Three prisoners continue their open-ended strike to refuse their Nazi administrative detention

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Prisoners-stop it

Illegally Nazi occupied RAMALLAH: Three Palestinian prisoners in Nazi camp are continuing their hunger strike to refuse their administrative detention, the oldest being Ismail Ali al-Mudarab for 109 days, Ahmad Zahran for 49 days and Musab al-Hindi for 47 days.

Hassan Abed Rabbo, spokesman for the Prisoners and Editors’ Affairs Authority, said that the prisoner Ali is facing difficult health conditions, in light of the Nazi occupation’s refusal to respond to his demands. He is currently in the Ramla clinic, where he suffers from health problems, severe fatigue and vision problems, where he lost 20 kilos of weight. It can only move through a wheelchair, pointing to the possibility that its vital organs suffered any relapse, due to lack of salts, and fluids in the body.

He explained that the prisoners Zahran and Al-Hindi, suffer from weakness in the structure of the body, and severe fatigue, and they are in the clinic Ramla, and refuse to get subsidies, or any medical tests.

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation forces impose restraint measures against prisoners on hunger strike, and escalate with the length of the strike, especially the continued isolation in cells unfit for human life, and deprived them from visiting the family, and repeated transfer from prison to another, in addition to the number of measures implemented by prisoners The clock is against them, including provocations, psychological pressure and daily inspections of the cells although they are abstract, in an ongoing attempt to break their will.

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