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News Prisoners’ Affairs: The occupation responds to the demands of the captive movement

three hundred fifty

RAMALLAH: The Prisoners ‘and Editors’ Affairs Authority said on Wednesday that an agreement was signed between the leaders of the captive movement and the intelligence services of the Nazi camps. Tomorrow morning Thursday.

The Authority said that the agreement provides for the return of all striking prisoners to the prisons from which they were released, and to begin to address and reduce jamming devices that affect the health of prisoners and on radio and television frequencies, and to start installing and operating public telephones 5 days a week starting next Sunday.

Among the provisions of the agreement, allow prisoners of Gaza to move to the Negev Prison, and lift all penalties for the prisoners who have been striking for 15 days, more than 100 prisoners, who were transferred from Nazi camp of Raymond, Eshel and Negev prisons and others to Nafha prison and isolate Salmon and other prisons.

The committee said that the striking prisoners will continue their strike tomorrow, to ensure the commitment of the Nazi camp administration to implement the terms of the agreement, especially the reduction and removal of jamming devices starting tomorrow morning.

She explained that the prisoners and on the tenth of September this year, specifically in the Nazi detention center “Raymond” regained confrontation with the administration again after denying the agreement that was made last April, and included the same demands for the removal of jamming devices and the installation of public phones and other demands, and followed that during the past days Several sessions of dialogue with the administration were doomed to failure until the agreement was concluded this evening

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Nazi Gestapo killed 3,000 Palestinian children since 2000

Image of Israeli forces arresting a Palestinian child on 22 November 2012 [Mahfouz Abu Turk/Apaimages]

Nazi forces arresting a Palestinian child

Nazi has killed more than 3,000 children since 28 September 2000 when the Second Intifada began until the end of April 2017, a new report has found.

The Palestinian Ministry of Information said in a report released ahead of Children’s Day that the Nazi forces have injured more than 13,000 children and arrested more than 12,000 others, and continues to hold 300 children in its prisons.

The report published yesterday said that 95 per cent of children were tortured and assaulted during their detention.

On average, the report said, Nazi forces arrest nearly 700 children annually, but this has increased since the start of the Jerusalem Intifada in October 2015. Nearly 2,000 children were arrested between October 2015 and November 2016.

The report noted that school students are subjected to violations at the Nazi military checkpoints at the entrances to Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, warning that the Nazi policies establish a dangerous economic situation in the northern Jordan Valley and force Palestinian children to drop out of school.

The children face the problem of widespread poverty because of the deteriorating economic situation and the ongoing blockade, especially in the Gaza Strip, forcing many of them to leave their schools and move to the labour market.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Labour’s latest report, there are 102,000 Palestinian children under the age of 18 currently in the labour market compared with 65,000 in 2011.

Up to 20,000 Palestinian workers are employed in Nazi agricultural settlements, including 5.5 per cent of children aged 13-16 years old who earn a wage equivalent to one-third of the Israeli minimum wage.

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143 prisoners in Nazi camp continue their hunger strike


Palestine Mahtlh : 143 Palestinian prisoners in Nazi camp, an open hunger strike, for various reasons , including administrative detention and refused to protest against jamming devices carcinogens.

And continue to 3 of the prisoners, arrested about two months ago; refusing to arrest administrative, in a serious health situation because of a new deterioration in their health.

The striking prisoners are: “Leader Tariq Qa’dan, 57 days ago, and prisoner Ahmed Abdel Karim Ghannam (42 years) from Dura south of Hebron, beaten for 74 days and Ismail Ismail Ali (30 years) from the town of Abu Dis east of Jerusalem, a strike since 64 days They insist on continuing the strike amid difficult health conditions.

The three prisoners, formerly mentioned, are in isolation of the “Nitzan Ramle” detention center in extremely difficult circumstances, accompanied by a series of reprisal measures carried out by the Nazi detention camp against them.

Also, some 140 prisoners in the Nazi camp continue their hunger strike, rejecting the presence of carcinogenic jamming devices in a number of prisons, about 10 days ago.

In the past few days, the detention centers have managed to collect the striking prisoners from Raymond, Eshel, Negev and other prisons and transfer them to sections 1 and 3 of Nafha Nazi camp, amid pressure, restrictions and punishment to end their strike.

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Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ calls his Zionist master to congratulate him on the Jewish New Year

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Occupied RAMALLAH, West Bank: Zionist puppet Mahmoud Ab-A$$ and his Zionist master counterpart Reuven Rivlin telephoned him on Wednesday to congratulate him on the Jewish New Year, the official news agency reported.

According to the agency, the two Zionist’s expressed their hope to achieve peace between Palestinians and the Zionist as soon as possible and to exchange views on the latest developments in the Palestinian-Zionist relationship.

It was spread on social media pages, blessed with the Hebrew New Year by the leading Fatah Zionist puppet al-Madani and members of the Committee for Talking with Zionist Society.

The letter, written in Hebrew, wished the civil and members of the Committee a happy, blessed and prosperous year and progress to “Israeli society.” He also wished his message to overcome differences and work out of love, unity and tolerance.

“On the occasion of the Hebrew New Year, we wish you and your families a happy and blessed year, a year of peace and love, a year of prosperity and progress, to achieve our hopes and aspirations, to overcome all differences and to work together out of love, unity and tolerance. Happy year.”

The letter concluded with the signature of “Mohammed al-Madani and members of the committee to talk to Israeli society.”

Against Facebook .. Palestinian campaign refusing to target the Palestinian content

The head of the Egyptian parliament resembles Sisi Hitler

Dead and wounded after the suppression of popular demonstrations 

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The father of the captive striker Khalaf: God forbid that you shorten the right of our striking families

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Sultan Khuluf

Nazi occupied Ramallah : The father of the hunger striker in Nazi camp, Sultan Khalaf, sent a message calling for action to save his son’s life.

The father of the prisoner, who entered his third month in a continuous hunger strike, called for saving his life as it deteriorated rapidly as a result of his strike for the 63rd day in a row.

The following is the full text of the letter:

May peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and his family and companions, praise be to Allah, good and blessed as he should be to His majesty and great authority, praise be to Allaah, who made us of whom the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Like the believers He has the rest of the body through the night and the fever . “

Brothers in the Agricultural Engineers Syndicate ..

Dr. Bassel Hammad , Director General of Agriculture Department

Brothers agricultural engineers ..

Brothers are all coming ..

Greetings of honor and pride for your standing and solidarity with my son, Engineer Sultan Half, who has been on hunger strike for 63 days, and who suffers from pain and serious deterioration of his life, not love in hunger and thirst, but as you love the land and supported farmers and peasants Those who were steadfast on their land sacrificed for the homeland, and his love for that land did not and will not forget you, they arrested you because you wandered in every planted spot supervised by a distinguished engineer, tortured you for belonging to plant them because your belonging to the land is a crime in the eyes of the occupier .

Dear brothers

Let us raise our voice together and say where are you, honorable people of the homeland, loved ones of the homeland, where are you, the Presidential Foundation? Where are you, Palestinian government? Where are the international institutions and bodies? You are calling for human rights, your families are in danger, our families are in danger, our children are struggling to die in the cells of oppression, how long will you be silent ?

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

Against Facebook .. Palestinian campaign refusing to target the Palestinian content

The head of the Egyptian parliament resembles Sisi Hitler

Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ calls his Zionist master to congratulate him on the Jewish New Year

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Nazi regime committed 415 violations against Palestinian journalists in past year

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Israel committed 415 violations against Palestinian journalists in past year

Palestinian journalist Zaki Awadallah after he was shot by Nazi forces in July 2018. (Photo from his Facebook page.)

The Nazi regime is  deliberately targeting Palestinian journalists in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The Ministry of Information, on the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian journalists, reported that the number of human rights violations, from the beginning of year 2019 to the end of August 2019, totaled 415; this included 82 journalists who were injured while covering the Great Return March, in Gaza.

The Ministry pointed out that Palestinian journalists became a central target of the Nazi Gestapo occupation forces during their coverage of the ongoing demonstration, which began on March 30, 2018, along the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.

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Good & Evil – A Declaration of War


For many centuries, Evil has waged a covert war against Good. 
Evil denies this and calls it a “conspiracy theory.” They slander and smear people who sound the alarm. Resistance to Evil is classified as “Hate.” They deny with their lips what they do with their hands. “Believe what we say, not what you see.”  What you see is “fake news.”The hunter is most effective if the prey is unaware of mortal danger.

“The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?” 
Protocols of Zion 11by Henry Makow PhD
People are more vulnerable if they don’t know they’re under attack. They are complacent. They are grazing… an easy target.
This must end now. We’re in a battle for our lives and for that of our children. 


It hasn’t hit home yet because we suffer from cognitive dissonance. The media deceives us constantly. 
 This is not a dress rehearsal. It is happening. 
This war is taking place both internally and externally. 
Internally – Every minute of every day we must choose, between Good and Evil, between right and wrong, between good and better. Every day we are beset by the temptation to do wrong or just slack off.   How do you treat your fellow human beings? What kind of person do you want to be? Do you have the will to change? (I am asking myself these questions.) 
I have already listed ten ways we are under external attack.  I won’t repeat them except to say, I left off the two most important ways. 
Money and Sex. I have dealt with them elsewhere (see links below.)  
By making money our preoccupation, we have been inducted into a satanic cult, Jewish Cabalism. 
I’m talking about people who have more than enough to meet their needs yet measure their days in dollars, and still worry about keeping the wolf from the door. We live in constant anxiety. “Enough” is always a little more than we have. 
Millions of “investors” are glued to the stock market. The world is a giant casino. Everyone can play from their phones. We prefer to forget that the “House” always wins.  
Make an assessment of your needs, build a rainy day fund. Then destroy this dehumanizing programming by renouncing material pursuits.
Many people spend their lives accumulating a nest egg only to leave it to ungrateful children. 

The real gold is not found in the ground. Louis B. Mayer offered an actress a million dollars to marry him. She turned him down. 
Don’t be naive folks. The people in control of society’s lifeblood, money, are leveraging this power to take control of literally everything
“Money” is just an abstraction unless converted into a commodity or service. Think, what does a billion dollars look like? It is just an entry in a bank account. Digits. There are billions of transactions every day. All that changes are the digits. We are playing a game of make-believe that only works as long as everyone plays by the rules\. 
 “Money” is “credit” that the Rothschilds allow our servile governments. That’s why it’s called a “credit card.” The Rothschilds finagled the government’s credit card. They create the medium of exchange (“money” i.e. credit) out of thin air as a debt to themselves and charge interest. Our government could do this debt-and-interest-free. Our “leaders” are chosen from corrupt third-rate people who will betray our trust and perpetuate the Rothschild’s scam. 


(left, Jacob Rothschild. Any resemblance to Mr. Burns on The Simpsons is coincidental.) 
The Rothschilds (the “House”) keep track of this abstraction called “money” on a Big Ledger. They need to re-engineer and enslave us to protect this racket. They destroy our national, racial, religious and family identity by promoting globalism, satanism, and gender dysphoria. Jewish Supremacism provides additional incentive.
Why would we trust people who hate us with our “money”? 
“Money” is already a form of social credit. Eventually, they won’t allow dissidents use of it. 
Anonymous sex is their second means of satanic possession.  We see this in the spread of pornography and the promotion of promiscuity. They are dehumanizing.
Stop being naive about our “leaders.” They are Judas Goats leading the sheep to the abattoir. 
Whether we like it or not, we are part of a cosmic battle between Good and Evil. We can deny it but we cannot escape it.
We have been satanically possessed.It’s time to man up. We are at war.—–
Related – Cabala – How Sex Became Our Religion ———– The Devil is Money 

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Extensive interaction with Facebook prohibits Palestine and the campaign is stepping up its movement

facebook 5

Occupied Palestine – Quds News : saw your branding campaign “Facebook prohibits Palestine” interaction and wide, and in record time Almtvaalon succeeded through Hachtaj #FBblocksPalestine to make ittop networking sites, wheresolution marking the first place Palestinians andsecond inKingdomJordan, as witnessed Alhastej reaction Activists from several countries and in different languages.

The campaign’s labeling has generated more than 65 million interactions via Twitter and Instagram as well as extensive interaction across Facebook.

The Facebook campaign forbids Palestine appreciated the wide media interaction by satellite channels and radio stations that devoted large areas of the campaign and its objectives. To protect Palestinian content.

It is scheduled to be held in Ramallah next Monday, an important meeting of Palestinian institutions, during which will discuss the attack on the Palestinian content by the Facebook administration, and ways to jointly address this attack.

According to the campaign, “Palestine prohibits Facebook” that the past experience proved the success of such protests when the management of the site retreated years ago from violations against Palestinian users after a campaign of partial closure of the site.# Palestine

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All the events in Jerusalem today

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi army

Illegally Occupied Jerusalem : Occupied Jerusalem is witnessing a fierce attack launched by the Nazi occupation forces in different areas, where the bulldozers demolished Barkasat in the town of Silwan south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as the demolition of a residential facility in the town of Tur, in addition to arrests, prosecutions and restrictions on its people.

The campaign targeted the crews of the municipality of occupation, shops in the Old City of Jerusalem, and decided the municipality crews accompanied by the occupation police fined Jerusalem merchants with heavy violations, as well as prevented them from displaying their goods in front of their shops and threatened them with more fines again.

The Nazi illegal occupation forces arrested the teacher Khadija Khwais after leaving the Al-Aqsa Mosque, while stormed the home of teacher Hanadi Halawani in the neighborhood of Wadi al-Joz in central Jerusalem in search of her for arrest as well.

The Nazi Gestapo decided to remove the young Jerusalemite den Areen Zaanin from the Aqsa Mosque until the end of this month, has been arrested by the occupation forces yesterday and was interrogated at the center of investigations “Qashleh.”

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Again .. The occupation decides to demolish the house of the prisoner Islam Abu Hamid

By: Sammi Ibrahe,Sr


Hebrew subtitles – special Quds news : newspaper “Yediot Ahronot” Hebrew said that Nazi army decideddemolishhouse captive Islam Abu Hamid AlAmari refugee camp near Ramallah again.

 The newspaper added that the Nazi army noted the operations to begin rebuilding the house of the prisoner after the demolition of the occupation several months ago .

According to the newspaper, the Nazi army will soon demolish the rebuilt house, and the occupation army has made new plans and maps for demolition, because of the decision of the occupation, which prevents the reconstruction of the house after the demolition .

The “Yediot Aharonot” published two weeks ago that the family of the prisoner Naji began to rebuild her house, which was demolished by the occupation.

The Nazi illegal occupation forces demolished Abu Hameed’s house three times, most recently last year, claiming that her son Islam threw a stone from the highest house in the camp, killing one of the Nazi soldiers who were carrying out a night storming the camp.

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