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Zionist puppet Katie Hopkins jumps in Trump’s Jihad tweet

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Islamophobic Zionist puppet Katie Hopkins

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Katie Hopkins jumps in Trump’s Jihad tweet

By Mahmoud El-YoussephJuly

By tweeting Baltimore is a sh*thole city, Katie Hopkins jumps in Trump’s Jihad tweet. In case you have never heard of her before, she is a right-wing UK columnist who first came to public attention when she took part in the reality TV show The Apprentice in 2006.

But the self-confessed “biggest bitch in Britain” uses the verbal equivalent of “shock and awe” to make a name for himself. Shortly after, Trump shared Britain’s #1 Muslim hater disparging remarks. But how do Trump’s attacks on US Rep. Elijah Cummings and Baltimore concern Kathie Hopkins, a foreign national who does not even live in the US?

Rules of thumb are: if any situation doesn’t involve you, instead of getting in the middle of putting your two cents in, you should mind your business. Psychiatrists however believe that people who are unable to mind their business are most likely internally miserable. They seek to find fault within others to make themselves feel better. 

Has Katie Hopkins visited Baltimore as I did, she would have learned that the city is unique and vibrant. She would have been able to see the Lexington Market, which was founded in 1782, thus making it the oldest market in America. If she truly wanted to know Baltimore and experience the local cuisine, a visit to Captain James Crabhouse serves the best crab cakes in America. What a visit to Baltimore without a stop over John Hopkins’ hospital, teaching, and research hospital is known for its world-class treatment. Not only that, but the John Hopkins School of Medicine consistently ranks among the nation’s very best in education. Miss Hopkins always claims she is a woman of her word but in reality, she never kept a promise. Here are two samples of her publicity stunts:

Katie has backtracked on her vow to move to America if Donald Trump won the US Presidential election. Reason? She believes the UK needs her. 
Three days before London elected its first Muslim mayor, she promised, “If Sadiq Khan is elected, I will run naked down the streets of London with a “halal” sausage up my bum.” Even the animal rights group PETA has to step in and urge her to leave animals out of her shenanigans and to stick with vegan sausage.  That being said, an apology by Katie Hopkins to Baltimore for her jihad tweet is in order. 

Mahmoud El-Yousseph is a Palestinian free lance writer and retired USAF veteran. He could be reached at:

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