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Were the “Crypto Jews” to design and execute the Armenian genocide?

Were the “Crypto Jews” to design and execute the Armenian genocide?

April 24th marks the centenary of the ” Metz Yeghern ” “Great crime” or Armenian genocide , as  the massacre of the Armenian people among the Armenians and in the 21 countries in the world that recognized the genocide, the deportation of the Armenians or the so-called genocide is remembered Armenian as they say  in  denialist Turkey, sometimes Armenian holocaust or massacre of Armenians.  It is nothing more than the forced deportation and extermination of an unknown number of Armenian civilians, calculated at around one and a half million – two million people, from 1915 to 1923, by the Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire .

Armenian GenocideOf the “first genocide of the twentieth century”, to use the words of Pope Francis , there are many commemorations planned by the Armenian communities amid the embarrassment of some politicians, such as the former German foreign minister, Frank Walter Steinmeir, who declared that for the planned initiatives the sponsorship of the State is not foreseen, because there is no “historical certainty” of the Armenian genocide and that, for this reason, the question must be resolved between Turkey and Armenia.

As far as we are concerned, here we will not address the question of the denialists’ reasons or those of the countries that recognized the massacre as the Armenian genocide, considering the reactions of the denialists and the position of those, like the European Community,  while admitting and recognizing the facts, cannot use the term “genocide”  to refer to the massacre of the Armenians between 1915 and 1923 under the Ottoman Empire, because “it does not have the skills” to express itself on historical memory.

Perhaps because the ” State of Israel” , the various organizations of American Jews, the Quincentennial Foundationand also the Grand Rabbinate of Turkey have adopted a tough position, rejecting the idea that the events of 1915 constitute a genocide and refusing even any confrontation for the Holocaust . This behavior is largely seen by the Armenian community as a lack of willingness on the part of the Jewish people to compromise the uniqueness of the Holocaust and its historical experience by sharing the status of “genocide victim” with others.  

We will limit ourselves to a brief excursus on one of the conspiracy theories that has been passed from generation to generation, and shared by many Armenians – for at least a few decades – and widespread in Armenian popular culture,  according to which the plan to exterminate the Armenians in the The Ottoman Empire was conceived and built by Jews, Zionists and Freemasons: the Donmehs . This theory blends with a similar theory prevalent among many Arabs according to which the 1908 Young Turks uprising against the Ottoman sultan Abdulhamid II was also a Jewish and Masonic conspiracy, because the sultan vehemently opposed the settlement of the Jews in Palestine,while the Young Turks were presumably more inclined to implement Zionist projects.

In the Hebrew Wikipedia  we read: “Donmeh is the Turkish word for” apostate “and refers to the Jews of the Near East who followed Sabbatai Zevi in ​​Islam in 1666, but secretly remained Jews who continued to practice Jewish rites, but worshiped Sabbatai as Messiah and incarnation of God “. The IX chapter of the book A Scapegoat for All Seasons: The Doenmes or Crypto-Jews of Turkey (The Donmeh or Cripto-Jews of the Turkey ) of Rifat Bali, expert of non-Muslim minorities in Turkey, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, social and cultural transformation of Turkish society and Donmeh (crypto-Jews), member of the Turkish-Ottoman Sephardic center Culture Research .   

Rifat Bali, while not completely sharing it, talks about the theory of the Donmehs as an interesting and recent product of the anti-dönme mentality, a world view that sees those belonging to or descended from this group as a secret and extremely powerful branch of Judaism that controls Turkey. According to this theory it was not the Turks, but the Sabbateans who previously planned  and carried out the deportation of 1915 with the mass slaughter and the death of most of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire.

In Turkey those who espouse this thesis can be classified into three main groups: a)  The numerous journalists of the Islamist press; b)  A group of Turkish-Armenian journalists, such as Fırat Hrant Dink (killed in 2007), editorialist Markar Esayan and writer Levon Panos Dabağyan, c)  Professor of Marxist Economics Yalçın Küçük, whose fame has spread in recent years years because of his numerous publications on the Sabbateans. 

Of each of the groups,  a number of examples are given by the author with the relative refutation, to get to Prof. Yalçın Küçük, who in the last fifteen years he has always turned his attention to the question of the influence of the Sabbateans on the control of Turkey. In particular, it is his conviction that the Turkish political, cultural, economic and social elite is almost entirely composed of crypto-Jewish Sabbateans. An ardent supporter of the use of the Onomastic, as a method of determining the Jewish equivalents of Turkish surnames, and thus unmasking such persons. In light of this world view, it is perhaps not surprising that in almost every statement he made on the subject, Professor Küçük characterized 1915, the Armenian deportation as the result of a “Jewish-Armenian war”. Similarly, the revolts against the Greeks of September 6-7, 1955, in which Istanbul crowds  burned and looted Greek properties, companies, homes, cemeteries and churches, are nothing more than the product of a “Jewish-Orthodox war”.

Among the many voices that do not agree with the conclusions of Rifat Bali, we mention some Jewish writers, who believe in the theory of the Donmeh, the crypto-Jews who, according to them, managed Turkey.Genocide Armenian

The Jewish journalist, Itamar Ben-Avi (died 1943), in his autobiography, shows that the “Father” of secular Turkey, General Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a Donmeh and that Mustafa Kemal was never ashamed of his Jewish origin.Mustafa Kemal recruited many crypto-Jewish Donmeh in the military. Almost all the military generals in Turkey since the establishment of the secular regime were crypto Jews and controlled Turkey through the country’s army.

The other author Barry Chamish, a Canadian Jewish writer who published some books also available on his website, speaks expressly of the Armenian genocide after a research that led him to the conclusion that the  designers and instigators of the Armenian genocide of the First World War and of the Jewish Holocaust of the Second World War were the same subjects and that the same subjects are planning another holocaust, that of the Jews during the next World War III.

Based on the works of David Morrison (Heroes, Antiheroes and The Holocaust) and M. Avrum Ehrlich, theologian, social philosopher and scholar of Jewish civilization (The First Sabbatean Holocaust – The Dry Run), Barry Chamish wants to show that the Young Turks who they led the 1908 revolution they were of the Donmeh, Turkish nationalists who wanted to consolidate the secular institutions and subvert the Muslim religious order. It was the Young Turks who planned and planned the genocide of the Armenians, considered as a direct threat to their revolutionary plans.

The Young Turks allied with Germany and used World War I as a cover for the slaughter of the Armenians, as did the Nazis in World War II, and   used their victims designated as slaves to build a trans-Turkish railroad for commercial interests Germans. That of the Young Turks was therefore the First Sabbatian Holocaust or rather the First Genocide of the twentieth century by the Donmehs.

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