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Military Nazi occupation intelligence publishes its estimates for 2020, so what brought it?

By: Sammi Iberahem,Sr


The Military Intelligence Service in the Nazi Occupation Gestapo “Aman” published its estimates for the current year on the various fronts facing the Nazi regime of “Israel”, as the Nazi occupation army was supposed to publish its forecasts last week, but it was postponed to the current week to consider the consequences The assassination of the commander of the Quds Force, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Qassem Soleimani.

The bank is tense

The report stated that the situation in the West Bank will remain tense during this year as well, especially after the increase in armaments of President Abu Mazen’s heirs, as well as because of the Palestinian elections that Hamas might win if these elections were held in the West Bank.

According to the Nazi occupation intelligence report, the latest statistics indicate the possibility of the victory of Hamas and its assumption of power in the West Bank.

In his report, the Safety Authority stated that they were surprised by the dangerous steps taken by the Palestinian Authority during the past months, and among these steps was the refusal of the Palestinian Authority to receive tax funds from the Nazi regime “Israel” because of deduction of the salaries of prisoners and the families of the martyrs.

The calm of Gaza

And the Nazi Gestapo “Aman” apparatus considered that the situation in the Gaza Strip is heading towards calm more than the military confrontation, but despite this, Hamas will not leave weapons, and the movement will continue this year to build its strength, and Hamas will also try to raise the accuracy and strength of its missiles, in addition to developing drones. Offensive and espionage.


On Syria, the report stated that the Syrian army is trying to rebuild itself after re-establishing control over most of the Syrian territories, and the report emphasized that the Syrian army continues to work on developing chemical weapons, and will also attempt to manufacture biological weapons.

The report also stated that the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas and cells affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad will continue to be present in the Syrian Golan during the year 2020, and that hundreds of Iranian soldiers and members of the Shiite armed groups will remain throughout Syria.

Iran and Hezbollah

While the report of the Gestapo “Aman” apparatus believes that Hezbollah is still considered a strong and trained army, despite the fact that the missile accuracy system is still not fully used, but Hezbollah will not fail to respond to the assassination of any of its members in Syria, and will attack the Nazi regime Even if that led to widespread war .

On Iran, it came to the expectations of the “safety” agency that it will succeed in making an atomic bomb within one year, while it will manufacture the missile carrying this bomb within two years. “Aman” believes that Iran will continue to support the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements during the current year.

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