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We Need a New Declaration of Rights for Black Americans

Black Lives Matter protesters march through the streets as they demonstrate the decision by Sacramento District Attorney to not charge the Sacramento police officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark last year on March 04, 2019, in Sacramento, California.
Black Lives Matter protesters march through the streets as they demonstrate the decision by Sacramento District Attorney to not charge the Sacramento police officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark last year, on March 4, 2019, in Sacramento, California.

BYTaru Taylor


Once upon a time, there was the lower-case “negro.” But in 1914, Marcus Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League, and called its first convention in New York City in August 1920 to mobilize its membership. The International Convention of Negroes of the World adopted the “Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World,” demanding that “the word ‘Negro’ be written with a capital ‘N.’”

But the Declaration didn’t stop at semantics. Its 12 complaints and 54 declarations comprehend Black philosophy of right. They spell out the “Black Magna Carta.” The Declaration frames a new world order in terms of “Africa for the Africans” at “home and abroad.” Declaration 41, for instance, describes the true condition of Africans then and now: “We believe that any limited liberty which deprives one of the complete rights and prerogatives of full citizenship is but a modified form of slavery.”

As we approach the Declaration’s centennial in 2020, we must rediscover it as frame of reference for the lived realities of Black people in the U.S.

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Privileges and Immunities

The U.S. Constitution denotes three essential privileges and immunities, or, in the words of Declaration 41, three “rights and prerogatives of full citizenship”: personal security, personal liberty and private property. William Blackstone was the leading authority on common law in the British colonies in the lead-up to the American Revolution. The “privileges and immunities” of colonial charters, of state constitutions after 1776, of the Articles of Confederation and of the U.S. Constitution were declaratory of Blackstone’s definition of privileges and immunities, which were natural rights.

So, his definition of “privileges and immunities” in his 1765 Commentaries on the Law of England remains authoritative. Here’s how Blackstone defined liberty: “Personal liberty consists in the power of locomotion, of changing situation, or removing one’s person to whatsoever place one’s own inclination may direct; without imprisonment or restraint, unless by due course of law.” Conversely, we Black Americans suffer limited liberty.

The slave codes had kept Black people imprisoned on plantations. Thus, the concept of “privileges and immunities” did not apply to Black people until 1868. It did not apply to antebellum “free” Blacks who were not really free because they were presumptive slaves under police-state surveillance. Privileges and immunities had applied to Black people their first 40 years in the colonies, from 1619. But not after the 1660s.

The 1857 case, Dred Scott v. Sandford, expressed the Black American condition once and for all. The Supreme Court held that the Negro has no rights which white men are bound to respect. The framers of the 14th Amendment tried to overturn Dred Scott. But the 1873 Slaughter-House Cases nullified the natural rights content of 14th Amendment privileges and immunities. The Supreme Court thus thwarted the Negro’s national citizenship.

Black people were left unprotected from white terrorism in the name of “states’ rights.” For example, Tuskegee Institute has recorded 4,743 people lynched between 1882 and 1968, including 3,446 Blacks and 1,297 whites. Some were white people who were lynched for helping Negroes. Furthermore, not all lynchings were actually recorded.

Lynchings were facilitated by Black Codes that criminalized Black people and denied their freedom of contract. Former Confederate states enacted these sweeping vagrancy and labor contract laws in the immediate aftermath of the 13th Amendment’s ratification. Today’s Black Codes mass incarcerate. The presumption of innocence underpins due process. But the Negro today is a presumptive criminal much as the Negro yesterday was a presumptive slave. Among the relevant Black Codes are two recent Supreme Court cases: 1968’s Terry v. Ohio and 1996’s Whren v. United States.

Toward a New Declaration

A strict construction of the Fourth Amendment mandates that police officers search or seize (arrest) a person only if they have probable cause to reasonably believe that the person committed a crime or is in the process of committing a crime. But Terry introduced the Orwellian concept of “reasonable suspicion,” which gave police officers despotic discretion to search or seize on mere suspicion. I describe this absurdity as “Orwellian” because police suspicion is often inherently unreasonable.

Terry allows police officers to vent their bias against Black people. Whren, meanwhile, allows police officers to pull over any automobile for any minor traffic offense. Police can then search records for outstanding arrest warrants. Taken together, Terry and Whren mean limited liberty for Black people on foot or in a car.

Declaration 41’s concept of limited liberty exposes “liberty” and “freedom” as glittering generalities in the U.S. vocabulary; that is, as meaningless abstractions in light of the reality on the ground for Black people in the U.S. these last 350 years. White people do enjoy personal liberty within the context of Article IV “privileges and immunities.” The United States thus constitutionally guarantees them an Article IV “republican form of government.” But Black people continue to suffer “limited liberty,” and so we endure the “modified form of slavery” described by Declaration 41.

This reality check speaks to the larger purpose of the “Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World”: to frame political reality in terms of facts on the ground, from an Afrocentric standpoint. Before we can solve the problem of limited liberty, we must first acknowledge it. We can only fight for freedom if we understand that our liberty is limited. Token achievements will not do.

Declaration 41 is still cutting edge, given the fact that Terry and Whren criminalized walking while Black and driving while Black (and pretty much doing anything while Black). Black people in the U.S. simply do not enjoy personal liberty as defined by Blackstone, and as originally intended by the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the Constitution.

Consider that Black people — especially Black men — walk the streets ever ready to be stopped because the mainstream public stereotypes us as “criminals” and thus we “fit the description.” We drive our cars knowing that at any moment, we may be pulled over by a cop. This is the everyday hazard of driving while Black. This is not freedom. This is Declaration 41’s “modified form of slavery.”

Terry and Whren make the presumption of innocence into a joke; due process, into a farce. The Supreme Court sanctioned lawless law enforcement. Declaration 41 should frame our efforts to overturn Terry and Whren and thus break these modern Black CodesWe should mandate strict construction of due process, and of reasonable search and seizure with reference to probable cause. While we’re at it, let’s insist on “Black” with a capital B.

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What if Christchurch shooter was a Muslim?

Image result for Brenton Tarrant PHOTO

By: Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Yesterday, an Australian-born white supremacist gunman committed the worst terrorist attack in New Zealand history. A 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant murdered 50 Muslim worshippers and injured 50 more during Friday prayers at two separate mosques. My project USA, Executive Director Zarqa Abid decribed this barbaric act best, “The murderer played music and live streamed the killing as if he was playing a video game.” 

Muslims around the world were shocked and saddened to see such horror in New Zealand and they want the rest of the world to know that their lives are precious and matter too. Some have wondered what would have been the reaction if the Christchurch shooter was a Muslim and the victims were Christians or Jews?

The story with 24/7 news for days to come.Islam and Muslims would be put on trial. Trump will be having a ball tweeting about it.We would know what mosque the shooter attended, the charity he gave to, and his favorite vacation spot.The “Imam” of the mosque would be blamed for radicalizing the shooter and his rhetoric has stoked the attack.U.S. officials will be quick to condemn Muslims as bloodthirsty savages. It would lead on every TV station and a front page story in every newpaper with editorials denouncing Muslims.TV stations would preempt regularly scheduled programs for constant updates and analyses.Major TV networks will dispatch their top-notch hosts to broadcast from New Zealand. 

The topic would be on every radio talk show for listeners to vent their frustration.We will see more people use the slogan “Je Suis Christchurch” or “Je Suis New Zealand.” FaceBook users around the world would pay tribute to the victims by changing their profile pictures.
Last but not least, Muslim communities would be asked the dumbest and most naive question: Do they condone or condemn this terrorist attack?

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Is New Zealand Shooter’s Cartridges Disappear! Fake??

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This is bizarre.  I’ve tried to post this story several times.  First my Vimeo video gets deleted within an hour then the file keeps getting corrupted of the story as if Intel agencies keep changing and deleting it!   Please get this information out EVERYWHERE!   The evil scum have already taken out the Youtube channel this was loaded on! We now have proof that cannot be denied.  At least part of this New Zealand mass shooting was faked and we know this because we have footage showing the cartridges disappear as they are ejected.  They don’t bounce off the sidewalk they’re just gone, like in a video game!  It’s Computer graphics!  The trolls and demons are going crazy over this one!   Alex Jones won’t be covering this proof of disappearing ejecting cartridges, that much is for sure!   That controlled opposition fraud is as fake as Obama’s birth certificate and says Sandy Hook was real when Gene Rosen is confirmed working for FEMA!  Send Alex the link to this story by emailing him at to see if he can be shamed into putting out the info on the disappearing cartridges!   

I’ve watched all the footage and I could never see the brass on the ground in the Mosque but thought maybe the carpet made it hard to see.  However there is footage with him shooting down a sidewalk that is proves the whole thing stinks!   I’m linking to the original video on Youtube also but I promise you that will be down by tomorrow!   Update – The entire youtube channel was terminated!  

Spread this everywhere patriots and tell everybody that even if this event was real that we never give up our guns.  No matter what!   In fact, the more mass shootings, the more guns we buy and the more steadfast we become.  We’re never giving up our guns no matter what the Fake News or traitors in our Congress or State pass.  These people are liars and scum.  Sandy Hook was entirely fake.  Wolfgang Halbig has been talking to the “dead” kids.  It’s all about taking the guns!  

Mosque Massacre Hero Who Tried To Wrestle Gun From Shooter As He Killed Worshippers Is Confirmed Dead As It Is Revealed His Son Also Died In Monstrous Attack

Women System March 16, 2019 5 Comments 0 commentNaeem Rashid has died after he tried to wrestle the gun from the Christchurch shooter, as it’s revealed his son was also a victim of the terror attack. Mr Rashid tried to overpower the gunman – 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant – during a mass shooting at Masjid Al Noor mosque in Christchurch on Friday afternoon.The hero was left badly wounded after he launched himself at the shooter in a bid to protect fellow worshippers.He was rushed to hospital following the attack, but died late on Friday night. 

The mosque massacre hero Naeem Rashid has died after he tried to wrestle the gun from the Christchuch shooter during the Friday afternoon attack

The mosque massacre hero Naeem Rashid has died after he tried to wrestle the gun from the Christchuch shooter during the Friday afternoon attack

Mr Rashid tried to overpower the shooter - identified as 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant - during a mass shooting at Al Noor mosque at Christchurch, which was live-streamed - a second attack also happened at Linwood Masjid mosque

Mr Rashid tried to overpower the shooter – identified as 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant – during a mass shooting at Al Noor mosque at Christchurch, which was live-streamed – a second attack also happened at Linwood Masjid mosque

Mr Rashid was left badly wounded after he launched himself at the shooter in a bid to protect fellow worshippers (pictured, Brenton Tarrant)

Mr Rashid was left badly wounded after he launched himself at the shooter in a bid to protect fellow worshippers (pictured, Brenton Tarrant)

Mr Rashid was quickly rushed to hospital following the Friday afternoon attack, but died later that night (pictured, mourners lay flowers following the terrifying mass shooting)

Mr Rashid was quickly rushed to hospital following the Friday afternoon attack, but died later that night (pictured, mourners lay flowers following the terrifying mass shooting)Mr Rashid was from Abbottabad, a city in Pakistan, where he worked with a private bank before he moved to Christchurch to work as a teacher.In a tragic twist, Mr Rashid’s 21-year-old son, Talha, also lost his life during the mass shooting.  Dr Khursheed Alam confirmed to ARY News that his brother Mr Rashid and nephew Talha had been killed in the attack.Pakistan’s High Commission in Wellington earlier confirmed that four Pakistani men were wounded and five others missing. 

A survivor also told how another man tackled the gunman and stole one of his weapons.Meanwhile eye-witness Syed Mazharuddin said he also saw a second have-a-go-hero at the Linwood Masjid mosque, the second to be attacked.Mr Mazharuddin said he saw the shooter wearing protective gear and firing wildly before a young man attempted to tackle the gunman. ‘He saw an opportunity and pounced and took his gun,’ he told The NZ Herald.The young hero took the gun out of the shooter’s hands and attempted to defend people in the mosque but couldn’t figure out how to use the weapon, he said.’The hero tried to chase and he couldn’t find the trigger in the gun… he ran behind him but there were people waiting for him in the car and he fled,’ Mr Mazharuddin added.  

Mr Mazharuddin said he tried to take cover when he noticed the gunman come in through the main entrance door where 60 to 70 people were praying. He said the gunman then opened fire on elderly people who were praying inside the mosque and he witnessed one of his friends die in the brazen attack after they were shot in the chest and head.  On Saturday Australian-born Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, faced Christchurch District Court charged with one count of murder.He smirked in the dock and then made a white power gesture with his hand. NZ terror attack victim tackled the shooter and stole his shotgunLoaded: 0%Progress: 0%0:02PreviousPlaySkipUnmuteCurrent Time0:02/Duration Time1:57FullscreenSHARE THISMORE VIDEOS

Former boss of Christchurch right-wing terrorist speaks out

Witness talks about what happened inside the Christc…

Crowds gather outside mosque after mass shooting

PM Jacinda Ardern condemns New Zealand mosque shoot…

Survivors of terrorist attack in Christchurch speak out

Moment man is arrested in response to Christchurch m…

Syed Mazharuddin (pictured) was praying on Friday at the Linwood Masjid mosque in Christchurch when he heard gunshots right in front of him, then saw a man jump up and seize the attacker's gun

Syed Mazharuddin (pictured) was praying on Friday at the Linwood Masjid mosque in Christchurch when he heard gunshots right in front of him, then saw a man jump up and seize the attacker’s gun

Tarrant (pictured as a child in his late father's arms) used the video and manifesto to outline his racist views before carrying out the massacre, which was the worst mass-shooting in New Zealand's history

Tarrant (pictured as a child in his late father’s arms) used the video and manifesto to outline his racist views before carrying out the massacre, which was the worst mass-shooting in New Zealand’s history

Police Commissioner Mike Bush confirmed on Twitter that the death toll stands at 49, with 42 injured. The Brenton allegedly stormed the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch on the country’s South Island during Friday prayers about 1.30pm, opening fire with a semi-automatic shotgun and a rifle on about 100 defenceless worshippers.The attack was broadcast in horrifying, live video – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern later confirmed in a press conference five firearms were used in the attack. It followed the publication of a 73-page manifesto in which Tarrant laid out his racist, anti-immigrant views. ‘It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack,’ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, noting that many of the victims could be migrants or refugees.She pronounced it ‘one of New Zealand’s darkest days.’The attack shocked people across the nation of 5 million people, a country that has relatively loose gun laws but is so peaceful even police officers rarely carry firearms.

Police arrested and charged one man aged 'in his late 20s' with murder. He is expected to face court Saturday. Pictured is an image of Tarrant that was posted to Facebook by a Pakistani hotel-owner, which appears to show Tarrant in the country

Police arrested and charged one man aged ‘in his late 20s’ with murder. He is expected to face court Saturday. Pictured is an image of Tarrant that was posted to Facebook by a Pakistani hotel-owner, which appears to show Tarrant in the country

Witnesses reported hearing 50 shots and police are responding to the incident at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch on the country's South Island. Pictured is a still from a live-stream of the shooting

Witnesses reported hearing 50 shots and police are responding to the incident at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch on the country’s South Island. Pictured is a still from a live-stream of the shooting

A man wearing military fatigues (pictured) was arrested outside Papanui High School

A man wearing military fatigues (pictured) was arrested outside Papanui High School

At least one gunman has opened fire at a mosque in New Zealand , shooting at children and killing dozens of people

At least one gunman has opened fire at a mosque in New Zealand , shooting at children and killing dozens of people

Witnesses reported hearing 50 shots and police are responding to the incident at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch on the country's South Island

Witnesses reported hearing 50 shots and police are responding to the incident at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch on the country’s South Island

Timeline of terror: How the Christchurch shootings unfolded

Friday March 15, 1.30pm local time (12.30am GMT): Gunman identifying himself as Brenton Tarrant live-streams mass shooting inside the Al Noor Mosque as Friday prayers are underway. The Bangladesh cricket team were on their way to the mosque at the time.Another shooting takes place at a mosque in Linwood, 3.5 miles to the east. 1.40pm: Police respond to reports of shots fired in central Christchurch.

People are urged to stay indoors and report any suspicious behaviour. Shortly afterwards, all schools in the city are placed into lockdown.2.10pm: Police confirm they are attending an ‘evolving situation’ involving an ‘active shooter’3.30pm: Two explosive devices attached to a car are found and disarmed by a bomb squad at Strickland Street, not far from the Al Noor Mosque.4pm: One person confirmed to be in custody.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush says there have been ‘multiple fatalities’ at two locations – both mosques. Mosques across New Zealand urged to shut their doors.4.10pm: Prime minister Jacinda Ardern calls it ‘one of New Zealand’s darkest days’.5.30pm: Mr Bush says three men and one woman are in custody. Australian prime minister Scott Morrison confirms one of those arrested is Australian.7.30pm: Ms Ardern says 40 are dead and more than 20 are seriously injured but confirms the offender is in custody National security threat level is lifted from low to high.7.45pm: Britomart train station in central Auckland is evacuated after bags are found unattended.

The bags were deemed not suspicious.9pm: Death toll rises to 49 and Police Commissioner Bush reveals a man in his late 20s has been charged with murder. Police are not looking for any named or identified suspects, he says, but adds that it would be ‘wrong to assume that there is no-one else’.11.50pm: Investigation extends 240 miles to the south where homes are evacuated around a ‘location of interest’ in Dunedin. 

Brendon O’Connell – Mosque Shooter Was Professionally Trained

March 16, 2019

Vimeo took down Brendon’s channel at 12.30 am EST Sunday but it is now on Bitchute

(Video, left, updates us on Brendon O’Connell’s quest for UN refugee status and his focus on Israeli/Russian penetration of US high tech. He also believes white nationalists are playing into the hands of the Illuminati. He says our legislators are uninformed and he urges listeners to lobby them.)

Brenton Tarrant was no amateur gun nut. He displayed complete cold detachment when murdering 39 human beings in the first Mosque. No fear, no heavy breathing, no excitement. Just cool and calm. When driving to the second location he calmly states that if he had got to the Mosque a bit later he would have gotten more women.

On viewing his self-made horror movie, the most glaring “fact” is the “fact” he is no amateur. 

Related-  Video shows two other shooters

by Brendon O’Connell


The guy was clearly trained. No if’s, no buts. He was cool as a cucumber. He has done this before. The way he would reload – step back in the narrow hallway so there was less chance of being jumped as he reloaded.

He is totally confident.

The video is very disturbing, especially the young Muslim woman on the ground in front of the Mosque whimpering “Help me! Help me!” He blew the top of her head off.

You do not handle an AR15, military-style semi-automatic assault rifle like that unless you have trained to clear jams and misfires in the efficient manner he displays. He darts back into cover, out of the expansive prayer hall into a narrow hallway to change magazines – this is not something you do naturally. This is military training. House clearing – to make it harder to be attacked while changing magazines.

It is impossible to obtain an AR15 style assault rifle in Australia. Even a well connected organised crime figure would have trouble and you would immediately risk being on the “police radar” if you tried. So where did he train in their operation, tactics and handling? He was not long in New Zealand. He cannot buy firearms in New Zealand as an Australian citizen. Who brought them for him? Who supplied them? It is legal to own the AR15 he used and semi-automatic shotguns with the appropriate hunting licenses. Some claim his AR15 magazines were illegal 30 round.

In the dock, he looks 5ft 4inches. Muscular. He looks special forces – small and powerful. How they like them. Travelled extensively. Especially in Europe. Claimed he was a simple working class lad – made his money investing in crypto, ie: he’s a drug dealer. Absolutely he is. I knew a guy who worked security in Palestine when Arafat had casinos. He had no military training. He learned on the job. That’s where I think that guy has come from. They claim he was in Pakistan, who knows. I just know what I saw in that video.

He espouses a multitude of this-and-that politics claiming communist then anarchist, then libertarian and now he is not sure BUT he mentioned Mao and he draws from Julius Evola and “Sacred Tradition” which was Hitler’s favourite book and Steve Bannon’s too. Even though drawing from pure National Socialist water wells, the word “Jew” or “Jewish” never leaves his lips. 

He was playing Serbian folk music at one stage which the Chetniks would play as they fought the Croatian fascists.

What a grab bag. I smell Bi Bi Henry. Who benefits? BiBi is about to make his own shooting video in Syria.

Wag The Dog – “Change the story, change the lead, it’s not a new concept.”

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Video shows two OTHER shooters 

Video of shooting aftermath

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UK General Election: The winner is the Herzlian party – Zionist terror networks and ‘Israel’ flag wavers

UK's Herzlian party
By Ian Fantom

The Herzlian party has campaigned vigorously in the British General Election, reaching virtually every household in the country. Four days before polling day the Simon Wiesenthal Centre was widely reported in the British mass media as attacking Jeremy Corbyn for alleged anti-Semitism. “Jeremy Corbyn is the biggest global threat to Jews, warns Simon Wiesenthal Centre – the world’s leading Nazi-hunting organisation – as Boris Johnson urges voters to save Britain from a ‘nightmare’” wrote the Mail on Sunday, adding bullet points:

  • Anti-Nazi hunting organisation says Corbyn is the worst anti-Semite on the planet
  • The Simon Wiesenthal Centre says Corbyn would turn Britain into a pariah state”
  • PM says Corbyn’s immigration policy would “put even more pressure on the NHS”.

Earlier the UK’s Chief Rabbi weighed in with a strong attack on Corbyn, also denouncing him for “anti-Semitism”. Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis had written an article in the Times headed “What will become of Jews in Britain if Labour forms the next government?”. It began thus::

Elections should be a celebration of democracy. However, just weeks before we go to the polls, the overwhelming majority of British Jews are gripped by anxiety. During the past few years, on my travels through the UK and further afield, one concern has been expressed to me more than any other. Of course, the threats of the far right and violent jihadism never go away, but the question I am now most frequently asked is: What will become of Jews and Judaism in Britain if the Labour Party forms the next government? This anxiety is justified. Raising concerns about anti-Jewish racism in the context of a general election ranks among the most painful moments I have experienced…

Anti-Jewish racism? It was a Jew who first pointed out to me that Jews are not a race, and that that terminology comes from the Nazis. Actually, it’s older than the Nazis, but the point was still valid.

The Evening Standard reported on this under the heading: “Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis warns Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of anti-Semitism makes him unfit for high office”, and quoted from the article: “Jewish community has watched with incredulity as supporters of the Labour leadership have hounded parliamentarians, members and even staff out of the party for challenging anti-Jewish racism”. Oh really? Not the other way round? This became the lead story in that evening’s BBC flagship news analysis television programme. It interviewed the pro-Zionist Jewish Labour Movement, but not its rival group, Jewish Voice for Labour, which supports Jeremy Corbyn. and this was written up on the BBC News website:

Ephraim Mirvis

Ephraim Mirvis

The Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Empire is “a title that bears some formal recognition by the Crown, even though his rabbinical authority is recognised by only slightly more than half of British Jews”, states Wikipedia. I checked the numbers out with the reference provided, which was a report by the the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research titled “Synagogue membership in the United Kingdom in 2010“. I concluded that was a gross exaggeration.

The Chief Rabbi is the rabbi of the United Synagogue, which states: “The US has a Zionist commitment to strengthening its members’ bond with the land and state of Israel; a central feature in our beliefs and prayers”, and so this confirms that the United Synagogue is a political organisation.

There’s been a lot of criticism of the Chief Rabbi in the alternative media. This was summed up quite well by Stuart Littlewood, writing in Redress Information & Analysis, in an article headed “UK Chief Rabbi’s pious bid to sabotage Corbyn. But what of his own record on fighting racism?”. He also reported that when the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, tweeted his approval a leading campaigner against racism immediately resigned from a Church of England advisory body in protest. Gus John wrote to the Church of England’s national adviser on minority ethnic issues: “Those who occupy houses clad with stained glass should perhaps be a trifle more careful when they join others in throwing stones,” the article reports.

UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis with UK far right Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Ephraim Mirvis with Boris Johnson

Israeli ambassador

Since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party there has been a relentless campaign from within the party to unseat him. The head of the Herzlian party’s headquarters in London was filmed by an undercover team from AlJazeera talking to his supporters at a Labour Party conference. Ambassador Mark Regev told them: “We’ve got to say in the language, I think, of social democracy, these people are mysogenistic, they are homophobic, they are racist, they are anti-Semitic, they are reactionary. I think that’s what we need to say. It’s an important message”. 

The documentary series showed how the Herzlians had been organising to undermine Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour Party leader, as well as a government minister who had been critical of Israel over Palestine. Britain’s then foreign minister was Boris Johnson, who told the House of Commons that the Israeli ambassador had apologised, and so the matter was over.

Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

Shortly after the polling stations had closed on 12 December, one commentator said there had been two reasons for the exit polls to show a swing towards the Conservatives. One was over the issue of Brexit, and the other was that Jeremy Corbyn was “toxic”. This was a measure of the success of the Herzlian party’s influence in the UK’s parliamentary General Election. Word had gone around that Jeremy Corbyn was “anti-Semitic” or at least that he was allowing “anti-Semitism” to thrive in his party.

Theodor Herzl

Theodor Herzl

Yet there has indeed been “anti-Semitism” in the parliamentary Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn has not had a free hand in his leadership, but has been obliged to follow the decisions of his National Executive Committee. As a result he had become a spokesman rather than a leader. His opponents within the Labour Party were Herzlians, supporters of the Zionist aspirations which Theodor Herzl advocated. In his diaries, Herzl wrote of “rich Jews” and “poor Jews”, and advocated the expulsion of “poor Jews” from Russia and Germany, so that they would be channelled into Palestine, ready for the creation of a “Jewish state”. His complete diaries clearly show this, but they weren’t published until 1960, and even then the publications were difficult to get hold of. Recently they have appeared on the internet, and the case that Herzl was anti-Semitic was made out in the Unz Review in UK’s Labour anti-Semitism split: Just what the doctor prescribed“. Herzl described his ideas as a “military campaign”, and it seems that the Herzlians are following that philosophy to this day.

At the last count, the Parliamentary Labour Party included 80 members of the Herzlian party’s Labour Friends of Israel, and the Parliamentary Conservative Party included 80 per cent members of the Herzlian party’s Conservative Friends of Israel. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is believed to be a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel, though he did on one occasion manage to criticise Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians without being targeted, as another Conservative minister was, and as Jeremy Corbyn has been since he was elected leader of the Labour Party. That may be because he also lavished praise on Israel. I suspect that the Herzlian party would have preferred Michael Gove, who had previously blocked Boris Johnson in becoming prime minister, but they were more dedicated to blocking Jeremy Corbyn, who had been a vociferous long-term critic of Israel.

Leading adherents of the Herzlian party must be aware of the policies of their founder, Theodor Herzl, and that his policies were extreme in their “anti-Semitism”. Thus, the “anti-Semites” in the Labour Party are the adherents of the Herzlian party, who simply project their own “racism” onto their critics.

The battleground has been in the Labour Party because in the party as a whole the Herzlians are outnumbered, and they were losing their hold on the Parliamentary Party. In the Conservative Party they hold a firm grip.

With their campaigning against Jeremy Corbyn they succeeded in making his name “toxic”, thus helping to ensure a victory for the Conservative Party. The Herzlian party are thus the winners in Thursday’s [12 December] General Election, and will oversee British politics for the foreseeable future.

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The Crumbling of America

By Larry Romanoff

In June of 2013 an Interstate bridge on a main commercial corridor between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada, collapsed and fell into the river below after being hit by a truck. This was not a high-speed collision; the truck simply bumped one of the main support pillars at low speed, but the weakened and dilapidated pillar broke from the strain and, without that extra bit of support, the entire bridge immediately collapsed. In prior examinations, the heavily-travelled bridge had not only been rated as functionally obsolete but structurally deficient and requiring replacement.

This is only one of thousands; the great majority of the physical infrastructure of the US is in a similar condition, involving roads, dams, bridges and more. More than 160,000 bridges in the US are officially categorized as dangerous, at risk of collapse, with such collapses now regularly occurring. (1) (2) (3)

Most American infrastructure was built in the early to mid-20th century, the continent having been simultaneously wired for electricity and phone service while constructing large projects like the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as the interstate highway system along with thousands of smaller bridges, tunnels and more. But the US has spent almost no money on maintenance and repairs on any of this infrastructure for almost 60 years now. The situation today is dire and in many instances critical, but money is no longer available. Roads and highways alone require more than $100 billion per year; bridges would require many hundreds of billions per year indefinitely. Most are reaching the end of their useful life and repairs alone will not suffice; replacement will become increasingly necessary.

The American society of Civil Engineers produced a comprehensive evaluation report on America’s entire infrastructure, which gave all but one item category a “D” grade, meaning unsatisfactory, inadequate, and in danger of failing. The list included drinking water, wastewater treatment and handling, the electric power grid, airports and aviation facilities, rail facilities and transportation, inland waterway transportation, roads and highways, bridges, dams, hazardous waste, schools and transit. Each category received a D. (4) (5) (6)

More than 4,000 dams in America were classified as unsafe and dangerous by the American Society of Civil Engineers, who noted that failures were increasing at a disturbing rate with about 40% of all US dam failures since 1875 having occurred in only the last ten years. In one year, 2004, in only one county in New Jersey, 30 different dams failed or were severely damaged due to heavy rainfall. In only one 5-year period ending in 2006, 130 major dams failed and the US experienced 1,000 of what the engineers called “dam incidents” which revealed deficiencies so serious as to threaten the integrity of the dam. In one major case, the US saved a dam only by opening the flood gates and releasing all the water. Engineers claim the number of unsafe dams is increasing much faster than those being repaired. (7) (8)

Before Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, engineers wanted to rebuild the levees to prevent their collapse, but the $1 billion cost was unaffordable. After Katrina, the federal government had to spend $17 billion on a poor-quality repair, leaving many of the original problems unresolved.

The US has more than 300,000 Kms. of highways, most of which were built in the 1940s and 1950s and which have seldom received adequate maintenance. In Washington, the nation’s capital, 65% of all roads and highways today require either substantial and expensive overhaul or total replacement. Many US states today are tearing out their hard-surfaced highways, and reverting to gravel and dirt-surfaced roads that were common in the 1950s, since the highways, like the bridges, are nearing the end of their useful lives but no money is available for the expensive repairs.

America’s road tunnels are also in serious condition, including new ones which collapse with some regularity, as occurred in downtown Boston in 2006. As with many others, this collapse was not an “accident” as authorities initially claimed, but was proven to have been caused by inferior quality, substandard building materials and sloppy construction work, exacerbated by carelessness and incompetence – the same issues the US likes to claim are endemic to China. (9) (10)America’s Failing Infrastructure

Every year, America’s aging sewer systems spill by some estimates millions of cubic meters of untreated sewage, contaminating freshwater rivers and creating enormous health hazards. The US power grid is increasingly unable to carry its loads, regularly disrupting the nation and leaving entire cities without power.

Derailments and other accidents occur almost daily on America’s dilapidated and unsafe rail network which, like the highways, has received only urgent patching rather than proper maintenance and repair. The same is true for subways and elevated inner-city rail systems like that in New York City; rickety, dirty, dangerous, and looking for a reason to collapse. Many of America’s airports and railway stations compare unfavorably to those in third-world countries, and many of the nation’s schools are not measurably better. (11) (12) (13) (14) (15)

As one measure, China spends 9% of its GDP on infrastructure, while US infrastructure expenditures peaked at 3% almost 60 years ago and have been falling ever since. Where China and other Western nations and developing countries have been increasing their investment in physical stock, the US has gone in the opposite direction, leaving a legacy of a crumbling nation already hopelessly in debt and without the means to change direction. (16) (17) (18)

It’s worthy of note that various portions of the US government, the World Bank, the IMF, ‘economics professors’ like Michael Pettis, and others, voice a unanimous and increasingly strident insistence that China immediately abandon its capital investment infrastructure programs as ‘unsustainable’, and develop its economy in true American fashion by encouraging Chinese to max out their credit cards, thereby “rebalancing” China’s economy in a “sustainable” fashion. And thus joining the West in its imminent historic collapse.

There are two causal explanations for this massive deterioration in the American physical stock that exists in no other nation in the world. The first is clearly that for the past 60 years the US government spent its cash and ten trillions in borrowed money on wars of cannibalisation for the benefit of the top 1% who don’t take the subway and aren’t interested in your leaking sewers.

The second clear cause has been the privatisation of the nation’s infrastructure. The bankers and private equity companies took control of much of America’s physical stock solely to extract the value from those assets, a process not assisted by expenditures on maintenance, repair, or long-term investment. A toll highway for which private investors pay $2 billion may provide an extraction of perhaps $20 billion in profits, but repairs other than the most minimal and urgent cannot fit into this picture.

Based on the creed of profit maximisation, the most financially-sound plan is to calibrate maintenance and repairs to the precise extent that when the asset is returned at the end of the lease, its value will have depreciated to zero. In other words, the asset itself is slowly cannibalised over the term of the lease, to enhance the profits. But in a truly bizarre turn of events, US bankers and media supporters are now claiming that a solution to the US’ overwhelming infrastructure problems is to transfer yet another $500 billion in public assets to private owners.

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Corbyn, Uriel Da Costa and the meaning of “real apology”

Corbyn and Jew aplogies
Gilad Atzmon writes:

Once every day a Labour Party official offers a grovelling apology to the Jewish community, but for some peculiar reason its leaders seem unforgiving. They don’t take Corbyn‘s expressions of remorse seriously. On 8 December Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, speaking on the Andrew Marr show, attempted again to appease his party’s detractors. “We’ve done everything, I think, we can possibly do. We’ve apologised to the Jewish community,” he said.

So far, nothing seems to have worked. If the Labour Party is to be forgiven by the “Jewish community”, it must perform an authentic act of total humiliation and the sooner it occurs, the better, as election day is just a few days away.

Therefore, I suggest that Corbyn, his shadow chancellor and any other person who contemplates becoming involved in British politics learn some basic Jewish history and in particular. the horrendous and tragic story  of Jewish philosopher Uriel Da Costa .

 Uriel Da Costa (1585-1590) was a Jewish rationalist who became a symbol among Jews and others of one martyred by the intolerance of rabbinical zeal.

Da Costa was the scion of an aristocratic family of Marranos (Spanish and Portuguese Jews forcibly converted to Roman Catholicism). Initially, he studied canon law and became the treasurer of a collegiate church. Da Costa questioned the salvation depicted by the Roman Catholic Church. In his search for authentic meaning and spirit, he turned to the Old Testament. He then converted to Judaism and convinced his close family to adopt his new/old religion. At the age of 22, Da Costa fled with his family from Porto, Portugal, to Amsterdam.  

Da Costa soon found that the form of Judaism that prevailed in Amsterdam had little to do with the Bible or with rational or analytical thinking and had much to do with an elaborate structure based on rabbinic legislation (Talmud). Being philosophically inclined, he formulated 11 theses (1616) attacking Rabbinic Judaism as non-biblical, for which he was excommunicated by the Rabbinical institutions.

Uriel Da Costa

Uriel Da Costa

Da Costa next composed a larger work condemning rabbinic Judaism and denying the immortality of the soul (1623-24). In a path that may remind some of life in contemporary Orwellian Britain, the Amsterdam magistracy arrested Da Costa, fined him and deprived him of his books.

 In 1640, after years of ostracism which he could hardly bear,  Da Costa made a public recantation. In response, the community’s leaders choreographed an exceptionally cruel and humiliating rite. As described by the Israeli Museum of the Jewish People:

In a ceremony in the Great Synagogue of Amsterdam, Da Costa was first forced to confess his sins, then endure 39 lashes, and finally to lie on the (synagogue) threshold and let the entire crowd step over his body.

Da Costa never recovered from this barbarous ritual. A few months later he shot himself in the head in the middle of the street.

If Corbyn, his shadow cabinet or anyone else within the Labour Party is interested in forgiveness, the road is open for them to undergo Urial Da Costa’s experience.

However, some major categorical differences between Da Costa and Labour politicians must be examined before such a development matures into a televised spectacle. While Da Costa was an exquisite free thinker who served as an inspiration to the great Baruch Spinoza (who was subjected to similar Rabbinical malevolence just a few years later), Labour’s leadership isn’t exactly an intellectual collective. Their contribution to authentic thinking and freedom of thought is currently in the red. Unlike the sensitive Da Costa who couldn’t bear the humiliation and ended his life under tragic circumstances, Corbyn and the Labour elite are more than likely to survive such a humiliating scenario – they may even enjoy it. Like most British politicians, they long ago lost contact with the  concepts of dignity and pride.

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New Silk Roads in Action at China-Kazakh Border

Central Asia, between China and Europe, is bustling

By Pepe Escobar

Global Research,

We are cruising on a pristine, 380 km-long four-lane superhighway from Almaty to Khorgos – finished in 2016 for $1.25 billion, 85% of the cost covered by a World Bank loan. And then, suddenly, riding parallel to us, there’s the real superstar of New Silk Road connectivity.

Meet Yuxinou, the container cargo train plying back and forth along the 11,000 km-long railway corridor connecting Chongqin in Sichuan province via Xinjiang and Kazakhstan to Russia, Belarus, Poland and finally Duisburg in the Ruhr valley. And all that in a mere 13 days.

Along the way, the Yuxinou stops in, among other places, Almaty, Bishkek, Tashkent, Tehran, Istanbul, Moscow and Rotterdam: a who’s who of Eurasian cities. It carries  laptops, BMWs, spare parts, clothes, machinery, international post packages, chemical products, medicine and medical instruments – all manner of goods, made in China and made in Europe. And all that for only 20% of air freight cost.

This operation platform is called Yuxinou (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd., a joint venture among the railways of China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Germany and the Chongqin municipal government, which is quite proud of its “seamless integration of multinational railway logistics” – complete with a fast custom clearance procedure called “single declaration and inspection on entire journey.”

The key Yuxinou crossroads is the intersection between Alashankou, on the Chinese side of the Kasakh border, and Khorgos, a special economic zone in Kazakhstan. The whole project may be in its infancy. After all, the Belt and Road Initiative is still, according to Beijing’s detailed timetable, in the planning stage.

So Khorgos may still be far from metastasizing into the new Dubai, as the hype claimed a few years ago. But watching Khorgos in action is a fascinating experience, unparalleled in its usefulness for gauging Belt & Road’s potential. As much as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the northern part of which I traveled a year ago, this is one of the jewels in Belt & Road’s crown.

Hitting the malls

There are actually three places to take care of border-crossing buisness at Khorgos. I arrived, via the superhighway, at the exclusive crossing for container trucks. Then I visited the border crossing used by Kazakhs and Central Asians from everywhere, leading to a collection of duty-free mega shopping malls officially called the International Center for Boundary Cooperation (ICBC). Then there’s the train station in Altynkol, where Yoxinou stops as do the Urumqi-Almaty cargo/passenger trains. The actual SEZ – many buildings still under construction – is in the periphery of Khorgos.

The timetable at Altynkol station, featuring the Almaty-Urumqi trains. Photo: Pepe Escobar / Asia Times

The ICBC – 5.3 square kilometers housing five multi-story shopping malls with over 2,000 shops – is a sort of neutral no man’s land. If you’re Kazakh or Chinese, no visa is needed. But people from all over Central Asia also come – by bus, eager to take advantage of unlimited Made in China bargains.The Uyghur Militant Threat: China Cracks Down and Mulls Policy Changes

The bus stop at Khorgos, before crossing to the Chinese mega mall. Photo: Pepe Escobar

The brand new Kazakh customs station. Photo: Pepe Escobar

The procedure is quite straightforward. Customers arrive usually in the early morning at a huge bus parking lot. They walk a short distance toward the very modern Kazakh customs building (on the day I visited, because of the bitter cold, it was virtually empty). Then they take a shuttle bus to the Chinese border, cross it with little or no bureaucracy (although the Central Asians, other than Kazakhs, do need visas), and hit the malls.

Porter carrying the loot from shoppers at the Chinese megamall. Photo: Pepe Escobar

They come back at the end of the day fully loaded – excellent business for an army of packagers and porters. Then they board their buses returning to all points Kazakhstan and other “stans”. On busy days, especially in summer, there may be as many as 8,000 shoppers hitting the ICBC.

China’s top connectivity access to Central Asia and West Asia markets, and farther on down the road to Europe, is via Kazakhstan, which counts China as its second-largest trading partner. At the same time, it’s essential to consider that Khorgos is smack on the Xinjiang border, which implies maximum Chinese security alert.

Image on the right: The Yuxinou at Altynkol station, in Khorgos. Photo: Pepe Escobar

Yet there’s nothing Orwellian about Khorgos. The CCP apparatus in far away Urumqi seems to understand pragmatically that the whole deal is all about a mega-mall, and not conducive to Uighur separatist shenanigans. And on top of it the really heavy business transits via Yuxinou. In the near future, it’s bound to evolve towards high-speed rail.

In terms of road traffic, container trucks conduct a hefty business at Khorgos – certainly more substantial than in other border crossings I visited, in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

There are two China-Kyrgyzstan border crossings. The more established one, at Torugart, leads straight to the capital Bishkek and then Tashkent in Uzbekistan. The road was repaved with loans from the Export-Import Bank of China and the Asian Development Bank.

The ADB also provided the financing for an alternative route from Bishkek to Osh, along with an $850 million loan from the EXIM Bank. This road is quite something, cutting through Kyrgyz mountains and passes and eliminating at least 220 km of travel in comparison with the ancient road. China Road and Bridge Cooperation was in charge of the construction, including a 3.3 km-long tunnel.

But it’s still a tricky road; on the last mountain pass before the final dash towards Bishkek, my driver Alex and I spent hours negotiating a cornucopia of lorries gone sideways in the snow and a myriad of clueless drivers stuck without tire chains.

China & the ‘stans

The other China-Kyrgyz border crossing is at the Irkeshtam pass, It used to be the main southern branch of the ancient Silk Road, coming straight from Kashgar. The road was resurfaced in 2013, adding to a connectivity integration net linking Kyrgyzstan, Xinjiang and the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan. I crossed a steady convoy of Chinese container trucks coming from Irkeshtam.

There’s only one China-Tajikistan border crossing, at the top of the Kulma pass, 4,363 meters high. The actual Chinese border is 14 km away from the Tajik border, very close to the Karakoram Highway: another instance of close connectivity. This road was opened in 2004 and also follows the ancient Silk Road.

The whole road between the Kulma pass and the Tajik capital Dushanbe, which includes the legendary Pamir Highway (the subject of an upcoming two-part special), is still a (slow) work in progress. It’s funded by a $254 million loan from China’s EXIM Bank with work by China Road and Bridge Cooperation.

Just outside Dushanbe, as I was leaving for the Pamir Highway, I saw a multi-level road intersection built with a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and another from the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank.

What I saw was in fact history in the making; this was the AIIB’s first-ever development loan. There will be many others, as the connectivity between China and its neighboring ‘stans hits overdrive.

Featured image: The train called Yuxinou, hauling cargo between Germany and Chongqin, seen from the Almaty-Khorgos superhighway. Photo: Pepe Escobar / Asia TimesThe original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Pepe Escobar, Global Research, 2019

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The US-NATO-‘Israel’ Sponsored Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria

The US-NATO-Israel Sponsored Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria. Who Was Behind the 2011 “Protest Movement”?

It Started in Daraa on March 17, 2011

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research,

Author’s note

Almost nine years since the beginning of the war on Syria in March 2011, so-called “progressives” have supported the so-called “opposition”, which is largely made up of Al Qaeda affiliated mercenaries.  A US-NATO led war of aggression is portrayed as a “civil war”.

President Bashar Al Assad is casually described as a dictator who is killing his own people. The millions of deaths resulting from US-NATO led wars are not an object of concern.

The anti-war movement died in the wake of the Iraq war (April 2003). Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and counterterrorism prevail.

The war on Syria started more than nine years ago in Daraa  on the 17th of March 2011.

The following article first published in May 2011 examines the inception of the jihadist terrorist insurgency.

It recounts the events of March 17-18, 2011 in Daraa, a small border town with Jordan. 

Media reports have finally acknowledged that the so-called “protest movement” in Syria was instigated by Washington. This was known and documented from the very inception of the Syrian crisis in March 2011.

It was not a protest movement, it was an armed insurgency integrated by US-Israeli and allied supported “jihadist” death squads? 

From Day One, the Islamist “freedom fighters” were supported, trained and equipped by NATO and Turkey’s High Command. According to Israeli intelligence sources (Debka, August 14, 2011): 

NATO headquarters in Brussels and the Turkish high command are meanwhile drawing up plans for their first military step in Syria, which is to arm the rebels with weapons for combating the tanks and helicopters spearheading the Assad regime’s crackdown on dissent. … NATO strategists are thinking more in terms of pouring large quantities of anti-tank and anti-air rockets, mortars and heavy machine guns into the protest centers for beating back the government armored forces. (DEBKAfile, NATO to give rebels anti-tank weapons, August 14, 2011) 

This initiative, which was also supported by Saudi Arabia the UAE and Qatar, involved a process of organized recruitment of thousands of jihadist “freedom fighters”, reminiscent of  the enlistment of  Mujahideen to wage the CIA’s jihad (holy war) in the heyday of the Soviet-Afghan war: 

Also discussed in Brussels and Ankara, our sources report, is a campaign to enlist thousands of Muslim volunteers in Middle East countries and the Muslim world to fight alongside the Syrian rebels. The Turkish army would house these volunteers, train them and secure their passage into Syria. (Ibid, emphasis added)

These mercenaries were subsequently integrated into US and allied sponsored terrorist organizations including Al Nusrah and ISIS. 

The Daraa “protest movement” on March 17-18 had all the appearances of a staged event involving covert support to Islamic terrorists by Mossad and/or Western intelligence.

Government sources pointed to the role of radical Salafist groups (supported by Israel).

In chorus, the Western media described the events in Daraa as a protest movement against Bashar Al Assad.

In a bitter irony, the deaths of policemen were higher than those of “demonstrators”.

In Daraa, roof top snipers were targeting both police and demonstrators.

Reading between the lines of Israeli and Lebanese news reports (which acknowledge the police deaths) a clearer picture of what happened in Daraa on March 17-18 had emerged. The Israel National News Report (which can not be accused of being biased in favor of Bashar al Assad) confirmed that:

“Seven police officers and at least four demonstrators in Syria have been killed in continuing violent clashes that erupted in the southern town of Daraa last Thursday. … and the Baath Party Headquarters and courthouse were torched, in renewed violence on Sunday. (Gavriel Queenann, Syria: Seven Police Killed, Buildings Torched in Protests, Israel National News, Arutz Sheva, March 21, 2011, emphasis added)

The Lebanese news report also acknowledged the killings of seven policemen in Daraa.

[They were killed] “during clashes between the security forces and protesters… They got killed trying to drive away protesters during demonstration in Dara’a”

The Lebanese Ya Libnan report quoting Al Jazeera also acknowledged that protesters had “burned the headquarters of the Baath Party and the court house in Dara’a” (emphasis added)

These news reports of the events in Daraa confirmed that from the very outset this was not a “peaceful protest” as claimed by the Western media.

Moreover, from an assessment of the initial casualty figures (Israel News), there were more policemen than “demonstrators” who were killed.

This is significant because it suggests that the police force may have initially been outnumbered by a well organized armed gang of professional killers.

What was clear from these initial reports is that many of the demonstrators were not demonstrators but terrorists involved in premeditated acts of killing and arson.

The title of the Israeli news report summarized what happened: Syria: Seven Police Killed, Buildings Torched in Protest

The US-NATO-Israel agenda consisted in supporting an Al Qaeda affiliated insurgency integrated by death squads and professional snipers. President Bashar al Assad is then to be blamed for killing his own people. 

Does it Sound familiar? 

The same “false flag” strategy of killing innocent civilians was used during the Ukraine Maidan protest movement.  On February 20th, 2014, professional snipers were shooting at both demonstrators and policemen with a view to accusing president Viktor Yanukovych of “mass murder.”

It was subsequently revealed that these snipers were controlled by the opponents of president Yanukovych, who are now part of the coalition government. 

The “humanitarian mandate” of the US and its allies is sustained by diabolical “false flag” attacks which consist in killing civilians with a view to breaking the legitimacy of governments which refuse to abide by the diktats of Washington and its allies.

The author spent more than a month in Syria in early 2011. This article was first published in May 2011.

Michel Chossudovsky, March 17, 2019, December 14, 2019

SYRIA: Who is Behind The Protest Movement? Fabricating a Pretext for a US-NATO “Humanitarian Intervention”

by Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, May 3, 2011

There is evidence of gross media manipulation and falsification from the outset of the protest movement in southern Syria on March 17th [2011].

The Western media has presented the events in Syria as part of the broader Arab pro-democracy protest movement, spreading spontaneously from Tunisia, to Egypt, and from Libya to Syria.

Media coverage has focussed on the Syrian police and armed forces, which are accused of indiscriminately shooting and killing unarmed “pro-democracy” demonstrators. While these police shootings did indeed occur, what the media failed to mention is that among the demonstrators there were armed gunmen as well as snipers who were shooting at both the security forces and the protesters.

The death figures presented in the reports are often unsubstantiated. Many of the reports are “according to witnesses”. The images and video footages aired on Al Jazeera and CNN do not always correspond to the events which are being covered by the news reports.

Alawite Map

There is certainly cause for social unrest and mass protest in Syria: unemployment has increased in recent year, social conditions have deteriorated, particularly since the adoption in 2006 of sweeping economic reforms under IMF guidance. The IMF’s “economic medicine” includes austerity measures, a freeze on wages, the deregulation of the financial system, trade reform and privatization.

(See IMF  Syrian Arab Republic — IMF Article IV Consultation Mission’s Concluding Statement,, 2006)

While Syria is [2011] no “model society” with regard to civil rights and freedom of expression, it nonetheless constitutes the only (remaining) independent secular state in the Arab world. Its populist, anti-Imperialist and secular base is inherited from the dominant Baath party, which integrates Muslims, Christians and Druze.The Decade-Long U.S. Campaign to Foment Syria’s “Revolution” and Unseat Assad

Moreover, in contrast to Egypt and Tunisia, in Syria there is considerable popular support for President Bashar Al Assad. The large rally in Damascus on March 29, “with tens of thousands of supporters” (Reuters) of President Al Assad is barely mentioned. Yet in an unusual twist, the images and video footage of several pro-government events were used by the Western media to convince international public opinion that the President was being confronted by mass anti-government rallies.

Tens of thousands of Syrians gather for a pro-government rally at the central
bank square in Damascus March 29, 2011. (Reuters Photo)

Syrians display a giant national flag with a picture of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad during a
pro-government rally at the central bank square in Damascus March 29, 2011. (Reuters Photo)

The “Epicenter” of the Protest Movement. Daraa: A Small Border Town in southern Syria

What is the nature of the protest movement? From what sectors of Syrian society does it emanate? What triggered the violence?

What is the cause of the deaths?

The existence of an organized insurrection composed of armed gangs involved in acts of killing and arson has been dismissed by the Western media, despite evidence to the contrary.

The demonstrations  did not start in Damascus, the nation’s capital. At the outset, the protests were not integrated by a mass movement of citizens in Syria’s capital.

The demonstrations started in Daraa, a small border town of 75,000 inhabitants, on the Syrian Jordanian border, rather than in Damascus or Aleppo, where the mainstay of organized political opposition and social movements are located. (Daraa is a small border town comparable e.g. to Plattsburgh, NY on the US-Canadian border).

The Associated Press report (quoting unnamed “witnesses” and “activists”) describes the early protests in Daraa as follows:

The violence in Daraa, a city of about 300,000 near the border with Jordan, was fast becoming a major challenge for President Bashar Assad, …. Syrian police launched a relentless assault Wednesday on a neighborhood sheltering anti-government protesters [Daraa], fatally shooting at least 15 in an operation that began before dawn, witnesses said.

At least six were killed in the early morning attack on the al-Omari mosque in the southern agricultural city of Daraa, where protesters have taken to the streets in calls for reforms and political freedoms, witnesses saidAn activist in contact with people in Daraa said police shot another three people protesting in its Roman-era city center after dusk. Six more bodies were found later in the day, the activist said.

As the casualties mounted, people from the nearby villages of Inkhil, Jasim, Khirbet Ghazaleh and al-Harrah tried to march on Daraa Wednesday night but security forces opened fire as they approached, the activist said. It was not immediately clear if there were more deaths or injuries. (AP, March 23, 2011, emphasis added)

The AP report inflates the numbers: Daraa is presented as a city of 300,000 when in fact its population is 75,000;  “protesters gathered by the thousands”, “casualties mounted”.

The report is silent on the death of policemen which in the West invariably makes the front page of the tabloids.

The deaths of the policemen are important in assessing what actually happened. When there are police casualties, this means that there is an exchange of gunfire between opposing sides, between policemen and “demonstrators”.

Who are these “demonstrators” including roof top snipers who were targeting the police.

Israeli and Lebanese news reports (which acknowledge the police deaths) provide a clearer picture of what happened in Daraa on March 17-18. The Israel National News Report (which cannot be accused of being biased in favor of Damascus) reviews these same events as follows:

Seven police officers and at least four demonstrators in Syria have been killed in continuing violent clashes that erupted in the southern town of Daraa last Thursday.

…. On Friday police opened fire on armed protesters killing four and injuring as many as 100 others. According to one witness, who spoke to the press on condition of anonymity, “They used live ammunition immediately — no tear gas or anything else.”

…. In an uncharacteristic gesture intended to ease tensions the government offered to release the detained students, but seven police officers were killed, and the Baath Party Headquarters and courthouse were torched, in renewed violence on Sunday. (Gavriel Queenann, Syria: Seven Police Killed, Buildings Torched in Protests, Israel National News, Arutz Sheva, March 21, 2011, emphasis added)

The Lebanese news report, quoting various sources, also acknowledges the killings of seven policemen in Daraa: They were killed  “during clashes between the security forces and protesters… They got killed trying to drive away protesters during demonstration in Dara’a” 

The Lebanese Ya Libnan report quoting Al Jazeera also acknowledged that protesters had “burned the headquarters of the Baath Party and the court house in Dara’a”  (emphasis added)

These news reports of the events in Daraa confirm the following:

1. This was not a “peaceful protest” as claimed by the Western media. Several of the “demonstrators” had fire arms and were using them against the police:  “The police opened fire on armed protesters killing four”.

2. From the initial casualty figures (Israel News), there were more policemen than demonstrators who were killed:  7 policemen killed versus 4 demonstrators. This is significant because it suggests that the police force might have been initially outnumbered by a well organized armed gang. According to Syrian media sources, there were also snipers on rooftops which were shooting at both the police and the protesters.

What is clear from these initial reports is that many of the demonstrators were not demonstrators but terrorists involved in premeditated acts of killing and arson. The title of the Israeli news report summarizes what happened:  Syria: Seven Police Killed, Buildings Torched in Protests.  The title suggests that the “demonstrators” rather than the police had the upper hand.

The Daraa “protest movement” on March 18 had all the appearances of a staged event involving, in all likelihood, covert support to Islamic terrorists by Mossad and/or Western intelligence. Government sources point to the role of radical Salafist groups (supported by Israel)

Other reports have pointed to the role of Saudi Arabia in financing the protest movement.

What has unfolded in Daraa in the weeks following the initial violent clashes on 17-18 March, is the confrontation between the police and the armed forces on the one hand and armed units of terrorists and snipers on the other which had infiltrated the protest movement.

Reports suggest that these terrorists are integrated by Islamists. There is no concrete evidence as to which Islamic organizations are behind the terrorists and the government has not released corroborating information as to who these groups are.

Both the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (whose leadership is in exile in the UK) and the banned Hizb ut-Tahrir (the Party of Liberation), among others have paid lip service to the protest movement. Hizb ut Tahir (led in the 1980s by Syrian born Omar Bakri Muhammad) tends to “dominate the British Islamist scene” according to Foreign Affairs. Hizb ut Tahir is also considered to be of strategic importance to Britain’s Secret Service MI6. in the pursuit of Anglo-American interests in the Middle East and Central Asia. (Is Hizb-ut-Tahrir another project of British MI6? | State of Pakistan).

Syria is a secular Arab country, a society of religious tolerance, where Muslims and Christians have for several centuries lived in peace. Hizb ut-Tahrir (the Party of Liberation) is a radical political movement committed to the creation of an Islamic caliphate. In Syria, its avowed objective is to destabilize the secular state.

Since the Soviet-Afghan war, Western intelligence agencies as well as Israel’s Mossad have consistently used various Islamic terrorist organizations as “intelligence assets”. Both Washington and its indefectible British ally have provided covert support to “Islamic terrorists” in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo and Libya, etc. as a means to triggering ethnic strife, sectarian violence and political instability.

The staged protest movement in Syria is modelled on Libya. The insurrection in Eastern Libya is integrated by the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) which is supported by MI6 and the CIA. The ultimate objective of the Syria protest movement, through media lies and fabrications, is to create divisions within Syrian society as well as justify an eventual “humanitarian intervention”.

Armed Insurrection in Syria

An armed insurrection integrated by Islamists and supported covertly by Western intelligence is central to an understanding of what is occurring on the ground.

The existence of an armed insurrection is not mentioned by the Western media. If it were to be acknowledged and analysed, our understanding of unfolding events would be entirely different.

What is mentioned profusely is that the armed forces and the police are involved in the indiscriminate killing of protesters.

The deployment of the armed forces including tanks in Daraa is directed against an organized armed insurrection, which has been active in the border city since March 17-18.

Casualties are being reported which also include the death of policemen and soldiers.

In a bitter irony, the Western media acknowledges the police/soldier deaths while denying the existence of an armed insurrection.

The key question is how does the media explain these deaths of soldiers and police?

Without evidence, the reports suggest authoritatively that the police is shooting at the soldiers and vice versa the soldiers are shooting on the police. In a April 29 Al Jazeera report, Daraa is described as “a city under siege”.

“Tanks and troops control all roads in and out. Inside the city, shops are shuttered and nobody dare walk the once bustling market streets, today transformed into the kill zone of rooftop snipers.

Unable to crush the people who first dared rise up against him – neither with the secret police,  paid thugs or the special forces of his brother’s military division – President Bashar al-Assad has sent thousands of Syrian soldiers and their heavy weaponry into Deraa for an operation the regime wants nobody in the world to see.

Though almost all communication channels with Deraa have been cut, including the Jordanian mobile service that reaches into the city from just across the border, Al Jazeera has gathered firsthand accounts of life inside the city from residents who just left or from eyewitnesses inside who were able to get outside the blackout area.

The picture that emerges is of a dark and deadly security arena, one driven by the actions of the secret police and their rooftop snipers, in which soldiers and protestors alike are being killed or wounded, in which cracks are emerging in the military itself, and in which is created the very chaos which the regime uses to justify its escalating crackdown. (Daraa, a City under Siege, IPS / Al Jazeera, April 29, 2011)

The Al Jazeera report borders on the absurd. Read carefully.

“Tanks and troops control all roads in and out”,  “thousands of Syrian soldiers and their heavy weaponry into Daraa”

This situation has prevailed for several weeks. This means that bona fide protesters who are not already inside Daraa cannot enter Daraa.

People who live in the city are in their homes: “nobody dares walk … the streets”. If nobody dares walk the streets where are the protesters?

Who is in the streets? According to Al Jazeera, the protesters are in the streets together with the soldiers, and both the protesters and the soldiers are being shot at by “plain clothes secret police”, by “paid thugs” and government sponsored snipers.

The impression conveyed in the report is that these casualties are attributed to infighting between the police and the military.

But the report also says that the soldiers (in the “thousands”) control all roads in and out of the city, but they are being shot upon by the plain clothed secret police.

The purpose of this web of media deceit, namely outright fabrications  –where soldiers are being killed by police and  “government snipers”– is to deny the existence of armed terrorist groups. The later are integrated by snipers and “plain clothed terrorists” who are shooting at the police, the Syrian armed forces and local residents.

These are not spontaneous acts of terror; they are carefully planned and coordinated attacks. In recent developments, according to a Xinhua report (April 30, 2011), armed “terrorist groups” “attacked the housing areas for servicemen” in Daraa province, “killing a sergeant and wounding two”.

While the government bears heavy responsibility for its mishandling of the military-police operation, including the deaths of civilians, the reports confirm that the armed terrorist groups had also opened fire on protesters and local residents. The casualties are then blamed on the armed forces and the police and the Bashar Al Assad government is portrayed by “the international community” as having ordered countless atrocities.

The fact of the matter is that foreign journalists are banned from reporting inside Syria, to the extent that much of the information including the number of casualties is obtained from the unverified accounts of “witnesses”.

It is in the interest of the US-NATO alliance to portray the events in Syria as a peaceful protest movement which is being brutally repressed by a “dictatorial regime”.

The Syrian government may be autocratic. It is certainly not a model of democracy but neither is the US administration, which is characterized by rampant corruption, the derogation of civil liberties under the Patriot legislation, the legalisation of torture, not to mention its “bloodless” “humanitarian wars”:

“The U.S. and its NATO allies have, in addition to U.S. Sixth Fleet and NATO Active Endeavor military assets permanently deployed in the Mediterranean, warplanes, warships and submarines engaged in the assault against Libya that can be used against Syria at a moment’s notice.

On April 27 Russia and China evidently prevented the U.S. and its NATO allies from pushing through an equivalent of Resolution 1973 against Syria in the Security Council, with Russian deputy ambassador to the UN Alexander Pankin stating that the current situation in Syria “does not present a threat to international peace and security.” Syria is Russia’s last true partner in the Mediterranean and the Arab world and hosts one of only two Russian overseas naval bases, that at Tartus. (The other being in Ukraine’s Crimea.)” (Rick Rozoff,   Libyan Scenario For Syria: Towards A US-NATO “Humanitarian Intervention” directed against Syria? Global Research, April 30, 2011)

The ultimate purpose is to trigger sectarian violence and political chaos within Syria by covertly supporting Islamic terrorist organizations.

What lies ahead?

The longer term US foreign policy perspective is “regime change” and the destabilization of Syria as an independent nation-state, through a covert process of “democratization” or through military means.

Syria is on the list of “rogue states”, which are targeted for a US military intervention. As confirmed by former NATO commander General Wesley Clark the “[The] Five-year campaign plan [includes]… a total of seven countries, beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan” (Pentagon official quoted by General Wesley Clark).

The objective is to weaken the structures of the secular State while justifying an eventual  UN sponsored “humanitarian intervention”. The latter, in the first instance, could take the form of a reinforced embargo on the country (including sanctions) as well as the freezing of Syrian bank assets in overseas foreign financial institutions.

While a US-NATO military intervention in the immediate future seems highly unlikely, Syria is nonetheless on the Pentagon’s military roadmap, namely an eventual war on Syria has been contemplated both by Washington and Tel Aviv.

If it were to occur, at some future date, it would lead to escalation. Israel would inevitably be involved. The entire Middle East Central Asian region from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Chinese-Afghan border would flare up.

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The Richest Country’s Empty Plates. 50 Million Hungry Americans

By Larry Romanoff

In July of 2013, Rose Aguilar wrote a wonderful article for al-Jazeera (1), in which she discussed the dire hunger crisis that envelops the US today. In her article, she brought back a memory of something I had long forgotten, an event that so outraged the American public that the government was temporarily forced to respond with more humane policies. That event was a 1968 CBS special hour-long documentary called Hunger in America, in which viewers literally watched a hospitalized child die of starvation. Nixon responded because the public outrage left him no choice, but Reagan quickly dismantled those improvements.

When Reagan came to power in 1980, there were 200 food banks in the US; today there are more than 40,000, all overwhelmed with demand and forced to ration their dispersals. Before 1980, one out of every 50 Americans was dependent on food stamps. Today, it is one out of four. Before Reagan, there were 10 million hungry Americans; today there are more than 50 million and increasing. A substantial part of the Great Transformation included not only tax cuts and other benefits for the wealthy, but a simultaneous massive reduction in budgets for social programs – in spite of the fact that Reagan and the secret government were creating the conditions that would desperately require those same social programs.

That 50 million hungry Americans today includes the 25% of all children in the US who go to sleep hungry every night. About 25% of the American population today cannot buy sufficient food to remain healthy, with most of these being hungry for at least three months during each year. It is so bad that many college students have resorted to what we call “dumpster-diving” – looking in garbage bins for edible food.India: Violations of the Right to Food and Work Rampant Across the Country, Made Worse by Aadhaar

In 2013, America’s largest food bank in New York City delivered more than 35 million Kgs of food, and still 1.5 million of the city’s 8 million inhabitants are hungry. After that CBS documentary and prior to Reagan’s appearance, New York had almost no need for emergency food services, and had only 28 food agencies. Today that number is more than 1,000. The problem is so serious that many agencies fear that desperation for food will lead to increasing violence.

By contrast, only about 5% of Chinese said there had been times during the previous 12 months when they had been hungry, while in the US that number is now 25% and still rising. Maura Daly, a social agency spokesperson said,

“People have a lot of misimpressions about hunger in America. People think it’s associated with homelessness when, in fact, it is working families, it’s kids, it’s the disabled.”

Perhaps even more alarming was the release of study data in the middle of 2014 documenting that 25% of the US military members are also dependent on food stamps, food banks and other civilian welfare projects for their survival. After compiling four years of data, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, released its largest and most comprehensive study which showed, among other things that 15% of all Americans rely on food banks for all their basic nutrition. In other words, no other source of food. But perhaps the most shocking revelation was that 25% of military personnel were in the same financial position. Of course, the Pentagon was quick to take issue with the study’s methodology, using statistical babble to cloak their embarrassment.



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Russia Deploys its Uran-9 Combat Robots in Syria

By South Front

In late 2019, photos and footage showing Russia’s Uran-9 combat robot deployed in Syria appeared online. They became a rare visual evidence of the Uran-9 combat deployment in the war-torn country, which, according to official sources, took place in 2018.

The Uran-9 multipurpose unmanned ground combat vehicle was officially unveiled by Russian military equipment manufacturer JSC 766 UPTK during the Army-2016 International Military-Technical Forum in Russia in September 2016. The vehicle is designed to provide remote reconnaissance and fire support to a variety of tasks conducted by the counter-terrorism, reconnaissance and military units in urban environments.

The Uran-9 can be used fully autonomously on a predefined road or manually operated by one man from a truck control station or via a small backpack control station.

Back in 2016, the Uran-9 was armed with a 30mm Shipunov 2A72 automatic cannon, four ready-to-launch 9M120-1 Ataka (NATO reporting name: Spiral-2) anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), six ready-to-launch Shmel-M reactive flamethrowers. and a 7.62mm Kalashnikov PKT/PKTM coaxial machine gun mounted to the left side of the main armament. The Uran-9 can be also armed with four Igla surface-to-air missiles.

Video Player00:0008:05

There are two Ataka missile launchers and three Shmel-M on each side of the turret. The Ataka missile has an operational range from 400 m to 6 km, and is capable of penetrating armour to a depth of 800mm behind explosive reactive armour (ERA).

The Uran-9 unmanned ground combat vehicle has the ability to resist firing of small arms ammunition and shell splinters. The steel armour plates of the hull offer protection for the vehicle suspension.

The robotic system is equipped with various remote-controlled sensor modules such as laser warning system, and electro-optic and thermal imaging cameras. It has an onboard fire control system, comprised of automatic target detection, identification and tracking devices, as well as a ballistic computer. The systems are able to detect and track targets at a distance of up to 6 km during the day and 3 km during the night.

The Uran-9 has two operation modes – autonomous and manual. In autonomous it can automatically identify, detect, track and defeat enemy targets based on the pre-programmed path set by the operator. The Uran-9 robot is manually controlled by a single operator from a mobile command and control station mounted on a 6×6 tactical truck from a safe distance of 3km.

Russia’s Battlefield Robots

The Uran-9 is powered by a diesel-electric power source, which provides a maximum speed of 35 km/h on a highway, and a max speed of 25 km/h cross-country. In off-road conditions it moves slow, at only 10 km/h. The robot’s tracked chassis offers increased cross-country mobility. The average specific ground pressure is 0.6kg/sq.

The Uran-9 was commissioned in the Russian Armed Forces in January 2019, whereas it was tested in Syria in 2018. It furthermore was used during the Vostok-2018 military exercise.

In June 2018, RIA Novosti reported that some shortcomings in the combat capability of the Uran-9 were established, while it was being used in Syria.

Military experts discovered flaws in the control, mobility, firepower, intelligence and surveillance functions of the robot. In addition, with the independent movement of Uran-9, a low reliability of the running gear – track rollers and guide rollers, as well as suspension springs were discovered.

The robot also showed the unstable operation of a 30-mm automatic gun, untimely triggering of the start circuits, and the failure of the thermal imaging channel of the optical sighting station.

In April 2019, Interfax cited the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Chairman of the Military Scientific Committee of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Makushev who said that the deficiencies in the robot were all removed by the development team.

In 2019, there were more issues with the Uran-9, it allegedly had problems with losing connection to the command post. Unlike flying drones, the control signal of a radio-controlled machine can be lost when passing through mountains, buildings and other objects. During tests in Syria, this led to a loss of the signal approximately 17 times for 1 minute, and twice the connection with the combat robot was lost for an hour and a half.

Reportedly, problems with rollers and suspension springs may occur in the Uran-9’s undercarriage, which is why the robot needs frequent repairs and cannot be used for a long time. But the biggest problem remains that the remote-control system reportedly works at a distance of no more than 300-400 meters instead of the promised 3 kilometers.

Upwards of 20 units of the Uran-9 have been constructed as of December 2019, and the deployment in Syria was generally regarded as positive and successful. Even if the reports of the issues were true, they could be rectified in short-term development.

There is no breakthrough in the development and deployment of unmanned systems. Nonetheless, the approach demonstrated by the Russian Armed Forces is interesting because the Russian side works on the development and deployment of not separate robotic systems, but rather groups of robotic systems controlled by a unified control system within a single intelligent network. The composition of these groups can be adapted depending on tasks that they had to achieve on the battlefield. Furthermore, significant efforts were and some successes was already achieved in the task of allowing these robotic systems to operate autonomously within the group to fulfill the assigned task. This is the first step on a long road of creating a swarm of fully autonomous robotic systems that can perform assigned tasks without a direct involvement of operators. The Kungas robotic complex and the Okhotnik heavy unmanned aerial vehicle are the most vocal examples of this approach.

Another point is the functionalism of the Russian projects. Instead of pushing ahead military robot dogs or tiny combat drones (all these directions have apparent issues taking into account the current technological progress), the Russian military chose straightforward and effective decisions employing relatively large tracked platforms that do not require non-existing engineering solutions. This allowed Moscow to focus on what really matters: the employment of robotic systems in combat conditions and the development of their fully autonomous solutions.

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