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Minister of Soft Power: This is how I fought my battle

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Imad Marmel – The Minister of Energy in the caretaker government Nada Bustani Khoury represents “soft power” par excellence. Her character is calm and peaceful, but she does not hesitate to use her “nails” and hardness when needed. Her battle against the oil cartels placed her in the rank of «sister of men» and made her popular among the people, as well as enemies among the ranks of the swollen interests… What does Bustani say about that experience?

From her bursting office, Boustany faces one of the most difficult challenges in the face of a system of “deep interests” that includes “whales” at all levels, which is an unpleasant surprise for some, who assume that she can be “weakened” and her arm, just because she is a woman.

Despite the difficulty and sensitivity of the test, the gardener was able to maintain her smile and calm her nerves, reassured by her ability to stand firm.

And Bustani assures the «Republic» that it has only performed its duty in the file of gasoline, in terms of protecting the rights of citizens and the state alike. “But as corruption and rampant officials failed to do their job, the axioms seemed to be accomplishments, and everyone who took responsibility and made the right decision was a hero, while doing only his duty.”

It stresses that it acted spontaneously and spontaneously to prevent the citizen from charging any increase in the price of gasoline and to prevent the interruption of this vital substance, without any political dimensions or personal calculations. “When I made the decision to confront, I did not plan to do deliberate tournaments or to achieve artificial victories. I did what my conscience and my position dictated apart from possible reactions and without having an obsession with popularity,” she said.

She added: «Since the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, I have not acted for a moment on the basis that I am a caretaker minister, but I still assume my full responsibilities and follow the files with all seriousness and perseverance required, as if the government is genuine, because these delicate circumstances in Lebanon requires that we do our utmost to reduce Of its negative repercussions on people. ”

Asked if she might return to the next government, she replied: “Believe me… I don’t think about it and don’t care about me. What I do know is that my duties in the ministry have placed a heavy personal burden on me, to the extent that I did not have the necessary rest period after birth. “But what relieves fatigue and pressure is the positive interaction with me from people.”

Al-Bustani hinted that some suggest that he was disturbed by the vitality of the Ministry of Energy and its recent decisions regarding gasoline. Without paying attention to the overall outcome of what is achieved. ”

In this context, Al-Bustani points out that she has recently noticed that there are programmed rumors targeting her, by leaking false news about her or altering what she is doing, in order to discredit her credibility and underestimate the decisions she has taken recently, stressing that she will not be affected by this confusion and continues in Their choices, on the basis that the priority is to serve the people and reduce their burdens as much as possible.

She explained that she was under pressure in the subject of the tender for the import of gasoline «after they confirmed my seriousness in refusing to increase the price of the gasoline, but I determined to continue my options until the end because of the conviction of the feasibility and correctness».

“I was disturbed and distressed when I saw the lines of people and cars in front of the petrol station next to my house. This scene, which was repeated in all regions, provoked me on the one hand, and motivated me on the other to take all necessary measures to stop this farce.

Bustani stresses the need for any future energy minister to follow what it began to control the market and increase competition, based on the rule that the continuity of governance, «If the opposite happens and backtracked on what you achieved, then you will find me the first objectors because it is not possible to go back in this sector ».

Horrible economic forecast for 2020!

man drawing schedule of business growth

Under the title above, Vasily Rupak wrote in Polit Row about the economic outlook for next year 2020.

“Saxo Bank published its“ traditional shocking ”forecast for 2020, which included events with low probability of occurrence and underestimation. These include Hungary’s exit from the EU, Elizabeth Warren’s victory in the US presidential election, and Russia’s success in the energy market. The bank stresses that these are not official market expectations, but an attempt to explore as much as possible.

According to the bank’s analysts, Hungary will withdraw from the EU because of the anti-European policies of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, prompting the EU leadership to activate Article 7 of the EU charter, which imposes sanctions on countries that do not comply with the EU’s core values. Accordingly, the local currency will fall to 375 florins per euro (current rate of 330 florins per euro), due to market concerns about capital inflows from the country as European companies reconsider their investment plans.

In order to force the governments of the eurozone countries, especially Germany, to shift to stimulating the economy, the ECB will introduce its fiscal policy of deposit rates to zero, and by the end of the year the interest rate will rise slightly above zero. South Africa will also face a difficult situation as its economy has been dependent for several years on the state-owned electricity company ESCOM, which has a debt of 9% of GDP.

Donald Trump is expected to lose in the presidential race, while Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren wins a program whose primary goal is to provide free health care for everyone, becoming the first woman in the job.

According to experts, the Trump administration will go to the extent of US protectionist policies, will apply “America above all” taxes, under which the existing taxes will be abolished, and a single value-added tax of 25% of all gross revenues received by US companies from production abroad, will increase the deficit US budget, while the Federal Reserve will insist on a very low rate, which will lead to the depreciation of the dollar.

The weak dollar will also be caused by the emergence of a new reserve currency in Asia called the Asian Withdrawal Act (ADR). Analysts expect it to become the main means of settlement among many countries, as many central banks will stop holding reserves. For oil, shale oil institutions will declare nonprofit, Asia’s oil demand will increase, and the oil and gas industry will gain new momentum for development.

Russia could achieve successes on both the “green” and “black” levels of energy, which, together with OPEC, will announce a new cut in oil production due to the slowing of shale oil production in the United States. As a result, the price of Brent crude will return to $ 90 a barrel, Ross Oil shares will rise by 50%, and interest in Russian climate policies, which is the world’s largest supplier of palladium used in cars to improve air quality. The bank expects a sharp increase in demand for nickel in 2020, as electric car batteries shift from cobalt to nickel, and Norilsk Nickel will benefit from it. ”

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