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Christians Respond to Eckhart Tolle Challenge


I asked Christians to help me understand how Tolle contradicts Christianity. Here are their responses and some responses to their responses.Matt- I believe that most of your “Christian” readers who commented on the Eckhardt Tolle may be egomaniacal narcissists who are unaware of there own shortcomings. This would be anti-Christ in and of itself. The Ten Commandments and Christ’s teachings are being completely ignored by this “Christian” snob mob. None of them are humbling themselves before the Lord and are failing miserably at loving thy neighbor. Alas we are all sinners and this is to be expected. This is where mindfulness becomes an awesome tool to help us be in the spirit of the lord. It does not say love thy neighbor only if they believe as you do, it says love thy neighbor as you would love yourself regardless of their beliefs because we were all created in the image of the divine. 
If you hate or disparage another because they practice differently or look differently or even vote differently than you, then you are hating and disparaging the creator, you are hating God. It’s very simple, but the propaganda to divide and separate us from one another has created this schism in humanity from the very beginning, good vs. evil. 
I know that the holy books are just that, “books”. Eckhardt Tolle explains simply that to be mindful of joy, happiness, righteousness, and staying on the right path of treating yourself and others with respect and loving thyself and thy neighbor is the way to inner peace while on this earth, is not only correct, but it is divine in nature. To deny this, would akin to denying God. How do I know? I have a step-sister who is in her mid-thirties and she was born with a disease called Joubert Syndrome, where her cerebellum was severely underdeveloped, so her motor functions do not work normally, she can’t walk, talk, and has difficulty with almost all things that we fully functional human take for granted. She is in a wheelchair, she needs nurses to help her eat, dress, and take basic care of her. She never had the chance to enjoy life like the rest of us, she never had the chance to blow out her own candles on her birthday, have her first kiss, fall in love and live happily ever after, but this young lady is a joy to be around. 
She is as pure as the driven snow and the happiest being I have ever met on this earth in my 45 years of existence. Always smiling, always happy and always inspiring that same joy in every person that comes in contact with her. She has never read the Bible or gone to a church or talked to a preacher, yet she exudes the essence of the divine better than anyone. She knows God because God dwells in her and in her heart. She can never be corrupted and she could never deceive a single soul on this planet, her spirit is in perfect harmony with the divine. This alone has proven to me that, no book or act can get you close to the kingdom of heaven, being mindful of your own actions and loving unconditionally is the only way to dwell in the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is in every living being on this planet from its inception, this is undeniable and proof positive. We have been given a choice and when your ability to choose is not there, God will protect you and dwell within your spirit for the whole world to see.  May you go in peace and love and may God bless you in your journey called life.

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