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Details of my meetings with Hariri and Bassil… What about Berri, Jumblatt and Geagea’s attitudes towards the new government?

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Informed sources confirmed to Al-Akhbar that Hariri, who expressed his readiness to nominate a personal prime minister, heard Western demands that he assume the responsibility as he is better able to manage contacts with Arabs and the West in order to obtain urgent financial assistance, and that he should agree to do so with President Michel Aoun and a party. God, to accept Basil to be outside the government. This is a “coincidence”, as demanded by Walid Jumblatt, Samir Geagea and the majority of March 14 forces.

Accordingly, the Hariri-Bassil meeting in Wadi Abu Jameel yesterday was intended to inform the outgoing Prime Minister that his proposals on “technocrats” were unacceptable. Hariri also understood, among other messages, that what he is proposing about a government of specialists corresponds to the US demand to reconstitute power, turn against the results of the recent parliamentary elections and go to a new stage, which the March 8 team will not allow, not even in the form. The formation of a technocrat government without political faces, even if political forces call ministers, means a victory for the axis that seeks to politically remove Hezbollah and its allies from the government.

Al-Akhbar learned that the first meeting, which brought together Bassil and Hariri, was merely storming ideas and exchanging suggestions and admonitions about who should be held responsible for the recent situation. Yesterday’s meeting was a clear response from the head of the “Strong Lebanon” bloc to reject a party without a party. It was preceded, according to information, by a communication between Hariri and Berri, in which the latter confirmed his tendency to form a political government headed by Hariri himself. While Jumblatt and Geagea decided that they would stand with Hariri if he walked into the non-political government. The two men decided to raise their level of participation in popular movements, albeit through another cover.

Well-informed sources said that the March 8 team has sounded its political standpoint and its position is decided. in the street.

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