Message from the Negev Nazi camp

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Negev Nazi camp

Four months ago, while I was walking in Al-Foura Square, I fell to the ground, resulting in a fracture of the right ankle … severe pain, a change in the shape of the hand, and swelling.

I didn’t have to be a doctor to say it was broken, I went to the prison clinic, and I found two people, one claiming to be a general practitioner, and the other identifying himself as a dentist.After explaining what had happened to them, I told them he had no doubt broken.

The two doctors spoke about the situation, and offer a dentist to help him when he came to the idea of a nice, he said: “Why do not we take a picture of your hand by filming a dental radiology,” replied the doctor the other “public” and is very enthusiastically it ‘s a great idea .

I tried to stop this farce and tell these two people to stop this farce and tell them that it will not work because of the small image taken by the “dental”, but under the pain, and the lack of options in front of me, I agreed and after the imaging There is a fracture by hand, and severe pain caused by bruises will recover within days .

It was two months and the pain was increasing, and then the doctor decided to transfer the matter to the hospital, where it took time three days from Bosta, until I arrived at the hospital, and during this period, I stayed in the prison “Maabar” where there is pressure on me, and insects “bugs”, absorbed what absorbed from My blood .

I left the hospital the next day under the guard of the Nahshon unit with my hands and feet handcuffed. The x-rays were taken within 10 minutes, then I returned to al-Ma’bar to find bedbugs demanding an extra dose of my blood .

The next day I arrived in the Negev, empty of powers,

A week later … the general practitioner asked me, and he told me that there was a broken hand, and I would be referred to the orthopedic doctor who came two weeks later. It has healed … It is true that the healing was wrong, which changed the shape of the hand and also weakened the finger “finger”, but this is what happened, and can not make any change or treatment !

A few days later, Sami Abu Diak was martyred, and three other prisoners have been martyred since the beginning of this year .

It was clear to me that it was clearly related to people like the general practitioner and the dentist, and to a systematic policy called “deliberate medical negligence”, as well as the weak management of the medical file by the “Palestinian side,” and all that this prisoner does is limited to ” By denouncing “on Palestine TV news .

During the hospital buses, I saw and heard about many sick prisoners who would join the martyr Abu Diak and his brothers as long as this crime continued, “the crime of neglect of prisoners from all sides”

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