The next war scenario: Ballistic missiles will be fired from Syria, Iraq and Yemen!

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Former Zionist ambassador talking about the scenario of the next war: “Israel” will be completely destroyed

Political commentator in the newspaper “Haaretz” Roger Alpher, a statement to the former Nazi entity in the United States Michael Oren published in the newspaper “Atlantic”, in which he talked about the scenario of the next war, stressing that the Nazi army is already preparing for it, and that members of the mini-cabinet discussed Twice last week.

Oren said that “with the outbreak of the war,” Israel “will be bombed with bulbs of rockets at the rate of 4,000 rockets a day, and the collapse of the iron dome under pressure, while Iranian missiles will sow destruction in the occupied territories, and overcome the system of” David slingshot “, which costs all One million dollars.

Cyber ​​- Iranian attack

Oren added that the entity would see rockets falling near Ben Gurion airport causing its closure, while the ports would be disrupted, the Zionist entity would be cut off from the world, as well as an Iranian cyber attack that disrupts the electricity infrastructure, accompanied by attacks by gunmen on border settlements, and the Nazi economy is paralyzed. .

Oren saw that hospitals would have to work underground and would collapse under pressure, and the sky would become black due to smoke filled with toxic chemicals, which would rise from fires in factories and refineries that were hit, as well as millions of settlers descended into shelters, and evacuated hundreds of thousands of them from areas near Border, which the militants will try to attack.

Ballistic missiles will be launched from Syria, Iraq and Yemen

Oren spoke of a ground war on the border with Lebanon and Gaza, and long-range missiles fired from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran, a number of which are outside the range of the air force that will have to deal with Russian anti-aircraft missile batteries in Syria as well.

After addressing the next war scenario that Aaron talked about, Alver went to the settler crowd and asked, “Are you genuinely afraid of the Yom Kippur War? If you think there is a danger that will destroy Israel, they seem to be discussing in the cabins a scenario that makes this war like a toy for children. , Will return to the Stone Age, as a collective suicide.

Alpher said the question was no longer whether or not the outbreak of war, but about the timing of its outbreak. “I have no idea if Oren is right, even though Atlantic is a serious, not yellow, excitement magazine. In the face of such a horrific scenario, we will be sheep to be slaughtered, homeless and trapped in a minefield without the possibility of escape. ”

“What would the Israelis know about all this? What will they do? If you tell a person that a deadly disease will attack him and do not have a cure, then it is better not know, and then what will help the unity government? How would you better protect us in such a scenario ?!

“If I were Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu I would have prayed that Michael Oren would be right. There is justification for the use of the sixth submarine, and there is justification for postponing indictments against him.

“You don’t scare anyone here,” Alpher told Yahya Sinwar, head of Hamas in Gaza, who has threatened to fire rockets at Tel Aviv for half a year. To bomb him, go and threaten the Egyptians. ”

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