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When Americans talk about their fingerprints in Lebanon!…

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Despite four and a half decades since the start of the two-year war that lasted 15 years, the Lebanese still disagree on whether this war is purely internal or external! Until the movement came to them on October 17, 2019 to fall into confusion again: Is what happened is the result of a reflection of their pain, or is it a deliberate external intervention to stifle Hezbollah?

According to many observers, the beginning of the movement came from the pain of the people and their suffering, so that the outside (American in particular) and quickly to exploit and guide according to his agendas, which is in the interests of his allies and the forefront of Israel. Former US Ambassador to Beirut Jeffrey Feltman publicly disclosed to a foreign affairs subcommittee of the US Congress. Where he revealed all the cards: Who is working to destabilize Lebanon and for what goals?

Jeffrey, as the March 14 forces liked to call it because he had the upper hand in its elaboration following the martyrdom of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who had “blatant” fingerprints in Lebanese politics, did not hide that the hands of American intelligence were present in what is happening in Lebanon.

After mentioning the “guardian angel” the American word Hizbullah 49 times during his intervention, he wondered: ″ What if Russia exploited Lebanon’s three ports and marine hydrocarbon stocks? It will win the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean, at our expense. It is also concerned about the growing Chinese influence and the difficulty of the Lebanese resisting the Chinese fifth generation technology. To conclude: Lebanon is “a place for global strategic competition”, to explicitly affirm: “If we give up the land, others will happily fill the void”. This justifies the American intervention!

Mr. Feltman goes on to describe what is happening and his goals: الجمهور The public is exhausted and angry at the sectarian rhetoric and excuses used by political leaders to promote their narrow political and financial interests. As a result, the entire Lebanese political system is subject to hostile public scrutiny, and Hezbollah is only the target of such scrutiny.

In so doing, he openly revealed the backgrounds of what US planners and their allies draw.

Feltman spoke frankly of the intentions that he said: “Since our national interests and the interests of our regional allies will be affected by what is happening in Lebanon, we have a responsibility to clarify our views through our work and in our words.”

Not only did he go so far as to threaten: “The Lebanese deserve to fully understand the implications of their decisions regarding government appointments and policies.”

Let those Lebanese be sealed with two evils: Either the path to lasting poverty or inevitable prosperity!
Based on the above, and for all those who insist on the spontaneity of the movement without any other thing, followers advise them to hear what Jeffrey Feltman said well and read between his lines!

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