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Erdogan, Putin Reach ‘Historical Deal’ on Northern Syria ‘Video’

By South Front

Global Research,

On October 22, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin reached an agreement to settle the situation in northeastern Syria.

According to the agreement, Turkey’s Operation ‘Peace Spring’ will continue in a limited area between Tell Abyad and Ras al-Ayn with a depth of 32km. Starting from 12:00 October 23, units of the Russian Military Police and the Syrian Army will be deployed along the rest of the Turkish border to the east of the Euphrates.

Syria and Russia should facilitate the removal of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and their weapons from to the depth of 30km from the Turkish-Syrian border. After this, joint Russian-Turkish patrols will start to the east and the west of the area of Operation Peace Spring.

Erdogan Calls Putin as Russia Seethes at Turkey’s Syrian Incursion

Watch the video here.

A joint monitoring and verification mechanism to oversee these processes will be established.

Both sides reiterated their commitment to the territorial integrity of Syria and protection of the national security of Turkey, and vowed to combat terrorism in all forms and disrupt separatist agendas in the Syrian territory.

Turkey and Russia emphasized the importance of the 1998 Adana accord, a security pact between Syria and Turkey. Among other things, it allows Turkish to carry out cross-border operations against terrorists in Syria, while Damascus promises not to harbor members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Other points of the agreement include the need to facilitate return of refugees to Syria and find a long-standing political solution of the conflict in Syria.

On October 22, Syrian government forces completed deployment along the Hasakah-Aleppo highway. On the same day, President Bashar al-Assad inspected frontlines in southern Idlib. During the visit, he called Turkish President Erdogan a “thief” stealing Syrian land. Nevertheless, such statements are typical for the Damascus government, when it comments on Turkish military actions in Syria.

Developments on the ground and actions of the Syrian government demonstrate that Damascus supports the settlement of the situation in northeastern Syria through cooperation with Turkey.

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Where Are the Influentials Who Find Trump Despicable?

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

By Ralph Nader

Global Research,

The British political philosopher, John Stuart Mill, was a man of many pithy phrases. Possibly his most widely quoted assertion is that “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

This quote fits the Trump age perfectly. Where are you, Barack Obama? Obama is still polling higher than any other politician, active or retired. Instead of speaking out, he is making movies, maybe writing another book, and otherwise really enjoying himself.

Where are you Condoleezza Rice? She encouraged Rex Tillerson to be Trump’s Secretary of State, but Tillerson was cast aside in 2018 by a sneering Trump, who pronounced him “dumb as a rock.” Condoleezza is collecting honors and large speech fees and teaching at Stanford University (keep in mind that Rice was on the inside during the criminal Bush/Cheney war in Iraq, which she supported and defended).

Where are you General Colin Powell? Powell is another former disgusted high official still high in the polls. He thinks he is hated by the White House. He needs to speak up, as his formidable former Chief of Staff, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, has repeatedly done.

The list could go on and on. The former high officials or elected politicians, now retired, who do want to speak up, complain that they can’t get any media attention. If that is true, they should organize into a collective force, with some staff, to help push for media attention. I’m sure they will be able to attract some enlightened large donors.

Not all former officials are AWOL. Some former officials write prominent op-eds in newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post. Some former Obama-era public servants started a podcast called Pod Save America. These efforts are, sadly, not enough to compete with Trump’s onslaught.

It is imperative that these political figures speak out, stand tall, and push back against Trump’s worsening outrages. Trump’s brazen lies obscure his administration’s secrecy and cover-ups; for his abysmal betrayals of workers, patients, consumers, communities; and for Trump’s false pledges that he would help create a safe, healthy environment. Remember his nonsensical rhetoric about clean air, clean water, and beautiful, clean coal.Trump’s First Week: A Win for the Elite, a Loss for the People. “And it Does Not Look Good”

He still thinks evidence about climate disruption is a “Chinese hoax.”

In his mass rallies – that screen out critical citizens – Trump knowingly lies with reckless abandon. For example, at his recent Dallas rally, Trump said that he has brought the “largest decline in drug prices in over 51 years.” Actually, drug prices are soaring as deprived patients, insurance company executives, and Medicare officials know so well. So what does Trump add? He tells his believers that the reason they don’t know about lower drug prices is that the media, which he calls “crooked,” “corrupt,” and “fake,” isn’t telling Americans the truth.

That Trump has lied over ten thousand times to the American people is itself, given their many ramifications, a “violation of the public trust,” which Alexander Hamilton described as an impeachable offense.  Trump lies more in a month than other presidents do during their entire four year term.

Many of the influential people who are silent about Trump’s abuses have no economic worries. They are sufficiently or extravagantly well-off. They have no concerns over the need for future jobs, being in their sixties or seventies. Retired lawyers who see Trump trampling on our constitutional and legal frameworks should be particularly incensed.

If some billionaire would fund the creation of a Secretariat to promote the views of Trump’s critics, a small experienced staff and these influential people together could create a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Former lawmakers and executive officials, when acting together and assisted by a support staff, can multiply their efforts. Former Senators Lowell Wiecker and Gary Hart; former EPA chiefs, such as William Ruckelshaus; and former governors of New Jersey, Thomas Keane and Christine Todd Whitman are all critical of Trump’s misbehavior. Trump ravages people and lies about a variety of serious matters without rebuttal. As we know from history, an unchallenged lie, repeated over and over again begins to sink in. It is imperative that accomplished people who challenge Trump’s lies gain public credibility. Just consider the “nicknames” Trump assigns to his adversaries, without any nicknames being successfully applied to him. “Crooked Donald,” “Decadent Donald,” “Draft-dodging Donald,” “Disgraceful Donald,” “Lying Donald,” and so forth. He has used such monikers, and worse, to slander opponents and these insults have been repeated by the mass media. Trump’s victims are not afforded a chance to respond to his invectives.

A few media critics, notably Margaret Sullivan from The Washington Post, have chided their editors for allowing such defamatory Trumpian soliloquies. To avoid being his bullhorn, Sullivan argues, the media should not report such abuses. At a minimum, those who are attacked by Trump should be offered the chance to respond. Rebutting bullies is the first step in balancing the public stage. This would be particularly effective for a nasty, thin-skinned bully like Donald Trump.

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Lessons from Ukraine: Shift Foreign Aid to U.S. Desperate Domestic Aid Programs

By Dr. Barbara G. Ellis

Global Research,

If anything, the Trump-Ukraine impeachment issue reveals to the American public that ever since 1961 when the Foreign Assistance Act  was passed, perhaps nearly trillions of our tax dollars have been used by decades  of administrations as a primary tool to dictate foreign policy to resource-rich, poverty-ridden countries. Or those considered geographically strategic. Humanitarian and developmental aid have always been a cynical cosmetic cover. 

The real objective—imposed by the State Department’s USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) program since 1961—has been to help U.S. corporations  exploit and profit off those nations like European colonizers of old. A bonus is obtaining cheap labor, railroads, ports—and free protection by U.S. armed forces instead of paying for security as is done at home offices.

To ensure cooperative obedience from recipient countries for all this, as Consortium News’s Joe Lauria  noted, it’s been “routine” to conduct such policy “with bribes, threats, and blackmail.”

USAID’s very name suggests an agency devoted solely to furnishing basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, schools, and healthcare to dozens of needy nations.

So perhaps the current Ukrainian situation has shocked many Americans to learn that some $391 million ($115,000,000  in military aid) of their taxes for FY2019 were delayed to force that government to provide corruptive evidence against Trump presidential rival Joe Biden.

Others aren’t surprised, however, nor do they ever expect such Mafia-like extortion to end any time soon.

For instance, Congressional appropriations to DOS from the FY2020 budget rest on demands—major and minor— to several Balkan countries, Burma, Columbia, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Libya, Mexico, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Venezuela.

Following Trump’s budget recommendations, the Senate appropriations committee terminated funding to the United Nations Human Rights Council on grounds of bias against Israel and the UN Relief and Works Agency. UNRWA receives a third of survival funding for five million Palestinians, descendants of nearly a million refugees ousted from Israel’s founding in 1948.

When money is not withheld, billions have been siphoned off for years by recipient government officials to third parties, seemingly trimming distribution of goods and services to the needy. After all, the House and Senate appropriations committees deciding DOS allocations just cited routine corruption  in nearly a dozen countries, bolstered by a lack of accounting transparency.

DOS also was scolded repeatedly by House members for tardiness  in reporting to Congress about how that aid was  spent.

But neither committee questioned how $10 million dollars to the World Meteorological Organization constituted humanitarian aid. Nor why their Senate counterpart could approve $360 million for the National Endowment for Democracy, much less $675,000 for the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. Or why both committees gave $4.5 million to the Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Moreover, for all the talk about fostering stable and peaceful governments with our tax dollars, why did both groups agree to give $45 million for the U.S Institute of Peace, yet allocate $2.1 billion to a dozen third-world countries for the Military (weaponry) Financing program ?

And $28.7 million to the overseas-based International Military Education and Training program—(shades of the  infamous U.S. Army School of the Americas)?Nine Things to Buy with $5 Billion Instead of a Border Wall

Both also seemed to wink at the Pentagon’s hiding its appropriation of nearly $8 billion in the DOS budget to protect its OCO/GWOT forces (Overseas Contingency Operations/Global War on Terrorism) from cuts or sequesters. Indeed, because all three military programs are operating out of DOS, it only confirms that our armed forces have been free-hires for U.S. business interests since 1793 when Tripoli pirates preyed on commercial vessels. As future president John Adams  then argued, businesses, not taxpayers, should cover their own security as they do even at branch offices. Or hire Blackwater. Eric Prince is looking for clients.

Now, in normal times few Americans would object to spending $9 billion on global healthcare —clean water and nutrition to malaria and HIV/AIDS—or $3.5 million for eye glasses. But today the U.S. is about to face significant hard times predicted to equal even the 1930s Great Depression.

A host of economic pundits are certain of that oncoming crash. Two-thirds of chief financial officers in a recent Duke University  poll are expecting it as soon as late next year.

Obviously, foreign aid even now is a luxury American taxpayers can no longer afford. Rising domestic needs for food, shelter, clothing, schools and healthcare—coupled with rising unrest from nationwide strikes and other kinds of street militancy—over economic conditions suggest that the U.S. might well need aid from other countries.

This may not be a joke if nothing changes.

Consider that both the Trump Administration and Congress passed (Senate: 67-28 ; House: 284-149) an eye-popping $2.7 trillion  FY2020-21 budget into law last August.

Spread over 10 years, even the annual cuts of some $301.3 billion shown below for major domestic programs will devastate most recipients:

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders  said it best even before the proposed bill was sent to Congress:

The Trump budget is breathtaking in its degree of cruelty and filled with broken promises…. This is a budget for the military industrial complex, for corporate CEOs, for Wall Street and for the billionaire class. …We don’t need billions of dollars for a wall that no one wants. We need a budget that works for all Americans, not just Donald Trump and his billionaire friends at Mar-A-Lago.

Keeping most voters in the dark about the upcoming drastic domestic cuts affecting them all before the 2020 election seems to have been the plan of both Trump and a majority in Congress.

Both pessimists and realists view such cuts as planned genocide, considering the just-released two-year study from the GAO (General Accountability Office). Its bottom line: Being poor and without lifelines like Social Security/Medicare for those over 65—and those other safety-net programs—guarantee an early death.

And as presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren has declared for years is that all it takes for today’s well-off millions to become poor tomorrow are job losses, or bankruptcies from medical bills, divorce, rent increases, or overextended borrowing either from banks or credit cards.

In other words, a national crash as bad as 2008 will make paupers out of most of the public and in desperate need of these services targeted for the axe. Homelessness, soup kitchens, and suicidal despair will be rampant.

And Trump’s idea for ending homelessness—past, present, and future—are internment camps even now being discussed by his aides and Los Angeles officials. He’s certainly aware that President Franklin Roosevelt set up the WWII Japanese interment camps by an Executive Order (EO). Given that 553,000 of the nation’s homeless last December probably have increased by thousands more, he’ll undoubtedly again demand the Pentagon use the armed forces for free labor to build those tented, electrified-fenced camps.

The first tangible sign of this grim scenario began in 2017 with the Trump administration’s tax cuts for the rich and corporations expected to be covered by these significant slashes to domestic funding.

Just recently it’s been his plan to stop free school lunches for 500,000 children whose families use food stamps. Then, following that list of cuts above, it was saving $4.5 billion in food stamps themselves over the next five years. That will increase starvation for 20 percent of already destitute families, seniors, and disabled out of the 40 million dependent on this program.

Several days ago, astonishingly amid cheers and applause at Florida’s The Villages retirement community (median age: 70.9; mean household income: $77,180)—Trump signed an EO to throw 20.4 million Medicare Advantage participants from federal coverage and back into the prohibitively expensive maw of private insurance companies.

In past, insurers implementing the program for the government have overcharged it annually by $10 billion. And when caught (like UnitedHealth), they refused to reimburse the Treasury.

Trump’s EO permits insurers not only will delay and deny coverage to thousands of the elderly poor, but rigorously enforce rules about preexisting conditions and charge high deductibles, copays, and ruinous annual increases of premiums.

It’s true that even if all genuine foreign-aid spending were lifted from the DOS’ allocation of nearly $56 billion, it would only partly replace that annual $301.3 billion for domestic programs. But at least it would be a trigger for humanitarian organizations and beneficiaries to start agitating for other federal sources. They are fully capable of goading action from Congressional budget hawks and GAO into extraordinary scrutiny of other federal departments and agencies to ferret out bloat and boondoggles and weigh whether they have greater priority over upcoming domestic needs.

However, all is not lost.

Three solutions to this staggering domestic shortfall are possible if an enraged public threatens to vote against Congressional incumbents in 2020 approving those inhumane budget cuts. Or to vote for those exercising Congressional powers to halt them.

One device is Congressional rescinding line-items after appropriation bills have become law. They’ve used this “rescission” tool for decades and numerous times (273 in 1995)  and on large sums ($24.6 billion in 1992) either to cut or add amounts following “second-thoughts” about original allocations.

Another device is “reprogramming” allocations from one federal department to another. The Pentagon has repeatedly done it in moving its OCO/GWOT funds to the State Department. That long-time precedent means that Congress can move significant cuts in DOS’s foreign aid programs—and those from otherfederal departments and agencies—to fill the remaining domestic hole.

An additional solution was just offered by CounterPunch writer Chuck Collins. He strongly endorsed the surtax on the rich plans urged by Bernie Sanders  and Elizabeth Warren:

As a nation, we will need to raise trillions to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and to address urgent priorities such as health care, climate change, child care, higher education, opioid addiction, and more.

Tragic as it will be for foreign countries to be denied U.S. humanitarian aid after decades of receiving it, the coming economic dilemma means looking elsewhere for such help: non-profit agencies, philanthropists, private institutions, the United Nations, the European Union, and the like. In America from now on, charity finally must begin at home.

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The prisoner Abdul Rahman Mar’i faces very difficult health conditions

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


RAMALLAH: The Prisoners ‘and Editors’ Affairs Authority warned on Sunday of the deteriorating health of Jordanian prisoner Abdel Rahman Adnan Marei, 29, who is currently in Ofer prison.

The body said in a statement that the prisoner Mar’i is facing very difficult health conditions. He underwent any medical tests and did not provide any therapeutic doses .

On March 2, 2019, the Nazi occupation forces arrested the prisoner Merhi while he was going to attend the wedding of one of his relatives in the West Bank through the Karama Crossing. His next trial is scheduled for October 23 .

It is worth mentioning that the number of Jordanian prisoners currently held in Nazi detention camp is 25, including Hiba al-Labadi, who continues her open hunger strike for 27 consecutive days, in protest against her administrative detention.

From News

The head of the occupation tasked Gants to form a government after the failure of Netanyahu

The Nazi occupation proves the administrative detention of six months against the prisoner Tariq Qa’dan

Police find 39 bodies in a truck container near London

Does Facebook respond to the requests of the Palestinian Authority to block?

Occupation pursues the exchange companies in Gaza under the pretext of “supporting terrorism”

Video teacher burns her university degrees and leave teaching and send a message to the winter

Gunman breaks into “Bride’s Reason” and injures 5 in Zarqa Bridge

Hamas traces the Turkish military operation in Syria

A two-year-old child was killed in Rafah

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Recipe for Disaster and The U.S. Military Industrial Empire

By Philip A Farruggio

Global Research,

I tune into many cooking shows lately. They all have lots of recipes for just about any kind of dish one can imagine. Well, from our 21st Century Military Industrial Empire’s Cookbook the most popular recipe is this one: Take the Two Party/One Party food fight and add a large portion of Mainstream Media Bu**hit. Wallah, you will have the finest disaster dish around. With all the many terrible actions by this administration to subjugate we working stiffs, the apologists for empire refuse to mention them and instead focus on constitutional technicalities.Tune in the boob tube and view the Pro Impeachment vs. No impeachment rhetoric concerning this possibly Adhdd (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) president.

Symptoms of inattention

  • Often makes careless mistakes and lacks attention to details
    Examples: overlooking or missing details or handing in work that is inaccurate
  • Often has difficulty paying attention to tasks
    Example: difficulty remaining focused during lectures, conversations, or lengthy readings
  • Often seems to not listen when spoken to directly
    Example: mind seems elsewhere, even in the absence of obvious distraction
  • Often fails to follow through on instructions, chores, or duties in the workplace
    Example: starts tasks but quickly loses focus and is easily sidetracked
  • Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities
    Examples: messy, disorganized work; poor time management; fails to meet deadlines
  • Often avoids, dislikes, or is reluctant to participate in tasks requiring sustained mental effort, like preparing reports, completing forms, or reviewing lengthy papers
  • Often loses things like tools, wallets, keys, paperwork, eyeglasses, and mobile phones
  • Often easily distracted by other things, including unrelated thoughts
  • Often forgetful in daily activities, such as running errands, returning calls, paying bills, and keeping appointments

You don’t need a degree in psychiatry to notice how Mr. Trump displays many, if not all, of these symptoms. The fact that he continuously repeats a phrase two times is an indication. Yet, his ‘ condition’ is only one part of the complex problem that this Military Industrial Empire has created.The Callousness of the Corporate Military Empire

Viewing last week’s (supposed) Democratic Party presidential debate made this writer contemplate throwing my shoe at the television screen. One solitary aspirant on that stage, Ms. Gabbard, had the audacity to mention ‘Wars of regime change’ that are synonymous with longstanding US foreign policy… under ALL our previous presidents. The others on that stage, all of them, like ‘deer caught in the headlights’, just brushed her remarks aside, like an elephant does to a fly on its ass. They were too concerned with ‘helping the Kurds from being massacred by the Turks in Syria’. After all, the Kurdish forces were wiping out ISIS from that part of Syria, and Trump gave a ‘green light’ to Turkey by pulling US forces out. And that was and IS the new rhetoric, right? Well, not really. You see, if the Bush/Cheney gang did not attack and occupy Iraq an Afghanistan, and the Obama/Hillary gang did not attack and destroy Libya… there would be NO ISIS or whatever group of Islamic fanatics assembled in that region, including Syria. By the way, US foreign policy aided and abetted those fanatics so as to see ‘Regime change’ come to Syria, a cog in the geopolitical landscape of that Middle East region. Translated: What Ms. Gabbard was stating by her assertions, is that the Two Party/One Party representatives of this empire ALL have dirty hands in this mess! Mr. Trump is just the latest of many minions of empire!

The Two Party/One Party scam continues so long as the hundreds of millions of working stiffs keep buying into what they are selling. The Republicans always take the lead in protecting the interests of the Super rich. All Trump did was sell his phony populist Kool Aid to the millions of working stiffs by scapegoating the non white poor, playing the terrorist fear card, blessing our militarism… and of course catering to the evangelical anti abortionists. With all the skeletons he has in his closet, if the Democrats ran Donald Duck instead of Mrs. Clinton, with ALL her skeletons, they would have won the White House. Not to be Not to be. The empire needs to keep the suckers ‘deaf and dumb’ to what it has always been doing: Support the Super Rich and the obscene militarism that protects them. Why is it that, during ALL the Democratic Party’s (so-called) debates, no mention of the fact that over HALF our federal tax dollars goes down the rabbit hole of military spending? You want what now many running for president are trumpeting, Medicare for All (of course, all but perhaps Sanders are still embedded with keeping private insurance active in it)? Well, cut even but 25% of that money, which would be at least $ 180 billion a year, and you can have comprehensive national health care for all of us. without the private insurers being involved!

Of course, if we want to see real and viable change within our political system, then take ALL the private money OUT of elections by instituting Public funding. Then, the Two Party/One Party scam would end… for good!

Latest News & Top Stories

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Raids and arrests in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


West Mahtlh: The Nazi army launched at dawn on Tuesday, a campaign of raids and searched the homes of residents in the illegally occupied West Bank.

According to local sources, the Nazi army arrested (4) Palestinians, from different parts of the West Bank, and took them to his investigation centers.

Nazi army conducted sabotage during a search of the house of the family of Mahmoud Ali Zahran, before arresting him in Deir Abu Mash’al village west of Ramallah.

And arrested the Nazi occupation forces, on Tuesday, a young man, and searched a number of houses in Hebron.

The Nazi occupation forces raided at dawn the area of ​​Wadi al-Sheikh adjacent to Jerusalem Street Hebron, and arrested Ali Mohammed Ali al-Alami (38 years) after searching his house.

The arrest of Alami, who supports seven children, comes two weeks after the demolition of his home under construction in the area of ​​his residence in the valley of Sheikh.

They also searched a number of houses in Hebron, known as Shehda Akram Abu Sneineh.

On the other hand, Nazi occupying forces erected military checkpoints at the northern entrances of Hebron and at the entry points of Sa’ir, Yita and Halhoul towns, stopped and searched Palestinian vehicles, and checked their passengers’ identity cards.

Last night, the Nazi occupation forces arrested two young men in the town of Issawiya in Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the occupation forces raided the town and arrested the young Nasrallah Mahmoud (17 years), and the young Mohammed Mounir Derbas (23 years), during their presence at the vicinity of the mosque forty in the town. According to the official agency.

Temperatures are falling and sporadic rain until the end of the week

Occupation arrests 10 Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem

Press release .. Jerusalem track on the decision to withhold them

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Secret session of the prisoner Hiba Labadi next Thursday

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


West Bank – The Nazi illegal occupation authorities decided on Tuesday to hold a secret hearing next Thursday between the judges of the court and the Gestapo intelligence to examine the file of Jordanian hunger striker Heba al-Labadi and determine its fate.

Al-Labadi’s lawyer, Ruslan Mahajneh, confirmed that this hearing will determine the fate of al-Labadi, either issuing a decision to stop administrative detention against her or release her and return her to Jordan. He pointed out that she is continuing her open-ended hunger strike, and that her health is very bad and is going down continuously .

Al-Labadi’s lawyer, who visited her yesterday, added that she was very exhausted and lived only on the water. She did not even take salts.

For his part, the Prisoners Information Office reported that the captive Labadi entered on Tuesday, the twenty-second day in her hunger strike in the prisons of the occupation; to protest her detention two months ago, and the issuance of an administrative detention order against her and for five months.

It should be noted that the occupation arrested al-Labadi on 20/8/2019 after her arrival with her mother to the dignity crossing to attend the wedding of one of her relatives in the city of Nablus.

  She was severely interrogated and tortured by Nazi Gestapo in the Petah Tikva Nazi Camp for a month and her family was prevented from visiting her.

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Nazi forces arrest 14 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank at dawn on Wednesday

Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


West Bank: Nazi forces arrested 14 Palestinians from different parts of the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, including freed prisoners, after storming and searching their homes.

A statement by the occupation army this morning, that his forces arrested 14 Palestinians “wanted” for alleged participation in acts of resistance and popular resistance “violent” against Nazi targets .

Palestinian sources said that the Nazi illegal occupation forces arrested 3 Palestinians from Qalqilya city, Hassan Melhem, Wasfi Daoud and Salam Bilal Dwairi, after storming their houses and tampering with their contents. Dora southwest of Hebron .

The Nazi illegal occupation forces re-arrested the released prisoners; Essam Hussein Al-Masharqa and Hamza Nader Azmi Abu Ahleil, after they raided their homes in Dura, southwest of Hebron .

Nazi forces raided Beituniya, west of Ramallah, and Beit Furik, east of Nablus, in the north. No arrests were reported .

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Stop the Turkish Invasion of Syria. US Out of Syria and the Middle East

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

Global Research,

The crisis in Syria has taken a new direction with the Turkish invasion into Syria ostensibly to push back the Kurdish peoples. The US has added to this crisis by its indifference toward the Kurds after using them as a proxy force in its battle against ISIS.

The US role in Syria, in the greater Middle East, has been destructive throughout this century. The invasion and occupation of Iraq have left destruction and chaos. The illegal bombing of Libya and the brutal murder of former prime minister, Muammar al-Gaddafi, has created a failed state. The alliance with Saudi Arabia in the war against Yemen has resulted in mass murder and destruction. The ongoing conflicts with Iran through illegal unilateral coercive measures (sanctions), regime change attempts, threats of war and military skirmishes create more instability in the region. And, the ‘special relationship’ with Israel has allowed the continued ethnic cleansing and land theft from the Palestinians and has been a US tool for instability in the region. The never-ending war in Afghanistan continues to cause destruction as the US remains even though it has been defeated.

All of these actions have resulted in more than a million deaths and mass migration which has not only impacted the region but Europe, causing political instability and the advance of right-wing, anti-immigrant forces.

It is time for the US to get out of Syria and out of the Middle East. The Middle East was better off, more stable and wealthier before the disastrous US actions of this century. The illegal US wars have also cost the US trillions of dollars for no benefit for the United States. US policy has not served any positive purposes but has caused instability, conflict and destruction. It is time for the US to get out of the Middle East.

Mobilization against war protest in Vancouver, Canada.

Syria: A Major Defeat for the US and a Geopolitical Game Changer

The bi-partisans in Washington, DC and the foreign policy establishment are furious at Donald Trump for pulling out of the Kurdish region of Syria and allowing Turkey to invade the area. These groups were united when the US goal was removing President Assad from power, but with the culmination of this failed policy, there is political division. Seven years of murderous war have been destructive and accomplished little.

Pepe Escobar describes Syria as the biggest defeat for the CIA since Vietnam. It is a significant defeat, but US losses in Iraq and Afghanistan are in the running for the worst defeat since Vietnam. He describes Syria “as a massive geopolitical game-changer” that strengthens Assad in Syria as he retakes control of northeast Syria, Russia as a guarantor for Syria and key player in the victory over US regime change, and Turkey which is getting protection from the Kurds. The losers are the United States and Kurds, although something might be developed for the Kurds in Syria.

The US contribution to the current chaos and destruction is bi-partisan and precedes Trump. While the brutal attacks by Turkey in Syria in are being blamed on Trump,  in reality, they go back to President Obama. Max Blumenthal reportsin The Grayzone that “many [of the Turkish fighters] were former members of the Free Syrian Army, the force once armed by the CIA and Pentagon and branded as ‘moderate rebels.’” Blumenthal cites a research paper published this October by the pro-government Turkish think tank, SETA, “Out of the 28 factions [in the Turkish mercenary force], 21 were previously supported by the United States, three of them via the Pentagon’s program to combat DAESH. Eighteen of these factions were supplied by the CIA ….”  Further, the leader of this force is Salim Idriss, hosted John McCain when the late senator made his infamous 2013 incursion into Syria.

The Turkish attack in Syria has been filled with ugly extreme violence including beheadings that are causing outrage. They include mercenaries sawing the heads off of Kurdish fighters they had killed, a Syrian Kurdish legislator pulled from her car by the militiamen and executed along with her driver, unarmed Kurdish captives filmed as they were murdered, the vandalism of the corpse of a female Kurdish fighter, the deliberately freeing of ISIS captives from unguarded prisons, and a video message, one of the invading fighters promised mass ethnic cleansing if Kurds in the area refused to convert to his Wahhabi strain of Sunni Islam.

Ajamu Baraka points out that the US created “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) were the good guys when they were part of overthrowing Assad, but now have been turned into the “Turkish supported FSA,”  especially after the gruesome graphic videos of the Turkish invasion emerged. In reality, Baraka points out “many of us knew, along with the CIA and most of the honest foreign policy community, that the FSA was always al-Qaeda’s Syria operation in the form of Jabhat al-Nusra and other jihadist militias.”

Blumenthal concludes:

“Left out of the coverage of these horrors was the fact that none of them would have been possible if Washington had not spent several years and billions of dollars subsidizing Syria’s armed opposition.”

These recent events need to be viewed through the context of fifty years of on-again, off-again coups and regime change campaigns have failed. Timber Sycamore, the regime change project of the Obama administration, was a “secret” plan authorized by Obama which allowed the CIA to arm terrorists in Syria. Timber Sycamore, included Saudi Arabia, Qatari, Jordan and Turkey working with the US, officially began in late 2012 and ended in failure in 2017. The secret program included training future ISIS members as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting Bashar al-Assad. The US was duplicitous and used terrorism as a tool as documented in the book “The Management of Savagery”.U.S. Bases Strategically Placed to Prevent Syrian Military From Advancing; Outlining Borders of Kurdistan

When Obama’s regime change strategy failed, the US switched to occupying one-third of Syria, including the oil region. In January, Secretary of State Tillerson announced the US was creating a de facto Kurdish State including one-third of Syria with a 30,000-strong force of Syrian Defense Force (SDF) troops, with US air support, and eight new US bases. In April 2018, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced that the US planned to maintain its illegal presence in Syria.

Obama’s effort to dominate Syria was rooted in the Bush-era. In 2001, former NATO commander Wesley Clark was on record as stating that Syria was on a list of targeted nations to be toppled by the US and in 2002, former Secretary of State John Bolton said in a speech titled “Beyond the Axis of Evil” that Syria was among a handful of nations the US was targeting. The 2011 protests in Syria, which the US media claimed were to remove Assad, were quickly manipulated by the US and foreign powers who sought to destabilize Syria. CIA-backed Muslim Brotherhood assets were in place to snipe at both police and protesters when the demonstrations broke out and Saudia Arabia provided weapons to aid regime change.

Caitlan Johnstone points to more evidence that Syria was not an organic uprising but a foreign regime change effort from the beginning:

“The former Prime Minister of Qatar said on television that the US and its allies were involved in the Syrian conflict from the very beginning. A WikiLeaks cable and a declassified CIA memo both show the US government plotting to provoke an uprising in Syria exactly as it occurred, years before it happened. Former Foreign Minister of France Roland Dumas stated that he was informed that the UK was engineering an uprising in Syria two years before the violence erupted.”

But, even the Obama era regime change goal needs to be put in the context of fifty years of on-again, off-again efforts by the US to put in place a government the US could control. The US has a long history of trying to control Syria dating back to the 1940s. The first coup attempt by the CIA after it was created was in Syria in 1949. Controlling Syria has been a consistent policy objective. CIA documents from 1986 describe how the US could remove the Assad family. Obama’s policy carried out a long-established goal of US foreign policy to dominate Syria.

In January Trump called for withdrawal from Syria which was met with a firestorm of opposition and he was outmaneuvered by war hawks in his administration and Congress. There continues to be resistance to withdrawal today. The US is not leaving Syria, but merely moving troops from Northeast Syria to other areas. David Macilwain reports

 “The truth of US intentions – to remain in Eastern Syria until they are driven out militarily – has now been emphasized by US Defence secretary Mark Esper. At a press conference where he confirmed the US intention to withdraw 1000 troops from Syria, when asked whether this meant from all of Syria he simply repeated what he had said –’from Northern Syria.’”

In March 2018, Trump tweeted that the US would soon be withdrawing from Syria, one month later Secretary of Defense Mattis told Congress the US was not withdrawing testifying “We are continuing the fight, we are going to expand it and bring in more regional support.” Each of Trump’s efforts to get out has been opposed by bipartisan war hawks.

It is past time for the US to leave Syria and end its longterm desire to dominate the country. People in the United States and around the world must insist on the US obeying international law which means, the US must leave Syria as it has no legal grounds for being in that sovereign nation.

The Rojava Cantons direct democracy governance without a state. Still from video

Kurds in Syria Negotiate Their Future With Damascus

Kurds are often regarded as “the largest ethnic group without a state.” With the US withdrawal from the Kurdish area of Syria, the Kurds must negotiate their future with Damascus. The Kurds in Syria are now working with Damascus to repel the Turkish invasion and negotiating their future.

In mid-2012, Assad’s forces largely withdrew from the Kurdish area, and the battle against ISIS was left to the Kurdish militias: the YPG (People’s Protection Units) and the YPJ (Women’s Defense Forces), the autonomous women’s militias. When the Free Syrian Army failed, the US funded the Syrian Kurdish militias known as the Peoples Protection Unit with a new name, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).  The Kurdish never targeted the Syrian government but focused on ISIS. Now, the Syrian Kurdish militias have come to an agreement to work with Damascus to combat the Turkish invasion.

The Kurdish, Rojava cantons are a liberated area in Syria led by socialist-feminists and a population that makes decisions through local councils. Their economy is based on a cooperative model with thousands of co-ops, but private businesses are allowed. The co-ops are initiated and controlled by the communes, i.e. the community assembly structures. Their basic principle is the participation of everyone in production. In the words of a minister of economics: “If a single loaf of bread is manufactured in Rojava, everyone will have contributed to it.”

Their governing model is direct democracy governance without a state, built on local assemblies. There are multiple levels with neighborhood councils, District Councils and a People’s Council for the entire region. And there is also ‘Democratic Self-Administration’ which is a more conventional government structure of legislative and executive bodies as well as municipal administration. These bodies are not limited to Kurds but open to all religions and races. Women hold 40 percent of leadership positions at all levels. Three leftist enclaves making up an area slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut.

Some see Rojava’s governance without hierarchy, patriarchy or capitalism as a model for the future of the Middle East and beyond, and as an antidote to capitalism. It is the Communalist Model of Democratic Confederalism an adoptation of the ideas of the Zapatistas in Chiapas and the work of Murray Bookchin.

In Turkey, Kurds remain part of Turkey and “have formed a political party (Peoples Democratic Party – HDP) which unites progressives of all ethnicities.  In the 2015 Turkish election, HDP emerged as the third most popular party and stopped Erdogan’s election domination.”  The HDP opposes Turkey’s invasion of Syria.

Turkey is concerned that the Kurds will use the territory they’ve captured to establish an independent Kurdish state for the region’s 25 to 35 million Kurds, roughly 15 million of whom reside in Turkey. Four percent of Kurds reside in Syria, approximately 1.6 million people. Kurds are the fourth largest ethnic group in the region after Arabs, Persians, and Turks. After the Ottoman Empire’s defeat in World War I they were not granted a homeland.

The Syrian and the Kurds must determine the future of the Kurdish areas. Peace activists and popular movements around the world should be in solidarity with the Kurdish peoples desire of a semi-independent territory. The Kurdish population exists over multiple countries. A contiguous Kurdish state is an impossible dream and negotiation will be required by each population in the country where they reside.

US Out of Syria Internationalist protest in NYC (Internationalist photo).

US Out of Syria and Out of the Middle East

We agree with the US Peace Council which demands “the US peace movement to organize a united national campaign in support of the Syrian people and demand the total withdrawal of all occupying forces from Syria. Leave Syria to the Syrian People!”

The movement’s first demand must be the US out of Syria and out of the Middle East because the US is not leaving Syria or the region. Reports indicate between 200 and 300 U.S. troops will remain at the southern Syrian outpost of Al-Tanf and 1,000 troops will shift leaving Syria and going into western Iraq adding to the than 5,000 troops the US has in Iraq, US forces may conduct operations in Syria from Iraq. On October 11, the US announced it was sending an additional 1,800 troops to Saudi Arabia. An additional 14,000 US troops have been deployed to the Middle East since spring, including more than 6,000 who are part of a naval strike group. The US is fighting in at least seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Niger, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

We must also be in solidarity with the Kurdish people and call for an end to the Turkish invasion of Syria. The Turkish invasion is already backfiring and people mobilizing against the invasion will lead to its retreat. Syria will need to ensure there are no threats to Turkey from Syria.

And, the US must accept immigrants from Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan where migration crises have been caused by US wars. Rebuilding nations destroyed by the United States is a costly endeavor that the US owes to the region. These countries do not want the US meddling in their efforts so retribution must be made through the United Nations without any US strings attached.

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Palestine: Ghaith is arrested and the secretary general of Fatah movement in Jerusalem

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


JERUSALEM: Nazi illegal occupying forces launched a raid and arrest campaign on Monday in Jerusalem, targeting its governor, the Fatah secretary general in Jerusalem and its secretary in Issawiya.

According to local sources, the occupation forces arrested the Governor of Jerusalem Adnan Ghaith, after raiding his house and taken to an unknown destination.

The Nazi illegal occupation forces also arrested the secretary general of the Fatah movement in Jerusalem, Shadi Mutour, and the secretary general of the Fatah movement in the town of Issawiya Yasser Darwish.

The city of Jerusalem is witnessing a security campaign led by the Nazi army and police.

Injuries of two shooting and stabbing inside the occupied

After the deprivation of 42 years … Steny in Gaza give birth to his eldest child

Two seriously injured in a family dispute in Shu’fat refugee camp

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