For the 23rd day … the cut-off editors continue their hunger strike

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Illegally occupied Ramallah: The freed prisoners, who were cut off from their salaries, continue their hunger strike for the 23rd day, after they suspended their water strike after 4 days.

The prisoners continue their open sit-in in the center of Ramallah for the forty-fourth day in a row, in protest against the cut in their salaries since 2007, by the Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ regime, against the backdrop of the events of the Palestinian division.

During the past week, the tents of the sit-in prisoners were subjected to the destruction and assault of the Palestinian security services, and they were forcibly moved to another place after their equipment was stolen and their tents were dismantled.

The sit-in editors announced, on Friday evening, that they would stop their water strike after 3 days, in response to an initiative put forward by the forces and human and trade union bodies to stop the water strike and continue the sit-in and hunger strike.

The legal and trade union forces and bodies had put forward an initiative in which they announced that the head of the Central Election Commission, Hanna Nasser, had been mandated to discuss with Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ on the issue of the rights of editors.

The director of the Independent Commission for Human Rights, Ammar Dweik, said: “We decided to assign Dr. Hanna Nasser to discuss with Abu Mazen, through a visit organized tomorrow, at the latest, to present the issue to try to find a solution that restores their rights to them.” Strikers.

Dweik called on the editors to respond to the initiative to preserve their lives, saying, “We appeal to the prisoners to take support and water to solve the crisis tonight or tomorrow at the latest, and to preserve the national fabric formed at this stage.”

Popular invitations were launched to participate in the sit-in at five in the evening, in Al-Bireh Municipality Center Square, in support of the liberated salaries.

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