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Democratic candidates require continued US support for ‘Israel’ to stop its violations in the occupied territories

Democratic candidate Senator Elizabeth Warner

The political rhetoric of the Democratic candidates has witnessed a remarkable development in its audacity by criticizing the policy and the arbitrary actions by the Nazi occupation forces and authorities against the Palestinians, where a number of Democratic contenders have expressed their dissatisfaction with these practices in recent weeks. Nazi PM Benjamin Naziyahu (who was unable to form a government after the September 17 elections) by racism and to plunge the region into tension and possibly explosion.

“If Israel continues to escalate settlements and move forward with its threats to annex land in the West Bank to Israel, US aid to Israel must be on the table as a lever to prevent the annexation of any occupied territory,” said Democratic candidate Senator Elizabeth Warner, who is currently in the race. .

Several candidates have joined her in recent days, such as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Petejig, former housing minister Julian Castro, and Senator Amy Klopcher, who, while avoiding the direct answer, acknowledged the need for an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Traditional.

Petojig said at the conference of the liberal Jewish organization “ J Street ” on Monday, October 28, 2019 that if elected president of the United States, and if ‘Israel’ annexed land in the occupied West Bank and continue settlement, it would reconsider US aid to ‘Israel’ and conditional on granting it to stop settlement And end the occupation.

The first thing he will do is to re-establish relations with the Palestinians, reopen the US consulate in East Jerusalem, and reopen the office of the Palestine Liberation Organization mission in Washington.

He described Naziyahu’s practices against Palestinians and Arab citizens of ‘Israel’ as racist.

This was followed by a speech by former housing secretary (under former President Obama) Julian Castro, who repeated the same words and said, “We have to reopen the US Consulate in East Jerusalem and prepare it to be the US Embassy in the independent state of Palestine, which must be based on 1967 with a slight replacement of land with the consent of the parties. “

Senator Bernie Sanders, known for his advocacy of a Palestinian state and an end to the Nazi occupation, will speak on Monday evening, and Executive Committee Secretary Saeb Erekat will also address the conference.

On the first side are a number of Republican Jews who are blindly pro-‘Israel’, the majority of whom are Orthodox Jews, and a few large donors to the Trump campaign, such as Sheldon and Mary Adelson. – From relocating the US Embassy to occupied Jerusalem, withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal, preventing criticism of the Nazi actions towards the Palestinians, including the occupied Syrian Golan and desperate defense of the Jewish state in international forums.

On the other hand, the vast majority of American Jews define themselves as democratic liberals. The gap between American Jews reached its climax last August, when Trump pressed Nazi PM Benjamin Naziyahu to block progressive Democratic congressmen Rachida Taleb and Ilhan Omar from entering ‘Israel’.

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