15 Palestinians, including children from Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, are arrested by Nazi Gestapo

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

broken into

Illegally Nazi Occupied Palestine: The occupation army arrested at dawn on Monday, 11 Palestinians from different parts of the occupied West Bank, and the occupation police arrested four young Jerusalemites.

The Nazi army said in a statement that its forces arrested 11 Palestinians from the West Bank on suspicion of involvement in acts of resistance, describing them as “terrorist and violent”, where they were transferred for questioning in Israeli interrogation centers.

For its part, the Prisoners and Editors’ Affairs Authority reported that the Nazi army stormed the house of the martyr Sami Abu Dayak in the town of Silat al-Dahr district of Jenin, and the elements vandalized its contents and destroyed before.

She added that the army arrested “Salah” brother of the martyr Abu Diak, after handcuffed and taken a military vehicle to an unknown destination.

The Commission denounced the raid while “continuing its crime towards the family to continue holding the body of the martyr prisoner in its refrigerators, after committing a systematic medical murder that lasted for years,” to withdraw the statement.

The Nazi occupation forces arrested Ahmed Abu Latifa from Ramallah, Azzam Al-Shweiki and Sajid a snapshot from Hebron. The army also confiscated a vehicle belonging to the family of Raed Ayesh in Doha, Bethlehem.

Local sources explained that the occupation forces handed over the liberated prisoner Lu’ay al-Hashlamoun from Hebron summons for investigation.

Confrontations erupted in conjunction with the Nazi army stormed Bethlehem (Doha) and beer (Umm Al-Shrayit) and Jenin refugee camp, including firing sound and gas bombs and bullets.

According to local sources, “Jerusalem News” that resistance fighters opened fire at the occupation forces during the storming of Jenin refugee camp.

From the city of Jerusalem, the Israeli police arrested the two young men; Isaac Abu Tayeh and Alaa Tawfiq Abu Tayeh from the town of Silwan, south of the city, while the child Ahmed Kulaib, and the boy Mohammed Khalil Kulaib from the village of Issawiya, northeast of the city.

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