Military investigation into Nazi Camp’s

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


A quick transfer accompanied by a plastic restraint to the back, put under the feet, lifting of the hands tied back, a pumping with the nozzle of the gun in the middle of the back, accompanied by a fierce beating on the limbs and constant screaming and an intelligence officer perpetuates the question what your relationship to so and where were you last night?

A military helicopter is taken to the interrogation center, and with the arrival of the Maskobiyya, five officers and a doctor, gathering questions about health and body, then say in Hebrew (any) any occasion.

Tie you back with a small chair back, then a foot and then another hand-to-hand restraint. Major (you have made a decision to conduct a military investigation with you) before you start answering several questions.

Major prepares 5 minutes for the decision to answer, then the party begins, screaming, grabbing an officer from the shoulders and another puts his foot between your thighs to put pressure on the testicles, then a violent hit on the face, until the fainting approach, and then followed by quick questions from investigators, when the rejection enter the next wave of Violent shaking, blade controls overlap at the top of the chest and a feeling of fracture of the collarbone and neck disintegration from the body, rotation in the head lack of concentration, fainting when exceeded the estimated time and then a sense of impact on the ground.

The Nazi ‘doctor’ is in place to practice the role of the therapist for further investigation.

The peak wave intervention is disassembled from the chair, accompanied by a broken back on a backless chair, through a restriction process that takes hands with bananas.

Then accompanied by a session on the chest or foot position, with a screaming about a specific question increases the process of pulling and curvature clouds, in the meantime hear your voice throughout the whole, Alma and ache fainted and then the investigator continues successive rounds.

In the beating process the focus is also on the muscles of the heel of the foot, or a ruler on the elbow-joint fingers.

In addition, the beating on the front of the head, but the most difficult is the practice of beating and ghost, accompanied by a ghost to the top by relying on the body in the hands to stand accompanied by pressure on the shoulders (suspension).

The continuation of this investigation was in the nineties without a calculator and after the two thousand and three censorship has become more intense, but censorship keeps you alive.

This investigation conveyed to you the reality of coexistence and the feeling of death at every moment but to reach it, without the ability of self-defense, not even think of options other than disassembling it.

The interrogation with Samer Al-Arbeed was faster than the rhythm of the words I mentioned, a square of hell, in which you hear the sa’ir and some of the zaqqm taste it until you see in the eye of the imagination Malik calls him, O Lord, a testimony to escape from the hell of pouring some on the ground.

I remember the first Nazi investigation of this cruelty was when I was 15 and a half was transferred to the clinic where more than 13 times, with the use of oxygen, then the investigation lasted for 120 days in which there is no sleep and rest only a year of sleep on the ground.

This talk was tried again in 2000 at a lower frequency than in 1994, but I found it on the body of prisoners in the cells of Almskobip close to testify.

The state of challenge in it, amounting to self-dialogue, the approach of life to death, a battle of less damage and a confrontation in which victory is counted when the word is obscured by the interrogator with the intent of defying the secret.

It is a difficult confrontation by all means, using violence and extortion, bringing in the family and details beyond reason.

In addition to a machine of art in the psychological warfare, whose rhythm exceeds physical abuse to the arena where the family, wife and boy.

Steadfastness in this battle draws him certainty to God and some of the signs of God represented, and a battle imagine yourself in which you fight as a leader carrying his shield defends people and fort and offer.

Samer faced the interrogator with high rigidity and defeated an army of investigators so they decided before declaring failure to reach a novel buried by the inability of confrontation.

About Samer Arbid …


“Who never had the chance to smell the gas.”

So the comrades were joking Samer, who was continuing to get close in the clashes with the Nazi soldiers to the extent that the range of gas bombs extending tens of meters behind him, towards the demonstrators. The bombs used to end and gas flies before the confrontations end and we are locked back to the center of Ramallah, towards the hospital, cemetery or the popular office.

Samer was with a cassette hat that never left his head, with his lean body, and a cigarette that remained in his hand until the flame reached the filter, combining an extra breath before casting it, a parallel universe of calm amid all the noise of the second intifada.

I do not remember that I saw him as sad and unhappy as he was after the death of Abu Saree. When Zalam abducted him, they beat him and a group of comrades in order to quell the clashes that erupted after the martyrdom.

Two days ago, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Muhammad al-Dura. I remember hearing from him the day after the martyrdom. Neither he nor the comrades could see how Mohammed was killed with bullets crying. He had heard the details of the martyrdom of a child inevitable for his father just after a day of clashes at the City Inn checkpoint. He was telling the details he had heard clearly, appearing to squeeze out his face.

Without a metaphor, without likeness, I found this picture of Samer hugging his daughter. The daughter is hiding in the middle of the mountain, full of safety, full of untold confidence: the time when the children will die will end as Muhammad al-Durra was killed.

Look at the picture and look at the trench body! To this flesh-and-bone barricade that blocks the evils of the world. A girl emerges from the lap as narcissus springs from a rock, leaning on her silent Galilee.

Some dissolve in this life, squeezing it, making you as a publication full of promises and sections that remain words. Some retaliate in the heart of fire in the heart, purify him and continue to be forced, although did not appear in the face of what shows the hell in the chest.

Samer is now in the hospital, after the horrific rounds of torture allowed to be carried out against his meager body, ordered by the Israeli judiciary. Abu Saree must now desist on his forehead. He is now, at the entrance to hell standing, blocking his body – barricade – rock – moat – flag – flagpole – flag – compass, some of them from all of Palestine.

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