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Zionist Holocaust Museum – There’s no Physical Evidence of the Holocaust

Ephraim Kaye, a director at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel confirms there’s no physical evidence of the holocaust.

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Nazi tech ‘facilitating press freedom abuses around the world’

Israel has been charged with enabling attacks on media freedom around the world by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), after export controls on surveillance technology were eased.

Citing a Reuters report, CPJ noted that Israeli officials have confirmed that – thanks to a rule change by the Defence Ministry – Israeli surveillance companies “are able to obtain exemptions on marketing license for the sale of some products to certain countries”.

According to Reuters, “the change took effect about a year ago”.

CPJ stated that:

Israeli-exported technology undermines press freedom globally by allowing authorities to track reporters and potentially identify their sources.

One example given by the press freedom watchdog was the Mexican government deploying Pegasus malware, sold by Israeli firm NSO Group, to infiltrate the mobile phones “of at least nine journalists”.

Pegasus was also used by Saudi Arabia to spy on the associates of journalist Jamal Khashoggi before he was murdered in the kingdom’s consulate in Turkey in October last year.

“Over and over again, we see Israeli technology facilitating press freedom abuses around the world, by lending a hand to governments that want to track and monitor reporters,” said CPJ Advocacy Director Courtney Radsch in Washington, D.C.

“An unregulated surveillance industry is bad for press freedom. The Israeli government should heed the UN Special Rapporteur’s call to respect human rights in its export policies.”

UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression David Kaye described Israel as “a major player in the surveillance technology market” in a June 2019 report which urged “a global moratorium on such exports until a human rights compliant regime was put in place”.


Israeli Spyware Can Steal Private Data From Apple, Google, Facebook – Reports In “Corruption”

New Jersey cops turn citizens’ phones into surveillance devices – for their own good, of course In “Civil Liberties”

Israel training mercenaries for Yemen war in UAE camps in Negev: Haaretz In “Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism”

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Morocco politician: Kushner intimidating and blackmailing Rabat with Deal of the Century file

US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and Senior Advisor Jared Kushner [Aqsa News Agency/Twitter]

US President Donald Trump’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner [Aqsa News Agency/Twitter]August 6, 2019 at 2:02 am


A member of the Secretariat of the Justice and Development Party in Morocco, Abdelaziz Aftati, said: “the US is resorting to the policy of encouragement and intimidation and then blackmail in dealing with the file of the so-called Deal of the Century.”

Commenting on the visit of the US president’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner to Morocco, Aftati added that “Morocco’s positions concerning the Palestinian cause are firm and unchangeable,” pointing out that “some Arab countries take unclear positions towards the cause, while some other countries have declared their positions towards the US plan.”

In this regard, Aftati said that “the US is adopting the policy of blackmail, especially that the Arab countries have so far non-unified positions on the cause.”

What does Kushner have up his sleeve now?

The official stressed that Morocco will not be dragged behind the so-called “Deal of the Century,” and that matters need to be resolved on the ground.” He pointed out that the Palestinians insist on their rejection of any incomplete steps, but even push towards confrontation with the Israeli occupation, to liberate the Palestinian land.

Moroccan newspaper Alyaoum24 said that the “US scheme” insists on the replacement of Palestinian rights with some economic benefits, prompting Washington to resort to Morocco.

Jared Kushner made a Middle East tour last week, which included Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco.CategoriesAfricaAsia & AmericasEgyptIsraelMiddle EastMoroccoNewsPalestineSaudi ArabiaUS

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FIFA Turns Blind Eye to Nazi Ban on Palestinian Football

FIFA President Gianni Infantino. (Photo: File)

FIFA is turning a blind eye to Israel’s ban on allowing Palestinians to hold matches as part of the Palestine Cup, Euro-Mediterranean Human Right Monitor said yesterday.

In a statement, the rights group said that the Israeli authorities continue to ban 30 players from the Rafah Team in Gaza to play the final match of the Palestine Cup against the Balata Youth Team in occupied West Bank city of Nablus. This, it continued, is a violation of international law and of the FIFA principles which stress “the right to play”.

Abrar Khan@khanabrar643

Ramzy Baroud says: Israeli teams must not be allowed in competitions while continuing its racist regime …Fifa must take action to end sports apartheid in IsraelIsraeli teams must not be allowed in competitions while continuing its racist regimegulfnews.com154:44 PM – Aug 20, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Abrar Khan ‘s other Tweets

The two teams played the home leg on June 30 in Rafah and the return leg was planned to take place in July.

According to the Euro-Med, the Israeli occupation prevents footballers from Gaza traveling to the West Bank over security claims, stressing that this is “merely a political cover for the [Israeli] collective punishment practiced against the Gaza Strip.”


Israel is blocking the Palestine Football Cup because it won’t allow the winning Gaza League team from travel to the occupied West Bank for the finals. @EuroMedHR denounces @FIFAcom for ignoring Israel’s violations of international law and FIFA statues. 

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8512:09 PM – Aug 22, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy112 people are talking about this

Palestinians hold a series of matches every year and teams from Gaza and West Bank play against each other in both areas of the occupied Palestinian territories until they reach the final of the Palestine Cup, which is recognized by FIFA.

Euro-Med reported that Israeli restrictions on Palestinian athletes “have been increasing”, with occupation forces stopping the bodybuilding and volleyball teams from taking part in international tournaments.

(Middle East Monitor, PC, Social Media)

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Nazi Jewish settlers attack Palestinian cars with stones

Nazi Jewish Settlers storm a school in the occupied West Bank on 28 December 2017 breaking car and classroom windows and injuring students [Ma’an News Agency]August 24, 2019 at 12:13 pm

Several groups of illegal Nazi Jewish settlers yesterday hurled stones at Palestinian vehicles near the West Bank cities of Hebron and Nablus, Quds Press reported.

Quds Press said that settlers gathered at Route 60, east of Hebron, and threw stones at Palestinian cars. Nazi forces also set up a checkpoint in the city’s Dora neighbourhood and caused heavy congestion as they searched the cars and checked drivers’ IDs.

Meanwhile, tens of Nazi Jewish illegal settlers closed the road which connects Huwwara, south of Nablus, with the north of the West Bank, also throwing stones at Palestinian vehicles.

Ghassan Daghlas – a Palestinian Authority (PA) official who monitors settlements in the north of the West Bank – said that tens of Nazi Jewish settlers, protected by the Nazi army, closed Yitzhar road and threw stones at Palestinian vehicles which attempted to pass through the barricades.

Read: Israel report warns of potential for West Bank ‘unrest’

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Nazi army demolishes 24 Palestinian buildings in less than 2 months

This picture, taken on July 22, 2019, shows Israeli forces tearing down a Palestinian building under construction in the West Bank village of Dar Salah, adjacent to the Sur Baher area, which straddles the West Bank and Jerusalem al-Quds. (By AFP)
This picture, taken on July 22, 2019, shows Israeli forces tearing down a Palestinian building under construction in the West Bank village of Dar Salah, adjacent to the Sur Baher area, which straddles the West Bank and Jerusalem al-Quds. (By AFP)

The United Nations (UN) says the Israeli regime has demolished two dozen Palestinian buildings and structures across the occupied West Bank in less than two months.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a new report, excerpts of which were carried by Palestinian Information Center on Sunday, that Israeli authorities demolished 24 Palestinian buildings and structures across the occupied region between July 30 and August 19.

The OCHA said that the recent demolitions displaced nine people and affected at least 80 other Palestinians, adding that the number of people displaced by such demolitions had amounted to at least 480 people so far this year, more than the 472 Palestinians displaced in the entire 2018.

According to the report, within the reported period, 10 buildings were demolished in East Jerusalem al-Quds, and the remaining demolitions were carried out in four communities in the so-called Area C.

It said 13 of the demolished structures in Area C were being used for humanitarian purposes, including seven located in a herding community in the northern Jordan Valley.

Area C, which is under full Israeli control, makes up more than 60 percent of the entire occupied West Bank. Eighty eight percent of the area lies in the strategic Jordan Valley, which comprises a third of the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli authorities frequently demolish Palestinian buildings and residences in Area C, with Bedouin and herding communities being particularly vulnerable to that practice.

PressTV-‘Israeli demolitions aimed at killing Palestinian cause’

PressTV-‘Israeli demolitions aimed at killing Palestinian cause’The Lebanese foreign minister says the recent demolition of Palestinian homes is part of the Israeli regime’s policy to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Elsewhere in the report, the OCHA said Israeli authorities conducted a total of 178 search and arrest operations in the villages and towns of the West Bank during the period.

At least 190 Palestinians were arrested during those operations, it added.

During the same period, Israeli forces also wounded a total of 173 Palestinians in numerous clashes across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem al-Quds, the report said, adding that 67 cases of injuries — some 40 percent — occurred in clashes that erupted after a group of Israeli settlers attempted to enter the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem al-Quds on August 11.   

The OCHA also said around 268 Palestinians, including 97 children, sustained wounds during the same period after Israeli troops attacked them during the March of Return rallies in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Sixty two of the wounded were shot with live ammunition, it said.

PressTV-Nearly 130 Palestinians wounded by Israeli fire in Gaza

PressTV-Nearly 130 Palestinians wounded by Israeli fire in GazaIsraeli forces attack Palestinian protesters gathering at the fence between Gaza and the occupied territories, injuring nearly 130 people.

At least 305 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces ever since the anti-occupation protest rallies began in the Gaza Strip on March 30, 2018. Over 18,000 Palestinians have also sustained injuries.

Back in March, a report by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) revealed that the Israeli regime had until then occupied more than 85 percent — some 27,000 square kilometers — of the historical territories of Palestine in an expropriation process that continues unabated.

Palestinians want the West Bank as part of their future independent state with East Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital.

Israeli-Palestinian talks have stalled since 2014 mainly over the Tel Aviv regime’s continued settlement expansion on Palestinian territories.

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Time to Breach the Wall of Silence on Supporting ‘Israeli’ War Crimes!

By Marion Kawas

Palestine Chronicle 

The federal election in Canada is coming up on October 21, 2019, and once again there is a debate, both within the Palestinian community and the solidarity movement, on the best tactics and strategies to hold politicians to account. Parameters have shifted dramatically since 2015; four years ago, current PM Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party was still a shiny new commodity with untested big promises, and the Trump/Netanyahu racist “shock and awe” assault had yet to launch. Successive Canadian governments have been complicit in dispossessing Palestinians for over 70 years now, a legacy that has cut across party lines; activists are more determined than ever that politicians will not escape responsibility for their callous and racist anti-Palestinian stands.

Trudeau has lost credibility with many in Canada who thought he would bring a fresh perspective to foreign policy, especially on the issue of support for Palestinian rights. His government has voted the same way as the previous Conservative one at the United Nations on multiple resolutions, and one Liberal MP even bragged that the Trudeau government’s record surpassed its predecessor and was “almost identical” to the U.S. in protecting Israel; they helped pass a nasty anti-BDS motion in the House of Commons which condemned even individuals who support boycotting Israel; and a government minister wrapped it all up by endorsing the dangerous IHRA definition of anti-Semitism in June of this year. The government also reversed an initial decision by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on the correct labeling of settlement wines, something that was successfully challenged in Federal Court with a recent ruling that determined the “Product of Israel” label was “false, misleading and deceptive”; whether there will be an appeal of this court decision has not yet been announced.

Meanwhile, the opposition New Democratic Party under the helm of new leader Jagmeet Singh has been sending extremely mixed signals as to where their position stands. The party voted against the federal anti-BDS motion, has expressed clear reservations about the IHRA definition, and their recent statement welcoming the court decision on labeling of settlement wines was timely and, in the landscape of Canadian politics, could be considered strongly worded. However, they also blocked a pro-Palestine resolution at their national conference in 2018 and again at a provincial Ontario NDP conference in May of this year. And they have already “de-nominated” one new candidate, Rana Zaman, for comments made about the Palestinian Great Return March (a pattern started in 2015).

Such political opportunism seems to have gripped the Green Party as well. There is a good resolution on Palestine passed by the Green Party at their December 2016 convention, arguably the best amongst the major federal parties, but the leader Elizabeth May seems determined to either ignore it or flout it. Just recently, the Party also issued a statement supporting the Federal Court decision on settlement wines, but then in the same release, May was quoted as referring to the occupied Palestinian territories as “disputed”. After strong pushback from activists and Green Party members, the “disputed” was eventually replaced by “occupied”. This followed a statement last spring, where May inferred that the BDS movement was “anti-Semitic”, saying “We are not a party that condones BDS. We would never tolerate anybody in our party who violates our core values, who are anti-Semitic.”

The Conservative Party needs no further analysis, they are simply continuing the legacy of former PM Stephen Harper, who Netanyahu greeted in 2014 by saying, “You are a great friend of Israel”; their new leader has even promised to move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem.

In the last election, the “strategic voting” card was played to great advantage by the Liberal Party who convinced many that voting for them was the best way to ensure that the regressive policies of the previous government would be ended. But here we are in 2019, with not only a continuation of the same old tired pro-Israel caravan on Parliament Hill but also a trashing of indigenous and environmental rights along with corruption scandals. And political and financial support for Trump’s attempted coup against Venezuela.

So, what are voters to do who are interested in a fair and just foreign policy and who realize that in today’s world, global issues are of strategic importance?

Palestinian activists in Canada are promoting a new approach and rather than trying to endorse one party or the other, want to make candidates accountable on complicity in Israeli war crimes and have pro-Palestinian policies put forward in as many forums as possible. They have launched a campaign entitled #IVotePalestine which lists 9 basic demands that can be presented to candidates and has already been endorsed and supported by 17 local and national organizations.

Last federal elections, BDS Quebec registered with third-party status and ran a pro-Palestinian poster campaign; the city of Montreal took down many of the posters, which resulted in a court case that BDS Quebec finally won in late 2018 and even received damage payments. Activists are also now publicly challenging Canadian politicians and cabinet ministers during press conferences and campaign launches regarding government policy on Palestine, and also other foreign policy issues like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Haiti.

Lawyer Dimitri Lascaris, author Yves Engler and filmmaker Malcolm Guy were part of one of the most publicized interventions to date that targeted leading Zionist and former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler (who has also been involved in the campaign to destabilize Venezuela).  Lascaris explained the importance of such actions this way: “When it comes to the imperative that we hold Israel truly accountable for its human rights violations, there is a virtual wall of silence in the Liberal and Conservative Parties. Disrupting Liberal and Conservative advocates for Israel at public events is one of the most effective ways to breach that wall of silence.”

The time is long overdue for a hard look at the records of all candidates on Palestine policy. It is not enough to simply claim you will be better than the worst of the worst; it is not enough to say you stand with Palestine and then proceed to stay silent or even be complicit in enacting policy and legislation that does the exact opposite. It is not enough to appear for a photo-op at an Eid celebration and then claim you are sensitive to the daily oppression faced by Palestinian and Arab Muslims.

This summer saw the nascent signs of a significant shift in Canadian opinion, with support for Palestine breaking into new domains like the Federal Court and Vancouver City Council. It also showed that the Zionist lobby is not invincible; however, all of the recent achievements for Palestinian rights in Canada were not the result of any initiatives on the part of the traditional political parties nor of their “moral awakening”, but rather the hard work of grass-roots activists who were organized, loud and persistent.

If enough candidates from various parties are pressured and held accountable to actually “walk the walk” instead of just playing political football with the lives, dignity, and suffering of the Palestinian people, then this emerging shift will eventually have to reach the still-insulated House of Commons. Although federal politicians always seem to be the last to grasp what the public supports, it is time that they are made to understand that there will be a price to pay for complicity in the oppression of the Palestinian people.

– Marion Kawas is a member of the Canada Palestine Association and co-host of Voice of Palestine. Visit:


Does Justin Trudeau hate Palestinians? In “Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism”

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Vancouver City Council Won’t Set Precedent in Endorsing IHRA Definition In “Civil Li

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Nazi warplanes launch fresh airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Undated photo of an explosion during clashes between Israeli military and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas
Undated photo of an explosion during clashes between Israeli military and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas

Nazi army’s warplanes have conducted fresh airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip, targeting a naval site during the attack.

The Nazi forces have also fired flares over eastern Khan Yunis in southern Gaza enclave.

Media reports say the attacks have not resulted in any casualties yet.

Zionist media claim the fresh attacks came after the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, fired rockets on Israeli positions.

Earlier on Saturday, helicopters and jets operated by the Nazi regime launched fresh attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip, less than a day after warplanes targeted facilities allegedly belonging to the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Nazi sources said airstrikes late on Saturday targeted Hamas positions in Gaza while tanks were stationed on the border separating the enclave from the occupied Palestinian territories.

On Sunday the Palestinian health ministry said three Palestinians were killed by Nazi overnight attacks.

PressTV-Israel launches fresh attacks on Gaza Strip

The attacks reportedly came after Hamas fired rockets on Nazi positions in Sderot and in Sha’ar Hanegev region to retaliate Nazi attacks that had taken place in the early hours of Saturday.

Media reports said the rocket attacks had caused panic among Israeli settlers and military forces.

Later reports in the Zionist media showed that regime forces had shot and killed five Palestinians who were allegedly attempting to cross the border from Gaza into the occupied territories.

The reports said the five were members of the military wing of Palestinian movement the Islamic Jihad who were crossing the border from Gaza’s Beit Hanoun region.

The increase in Nazi attacks comes as the Nazi regime is preparing for elections. Most Nazi candidates are former high-ranking military officials who have been issuing campaign promises to Zionist voters to wage wars on the Gaza Strip and destroy Palestinian resistance groups.

Hamas officials said early on Saturday that Nazi attacks on Gaza were meant to divert attentions from regime’s embarrassment in the West Bank.

Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, said it would not allow the Nazi regime to use the enclave as a ground to Nazi settle its accounts.

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9/11 Whistleblowers: Cate Jenkins

Watch this video on BitChute / YouTube or Download the mp4


Of the many scenes from September 11, 2001, that have been etched into the public consciousness, few are as iconic as the images of the survivors and first responders escaping Ground Zero completely covered in dust from the destruction of the Twin Towers.

And of the many, many lies told by government officials in the days following the attacks, few have been as blatant or as clearly documented as the lies about the safety of that dust propounded by the EPA and its administrator at the time, Chrstine Todd Whitman.

CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN: We know asbestos was in there, was in those buildings. Lead is in the those buildings. There are the VOC’s [Volatile Organic Compounds], however, the concentrations are such that they don’t pose a heath hazard.

SOURCE: Christie Whitman says air is safe days after 911

WHITMAN: Well, if there’s any good news out of all this, it’s that everything we’ve tested for, which includes asbestos, lead, and VOCs have been below any level of concern for the general public health. Obviously, for those who are down here, these are very important…

SOURCE: Sanjay Gupta reports: Terror in the dust

WHITMAN: Statements that EPA officials made after 9/11 were based on the judgement of experienced environmental and health professionals at the EPA, OSHA and the CDC, who had analyzed the test data that 13 different organizations and agencies were collecting in Lower Manhattan.

I do not recall any EPA scientist or experts responsible for viewing this data ever advising me that the test data from Lower Manhattan showed that the air or water proposed long-term health risks for the general public.

SOURCE: Air Contamination at Ground Zero – C-Span

As we now know, these statements were all lies.

As early as September 18th, the very same day that Whitman was assuring New Yorkers that the air was safe to breathe, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had already detected sulfur dioxide levels in the air so high that “according to one industrial hygienist, they were above the EPA’s standard for a classification of ‘hazardous’.” And even in those early days, first responders were already reporting a range of health problems, including coughing, wheezing, eye irritation and headaches. Even so, Whitman and the EPA persisted in perpetuating the lies about the dust, assuring New Yorkers that respirators were not needed outside of the “restricted area” around Ground Zero.

And, as we examined in 9/11 Suspects: Christine Todd Whitman, it was later confirmed that the White House had been editing the EPA’s press releases on the air quality in Manhattan and removing warnings about the air safety all along.

LISA MYERS: In the wake of 9/11, there were serious concerns about whether the air around ground zero was filled with toxins, unsafe for workers and residents. But by September 18th, many New Yorkers were back in their apartments and on the job, partly because of this press release that day from the Environmental Protection Agency, reassuring New Yorkers that their air is safe to breathe.

Was that press release misleading?

NIKKI TINSLEY: It was surely not telling all of the truth.

MYERS: In an exclusive interview, Inspector General Nikki Tinsley, the EPA’s top watchdog, tells NBC News the agency simply did not have sufficient data to justify such a reassurance. In fact, a new report by Tinsley’s office says at the time, more than 25 percent of dust samples collected before September 18th showed unsafe levels of asbestos. And the EPA had no test results at all on PCBs, dioxins or particulates in the air that can cause respiratory problems.

TINSLEY: The EPA did not give the people of New York complete information.

MYERS: So what happened? Tinsley’s report charges in the crucial days after 9/11 the White House changed EPA press releases to “add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones.” September 13th, the EPA draft release, never released to the public, says, EPA “testing terrorized sites for environmental hazards.” The White House changes that to EPA “reassures public about environmental hazards.” September 16th, the EPA draft says, “recent samples of dust on Water Street show higher levels of asbestos.” The White House version: “new samples confirm ambient air quality meets OSHA standards and is not a cause for public concern.” And the White House leaves out entirely this warning, that “air samples raise concerns for cleanup workers and office workers near Water Street.”

SOURCE: Officials claim EPA Misled Public about Safety of Air Quality at Ground Zero

What many do not know, because their story has been largely ignored and marginalized, is that there were officials within the EPA who were desperately trying to blow the whistle on the agency’s lies. Officials like Cate Jenkins.

Dr. Cate Jenkins had joined the EPA in December 1979, serving as an Environmental Scientist with EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER). Her work included “detecting hazardous waste and developing regulations for their control,” a role that took on special importance in the wake of the toxic dust clouds covering Manhattan on 9/11. Unlike many of the other 9/11 whistleblowers, however, the events of September 11, 2001 did not represent the first time Dr. Jenkins had to blow the whistle on her own agency.

Jenkins dealt with many hazardous waste products in her job, but she specialized in Dioxin (a.k.a. Agent Orange), a contaminant of wood preservatives that was used in the Vietnam War as a defoliant. Monsanto Chemical Corporation was the largest producer of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, and it was a series of Monsanto-sponsored studies in the early 1980s that led the EPA to conclude that “human evidence supporting an association” between dioxin and cancer “is considered inadequate.”

In February 1990, Jenkins wrote a memo to the EPA Science Advisory Board alleging that the Monsanto-sponsored studies were fraudulent, and that the studies, if performed correctly, would have shown the carcinogenic effects of dioxin. The memo caught the attention of the press and, under the glare of a media spotlight, the EPA launched a criminal investigation of Monsanto. That investigation was opened on August 20th and closed less than two years later, but, as EPA whistleblower William Sanjour notes, “the investigation itself and the basis for closing the investigation were fraudulent.” No attempt was even made to determine the scientific validity of the studies in question, and the EPA declined to pursue the matter because of statute of limitations technicalities.

The EPA did, however, find time to mount a campaign of retribution against Jenkins for having the audacity to blow the whistle on the agency and its listing practices for hazardous chemicals. Her work load was reduced and higher ups at the EPA immediately began talking about shunting her off into a purely administrative position where she would “not be involved with anything that puts her in direct contact with the regulated community or the public.” Her supervisor even wrote a letter to Monsanto apologizing for Jenkins’ memo questioning their studies.

Jenkins filed a complaint with the Department of Labor, and, in a series of cases that were appealed all the way up to the Secretary of Labor himself, it was found that she had been unfairly retaliated against for her whistleblowing and the EPA was ordered to reinstate her in her previous position.

But as nightmarish as that years-long, potentially career-ending ordeal in whistleblowing was for Dr. Jenkins, it was nothing compared to the ordeal she would have to face after “the day that changed everything.”

Beginning shortly after the attack, and continuing for years afterward, Dr. Jenkins attempted to bring the EPA’s faulty and fraudulent air quality testing practices to the attention of anyone who would listen. According to the Administrative Review Board of The US Department of Labor:

“Beginning in 2001, Jenkins made numerous disclosures and complaints alleging that the EPA engaged in improper laboratory testing, falsified a regulation governing exposure safety standards, and knowingly covered up the toxic properties of the dust emanating from the September 11, 2001 (“9/11”) World Trade Center (WTC) disaster. The improper testing and cover-up, Jenkins claimed, contributed to excessive and harmful toxic dust exposures of WTC “First Responders” and others sufficient to later cause respiratory and other serious and debilitating disease. Jenkins disseminated these disclosures and complaints to her supervisors and others at EPA, to the EPA Inspector General’s Office, members of Congress, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as to state officials, state elected representatives, law firms representing WTC First Responders, citizens, and the media. Her disclosures were posted on web sites and repeatedly quoted in the press and television broadcasts, and by members of Congress.”

One of these early memos, dated January 11, 2002, was written on EPA letterhead and addressed to “Affected Parties and Responsible Officials.” It examines the case of Libby, Montana—a designated “Superfund” site where the federal government is paying to help residents clean the “interiors of homes and residential soils [that] have been contaminated with asbestos from an adjacent vermiculite mining operation.” Jenkins compared the levels of contaminated dust particles found inside apartments in Lower Manhattan after 9/11 to dust samples taken in Libby, finding that the New York samples contained 22 times higher concentrations of asbestos than the Montana samples. As Jenkins noted: “The logical question thus arises: Why is EPA leaving people to their own devices in the cleanup of New York City, while intervening to clean homes at taxpayer expense in Libby?”

Worse, a team of independent scientists hired by tenant groups and New York political leaders found much higher samples of asbestos in the dust than what the EPA was reporting. As Dr. Jenkins told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch at the time: “For every asbestos fiber EPA detected, the new methods used by the outside experts found nine. [. . .] This is too important a difference to be ignored if you really care about the health of the public.”

CATE JENKINS: New York City directly lied about the test results for asbestos in the air. When they finally released them, they doctored the results. They changed high hazardous levels to zero when they finally released them.

SOURCE: 911 Dust and Deceit at the World Trade Center

After years of internal memos, press interviews and other tireless efforts to blow the whistle on the severe health issues that would develop as a result of the EPA’s deliberate cover up, the mainstream media was finally forced to begin covering the issue in 2006, after many of the Ground Zero clean up workers and the residents of Manhattan were beginning to succumb to the effects of the deadly dust.

In 2006, after a federal judge ruled that Whitman’s post-9/11 lies were “conscience-shocking” and that she would not be granted immunity for her actions, the media finally began to cover the story. The New York TimesCBS and other outlets all ran stories on the scandal, and they all quoted from Jenkins’ memos and featured interviews with Jenkins herself. After the 5th anniversary came and went on September 11, 2006, however, the media’s attention turned elsewhere and the story drifted out of the attention of the public once again.

But Dr. Jenkins’ attempt to obtain justice for the victims of this horrendous crime did not end there. In 2007, she penned a remarkable 134-page letter addressed to then-Senator Hillary Clinton, as well as Congressmen Jerrold Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, calling for a Senate investigation of the falsification of pH corrosivity data for World Trade Center dust. The thoroughly documented letter, containing over 300 footnotes and citations, included a detailed analysis of the falsification of WTC pH data by groups like the US Geological Survey, and the remarkable story of how “In May 1980, EPA’s hazardous waste program falsified pH levels (changed the numbers) that the UN World Health Organization (WHO) International Labour Organization (ILO) determined would invariably result in corrosive permanent tissue damage (chemical burns).”

In a much shorter—though no less explosive—letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation written at the same time, Jenkins also called for the FBI to open a criminal investigation into the EPA’s cover up. This was followed up with an additional letter to the FBI in 2008 where Jenkins went even further, alleging fraud in pH testing of WTC dust and providing documentation that the EPA lab had diluted WTC dust almost 600 times with water before testing it for corrosivity.

Remarkably, despite her very public and very serious charges against the federal agency, and despite her past experience blowing the whistle on the EPA and subsequent years-long court battle to retain her position, Jenkins told Occupational Hazards magazine in 2002 that she did not fear losing her job over her comments. “All [EPA] management has to do is say, ‘Stop,’ and they haven’t,” she said, adding that as an EPA official, speaking out about lapses in the agency’s WTC effort does not require courage, just plenty of hard work.

Despite this belief, Dr. Jenkins was indeed fired from the EPA on December 30, 2010.

The firing followed a series of inane workplace incidents that resulted in suspensions and other retaliatory measures against Jenkins. The chain of events included Jenkins sending an email under the title “Op-Ed: Should EPA Institute a Workplace Fragrance Ban as Part of its Endocrine Disruptor Initiative?” after an encounter with a heavily-perfumed IT tech triggered an asthma attack in Jenkins, and her supervisor recommending that she be suspended, as the email—which was only sent to other EPA staff—”could have misled recipients as to whether it was an official EPA communication.” Eventually, the supervisor claimed that the series of incidents culminated with Jenkins threatening him in a workplace incident that was witnessed by no one.

As the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, who supported Jenkins in her ordeal with the agency, summarized:

“Dr. Cate Jenkins, a senior chemist with more than three decades of agency tenure, publicly charged that due to falsified EPA standards, First Responders waded into dust so corrosive that it caused chemical burns deep within their respiratory systems. After raising the issue to the EPA Inspector General, Congress and the FBI, Dr. Jenkins was isolated, harassed and ultimately removed from her position on December 30, 2010 by EPA, based upon an un-witnessed and contested claim that the soft-spoken, petite childhood polio survivor threatened her 6-foot male supervisor.”

Continuing through a series of appeals, legal wrangling and bureaucratic red tape, Jenkins succeeded in having her employment reinstated in 2012.

AMY GOODMAN: A government whistleblower who was fired after exposing the dangers of asbestos and dust on workers at Ground Zero in the days after 9/11 has been reinstated to her job following a federal court decision. Cate Jenkins, a chemist who worked for the Environmental Protection Agency, was the first EPA official to warn that dust in the air around the World Trade Center could pose a serious health risk. But the head of the EPA at the time claimed there was no reason for concern. Jenkins accused the EPA of intentionally hiding the dangers of air pollution at Ground Zero. She was fired in 2010. A federal court has now ruled Jenkins must be reinstated and given back pay.

SOURCE: Democracy Now, May 8, 2012

Incredibly, even this was not the end of Jenkins’ ordeal.

Instead of returning her to her daily work duties in 2012 as ordered, the EPA instead kept Jenkins on paid administrative leave and then re-filed the same charges against her in 2013. Less than a year after being ordered to give her her job back, the agency was instead trying to take it away again, saying that Jenkins had failed to prove that the EPA was retaliating for her whistleblowing.

The agency’s move was especially galling given that Jenkins had yet to be given a chance to prove her case. Part of the reason that the EPA had been ordered to restore Jenkins to her job was because the agency had been found to have destroyed records pertaining to her case and otherwise obstructed discovery. In fact, her case that the EPA had retaliated against her for her whistleblowing was still before the Department of Labor.

The entire legal ordeal proceeded for years, finally coming to an end in 2018—a full eight years after the agency’s first attempt to fire her—when the Department of Labor confirmed a 2015 decision that the EPA had “retaliated against [Jenkins] for her reports to Congress and the FBI, and to the public through the media, about her allegations of violation of environmental laws and regulations by the EPA in connection with the rescue and cleanup operations at the WTC, in violation of the whistleblower provisions of the Clean Air Act, the Solid Waste Disposal Act, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.”

After nearly two decades of research and whistleblowing and almost ten years of legal nightmare, Jenkins was finally vindicated. She had been unjustly fired for attempting to call attention to the agency’s wrongdoings, and she was restored to her position.

But although this victory is to be celebrated, it comes as slim comfort to those seeking justice for the victims of 9/11, not just those killed in the buildings that day, and not just the victims of the wars that have been waged in the name of September 11th, but the victims of the toxic dust that Cate Jenkins and others have been warning about since the events unfolded.

And meanwhile, those who pushed the deadly lies about the air quality have moved on with their lives, continuing their careers and only occasionally being confronted by the independent media that is still attempting to shed light on the story.

DERRICK BROZE: Ms. Whitman, I appreciate your talk in there. You guys mentioned voting and the power of shaming voters. I feel like there’s probably a lot of folks who feel like you might need to be shamed since it’s been 17 years since 9/11 and nearly 10,000 people are now sick with 9/11 related illnesses. And I know you apologized about it two years ago and you were cleared in the courts, but all evidence points to your time in the Bush administration clearly led to people being sick and led to people getting cancer.

WHITMAN: Everything that I said was based on the best available science at the time. Science has progressed now. I think we found things that we didn’t know then. But I never said anything that wasn’t predicated on what the scientists told me. That morning—every morning—I had a conference call with the scientists: “What is safe to say? What can I say? What shouldn’t I say?” And they kept repeating that they were seeing nothing in their studies that show that there was a long-term health consequence from the air in Manhattan in general and lower Manhattan in general.

SOURCE: Christine Todd Whitman (Fmr EPA head) Confronted About 9/11 First Responder Deaths

They may not be the lies we think of when we think of the lies of 9/11—lies which led to the illegal invasion of Afghanistan and contributed to the illegal invasion of Iraq—but the EPA’s lies about the World Trade Center dust have killed many hundreds.

And, like a Cassandra cursed with the ability to foresee a grim future that she could not prevent, Cate Jenkins spent decades of her life warning of the consequences of those lies. And for her service, she faced years of persecution. Worst of all, her warnings were dismissed until they could no longer be denied.

And there are still those who claim that 9/11 does not have its whistleblowers.

WHITMAN: To say [that] because a draft press release changes that somehow that’s nefarious manipulation is . . . It’s mind-boggling that you leap to that conclusion.


9/11 Whistleblowers: Barry Jennings In “Deception”

9/11 Whistleblowers: Kevin Ryan In “Deception”

The Official Story of the Collapse of WTC Building 7 Lies in Ruins In “Deception”

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You Don’t Need a Weatherman… Junior Bush On the Morning of 9/11

By Philip A Farruggio

Global Research,

Taken from one of Bob Dylan’s songs, Subterranean Homesick Blues, this lyric “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” is fitting for what went down on 9/11/01 in that classroom in Sarasota, Florida.

If you recall, Junior Bush was on a scheduled visit to an elementary school in Sarasota, Florida on the morning of September 11th, 2001. When he arrived at the school, before entering Ms. Daniels’ classroom Junior Bush was told that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers. It is said that he exclaimed “They’d better check that pilot’s license” as he readied to begin his visit. While reading to the children some time after, Bush’s chief of staff Andrew Card whispered in his ear that a 2nd plane had crashed into the other tower. Researcher David Ray Griffin then offers this:

On the one hand, the Secret Service, which has the responsibility for protecting the president from any possible threat to his life, should have assumed, once it was clear that terrorists were going after high-value targets, that the president might have been one of those targets. As one article put it, “Bush’s presence made… the planned reading event a perceived target,” because “the well-publicized event at the school assured Bush’s location that day was no secret.” On the other hand, people observed that the Secret Service had not acted accordingly. The day after 9/11, Canada’s Globe and Mail commented: “For some reason, Secret Service agents did not bustle [Bush] away.”

The background for this comment was explained by Philip Melanson, the author of a book about the Secret Service. “With an unfolding terrorist attack,” Melanson said, “the procedure should have been to get the president to the closest secure location as quickly as possible.” That this indeed would have been standard operating procedure is illustrated by the fact that, as soon as the second strike on the World Trade Center was seen on television, one agent said to Sarasota County Sheriff Bill Balkwill: “We’re out of here. Can you get everybody ready?”9/11 Contradictions: Bush in the Classroom on the Morning of September 11, 2001

But this agent’s decision was obviously overridden by some higher-level Secret Service agent, as Bush was allowed not only to remain in the classroom for seven or more minutes, but also to remain at the school for another twenty minutes. He was even allowed to deliver a television address to the nation, thereby letting everyone know that he was still at the school.

This behavior seemed especially reckless in light of reports, issued at the time, that as many as eleven planes had been hijacked. The Secret Service should have feared that one of those planes was bearing down on the school at that very moment. The Secret Service’s behavior, however, suggested that it had no fear that the school would be attacked.

The Secret Service’s failure to hustle Bush away seemed even stranger in light of the reports that Vice President Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and several congressional leaders were quickly taken to safe locations. Should not protecting President Bush have been an even higher priority? As Susan Taylor Martin of the St. Petersburg Times put it on July 4, 2004: “One of the many unanswered questions about that day is why the Secret Service did not immediately hustle Bush to a secure location, as it apparently did with Vice President Dick Cheney.”

How many of you have seen countless films about how the Secret Service reacts when they feel a president is in any way in danger? In the film In the Line of Fire when the president is at an event and a balloon pops, they rush him out like gangbusters!

On September 11th, as David Ray Griffin explained, the whole world knew that Junior Bush was in Sarasota at that school. Yet, even after a 2nd plane crashed into the tower, they let him sit there for at least seven minutes and then for some time after at the school.

Translation: Those in the ‘know’ must have felt that the president was as safe as a could be that morning. Of course, then, in perhaps a PR move, they rushed him onto his plane and took him for a ride all over the country… after they allowed him to be a target at that school.

One needs not to study (as this writer has for over 16 years) all the multitude of inconsistencies and actual facts that those in the 9/11 Truth movement have uncovered. Just this one simple little incident must show anyone with ‘half a brain’ that something was rotten on that Tuesday morning. There is NO way that the highly professional Secret Service would allow what transpired to occur… ever!!

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