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A message for Sweden: Can we trade Trump for A$AP?

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By: Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Dear Editor,

Trump is upset because Sweden’s Prime Minister won’t break the law to do him a favor. The President lashed out at the PM for denying freedom for US rapper A$AP Rocky who is to be tried in Sweden on assault charges. Rather than throwing a temper tantrum, Trump should have delegated such responsibility to our ambassador. 

After Trump called Sweden a racist country, the gracious Premier has to remind Trump that the court is independent of political leaders in Sweden as they are in the United States. Trump is now furious because he will not be able to score a brownie point with African-Americans before the 2020 election. After all, Trump was acting on behalf of Kim and Kanye.
This “rapper” was in Sweden and broke the law in July. He should be held to answer for that crime in Sweden and pay whatever the penalty is. When you travel to other countries, you should make yourself aware of their laws and behave like a guest. No mercy from me.

Meanwhile today, a reader posted a comment on the message board on the Huffington Post that expresses the sentiment of many Americans. Here is an excerpt of his message, “Dear Mr. Prime Minister, As an American, I want to apologize for the effort of our pretend president to interfere in the legal system of Sweden. He does the same thing in the United States and so far has escaped being held accountable for his interference. Please don’t hold this attempt at obstruction of justice in your country against us. Thank you!”

Trump’s bizarre conduct is a reminder that he is unfit to serve as President of the United States. Well, I have a message for Sweden: Can we trade you Trump for that rapper nobody has ever heard of?

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