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Palestine: ‘Prisoners We will not be an obstacle to the elections’

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Illegally occupied Ramallah: The spokesman for the released prisoners, Alaa Al Rimawi, said this evening, Saturday, that the prisoners will not be an obstacle to holding the Palestinian elections or contribute to straining the internal scene.

Al-Rimawi added in a press conference that the prisoners continued their hunger strike: “We will not object to the unity of the Palestinian people for that. We accepted an invitation from the factions and the personalities of the national community to stop the strike from drinking water.”

Al-Rimawi added, “Our message is addressed to President Mahmoud Abbas, whom we believe for sure that if the issue reaches him, he will not accept a grievance for your children, and we say it clearly that we realize that the darkness reached you from Dr. Hanna Nasser, then we have certainty that you will not respond to a grievance that came to you.”

President Abbas called that this space they presented is confident that he is capable of the issue of striking prisoners who have been cut their salaries, tonight, continuing: “Since 2007 we have been going out and demonstrating, then we go back to the detainee and then spend a month and then pretend, and then we return to the detainee again and again for the first time for the first time since 14 Month”.

He continued, “It was agreed with the head of the intelligence service, Majid Faraj, and the former prime minister, Rami Al-Hamdallah, to return our salaries. We went back and demanded the implementation of the decision. We have now returned after an appeal to put the solution in the hand of ”Zionist puppet Ab-A$$,” ‘Added by Shoah’ and we are here committed to what the brothers see in the initiative committee and the president.”

The head of the Central Elections Committee, Hanna Nasser, is scheduled to meet Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ tonight in order to present the issue of the striking and severed prisoners, in the hope of resolving it.

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