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Lebanon: What will happen in the next 72 hours?… Zahran reveals

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Salem Zahran, Director of the Media Center, pointed out that “from the first day the crisis was between the rightly rising street and the external factor that became more exposed after hiding, the economic factor that was not coincidental, and the political factor, which is one of the basic factors. ”.

He explained in a television interview, that “within the next 72 hours the four tracks will meet, and the Governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salameh will draw an economic road map, and I think he will demand to speed up the formation of the government because the situation is no longer tolerable.”

Zahran stressed that the Amal movement and Hezbollah in the last meeting with caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri did not reach a decisive conclusion. He pointed out that we are in front of 72 hours that the door of consultations should not be opened afterwards, calling on President Michel Aoun to call for consultations between Wednesday and Friday because people can no longer afford the luxury of wasting time.

He continued: “It would have been better to have authoring before commissioning, but unfortunately it seems that the external factor is still the basis of the game and dominated the local factor. Seriously, Hariri is waiting for the French envoy, who appears to be working on the American and Iranian lines as well. France and Italy are interested in exploration On oil in Lebanon, “stressing that” there are countries behind the curtain negotiating the pain of people. “

Zahran said, “American play has become short, and we are either going to a political solution soon and the American entered directly into the game, or we will go God forbid confrontation, and I favor a political settlement because the destiny of Lebanon is a political settlement or suicide will be collective” .

He explained that “in front of several streets, there is a street Sadiq and there is a political street was blocking roads to improve the conditions of entry into the government, and there is another street linked to associations and a long story,” revealing that “there is an attempt to split the March 8 team and the Free Patriotic Movement, and I am sure that the Syrian He does not interfere in Lebanon either from near or far and there is no Syrian or Iranian agenda in Lebanon. ”

A banking family smuggling $ 400 million… What about Salama’s position?

Lebanon Debate ”- Riad Touk

The Governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salameh will try today to reassure the Lebanese that their money is preserved and protected. But he will take full responsibility for the banks and announce, in turn, that they are tweeting out of the bailout of economic rescue policy, and will be asked publicly what he had asked them during meetings with their owners in the past days

True, there has been leaked information that the central bank may plan to inject liquidity into the Lebanese market, and some have spoken of about $ 1 billion. This information is correct, but Salama requires banks to take over this task to meet the need of depositors, and for this purpose they have to borrow from the Central Bank.

Because the interest on debt can be as high as 20 percent, bank owners have not responded to this offer because they are unwilling to bear the debt.

Here, we will be faced with a financial dilemma that will blame the safety of banks that refuse to borrow and refuse to meet the needs of customers, and this will increase the rift between the Central Bank and other banks.

On the other hand, Salama tries to convince banks to increase the daily value of credit cards that have been recently reduced so that the cardholder is unable to use them as much as he wants to pay for his purchases and not just for financial withdrawals.

What seems to have angered Salameh and the price of the dispute with the big bankers is that the central bank has discovered that some of them smuggled large amounts of deposits out of Lebanon. Surprisingly, about two months ago, a banking family from the first economic grade transferred $ 350 million to $ 400 million abroad. This prompted Salama to demand not to distribute profits to banks and inject cash.

The new Riad Salameh, will join his voice on the street and put political power in front of its responsibilities the need to form a government very quickly and within days, because more delays may lead to things out of control permanently.

$ 856.4 million from the Nazi regime to Lebanon

MP Hagop Terzian announced in a tweet on his Twitter account that a UN resolution that obliges the Nazi regime to pay $ 856.4 million in compensation to Lebanon for its bombing of the Jiyeh power plant in the 2006 war caused a massive leak of fuel oil on the coast of Sidon. ”.

The vote in favor of Lebanon came with 158 votes in favor, 9 against and 6 abstentions.

Source: Lebanon Debate

Weam Wahab reveals: This is Saad Hariri’s plan!

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The head of the Arab Unity Party, Wiam Wahhab, said that there is a court in the street and its verdicts are very harsh and I support this court as a horror for the political team so that its options are correct, saying that the caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri has a plan in his mind and maneuvered on everyone, because He knows or the economic situation is going to collapse and he considers that he could name a figure to head the government does not disturb him, but after several months after the collapse will try to return on the white horse.

“This scenario is similar to the scenario carried out by his father, Rafic Hariri, but the economic situation was different,” Wahab said in a television interview. However, a media campaign was organized against him. At the time, the Syrian decision was sympathetic to Hariri.

He stressed that “MPs who are not associated with corruption must ally with civil society to agree on a prime minister.” These are names with no notes. ”

Wahab said: The real problem is the financial situation in front of us, which there is nothing to save, no one is willing to pay 7-8 billion to this team, which no one trusts, we are practicing a laugh at the people, ”.

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