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Special Tunisian politician: Ennahda maneuvering the nomination of “Ghannouchi”

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Special Tunisian politician: Ennahda maneuvering the nomination of “Ghannouchi” for the presidency of the parliament .. and sit-in to prevent Daesh

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Tunisian political analyst Mohamed Hedi Gabri commented on the nomination of Rashid Ghannouchi to the presidency of parliament in his new term after the meeting of the Shura Council, “Ennahda” movement, yesterday.

He added, “Gabri” that “Ghannouchi” received a majority of votes within the Shura Council, “Ennahdha”, but the decision of the nomination taken by the “Ennahdha” and exercised its legal right to submit a candidate, remains hostage to the consensus that the movement is looking for and did not get until the moment, This makes the chances of Ghannouchi winning the presidency uncertain.

He explained: “It is not possible to say whether Ghannouchi can win, especially since the movement of the people and the Democratic Movement intend to present their candidate in light of the political isolation imposed on Ennahda..

In the opinion of “Gabri” that the nomination of “Ennahda” to “Rashid Ghannouchi” President of the Parliament is not a serious step, but a maneuver to improve the terms of negotiations on the formation of the government, because “Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi” is not the broad consensus of the various political components of the parliament, adding that it is healthy Unable to bear the burdens of the presidency of the Council after the manifestation of the symptoms of aging and disease.

In another context, said “Gabri” on the intention of Turkey to transfer “1200” members of the “Daesh” to about 60 countries, “Gabri” said that the Tunisian civil society is following with great interest the statements issued by the Turkish Interior Minister, Suleiman Soilo on the initiation of deportation “460” fighters from Turkey to Tunisia.

Gabri concluded by surprise that no position has been issued either by the Tunisian authorities or by the official authorities, stressing that a group of civil society elements are moving to protest at Enfidha airport to engage in a sit-in and protest against the Turkish plane landing IS fighters to Tunisian territory to return to them..

It is noteworthy that the Turkish media announced on Monday, start deporting ISIS militants detained in Turkey to their countries today, days after the threat of the Turkish Interior Minister to deport them early this month, even if they were stripped of their nationalities.

The media also quoted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last Friday, that there are “1201” of ISIS detainees in Turkish prisons, while the Turkish authorities detained “287” militants in Syria.

In another context, stressed the President of the Shura Council of the Renaissance, Abdul Karim Harouni their adherence at a press conference on Sunday to nominate a figure from within the “Renaissance” to head the government as well as the nomination of “Rashid Ghannouchi” to head the parliament.

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