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Military investigation into Nazi Camp’s

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


A quick transfer accompanied by a plastic restraint to the back, put under the feet, lifting of the hands tied back, a pumping with the nozzle of the gun in the middle of the back, accompanied by a fierce beating on the limbs and constant screaming and an intelligence officer perpetuates the question what your relationship to so and where were you last night?

A military helicopter is taken to the interrogation center, and with the arrival of the Maskobiyya, five officers and a doctor, gathering questions about health and body, then say in Hebrew (any) any occasion.

Tie you back with a small chair back, then a foot and then another hand-to-hand restraint. Major (you have made a decision to conduct a military investigation with you) before you start answering several questions.

Major prepares 5 minutes for the decision to answer, then the party begins, screaming, grabbing an officer from the shoulders and another puts his foot between your thighs to put pressure on the testicles, then a violent hit on the face, until the fainting approach, and then followed by quick questions from investigators, when the rejection enter the next wave of Violent shaking, blade controls overlap at the top of the chest and a feeling of fracture of the collarbone and neck disintegration from the body, rotation in the head lack of concentration, fainting when exceeded the estimated time and then a sense of impact on the ground.

The Nazi ‘doctor’ is in place to practice the role of the therapist for further investigation.

The peak wave intervention is disassembled from the chair, accompanied by a broken back on a backless chair, through a restriction process that takes hands with bananas.

Then accompanied by a session on the chest or foot position, with a screaming about a specific question increases the process of pulling and curvature clouds, in the meantime hear your voice throughout the whole, Alma and ache fainted and then the investigator continues successive rounds.

In the beating process the focus is also on the muscles of the heel of the foot, or a ruler on the elbow-joint fingers.

In addition, the beating on the front of the head, but the most difficult is the practice of beating and ghost, accompanied by a ghost to the top by relying on the body in the hands to stand accompanied by pressure on the shoulders (suspension).

The continuation of this investigation was in the nineties without a calculator and after the two thousand and three censorship has become more intense, but censorship keeps you alive.

This investigation conveyed to you the reality of coexistence and the feeling of death at every moment but to reach it, without the ability of self-defense, not even think of options other than disassembling it.

The interrogation with Samer Al-Arbeed was faster than the rhythm of the words I mentioned, a square of hell, in which you hear the sa’ir and some of the zaqqm taste it until you see in the eye of the imagination Malik calls him, O Lord, a testimony to escape from the hell of pouring some on the ground.

I remember the first Nazi investigation of this cruelty was when I was 15 and a half was transferred to the clinic where more than 13 times, with the use of oxygen, then the investigation lasted for 120 days in which there is no sleep and rest only a year of sleep on the ground.

This talk was tried again in 2000 at a lower frequency than in 1994, but I found it on the body of prisoners in the cells of Almskobip close to testify.

The state of challenge in it, amounting to self-dialogue, the approach of life to death, a battle of less damage and a confrontation in which victory is counted when the word is obscured by the interrogator with the intent of defying the secret.

It is a difficult confrontation by all means, using violence and extortion, bringing in the family and details beyond reason.

In addition to a machine of art in the psychological warfare, whose rhythm exceeds physical abuse to the arena where the family, wife and boy.

Steadfastness in this battle draws him certainty to God and some of the signs of God represented, and a battle imagine yourself in which you fight as a leader carrying his shield defends people and fort and offer.

Samer faced the interrogator with high rigidity and defeated an army of investigators so they decided before declaring failure to reach a novel buried by the inability of confrontation.

About Samer Arbid …


“Who never had the chance to smell the gas.”

So the comrades were joking Samer, who was continuing to get close in the clashes with the Nazi soldiers to the extent that the range of gas bombs extending tens of meters behind him, towards the demonstrators. The bombs used to end and gas flies before the confrontations end and we are locked back to the center of Ramallah, towards the hospital, cemetery or the popular office.

Samer was with a cassette hat that never left his head, with his lean body, and a cigarette that remained in his hand until the flame reached the filter, combining an extra breath before casting it, a parallel universe of calm amid all the noise of the second intifada.

I do not remember that I saw him as sad and unhappy as he was after the death of Abu Saree. When Zalam abducted him, they beat him and a group of comrades in order to quell the clashes that erupted after the martyrdom.

Two days ago, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Muhammad al-Dura. I remember hearing from him the day after the martyrdom. Neither he nor the comrades could see how Mohammed was killed with bullets crying. He had heard the details of the martyrdom of a child inevitable for his father just after a day of clashes at the City Inn checkpoint. He was telling the details he had heard clearly, appearing to squeeze out his face.

Without a metaphor, without likeness, I found this picture of Samer hugging his daughter. The daughter is hiding in the middle of the mountain, full of safety, full of untold confidence: the time when the children will die will end as Muhammad al-Durra was killed.

Look at the picture and look at the trench body! To this flesh-and-bone barricade that blocks the evils of the world. A girl emerges from the lap as narcissus springs from a rock, leaning on her silent Galilee.

Some dissolve in this life, squeezing it, making you as a publication full of promises and sections that remain words. Some retaliate in the heart of fire in the heart, purify him and continue to be forced, although did not appear in the face of what shows the hell in the chest.

Samer is now in the hospital, after the horrific rounds of torture allowed to be carried out against his meager body, ordered by the Israeli judiciary. Abu Saree must now desist on his forehead. He is now, at the entrance to hell standing, blocking his body – barricade – rock – moat – flag – flagpole – flag – compass, some of them from all of Palestine.

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Venezuelan prosecutors to charge opposition leader Juan Guaido with ‘high treason’

  • Guaido is the National Assembly speaker and is recognised as interim president by more than 50 countries
  • He is being investigated for allegedly negotiating to renounce the country’s historical claim to a disputed border area controlled by Guyana

Agence France-Presse  

Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido. Photo: AP

Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido. Photo: APProsecutors in Venezuela have threatened to charge opposition leader Juan Guaido with “high treason” for planning to renounce the country’s claim to a disputed border area controlled by Guyana.

Guaido, the National Assembly speaker who is recognised as interim president by more than 50 countries, is being investigated for negotiating to renounce “the historical claim our country has on the territory of Esequibo,” Attorney General Tarek William Saab told reporters on Friday.

State prosecutors successfully petitioned the country’s all-powerful Constituent Assembly to lift Guaido’s parliamentary immunity in April. He already faces several other charges, including one of “usurping the functions of the president”.

Guaido has remained free, however, and continues to rally support against President Nicolas Maduro.Guaido’s main international sponsor, the United States, has warned Venezuelan authorities against any attempt to arrest him.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Photo: AFP

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Photo: AFPShare:SUBSCRIBE TO SCMP TODAY: INTL EDITIONGet updates direct to your inboxSUBMITBy registering, you agree to our T&C and Privacy Policy

Maduro appeared on television on Thursday to call on prosecutors to file treason charges on Guaido for allegedly plotting to hand over Esequibo to multinational companies.

The case is based on audio recordings purported to involve a US administration official urging an adviser to Guaido to “deliver the Esequibo” to ExxonMobil and other multinationals, according to the Maduro government.

The facts imply a crime of treasonTarek William Saab, Venzeula’s attorney general

The resource-rich 159,000 square kilometre territory is the subject of a long-standing border dispute, exacerbated in 2015 by a “significant” oil discovery announced by ExxonMobil. The oil company’s exploration deal with Guyana angered Venezuela, which reasserted its territorial claim.

“We have initiated an investigation,” Saab said in a televised press conference, of Guaido’s involvement “in an illegal negotiation behind the country’s back that intends to withdraw the historical claim our country has on the territory of Esequibo.”

“The facts imply a crime of treason,” he said.

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Why Are Jews Leading The Alt-Right & ‘White’ Nationalist Movements?


mike enoch TRS The right stuff jew

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

— Vladimir Lenin, Jewish Communist revolutionary in Russia

Anybody who has been paying attention over the past five years can see the hidden hand at work in the so-called Alt-Right and “White Nationalist” movements.

While the media drones on about “white supremacists” and “antisemitism”, the truth is that Jews are actually the ones leading these movements, and there is a clear agenda at work.

This is nothing new.

In 1970, Frank Collin (real name Cohn) was a Jew who founded the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA), which would go on to be one of the largest “neo-nazi” parties at that time. Collin/Cohn would regularly lead “neo-nazi” marches around Chicago, which ultimately culminated in the Skokie Affair.

Frank Collin/Cohn was eventually found guilty of child molestation and sexually abusing young boys at the NSPA headquarters in Chicago. Predictably, he went to jail and the whole NSPA movement fizzled out.

Just like in the 1970s, today we see the exact same dynamic at work: Jews leading the Alt Right and so-called “White Nationalist” movements.

1. Andrew Escher Auernheimer (aka Weev) / Daily Stormer (and Andrew Anglin)

It is no secret that the Daily Stormer is run by Jews and not-exactly-Whites with a subversive agenda. This has been known for years.

  • Andrew Escher Auernheimer (aka Weev) = Ashkenazi Jew on both sides of his family
  • Andrew Anglin = mixed-race with non-White features (has openly admitted to being mixed race and promotes the mixing of races)

Aurnheimer has admitted to being a Jew many times over the years. He has also been outed by his jewish family. Speaking to Newsweek, his mother Alyse said,

“He doesn’t like us,” she said, adding that her son comes from a “large, mixed-race family” with Native American heritage, and that he most certainly has Jewish lineage “on both sides of his family.”

When mommy blows your cover as a “neo nazi”.

In October 2010, Auernheimer admitted his genetic ties to the Jew Theodore Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement on his official reddit account (still active), which was also verified in one of his court cases:

Well, my line is related to Theodore Herzl, so I have blood ties to Zionist thought.

Like Frank Collin/Cohn, Auernheimer has also served time in jail for illicit activities and crimes.

Below you see the Jew Andrew Escher Auernheimer (right), who looks uncannily like the gay jewish pedophile Allen Ginsberg (left):

Update: Here’s another article exposing Weev from Occidental Dissent (archived). The article details how Weev and the Daily Stormer is tied in with Chabad Lubavitch Jews in New York, including Jared Kushner (from the Trump Administration).

Aside from Weev (Andrew Auernheimer), the other main figure at the Daily Stormer is Andrew Anglin. One look at Anglin and it should be evident that he is also mixed race. And just like Weev, Anglin has admitted to being mixed race in the past, while also encouraging Whites to mix with other non-Whites. Anglin stated in the past (video evidence below):

  • Mixed races will be a positive progression for everyone.”
  • I think the white race should die out. I think white people are dangerous.”

The video below, which surfaced in 2017, fully exposes the subversive agenda of Andrew Anglin, Andrew Auernheimer, and also Mike Enoch – another Jew we will cover further below.The Alt-Right, MASK OFF (Daily Stormer, Anglin, Weev, Enoch,Video Player

Like Auernheimer, Andrew Anglin also poses as a “white nationalist” and cartoon “neo-nazi” while at the same time promoting an agenda that is contrary to true nationalism.

The ADL and SPLC should send Anglin monthly royalty checks for all the donations that pour into their coffers from elderly Jews in Miami who think Anglin is serious about wanting to “gas the Jews” or some other preposterous troll campaign.

Anglin also seems to have an obsessive fascination with Asians, which is no surprise given his history of chasing underage Filipinos in Asia and promoting the “mixing of races” as a “positive” development.

The Daily Stormer promotes violence and controlled-opposition shills

Right now Auernheimer and Anglin at the Daily Stormer are encouraging their White audience to commit acts of violence, including mass shootings.

Here’s Auernheimer promoting violence on a show with Christopher Cantwell, another Alt Right clown.Weev on CantwellVideo Player

Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent has an excellent overview exposing “Weev” and his promotion of violence over the years (archived version).

Subversive and dishonest activities:

  • Promote violence among their White audience.
  • Link to and reference other controlled-opposition outlets, particularly other Jews within the Alt Right.
  • Promote raping and violence against women, rather than having large White families.
  • Promote “based” non-Whites and various forms of multiculturalism and race-mixing.
  • Promote various lies, such as “some Moslems” being behind 9/11, which we’ve shown is false.
  • Promote the lie that mainstream denominational Christianity is real Christianity.
  • Promote the big lie that the Jews are the Israelites/Hebrews of the Bible.
  • Avoid honest discussions about the Bible, Christianity, real White identity, and the importance of having strong Christian families.
  • Create a sense of despair and hopelessness regarding the state of the world and the all-pervasive Jews, whereby the only recourse for Whites is to pull another Dylan Roof or similar nonsense.

2. Breitbart “News” Network

breitbart jewish netenyahu

Breitbart is a jewish operation to the core – and it has been that way from the beginning.

In an article from August 2016, Breitbart’s jewish CEO Lary Solov stated:

“They say that we are “anti-Semitic,” though our company was founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section (Breitbart Jerusalem) dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel.”

As one of the largest of the so-called “alternative” media websites, Breitbart attempts to be edgy by reporting stories that may be popular with Whites, while at the same time controlling the narrative and obscuring the jewish hand and power structure.

Larry Solov also wrote in article in 2015 explaining how Breitbart was born in Israel:

“A lot of people don’t realize this but Breitbart News Network really got its start in Jerusalem. It was the summer of 2007, and Andrew had been invited to tour Israel as part of a media junket. I agreed to tag along as his lawyer and best friend. What neither of us knew at the time was that the trip would change our lives and give us the inspiration for Breitbart News Network.”

One of its co-founders was Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist, who described Breitbart as “THE platform for the alt-right.”  Yes, this is the same Steven Bannon who was recently outed for his close associations with Mossad operative and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

Ben Shapiro, another Jew who plays the part of an edgy “conservative” when he’s not studying The Talmud, which is the jewish blueprint for subverting White Christian society, also spent a few years at Breitbart as a “political commentator”.

3. Ezra Levant / Rebel Media

It’s no secret that Ezra Levant, the loudmouth behind Rebel Media, is jewish.

Like Breitbart, Levant plays the role of “conservative” without ever going near the topics of race or the jewish hand at work in various topics.

We’ve discussed Ezra Levant before in his relation to Tommy Robinson.  Levant appears to be one of Tommy’s handlers, while also being his money manager who collects donations for his legal defense, but we’ll discuss Tommy more below.

Levant’s job is to keep all discussion about Muslims focused on Islam, rather than the jewish enablers.

4. Gatestone Institute, Jihad Watch, and the Kosher Crusaders

The Gatestone Institute seems to be the largest among the kosher-approved anti-Islam websites.

The goal of these websites is simple: lead the opposition by criticizing Islam, but don’t go anywhere near the topic of who is enabling, funding, and supporting Muslim immigration into the West. Because if you go there, then that would be antisemitic, of course.

These are what we call the Kosher Crusaders. They will appear to oppose Islam, but they’ll never let you know the root cause of the problem.

The Gatestone Institute is right out of the jewish playbook for creating a fake opposition movement:

One of the major publishers of online content friendly to the far-right party is an American website financed in large part and lead by Jewish philanthropist Nina Rosenwald.

Rosenwald’s site, the Gatestone Institute, publishes a steady flow of inflammatory content about the German election, focused on stoking fears about immigrants and Muslims. In one of the most recent posts, the website warns of the construction of mosques in Germany and claims that Christianity is becoming ‘extinct’.

Here is Rosenwald with Alan Dershowitz, a self-described Hillary Clinton supporter who also seems deeply connected with many other personalities on the “alt right” and the Trump administration through their mutual connections to Jeffrey Epstein.

Sites like Gatestone also keep Christians blind to the enemy within while ensuring they never see the bigger picture.

We learn from Wikipedia that John Bolton, the neocon Jew who has a penchant for getting America into wars against Muslims for the sole benefit of Israel, is also actively involved in the Gatestone Institute.

“Bolton has been involved with numerous conservative organizations, including the anti-Muslim Gatestone Institute, where he served as the organization Chairman until March 2018, and as a Director of the Project for the New American Century, which favored going to war with Iraq.”

Next up from the Kosher Crusaders is Robert Spencer, a close associate of fellow jewish “conservative” kingpin David Horowitz whose Freedom Center funds Spencer’s website Jihad Watch, a fairly large site that gets quite a bit of traffic.  But the m.o. is the same: criticize Islam, never discuss Jews, and support Israel!

robert spencer jewish

There are many other Kosher Crusaders we could discuss, such as Pamella Geller, but you get the point.

5. Lauren “Southern” Simonsen

Lauren Simonsen goes by the name “Lauren Southern” as part of her act.  Also part of her act is the bad blonde “aryan” dye job to make herself more appealing to young, naive White men, despite her attraction to Black men, like the “conservative” one she “dated” in high school:

In various contexts she has admitted her jewish ancestry.

For example:

lauren southern jewish australia

Lauren “Southern” Simonsen previously worked for the Jew Ezra Levant at Rebel Media.

She has made videos criticizing third world immigration into the West, and like her fellow tribe members in the Alt Right, she’ll never let you know the source of the problem.

In 2018, she went on a world tour with Stephan Molyneux, another Jew who pretends to be a “white nationalist”.

Hundreds Mistakenly Protest Jewish Woman for White Supremacist in Australia

6. Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich is another jewish Alt Right figure who has been heavily promoted in the media.  Recently, Cernovich has gone into overdrive trying to convince people that Jeffrey Epstein was not connected to the Israeli Mossad.

Here he is with his mentor Alan Dershowitz, who just so happens to have been Jeffrey Epstein’s attorney and alleged frequent visitor a Epstein’s teenage rape parties:

Here we have Cernovich attempting to speak for his “fellow white people” on Twitter.

Same story, different talking head.

7. Mike “Enoch” Peinovich / The Right Stuff

Mike “Enoch” Peinovich – a Jew pretending to be a “neo nazi” for the cameras.

Mike “Enoch” Peinovich is the Jew behind TheRightStuff, an “antisemetic” website which hosts various “white nationalist” podcasts which have been featured at Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer.

When he first came to public attention, he tried to hide the fact that his wife was jewish, but eventually admitted it, after which he allegedly divorced her to maintain his street cred among nationalists, but all of this was a way to distract his followers from the fact that he himself, not just his wife, is jewish.

Enoch has a habit of wearing dark sunglasses in public to create a “tough” and “fashy” image, but when he takes them off, he looks nebbishly jewish:

Mike “Enoch” Peinovich has, in fact, admitted to being jewish on at least three separate occasions, as you can hear in this video:(((Mike Enoch))) is a Jew himselfVideo Player

mike enoch is a jew

Update: Mike “Enoch” Peinovich is now actively blocking anyone on Twitter who points out that he is a Jew. For Peinovich, the truth is “gay ops” and needs to be shut down.

mike peinovich twitter jew

8. Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos jewish

Milo Yiannopoulos is a gay jewish “antisemite” whom we have covered before on this site:

Yiannopoulos is a poster child of the “fake Right” whose sole purpose is to subvert and discredit any legitimate opposition to the jewish-dominated liberal agenda.

Not only is Yiannopoulos a flaming homosexual who has a penchant for Black men, he’s also an admitted crypto-Jew who loves to troll both liberals and conservatives.  He’s a political clown who does nothing but distract White people from the real problems that we face.

Yiannopoulos just so happens to be another jewish “antisemite” who got his start at Breitbart (there seems to be a pattern here). As Wikipedia points out:

In October 2015, the Breitbart News Network placed Yiannopoulos in charge of its new “Breitbart Tech” section. The site has six full-time staff, including an eSports specialist, and was edited by Yiannopoulos until his resignation on 21 February 2017.

Wikipedia also points out how Yiannopoulos promotes pedophilia:

In the interview in a January 2016 episode of the podcast Drunken Peasants, Yiannopoulos stated that sexual relationships between 13-year-old boys and adult men and women can “happen perfectly consensually”, because some 13-year-olds are, in his view, sexually and emotionally mature enough to consent to sex with adults; he spoke favourably both of gay 13-year-old boys having sex with adult men and straight 13-year-old boys having sex with adult women. He used his own experience as an example, saying he was mature enough to be capable of giving consent at a young age.

9. Paul Gottfried – the “Jewish Godfather of the Alt Right”

Paul Gottfried is often called the “Jewish Godfather of the Alt Right.”

Here’s an excerpt from Gottfried’s Wikipedia page:

Gottfried is also the first person to use the term “alternative right”, when referring specifically to developments within American right-wing politics, in 2008. Richard B. Spencer co-created the term with Gottfried while working together at Taki’s Magazine and helped it to gain wide currency through media attention surrounding conferences organized by his think tank, the National Policy Institute.

Here you can see Gottfried with Richard Spencer and Pat Buchanan:

The pro-homosexual “conservative” Richard Spencer is also quite the character, with deep family ties to the CIA and various mainstream political figures. Many also claim he is jewish.

Here’s Spencer hanging out with his “wife” and former First Lady Laura Bush:

10. Stefan Molyneux – A jewish actor posing as a “white nationalist”

Click for large version.

Stefan Molyneux is a jewish actor who plays the role of a “white nationalist” and “antisemite” who points out facts about Jews. Molyneux has been caught in numerous lies over the years and has flip-flopped on many issues.

He is jewish on both sides of his family.

Mother’s side:Stefan Molyneux JewVideo Player

Father’s side:Molyneux jewVideo Player

Molyneux is an actor who makes a lot of money conning his audience:Stefan Molyneux EXPOSED_ Millionaire Neocon ActorVideo Player

Molyneux will occasionally discuss facts about Jews, particularly on Twitter, while feeding his audience various lies and controlling the narrative.

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Why Greta Thunberg Inspires Me

I appreciate her reliance on scientific evidence, her unique and direct form of communicating and simplifying complex issues and the way she models a low-carbon lifestyle.

by: Rachel Plotkin

The Swedish teen Greta Thunberg has become an inspiration to millions of people for a multitude of reasons. (Photo: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images)

The Swedish teen Greta Thunberg has become an inspiration to millions of people for a multitude of reasons. (Photo: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images)

Some of my best moments this summer involved swimming across lakes. Despite how much I love the long-distance exercise, each swim was preceded by a ridiculous amount of time standing on the shore, working up the momentum to dive in. My mind knew the swims would be wonderful and refreshing, but every time my body somehow failed to translate that into action for almost as long as it took to do the swimming.

The Swedish teen Greta Thunberg has become an inspiration to millions of people for a multitude of reasons. But what I personally love about her is the way she highlights that moment between thinking and putting her being into motion.

I appreciate her reliance on scientific evidence, her unique and direct form of communicating and simplifying complex issues and the way she models a low-carbon lifestyle. But, it’s the image of Greta, who at the age of 15 painted a sign and walked to the Swedish parliament to sit alone in an effort to raise awareness about climate change, that swells my heart. It captures a moment of turning fear for the future into physical action.

I’m an activist myself, although I haven’t always been.

In my 20s, when I began to realize the impact that my own mainstream life was having upon the planet, I felt overwhelmed. All I wanted to do was hide under the covers.

It was actually a failed protest that first showed me the power of activism. The mere act of putting my body into motion on behalf of what I cared about, and being with other people who did the same, made the weight I was carrying feel immensely lighter.

To loosely quote the American writer Wendell Berry, we protest not only to have public success, but to preserve the qualities in our hearts and spirits that would be destroyed by acquiescence.

Greta’s school strikes have touched the world and sparked an international movement. They have raised the profile of the climate crisis to where it deserves to be: front and centre.

Most of my friends and family would not consider themselves to be activists. They have varying degrees of concern about climate change but don’t know what to do to address these concerns. They hope that technology will fix things or they turn away from the depressing issue, focusing instead on the many and varied challenges of day-to-day life.

To this end, Greta has given ordinary people concerned with the climate crisis a gift.

Greta and her peers have invited adults to join the youth-led strike for climate action on Sept. 27.

The singer Joan Baez said action is the antidote to despair. This strike gives us a chance to come together as community and take physical steps together toward a more viable future.

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‘Birds of a Feather, Fascist Together

‘Birds of a Feather, Fascist Together’: Critics Decry Trump’s Decision to Join India’s Modi Onstage at Houston Event

“I don’t know what’s more embarasssing—that Modi will appear beside Trump or that Trump will appear beside Modi. Both countries have my condolences.” 

by: Eoin Higgins,

President Donald Trump greets India Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G20 Japan Summit Friday, June 28, 2019 in Osaka, Japan.

President Donald Trump greets India Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G20 Japan Summit Friday, June 28, 2019 in Osaka, Japan. (Photo:  Shealah Craighead/Official White House Photo)

Critics called U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to join Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a bipartisan gaggle of American lawmakers at an event in Houston on September 22 expected to be attended by over 50,000 people another example of the president’s affection for authoritarian leaders. 

“I don’t know what’s more embarasssing—that Modi will appear beside Trump or that Trump will appear beside Modi,” tweeted Rutgers professor Audrey Truschke. “Both countries have my condolences.” 

The “Howdy, Modi!” event is planned on being held at the NRG Stadium in Houston and is sponsored by the Texas Indian Forum. Supporters of Modi from around the country are expected to attend the event, which will also feature Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Democratic Reps. Sheila Jackson-Lee and Al Green, and others.

The prime minister’s appeal goes beyond just those attending the event. A report from The Intercept Monday revealed that former Vice President Joe Biden, who is running for the party’s nomination for president in 2020, hired a vocal Modi supporter as the campaign’s director of outreach to the Asian-American Pacific Islander community.

“As an Indian-American, who’s seeing the humanitarian crisis imposed on Kashmir by the Modi government—it is truly troubling to see Biden elevating someone who is in support of this now bordering on fascist regime in a leadership position,” the Coucil for American Islamic relations Arizona’s executive director Imrann Siddiqi told The Intercept

Sixty U.S. lawmakers in total are expected to attend the Houston event.

Modi’s government has been accused of multiple human rights violations for its treatment of minorities and its recent crackdown on the independent territory of Kashmir. As Common Dreams reported, Modi’s government is constructing camps to hold so-called “illegal immigrants” in the northeastern state of Assam, a practice the government may spread to more of the country. That record, said the prime minister’s critics, should give lawmakers planning to attend pause.

“When they cheer Modi, they cheer fascism,” said human rights lawyer Arjun Sethi. “When they stand by his side, they whitewash his atrocities in Kashmir and Assam. These officials should be shamed and called out.”

The Houston event is more than just a party for Modi. The Indian government is transitioning away from coal, and Houston’s energy sector is eager to sell the prime minister on Texas oil, as Charlie Riedl, the executive director of the Center for Liquefied Natural Gas, explained to Bloomberg.

“Based on the broader aspiration to move people out of energy poverty and to enhance manufacturing,” Riedl said, “this all points to emerging opportunities.”

Trump’s appearance at the event was confirmed by the White House on Sunday.

The decision to attend, Indian paper The Wire reported Saturday, was in the works for months:

Trump and Modi’s political managers have apparently been in touch since the two leaders met in Biarritz, France on the sidelines of the G-7 Summit on August 26 and came up with the idea. Modi reportedly promised to buy more oil and weapons from the US—the kind of promise that makes Trump smile. 

The president is expected to deliver remarks and bask in the support of the 50,000 attendees. 

“Thousands of Indian Americans who are minorities in this country will attend an event celebrating two supremacists,” said professor Ayesha Ray.

Modi, in a tweet, celebrated the president’s decision to attend the event. 

“The special gesture of President Trump to join us in Houston highlights the strength of the relationship and recognition of the contribution of the Indian community to American society and economy,” said Modi.

Critics pointed to similarities between Trump and Modi and called the event a meeting of like-minded leaders.

“Birds of a feather, fascist together,” said Al Jazeera host Sana Saeed.

Writer Wajahat Ali pointed to Modi’s record and how Trump didn’t, at best, seem to care about it. 

“Modi is a Hindu Nationalist who was denied entry to the U.S. for years because he was responsible for failing to stop the massacre of Muslims in India when he was minister of Gujrat,” said Ali. “Trump loves the best people.”

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No War for Oil, Say Climate Advocates, as Trump Admin Pushes for Conflict With Iran

“Oil has fueled violence and the climate emergency for far too long.”

by: Andrea Germanos,

Protesters hold a sign against the Iraq War outside the White House in 2004.

Protesters hold a sign against the Iraq War outside the White House in 2004. (Photo: Elvert Barnes/flickr/cc)

After President Donald Trump threatened Iran via tweet Sunday, climate campaigners on Monday drew renewed attention to the danger of pursuing war for oil.

Their calls came after Trump tweeted the U.S. is “locked and loaded” in response to a weekend attack on Saudi oil facilities and suggested he was merely waiting for the directive from Riyadh. The White House has blamed Iran, without evidence, for the attacks.  

The focus on wars for oil came as thousands of young activists worldwide mobilize for the global #ClimateStrike on Sept. 20.

Commenting on the simmering tensions, author and co-founder Bill McKibben wrote on Twitter, “Getting ready for war to insure the supply of a substance that is wrecking the planet.”

Climate group Greenpeace International weighed in as well, urging the use of “diplomacy over force” and “peaceful renewable energies” over fossil fuels.

Greenpeace PressDesk@greenpeacepress

Between 1/4 and 1/2 of all wars between countries since 1973 are linked to oil. Oil has fuelled violence and the climate emergency for far too long. We must choose diplomacy over force, and peaceful renewable energies, like wind and solar, over dirty, destructive oil. …Planet@planetlabsSmoke billows from Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia after drone strikes set fire to the major oil facilities. Captured by a Planet Dove satellite today, September 14, 2019. PM – Sep 16, 2019

“Fossil fuels are dangerous,” tweeted environmental scientist Jonathan Foley late Sunday. “For our security. For our economy. For our health. And for the planet.”

“Let’s not be held hostage by this industry any more,” he added. “It’s time to move to a better world.”

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Trump Awaits Orders From Saudis; and Why the Houthis Could Have Done It

We all kept saying it is dangerous to have an erratic person like Trump in the White House in case there was a major global crisis. This might be it, folks.

byJuan Cole

The Houthis have the most motive of any of these actors, since the Saudis have dropped thousands of bombs on them for nearly four and a half years. (Photo: Saudi Aramco plant in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia/Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters/Screenshot)

The Houthis have the most motive of any of these actors, since the Saudis have dropped thousands of bombs on them for nearly four and a half years. (Photo: Saudi Aramco plant in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia/Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters/Screenshot

Trump’s bizarre infatuation with strongmen and dictators was on full display in his response to Saturday’s drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities. As our foremost Gulf expert, Kristian Ulrichsen, noted,

Trump actually said that he was waiting on the Saudis to determine the guilty party and to tell him what to do!

We all kept saying it is dangerous to have an erratic person like Trump in the White House in case there was a major global crisis. This might be it, folks.

The responsibility for the ten drone strikes on the Abqaiq and Khurais facilities is in dispute, with the Israelis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fingering Shiite militias in Iraq, whereas the Houthi rebels of north Yemen claimed they sent the drones.

[Update: Louise Loveluck is reporting that Pompeo is now denying an Iraqi provenance; he also cast doubt on Yemen, so perhaps has adopted the Iran theory.]

One anonymous Trump official even told ABC on Sunday that Iran directly launched drones and cruise missiles on Saudi Arabia. We await forensics, but this allegation should be provable from forensics. It hasn’t been, and sounds Gulf of Tonkinish to me. If it is true, buy an electric car quick.

One of the arguments for the Iraqi or Iranian provenance of the drones is that the Houthis were not known to have this capability before now. This allegation is not true. As I discussed in May, the Houthis used drones to hit Aramco pumping stations in al-Duwadimi (853 miles from Sana’a) and Afif (764 miles from Sana’a). The Houthis only had to go another hundred miles or so to reach Abqaiq from their stronghold at Saada (about 1,000 miles).

In May, the Houthis must have used Iran’s Shahed 129 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or something very like it, which has a range of 1100 miles and has been used for similar strikes by Iranian forces in Syria. The advantage of drones for smuggling weapons to the Houthis by Iran is that they could simply be flown to them from a vessel offshore in the Red Sea.

If the drone can go 1,100 miles, there is no advantage to taking off from Iraq or Iran rather than Yemen.

In murder mysteries we look at means, motive and opportunity. The Houthis have the most motive of any of these actors, since the Saudis have dropped thousands of bombs on them for nearly four and a half years. Moreover, the Houthis have nothing to lose. They are already being hit as hard by the Saudis as they can be hit, and they have no resources that the Saudis can destroy.

In contrast, the Iraqi Shiite militias may not like the Saudis one little bit, but they don’t have anywhere near the same degree of motive as the Houthis. Moreover, they benefit mightily from Iraq’s oil facilities at Basra, which you wouldn’t think they would want to put at risk of a Saudi counter-strike.

For the same reason, Iran would have been foolish to plan or direct this attack, since its own oil facilities are vulnerable to a counter-attack. Neither Iran nor Iraq did this kind of damage to one another’s oil facilities in the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88, operating under a constraint of mutual assured destruction.

Finally, I think we should be suspicious of Israeli and Neoconservative intelligence on this matter. Israel has not been involved in the Yemen War and there is no advantage to it if the Houthis did it. Israel has developed a fear of the Iraqi Shiite militias, which are close to Iran and operating in Syria near Israel, and has struck them in Iraq several times with drones. It would be awfully convenient for Tel Aviv if the full force of the United States and the Saudis could be turned on the Iraqi Shiite militias, and even better if it could be turned on Iran itself.

Look, I’m no hardware expert and it is all the same to me whether the drones were launched from Basra or from Saada, so I have an open mind. But the argument that the Houthis absolutely couldn’t have done it makes no sense to me as a layperson, given the recent al-Duwadimi operation.

In the meantime, we Americans apparently must wait patiently for our marching orders from Riyadh. Or maybe, you know, the Saudis will bankrupt Trump by ceasing to rent all those rooms in the Trump Tower from him.

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An ‘Israeli’ Election That Will Decide Nothing

Both Netanyahu and Blue and White know that they can claim sovereignty over large parts of the West Bank, continue to strangle Gaza, expand settlements in the West Bank and “Greater Jerusalem” and nothing will happen.

byJames Zogby

 Liberal voices were largely silent as Israel built new settlements, roads, and infrastructure, seizing Palestinian land and violating their fundamental rights. (Photo: The West Bank settlement of Givat Zeev is pictured in late December, 2016)

Liberal voices were largely silent as Israel built new settlements, roads, and infrastructure, seizing Palestinian land and violating their fundamental rights. (Photo: The West Bank settlement of Givat Zeev is pictured in late December, 2016)

Before a single vote is cast in Israel’s second national election this year, two disturbing facts are clear: the outcome will be as muddled as it was after the April contest and whoever wins, despite the permanent state of denial in which Western liberals find themselves, Israel/Palestine has become one state—an Apartheid state.

Following April’s election, unable to form a governing coalition of 61 Knesset members, Netanyahu called for a new election, hoping to improve his prospects. During the past five months, he pulled out all the stops. He bombed three countries – Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. He announced that if he wins this new contest, he will annex the Jordan Valley in addition to settlements and outposts spread throughout the West Bank. He accelerated his incitement against the Palestinian citizens of Israel including a statement that “the Arabs are trying to steal the election” and an incendiary Facebook post claiming that “The Arabs want to annihilate us all – women, children, and men” (while Netanyahu denied personal responsibility for the post, most commentators dismissed the denial). And he coerced members of his own party to pledge support for his immunity from prosecution for the multiple corruption charges he is currently facing. 
Even with all of this, polls are showing that Netanyahu and his coalition partners will fare no better than they did in April. In fact, it appears that neither Netanyahu’s coalition nor the main opposition to his continued rule have moved beyond the numbers they had in April. The only significant growth appears to be among the ultra-religious and the right-wing secular nationalists. While Netanyahu might like to bring them both into his government, thus giving him in excess of a majority, the secular nationalists are ideologically opposed to the ultra-religious and will not join a government that includes them. At the same time, some of the opposition might be inclined to join a government with Netanyahu’s Likud Party, but at a steep price – namely, that he step down as head of the coalition. Since he is desperate to remain in power to avoid prosecution and humiliation, it is unlikely he will accept. This is precisely why he insisted that his party members pledge loyalty before the election.  

Pre-election polls demonstrate that the main opposition coalition, Blue and White, will also have difficulty assembling 61 Knesset seats. An additional problem facing Blue and White’s chances of forming a government is that even the most optimistic tallies of their Knesset counts include the 10-11 seats that will go to the Joint List of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. The leaders of Blue and White have said that they will not form a government dependent on Joint List members and, for their part, the Joint List leaders have said they will only join a governing coalition that agrees to guarantee equality for the Arab citizens of Israel and agrees to end the occupation of Palestinian lands – demands the Blue and White leaders have rejected.     

As a result, we are back to where we started with an election yielding no outcome other than confusion and rancor.   

Israeli politics have moved so far to the right, that it is hard to understand how or why the US media continues to refer to Netanyahu’s opposition—as a “center-left” coalition. Whatever the “left” means in this formulation, it most certainly doesn’t mean anything related to Palestinians, peace, and human rights.What’s also clear, is that regardless of who wins—if, in fact, anyone does – there will be no change in the reality faced by Palestinians. There will be no end of the occupation and no two-state solution. Israeli politics have moved so far to the right, that it is hard to understand how or why the US media continues to refer to Netanyahu’s opposition—as a “center-left” coalition. Whatever the “left” means in this formulation, it most certainly doesn’t mean anything related to Palestinians, peace, and human rights. Like Netanyahu, Blue and White maintains that the annexation of Jerusalem and the other Palestinian lands around the city will remain. They have claimed that they too support extending Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the settlements in the West Bank. Maybe the one area where they differ from Netanyahu is in their charge that he has coddled Hamas in Gaza. The Blue and White leader has called, instead, for a major military operation to end the Islamist’s rule in the Strip. Blue and White has also rejected the Palestinian citizens of Israel’s demands to cancel the notorious “Jewish Nation State” law—which maintains that Jews have exclusive rights to national self-determination in “the Land of Israel” and denies full rights to Arab citizens of the state. 

This being the case, the hope to which liberals have clung that in the post-Netanyahu era Israel will be different is, at best, an illusion. The only change one might see in a Blue and White-led Israel is an easing of the hold the Orthodox Rabbinate have over aspects of social and religious life in the country. But as far as ending the occupation and meeting the minimum Palestinian requirements for an independent state—neither Netanyahu nor the Blue and White have any interest in moving forward toward that goal. 

This is the Israel that Netanyahu and the Likud have built. Since the late 1970’s when they first came to power, the Likud embarked on a settlement program that, in their words would make a Palestinian state an impossibility. After Oslo, they incited against the agreement, the Labor Party that signed it, and the Palestinians. Their efforts led to anti-peace legislation passed by the Republican-led US Congress, the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin, and the 1996 election of Netanyahu on a platform of ending the peace process. 

During all this time, liberal voices were largely silent as Israel built new settlements, roads, and infrastructure, seizing Palestinian land and violating their fundamental rights. While, for Palestinians, Oslo was to have led to separation and two states, this was never embraced by liberals until 2001, when Clinton suggested such a possible outcome in his “parameters for peace.”

Even now, when liberal voices are raised in defense of a two state solution the reason they give is not the brutality of the occupation and its violation of Palestinian rights. Rather it is because they say they want to preserve Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. But the reality is that Israel never was nor can it ever be both Jewish and democratic—nor was it intended to be. 

In the beginning of the state, following the 1948 expulsion of Arabs, creating what Ben Gurion called “the double miracle—a state with more land and less Arabs”—Israel believed it could continue with an Arab minority that would be exploited, managed, and repressed. This state of affairs continued until after 1967, when Israel occupied more land, but with it came a larger number of Arabs. 

For the first 25 years following the 1967 War, liberals were silent in the face of the brutality of the Israeli occupation. During all this time, as Israel dug deep roots into the territories, no effective voices were raised in opposition to their practices. By now it’s too late—the hole Israel dug is too deep. 

With 650,000 Israeli settlers living in the occupied lands and a network of Jewish-only roads and infrastructure connecting them and dividing the Palestinian lands into isolated pockets and with no one willing or able to take the steps to roll back this reality—we now have one state. And it is an Apartheid state since the majority of those living between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea are Palestinian Arabs.    

Given this, the liberal lament over the “potential demise of the two-state solution” isn’t a laughable illusion. It’s irritating – because it was their silence and inaction that allowed it to happen and even now their concern is misdirected. They remain more concerned with preserving the Jewish character of Israel than they are with the decades of suffering of the Palestinians. Not only was their inaction responsible for Israeli practices, but it was their silence that created Israeli impunity. Both Netanyahu and Blue and White know that they can claim sovereignty over large parts of the West Bank, continue to strangle Gaza, expand settlements in the West Bank and “Greater Jerusalem” and nothing will happen. 

It is for these reasons that this new Israeli election will decide nothing—not for Israel, nor for the Palestinians.

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‘Saudi Arabia First’: Trump Accused of Letting Saudis Dictate US Foreign Policy After Oil Facility Attack

“Congress will not give you the authority to start another disastrous war in the Middle East just because the brutal Saudi dictatorship told you to,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders.

byJake Johnson,

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman on the sidelines of the second day of the G20 Summit at INTEX Osaka Exhibition Center in Osaka, Japan on June 29, 2019. (Photo: Bandar Algaloud/Saudi Kingdom Council/Handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Donald Trump is taking marching orders from Saudi Arabia, said progressive members of Congress and foreign policy analysts, after the president tweeted Sunday that the U.S. military is prepared and waiting for the kingdom to assign blame for attacks on its oil facilities over the weekend.

“There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed,” Trump said.

“The U.S. is not obligated to fight Saudi Arabia’s wars and we urge Trump to discard his repeated willingness to cede U.S. policy to other nations.”
—Jamal Abdi, National Iranian American Council

Karen Attiah, global opinions editor at the Washington Postcalled the tweet the “clearest expression of Trump’s ‘Saudi Arabia First’ doctrine yet.”

“The Saudi regime has drained its economy of billions to bombard Yemen for years,” said Attiah. “All there is to show for it is a humanitarian disaster. This is the regime Trump wants to take targeting orders from.”

Saudi and U.S. officials were quick to claim Iran was behind the attack, which paralyzed Saudi oil output and sent crude prices skyrocketing. The two countries based their accusations on flimsy satellite evidence and unspecified intelligence.

Iran denied responsibility for the attacks and accused the Trump administration of spreading “deceit.”

Jamal Abdi, president of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), said in a statement that allowing the Saudis to dictate U.S. foreign policy heightens the risk of “triggering a regional war more catastrophic than the 2003 invasion of Iraq.”

“The U.S. is not obligated to fight Saudi Arabia’s wars,” said Abdi, “and we urge Trump to discard his repeated willingness to cede U.S. policy to other nations.”

Jamal Abdi@jabdi

Congress has voted multiple times to end US involvement in the war on Yemen. Now that war may suck the US into all out regional war with Iran and, instead of going to Congress or making his case to the American people, Trump is asking the Kingdom for instructions.

Lawmakers reminded the president that Congress alone—not the White House nor the Saudi dictatorship—has the constitutional authority to approve U.S. military action.

“Mr. Trump, the Constitution of the United States is perfectly clear,” tweeted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. “Only Congress—not the president—can declare war. And Congress will not give you the authority to start another disastrous war in the Middle East just because the brutal Saudi dictatorship told you to.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) echoed Sanders in a tweet on Monday.

“Congress has the constitutional power to declare war,” said Omar. “Not the president. Not the Secretary of State. And definitely not Saudi Arabia.”

Ilhan Omar@IlhanMN

Congress has the Constitutional power to declare war.
Not the President.
Not the Secretary of State .
And DEFINITELY not Saudi Arabia.

This President lies about everything from weather maps and crowd sizes. There is no reason we should take his word on justifications for war.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that Trump is “contemplating what U.S. officials characterized as a serious military response.”

Sunday night, the Trump administration released satellite images purporting to show the oil facility attacks, apparently carried out with drones, originated from Iran or Iraq.

But, the New York Times reported the photos do “not appear as clear cut as officials suggested, with some appearing to show damage on the western side of the facilities, not from the direction of Iran or Iraq.”

NIAC’s Abdi slammed Trump for threatening military action on Saudi Arabia’s behalf even “before the facts have become clear.”

“We do not know definitively who was behind the attacks, though Houthi forces in Yemen have been at war with the Saudi coalition since 2015 and have claimed responsibility for them,” said Abdi. “Iran has a motive, given the economic warfare being waged against it, but there is no smoking gun to implicate them.”

“Those jumping to conclusions without sufficient evidence,” Abdi said, “seem eager to embroil the U.S. in another war that does not serve our interests.”

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Captive Movement: We ended the strike in order to achieve our demands and commit the occupation to implement the benefits

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


JERUSALEM- The captive movement in Nazi camps announced on Thursday its victory in the recent strike battle by 140 prisoners two weeks ago.

The captive movement, in a press statement: “We ended the strike, which was an extension of the second battle of dignity, to achieve our demands, and requires the management of the prisons of the occupation to implement the implementation of the battle of the second dignity.”

 She stressed that after a great tour we had with the forces of injustice, armed with the unity of our destiny and the solidity of our position and the strength of our decision, based on the people of our people in victory, and rely on God in every step, the will of life always prevails over the power of injustice, and those who lived dignity died without them.

She stressed that any attempt by the occupation to evade and evade, as previously tried, will not hesitate to restore the scene of what it was and more broadly, adding: “We do not accept compromise on our dignity and our rights and our lives without lives.”

She said: “We thank all the people of our people and our resistance factions and all our tools and media, which rose our cause and carried our pain and had the largest share in our victory.”

The prisoners began the strike about two weeks ago, in protest against the installation of carcinogenic jamming devices that affect the health of prisoners and the waves of television and radio.

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