Palestine: Boycott the Nazi regime ‘2’

By:Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

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Comprehensive report on the intervention of the arrested struggling Ahmed and in front of the court in the city of rachidia south of Morocco

Dr. Ahmed and answered all the questions asked by the court and the representative of the public office, and presented his story of the international exhibition of the exhibition “Arab Al-Sabah” in the city of erfoud, which was organized by the exhibition, where he said The President of the Moroccan Anti-Normalization Monitor, addresses the court, that ” his arrest in the city of erfoud is a planned political arrest, controlled as he said several files and steps to monitor him in his defense of Palestine and the rights of the Palestinian people, and against his companions for normalization with the entity Zionist, including the case of the institute against the minister of agriculture and fishing, aziz brother in response to the participation of a Zionist company in the international exhibition of farm in April 2017, as well as the military training file in Al-Khenifra, which was established by Zionist officers in the media known as the “Alpha Israeli institute”, through, he says, the scandal of the construction of the holocaust monument in the city of Marrakech, and the position of the monitor on the scandal of the naturalization of zionists in Moroccan citizenship, which exploded Recently in Casablanca, to the reality of the participation of a Zionist company in the international exhibition of and, the president of the Moroccan Anti-Normalization Monitor, revealing to the court the real reasons for his arrest and transfer to trial.

Last Saturday, he continued to attend the exhibition of a number of his friends, following their knowledge of gold, as he described it, about the presence of the products of the Zionist company ” Netafim ” in a gallery dedicated to the presence of the products of the Zionist company ” Netafim ” in a gallery dedicated to it at the international exhibition of exhibition At its th session in the city of erfoud, which, as he said, said, he has been removed to his friends at the watch, who documented the products of this company by filming them, before they start protest against them, and then they reply The head of the arrested monitor, by a number of people in a civilian dress, tried to prevent us from filming and raising logos, and they pushed us away from the lobby of the Zionist company.

In his speech, he explained to the court that he and his friends thought that the people they attacked in the exhibition, as the guards of the Zionist company where the parties entered into friction, ended up receiving and secure a page on His face by someone who was with the defenders of the Zionist company’s lobby, while he replied and believed in a opposite shot, before he was attacked by the same person and his companions, he said, and those who appeared at the end of the fight as agents Authority, and that the person in a civil dress who led them is a man of authority in the rank of a leader, mo by the head of the erfoud district, according to his authority and the security of the court, underlining that the commander did not reveal his identity the assembly of his years during his attack Important to protesters from his companions in front of the Zionist Company Hall.

The story of and, the defense of the commander replied with a video video of one of the present in the gallery, and the defense handed him to the court in the file documents, where he appears and is safe as he is heading towards the commander in a civil dress, and he is directed at the face level, dropped him , causing him to break the lower jaw of the mouth, while entering then, as shown in the audio and image video, the police and the assistance forces, and those who arrested and secure, the defense of the man of authority in their case in front of The Court, that the commander and the members of the gendarmerie and the auxiliary forces, did their professional duty to keep security inside the exhibition, and warned protesters of the risk of their actions against a company offering the product product, where there is no evidence that An Israeli company, as mentioned in the case of the lawyer of the man of authority, while the lawyers replied to them and believe that they have the documents to prove it, they will be presented to the court, as Khaled Al-Ạlsfyạny said. · 

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