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Scholars for dollars sell out Palestine and its people

Image of Hamza Yusuf [5Pillars/Twitter]

Hamza Yusuf [5Pillars/Twitter]

Yvonne Ridley

Palestine polarises people, of that there is no doubt. Those condemning Palestinians usually do so out of their blind loyalty to the concept of the Zionist State. With today’s backdrop of real and alleged anti-Semitism, and the ever pervasive shadow of the Holocaust, it is easy to see why anyone might go along with the black and white narrative that Israel is a force for good, and Palestine is bad.

However, the cold, hard facts present a somewhat different story: Israel was founded on land stolen from the Palestinians after the indigenous people had been driven from their homes at gunpoint, and anyone who resisted the Zionist militias paid with their lives. The Zionist movement’s quest for a “Jewish state” had been boosted by the British government’s 1917 Balfour Declaration in which a man who had neither the moral nor legal right to do so, glibly promised land in Palestine for a “national home for the Jewish people”.

Such facts cannot be refuted, regardless of some of the insane mutterings of Israeli leaders and their supporters. Former Prime Minister Golda Meir, for example, declared infamously in 1969 that the Palestinians “did not exist”. The UN, of course, established its Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in 1949 specifically for the Palestinians. There are now 5.5 million Palestinian refugees registered with UNRWA; they really do exist.

After the 1967 Six Day War, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 242, which called on Israel to withdraw from the land it had taken during the fighting, essentially the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, as well as the Syrian Golan Heights. Israel ignored the resolution, and thus began the military occupation of those territories that is in place to this day. Resolution 242 is one of around 200 which Israel has ignored since its creation on Palestinian land in 1948. In all that time, the people of Palestine have faced a genocidal onslaught against their land, culture and identity. Israel heads the global league table of regimes which take no notice of, or have broken quite deliberately, international laws and conventions.

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Just this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brazenly announced plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank if he wins next week’s General Election. A promise to impose Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea will, he hopes, be a vote winner, despite it being a breach of international law. He added that he would also look to apply sovereignty over all of Israel’s illegal settlements in the rest of the occupied West Bank as well as “other areas of importance to our heritage.”

Given such aggressive rhetoric and destructive Israeli policies since 1948, is it any wonder that Palestinians have used their legitimate right to resist the occupation in many different ways, all of them justified by international law? Over the decades, such resistance has been more or less backed by the Arab states, but that is no longer the case. Regimes like those in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt would rather extend the hand of friendship to Israel, and are increasingly open about this.

You would think that such “normalisation” of relations with the occupying state of Israel would be condemned by the most learned Islamic scholars, but those who enjoy the patronage of Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Cairo are silent. It seems as if these “scholars for dollars”, who are supposed to interpret Islam’s doctrines and laws without fear or favour, have sold out their spiritual and intellectual obligations to the detriment of the land of Palestine and its people. Have such scholars forgotten that Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem is the third holiest site in Islam; the scene of Prophet Muhammad’s miraculous ascension to the heavens; and the Muslims’ first Qiblah, towards which they turned when praying before it was switched by Revelation to the Kaaba in Makkah?

I was reminded of such scholars’ hollow words when watching an interview on France 24 which was circulated on social networks. US-born Sheikh Hamza Yusuf was attending the Forum for Promoting Peace in Islamic Societies in Abu Dhabi. The UAE often hosts Sheikh Hamza, where he is said to be much favoured by the ruling family. In this interview about Palestine, he gives not one word of comfort or sympathy to the Palestinians.

“If Palestinians leave violence,” said the scholar, “and instead said, ‘We are weak and helpless, help us,’ by God, much of the world will sympathise with them. But when they strike with petty weapons against powerful weapons, it destroys everything. Then people will think Palestinians initiated the assault. This is the world’s perception now.”

The Arab Nations couldn't care less about Palestine - Cartoon [Carlos Latuff/MiddleEastMonitor]

The Arab Nations couldn’t care less about Palestine – Cartoon [Carlos Latuff/MiddleEastMonitor]

I watched this interview several times and there was not one crumb of comfort or support for a people who have been dispossessed and displaced, and faced all kinds of oppression, for more than 70 years. Even if it was in the Palestinians’ nature to say “we are weak and helpless” does Sheikh Hamza really think that they would have survived all this time while demanding with great resolution their legitimate right to return to their land?

Without being critical of them in any way, I would call the Rohingya weak and helpless, and look what has happened to them; more than 750,000 have been ethnically cleansed and live in desperate conditions in neighbouring Bangladesh.

Equally as weak and helpless are the people in Indian-occupied Kashmir who have been under a brutal lockdown imposed by the Indian military for more than a month now. The situation is still nowhere near being resolved by the United Nations. The world has not rushed to their aid simply because they are helpless and have right on their side.

So who or what motivated Sheikh Hamza in this interview? Granted, he admitted at the end that, “I cannot judge the Palestinians because I am not in their situation, perhaps the situation has driven some of them mad, it is a tough condition.” Sadly, his views are either endorsed or echoed by half a dozen other US-based scholars.

Political cowardice appears to be the defining feature of some learned Ulema and their institutions, which promote a theology of obedience rather than standing up for what is right and legitimate resistance. Enjoying the financial largesse of their patrons, they opt to ignore the thousands of political prisoners held in dungeons from Cairo through Riyadh to the UAE. Silenced by fear, apathy or greed — I’m not sure which — from East to West these scholars have long forgotten what binds Muslims together around the world.

Funded by some Arab rulers, these spiritual leaders are essentially neutralising the Muslim faithful. If Hamza Yusuf is right about the Palestinians being “driven mad” then little wonder. Could it be because someone so learned assesses their situation and basically tells them to go down on their knees to their oppressors led by a Prime Minister who told the world just a few days ago that he is determined to take the rest of their land?

Yes, it would be easier for all concerned if the Palestinians didn’t exist, or if they abandoned their legitimate rights and handed over control of their future to Israel and America. If the Palestinians had gone quietly, they would now be living in Argentina and Chile according to crackpot plans suggested by the Bush Administration. Condoleezza Rice, the then Secretary of State of George W Bush, wanted to send five million Palestinian refugees to South America rather than allow them to return to their former homes in what is now Israel and the occupied territories. The astonishing proposal was raised in a June 2008 meeting with US, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Berlin.

Moreover, if not for the heroic resistance of the Palestinians, no doubt the Gulf States would today be enjoying open trade and diplomatic relations with Israel. According to an article in MEMO last month, some are already ignoring trade boycotts and doing business under the table. The UAE, for example, has signed a deal to buy sophisticated spy planes from Israel. The deal, first mooted ten years ago, is said to be worth $3 billion and was brokered through Israeli businessman Mate Kochavi. The UAE has already received one of the aircraft.

Relations between Tel Aviv and Riyadh have also thawed, judging from an interview by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman with The Atlantic Magazine in spring last year: “There are a lot of interests we share with Israel and if there is peace, there would be a lot of interest between Israel and the [Gulf Cooperation Council].” This is quite a departure for the Kingdom. Back in 1947, the government of Saudi Arabia was among the first to oppose the creation of the state of Israel, voting against the UN Partition Plan. As the Custodians of the two Holy Mosques (in Makkah and Madinah), the Saudi Kings have always positioned themselves as the leaders of the Muslim world and supporters of the Palestinian cause.

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However, under the latest regime in Riyadh, there are well documented reports indicating extensive behind-the-scenes diplomatic and intelligence cooperation with the Zionist State. During the Warsaw Mideast Summit in February, Netanyahu’s office deliberately leaked a video of a closed session in which the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates spoke out in defence of Israel’s right to exist and defend itself. One of them said that confronting Iran is more pressing than solving the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

These are the same men who demand complete obedience around the Muslim world and use Islamic scholars at home and abroad to enforce this. Their “scholars for dollars” and their organisations are being paid to stifle discussion among the masses and prevent talk of political and institutional oppression.

It could be argued that those in the pay and sway of petrodollars are the ones who are really weak and helpless, and deserving of our pity. To their eternal credit, the Palestinians’ cause has become a global concern because of, not despite, their resilience and resistance over eight decades. Thanks to their refusal to become eternal victims, they are demanding the right to return to their ancestral homes from which they were expelled in 1948 when Zionist militias ethnically cleansed 750,000 Palestinian men, women and children and wiped more than 500 towns and villages off the map.

It took great courage to confront the oppressors then, and it takes great courage to stand up to the Israeli army snipers who fire at protesters taking part in the Great March of Return every Friday since March last year. Past and present, the Palestinians have always shown that they are prepared to pay the ultimate price for justice. That must be an alien concept for those “scholars for dollars” whose silence on such matters, apparently, can be bought so cheaply.

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‘Israel’: democracy or apartheid state?

Israel: democracy or apartheid state?

A bloodied Israeli flag hangs on the main building at the University of Cape Town during Israel-Apartheid Week 2018. (photo credit: SAUJS/FACEBOOK)

Racism was part of the birth of the state of Israel; apartheid is part of its fabric. Nelson Mandela agreed. Palestinians struggle for equality, as do people of color (both Jewish and non-Jewish).

by Faisal Khan, reposted from Counterpunch, September 2018

I was inspired to write this article in light of recent political events in Britain. For some time there has been an Anti-Semitism in the Labour party ‘scandal’ which has intensified in recent months after Labour’s strong showing at the last General election under Jeremy Corbyn. There have been near-daily press reports accusing Jeremy Corbyn of Anti-Semitism, and he has put under a level of pressure that we have rarely seen in British Politics.

The Labour NEC (National Executive Committee) was asked to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of Anti-Semitism in full in-order to demonstrate action on the matter. Last week the NEC bowed to the pressure and did precisely that.  The IHRA code offers a definition of Anti-Semitism and 11 examples of what constitutes Anti-Semitism. Many legal experts including the very author of the text have raised serious reservations about the code arguing, amongst other things, that it limits freedom of speech.

I am inclined to agree, for me the IHRA code is a flawed and contradictory document which will be very problematic to enforce. I feel that whilst there is indeed some Anti-Semitism in Labour (can prejudice ever be entirely eradicated?) the whole issue is primarily a witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn because there is a realisation in many quarters that for the first time in many years we may have a Prime Minister in this country who has Pro-Palestinian sympathies.

This view is reinforced by a four-part documentary made by Al Jazeera (The Lobby) which uncovers a very sophisticated campaign led by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs in Israel and the Israeli embassy in the UK to vilify, demonise and silence voices critical of Israel in the Labour Party. One of the more controversial examples in the code argues it is Anti-Semitic to see Israel as a racist endeavour. It is this supposition that I feel warrants further examination.

apartheid democracy
Palestinians fleeing their homes during the 1948 Nakba – ‘the great catastrophe’

Israel’s racist founding

Modern Israel was founded on Zionist principles. There are varying definitions of Zionism, but in a nutshell, it is as the Oxford English dictionary states ‘A movement for the re-establishment of a Jewish nationhood in Palestine’. It is this very desire to create a Jewish state that led to the expulsion and ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinian’s between 1947-1949. Zionist forces ethnically cleansed and destroyed approximately 530 Palestinian villages and cities, killed circa 15,000 Palestinians and committed close to 70 massacres.

Palestinians remember this as the ‘Nakba’ (the catastrophe). Zionists forces seized many of the former homes of Palestinians: to this day many Palestinians still possess the British mandate deeds to these properties. Israel’s ethnic cleansing has continued, more or less, ever since. Under the UN-mandated partition plan Israel was given 47% of historic Palestine it now occupies approximately 90% of it. That which is not directly held is heavily controlled. The 1967 six-day war led to the expulsion of a further 300,000 Palestinians. At present, there are approximately 5 million Palestinians recognised as refugees by the UN.

Apartheid in practice

Citizenship v. nationality

Roughly 20% of Israel’s population is Palestinian or ‘Israeli Arab’ in the official lexicon. As it stands, Israel has close to 70 discriminatory or ‘apartheid’ laws. There is, for instance, the Law of return which guarantees automatic Israeli citizenship to all Jews irrespective of where they are born (an honour not afforded to Palestinians displaced by Israel). Israeli Palestinians, by contrast, are subject to a ban on family unification and are prohibited from living in Israel should they marry a fellow Palestinian from Gaza or the West Bank under the Citizenship and Entry Law. [1]

Unlike most liberal democracies, Israel classifies its citizens as holding differing ‘nationalities’. It distinguishes between citizenship rights and national rights; the latter are reserved almost exclusively for its Jewish citizens. National rights are deemed to be superior to citizenship rights so if there is a conflict between a ‘Jews national right and a Palestinians individual citizenship rights, the national right is given priority by officials and the courts’. The Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, confirmed this earlier this year when she stated that Israel should provide ‘equal rights to all citizens but not equal national rights.’ She added: ‘Israel is a Jewish state. It isn’t a state of all its nations.’ [2]

apartheid democracy
African migrants clash with Israeli soldiers. In a report issued Sept. 9, 2014, Human Rights Watch says Israeli authorities have coerced almost 7,000 Eritrean and Sudanese to return tot heir homes, where they may face serious abuse.
Ethnic separation

There is an admissions committee Law which enables communities to reject housing applicants based on ‘cultural and social suitability’; a euphemism for denying residency to non-Jews. Ethnic separation is further reinforced through the education system. Barring a few exceptions most educational institutions are separated into Jewish schools (teaching in Hebrew) and Arab schools (teaching in Arabic). Sociological studies show that not a single positive reference to Palestinians exists in Israeli high school textbooks. This all leads to a situation where there is minimal contact between Jews and Israeli Palestinians.[3]

Further, As the journalist David Sheen points out ‘The Israeli government has long funded various efforts to try to prevent romantic relationships between Jews and non-Jews, both inside territories it controls and around the world.’ By law, Israel does not allow people of different religions to marry one another. In recent years, Israeli government initiatives against mixed relationships both inside and out of Israel have been led by the far-right Jewish Home party and its leader Naftali Bennett.

During Bennett’s time as education minister, Israel has removed books on mixed romantic relationships from recommended reading lists for high schools. In his other role as the Minister for Diaspora Affairs, Bennet has upped the ante and funding on stamping out relationships between Jews and non-Jews overseas as well.  In June 2016, he told a Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) committee that ‘the marriage of Jews to non-Jews in modern times is a disaster on par with four other tragedies of Jewish history, including the Nazi Holocaust.’ A few months later two Israeli’s beat to death a Sudanese asylum seeker because he dared to talk to a group of Jewish girls. He was so severely beaten that his face was unrecognisable to members of his own family.[4]

Israeli newspaper’s report that some public swimming pools are also separated; there are specific visiting times for Jews and separate times for Bedouins. A recent survey by the Pew research centre found that nearly half of Israel’s Jewish population felt that Israel’s Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel.[5] A survey conducted in 2012 found that 52% of Israeli Jews agreed that African migrants ‘are a cancer.’ [6]

democracy apartheid
Palestinian lawmakers tear up copies of the nation-state law in the Knesset, July 19, 2018. Credit Olivier Fitoussi
Basic Laws support second class citizenship for Arabs

In June of this year, Israel’s Knesset disqualified a bill suggested by an Arab party that called for all citizens to be treated equally, rejecting the argument it must recognise the rights of its Arab minority as equal to the Jewish majority. The fact that the bill was dismissed before even being debated by the Knesset was apparently unprecedented. Israel doesn’t have a formal constitution; this role is effectively carried out by a system of Basic Laws. In July this month, the Israeli Parliament passed a new Basic Law the Jewish ‘Nation-State’ Law. This Law declares that only Jews have a right to self-determination in the country.  The Law was widely condemned outside of Israel, and by powerful voices within, with the famous Israeli composer Daniel Barenboim, for instance, saying it made him ‘ashamed to be Israeli’. [7]

Discrimination against non-white residents

Such prejudice, formal separation and treatment, however, is not limited to Israel’s Palestinian/Arab population. Israeli officialdom has long celebrated Operation Moses; which involved saving thousands of Black Ethiopian Jews from persecution and bringing them back to Israel. This, however, is only part of the story. Despite Israel’s claim to be a Jewish state, many Ethiopian Jews have faced appalling discrimination and racism. They are denied equal opportunities, suffer from the highest poverty rates among Israel’s Jews and most of their children study in predominantly Ethiopian schools. Many are confined to the periphery of Israeli society. In the 1990’s Israeli blood banks stealthily refused to accept the blood of Ethiopian Jews. Further, the Israeli government admitted that it gave birth control injections to Ethiopian women without their consent.[8]

Other non-Jewish black migrants to Israel have suffered a similar fate. Last year Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu devised a scheme to send roughly 40,000 African migrants to Rwanda and Uganda on a per head fee basis; he only dropped the plan after an outcry. To justify his scheme, he argued in a public speech that the arrival of African refugees was ‘much worse’ for Israel ‘than severe attacks by Sinai terrorists’. In March of this year one of Israel’s two chief rabbis, Yitzhak Yosef, called black people ‘monkeys’ and the Hebrew equivalent of the N-word in his weekly sermon.[9]

Rejection of Syrian refugees

Since 2011 there has been a vicious Civil War in Syria which shares a border with Israel. This has led to the deaths of approximately 500,000 people and created over 5 million refugees. Naturally neighbouring countries have had to bear the bulk of the burden for most of these. Turkey has accommodated approximately 3.5 million refugees, Jordan (a small country) 1.2 million (to the point where it has had an almost unbearable impact on its infrastructure) and Lebanon around 1 Million.[10]Many countries around the World have also taken in some. Israel by contrast hasn’t taken in any (one doesn’t have to be a genius to figure out why).

“Apartheid Plus”

As part of the Rome Statute of 2002, International Law defines the crime of apartheid as ‘an institutionalised regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.’ That is precisely what operates in Israel no matter how much its officials seek to disguise it in legalese and sophistry. Bishop Desmond Tutu- who has first-hand experience of apartheid in South Africa-argues in fact that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is worse than that of Black people during apartheid; he has called it ‘apartheid plus.’ Former American President Jimmy Carter made similar comparisons.[11] As the British writer Jonathan Cook points out;

“The discrimination faced by Palestinians in Israel is not illegal, informal, unofficial or improvised. It is systematic, institutional, structural and extensively codified, satisfying very precisely the definition of apartheid in International Law and echoing the key features of South African apartheid’.[12]

To conclude, from the above it’s very clear what kind of polity Israel is. This also raises the question of whether Israel can legitimately be described as a democracy. In Britain, however, we are now faced with the situation whereby to refer to Israel as a racist endeavour will mean that an individual is liable to lose their membership of the largest party in the country and this when Israel’s own leading figures are often unapologetically racist. This consensus, I strongly suspect, will become the norm in British politics (as it has in America) to the point where any meaningful discussion and criticism of Israel will effectively be curtailed.


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[10] The likes of Jordan and Lebanon have also absorbed large numbers of Palestinian refugees displaced by Israel since its inception.

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Pro-‘Israel’ neocons abound in Washington, and they’re calling the shots

Pro-Israel neocons abound in Washington, and they’re calling the shots

On pro-Israel neocons: Jeff Blankfort at National Summit to Reassess the US-Israel “Special Relationship” in March 2014, speaking on the topic, “Are there Israel lobby gatekeepers and damage control squads on the Left?” (Video here.)

Jeff Blankfort, a Jewish American and self-identifying anti-Zionist, discusses the history of pro-Israel neoconservatives in Washington, and the influence of AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson in Middle East policy – and he’s naming names.

by Jeff Blankfort, reposted from Dissident Voice

“I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.” – Benjamin Netanyahu, 2001, quoted in Ha’aretz July 15, 2010

It is not uncommon, of course, to be labeled “anti-Semitic” for calling attention to the inordinate power of the Israel Lobby over our political processes or suggesting that the Iraq War was launched on Israel’s behalf. The last place that I would expect to find such an allegation, however, was on the CounterPunch website to which I have contributed a number of articles on the subject over the years.

On August 2nd in an opinion piece by Ron Jacobs, headlined, “Israel—The Largest US Aircraft Carrier in the World,” those, like myself, who have described, in detail, on CounterPunch and elsewhere, the manner in which the Israel Lobby controls both Congress and the White House on issues relating to Israel, were accused of propagating “what is an essentially anti-Semitic argument concerning the nature of the Washington-Tel Aviv alliance.”

That Jacobs, a veteran of the Sixties as long of tooth as myself, a prolific writer and frequent contributor to Left publications, would make such an allegation, after what we have learned about the role of pro-Israel Jewish neocons in fomenting the Iraq War and following that, implementing crippling sanctions on Iran while agitating against the nuclear agreement with Tehran, is as mind boggling as it is insulting.

Jacobs did this under the cover of what purports to be a review of a new book by historian Stephen Gowans, Israel: A Beachhead in the Middle East, which Jacobs contends is “a necessary and forceful rebuke of those on the left and right who insist that Washington is Israeli-occupied territory.”

First, a book review it is not. One cannot do justice to any serious book in just 764 words which is the length of Jacobs’ piece, although whether Gowans’ book which amplifies the charge of antisemitism can be taken seriously is open to question.

If not a book review then, what is it? Let’s start with the title, a quote from the late general and Secretary of State Alexander Haig whose very sanity came into question following the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan when Vice-President George HW Bush was away from the capital. At that point, as the New York Times described it, Haig “raced upstairs [to the press room] and went directly to the lectern before a television audience of millions. His knuckles whitening, his arms shaking, Mr. Haig declared to the world, ‘I am in control here, in the White House.’ He did not give that appearance.”

In any case, Gowans use of Haig’s quote in his book turned out to be hearsay from a dubious source.

A False Premise Leads to False Conclusions

From Jacobs’ opening sentence, it seems clear that his intention was to provide “damage control” for the plethora of predominantly Jewish organizations whose primary raison d’etre is pushing the agenda of the Netanyahu government on Capitol Hill whose activities, not to mention, existence, have been largely ignored or dismissed by others on the “Left” who share Jacobs’ aversion to blaming even a segment of American Jews for anything. (Think Noam Chomsky, Phyllis Bennis, Stephen Zunes).

“The Israeli government does not control the foreign policy of the United States.,” is how Jacobs began his article. True, but none of those he is criticizing argue that it is and Jacobs must surely know this. They affirm, with considerable evidence to back it up, that supporters of the Israeli government are largely responsible for shaping US policies in the Middle East and nowhere else. In other words, Jacobs has created a straw man.

Evidence of the Israel Lobby Warmongering Reach From President to Pentagon

If we restrict ourselves to this millennium, one only has to look at the appointees from the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) that George W Bush brought into his administration, and particularly to the Pentagon and who became activated, like sleeper cells, after the events of September 11.

From PNAC, came a troop of 20, foremost among them, Dick Cheney, Dubya’s Vice-President, Donald Rumsfeld, (Secretary of Defense), Paul Wolfowitz, (Deputy Secretary of Defense), Richard Perle, (Defense Advisory Board), Doug Feith, (Under Secretary of Defense for Policy), Lewis (Scooter) Libby (Cheney’s Chief of Staff), and John Bolton who received a recess appointment as UN ambassador when it was clear he wouldn’t get Senate approval. (Bolton would later be hailed by Israel’s UN ambassador, Dan Gillerman, as “the sixth man in our office” and last year, after replacing H.R. McMaster as Trump’s National Security Adviser, he received the “Defender of Israel” award from the Zionist Organization of America).

Launched in 1997 by neocons Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol, (son of Irving Kristol, the neocon movement’s co-founder), PNAC drew attention on Capitol Hill the following year when it sent a letter to then President Bill Clinton, calling on him to overthrow Saddam. Among its signatories were Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz. Legislation was passed, the Iraq Liberation Act, in 1998, which stated that it was US policy to oust Saddam but no action was taken or contemplated.

What makes the Israeli connection indisputable was that PNAC was preceded a year earlier by a policy paper prepared for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, entitled, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.” Its authors were a study group led by Perle which included Feith, David Wurmser and his Israeli wife Meyrav Wurmser and called for the removal of Saddam Hussein, highlighting Iraq’s possession of “weapons of mass destruction.” Wurmser would go on to become a Middle East Advisor for Vice President Cheney and with Feith, help set up the Office of Special Plans to produce evidence of Iraq’s WMDs when the CIA failed to come up with it.

First US War on Iraq Proof of Control by AIPAC

What those who insist that the 2003 war on Iraq was just a continuation of traditional US imperialist policies refuse to acknowledge is that the invasion of Iraq marked a 180 degree break with what US Middle Eastern policy had been up to that point, namely, to maintain stability in that oil rich region.

That is why former president George HW Bush, his Secretary of State, James Baker and his National Security Advisor, former general, Brent Scowcroft, publicly opposed the war and why Bush Sr resisted demands from the neocons and Israel’s allies in the media, to have US troops march to Baghdad and remove Saddam from power after ousting Iraqi troops from Kuwait a decade earlier.

When this fact was pointed out to George W Bush by Tim Russert on NBC’s Meet the Press, Dubya responded, “I answer to a higher father.”

Before the war went south, Perle and Wolfowitz were competing in the media for credit for the great victory over Saddam. Both men, along with Cheney, Feith, and Bolton, were also members of JINSA’s Advisory Board, an influential but little known neocon operation that came into existence in 1976, apparently in response to President Gerald Ford having suspended a shipment of US jet fighters to Israel for six months upon Israel’s refusal to give up land in the Egyptian Sinai that it had captured in the October 1973 war.

Moreover, Ford sent a private letter to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin warning him about a likely re-evaluation of US-Israel relations, hinting that he might call for Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders. Rabin made the letter public which alerted AIPAC to respond. It struck back against Ford by getting 76 senators, three-quarters of that body, to sign a letter to the president, warning him that the US-Israeli bond was sacrosanct and should not be meddled with. Ford quickly backed off and over the years, many more such letters, drafted by AIPAC, would reach the desk of our presidents.

JINSA saw its goal as making sure that the US and Israeli militaries would become so entwined that no future president would ever contemplate or be able to disentangle the armed forces of both countries. To ensure that, it created a large advisory board composed of former generals and admirals and a few police chiefs while arranging programs to take newly retiring generals and admirals on all expense paid trips to Israel. There are currently 57 former generals and admirals on the JINSA advisory board. The first and last article about JINSA in a national publication appeared in The Nation in 2002 and like PNAC, its existence has been ignored by those engaged in damage control on Israel’s behalf.

Even Colin Powell’s attribution of the war to Donald Rumsfeld’s embrace by “the JINSA crowd,” in Karen DeYoung’s biography of Powell, Soldier, did not stir any of the latter to reconsider their positions.

Going back to the first US war on Iraq, all of the sanctions put in place against governments viewed by Israel as its enemies, have largely been the work of AIPAC and its sister organizations such as the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. WINEP or TWI (its current acronym) was spawned by AIPAC in 1985 in order to make the step from lobbying for Israel to actually making policy itself. It has become arguably the most influential of the Beltway think tanks whose “experts” routinely appear before Congressional committees and whose op-ed pieces invariably find their way into the opinion sections of our leading newspapers and the inboxes of members of Congress.

neocon israel
On March 12 2019, Sigal Mandelker, U.S. Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial in a hearing before the Intelligence, House Committee on Appropriations.

To enforce the sanctions, after 9/11, President Bush set up a special department in the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence which, beginning with the appointment of pro-Israel zealot, Stuart Levey, became the exclusive provenance of pro-Israel Jews, the latest of whom, Sigal Mandelker, is actually an Israeli. It is this department, in essence, an arm of the Israeli government, that determines what countries and companies are adhering to or breaking sanctions on Iran and Syria and which organizations should be placed on the terrorist watch list.

AIPAC’s Control of the Senate Gets Passed a 90-Day Poison Pill

When Obama took office, the Israeli press reported that Levey had made a special trip to Israel to assure Netanyahu that under the new president, nothing would change.

Were there not sanctions on Iraq and on Iran, the major US oil companies would have been more than happy to do business with both countries. The last company that tried, Conoco, was obliged to cancel a deal it had made with Tehran in March, 1995.

The only way the Obama Administration was able to sign the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) with Iran and the other members of the UN Security Council plus Germany was to declare it to be an agreement, not a treaty, thus avoiding having a vote on it by the Senate where it would surely have been defeated. Not to be denied, Israel’s friends in Washington had the Senate pass a bill requiring Obama and succeeding presidents to ratify US participation in the agreement every 90 days. This was the equivalent of a poison pill and a perfect set-up for Donald Trump.

There is far too much evidence of Israel’s control of Washington to include in this short article but two more items should seal the debate.

The first begins in 2015 in Las Vegas when Jewish multi billionaire Sheldon Adelson held two auditions for prospective Republican presidential candidates at his Venetian Hotel to determine which one would be the best for Israel. Adelson was at the time and still is the owner of the most widely read newspaper in Israel, Israel Hayom, which is provided free and has been seen, until recently, as a mouthpiece for Netanyahu. On the day he opened his newspaper, he apologized to his Israeli audience for having “worn the uniform of the US army and not the Israeli Defense Forces,” a clip of which can still be seen on You Tube.

Adelson’s choices after the auditions were first Ted Cruz and then Marco Rubio. When both failed to attract the voters, Adelson switched to Trump, pumping tens of millions of dollars into his campaign and, judging from Trump’s gifts to Israel, not the least of which was moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, it is safe to say that Adelson bought himself a president.

Cut now to last December, in Florida, at the annual convention of the relatively new Israeli American Council, the major funder of which happens to be Adelson. On the stage as the host was Israeli-American Haim Saban, one of the Democratic Party’s major funders who once boasted to a New Yorker writer that he was a “one issue man and that issue is Israel.”

It was shortly after the November mid-term elections and Saban was interviewing the returning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer, the Senate’s top ranking Democrat. As Ron Kampeas of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) described it on Dec. 2:

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat who likely will be speaker of the new US House of Representatives, listed pro-Israel lawmakers she plans to name to key committee positions and said her party remained fundamentally pro-Israel.

’We have people very well placed to share our values,’ Pelosi, a California Democrat, said in addressing the final event Sunday of the annual Israeli-American Council conference, after listing planned assignments.

Pelosi said she would name Rep. Nita Lowey, D-New York, to chair the Appropriations Committee; Eliot Engel, D-New York, to chair the Foreign Affairs Committee; Ted Deutch, D-Florida, to chair the Middle East subcommittee; Adam Schiff, D-California, to chair the Intelligence Committee; Alcee Hastings, D-Florida, to chair the human rights-monitoring Helsinki Committee; Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Florida, to a key Appropriations Committee position; and Lois Frankel, D-Florida, to a key Foreign Affairs Committee position.

All have longstanding pro-Israel records and all but Hastings are Jewish.

(Wasserman-Schultz had been the chair of the DNC who was forced to resign after the release by WikiLeaks of the DNC’s emails exposed the DNC’s efforts to sabotage Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton’s behalf. Obviously, that did not hurt her in Pelosi’s eyes.)

Pelosi’s exchange with Saban can still be viewed on You Tube but don’t look for any report on that conference outside of the Jewish press. The corporate media, like Congress, is under the thumb of the Israel Lobby.

Jeffrey Blankfort is a Middle East analyst, journalist and radio programmer. His articles have appeared in Dissident Voice, Pulse Media, Left Curve, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, CounterPunch, Mondoweiss, and the Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. He hosts a program on international affairs for KZYX, the public radio station for Mendocino County in Northern California. Blankfort was a founding member of the November 29th Committee on Palestine, a co-founder of the Labor Committee on the Middle East and editor of its publication, the Middle East Labor Bulletin (1988-1995). His photographs are here.


Israel-born Treasury official is at the center of U.S. policies on Iran

Philip Giraldi says pro-Israel groups & “deep pocket” individuals drive America’s Middle East wars

A War for Israel

The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions

The Chomsky/Blankfort Polemic

Israel partisan Peter Berkowitz named head of State Dept Policy Planning

NeoCon billionaire Paul Singer is sending US tech jobs to Israel

Fake news could serve as a pretext for war against Iran on behalf of Israel

Giraldi: Why Confronting Israel Is Important

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Naziyahu’s Facebook page suspended over hate speech

Netanyahu’s Facebook page suspended over hate speech

Naziyahu chairs the weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem, on June 30, 2019. Credit: ODED BALILTY / POOL / AFP.

Naziyahu got suspended from Facebook this week after a long string of racist statements. Critics have accused the premiere of race-baiting ahead of the hotly contested elections, which are set to be held on September 17th. On Friday, Netanyahu made comments insinuating that his government could launch an offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip “at any moment.”

by Yumna Patel, reposted from Mondoweiss 

Following outrage over a message on his official Facebook page telling voters “Arabs want to annihilate us all,” Facebook has suspended the chatbot feature of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s page.

According to reports, the message was suspended over its violations of Facebook’s hate speech codes.

The suspension was reportedly put in place for 24 hours, starting at 10:30am local time Thursday.

“After careful review of the Likud campaign’s bot activities, we found a violation of our hate speech policy,” Facebook said in a statement.

The social network added that “should there be any additional violations, we will continue to take appropriate action.”

Reports surfaced on Wednesday that upon accessing Netanyahu’s official page, viewers were being greeted with an automated popup message, generated by a chatbot, with a message to voters imploring them to “make sure” their friends and family vote Likud.

“A secular left-wing weak government that relies on Arabs who want to destroy us all – women, children and men, and will enable a nuclear Iran that will eliminate us,” the message read, saying “we cannot allow this to happen!”

Not the first time

The Facebook message came on the heels of several anti-Arab comments made by Netanyahu and his campaign in an effort to draw right-wing supporters to the polls.

The premiere has repeatedly referred to Palestinians as a “threat” to the right-wing government and the Jewish character of the state, and campaign ads targeting “Anglo” voters.

Critics have accused the premiere of race-baiting ahead of the hotly contested elections, which are set to be held on September 17th.

On Friday, Netanyahu made comments insinuating that his government could launch an offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip “at any moment.”

“An operation in Gaza could happen at any moment, including four days before the elections. The date of the elections does not factor [into a decision to go to war],” the Times of Israel quoted Netanyahu as saying.

According to the latest polls, reported by Haaretz on Friday, the Blue and White party led by Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid is projected to win 33 seats, compared to Netanyahu’s Likud with with 31 seats. Other polls show Netanyahu with a lead, including one reported in Maariv which gives Likud a considerable advantage over Blue White, 36 seats to 32.


How Did Israeli Elections Get So Racist?

In Israel, religious extremism is pervasive, unchecked

Netanyahu, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) display racist views

Facebook censors Palestinian news outlet

Facebook deleting accounts at direction of Israel; In 2012 Zuckerberg helped Israeli President launch Facebook page

How Israel polices Palestinian voices online – especially Facebook [VIDEO]

This is Israeli politics: killer Elor Azaria is one candidate’s ally

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Gideon Levy: Please, Bibi, Let the Annexation Begin

There’s no longer any real debate in Israel. The right wants to annex Palestinian land openly, and the center wants to annex, but deceive us. All that’s left now is to admit to the world that in reality Israel annexed the West Bank many years ago… it’s one country with an apartheid system.Read more
Mohammad Fawzi NajjarSeptember 11th, 2019: Mohammad Fawzi Najjar, 25, died in an explosion in a tunnel in southern Gaza. The al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, confirmed that one of its fighters was killed, on Thursday at dawn, in an accident in a siege-busting tunnel, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. In a statement, the …Read more
Stuxnet: The Israeli-American Computer Virus That Started Cyber-WarfareStuxnet was one of a series of viruses developed by Israel and the US in the early 2000s, then turned loose, under Israeli pressure, to destroy Iran’s nuclear research facilities – although Iran was compliant with international norms, and known to have no nuclear weapons program.Read more
JTA report on Clovis controversy over Palestine speaker fails readersJTA published a report on a bizarre controversy in which powerful, multi-million-dollar organizations are attacking an upcoming talk in a small community college, but JTA left out much relevant information…Read more
Who Is Avi Berkowitz, the newest Middle East Peace team member?The new addition to the Middle East Peace team, Avi Berkowitz, joins an exclusive club: all-male, Orthodox-raised, Israel-benefactors from New York. He was raised in a Greater Israel environment, and has the seal of approval of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).Read more
Saleh HamadSeptember 9, 2019: Saleh Hamad, 22, drowned to death in Bosnia-Herzegovina, after he tried to immigrate to Europe to escape the dire conditions in the besieged Gaza Strip. The family of Saleh Hamad, 22, from Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, said it was officially informed that its son drowned to death. They stated that he …Read more
Israeli forces kill, injure, abduct Palestinians, destroy homes & farmlandDuring the first week of September 2019 Israeli forces in the Palestinian Occupied Territories killed Palestinian children, destroyed Palestinian property, razed farmland, stormed a Palestinian village, and assaulted, detained, and abducted Palestinians… In other words: it was pretty much like every other week. Read the details:Read more
#IStandWithAlisonWeir is trending as the Twittersphere supports justice and free speechWith over 1 million impressions as of Sunday evening, it’s clear that Twitter users are not buying the smear campaign peddled by ADL and other international orgs bent on silencing pro-Palestinian, pro-justice voices, like Alison Weir.Read more
Joe Biden: A career of pandering to Israel & pro-Israel donorsJoe Biden has kowtowed to Israel throughout his career, and is finding supporters among wealthy Israel hawks.Read more
Mo’in Suleiman al-‘AttarSeptember
Mo’in Suleiman al-‘Attar, 42, was killed in what was described as an accidental explosion in Central Gaza. The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has reported that the Palestinian has been identified as Mo’in Suleiman al-‘Attar, 42. He was killed in the explosion in Deir al-Balah, in central Gaza. Mo’in was first seriously wounded, before he was …Read more

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Nazi Massacres: A Brief and Shocking History

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Israeli Massacres: A Brief and Shocking History

Child killed in the Qana massacre, in an air strike carried out by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) on a three-story building, during the 2006 Lebanon War. 28 civilians were killed, of which 16 were children.

Israeli massacres, many including child victims, span 70 years – thousands of Palestinian lives snuffed out in the pursuit of a Jewish State.
by Philip Weiss, reposted from Mondoweiss, April 2018

It would be nice to think that, as an Israeli officer once put it, “This time we went too far” — that the killings of 17 unarmed protesters in Gaza by Israeli riflers across a security fence on Friday would cause the world to sanction Israel for its conduct. But if you look over Israel’s history, you find that the massacre has been a ready tool in the Israeli war-chest; and Israelis have not been prosecuted for carrying them out. Indeed, a couple of those responsible later became prime minister!

Here, largely from my own memory, is a rapidly-assembled list of massacres, defined by Webster’s as the killing of a “number of usually helpless or unresisting human beings under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty” (and yes, a couple precede the birth of the state).

1946. Zionist militias blow up the south wing of the King David Hotel, killing 91 people, most of them civilians, in order to protest British rule of Palestine.

1948. Zionist militias kill over 100 civilians in the village of Deir Yassin, which is on the road to Jerusalem. The action helps clear the road for the military advance on Jerusalem and scares thousands of other Palestinians who flee their villages. The name Deir Yassin becomes a rallying cry for Palestinians for decades to come though no one is punished. An officer with responsibility for the massacre, Menachem Begin, became Israeli prime minister 29 years later.

1948. During the expulsion of Palestinians from the central Israeli city of Lydda, more than 100 men are rounded up and held in a mosque and later massacred (according to Reja-e Busailah’s new book and others). The episode terrifies thousands of other Palestinians who seek refuge in the West Bank.

1948Hundreds of Palestinian civilians are killed by Israeli forces in Al Dawayima village, west of Hebron. Many are killed in barbarous manner; the crime is swept under the rug for decades.

1953. Israeli troops led by Ariel Sharon raid the village of Qibya in the Jordanian-occupied West Bank and kill 69 people, most of them women and children, in retaliation for a cross-border raid that killed three Israelis. (The massacre is memorialized in Nathan Englander’s latest novel as one that solidifies Sharon’s reputation as an officer who will exact swift and awful revenge on those who harm Jews, thereby assuring his rise.)

1956. Israeli forces gun down farmers in Kfar Qasim returning from the fields who are unaware that the village had been placed under a strict curfew by the Israeli government earlier that day. Forty-eight Palestinian citizens of Israel are killed, many women and children.

1956. Israeli forces kill 275 Palestinians in Gaza in the midst of the Suez Crisis. The massacre is documented by Joe Sacco in Footnotes in Gaza.

1967. Israeli forces are said to have killed scores of Egyptian army prisoners in the Sinai during the 1967 War. Some say 100s.

1970. Israel killed 46 Egyptian children and wounded 50 others during an air raid on a primary school in the village of Bahr el-Baqar, Egypt. Known as the Bahr el-Baqar Massacre, the assault completely destroyed the school and was part of the Priha (Blossoms) Operations during the War of Attrition.

1982. The Sabra and Shatilla massacres of Palestinians in Beirut refugee camps are carried out by Lebanese Phalangist militias. But the Israel Defense Forces had control of the area and Ariel Sharon allows the militias to go into the camps. Somewhere between several hundred and 3000 Palestinians are murdered. Sharon, who died in 2014, escaped punishment for war crimes; in fact, he became an Israeli prime minister.

1996. The first Qana massacre takes place when Israeli missiles strike a UN compound in southern Lebanon where many civilians have gathered seeking refuge during clashes between Israel and Hezbollah. Over 100 civilians are killed. “Israel was universally condemned, and the United States intervened to extricate its ally from the quagmire,” Avi Shlaim writes in The Iron Wall.

2006. The second Qana massacre takes place during the Lebanon war when Israeli missiles strike a building in a village outside Qana, killing 36 civilians, including 16 children. The strike is initially defended as a response to the firing of Katyusha rockets at Israel from civilian areas.

2008-2009. During Cast Lead, the Israeli assault on Gaza following exchanges of rocket/missile attacks in months before, more than 1400 Palestinians are killed over 22 days, most of them civilians. Many die as at Qana, when they flee their homes to UN compounds and schools, hoping to be safe. The massacre brings international condemnation, including by the Goldstone Report to the UN Human Rights Council alleging war crimes; but the United States does its utmost under President Obama to defend Israel from all charges, and no one is brought to the bar.

2012.  During eight days of “Pillar of Clouds,” Israel kills 160 Palestinians in Gaza, most of them civilians. The offensive boosts Netanyahu in the polls and seems timed to torpedo Palestine’s historic UN bid for statehood.

2014. Another Israeli onslaught on Gaza, this one lasting 51 days, kills upwards of 2200 Palestinians, most of them civilians. The massacre is famous for sniper killings of unarmed people and for the killings of entire families, 89 according to some authorities, typically wiped out in their homes by a missile strike. In one instance, 20 members of one family are killed. The international condemnation is again toothless.

Philip Weiss is Founder and Co-Editor of


25 years after an Israeli massacred 29 Palestinians, victims are still being punished

Palestinian Refugees Right to Return and Repatriation

Israeli historian thinks 1956 massacre was part of a secret plan to expel Palestinians

Killing Mosquitoes: The Gaza Massacres, Pro-Israel Media Bias, & the Weapon Of ‘Antisemitism’

Today marks the 69th anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre

How Israel Systematically Hides Evidence of 1948 Expulsion of Arabs

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Jewish Spies and Spies and Spies

Israel Spies and Spies and Spies

Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard (2nd L) who was released from a U.S. federal prison in North Carolina overnight, leaves U.S. District court in the Manhattan borough of New York November 20, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson – RTS8532

Former CIA counter-terrorism specialist Philip Giraldi comments on Israel’s history of spying on its closest ally and patron, the US, – including stealing military secrets – and the American government’s habit of covering for the Jewish State.

by Philip Giraldi, reposted from the Unz Review

Here we go again! Israel is caught red handed spying against the United States and everyone in Congress is silent, as are nearly all the mainstream media which failed to report the story. And the federal government itself, quick to persecute a Russian woman who tried to join the NRA, concedes that the White House and Justice Department have done absolutely nothing to either rebuke or punish the Israeli perpetrators. One senior intelligence official commented that “I’m not aware of any accountability at all.”

israel spies
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters as he departs for Baltimore, Maryland from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington U.S., September 12, 2019. REUTERS/Credit Kevin LamarqueREUTERS

Only President Donald Trump, predictably, had something so say in his usual personalized fashion, which was that the report was “hard to believe,” that “I don’t think the Israelis were spying on us. My relationship with Israel has been great…Anything is possible but I don’t believe it.”

Ironically, the placement of technical surveillance devices by Israel was clearly intended to target cellphone communications to and from the Trump White House. As the president frequently chats with top aides and friends on non-secure phones, the operation sought to pick up conversations involving Trump with the expectation that the security-averse president would say things off the record that might be considered top secret.

The Politico report, which is sourced to top intelligence and security officials, details how “miniature surveillance devices” referred to as “Stingrays” imitate regular cell phone towers to fool phones being used nearby into providing information on their locations and identities. According to the article, the devices are referred to by technicians as “international mobile subscriber identity-catchers or IMSI-catchers, they also can capture the contents of calls and data use.”

Israeli footprints

Over one year ago, government security agencies discovered the electronic footprints that indicated the presence of the surveillance devices around Washington including near the White House. Forensic analysis involved dismantling the devices to let them “tell you a little about their history, where the parts and pieces come from, how old are they, who had access to them, and that will help get you to what the origins are.” One source observed afterwards that “It was pretty clear that the Israelis were responsible.”

The Israeli Embassy denied any involvement in the espionage and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adroitly and predictably lied regarding the report, saying “We have a directive, I have a directive: No intelligence work in the United States, no spies. And it’s vigorously implemented, without any exception. It is a complete fabrication, a complete fabrication.”

The Israelis are characteristically extremely aggressive in their intelligence gathering operations, particularly in targeting the United States, even though Trump has done the Netanyahu government many favors. These have included moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, withdrawing from the nuclear deal and sanctioning Iran, recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and looking the other way as Israel expands its settlements and regularly bombs Syria and Lebanon.

israel spies
Three suspects in the killing of Hamas militant, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh are shown in this CCTV image, Feb. 15, 2010.

Israel “aggressively” spies on US

Israel’s high-risk spying is legendary, but the notion that it is particularly good at it is, like everything having to do with the Jewish state, much overrated. Mossad has been caught in flagrante numerous times. In 2010, an undercover Mossad hit team was caught on 30 minutes of surveillance video as it wandered through a luxury Dubai hotel where it had gone to kill a leading Hamas official. And the notion that Mossad and CIA work hand-in-hand is also a fiction. Working level Agency officers dislike their reckless Mossad counterparts. Newsweek magazine’s “Spy Talk” once cited a poll of CIA officers that ranked Israel “dead last” among friendly countries in actual intelligence cooperation with Washington.

The fact is that Israel conducts espionage and influence operations against the United States more aggressively than any other “friendly” country, including tapping White House phones used by Bill Clinton to speak with Monica Lewinski. Israeli “experts” regularly provide alarmist and inaccurate private briefings for American Senators on Capitol Hill. Israel also constantly manufactures pretexts to draw the U.S. into new conflicts in the Middle East, starting with the Lavon Affair in Alexandria Egypt in 1954 and including the false flag attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967. In short, Israel has no reluctance to use its enormous political and media clout in the U.S. to pressure successive administrations to conform to its own foreign and security policy views.

Should US give aid to a spy?

The persistent spying, no matter what Netanyahu claims, is a very good reason why Israel should not receive billions of dollars in military assistance annually. Starting in 1957, Israel’s friends stole enriched uranium from a Pennsylvania refinery to create a nuclear arsenal. More recently we have learned how Arnon Milchan, a Hollywood producer/billionaire born in Israel, arranged the illegal purchase of 800 krytron triggers to use in the production of nuclear weapons. The operation also involved current Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The existence of a large scale Israeli spying effort at the time of 9/11 has been widely reported, incorporating Israeli companies in New Jersey and Florida as well as hundreds of “art students” nationwide. Five “dancing” Israelis from one of the companies were observed celebrating against the backdrop of the twin towers going down.

While it is often observed that everyone spies on everyone else, espionage is a high-risk business, particularly when spying on friends. Israel, relying on Washington for billions of dollars and also for political cover in international fora like the United Nations, does not spy discreetly, largely because it knows that few in Washington will seek to hold it accountable. There were, for example, no consequences for the Israelis when Israeli Mossad intelligence officers using U.S. passports and pretending to be Americans recruited terrorists to carry out attacks inside Iran. Israelis using U.S. passports in that fashion put every American traveler at risk.

[Note: Dylan Williams, Vice President at J Street, a prominent Jewish-American organization, said the spying was “one hell of a thank you note to American taxpayers for $3.8 billion of our money every year.” He added, “most Americans would be surprised to learn that their hard-earned tax dollars generously given for Israel’s security – or at least Israeli funds fungible with them – are being used to spy on our country.”]

…and a thief?

Israel, where government and business work hand in hand, has obtained significant advantage by systematically stealing American technology with both military and civilian applications. The U.S. developed technology is then reverse engineered and used by the Israelis to support their own exports. Sometimes, when the technology is military in nature and winds up in the hands of an adversary, the consequences can be serious. Israel has sold advanced weapons systems to China that incorporate technology developed by American companies.

israel spies
Jonathan Pollard following his Nov. 21, 1985 arrest outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC.

The reality of Israeli large-scale spying in the United States is indisputable. One might cite Jonathan Pollard, who stole more highly classified information than any spy in history. And then there were Ben-Ami Kadish, Stuart Nozette and Larry Franklin, other spies for Israel who have been caught and tried, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. Israel always features prominently in the annual FBI report called “Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage.” The 2005 report states “Israel has an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States. These collection activities are primarily directed at obtaining information on military systems and advanced computing applications that can be used in Israel’s sizable armaments industry.” It adds that Israel recruits spies, uses electronic methods, and carries out computer intrusion to gain the information.

A 1996 Defense Investigative Service report noted that Israel has great success stealing technology by exploiting the numerous co-production projects that it has with the Pentagon. It says “Placing Israeli nationals in key industries …is a technique utilized with great success.” A General Accounting Office (GAO) examination of espionage directed against American defense and security industries described how Israeli citizens residing in the U.S. had stolen sensitive technology to manufacture artillery gun tubes, obtained classified plans for reconnaissance systems, and passed sensitive aerospace designs to unauthorized users.

The GAO has concluded that Israel “conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any U.S. ally.” In June 2006, a Pentagon administrative judge ruled against a difficult to even imagine appeal by an Israeli denied a security clearance, saying that “The Israeli government is actively engaged in military and industrial espionage in the United States.” FBI counter intelligence officer John Cole has also reported how many cases of Israeli espionage are dropped under orders from the Justice Department., making the Jewish state’s spying consequence free. He provides a “conservative estimate” of 125 viable investigations into Israeli espionage involving both American citizens and Israelis that were stopped due to political pressure.

So, did Israel really spy on Donald Trump? Sure it did. And Netanyahu is, metaphorically speaking, thumbing his nose at the American president and asking with a grin, “What are you going to do about it?”

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D. is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served nineteen years overseas. Giraldi is currently executive director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is


Kill and Kill and Kill

Spying on Linda Sarsour: Israeli Firm Compiled Anti-Sarsour Dossier for Adelson-funded U.S. Group Battling Her Campus Appearances

Electronic Intifada: Is Israel spying on your smartphone?

New Yorker: ‘Private Mossads for Hire’ use avatars to target pro-Palestine movement

Snowden: Israeli technology may have helped Saudis kill journalist

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Nazi army raids Palestinian NGO’s office, a direct attack on human rights

Israeli army raids Palestinian NGO’s office, a direct attack on human rights

Photo following Nazi military 2012 raid on Addameer offices in Ramallah

Nazi military raided a Palestinian NGO in the middle of the night, confiscating electronics and doing damage to Palestinian rights – but not to aspirations for justice.

Reposted from Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association

Nazi occupation forces raided today, Thursday, 19 September 2019 at around 2:00am the office of Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association.

The Nazi forces stole five laptops, memory cards, three laptop memories, one laptop card, several books and additionally searching through the belongings of the office.

This is the third incident where the Nazi soldiers have raided the office, the first was in 2002 and the second incident was in 2012.

Addameer reassures that those constant raids will not stand in the face of any duties the organization has for Palestinian political prisoners. The organization will continue to support Palestinian prisoners to flight all human rights violations they suffer from including torture, arbitrary detention and unfair trails.

Addameer sees this Israeli raid as a part of ongoing and systematic attacks against the Palestinian civil society organization. Those attacks are targeting the organizations that have a role in facing the occupation’s violations and claiming accountability for those violations. This is additionally a part of the occupation’s campaign to shrink space, delegitimize and de-fund those human rights and civil society organizations.


Israel vows to ‘worsen’ conditions for Palestinian prisoners

Israel has arrested over 50 thousand children since 1967

Testimonies from some of the 8,000 Palestinian children Israel has imprisoned (since 2000)

WATCH: Yes, Israel does arrest children

Another week of Israeli violence: confiscation, abduction, killing, destruction

Israeli Authorities Summon 3-Year Old Child for Interrogation

Israeli prof: Israel tests weapons on Palestinian kids, tests drugs on prisoners

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Palestine: Ala’ Nafeth Wahdan killed by Nazi Gestapo

Ala’ Nafeth Wahdan, 28, was shot and killed by Nazi Gestapo at Qalandia checkpoint near Jerusalem.

Nazi sources have confirmed that the wounded Palestinian woman, who was shot by the soldiers after an alleged stabbing attempt, later died from her injuries.

The slain Palestinian woman was later identified as Ala’ Nafeth Wahdan, 28, from Qalandia refugee camp. After she was shot, she was left bleeding for a long.

Zionist daily Haaretz has reported that the Nazi saw the woman and ordered her to stop, “but she did not heed to their commands, and pulled out a knife before the soldiers shot her.

Following the incident, the Nazi soldiers closed the terminal and maced many Palestinians with pepper-spray while trying to remove them from the area.

A video filmed by a Palestinian bystander shows Nazi soldiers several meters away from the woman before one of them shot her, then a soldier approached her and kicked an object away from her.

The Nazi soldiers then closed the area and ordered the Palestinian cars away.

Zionist sources have confirmed that nobody else was injured in the incident and added that an army probe is underway.

Following the incident, the Nazi soldiers closed the terminal, and maced many Palestinians with pepper-spray while trying to remove them from the area.

‘Ala was from Qalandia refugee camp, near the checkpoint terminal in the central West

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Saudis Show Off Charred Junk, Insist Iran Responsible for Aramco Attack. Will Trump Unleash the Dogs of War?

By Kurt Nimmo

Global Research

First up, we have the neocon windup clown, Senator Marco Rubio.


Marco Rubio@marcorubio

Situation with #Iran is a very serious matter.

This is one of those #3amcalls that requires steady & serious American leadership.

We must bring forth the irrefutable proof that Iran attacked not just #SaudiArabia but the global economy. …Congress weighs response to attacks on Saudi oil facilitiesAfter oil facilities in Saudi Arabia were attacked, members of Congress seek information about the culprit and debate whether military action will be necessarycnn.com1,04312:11 PM – Sep 18, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy859 people are talking about this

Not to worry, Marco—the Saudis are on it. 

No, wait. Early today the Saudis produced a pile of junk and said it came from Iranian drones and missiles.


Saudi Arabia displays drone and missile debris, which it says show oil attacks “unquestionably sponsored by Iran”

Saudi Arabia presents ‘oil attacks evidence’ …Saudi Arabia presents ‘oil attacks evidence’Saudi Arabia displays drone and missile debris, which it says show oil attacks were “unquestionably sponsored by Iran” PM – Sep 18, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Camdesign’s other Tweets

From the BBC:

The Saudi defense ministry briefing said the wreckage showed the attacks were “unquestionably sponsored by Iran”.

Spokesman Turki al-Malki showed off what was said to be a delta wing of an Iranian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) along with other weapons debris.

mostafa.m@MostafaMe4 · Sep 18, 2019Replying to @MostafaMe4

Bad news for mullahs in #Iran
President #Trump announced new sanctions against Iran
Firm policy against malign activities by #Iran regime in region is the key point plan to stop war and #terrorism #MaximumPressure #IranSanctions

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#BREAKING#SaudiArabia: The missiles launched from #Iran not #Yemen#Saudi displayed drone and #missile debris it said was undeniable evidence of #Iranian aggression. A total of 25 drones and missiles were used in the attacks …#IRGCTerrorists

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He said that 18 UAVs had been fired at the Abqaiq oil facility and seven cruise missile had been fired at the Khurais oilfield, three of which had fallen short of the target.

This assemblage of junk put on display for the media proves absolutely nothing. 

Regardless, it will be used by the medieval kingdom and US neocons to blame Iran. 

In response to the charred collection of metal, Donald the Clueless decided to impose yet another round of sanctions designed to punish the people of Iran.

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U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he ordered a major increase in sanctions on #Iran as #SaudiArabia displayed remnants of drones and missiles it said #Tehran used in a crippling weekend attack on its oil facilities. Trump orders more Iran curbs as Saudi readies attack evidencePresident Donald Trump on Wednesday said he ordered a major increase in sanctions on Iran in the latest U.S. move to pressure Tehran, which U.S. officials say probably carried out a crippling weekend…reuters.com114:12 PM – Sep 18, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Israel Conflict News’s other Tweets

Col. Al-Maliki thinks you’re an idiot—and you are if you believe Iran is the top sponsor of terror in the world. That designation is reserved for Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Israel.   

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#LIVE: Col. Turki Al-Maliki says proud of #SaudiArabia‘s aerial defense system which has intercepted more than 200 ballistic missiles fired toward the Kingdom #Aramco 

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#LIVE: Col. Al-Maliki – Iran’s malign activity is a threat to all, not just #SaudiArabia as they support terrorist groups all over the world 

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We’re told Iran supports the “terrorism” of Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Palestinian groups, including Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command.

Let’s not forget that Hamas was shepherded by Israel. Back in the day, the Zionists figured they could defeat the PLO by nurturing Palestinian Islamists. After the so-called Six Day War, Israel released Sheikh Ahmed Yassin from prison. Yassin went about building Hamas in the 1980s. The Israelis subsequently assassinated the wheelchair-bound imam with a Hellfire missile fired from a US-manufactured Apache helicopter. 

History Commons

David Shipler, a former New York Times reporter, later recounts that he was told by the military governor of the Gaza Strip, Brigadier General Yitzhak Segev, that the Israeli government had financed the Islamic movement to counteract the PLO and the communists. According to Martha Kessler, a senior analyst for the CIA, “we saw Israel cultivate Islam as a counterweight to Palestinian nationalism”… Yassin also receives funding from business leaders in Saudi Arabia who are also hostile to the secular PLO for religious reasons. The Saudi government, however, steps in and attempts to halt the private funds going to Yassin, because they view him as a tool of Israel. 

As for Hezbollah, we never get a straight answer from the corporate propaganda media. If we follow the “news,” it appears Hezbollah came out of nowhere with a psychopathic desire to kill Americans and Israelis. 

Brookings and others claim Hezbollah is an Iranian “export.” 

Hezbollah’s methods have evolved as its military and political powers and sophistication have expanded since the mid-1980s, with Lebanon itself rather than American citizens now held hostage. But then as now, Hezbollah serves as the most successful, and the most deadly, export of the 1979 Iranian revolution.

This completely ignores the fact Hezbollah came together in southern Lebanon after Israel invaded the country. Consider the following from the neocon-tinged and humanitarian interventionist “non-partisan” globalist think tank:

Enmeshed in poverty and high rates of illiteracy, Shiite peasants concentrated in the south also suffered disproportionately from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) attacked Israel from southern Lebanon, and the Israelis retaliated in kind. Given years of PLO abuses, Shiite residents of the south briefly welcomed the 1982 Israeli invasion, although Israeli tactics quickly alienated them, driving thousands from ancestral villages to the slums of Beirut’s impoverished southern suburbs.

Samia A. Halaby provides perspective, not that we should expect the “Newspaper of Record,” The New York Times, to tell us the truth about the Hezbollah self-defense organization.

I think residents of the southern Lebanon, of Palestine, and Iraq, especially the poorer ones and the working class are tired—way, way beyond feeling that this is ‘unfair’. We have suffered US/Israel behavior since way before 1948. Hezbollah is resistance to this historic attack.

The formation of Hezbollah is a direct result of Israel’s 1978 invasion of Lebanon (Operation Litani) and the 1982 civil war in Lebanon. 

The Academic website cites Ahmad Nizar Hamzeh (The Path Of Hizbullah):

The Israelis killed more than one thousand civilian Shiites, leading to a mass exodus of yet more Shiites refugees to the Beirut slums. Israel’s 1982 invasion and occupation of Lebanon bolstered the fortunes of Hizbullah by “providing a politic-military environment that legitimated the group and gave a rationale for its guerrilla warfare. Similarly, the presence of the Western foreign troops in Lebanon, particularly of the U.S. Marines, also boosted the fortunes of Hezbollah, which considered fighting such forces to be as legitimate as fighting the Israeli occupation.”

Is it possible self-defense forces would be organized in Washington State if Chinese troops landed at the Port of Grays Harbor? If US citizens were shelled, massacred, and taken prisoner as thousands of Shia Lebanese were, do you think there might be an uprising and “terrorist attacks” on the invaders? 

If Americans suffered like the Shia of southern Lebanon did—particularly those tortured (including children) at the Khiam detention center—wouldn’t resistance and retribution be justified?

L’Orient-Le Jour@LOrientLeJour


” During the torture sessions they would operate a noisy engine in order to cover our cries of pain…”
Former detainees from the #Khiam prison tell L’OLJ about the torture they suffered at the hands of #AmerFakhoury #ALS “Amer Fakhoury used to orchestrate the torture sessions” at the Khiam Prison – Jeanine JALKHTwo former detainees from the infamous Khiam prison tell L’OLJ about the role of the former military leader of the South Lebanon Army.lorientlejour.com8:01 PM – Sep 17, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee L’Orient-Le Jour’s other Tweets

The torture was carried out by the South Lebanon Army (SLA), an Israeli proxy. 

According to the World Heritage Encyclopedia:

The SLA was closely allied with Israel. It supported the Israelis by fighting the PLO in southern Lebanon until the 1982 invasion. After that, SLA support for the Israelis consisted mainly of fighting other Lebanese guerrilla forces led by Hezbollah until 2000 in the “security zone” (the area under occupation after a partial Israeli withdrawal in 1985). In return Israel supplied the organization with arms, uniforms, and logistical equipment.

Following the alleged attack on the Saudi facilities, Trump’s secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, ventured to Saudi Arabia.

Anna Ahronheim@AAhronheim

#BREAKING: US Secretary of State Pompeo while in #SaudiArabia: #Aramco attacks an ‘act of war’ by #Iran

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Meanwhile, back home in the indispensable nation, the neocon warmonger from South Carolina said the attack represents an “act of war.” 

Trump Luxembourg@BrebsomClaude

Senator Lindsey Graham: “This attack on the oil refinery, by any reasonable definition, is an act of war. It is attacking the world economy the stability of the oil markets throughout the world.” 26:35 PM – Sep 18, 2019 · Kayl, LuxembourgTwitter Ads info and privacySee Trump Luxembourg’s other Tweets

At this point, it is unlikely Trump will unleash the dogs of war on Iran—that is if he wants to be re-elected next year. He has vacillated repeatedly on Iran and this drives the neocons to distraction. More false flags are likely in the works.

However, this time may be different. It is reported Trump is drawing up plans to hit Iran. “Donald Trump is drawing up a hit-list as he hatches plans to clobber Iran following the attacks on the world’s largest oil plant in Saudi Arabia,” reports the ever-so factual and unbiased British newspaper The Sun.  


Saudi Arabia attack – Donald Trump draws up plans for military strike on Iran as Tehran vows to shoot down US planes as war fears grow …Saudi Arabia attack – Donald Trump draws up plans for military strike on Iran as Tehran vows to…DONALD Trump is drawing up a hit-list as he hatches plans to clobber Iran following the attacks on the world’s largest oil plant in Saudi Arabia.  The US President is said to have been given a “men… PM – Sep 18, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Joe’s other Tweets

It’s now wait and see.

Trump would be a fool to attack Iran. It has the capability to bring oil shipments to a halt and launch missiles at US troops and hardware in the region. This would undoubtedly take down the global economy and precipitate a world war.

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