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Kamila Shamsie: yet another BDS proponent punished for following her conscience

Renowned author Kamila Shamsie won a prestigious literary award in Germany. Then a rightwing website dug up “dirt” – Shamsie supports BDS! – and just like that, the award was rescinded.
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Israeli forces & settlers commit 204 human rights violations in past weekThe Palestinian Center for Human rights documented 204 violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) by Israeli forces and settlers in the occupied Palestinian territory during the week of September 19-25, 2019 – see the incidents:

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eSign the petition: "No aid to Israel while Israeli scammers bilk Americans"Scam alert: Israel is supposedly America’s ‘close ally,’ but while it takes $10 million in aid every day, it is knowingly allowing American citizens to be ruined. The companies are specifically targeting veterans and senior citizens. Time to say no more aid while Israel allows its companies to steal Americans’ life savings.
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US cracking down on $10 billion Israeli scam that steals life savingsIsrael-based financial scammers have been cheating Americans out of millions of dollars, causing ruin to individuals and families. So far, 15 Israelis have been indicted in the U.S. for binary options scams. Two dual citizen Americans have just been sentenced in Maryland for cheating senior citizens & veterans out of their live savings – meanwhile, Israel gets over $10 million per day in aid from US taxpayers.

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Netflix series "The Spy" is propaganda, not factThe new Netflix series, “The Spy,” appears to be more fiction than fact as it tells the story of Israeli spy Eli Cohen. The show may be Mossad’s attempt to rescue its reputation after years of botched operations and blown covers.

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New legislation in Congress puts Palestinians in a Catch-22New bills in Congress would put the Palestinian Authority in a no-win position: go bankrupt, or withdraw from int’l bodies that keep alive a hope of justice.Read more

If Americans Knew: “This is why we exist”Alison Weir has weathered criticism and hate, slander and insults, in the quest for justice for Palestinians. Her organization, If Americans Knew, reconfirmed its reason for existence in the ups and downs of a recent, difficult controversy.

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Israel military outdoes itself in a week of violence toward PalestiniansSeptember, Week 3: Mainstream media does not cover the scores of “small” stories of Palestinian loss of freedom, property, life, and hope. IMEMC brings the stories to us daily. Below are many of the headlines from the past week.
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Alison Weir speaks in Fresno CA to packed house & enthusiastic applauseIn preparation for Alison Weir’s informative event on the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Fresno CA braced itself for protests that Israel partisans had promised. The ADL, American Jewish Committee, etc had condemned the event. But the evening was peaceful and educational, with a large, full auditorium, extremely receptive audience, and TV news reports on the event. After the almost 2-hour talk, there was a long line of audience members eager to purchase her book…
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