
Saber Fakhri Abu Lebdeh, 28
Ibrahim ‘Ali Barhum, 42
Ahmad Yusef Hmeid Sufi, 24
Islam Shawahaneh, 27
Khaled Soweleh, 20
‘Abdallah Thabet, 22
Ayman Qassem Daraghmeh
Zaki Zaki ‘Amar, 21
Fouad Muhammad Hassan Bsharat, 23
Ahmad Fakhri Hashhash, 15
Khalil al-Jamasi, 28
Taysir Kamal Ja’rah, 18
Iyad a-Sias, 26
Yasser a-Sias, 27
Mahmoud a-Zib, 36
Maria Abu Sorrayha, 9
Lu’ai Dabayeh, 16
Muhammad Mufid, 25
Khaled Nijem, 19
Iyad Saber, 25
Muhammad a-Tantawi, 18
‘Abdallah al-Hilu, 17
‘Abd a-Rahim Mustafa Seif, 41
Mahmoud Hassan Ahmad a-Talalkah, 7

Michael Orlansky, 70
Tuvia Wisner, 79
David Gavish, 50
Rachel Gavish, 50
Yitzhak Kanner, 81
Esther Kleiman, 23
Avi Sabag, 24
Eyal Lieberman, 44
Eran Fiqar, 18
Arik Karogliak, 18
Tal Zvi Kurtzweil, 18
Asher Marcus, 19
Ariel Zaneh, 19
Dvora Friedman, 46
Vadim Balagula, 32
Sergei Birmov, 33
Didi Yitzhak, 66
Moshe Dayan, 46
Soheil ‘Adawi, 30
Dov Chernabroda, 67
Gal Koren, 15
Ran Koren, 18
Shimon Koren, 52
Moshe Levin, 52
Daniel Menchel, 22
Orly Ophir, 16
Anat Ron, 21
Aviel Ron, 54
Ofer Ron, 17
Ya’aKov Shani, 52
Adi Shiran, 17
Carlos Daniel Wegman, 50
Carlos Yerushalmi, 52
Rachel Cherki, 37
Rachel Levy, 17
Haim Smadar, 55
Shula Abramovitch, 63
David Anichovitch, 70
a-Tatr Bartiwitz, 88
Frieda Bartiwitz, 86
Shimon Ben Aroya, 42
Andre Farid, 47
Idit Farid, 47
Maryam Gutenzgan, 82
Amriam Hamami, 44
Dvora Karim, 73
Michael Karim, 78
Eliezer Korman, 79
Yehudit Korman, 70
Marianne Lehman Zaoui, 77
Lola Levkovitz, 85
Faruk Na’imi, 62
Eliahu Nakash, 85
Irit Rashel, 45
Hana Rogen, 90
Yulia Talmi, 87
Ze’ev Vider, 50
Ernest Weiss, 79
Eva Weiss, 75
Anna Yakobovitch, 78
Meir George Yakobovitch, 76
Yitzhak Cohen, 48
Tzipi Shemesh, 29
Alon Goldenberg, 28
Mogus Mahento, 65
Bella Schneider, 53
Noa Auerbach, 18
Dan Amani, 23
Limor Ben Shoham, 27
Nir Borochov, 22
Livnat Dabsh, 28
Danit Dagan, 25
Tali Eliahu, 26
Ori Felix, 25
Natanel Kochavi, 31
Baruch Lerner, 29
Orit Ozerov, 28
Avraham Haim Rahamim, 28
Avia Malka, under 1
Maharatu Tagana, 85
Eli Dahan, 53
Yosef Habi, 52
Tsofit Yarit Eliahu, 23
Ya’aKov Avraham Eliahu, under 1
Avi Hazan, 37
Lidor Ilan, 12
Oriah Ilan, 1
Avraham Eliahu Nehmad, 17
Gafnit Nehmad, 32
Liran Nehmad, 3
Shaul Nehmad, 15
Shiraz Nehmad, 7
Shlomo Nehmad, 40
Boaz Pomerantz, 22
Roman Shliapstein, 21
Avraham Gavish, 20
Tal Zemach, 20
Matan Biderman, 21
‘Alaa Hubeishi, 21
Rotem Shani, 19
Gil Badihi, 21
Kobi Eichelboim, 21
Edward Korol, 20
Steven Koenigsberg, 19
David Damelin, 29
Avraham Ezra, 38
Eran Gad, 24
Ariel Hovav, 25
Rafael Levy, 42
Yochai Porat, 26
Kfir Weiss, 24
Ya’aKov Avni, 20
Constantine Danilov, 23
Avraham Beckerman, 25
Sivan Vider, 20
Gadi Shemesh, 34
Michael Altfiro, 19
Shimon Edri, 20
Meir Fahima, 40
Aharon Revivo, 19
Alexander Nastarenko, 37
Salim Barakat, 33

February 2002

Tawfiq a-Shamali, 22
‘Abd al-Hamid Saleh Hamuda, 18
‘Abd al-Jabber Jussi, 22
Khaled a-Til
Muhammad Batat
Samer Abu Mialeh, 14
Hakem Abu ‘Eashah, 30
Samih Fawzi al-‘Ardah, 21
Muhammad al-Fayed, 24
Muhammad Mahmoud al-Haj, 23
Mahmoud ‘Awwad al-Jundi, 65
Baker Hirawi
Ousamah Musa Jadallah, 22
Khalil Khabas, 19
‘Abdallah ‘Othman Sha’aban, 23
Kayed Khalil Abu Mustafa, 24
Muhammad al-Qassem, 27
Mahdi Hassan Namur, 34
Sa’id Sbieh, 13
‘Abd a-Razeq Satiti, 23
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
‘Imad al-Mughrabi, 25
Muhammad Abd al-Wahed al-Bakri, 43
Nur Jamal Ghanem Jamal, 15
Muhammad al-Hayek, 24
Fares Khaled al-Bu, 22
‘Abd al-Ghani Feisal Mujahed, 30
Walid Khaled Jamal a-Sheikh, 31
Ihab Fathi ‘Abd al-Wahab, 16
Muhammad a-Nims, 20
Raed Abu Luli, 25
Samir Abu Sa’ud, 39
Mahmoud Abu Taha, 24
Basel al-‘Atar, 17
Mufid Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Asrawi, 25
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Abu Marsel, 19
Khalil Harb, 22
Muhammad ‘Ali Hussein Hashhash, 18
Zuheir ‘Abd a-Rahman ‘Aqel, 24
Hamad Khalil Muhammad a-Najar, 26
Fouad Ya’qub Muhammad a-Shtiyeh, 35
Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Karim al-Ashqar, 20
‘Odeh Muhammad Salim Balawaneh, 47
Ghanem Taysir Ahmad Burhum, 27
Zahi Mahmoud Muhammad Zawati, 26
Shaker Samarah, 40
Mahmoud Imana ‘Abd al-Jawad ‘Atallah, 23
Mahmoud Samih Muhammad a-Tatr, 22
Ibrahim Yusef ‘Abd a-Latif Abu Sharar, 27
Ibrahim Mahmoud Ityahab al-‘Aal, 38
Muhammad Abu Ramadan, 55
Muhammad Mutlaq ‘Issa, 35
Yasser al-Masder Husseini, 27
Salah a-Din Faraj, 35
Laila Kamal Qatawi, 25
Iyad Abu Safiyeh, 23
Muhammad ‘Ali Hamdan, 25
‘Ali Abu Rakbah, 27
‘Abd al-Wahab Ziad a-Najar, 19
Maryam ‘Awad al-Bahabsah, 30
Muna al-Bahabsah, 10
‘Abed Yunes a-Sallam, 25
Nazih Mahmoud Abu a-Saba’, 26
Ma’sud Abu Jalalah, 17
Ramzi al-Masri, 30
Hassan Muhammad Mabhu, 16
Na’el Lutfi Saqer, 23
Anwar Mustafa ‘Abd al-Ghani, 28
Inas Ibrahim Saleh, 7
Salem Musa Abu Shenar, 27
Amjad Hamad Yasser, 24
Khaled Abu Sitah, 25
‘Abd al-Karim Sabri al-Hasnat, 41
Shadi Mustafa al-Hasnat, 25
Muhammad ‘Aziz ‘Abd a-Ra’uf al-Haj Ali, 39
Tareq al-Hindawi, 22
Ziad al-Khalil, 27
Fadi al-‘Azzi, 13
Naser Ahmad Abu ‘Adra, 30
Majed Abu Mu’ammar, 31
Muhammad Faiz Abu Snineh, 27
Ayman ‘Abd al-Qader al-Bahadri, 31
Ibrahim Jarbo’a, 26
Mahmoud Muhammad Kabajeh, 26

Gad Rajwan, 34
Avraham Fish, 65
Aharon Gorov, 46
Valery Ahmir, 59
Ahuva Amergi, 30
Ahmad Mazarib, 32
Nehemia ‘Amar, 15
Keren Shatsky, 15
Rachel Thaler, 15
Atala Lipobsky, 78
Miri Ohana, 45
Yael Ohana, 11
Moranne Amit, 25
Haim Baker, 20
Galit Arbiv, 21
Tamir ‘Atsmi, 21
Moshe ‘Eini, 21
Benny Kikis, 20
Michael Oxsman, 21
Mark Podolsky, 20
Erez Turgeman, 20
Mor Yehuda Elraz, 25
Amir Mantzuri, 21
Ron Lavi, 20
Moshe Peled, 20
Asher Zaghouri, 21
Moshe Majos Meconen, 33
Aya Malachi, 18
Keren Rothstein, 20

January 2002

Majd Abu S’adeh
Sa’id Ramadan, 22
‘Abd a-Salam Sadeq Hasunah
‘Abd al-Ghani Abu Jimus, 20
‘Imad Abu Rizeq, 23
Muhammad ‘Imad
Mazen Badawi
Lu’ai Muhammad Musa ‘Adili, 15
Nassar Abu Salim, 27
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Wahab ‘Abd al-Hadi, 24
Raed Faiz al-Agha, 24
Jamal Hasunah, 39
‘Adli Baker Hamdan, 27
Tammer Muhammad Kashur, 18
Riad Nasri Khatab, 26
Nassim Abu a-Rus, 28
Karim Mafranjeh, 22
Jasser Samaru, 28
Yusef Khaled Sarakji, 42
Hussein a-Zubeideh, 36
Khaldun Ghazi Ma’ydi, 20
Samer Sami ‘Ali al-Qasbah, 15
Hani ‘Odeh, 22
Jawad Hassan al-Aswad
Khamis Ahmad ‘Ali ‘Abdallah, 45
Muhammad ‘Ali Judah, 20
Raed Muhammad Ra’if Carmi, 28
Na’el Tahsin Ramadan, 23

Avraham Boaz, 71
Yoela Chen, 45
Pinhas Tokatli, 81
Sarah Hamburger, 79
Svetlana Sandler, 56
Anatoly Bakshayev, 62
Edward Bakshayev, 48
Aharon Ben Yisrael Ellis, 32
Dina Binayev, 48
Boris Melikhov, 56
Avi Yazdi, 24
Ela’d Abu Gani, 19
Hana Abu Ghanem, 25
Ibrahim Hamaidah, 23
Ashraf Hawash Mazarib, 28
Mufid Sawa’id, 25

December 2001

Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad al-Madhun, 16
Ahmad Muhammad Hassan Banat, 15
Muhammad Ahmad Mahmoud Lubad, 17
Isma’il Ahmad Abu al-Qumsan, 31
‘Ali Ass’ad Muhanna, 21
Muhammad Mahmoud Saleh, 19
Mahmoud Rajab ‘Abd a-Rahim Bu’ari, 24
Walid Kamal Mahmoud a-S’adi, 53
Dib a-Sarawi, 37
Muhammad Sa’id Hawash
Ahmad Mahmoud al-Bassiuni, 28
Munjed Muhammad Khaled Suliman, 22
Muhammad Jam’an Mahmoud Haneideq, 15
Ya’qub Fathi Rabi’ a-Dkeideq, 27
Shadi Msalam, 24
Yusef Shauqi a-Najar, 11
Mahmoud Muhammad Ahmad, 17
‘Amer Muhammad al-Jaliz, 18
Mus’ad ‘Abd Rabo Da’ud, 21
Muhammad Muhammad ‘Ashur, 19
Ass’ad ‘Atiyyah, 22
Jawad ‘Abd a-Latif a-Dams, 25
Khaled Abu Y’aqub, 27
Razeq Sha’ban Muhammad Harzallah, 32
Diaa’ Nadi Ibda, 19
‘Abd al-Basset Abu Snineh, 28
Ass’ad Abu Turki Abu Snineh, 21
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Musa al-Fara, 24
Ahmad Damisi, 26
Rami Khamis Zo’rub, 13
Ahmad Khamis al-Masri, 17
‘Issam Rihan
Fadel Muhammad Abu ‘Obeidah, 25
Yasser Hassan Abu Namus, 21
Ass’ad ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Sitah, 24
Sa’id Abu Sitah, 20
Wisam Majdi Mahareb, 27
Muhammad Khalil Abu Marahil, 26
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Jami’an, 25
Shadi Ahmad ‘Arfah, 13
Burhan al-Haymuni, 3
Sa’id ‘Abd al-Fatah Sa’id a-Daridi, 25
Ahmad Samih Ahmad al-Qu’, 23
Munif Helmi Muhammad Hamadah, 26
‘Adnan Muhammad Suliman Jum’ah, 28
Khalil ‘Abd al-Fatah Abu Shawish, 24
Subhi Jamil Rateb Abu Munis, 36
Yasser al-Qasbah, 12
‘Ayed Ahmad ‘Alian, 23
Lu’ai Salim Mashel, 24
taj a-Din Rajab al-Masri, 29
Muhammad Ahmad Mahmoud Siyam, 23
Muhammad Abu Marseh, 15
Amjad ‘Abd a-Rahim Tubasi, 26
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Name unknown to B’Tselem
Masalmeh al-‘Araj
Jihad al-Masri, 17
Khaled Subhi ‘Ali Sunjuq, 20
Yihya Abu ‘Abed, 35
Rami Mahmoud ‘Asisi, 18
Rashid Shahaleh, 10
Jamil Muhammad Abu ‘Adwan, 22
Ibrahim Nabulsi, 22

Yair ‘Amar, 13
Esther Avraham, 42
Moshe Menachem Gutman, 40
Avraham Nahman Nitzani, 17
Yirmiyahu Salem, 48
Israel Sternberg, 46
David Tzarfati, 38
Hananya Tzarfati, 31
Ya’aKov Tzarfati, 64
Baruch Singer, 51
Tatiana Borovik, 23
Mara Fishman, 53
Ina Frenkel, 60
Riki Hadad, 30
Ronen Kahalon, 30
Samion Kalik, 64
Mark Khotimliansky, 75
Cicilia Kozamin, 76
Yelena Lumkin, 62
Yitzhak Ringle, 41
Rasem Safulin, 78
Leah Strick, 73
Faina Zabiogailu, 64
Michael Zaraisky, 71
Assaf Avitan, 15
Idan Cohen, 17
Mikhael Moshe Dahan, 21
Israel Ya’akov Danino, 17
Yuni Korganov, 20
Golan Turgeman, 15
Guy Vaknin, 19
Adam Weinstein, 14
Moshe Yedid Levy, 19
Yoel Bienenfeld, 35
Yosef El-Ezra, 18
Nir Haftzadi, 19

November 2001

Rashad Muhanna, 37
Hassan Taysir Zabdeh, 25
Rami Muhammad Mansur, 23
Saqer Ahmad Hamed a-Dabri, 21
Ousamah Muhammad ‘Abdallah Hiles, 25
Kifah Khaled ‘Obeid, 13
Ahmad Muhammad al-hinawi, 25
Ayman ‘Awaisa, 34
Maamun ‘Awaisa, 28
Mahmoud a-Shuli (Abu Hanud), 34
Wael ‘Ali Radwan, 15
‘Omar Idris al-Astal, 13
Akram Na’im ‘Abd al-Karim al-Astal, 6
Anis Idris al-Astal, 11
Muhammad Na’im ‘Abd al-Karim al-Astal, 14
Muhammad Salim al-Astal, 11
Maher Dughlas, 21
‘Izu Abu Dalal, 32
Muhammad Hussein Ibrahim, 35
Soheil ‘Abed a-Rahman Abu Saleh, 27
Hamed Ahmad ‘Ali Abu Sahlul, 53
Wafa Muhammad Ass’ad Nasif, 28
Ahmad Abu Mustafa, 13
Muhammad Yusef Hamad, 25
Mahmoud Humeidan Abu Halib, 36
‘Issa Dababseh, 48
Muhammad Taskin, 23
Muhammad Abu ‘Iya, 57
Taher Zeid, 17
‘Ali Ibrahim Abu Hajleh, 22
Iyad ‘Odeh al-Khatib, 28
Jamal Malawah, 27
Iyad Yaqin ‘Ey Shweiki, 24
Yasser ‘Asira, 25
Fahmi Abu ‘Eashah, 28
Salah a-Razal, 45
‘Abd al-Karim ‘Omar Abu N’asah, 19
Feisal Abu Sorrayha, 19
‘Ahed Faiz Abu Daruj, 20

Ety Fahima, 45
Hadas Abutbul, 39
Shoshana Ben Ishai, 16
Menashe Regev, 14
Yehiav Elshad, 28
Samuel Miloshevsky, 45
Inbal Weiss, 22
Noam Gozovsky, 23
Michal Mor, 26
Aharon Ussishkin, 50
Yaron Pikholtz, 20
Barak Madmon, 26
Eyal Sela, 39
Raz Mintz, 19

October 2001

Raed Jamil al-Akhras, 25
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Jamil, 40
‘Abdallah Rashed al-Jarushi, 42
Jamil Jadallah al-Qawasmeh, 25
Muhammad Ghanem, 30
Rabi’ Ghanem, 22
Fares Jaber, 26
Fouad Mustafa Fouad a-Dahshan, 17
‘Othman Dib a-Razinah, 22
Iyad Rabi’ Muhammad al-Batsh, 22
Hassan Abu Sorrayha, 43
Firas Salahat, 29
Salameh Hamdan, 39
Wael ‘Abayat, 22
Marwan Halbiya, 20
Saleh Rushdi ‘Asi, 19
Ayman al-Jalad, 20
Mahmoud al-Jalad, 25
‘Issa Jereys Jalil, 55
Naser Qur’an, 13
Qassem al-Mughrabi, 26
Kamel Barghouti, 20
Haris Hiju, 29
Rafiq Saqer, 24
‘Abd al-Mu’ti Zawaweh, 22
Badr a-Sha’er, 50
Tal’at Jaber, 19
Ayman Halawah, 26
Yusef Hussein ‘Abed Shalby, 60
Ra’dah ‘Eashah, 18
Ahmad Abu Mandil, 15
Muhammad Salman Hamdan al-Barqa’h, 26
Nahed Hussein, 40
‘Issa Fawzi Abu Hleil, 28
Sa’id Mahmoud Abu Shmeis, 26
Muhammad Diab Sama’aneh, 24
Yusef Muhammad ‘Abayiat, 15
Rania Elias Nasri Kharuf, 22
Mustafa ‘Abd a-Rahim Nufal, 34
Samer Shawahneh, 22
Maher Abu Hasnah, 24
Mustafa Zitawi, 53
Nidal ‘Alian, 19
‘Aishah Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Odeh, 39
Juni Yusef George Thaljiya, 16
Fadi Muhammad a-Z’amreh
Ibrahim Mustafa ‘Atiyyah Abu Fareh, 52
‘Abd al-Qader Jamil Abu Srur, 25
Jawdat ‘Abd al-Hadi Jum’ah, 21
Sa’ad ‘Abd al-Qader al-Aqra’, 22
Basel Salim Muhammad al-Mubshir, 13
Maryam Suliman ‘Othman Sbieh, 36
Musa George Abu ‘Eid, 19
‘Atef Ahmad ‘Abayiat, 26
‘Issa ‘Atef Khatib ‘Abayiat, 28
Jamal ‘Abdallah ‘Abayiat, 35
Riham Nabil Yunes Ward, 10
Muhammad Ziad Abu Ras, 18
Marwan Ibrahim Halifa, 25
Iyad Lafy al-Akhras, 29
Ahmad Hassan Marshud, 29
‘Abd a-Rahman Sa’id Hamed, 33
Hani Mustafa Rawajbeh, 24
‘Eid Zayed Abu Sharkh, 25
‘Abd a-Rahman Ahmad Abu ‘Oriban, 34
Jum’ah Jum’ayn a-Sawarqah, 27
Ahmad ‘Obeid Abu ‘Otawi, 28
Saleh Hussein Abu Dib, 21
Riad a-Sharif, 32
Taha Ribhi Abu Snineh, 18
Amjad Muhammad al-Asmar al-Qawasmeh,25
Hamzah Ibrahim Salem al-Qawasmeh, 23
Hazem ‘Abd al-Majid Taleb ‘Amru, 27
Qassem Abu ‘Afifi, 48
Raed Abu Dawud, 23
Iyad Samir Qafishah, 28
Nidal Fayad Qafishah, 25
Sayed Salim Mahmoud Ziyarah, 34
Wael Fouad ‘Awad, 25
Mahmoud Muhammad a-Shurafa, 25
Mahmoud Ibrahim Abu Hani, 19
Maher Idris Ahmad Hodiri, 23
Nur a-Din Muhammad Salim Qweidar, 24
Ibrahim Nizar ‘Ayan, 20
‘Abdallah Udi, 20
Nidal al-Jabali, 23
Yusef Sweitat, 22
Yusef ‘Ayash, 37
Nizar Hamed, 27

Lior Kaufman, 30
Hananya Ben Avraham, 46
Assaf Yitzhaki, 20
Ayala Levy, 39
Smadar Levy, 23
Lydia Marko, 63
Sima Menahem, 30
Rechavam Ze’evy (Gandhi), 75
Yair Mordechai, 43
Haim Ben Ezra, 76
Sergei Freidin, 20
Liron Harpaz, 19
Yaniv Levy, 22
Tali Ben Armon, 19

September 2001

Nidal al-Fakhuri, 28
Khalil a-Srafandi, 52
Husseini Mustafa Abu Leil, 19
Ribhi Mahmoud Ahmad al-Beydah, 51
Mahmoud Khalil Suaf, 14
Khalil Yusef Ibrahim Fayad, 17
Shadi Lafy, 20
Ahmad Mahdi, 27
Muhammad Zuhod, 23
Muhammad ‘Ali Sukar, 17
Muhammad Drayereh, 10
‘Imad a-Sharif, 25
Mu’awiyah ‘Ali Ahmad a-Nahal, 14
‘Ali Abu Balima, 30
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Awajeh, 25
Mahmoud Fathi Hamdan a-Sha’er, 24
Khaled Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Habib, 25
Akram ‘Abd al-Majed Abu Lebdeh, 24
Mahmoud Jalal Sa’id Qishta, 16
Muhsein Fahed ‘Arafat, 17
‘Issa Sweity, 23
Mustafa Abu Musa, 34
‘Imad ‘Awad, 23
Isma’il ‘Abd al-Hadi a-Duda, 30
Mu’taz ‘Abd al-Majid Daghalus, 26
‘Abd a-Salam Muhammad ‘Alian, 35
Ibrahim Suliman Sa’id, 70
‘Ali Khader Jaber Yasin, 25
Yihya Naser Hassan Sabahiya, 20
‘Imad ‘Ata Qassem Zo’rub, 14
Muhammad Ramadan al-Kafraneh, 25
Ramzi Khalil Hasunah, 16
Muhammad Walid a-Dijani, 21
‘Imad Hisham Khalaf, 20
Malek ‘Abd al-Jabber Tamim Salem, 25
Muhammad Ghazi Hashem a-Salwani, 29
Rif’at al-Malhi, 25
Fakhri Frihat, 32
Rajaa Frihat, 24
Khatab Jabarin, 33
Muhannad Raja al-Hijeh, 25
‘Amer Hamdi Ziyadah, 21
Belkis Ahmad Tawfiq ‘Ardah, 14
Sufian Ahmad Tawfiq ‘Ardah, 20
Wael Mutlaq Muhammad ‘Assaf, 20
Ass’ad ‘Abd a-Rahman Daqa, 25
Shaher Ahmad ‘Abd a-Razeq Bani ‘Odeh, 28
Tawfiq Ibrahim Hussein Jaber, 42
Taher Muhsein Madawi, 28
Muhammad Dib Mahmoud Abu Shaqfah, 28
Iyad Suliman al-Masri, 18
Ibrahim ‘Ali Fayad, 22
Fahed Abu Muhammad Abu Siyam, 30
Nassim Ahmad ‘Odeh Abu ‘Aasi, 21
Samir Abu Lebdeh, 15
Mustafa ‘Ahed Hassan ‘Anbas, 19
‘Omar Mahmoud Dib Subuh, 22
‘Imad ‘Issam Mahmoud al-Batash, 17
Amjad Majed Mustafa al-Jamal, 25

Sla’it Sheetrit, 28
Sarit ‘Amrani, 26
Meir Weisshaus, 23
Ruth Shu’ai, 46
Sima Franko, 24
Ya’aKov Hatzav, 42
Zvia Pinhas, 64
Morral Derfler, 45
Yigal Goldstein, 47
David Gordukal, 23
Tzahi David, 19
Andrei Zledkin, 26
Daniel Yifrach, 19

August 2001

Khaled Mustafa ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Awajeh, 26
Sami Brod, 25
Musa Safi Kadmat, 47
Da’ud ‘Abd a-Nabi Fahmawi, 32
‘Abud Ahmad Dababseh, 32
Muhammad al-Hamrani, 24
Samer Zo’rub, 17
‘Imad Hazazeh, 19
Muhammad Samur, 26
Riad Abu Zeinah, 29
Mustafa ‘Ali a-Zibri Abu ‘Ali Mustafa, 63
‘Alaa Abu Bakrah, 23
Ibrahim Muhammad Sharaf, 15
Amin Abu Hatab
Hisham Abu Jimus
Nasrallah Muhammad Jar’un, 21
Bilal ‘Adnan al-Ghul, 23
Mahmoud ‘Omar ‘Ali Jasser, 23
‘Ahed Mahmoud Fares Hindiya, 23
Zaher Fawzi Isma’il, 30
Hakam Jamal Kabaleh, 22
Fadi Ibrahim Sama’aneh, 25
Muhammad Subhi Abu ‘Arar, 14
Saleh Sa’id Zidan, 34
Mu’in Subhi Sa’id Abu Lawi, 38
‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Bakrah, 29
‘Imad Suliman a-Dik Abu Snineh, 34
Naser Isma’il Abu Zeidah, 22
Sabrin ‘Abd al-Karim Ijrawi Abu Snineh, 10
Maher Muhammad Muhammad ‘Afaneh, 27
Muhammad Ramadan Saqa, 20
Mahdi ‘Abd al-Fatah, 25
‘Amer Mansur Hassan al-Hudeiri, 23
Firas Salim ‘Abd al-Haq, 23
Muhammad Badawi al-Bishtawi, 33
‘Ali al-Julani, 30
Haydar Jadu’ ‘Abd al-Jabber Kan’an, 27

Amos Tajouri, 60
Oleg Sutnikov, 35
Meir Lixenberg, 38
Dov Rosman, 58
Sharon Ben Shalom, 26
Yaniv Ben Shalom, 27
Zohar Shurgi, 40
Tehiya Bloomberg, 40
Zvika Golombek, 26
Tehilla Maoz, 18
Frieda Mendelsohn, 62
Michal Raziel, 16
Malka Roth, 15
Avraham Yitzhak Schijveschuurder, 4
Hemda Schijveschuurder, 2
Mordechai Schijveschuurder, 43
Ra’aya Schijveschuurder, 14
Tsira Schijveschuurder, 41
Laly Shimashvili, 33
Tamara Shimashvili, 8
Yocheved Shushan, 10
Aliza Malka, 17
Doron Sviri, 20
Tzahi Grabli, 19
Kobi Nir, 21
Gil Oz, 30

July 2001

Muhammad al-Husni, 22
Ashraf Khalil ‘Abd al-Mun’im, 8
Bilal Khalil ‘Abd al-Mun’im, 10
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim al-Bishawi, 28
Fahim Ibrahim Mustafa Dawabsheh, 32
Jamal Salim Demony, 43
‘Omar Mansur Muhammad Mansur, 28
Jamal ‘Abd a-Rahman Muhammad Mansur, 41
‘Othman ‘Abd al-Qader Qatnani, 25
Hamuda al-Madhun, 33
Salah Derawazeh, 37
Rif’at a-Nahal, 15
Yihya Subhi Mesbah al-Dia, 48
Mustafa Yusef Muhammad Yasin, 28
Taha al-‘Aruj, 37
‘Omar S’adeh, 43
Ishaq S’adeh, 51
Muhammad S’adeh, 30
‘Atef Tafesh, 23
Fawaz Sharif Badran, 27
Muhammad Abu Fiad, 23
Naser Lutfi A’bed, 39
Khalil Ibrahim al-Mughrabi, 11
Sameh Nur Diab Abu Huneish, 22
Muhammad Suliman Ahmad Bsharat, 28
Walid Rasmi Sadeq Bsharat, 20
Mahmoud Musa Suliman Halajiyeh, 34
Jamal Hassan Thalaji, 35
Rasmiya Muhammad Sbieh Jabarin, 39
Diaa’ Marwan a-Tmeizi, under 1
Muhammad Salameh a-Tmeizi, 23
Muhammad Helmi a-Tmeizi, 23

Ronen Landau, 17
Yuri Gushchin, 18
David Cohen, 28
Yehezkel Mu’alem, 49
Yair Har Sinai, 51
Aharon ‘Obadyan, 41
Eliahu N’uman, 32
Shai Shalom Cohen, 22
Hanit Arami, 19
Avi Ben Harush, 20

June 2001

Ahmad Yasin, 15
Ousamah Jawabreh, 29
Muhammad Sweidan, 22
Jamal Muhammad ‘Odeh Nafe’a, 30
‘Ali Abu Shawish, 9
‘Adel Hussein al-Muqanan, 16
Hassan Abu Sha’ira, 32
Hikmat ‘Awedat Allah al-Malalhah, 17
Nasrah Salem Hussein al-Malalhah, 65
Selmiyeh ‘Omar al-Malalhah, 37
Muhammad Walid Ahmad Hamdan, 18
Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Hassan al-Kurdi, 18
‘Awni ‘Ali Hadad, 46

Katya Weintraub, 29
Ilya Krivitz, 62
Danny Yehuda, 35
Doron Yehuda Zisserman, 38
Yehuda Haim Shoham, under 1
Marina Berkovizki, 17
Jan Bloome, 25
Roman Dezanshvili, 21
Yevgenya Dorfman, 15
Ilya Gutman, 19
Anya Kazackovkov, 16
Mariana Medvedenko, 16
Yelena Nelimov, 18
Yulia Nelimov, 16
Irina Nepomneschi, 16
Raisa Nimrovsky, 15
Irina Osdatchi, 18
Simona Rodin, 18
Liana Sakiyan, 16
Ori Shahar, 32
Yael Yulia Sklianik, 15
Maria Tagilchev, 14
Katherine Kastaniyada Talkir, 15
Aviv Iszak, 19
Ophir Kit, 19
Yehuda Edri, 45
Erez Marhabi, 23
Diez (Dani) Normanov, 21

May 2001

Ahmad Saleh al-Khatib, 17
‘Abd al-Mu’ti ‘Ali ‘Assar, 19
Shadi Kamel Ahmad a-Siyam, 18
‘Alaa ‘Adel Yusef al-Buji, 15
Ahmad ‘Awwad Abu Hajmi, 29
Ahmad ‘Ayad Abu Khusah, 45
Hamam ‘Abd al-Haq, 20
Fawaz Hussein Ahmad al-Damaj, 35
Taysir ‘Odeh Isma’il al-‘Arir, 30
Wael ‘Odeh ‘Abd al-Karim Abu Khader, 29
Fahed Halalj Jarib al-Hariri Bani ‘Odeh, 19
Mu’taz Naser Saqer al-Khatib, 23
Fadi Sa’id ‘Abd a-Rahim Hamed, 23
Nabil ‘Issam Ahmad Isma’il, 19
Ahmad Khaled Sabih ‘Ali Khader, 25
Ayman Ahmad Muhammad ‘Ali Khalil, 25
Rif’at Kheyder Diab Rabiya, 34
Khaled ‘Aqab Muhammad Sbieh, 21
Nasri Naser Hassan Ya’qub, 22
Rami Saleh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Yasin, 20
Khaled ‘Abd Rabo Musa al-Astal, 19
Isma’il Abu Rafa’a, 24
Muhammad Hassan Islim, 14
Burhan Fahim Muhammad a-Shakhsher, 22
‘Abd al-Jawad Khalil Shhadeh, 18
Muhammad Jihad ‘Abd Rabo Abu Yasser, 17
‘Abd al-Hakim al-Manameh, 35
Rohi Hamuda Ibrahim al-Hur, 45
Muhammad Yusef al-Qasas, 26
‘Arafat Talal Abu Kweik, 28
Saleh Ahmad Abu ‘Amrah, 31
Ahmad Yusef Abu Mustafa, 22
Muhammad ‘Ali Rajab al-Haladi, 22
Muhammad Mahmoud Ibrahim Da’ud, 21
Ahmad Muhammad Salman Zaqut, 26
Mu’atasem Muhammad a-Sabah, 26
‘Alam Nasri ‘Abd a-Razeq al-Jaludi, 26
Suliman al-‘Aruqi, 45
Husam Fawaz Sha’ban Tafesh, 16
Iman Muhammad Hiju, under 1
Hassan Khader Abu Tamam, 44
Muhammad Ibrahim ‘Awwad ‘Abiyat, 45
Ahmad Khalil Ass’ad, 38
Hashem al-Mamluk, 16
Mahmoud Nimer ‘Abd al-Hadi ‘Aqal, 19
Muhammad Musa Suleiman Abu Jazar, 54

Zvi Shelef, 63
Esther ‘Alwan, 20
Sarah Blaustein, 53
Gilad Zer, 41
Yosef Alfasi, 50
Asher Iluz, 33
Idit Mizrahi, 20
Yosef Ishran, 14
Kobi Mandel, 14
Arnaldo Agarnionic, 48
Assaf Hershkwitz, 32
Tirza Polanski, 66
Vladislav Sorokin, 34
Yulia Tratiakova, 21
Maryam Waxman, 51
David Yarkoni, 53
Yair Nebenzahl, 22

April 2001

‘Adnan Ass’ad Qudah, 38
‘Atef Wahdan, 45
Iyad Muhammad Tahsin, 27
Yusef Astin Abu Hamidah, 45
Muhannad Nizar Muhareb, 12
Rami Yihya Ibrahim Ghreib, 16
Hamzah ‘Obeid,14
Bara Jalal Mahmoud a-Sha’er, 10
Muhammad Ramadan Nimer al-Masri, 23
Basel Rafiq Hassan Zaharan, 19
Madhi Khalil Madhi, 35
Shweiqat Sa’di Hassan al-‘Alami, 14
Mu’taz Muhammad Subuh, 18
Elias Sem’aan ‘Eid, 49
Hani Musa Abu Rizeq, 26
Wael Khawiter, 28
Muhammad Sharbati, 28
Taysir Diab ‘Ayad al-‘Amuri, 40
Ibrahim Hammad Abu ‘Awali, 21
Mahmoud Barakat, 15
Ahmad Mahmoud al-‘Assar, 16
Iyad Mahmoud Nayef Hardan, 27
Muhammad ‘Atwah ‘Abd al-‘Al, 25

Stanislav Sandomirsky, 38
Simcha Ron, 60
Mario Eduardo Goldin, 53
Dina Guetta, 42
Danny Darai, 19
Ya’aKov Krenschel, 23
Shlomo Elmakias, 20

March 2001

Muhammad ‘Abd al-Muhsen al-Wawi, 20
Khaled Shhadeh Dib a-Nahlah, 28
Ahmad Mahmoud Abu Marhil, 16
Murad Hani Shar’iyeh, 20
‘Ayash Ghazi Mustafa Zamel, 19
Sha’ban Sa’id ‘Abd a-Rahman Salum, 31
Muhammad Salman ‘Abd al-Qader Abu Shamleh, 20
Mahmoud Khaled Hassan Abu Shhadeh, 16
Akram ‘Omar Ahmad al-Hindi, 26
Husam Ghanem ‘Ali al-Qrunez, 23
Su’ad a-Sheikh Khalil, 40
Khaled Muhammad ‘Odeh Badawi, 20
Kamel Saleh al-Jamal, 29
Muhammad Jum’ah Mahmoud Abu ‘On, 21
Ahmad Salem Shhadeh Banar, 19
Lu’ai Muhammad Hussein a-Tamimi, 11
Murtaja ‘Abd a-Latif Mahmoud ‘Amer, 17
‘Abd al-Qader Muhammad Hamdan Ibrahim, 39
Ziad Sa’di ‘Abd al-Hamed ‘Ayad, 27
Ousamah Ibrahim ‘Eid, 21
‘Aiyadah Da’ud Fathiya, 43
Bashir Shafiq Mahmoud ‘Odeh, 18
Muhammad Hassan Ahmad ‘Alan, 26
Mustafa Hamdan ‘Abd al-Qader Ramlawi, 42
‘Abd al-Karim ‘Issa ‘Abed Abu ‘Atzbah, 24
Muhammad Mahmoud Hiles, 13
Obei Muhammad Mahmoud Derj, 9

Shalhevet Pass, under 1
Baruch Cohen, 49
Naftali Lanzkom, 13
Eliran Rosenberg Zayat, 15
Naftali Dean, 85
Yevgenya Malchin, 71
Shlomit Ziv, 59
Claude Knap, 29

February 2001

Na’im Ahmad Muhammad al-Badarin, 55
Husam ‘Imad ‘Adel a-Disi, 15
Muhammad Ma’sud Sa’id al-Jalad, 44
Raed Musa Hussein Musa, 22
Ousamah Muhammad Ibrahim al-Qurabi/Al-Masalmeh, 18
Mahmoud Suliman al-Madni, 25
‘Issam Rashid a-Tawil, 29
Ahmad Isma’il Frajallah, 32
Shaker Suliman Manasrah, 25
Naser Mahmoud Muhammad al-Hasnat, 23
‘Ayed Khaled Abu Harb, 25
Bilal Tawfiq ‘Awwad Ramadan, 14
Ma’sud Hussein ‘Ayad, 60
Ziad ‘Ali Muhammad Abu Sawi, 23
‘Atef Ahmad a-Nablusi, 35
Ahmad ‘Abd a-Razeq ‘Abd Rabo Abu Khuli, 15
Shadi ‘Abd a-Rahim al-Kahlot, 24
‘Issa Ibrahim al-‘Amur, 14
Ahmad Muhsein Muhammad Shhadeh, 18

Tzahi Sasson, 35
Lior ‘Atiyyah, 23
Shmuel Gillis, 42
Simcha Sheetrit, 31
Lee Nahman-Akunis, 20
Rujayah Jawdat Salameh, 23
David Iluz, 22
Yasmin Karisi, 18
Rachel Levy, 19
Ophir Magidish, 20
Alexander Menevitch, 18
Kochava Polanski, 20
Julie Waeiner, 21

January 2001

Saber Furij Abu Daher, 35
Isma’il Ahmad al-Talbani, 50
‘Abdallah Mahmoud Abu Karsh, 21
Muhammad Nafez Abu Musa, 21
Khalil Samir Muhammad a-Sanadi, 20
Safwat ‘Issam Keshtah, 16
Muhammad Sharif Muhammad a-Sharif, 15
Madi ‘Ahed ‘Abdallah Shtiyeh, 26
Shaker Hasunah al-Husseini, 21
‘Abd al-Hamid ‘Abd a-Rahim Hanfer, 28
Ibrahim Hassan Abu Mgheiseb, 70
Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abed Suf, 27
Fatmeh Jamal Jalal Abu Jish, 24
‘Abd al-Hamid Ahmad Musbah al-Hurti, 35
Arij Saber Sa’id al-Jabali, 19
Mahmoud Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Hasireh, 37
Sabri ‘Awwad Ibrahim Khader, 52
Tareq Ibrahim Ahmad al-Qatu, 31
Mu’taz Muhammad Sa’id Srugi, 37

Arye Hershkwitz, 55
Akiva Pashkos, 45
Moti Dayan, 29
Etgar Zeituny, 34
Ophir Rahum, 16
Ron Salah, 32

December 2000

Mu’ath Ahmad Muhammad Abu Hadwan, 11
Thabet Ahmad Thabet, 50
Tahrir Suliman Rizeq, 20
Mahmoud ‘Ali Mahmoud Nuseir, 29
‘Arafat Muhammad ‘Ali al-Jabarin, 16
Mahmoud Mustafa Mteir, 17
Ahmad Fouad ‘Awwad, 43
Hani Yusef a-Sufi, 14
Rashid Zayed Barhum, 27
Nidal Hussein Abu ‘On, 30
Rif’at Feisal Abu Marzuq, 20
Suliman Marzuq Zo’rub, 29
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Jalil al-Qasas, 38
Iyad Mahmoud Muhammad Da’ud, 27
Nur a-Din Muhammad Abu Safi, 22
Mahmoud Faruk Da’ud, 17
Nihad Hassan Muhammad Hanatsheh, 24
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Ghani Fahmi M’aali, 70
Hani Hussein Hassan Abu Bakrah, 31
‘Abdallah ‘Issa ‘Abdallah Kan’an, 40
Saed Ibrahim Taha al-Kharuf, 35
‘Abd al-Mu’in Hassan Ibrahim, 24
Muhammad Lutfi Qassem Nuri, 22
A’bbas ‘Othman Ahmad al-‘Aawiwi, 25
Mahdi Muhammad ‘Aqila, 35
Jaber Muhammad Mahmoud a-Sabe’a, 25
Muhammad Jamal Abu al-‘Alla, 25
Ahmad Isma’il Mteir, 30
Yusef Ahmad Mahmoud Abu Sawi, 27
Anwar Mahmoud Ahmad Himran, 28
Hekmat ‘Abd al-Hadi Shhadeh Hanani, 20
Mahmoud Yusef al-Mughrabi, 24
Murad al-Masri, 14
Mu’taz ‘Azmi Isma’il Tilej, 16
‘Amar Samir ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Mashani, 16
Muhammad ‘Abdallah Yihya a-Sheikh, 18
‘Alaa ‘Ata/’Abdallah Abu Jabber, 18
Muhannad Mahmoud Abu Shaduf, 31
Ahmad Rateb Qassem, 21
Ziad Mahmoud Sbieh, 34
Ahmad ‘Ali Darwish al-Qawasmeh, 14
‘Abd al-Qader ‘Omar Jib Abu Qatan, 22
Ramzi ‘Adel Biyatneh, 15
Salim Muhammad al-Hameiydah, 13
Shhadeh Musa Muhammad al-J’afri, 27
Hamzah Nadi Suliman al-Hasis, 27
Yasin Ibrahim Muhammad Shhadeh, 23
Muhammad Saleh Muhammad al-‘Arjah, 12
Najib Muhammad Muhammad ‘Abido, 19
Muhammad Hamed ‘Ali Shalash, 18
Muhammad Judah Abu ‘Aasi, 27

Binyamin Ze’ev Kahane, 34
Talia Kahane, 33
Eliahu Cohen, 29
Eliahu Ben Ami, 41
Rina Didovsky, 39
Gad Marasha, 30
Yonatan Vermullen, 29
Tal Gordon, 19

November 2000

Isma’il ‘Abd a-Salam Abu a-Rus, 20
Medhat Muhammad Subhi Jadallah, 18
Walid Muhammad Ahmad al-Badan, 17
‘Imad Adib a-Diya, 19
Mahmoud Ahmad ‘Adel, 25
Muhammad Mansur Naser Abu ‘Adwan, 16
Mahdi Qassem Jaber, 17
Ziad Ghaleb Salma, 23
Qusai Feisal Zaharan, 25
Muhammad Muhammad ‘Abdallah al-Masrawi, 14
Amjad ‘Azmi Muhammad ‘Abadi, 21
‘Abd al-Mun’im Muhammad ‘Iz a-Din, 18
Fouad ‘Adnan Hammad Dweikat, 30
Taysir ‘Adnan Hammad Abu al-‘Araj, 18
Ghassan Majd Mesalem Qur’an, 20
Nahed ‘Adel Nader ‘Amer, 28
Sami ‘Adel Nader ‘Amer, 33
Ziad Khali Abu Jazar, 22
Aysar Muhammad Sadeq Husis, 15
Karam Fathi al-Qurd, 14
Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Karim Bani ‘Odeh, 33
Ashraf ‘Abd al-Karim al-Basus, 19
Najib Muhammad Mahmoud Keshtah, 40
Jamal ‘Abd al-Qader Hassan ‘Abd a-Razeq, 33
Na’el Shhadeh a-Lidawi, 20
Sami Naser Abu Laban, 30
‘Awni Isma’il Daher, 38
Zakaria Hamuda Marzuq al-Khur, 18
Ass’ad Khalil a-Shaghnubi, 20
Yasser Taleb/Tareq Muhammad Nabtiti, 16
Hammad ‘Othman a-Sameiri, 27
Muhammad Suliman Abu ‘Aobeid (Abu Samra), 22
Muhammad Lutfi Mus’ad, 22
Zuheir Mustafa ‘Ali al-Khatab, 19
Ibrahim Hassan al-Muqanan, 21
‘Abdallah Mahmoud al-Fareh, 22
Rif’at Abu Lebdeh, 22
Ibrahim Ahmad Hassan ‘Othman, 16
Rif’at Muhib Ibrahim Judah, 22
‘Abd a-Rahman Ziad a-Dahshan, 14
Bahaa a-Din Salameh Sa’id, 29
Majdi ‘Ali ‘Abed, 15
Rami ‘Imad Yasin, 18
Hamzah ‘Abd al-Mu’ti Abu Skhidem, 19
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Jalil Abu Rayan, 17
Mahmoud Zayed Samur, 38
Hafez Muhammad Hafez Farwan, 45
Khaled ‘Abdallah Salameh, 35
Samer Muhammad Hassan al-Khadur, 18
Yusef Suliman Abu ‘Awwad, 30
Samer Khiry Ahmad Khader, 29
Jadu’ Meni’a Jadu’ Abu al-Kabash, 16
Ibrahim ‘Abd a-Ra’uf al-Ju’di, 15
‘Abd al-Hafez Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hafez Gharuf, 20
Ahmad Sa’id Sha’ban, 22
Muhammad Naser Muhammad a-Sharafi, 17
Ahmad Samir Basal, 13
Fathi ‘Odeh Jum’ah Salem, 18
Jihad Soheil Suliman Abu Shahemah, 13
Hussein Muhammad Mustafa al-Barde’, 35
Raed Fahmi ‘Omar Abu Shaqfah, 21
Muhammad Khatar al-‘Ajleh, 13
Saber Khamis al-Barash, 15
Muhammad Naser Tawfiq a-Tawil, 18
Yihya Nayef Abu Shamaleh, 17
Tawfiq ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Jaydi, 32
Muhammad Faiz Abu Naji, 16
Ousamah Khalil al-Bawab, 28
Majd Hussein al-Radwan Jaro, 28
Musa Ibrahim a-Debs, 14
Basel Hussein Abu Qamer, 15
Ahmad Hassan Dahlan, 18
Munib Muhammad Barakat Abu Munzer, 19
Muhammad Yasin Darwish al-Madhun, 20
Munther Hamdi Yasin, 30
Ousamah Mazen ‘Azuqah, 14
Iyad Muhammad al-Fahmawi, 25
Hani ‘Abdallah Marzuq, 25
Ousamah Samir al-Jarjawi, 17
Muhammad ‘Ali Muhammad Hamed, 24
Ibrahim Haydar Salam al-Bal Shhadeh, 27
Muhammad Kamel Shurab, 14
Hussein Muhammad Salim ‘Abayiat, 34
‘Aziza Muhammad Danun, 52
Rahmeh Rashid Shahin, 52
Khaled Faiz Suliman Abu Zahara, 17
Ayman Saleh al-Wadi, 20
Ibrahim Fouad al-Kassasi, 13
Muhammad Musbeh Abu Ghali, 15
Raed ‘Abd al-Majid Muhammad Da’ud, 14
Fares Faiq ‘Odeh, 14
Khalil Yusef Abu S’ad, 15
Muhammad Nimer Mahani, 24
‘Abdallah Khaled ‘Amarneh, 24
Muhammad Nawaf a-T’aban, 17
Wajdi ‘Alam al-Khatab, 13
Marwan Khalil al-Ghamri, 30
Maher Muhammad Khalil a-Sa’idi, 16
Rami Ahmad ‘Abd al-Fatah ‘Umran, 15
Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Jawad a-Sa’id, 19
Sa’id Hamid Ziad Abu Khatleh, 24
Nahed Fathi Ahmad a-Loh, 25
Khaled Rizeq al-Khatib, 17
Yazan Muhammad ‘Issa Haliqah, 17
‘Adli Ghassan Rabah ‘Obeid, 23
Ibrahim Rizeq Marzuq ‘Omar, 14
Ahmad Salman Ibrahim Abu Tiya, 13
Muhammad Ibrahim Hajaj, 17
Marwan Taiyeh Jum’ah ‘Assaf, 21
Wael Muhammad Su’ib Ghanim, 28
Muhammad Mahmoud al-Harub, 27
Mustafa Mahmoud Musa ‘Alian, 47

Ariel Jeraffi, 40
Itamar Yefet, 18
Maryam Amitai, 35
Gavriel Biton, 34
Sarah Lisha, 42
Gabi Zaghouri, 35
Noa Dahan, 25
Meir Bahrame, 37
Shoshana Reis, 21
Ayelet Shahar Levy, 28
Hanan Levy, 33
Sharon Arameh, 25
Edward Matchnik, 21
Samar Hussein, 19
Sharon Shitoubi, 21
Baruch Snir Flum, 21
Ela’d Wallenstein, 18
Amit Zanna, 19
Shahar Vekret, 20
Shlomo Adshina, 20
David Hen Cohen, 21
‘Amir Zohar, 34

October 2000

Shadi ‘Awwad Nimer ‘Odeh, 18
Mahmoud Ahmad Ghali Abu al-Kheir, 20
Hazem Musa Yusef Abu Daf, 22
Muhammad Khaza’a Hilis, 23
Thaer Ibrahim Shalsh a-Zid, 17
Husseini Hussein a-Najar, 14
Samir Musa Hamid ‘Aleiwa, 31
‘Ismat Khalil Muhammad a-Sabber, 32
Bilal Nimer Abu Saleh, 20
Hilal Nimer Abu Saleh, 17
Shadi Hassan ‘Abdallah Shuli, 23
Muhammad Mustafa al-Jazar, 18
Ghassan Yusef Ahmad Salem ‘Aweisa, 27
Jaber Ahmad Jaber al-Mash’al, 23
Fadi Amin Dabiyeh, 19
Ahmad Muhammad Khalil Qassem, 25
Bashir Saleh Musa Shalawit, 16
Nimer Yusef Nimer Mar’I, 22
Iyad Ousamah Sha’th, 14
Nidal Muhammad Zuhdi a-Dabeiqi, 17
‘Abd al-‘Aziz Mahmoud Taha Abu Snineh, 60
Salah Fawzi a-Nijam, 15
Wael Mahmoud ‘Imad a-Nashit, 12
‘Imad Isma’il Na’im al-Hawamdeh, 23
Na’el ‘Ali Zama’arah, 25
‘Omar Isma’il ‘Omar al-Buheisi, 16
Majd Ibrahim Hassan Hawamdeh, 15
Tareq Isma’il al-Hantuli, 19
Nidal Hamuda Abu Shakh/Shqrah, 23
Muhammad ‘Adel Hassan Abu Tahun, 17
Samer Talal al-‘Awessi, 15
‘Alaa Bassem ‘Abdallah Bani Namra, 13
Thaer ‘Ali Daud/’Omer Mu’ala, 17
Saed ‘Adnan ‘Abdallah a-Tanbor, 17
Amjad Ahmad Akram Abu ‘Issa, 32
‘Adnan Muhammad Khiri Dweikat, 21
‘Issa ‘Abdallah a-Shatawi Fa’ur, 21
Firas Khalil Mustafa Zeid, 26
Zahi Fathi al-‘Ardah, 34
Nabil Sa’ad ‘Abed Khater, 42
Muaiad Ousamah ‘Ali Jawarish, 14
Mesbah ‘Abd al-Qader Abu ‘Atiq, 25
Ashraf Ahmad ‘Abd al-Majid Habayeb, 15
Shadi Muhammad a-Wawi, 23
Mansur Taha Sayed Ahmad, 20
Khalil Badr Zaharan Lawrence, 25
Sami Hussein Slim Silmi Salameh, 17
Karam ‘Omar Ibrahim Kan’an, 18
Maher Muhammad Isma’il Mataleq, 22
Raed Ya’qub Hamuda, 29
Sami Fathi Abu Jazar, 12
‘Ali Ishaq Sweidan, 25
Hisham Ahmad Muhammad Muqbal, 27
Yusef Diab Khalaf, 17
Muhammad Khaled Mahmoud Tamam, 21
Muhammad Khaled Hussein ‘Awwad, 25
Diaa’ ‘Abd a-Rahman Naif ‘Issa a-Shtiyeh, 19
Iyad ‘Abd al-Halim Rahim a-Shtiyeh, 24
Rashad Isma’il Hussein a-Najar, 22
Wajed Musa Shhadeh Abu ‘Awwad, 22
Lu’ai ‘Abdallah Muhammad al-Muqayed, 20
Zuheir Razeq Jaber Darabiyah, 24
Marwan ‘Abd a-Razeq Yusef Shamalakh, 20
Majdi Samir Musa Masalmani, 15
‘Alaa Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman al-Jawabrah, 14
Mahmoud Saleh ‘Abd a-Rahman Sabita, 26
Mustafa ‘Abd al-Hamid Fararjeh, 21
‘Abd al-Hamid Taiyeh a-Zaq/’Abd al-Hamid, 25
Mahmoud Ibrahim al-‘Amwasi, 22
Muhammad Fawzi al-Fakhri, 23
Muhannad Wadi’ Fares N’asi, 19
Mahmoud Lutfi Mus’ad, 24
‘Alaa Hassan Daud Jaber al-Barghuti, 24
‘Arafat Muhammad ‘Abd al-Jawad al-Atrash, 18
Ayman Akram Dib a-Loh, 21
Muhammad Yusef Zayed Abu ‘Aasi, 12
Isma’il Shhadeh Isma’il Shamalakh, 27
Sharif Faraj ‘Abdallah ‘Ashhur, 18
Ahmad Jamil ‘Ali a-Nabrisi, 21
‘Amar Khalil Mustafa a-Rif’I, 18
Fahmi Fouad Isma’il Abu Amuna, 23
‘Omar Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Rahman Suliman, 20
Muhammad Hassan Taleb a-Dakhil, 26
Muhammad Amin a-Sajdi, 25
Salameh Suliman Ziyadat, 23
Saleh ‘Issa Yusef a-Riati, 20
Ahmad Hassan Fayad, 23
Hatem ‘Abd al-‘Aziz a-Najar, 27
‘Amar Ghazi Salem a-Nabiya, 29
Salah ‘Abed ‘Abdallah Abu Qeins, 24
Husam ‘Ali Mahmoud al-Hamshari, 15
Wael Taysir Qatawi, 16
Jihad Mahmoud al-‘Aalul, 23
Sami Fathi Muhammad a-Taramsi, 17
‘Imad ‘Abd a-Rahman al-‘Anati, 30
Salah al-Faqih, 25
Muhammad Sami Subhi al-Hams, 17
Mustafa Helmi Muhammad Ramadan, 22
Muhammad Nabil Da’ud Hamed al-‘Abasi, 16
Husam Na’im Hassan Bkhit, 17
Samer Samir Sudqi Tabanjah, 12
Musleh Hussein Ibrahim Abu Jarar, 19
Farid Musa ‘Issa a-Nesasreh, 28
Fahed Mustafa ‘Odeh Baker, 21

Eish Kodesh Gilmor, 25
Amos Machlouf, 30
Marik Gavrilov, 25
Binyamin Herling, 64
Hillel Lieberman, 36
Wichlav Zalsevsky, 24
Yosef Avrahami, 33
Vadim Norzhich, 33
Max Hazan, 20
Midhat Yusef, 19

September 2000

Muhammad Yunes Mahmoud ‘Ayash a-Z’amreh, 21
Muhammad Mahmoud Tawfiq al-Qlaq, 23
Amjad ‘Abd al-Fatah Masa’ed Dagharmeh/’Otman, 23
Muhammad Muhammad Badi’a Ibrahim al-‘Atleh, 25
Maher Rajab Yusef ‘Obeid, 23
Muhammad Jamal Muhammad a-Durah, 11
Bassam Faiz Salim al-Balbisi, 47
Khaled ‘Adli al-Bazian, 15
Iyad Ahmad al-Khashishi, 16
Zakaria ‘Arsan al-Kilani, 27
Nizar Mahmoud ‘Abd ak-‘Ayeda, 16
Bilal ‘Ali Khalil ‘Afaneh, 25
Nizar Ibrahim a-Shweiqi, 18
Haitham ‘Umran ‘Awaida a-Skafi, 45
Yihya Muhammad Hassan Faraj, 35
Ousamah Muhammad Adam Jadeh, 22

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Bernie Sanders at CNN town hall: ‘Israel is run by a racist government’


Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told a room full of students last night during CNN’s marathon town hall in New Hampshire that Israel is headed by a “racist government,” and vowed to “level the playing field” between disparate American support for Israel and the Palestinians.

When asked how he will maintain a strong alliance with Israel despite his past criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was reelected to a fifth term earlier this month, Sanders said his longstanding support of Israel, which included a stint living on a Kibbutz in the 1960s, is separate from his view of the current administration.

“I am not anti-Israel, but the fact of the matter is that Netanyahu is a right-wing politician who I think is treating the Palestinian people extremely unfairly,” he said.

Later in his response he said Israel “is now run by a right-wing–dare I say–racist government.”

Israel is the largest recipient of United States aid since the end of World War II. Currently the U.S. gives Israel $3.8 billion a year in aid, of which $3.3 billion goes to military financing and $500 million supports a missile defense system.

In contrast the Trump administration suspended all U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority last February. The measure followed a steady deterioration of relations with Ramallah after the U.S. embassy was moved to Jerusalem, and an end to U.S. funding to UNRWA, the United Nations agency that supports Palestinian refugees. In recent years UNRWA funding exceeded $1 billion per year, a majority of which went to gender based violence programs.

The Palestinian Authority had received a total of $5 billion in aid from the U.S. since it was established in 1994.

Mehdi Hasan


On CNN, @SenSanders calls the Netanyahu government in Israel a “right wing, dare I say it, racist” government. Imagine what the first official meeting at the White House between a President Sanders and Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2021 would be like ?

Charles Lane


Pres Obama did not like Bibi Netanyahu (it was mutual, to be sure). He did not like his policies.
He dealt with him professionally.@SenSanders will take the White House, if he does, having pretty off-handedly branded PM of Israel “a racist.”

Dov Hikind


.@BernieSanders just called the Israeli gov “right wing and racist”. Not only is that bogus, but this self-loathing Jew who’s trying to score points with antisemites is empowering racists and bigots like @Ilhan and @RashidaTlaib in doing so

Bernie = danger for the U.S. & Israel

Bernie Sanders


Starting soon: tune in at 9 p.m. ET to watch our CNN town hall in New Hampshire. #SandersTownHall 

Last week freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) raised conditioning U.S. aid to Israel in an interview with the Skullduggery podcast. “I think it is certainly on the table. I think it’s something that can be discussed,” she said. Ocasio-Cortez also criticized Netanyahu as “a Trump-like figure” who is part of the “ascent of authoritarianism across the world.”

Following, she posted to social media a bill sponsored by Representative Betty McCollum (DFL-Minn) that prohibits U.S. aid dollars being used for the detention, interrogation or abuse of Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel forces and police.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


No one is arguing this.

Simply put: I don’t believe in caging kids. Pretty straightforward value.

I don’t care if it’s American kids, Mexican kids, or Palestinian kids. I vote against funding it on the US border, too.

It would be inconsistent w/ my values to fund it anywhere.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


For those curious, the legislation in question submitted by @BettyMcCollum04: 

McCollum Introduces Legislation to Promote Human Rights for Palestinian Children

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (DFL-Minn.) today introduced legislation— the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act, H.R. 4391 — to prevent United…

Sanders was less explicit. “The United States gives billions of dollar in military aid to Israel,” he said, “what I believe is not radical. I just believe that the United States should deal with the Middle East on a level playing field basis, which the goal must be to try to bring people together and not just support one country.”

“I am 100 percent pro-Israel, Israel has every right in the world to exist, and to exist in peace and security and not be subjected to terrorist attacks,” he said, “but the United States needs to deal not just with Israel but with the Palestinian people as well.”

Sanders, who is Jewish, is the only presidential candidate who has resided in Israel and has relatives living there.

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Two Palestinian children killed in blaze after Nazi army blocks fire brigade

The two children were burned to death in a fire at their home after Nazi army blocks fire brigade

Two Palestinian children have been killed in a blaze at their home in occupied Hebron after the Nazi Gestapo  prevented the fire brigade from reaching them in time.

The two children – one of whom is believed to have been just 18-months old – were burned to death in a fire at their home in the Al-Salaymeh neighbourhood of Hebron’s Old City in the occupied West Bank. One was reported dead late last night, while the second succumbed to the burns received this morning after receiving emergency treatment at the nearby Hebron government hospital. A third child, thought to be the dead children’s brother, also suffered severe burns in the incident and remains in intensive care, according to hospital Director Dr Walid Zalloum.

The names of the three children have not been released formally, but Palestinian news site Palestine Today named the two who were killed as four-year-old Wael Al-Rajabi and his 18-month-old sister Malik. The local police spokesman, Colonel Loai Arziqat, confirmed in a press statement that two children had died, but did not offer further information.

Though the emergency services were called, the fire brigade was prevented from reaching the scene by Nazi soldiers. In a video filmed last night at 21:50 local time (19:50 GMT), the fire engine can be seen trying to drive down a narrow street. The truck comes to a stop at a road block obstructing the way, while local residents implore the Israeli soldiers stationed there to “open the gate quickly, for the children.”

Nazi soldiers, however, did not yield to the onlookers’ pleas, delaying the emergency services’ response and preventing them from reaching the property. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

Nazi army is no stranger to restricting emergency services’ access to Palestinians in need. According to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), citing the Palestine Red Crescent Society, since 2015 Nazi regime has prevented ambulances from crossing checkpoints on 123 occasions. In addition, there were 386 attacks against Red Crescent teams across the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) during the same period, as well as 105 ambulances damaged.

In December, Nazi soldiers shot a Palestinian child then prevented him from receiving potentially life-saving medical treatment; he died soon thereafter. Seventeen-year-old Mahmoud Nakhle was shot as Nazi forces suppressed protests around Al-Jalazun refugee camp near Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank. A few minutes later, the soldiers chased off a Palestinian ambulance, threatening the driver with their rifles and not giving Nakhle first aid themselves. Only after a quarter of an hour did the soldiers allow an ambulance to be summoned, but Nakhle died en route to hospital.

Palestinian children were killed in a blaze at their home after Israeli forces prevented the fire brigade from reaching them in time in Hebron, West Bank

Palestinian children were killed in a blaze at their home after Nazi army prevented the fire brigade from reaching them in time in Hebron, West Bank

Under international law, as the occupying power Nazi regime is forbidden from preventing access to medical care and emergency services to the people living under its occupation. According to the Fourth Geneva Convention, “The occupying power must ensure sufficient hygiene and public health standards, as well as the provision of food and medical care to the population under occupation.” In addition, “Personnel of the International Red Crescent Movement must be allowed to carry out their humanitarian activities.” Nazi, however, continues to breach this and other articles of international laws and conventions with impunity.

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